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The Seeds of War

by Larkin

Together they were all a gang of boys. None of them younger than eleven or older than fourteen. Not a regular gang of boys familiar with each other, but a spontaneous group that had suddenly formed on neutral ground.

Tribeless boys with skinned knees, running urgently. A pecking order had already started to evolve. The cruel and clever on top and the weak and defenseless on the bottom. It holds together because this is how it is suppose to be.

On a mission, as if in some unknown war, they all head down an alley between two old buildings. Broken glass and rusty nails crunch under their shoes. Boys must go where they will be invisible. They gather in alleys, basements, abandoned houses and woods along the railroad tracks. These are the seeds of war, as old as time itself.

Out in the open they attract those that would try to break them up because they know they are a danger, a menace. Everyone knows that boys steal, invent weapons, employ schemes and start revolutions.

Two boys stop and quickly look at each other without saying a word. They are thinking exactly the same thoughts.

"I am running with the pack. I am anonymous because I am inside of it. In my gut, there is a tingling ball of undefined excitement. Something is going to happen. "

Safely out of sight of all those that would correct, restrain or admonish them, they push and shove each other, always testing. Body language, foul words and insults elevates or degrades all in the group to their deserved places. A pretender is knocked down and another takes his place.

One boy boldly pisses on the wall and another joins in. They turn arrogantly, making faces. Defiantly, they smile and smirk at the others. One boy silently says to himself, "I want to be like him, he rules. "These are the ones that display bravado and fearlessness.

One boy, not necessarily the oldest, displays his cock. He has been gifted with early puberty and his cock erects before their eyes. He is joined by another. For the moment, they merge their power instead of competing. It assures temporary dominance.

The others battle among themselves to see who is going to be the underdog, the loser, the disgraced one. Like the leader that rises effortless to the top, the loser resists, tumbles and falls to the bottom.

Who is the weakest? Who takes shit without fighting back? Who amongst us is the faggot? If you are the one, you will surely be found out.

One twisted face calls out, "Suck my dick!"

Another boy shows fear that he might be singled out and just because of this,. . he is singled out. Not necessarily the smallest, he becomes the one to be sacrificed. With boys on either side and in back, he is offered up to the cocky one. They force him to his knees in front of the smiling boy with the stiff cock.

These boys do the leader's dirty work so that they will be spared. Like yin and yang, the victor and the loser are brought together. The two are eyed with dread fascination and together they create a lurid drama.

Squirming, eyes pinched shut, penis rubbed on tightly scrunched lips and excited laughter from the others.

A climber says "Hold his nose shut so's he can't breathe. "

A long minute goes by until the red-faced loser gasps for air. The hard dick is pushed into his open mouth.

"Ha, ha, ha, look at the cocksucker!"

A boner partially sheathed in dirty underwear penetrates his whole mouth. Resistance, position in the group and self esteem flows out of him like water down a drain.

He has given in; he's accepted the role of the victim and looks up at laughing faces. No longer does he try to run away but instead, opens his mouth wider.

The bold boy with the big cock is pushed out of the way and another boy moves up to take his place. Dirty hands with dirty finger nails hold penises of all different sizes. Out of the corner of his eye, the victim sees an impatient boy jerking off until he ejaculates into the air. One by one each has a try, some more successful than others but all claim superiority over the cocksucker.

In ruins, he looks up and sees only their backs as they walk away. The word about him will spread like wild fire.

Disposed of, sitting alone in silence, the boy contemplates his lot in life.

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