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Brothers - A fantasy

Chapter 6

Originally penned in 2002, Re-written 2011
By and © Lee Mariner

Gramps and Lester had gotten ahead of us but it only took a few seconds before we caught up with them. When we entered the smaller entrance door, the interior of the barn felt considerably warmer then outside. Looking around I saw why, there was hot propane stove almost like a wooden cook stove. It was sitting in the center of an adjacent pen with a very large pot and several buckets of water sitting in readiness. Josh and I stood on the second rail from the bottom giving us a good view of the breeding corral with the large halter hanging from one of the thick beams of the barn. A large block and tackle was attached onto one of the supports and it looked like one of those ancient torture devices that were used in dungeons during medieval times. Josh and I leaned further over the railing, looking at each other quizzically as Gramps placed the big pot on the stove and poured it about half full of water before turning the heat up to bring the water to a full boil.

We could hear the mare nickering off in a small holding pen while Patroit was waiting impatiently two holding pens away from her. He was whinnying and digging into the earth with his hooves, his eyes wide and wild with excitement, the chain on his halter jangling as he tossed his head. From where we were on the railing, we could see he had almost a foot of his huge phallus hanging outs sheath, pre-seminal fluid dripping from the aperature.and It was crimson red and slick looking. I felt a tingling feeling in my groin and, I was pretty sure if I felt that way Josh would be too. Right then I wished I had worn overalls like Josh was wearing instead of jeans. I tried unsuccessfully to re-position the swelling bulge in my groin without anyone seeing me getting an erection.

The warm air of the barn was heavy with the aroma of sex, and the excitement of the horses was infectious. Josh glanced at me, and seeing me squirming he scooted closer until our shoulders were touching. "Boy Luke, this is the first time I've seen horses having sex. Exciting isn't it?" He said softly.

"Matt and I watched once when they bred Runner," I answered, breathing in deeply, trying to suppress the excitement that was boiling inside of me as I finished answering him. "Patriot is a new horse that Gramps just got, and I haven't seen him until now. He looks like he might be three or four hands taller and broader through the withers than Runner."

Patroit was salivating heavily, snorting impatiently, and straining against the restraints that restricted his movement. Golden Angel was in her holding pen impatiently waiting to be led to Patriot. His monstrous schlong was running in and out of its dark sheath, pre-seminal fluid dripping steadily like water from a faucet.

"Jesus, Luke!!" Josh whispered excitedly. "Would you like to have one as as big as that?" He asked excitedly, nudging my shoulder with his, and breathing a little heavier than he had been.

"I can't even begin to imagene a man having that much meat between his legs, Josh," I answered, glancing at his flushed face. "Where in hell would you find a woman who would let you screw her? Nah, not me, I've got all I need."

"I bet you do, Luke but, some guys aren't that lucky."

"How would you know that, Josh?"

"Oh you know what I mean," he answered, shuffling his feet and answering without looking at me. You see things when you're in school, and some guys talk about how they wish they had a few more inches. Stuff like that."

While we were talking about how much a horse had as compared to male sizes, Josh was breathing a heavy, and his magnificent blue eyes radiated excitement. My throbbing rod was as hard as steel, and lay uncomfortably across my hip and leg joint. I turned exposing the front of my tight jeans to him, the elongated bulge of my cock stretching to the left of my zipper. His eyes dropped down as I turned, and he made a faintly audible hissing sound as he sucked his breath in between clinched teeth. Lifting his eyes to mine, he gazed at me, licking his lips as he leaned closer, and said, "I guess you do have all you need."

"I guess," I replied, inhaling deeply and smiling at him.

Embolden by his suggestive comments and certain signs that he might be receptive, I started to slide my hand across the railing when Gramps called out, "Luke, you and Josh get me a couple of the blankets out of the tack room and a couple of pegging strings."

"Yes, Sir," we called back in unison, moving quickly away from the pen railings.

The tack room was at the opposite end of the barn and Josh and I ran to it for the items Gramps needed. Just as we got there, he called too us again. "Bring two pairs of them rubber gloves while your there, were going to need them."

We got the stuff and ran back to the corral. Lester was holding Golden Angel at the head by her halter while Gramps positioned a wide leather belly strap under and around her stomach before connecting it to the hook on the overhead pulley hanging from the overhead rafter. Holding the block in place, Gramps pulled on the cable that was attached to the block and tackle and the leather straps tightened, fitting securely around her belly. Pulling on the lead rope to the block and tackle, Gramps lifted Golden Angel until just the tips of her hooves touched the ground. Lester placed a blindfold over her head, and helped Gramps secure the block and tackle lead rope. She was nickering nervously, her eyes wide and sort of wild looking. A clear thick fluid was pouring from her vagina and, it was hanging open to where you could almost see inside. Josh and I grinned at each other, probably thinking the same thing. We heard Gramps tell Lester that she was at prime and Patroit shouldn't have any trouble impregnating her.

"Prime means she is really in heat and ready, Josh, and that fluid that is coming out of her is like a mans pre-seminal fluid when he gets real horny."

"Like I'm feeling now...?" he gasped, swallowing and inhaling deeply, his breath raspy as he exhaled. "I get hot when I'm horny but I've never felt like this even when I jerk off."

"Shhhh, Josh, not so loud," I said, glancing over at the working area before shoving his shoulder with mine, exclaiming softly, "You don't see Gramps and Lester getting all excited do you?"

"They are a lot older then you and me, Luke, but I bet they did when they were younger." He whispered with his lips close to my ear.

"You mean they jerked off when they were younger," Josh. "I'm sure they did, but that's normal. I remember Gramps telling Matt and me that all humans do it, even the girls. We learned a lot about sex from, Gramps when we were younger, he even showed us pictures in a book he had gotten from the library. He showed us the pictures and tried to explain it, but we learned a lot about what boys can do when we had sex up in the hay loft." I said before realizing what I was saying. When I glanced at Josh, he was grinning impishly in much the same way Matt did when he had manipulated me into a corner.

"I never did it in a hayloft, Luke. Most of the time in bed, and lots of times in the outhouse but, not in a hayloft," Josh said in a sensual tone. "Maybe we can go up in the hayloft sometime."

"Maybe we can," I replied, a feeling of anticipation sweeping over me. "For right now though, we better keep watching like Gramps and Lester said. You're supposed to be learning something about horse breeding."

"I am learning, Lukie."

"What did you call me?" I asked, turning my head quickly and looking at him.

"I called you Lukie," he replied. "It just seemed natural but I won't do it again if it upsets you."

"No... that's alright," I said softly. "It was a pet name that, Matt had for me. He called me 'Lukie', and I called him Mattie but it was just between the two of us. It surprised me a little when I heard you say it. No one, not even Gramps has ever called me that."

We turned our heads quickly as Gramps said, "hey, you boys watching this or having a meeting over there?"

"Sorry Gramps, I was explaining to Josh what the apparatus was that you and Lester were using to control Golden Angel," I fibbed quickly."

"It holds her steady when Patroit mounts her," Lester called back.

Gramps walked over to the pen where Patroit was stomping his hoves and snorting anxiously. Speaking softly, he unsnapped his halter chain and walked him into the corral. Both Gramps and Lester had the rubber gloves on, and you could see why they would need them. Patroit's cock was almost dragging on the ground and Lester reaching down, picked it up like a roll of sausage. He walked with it as Gramps led him up behind Golden Angel, and let him smell her vagina. With a loud snort and a high-pitched squeal, he rose up on his hind legs and pawed at the air briefly. He was so excited, he almost jumped on Golden Angels back.

His eyes were rolling around wildly, and slobber was running from his mouth in a steady stream as he mounted the equally excited Golden Angel. Gramps held his head tightly as Lester guided his angry red cock into Golden Angel's waiting vagina. With an ear splitting scream that I was sure could have been heard in the next county, she hunched back as he hunched forward, and his enormous schlong disappeared inside of her. His forelegs gripped her tight just forward of her haunches, and it looked like he was pulling her back each time he drove his huge cock deep inside of her.

Josh and I had dropped down from the top rail, and we were looking through the space between the rails. Patroit's eyes rolled wildly, and he snorted violently as he was driving what looked like two or three feet of angry red meat inside the mare with each savage thrust. Golden Angel grunted as she took it, and her rolling eyes and snorting matched her lover.

Sucking my gut, I slid my hand down inside my jeans grabbing my throbbing cock, and gripping it tightly. Glancing over at Josh, I could see the movement of his hand inside his overalls, and when he saw me looking, he said, "Man, watching this, I gotta get off and soon."

I was hot and horny, and I felt the pre-cum oozing from the head of my cock, but I didn't have the freedom of movement he had in his much looser overalls. "Josh," I whispered loudly, glancing toward Gramps and Lester. "Wait until later, and we can go up in the hayloft."

"Whew," he exclaimed excitedly, looking at me and grinning as he withdrew his hand from inside of his overalls. "I don't know if I can, Luke, but, I'll try. I'm hot as a fucking stove poker watching this. Christ, the way my cock is feeling, I won't have to jerk off, it might explode without me spanking the monkey," he said, licking his lips and breathing rapidly, his gorgeous blue eyes glistening with excitement. "Did you hear her scream when he drove that monster inside of her? God, I thought my cock was going to explode right then."

We both jumped up onto the second railing, leaning over the top bar. We pressed our hard cocks against the middle railing hoping it would help us suppress the passion that had built-up inside of us, and hoped we could finish watching the erotic scene that was building to its climax, without a climax of our own.

I was surprised that the ear-splitting screams and grunts could not be heard on surrounding farms. As they continued, the noise that had reached an ear splitting crescendo was almost deafening.

It did not take very long and suddenly with a loud guttural grunt, Patroit seemed to fall back on his haunches, almost sitting down, his slick red cock falling out of Golen Angel's dripping vagina. Standing up just as suddenly as he had sat down, he started licking her vagina and seeming to like it, she whinnied trying to look back but she couldn't see him because of the blindfold that Lester had put on her.

As Patroit's cock shrank, Gramps led him off on wobbly legs to a side door. Removing his halter, he opened the door and released him into a side pasture.

While, Gramps was taking care of Patroit, Lester had lowered Golden Angel until she was standing on her legs again but he didn't remove the belly straps.

I still had a feeling of excitement burning in my loins but, I felt my cock wilting as I watched Patriot being led away. When I glanced at Josh, the large bulge in the crotch had been reduced to a shadow of what it had been.

"You okay, Josh," I whispered.

"Yeah, for now but, I'm looking forward to later in the hayloft," he answered, winking at me.

* * * * * * * * * *

"Josh come over here with me will you?" Gramps called out, waving at both of us as he walked back to where Lester and Golden Angel were waiting. "Luke you give Lester a hand holding her while Josh helps me clean her up."

"Yes, Sir," we both answered in unison as we jumped over the fence railings.

I held the rope that led up to the block and tackle while Josh helped Gramps carry the large pot of hot water from the other pen. He sent Josh back for another bucket of cold water and then mixed it in with the hot water. While Josh and I held the robe tight, Gramps and Lester took sponges from the tub and washed her vagina clean and cleaned all of the stuff off of her hind quarters and legs. After they finished, Gramps told me to lower her down until the strap was just hanging under her mid-section.

Josh unhooked the block and tackle from the big "D" ring and let the strap drop to the floor of the corral. Gollden Angel stood quietly for a few minutes and a low whinny coming from deep inside of her. Lester had not removed the blindfold and was holding her head tight.

We followed as they led her into a double stall where they had spread the blankets we had gotten from the tack room. Pulling down on her halter, she slowly lowered herself down on the blankets. Then Lester removed the blindfold while Gramps held her halter.

After she licked herself a few times, he hooked the halter chain into a ring that had been installed low in the stall wall, and I asked Gramps what that was for.

"That is so she won't thrash around while she settles down. With the ring low like that she can't get up and maybe hurt herself. When folks have sex there is what is called an afterglow, a sort of cooling off period when their bodies cool down. It's the same with animals as with people. Patroit will run it off but Golden Angel can't run just yet. She will lie there and slowly cool off. Lester and I will stay here with her until we know she is okay, might be a couple of hours or so. When her vagina starts shrinking that is when she is coming out of heat."

"Boy, Uncle Walter, there is a lot more to breeding horses then I thought," Josh said.

"Most people don't realize that Josh. It is a fascinating process, quite similar to that which men and women enjoy. Warm-blooded animals always mate by joining. With animals it is procreation and a natural process that nature controls. With humans, it is pretty much the same except we tend to prolong the process to our mutual satisfaction enjoying the contact between us as both recreational and procreation."

"You almost make it sound like poetry, Gramps. I never heard you talk about it like that."

"It is poetry Luke, the poetry of life, the epitome of what the human species was created for, and you young sprouts have all of that to look forward too," he replied, I thought, a little wistfully. "We are going to be here a spell, so how about you and Josh bring us a couple of thermos jugs of black coffee. No need for you to stay here now though."

"I could use a shower after all that,I got all sweath," I said. "How about you Josh, you need one?"

"I could but I don't have any other clothes with me," he said, glancing at me and breathing in deeply.

"You can use something of Matt's," I responded quickly. "You're almost his size so they should fit. But, we might need to fold the pants legs up a couple of inches. Come on, let's get that coffee."

We ran out of the barn and up to the house. Gramps was rubbing the mare down as we left while Lester held her head.

* * * * * * * * * *

"I was hoping they would get along, Walter, and it looks like them two are," Lester said as we were leaving the barn.

"Me too, Les," Gramps replied. "Luke needs someone to help him get Matt off his mind. I don't need to tell you I've been worried about him. Did you talk with Josh about staying here for a while? If he wants to, we can clean out the other bedroom across from Luke's and he can use that, or he can stay with you if you think that might be better."

"Last night when he got back from helping Billy at the cemetery, I asked him how he felt about moving in with me. He jumped at the chance to get away from his daddy but, he wasn't all that keen on leaving his mother. I told him I'd keep a check on her to be sure she was all right. The boy is better off here with you and Luke, Walter. Knowing he is here with you, Bill won't bother Josh but he might if he knew he was staying with me. I wouldn't mind him living with me, but I'm thinking he would be better with you and Luke. Besides, I've gotten kind of used to being alone since my Margaret passed."

"I can understand that, Les, Josh can stay here with us as long as he wants, and I know Luke won't object, it will be almost like Matt was still here."

"Josh is a good boy and needs someone his age around. They both will be good for each other, and I can't thank you enough, Walter, for offering Josh the chance."

"No need for that, Les," Gramps said. "How long we known each other and been friends?"

"It's been a spell, Walter, it's been a spell," Lester replied softly.

* * * * * * * * *

I heard them talking as Josh and I brought the thermos jugs that Gramps had asked for. I heard Lester saying "It's been a spell, Walter," as I walked toward the corral but that was all.

"Here's the coffee Gramps and, we brought some of the sweet rolls left from breakfast. Anything else we can do?"

"Not now, Luke, you boys have been a big help," Gramps said. "We won't need you here, so go on up to the house and we'll be along later."

"Do you want us to check back later on, say in a couple of hours just in case you do need something?"

"No, we can handle it, Son, now get," he exclaimed. "You and Josh go on up to the house, we will be okay."

We returned to the house and hanging our jackets on hooks at the bottom of the stairs I took Josh up to my bedroom.

"Wow, this is your bedroom, Luke?" Josh exclaimed as he followed me into the room. "The room I had barely held one bed, let alone two and furniture."

"One of the beds was Matt's, Josh, we shared the room," I replied sort of matter-of-factly. "The bathroom is through the door to your left, and there are plenty of towels are on the rack so just pick one of them." I said as I rummaged through Matt's clothes. "Why don't you go ahead while I find some of Matt's things for you?"

I heard the bed protesting as he sat down, and then, "Luke, I got to talk with you about something," Josh said quietly. "I've never lived in a place like this, never gave it much thought that I ever would until last night. Your grandfather told Uncle Lester to see if I wanted to move in with you and him, and when Uncle Lester was telling me about it, I thought it was a dream but you have to say its okay. I sure hope you do..."

"Live here with us!" I exclaimed excitedly. "You bet it's okay, Josh, it's better than that, we are almost the same age, and there is lots of things we can do together," I said, while I was rummaging through, Matt's clothes.

My back was to him as he talked and undressed. When I turned around holding a shirt and some of Matt's underwear, he had taken his heavy work boots and socks off, and he was removing his overalls. I didn't say anything as I watched him undress. He wasn't wearing briefs or boxers, and when he saw me watching, his mesmerizing blue eyes twinkled as he dropped his overalls on the floor and slowly started unbuttoning his flannel shirt.

Visions of Matt's naked beauty flashed in the recesses my mind only to fade as Josh dropped his shirt on the floor with his overalls - revealing a naked male magnificence rivaled only by Rodan or Michelangelo.

His beautifully sculpted chest rose and fell in a slow easy rhythm, his powerful muscles rippling smoothly as he breathed, and there was a lascivious gleam in the depths of his indigo blue eyes. Large, dark nipples enhanced by brownish pink areoles stood out proudly, the light growth of silky golden hair covering his chest muscles surrounding them. Large but not bulging biceps tapered to the elbow before rounding into silky golden, hair-covered forearms. The lamplight reflected golden on his body hair, darkening slightly at the sternum before flowing downward like a golden river rushing between the rigid muscles of his abdomen to emerge in an expanding golden delta surrounding the base of a semi-flaccid uncut phallus of mind numbing proportions resting on walnut sized testicles. Golden flashes reflected from the silky golden hair that covered thickly muscled thighs, the muscles tapering at the knees before developing into smoothly proportioned calves and feet.

Sucking in my breath I stood transfixed, unconsciously holding my breath as I gazed at the powerfully built, magnificent Adonis gazing at me. Exhaling slowly, I felt rivers of testosterone running rampant, and I whispered, "Matt was beautifully built, Josh but...but, your gorgeous."

"Thanks," he replied, his eyes locking with mine as he slowly moved toward me. "From the impressions that I can see under those clothes, I believe we are a pretty good match, Luke. You sure fill out those jeans a lot better than some guy's I've seen, and from the bulge your sporting, I'd say you might give Patroit a run for his money." He said quietly, with a seductive twinkle in his eyes.

Waves of heat washed over me, and my turgid rod was so hard it ached. His eyes held mine, and an urgent feeling of desire filled me as he teasingly moved the tip of his tongue over his lips.

Every nerve, every sinew, every muscle in my body ached to feel his arms around me; but, I hesitated as thoughts of Matt interfered even though I couldn't deny the overwhelming desire or the need. When Josh reached where I was standing stupidly holding clothing for him, he put his hand on the back of my head and exerting a slight pressure, our lips met. The clothing dropped from my fingers as his arms went around my chest, and my arms slipped around his neck. Our tongues dueled, searching for the innermost nooks and crannies that imparted a feeling of well being, the relaxing of inner tensions as our bodies met.

"Josh," I whimpered as our lips parted. "I...I...," was trying to say when he placed a finger over my lips and said softly, "Shhhhhhhhhh, I know what you are going to say; and, I'm not trying to replace Matt, no one ever could, Luke. I'm not even sure that you are gay but I wand the words as clear as a bell, 'You belong with him, Josh, you belong together' and then, I felt a chill colder than the weather sweep over me, Luke."

"Would it make any difference, Josh, if I wasn't gay?" I asked, after a few seconds of reflection on what he had said, knowing the answer before I spoke.

"It would if you had rejected me," he said, running his hand over my ribs as he said it, a slight tone of trepidation in his voice. "From the way we were looking at each other I had a strong hunch you were gay, and even though I was taking a chance, I wanted to get you alone to see if I was right, and I think I am," he said softly, leaning closer and running his hand up the zipper of my jeans, and over my aching cock.

"You are right," I moaned softly as he pulled the zipper down and laid the flaps of my jeans back. I didn't object as he removed my light sweatshirt, and tossed it on Matt's bed. Before pushing my jeans down over the throbbing bulge in my jeans, he tangled his fingers in the thick pubic hair surrounding the base before running his hands around my waist pushing them down around my ankles. I felt my cock spring free and, I glanced down at the thick length of Josh's cock hardening, slowly stretching its partially foreskin covered, seminal fluid oozing crown toward my crotch.

When, I inhaled sharply sucking air between my teeth at the exciting feeling of his burgeoning schlong colliding with my rigid shaft, he backed away slightly, and placed his hands on my hips. Looking into my eyes, he asked, "Are you alright with this, Luke?" He asked softly.

Moving back slightly, I kicked my jeans off before answering. Inhaling softly, I stepped toward him sliding my arms over his shoulders and around his neck as he slid his arms around my waist. His eyes bored into mine, and I whispered, "Don't stop, Josh."

Our lips met, and I felt Josh's muscles relaxing, his body seeming to meld with mine as we kissed, holding each other tightly. His back muscles rippled under my exploring fingers, his pelvis pressing tighter against mine, our steel hard rods pressed tightly between us. His shaft was slightly longer than mine, but we both had almost the same thickness, and our testicles matched in girth. I felt a sudden shudder run through him as I held him close to me, and I asked, "Is something wrong, Josh?"

"With you, no, there never could be, but with me, yes," he replied, as he adjusted his position.

I didn't understand the cryptic meaning of his words but, I didn't say anything, I waited.

After several poignant filled moments, he slipped an arm around my waist; he looked into my eyes, and rested his other hand on my thigh. The brilliance of his dark blue eyes was undimmed, and he moistened his lips with the tip of his tongue before answering.

"Don't say anything right now, Luke, but there have been lots of times I wanted to be with someone, but I didn't know what to do, and I was too scared and afraid of being called a faggot if kids in school found out I liked being with boys more than girls. There were some good-looking boys in my classes, and I'd get horny just looking at them, thinking about what they looked like naked. Every time I was around other boys, I would get a hard-on just from smelling their body aroma; and, I had to start wearing baggy overalls so it wouldn't show. I would get strange cravings, feelings inside of me, especially in my groin, and even jerking off did not make them go away. I didn't have to see the boy's, all I had to do was think about them, and the feelings would come back," he said, hesitating and breathing in deeply while I waited. "I had those feelings when we met yesterday, Luke; but, I knew you had just lost your brother, Matt, and even if I knew how to tell you how I felt, I wouldn't have, at least not then. It was different in the barn watching the horses being bred, and both of us getting horny, but I was still scared and nervous. From the way you were looking at me, and what we said about jerking off and being horny, something inside me said you were feeling the same way I was. Jesus, Luke, I wanted you but, I've never been with another man, and I wasn't even sure if what we were doing really meant anything or if we were just playing with each other."

I couldn't help but chuckle a little remembering some of the things that Matt and I had said to each other, and done when we were young. Running my hand over Josh's satiny soft back, I said, "You were right, Josh, watching the horses fucking was really hot but, I was more interested in watching you, and hoping you would want to make love with me." I said, my heart racing as I watched his expression from amusement to exaltation. When he started to speak, I put my finger on his lips as he had done me. "You having not been with another man is not unusual, Josh. Lots of men go through what you have gone through, and if I hadn't had Matt, I might have as well. You're the first person to touch me other than Matt. He was my brother, my friend, my lover, and I didn't believe anyone could replace what we had together," I said, almost in a whisper.

We sat quietly for several minutes and then it suddenly felt like the room was soft and warm. I had the strangest feeling that Mattie was with us, and I smiled.

"My gramps always said that we should trust our feelings, Josh, and he was right," I said wistfully. "We both wanted the same thing."

"Grandfathers are like that Luke," he said, after we had moved up on the bed and stretched out side-by-side.

Our lips met in another long passionate kiss, and Josh was as natural as Matt had been. I remembered our first session in the hayloft and the others that had followed as Matt and I grew older. Was I getting a second chance? Was it really just natural that Josh had called me Lukie? I didn't know, and I held him tightly.

The faint scent of musky sandalwood, real or imagined, seemed to fill the room, and deep in the inner recesses of my mind, I heard, "Do you still love me, Lukie?" Inhaling deeply, I whispered softly, "As long as I can breath, Mattie."

"Did you say something, Luke?" Josh asked.

"Sure did," I replied quickly. "I asked, are you ready for that shower?"

"If you are, I am," he said, grinning broadly, his gorgeous eyes twinkling brightly. "I hope you want to shower with me."

"I wouldn't have it any other way, and then we have lots to talk about," I said as he walked to the bathroom ahead of me, moving with the smooth athletic grace of an athlete who has supreme confidence in his body. His magnificent muscles rippled under his unblemished, tawny skin, his golden hair glistened in the bright ceiling shower lights. Reaching over his shoulder, put my hand over his on the water knob, whispering, "Let me help you with that."

Turning his head, he looked at me; his magnificent azure blue eyes gleamed brilliantly as I gently probed, touching his quivering anus. His voice was a deep husky whisper as he said, "anytime."

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