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Derek & I

Chapter 1

Originally penned in 2002, Re-written 2011
By and © Lee Mariner

School buses and regular city buses can be a necessary pain in the ass sometimes, but school buses head my list of traffic problems. Getting caught behind one discharging kids is as frustrating as it gets. Most of the boys are playing grab ass and are not really concerned with the traffic jam they might be causing because of their jerk-off attitudes.

I messed around with a few girls while in high school to protect my reputation. Considering the way the other guys talk and brag, a boy had to or the other kids would start snickering and thinking something was wrong with him. Some of the kids would make snide remarks that he might be a "faggot". I knew a couple of guys who were teased about their being gay, and their lives were made pretty miserable because of it. I certainly didn't want that happening to me. I played the silly game of being a pussy hound. I always managed to avoid going all the way by making an excuse about being careful, and not wanting to get a girl in trouble.

I was on the wrestling and swimming teams in junior high school and high school and had developed a nicely muscled body. Compared to the other fifteen-year-old boys whom I had seen in the showers, I had been endowed with a little more than average sized dick and didn't mind the occasional glance of envy that some guys tried to hide by averting their eyes when I glanced in their direction. What was ironic about it was that they didn't know that I was discreetly checking them out.

One of my favorite sports was wrestling. My wrestling coach was a really hot sexy looking hunk, and every now and then he would work out with me. Once or twice when he was showing me how to execute a particular wrestling maneuver, his hand would seem to accidentally press against my cock. It felt like he would squeeze gently; and when I looked at him, he would smile; but he didn't immediately remove his hand. I was sure that he could feel me getting hard even though I wore a jockstrap. I thought about him a lot when I was beating my meat; and even though he had an impressive bulge in his crotch, I still wondered what he would look like naked.

I never really thought very much about it since I sort of liked the feeling of his hand squeezing my cock; but when he got busted for having sex with a couple of the other boys, it scared the shit out of me. Sex with minors got him jail time, and the kids were placed on supervised probation until they graduated.

* * * * * * * *

After I graduated, I remembered what had happened to my coach and how embarrassed the boys he had seduced were when it was discovered. I didn't knowingly get involved with underage kids. There were some pretty hot looking dudes who were probably only a year or two younger than I who turned me on and with whom I was sure I could have made it with, but I didn't want to take any chances. I didn't become paranoid about it, but I got really selective about whom I had sex with.

I still feel that way; and for the most part, I haven't had any trouble meeting guys my own age or a little older. One day I was stopped behind a school bus when a really good-looking kid with an armload of books walked in front of my truck; and I could see, from the way the tight jeans he was wearing bulged in the crotch, that he had a huge hard-on. He was maybe seventeen or eighteen years old, broad-shouldered, and from the way his T-shirt and jeans fit it was obvious that he was extremely well built. A quick glance was enough to gauge the size of the impressive bulge that was showing in his crotch. He was very obviously well-endowed and very definitely excited about something or someone.

Without thinking, I tapped the horn button lightly; and he stopped and glanced at me. I grinned, winking and pointing my finger at his crotch. He quickly dropped his hand down over his hard-on and, and looked away. At first it surprised me; but he looked back through the windshield and, seeing me watching, started squeezing the large bulge in his crotch. I smiled back at him and licked my lips. He glanced nervously at the back of the bus, and then at me as he checked the oncoming traffic to see if he could get across the street before the bus started to move.

The traffic cleared, and I watched nervously, and a little crestfallen as he trotted across the street. I figured there was no need to try to cruise him, not with all of the traffic and no way to get from where I was to where he might or might not be if I did manage to navigate my way to the other side. He surprised me when he reached the other side; he stopped, and turned around facing me but did not have his hand or books covering his hard-on bulge. From what I had already seen, my cock was rock hard; and I had a gut feeling that this hunky young stud wanted to be picked up. He had an aura that invited cruising, but I was also wishing that I knew how old he was.

The bus started to move while we were looking at each other, but I was trapped behind it because of the left lane traffic. I moved as slowly as the bus while watching him rubbing his groin and walking in the same direction that we were moving. When traffic cleared, I changed lanes looking for a cross over; but it was almost two blocks before I could make a legal U-turn. I figured by the time I changed over he would be gone, but I turned anyway hoping he would still be walking towards me.

At first I didn't see him, but then I spotted him walking in the parking lot of a group of stores and angling towards a larger lot at the end of the strip. Turning into the parking lot, I drove by him slowly and parked at the back of the larger lot, backing in so I could see him and he could see me. It was obvious he was trying to act indifferent as he casually walked toward where I had parked, but the bulge in his crotch seemed to increase in size, as he got closer. I unzipped my jeans, and pulling my cock out, I started stroking it as he walked by my side of the truck. I had already rolled the darkened window down to give him a good look, and he hesitated for a second watching as I stroked my cock and then he looked into my eyes smiling impishly as he dropped his hand and squeezed the bulge in his crotch before moving away.

He moved to a tree at the edge of the lot and, turning towards me, leaned against the tree, and continued rubbing his crotch and looking in my direction. I figured he was playing it safe so I opened the door and stepped outside. Using the door as a shield, I let him see my cock and stroked it a couple of times watching him for a reaction. He started walking in my direction, so I got back in my truck, closed the door and pushed my jeans and briefs down so he could get a better look.

I leaned back against the seatback, slowly sliding the pre-cum slick foreskin over the head of my cock watching him in the side mirror. I could see that he was still hard and not trying to cover it up even though I was sure he knew I was watching him. When he stopped next to the door, I could see his right arm moving up and down like he was rubbing his cock; and I turned my head a little and said, "Hi, Guy, what's up".

"Not much." He said with a hint of nervousness in his voice, his gorgeous blue eyes glancing down at my hand playing with the blood engorged head of my cock. "I live on the other side of the golf course, and I was hoping you would give me a lift."

"Sure, hop in." I said, sitting up and straightening my jeans but not zipping them shut. I let the flaps stay open so he could see the base of my cock and the thick pubic hair surrounding it

Moving quickly around the front of the truck, he got in; and I got a better look at him as he slid in on the leather seat. His hair was a light brown, almost blond; and when he looked at me, he smiled; and his startlingly blue eyes seemed to glow. He was an inordinately handsome kid almost the same height and build as I. When I started the truck, he arched his back lifting his butt trying to pull his jeans down. I could see the cloth-hidden impression of his long thick cock pressing against his muscular left thigh, and the bulge of his balls on the other side of his groin.

He saw me looking and reached across the seat taking my hand and placing it on his cock. I could feel the throbbing beat of his heart and the quick sucking sound as he breathed in deeply, drawing air between his teeth when I squeezed his cock, saying, "That's a pretty hard problem you have there."

"Yeah, it's been that way since back on the bus." He said as he exhaled explosively, grinning at me and looking down at my open fly. "It looks like you have the same problem; and, if you're interested, I know a safe place where we can go."

"Sure, but where?" I answered, glancing inquisitively at him. "I don't know of any place around here."

"There's a safe place over by the golf course where we can go." He said.

"Okay if you're sure it's safe." I replied, glancing down at his hand squeezing and rubbing his cock. "Is there anything in particular that you like?"

"Man, as horny as I am whatever you want is okay with me." He answered, moving his hand down tightly into his crotch, kneading his cock and balls.

Dropping the truck in gear, I pulled out into traffic driving to the first crossover and made the U-turn that would take us back in the direction of the golf course. He sat there running his hand in and out of his crotch and breathing heavily. I could feel the pre-cum oozing from my cock-head slit, and I was getting hotter and hornier just watching him.

"My name is Larry, Larry Marks." I said quickly, as I double-checked the traffic after making the U-turn before changing lanes to turn off on the street leading toward the golf course.

"Derek, Derek...," He said softly, diverting his eyes briefly and then looking back at me.

He had stopped just short of telling me his last name; and, for a moment, I regretted having told him mine.

"Okay Derek." I said. "You'd better tell me where to go."

"The golf course entrance is over on Millikan Road behind the Valley Methodist Church, but if you take the first left on the road before the church it will take us to the golf course maintenance buildings." He said sort of craning his neck to see where we were. "After you turn, take the first right past the church's parking lot onto the dirt road. It leads back behind the maintenance buildings. No one is usually at the church since it isn't Sunday, and the guys that work on the golf course finish before lunch time."

"Sounds like you been there before." I said, taking a quick peek at the caressing movement of his hand massaging his cock.

"Yeah a couple of times." He replied and then continued. "It's safe so you don't have to worry about anyone catching us."

I made the turn where he had said watching out of the corner of my eye as he turned toward me pulling his left leg up on the seat, exposing his thick cock. I could see the thick light brown pubic hair covering his pelvis and surrounding the base of his cock. He didn't have briefs or boxers on.

"Would you mind if I ask how old you are, Larry?" He asked as he twirled his fingers teasingly in his soft silky hair, sort of absentmindedly scratching the thick base of his cock with his fingers. "You don't look much older than I am."

"I'm nineteen, how about you?" I answered turning my head quickly to look at him as I said it.

"I'll be eighteen next week." He answered, and then quickly asked. "Do you do this very much?"

"Do I do what very much?" I replied trying for some reason to sound innocent.

"Pick up kids off school buses."

"Nope." I said. "You are the first; and I probably wouldn't have picked you up except I saw your hard-on as you come around the back of the bus."

"I've been horny all day thinking about someone sucking my cock or jerking me off and I forgot to cover up with my books when I got off of the bus." He said sounding a little sheepish. "It was pretty obvious wasn't it?"

"Just a little, and I'm glad you didn't cover up." I said, smiling softly and wondering if he was as innocent as he sounded. "At first, I wondered if you wanted to be picked up until I saw the way you squeezed your cock and looked at me. When you ran across the street, I sort of figured there was no way; but when you looked back at me, and kept rubbing yourself, I knew you wanted me to cruise you."

"Yeah, I did." He said. "I saw the gay colored emblem on the windshield behind the mirror when you blew your horn, and I was hoping you would follow me."

He sat quietly, watching where we were going with his fingers playing in his crotch pulling his hair and pressing on the base of his cock. I was just a little nervous, and my heart was beating a little faster because of watching him. This was the first time I had made a pickup like this, and I didn't really know what to expect.

I made the turn on the dirt road, and he leaned back in the corner lifting his hips and pulling his jeans down a little more. I could see the smooth skin of his cock, and I breathed in deeply as the excitement of anticipation burned in my loins.

I followed the road into the trees and saw the buildings he had said would be there. The doors were all closed and it seemed to be deserted, but I checked around to be sure someone working inside wouldn't surprise us.

I drove a little further in so the truck wouldn't be seen and found a place where I could turn around with the nose heading out. Turning the motor off, I turned looking at Derek. He just looked at me and arching his back pulled his jeans down around his ankles. Holding his body up as he pushed them down, his cock sprang free bouncing up against his gut. I sucked air deep into my lungs exhaling in a long sigh watching his muscles rippling under his golden skin as he pulled his shirt over his head. As he leaned back against the seat back and breathed deeply, I could see that his broad magnificently muscled chest tapered to a narrow waist revealing dimpled hard muscled butt cheeks. Hard thick pectoral muscles and large rose shaded areolas surrounded dark brown nipples that seemed to have been made for suckling. A thick light brown trail of hair led downward from his inward navel, between hard sculpted abdominal muscles, into a silky bush of light golden brown hair around the thick base of his at least seven-inch smoothly circumcised cock. It was smooth without veins showing and tapered with only a hint of where his foreskin had been surgically removed, revealing the beauty of its pinkish crown and a slight dampness at the urethral aperture.

Splaying his legs, he moved his hands into the thick silky hair covering his pelvis and, using his fingers, waved his cock from side to side; and my breath caught in my chest as I watched mesmerized by the beauty of the perfectly shaped javelin jutting from the thickly forested apex of his groin. Rolling his head to the side on the seat back and looking at me, he watched my eyes follow his hands as his fingers caressed the sharp definition of the beautifully sculpted muscles of his torso.

He was beautiful, his skin glowed with the vitality of youth, and masculinity oozed from every pore. My heart was racing so fast I could feel the blood rushing through my veins as I visually devoured the gorgeous young stud sitting only inches away from my itching fingers. I couldn't remember when I had seen anyone as gorgeous, and as magnificently proportioned as he was.

"Don't you want to get naked with me Larry?" He said softly and seductively, stretching and flexing his muscles with an almost feline grace as he massaged his cock and balls. He smiled impishly as he licked his succulently soft lips, his sapphire blue eyes morphing to a deep violet shade.

"Jesus Christ," I thought, admiring the vision of masculine beauty that was totally naked and seemingly being offered to me. The thoughts and the hesitancy that had invaded my mind because of his being under eighteen and legally considered just a kid disappeared as I succumbed to the wave of animal lust that swept over me.

Moving from under the steering wheel, I lifted my ass to push my jeans under my thighs while Derek was pulling my shirt off. Throwing the shirt on the truck floor before I could push my jeans off, he was running his hands over my chest squeezing my tits.

"Yeah, I knew you were built." He exclaimed excitedly, his eyes sparkling brightly as he ran his hands over my heaving chest. "Damn, Larry, you feel good." He said, excitedly squirming and twisting to face me.

"Let me get my jeans off, Derek." I croaked just as excitedly, pushing them down around my ankles while writhing under the pleasure of his exploring hands moving all over my body.

* * * * * * * *

As soon as I was unencumbered, Derek slid closer; and I could feel the raw power in his arms as we embraced in a deep tongue-devouring kiss, our hearts pounding in unison as we searched the secret depths of each other's mouth.

Waves of raw excitement washed over me as he ran his hands up and down my back feeling the muscles while he lip kissed each cheek and my neck and shoulders. I took his cock in my hand feeling the throb of his beating heart as I gently stroked and squeezed it. The way he was exploring my body and kissing me was almost as if he had never had sex before, and I reveled excitedly in his passion, gasping for breath, my cock leaking pre-seminal fluid by the gallons as a result of the unexpected onslaught.

Stopping for a second, he sat looking at me, his chest heaving as he sucked air into his straining lungs; and I stared back at him caught up in the euphoric ecstasy that had enveloped us.

"Please, Larry, lean back and let me look at you." He pleaded softly as he placed his hand on my chest and gently pushed me against the seat back.

Succumbing to the gentle pressure of his hands, I leaned back as he ran his hands over my chest and down over my ribs and stomach, his fingers twisting and twirling the thick dark hair surrounding the base of my turgid cock. Taking my cock in his hand, he looked at me and almost lovingly stroked it, his thumb spreading the sticky pre-seminal fluid over the head.

"I've only been with a few guys, Larry, but it looks like we are almost a match." He said, gently fondling my balls and steel hard cock. "Your cock is a little thicker and longer, and your foreskin isn't cut off like mine." He said a little huskily, looking deeply into my eyes as he squeezed my cock stroking it smoothly. "I like the way an uncircumcised cock feels, and I like watching the head sliding in and out of the skin, glistening with pre-cum."

Breathing heavier as he gently squeezed and stroked my burgeoning cock, I whispered huskily. "Derek, you're fantastic and I love what you are doing but good God, I wish we were somewhere else."

"Jesus, Larry, I wish we were in bed." He said, twisting around to look at me, quivering with excitement. "I want to feel you lying next to me, on top of me, and under me with us touching and exploring each other."

The atmosphere in the cab of my truck was almost surreal, and I knew that if he continued running his hands all over me and playing with my cock and balls I would explode. I wanted to merge our bodies the same way he did but the truck cab was too confining and, I was still a little concerned that unexpectedly someone might come to the maintenance sheds for some equipment. I had been sucked off, and I had sucked a few guys in the front seat, but I had never stripped and thought about having naked sex on the seat, especially in the daytime.

"Derek, you really surprise me." I said, moving his hand away from my turgid cock. "I wasn't thinking about anything like this, I thought you were just a horny teenager looking for a blow job."

"I was, and I am a horny teenager just like you." He said breathing deeply as he looked at me quizzically and grinned broadly, his eyes twinkling. "With just about anyone else that is all it would have been, but I don't know why I don't feel the same way with you as I've always felt with other guys."

"What's different, Derek?" I said, the testosterone and euphoric feeling slowly fading as we talked.

"I'm not really sure, Larry." He whispered softly. "I was horny, and I wanted to get my rocks off with you, but you''re different from the others that I've met. Most of them were older guys, not young like you; but you weren't pushy for one thing, and you didn't have your hands all over me the minute I got in the truck." He said, sending chills through me as he encircled the hard breast nipples with his finger. "Mostly, I liked what I saw when you looked at me through the windshield, and then the way you acted when I got in the truck. I could see that you had a nice body, and I really like that; but, I...I." He whispered turning his face away from mine not finishing what he wanted to say.

An inexplicable feeling of needing more than sex with the golden young god that sat with his legs entwined with mine flooded over me. A feeling that I hadn't felt with anyone else seem to fill me with a longing that I hadn't experienced with any of the others that I had had sex with. The sexual urges as our passions rose along with the excitement that had initially engulfed me as we cruised each other had dissipated to be replaced by a feeling of wanting to know Derek better and not just for sex. He looked into my eyes as my hand moved slowly over the soft inner flesh of his thigh. When my fingers touched the smooth head of his semi-flaccid cock, it twitched and he placed his hand over mine saying, "I don't want that, Larry, not now; and I'm ashamed for acting like a slut the way I did."

"You don't want sex now?" I exclaimed softly, a little surprised but with a deep feeling of relief. "I hope it's not because of something I did."

"No, Larry, it's not because of anything you did, its me. I was horny and, someone sucking my cock is exciting; but I can always jerk off if all I wanted was to get my rocks off." He said quietly, his eyes downcast, his fingers gently touching my forearm and bicep as he spoke "Maybe you won't understand, and I'm not really sure that I do, but I don't want sex with you this way, not on the front seat of a truck. I want to be in bed with you making love and feeling your body touching mine, that's what I want, and doing it this way would be cheap, and I can tell that you're better than that, Larry. I want to be able to give all of myself to you, and I want all of you but not this way. I can't explain it, Larry; but I want to know more about you other than sex and why I'm feeling the way I do, but unless we have a place we can go without worrying we will be caught and both of us getting into trouble. As much as I want to have sex with you, Larry, I don't want it this way." He said almost inaudibly.

* * * * * * * *

For several minutes we sat almost completely naked, not saying anything. The only sound was that of our mutually heavy breathing. My cock had softened, but the feeling of a need to void the sperm that his fondling had generated in my balls remained. It was the same for him, I was sure, and maybe more awkward than it was for me; but something inside of me didn't want to let him disappear. A lingering feeling of desire, and my own natural inquisitiveness to know more about him prevailed within my mind and body or the encounter would have been concluded with the only harm being that of equally distressed testicles that ached to be voided.

I was straining, confused and searching for something to say that would allow us to see each other again under more secure and comfortable circumstances. Derek had said that his eighteenth birthday was only a few days away, but he hadn't mentioned anything about it since; and, even though I had heard what he had said about wanting to be in bed with me and making love, I wasn't sure whether he making an excuse to avoid it or really did want to see me again. I'd heard that from some other guys after we had sex and, I had gotten all excited about seeing them but they never showed.

We dressed silently, glancing at each other as we lifted our butts and pulled our jeans up over our hips. For a moment, I thought from the look in his eyes that he was going to say something; but when he didn't, I wasn't sure whether I should or not until I reached for the ignition key and he placed his hand over mine as he said.

"Can I see you again Larry? I really would like too."

"I'd like that, Derek." I answered slowly. "I'm not sure that I understand what it was that you were trying to tell me, but I do want to see you again. There is a feeling inside of me that wants to be with you the way I think you want us to be together. I like that feeling; and if you're sure about wanting to see me again, we can get a motel room together." I said cautiously, breathing in deeply and waiting for several minutes to see how he would respond regardless of his answer.

"Oh, Jesus, I fucked up." I thought, noticing his lips quivering as he sat silently looking at me and listening. I was about to speak in defense of what I had said when he suddenly exploded.

"Can you really do that, Larry?" He exclaimed softly but excitedly, reaching toward me, and then just as quickly withdrawing his hands as if he were afraid I wouldn't like to be touched or that I might object if he did.

"Yes, I'm pretty sure I can; but can you get away this Friday for the weekend?" I said, almost as excited as he was.

Derek was suddenly so excited by my suggestion that he seemed almost too excited when he blurted out, "Yes, yes, I can. Where can we... oh... shit, I can't, Larry, I just remembered that, I can't meet you this weekend. Next Tuesday is my birthday, and my family wants to celebrate it with my grandparents who are coming down from Wilmington, Delaware this weekend."

It seemed as if the entire world had imploded, and I felt as despondent as he had sounded after realizing his mistake. It felt as if I had shot my wad, but the warm pleasant afterglow that followed good sex had not materialized.

Turning slightly, I placed my hand on his thigh, and said, "When did you say your birthday was?"

"Next Tuesday the nineteenth." He answered dully without looking at me as he said. "Why?"

I'm not exactly sure how a mother feels when she is trying to comfort her child; but, at that moment, I wanted to hug him tightly.

Moving closer to him, thigh to thigh, I slid my right arm around his shoulders while I put my finger under his chin and gently lifted his head. I could see the misery in his eyes. For a moment, I empathized with his feelings; but when I mentioned that we could be together the weekend following his birthday. His eyes lit like roman candles sparkling against an ebony night sky as he squealed loudly. "Do you mean it, Larry, we can, and you aren't just saying it to make me feel better?"

His almost childlike excitement was infectious, and instead of answering to show how sincere I was, I gently turned him toward me and placed my lips to his, my tongue probing for entry.

I felt the desire and the energy flowing between us as we gently searched the warm depths of our mouths, the fires of passion to make love building steadily. The urge to ravage him was almost so overpowering that I pushed him away gasping for breath and then breathed deeply trying to cool the fire in my loins. I didn't know or really understand the sudden feeling of wanting something or someone so badly before meeting, Derek, but I knew deep within me that, I did not want to lose him.

I wasn't sure that Derek felt the same as I did, but he had instilled a confusion of feelings that were surging through my breast. When he snuggled closer, laying his head on my shoulder and gently kissed my neck, the warm feeling of sublime exaltation spread throughout every fiber of my being; and I knew a spark had been lit deep within my breast that would not be extinguished by time or sex.

* * * * * * * *

We sat for a few minutes longer, breathing softly and holding each other as the dusk darkened. His finger gently scratching my thigh sent streaks of fire racing into my groin, and I felt the latent feelings of desire still smoldering in my loins. Burying my nose in his soft hair, I inhaled its intoxicating fragrance and whispered softly. "Don't you think you should be getting home?"

"Yeah." He said sighing deeply and sitting up slowly after what, I knew had to be more than a few poignant minutes if he were feeling the same way that I felt. "I'd rather stay with you, but they'll be wondering where I am at if I stay out too late."

"Some parents are that way, Derek, my mom still worries about me when I don't get home at the time she thinks I should." I said, writing my cell phone number on a blank piece of paper and handing it to him as I said, "Call me when you get a chance, and if you will still want to get together and we will have our own birthday party.

A shadow flashed briefly over his face, and then he said. "You aren't kidding me are you, Larry? I'd really like to see you again."

"Derek." I answered, taking his hands in mine and looking into his eyes. "I don't make promises that I cannot keep, especially the way I feel about you; and after you call me, I'll call this friend of mine who manages a motel on Copeland Road. He will let us have a room, but the best part of waiting until weekend after next is that you will be eighteen and no one can cause us any really bad trouble."

"I won't have any trouble getting away, and I can't wait." He said, snuggling closer and unconsciously sliding his hands down into my crotch as he spoke in a soft seductive tone. "My parents are going out of town next weekend to attend some screwed up golf tournament, but because it is my birthday, my sister is home from college. I'm pretty sure she will be having some of her dorky girl friends in the house so she won't pay any attention to what I do."

"Maybe one of the girls your sister has over might take a shine to you, and you can't get away." I said teasingly, chuckling softly.

"I don't have any girl friends, Larry; and my sister does not want me hanging around when she has anyone visiting. She has had a couple of nice looking guys come over when our parents weren't around, and they were probably fucking in her room. That didn't bother me although I will admit that it might have been interesting to find out what the guys might be like, but I never have had an interest in girls except just hanging around them so people don't talk." He said, straightening up and looking at me.

"Really, Derek." I said sniggering as I spoke. "Most horny young guys I know have Mary Palm and her five sisters to take care of business, especially if they knew some good-looking guy was fucking their sister."

It surprised me at how long it took before his eyes lit up, and grinning he chuckled softly. "Oh, those sisters." He said. "I've used them a few times, and I bet you have too."

"Oh yeah, I surely have." I said, laughing loudly as I started the truck up. "But, if you get off weekend after next, I won't need them."

"I hope you won't." He replied softly.

* * * * * * * *

His eyes were soft and shining as he leaned over and kissed me, and I could see he didn't want to leave anymore than I wanted him to, but there was no other way to get around it.

"It's going to be a long week, Larry, and the only thing that will help is knowing that I'll see you again." He said.

I know." I said, dropping the truck in gear, and asking. "Where do you want me to drop you?"

"Right here, I live on the other side of the trees. I walk this way on my way home from school, and sometimes when I feel really horny, I hide in the bushes and jerk off." He answered, his eyes twinkling brightly.

Picking up his books from the floor where they had fallen, he opened the door and stood outside for a second; the impressive bulge in his groin visible in the glow of the interior light before he closed it and walked around to my side.

"Larry, don't stand me up, please." He pleaded, gripping my forearm tightly. "I really do want to see you again."

"Not on your life, Lover." I said, leaning out the window, and brushing his lips with mine. "I'll be waiting for my cell phone to ring."

"It will, count on it." He said softly.

I reached out and caressed the side of his face, and he kissed my palm before turning and trotting off toward the trees. At the edge of some holly bushes, he turned and waved. I waved back as I pulled out of the trees.

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