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Constantine's Awakening

by Terrance MacDonald

Chapter 3

Day three at the church camp… Everything started out pretty 'vanilla' as the saying goes. It was hotter than Hell during the night, so we ended up moving the sleeping bags apart to cut down the body heat, despite the discomfort of not having the extra padding over the wood decking we were sleeping on. We had also left the tent flaps open so that we had some small breeze blowing through to help keep us cool. I did miss the spooning we had done the night before, but it was undeniable that we were much cooler this way. Again today, Milo and Wyatt came through the campground banging on garbage can lids to wake us all up. There weren't as many tent flaps for them to open this morning because of the heat during the night.

Today started pretty much the same as yesterday. Breakfast, Bible study, cleaning up the mess from breakfast and then activities. Today I was on trash detail and Leo was washing dishes. I did notice that Leo seemed to be talking quietly, almost perhaps conspiratorially with a couple of the other guys washing the pots and pans from breakfast. This made me curious, but I didn't have a chance to talk privately with Leo until after lunch.

When I finally got some alone time with Leo after the officially sanctioned (and mandatory) after-lunch activities, I didn't even have to ask him about what he and the other guys were talking about. He told me about it almost immediately once we were alone. "Some of the other guys are talking about taking canoes out in the lake to look for the girls' camp. You and I are taking one."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing so I repeated the obvious. "What, you want to go looking for the girls' camp?" I asked. I was thinking that he and I had something special going between us, and now he springs this on me.

"No, silly. We are going to the island. Let them go look for the girl's camp. All anyone knows is that it's on the lake somewhere nearby. I was talking to Milo after breakfast with some of the other guys and he says every year, there is a scouting mission to try to find it. He didn't think anyone ever had though." Then he leaned over and gently kissed my cheek. "Don't worry, you're the only one for me," he said. That made me feel a lot better.

I leaned over and kissed him back. "That makes me feel really good," I told him.

We had a short Bible lesson early in the afternoon followed by free time. This is when the other guys planned to go look for the girl's camp. Leo and I got into one of the canoes and everyone split up and headed different directions. The idea was that by splitting up, it would be easier to find. Then tomorrow, we could all go and spy on the naked girls. That wasn't something Leo or I was really interested in, but neither of us thought it would be a good idea to announce that we were rapidly becoming lovers and showing a lack of enthusiasm for finding the girl's camp may have given us away.

When we left in the canoes, each boat headed in a different direction. Leo and I headed straight out into the middle of the lake as if we were crossing straight over, but turned to go around to the back side of the island. Leo was in the rear seat of the canoe and turned to make sure we were out of sight of any of the others. "Okay," he said. "No one can see us now. Turn in toward the island and we'll look for a place to pull the canoe out of the water."

About halfway around the back of the island from our camp, there was a small beach with low bushes a little way up from the edge of the lake. Someone must have been here before pretty regularly as there was a slightly overgrown path leading into the trees. We pulled the canoe across the sand and hid it behind some of the small bushes before exploring the trail. I was getting nervous, because if there was a trail, someone else must have been here before and might show up again. I told Leo this.

Leo, said he wasn't concerned. "Look how the grass is grown up in the trail. It looks like no one has been here for at least a year." I had to admit, he had a point. I just didn't want to chance anyone seeing what I was sure Leo and I were about to do. I wasn't sure what it was going to be just yet, but I was sure it would be something I didn't want anyone else watching. It wasn't long before we came to a small clearing in the trees, basically a grassy meadow. Leo and I laid our towels out overlapping each other and lay down together, so close that our bodies were touching.

I was determined to let Leo make the first move again, I didn't want to seem too eager. It took a little longer than I thought, but soon enough he reached over with the hand closest to me and cupped my dick and balls, gently massaging. I was sure he was trying to get me hard, and I could feel a stirring in my groin that told me it wouldn't be long until his desired result was achieved. Still without looking over at Leo, I moved my hand to do the same thing to him. He was already well on his way to being hard, so I just started to masturbate him to get him totally stiff.

Leo followed suit and it didn't take long until both of us were about as hard as we could be. Leo released me and got up to swing around. He lay next to me on his side and urge me up to face him. He had positioned himself so that our faces were each in the crotch of the other. I knew exactly what he had in mind, and I think I got his dick into my mouth before he got mine in his. To say that we were both enthusiastic would be an understatement.

We squirted into each other's mouths at almost the same moment, but I think I beat him by just a fraction of a second. I really think that Leo had maybe done some of this stuff before, to tell you the truth. Being thirteen, neither of us really came a lot, and I suppose it was still a little "thin". Leo swung back around so that we were laying head-to-head again. As soon as he had done that, he reached over and pulled me in for a kiss. This wasn't any ordinary kiss, as soon as our lips touched, I could feel his tongue probing at my mouth, so I opened my mouth up more to allow his tongue access, as he did the same for me. We ended up a moment later lying on our sides, face to face with our arms around each other and continued our kissing.

We must have dropped off to sleep for a little while, in each other's arms. We woke at almost the exact same time when we heard voices. I could tell by the expression on Leo's face that he wasn't any more excited about being discovered like this than I was. I'm sure the expression on my face must have been about the same as the one on his. Still, neither of us moved. We didn't even turn our heads to look around.

"Well look who found our little spot," was the first thing I heard.

"Pretty hard to figure out what they've been doing, huh?" was the reply.

I knew I recognized the voices.

"Don't they look sweet laying there together like that?"

"Yeah, kind of reminds me of our first year here."

I finally got up the courage to lift my head and turn to look. Sure enough, it was Milo and Wyatt. They were holding hands, just standing there looking at Leo and me. They weren't hard, but they weren't exactly soft either. I guess you would call it about 'half-mast' if anything. When I turned to look, Leo and I broke our embrace and he too turned to look.

Milo and Wyatt both had huge grins on their faces. Wyatt spoke to us first, "Don't worry, we won't tell anyone what we saw."

Milo followed up with, "Yeah, there is usually at least one couple every year who end up being lovers from the stories we've heard. I guess that sort of defeats the purpose of a Bible camp, but then again, they do send us out here to be naked together for a week. We had you guys spotted as one of this year's couples right away."

'One of this year's couples? There was at least one other one? I wonder who it could be…' I thought.

Then Wyatt said, "I think the preacher has a thing for young boys, and this is the best way he can perv on us." That made me think about standing there in the church in front of everyone, naked, and he tried to stick his finger in my butt. I was pretty sure there was something to Wyatt's theory.

Milo and Wyatt released each other's hands, came into the clearing and laid their towels out next to ours. They sat down next to us, very close to each other and entered a deep embrace, arms around each other and kissing passionately. I guess we knew who had become at least one of the couples the year of their awakening. When they broke their embrace, Wyatt put his hand on Milo's chest and gently pushed him so that he was lying on his back. Then Wyatt straddled him. He leaned over and kissed him again. Their dicks were quite hard by now and they were grinding them together. I have to admit, it was very sensual. It was also very exciting, I'd never even seen porn before – gay or straight, and now here was a live show right in front of me! Leo and I both watched with rapt attention as they continued.

They broke their kiss and Wyatt sort of went up on an extended arm, but they continued rubbing their dicks together. Then Wyatt did something I thought was pretty weird; he started spitting into his other hand and rubbing the slobber all over Milo's dick. I had no idea what the Hell he was doing, but Leo, must have, because he leaned over and whispered to me, "Dude, I can't believe they are going to do this in front of us!"

"Do what?" I asked.

"Just watch, you'll see…" he whispered back.

Milo and Wyatt continued as they were doing for what seemed like forever. It was only a couple minutes really, but the anticipation of not knowing what was about to happen made it give the impression of being much longer. Finally, Wyatt raised up on his knees. He reached back and held Milo's dick straight up, then slowly sat back down on it. I couldn't believe this, Wyatt was actually taking Milo's dick into his ass! Wyatt slowly sat all the way down so that Milo's entire length was inside him. He wiggled around a little bit, then raised back up to the point that almost all of Milo's shaft was now exposed, little more than just the head could have been left side.

Wyatt sat back down, a little faster this time and raised back up. He continued this routine, quickening the pace each time. Milo joined the effort by thrusting upward into him each time Wyatt would lower himself, and dropping back as Wyatt raised himself. Of course, I wasn't entirely naïve, I had heard of butt-fucking, but I had never considered the dynamics of how it might be done. I had certainly never even considered seeing it happen right in front of me. I was staring so intently at this show going on in front of me that I don't even believe I was blinking.

The way they were moving together in a perfect rhythm made it seem almost like a dance. Wyatt began throwing his head back every so often, and from what little I could see of his face when he did, it appeared that there was a look of ecstasy on his face, like it was pure pleasure. I would have thought that would have hurt a lot to take a dick into your butt, but it really looked like Wyatt was enjoying it. Milo's back arched a little bit, and his movements in their 'dance' slowed, then it was just a couple quick thrusts. When he did that, his eyes were closed and his mouth was wide open, gasping.

Wyatt rolled off and went over to the edge of the little meadow, turned back to face us and squatted down like he was going to leave a shit. It sounded more like a really wet fart than anything else. I looked over at Leo as if to ask what he was doing and Leo whispered to me "What goes up must come down. Milo spunked into his butt, it isn't just going to stay there. It's better to just go ahead and let it out." I have to admit that I was a little curious exactly how he knew this, but decided to wait until later to ask about that.

When Wyatt was done, he came back and straddled Milo again, but with his now only semi-hard cock right near Milo's face. Milo lifted his head up and took it in his mouth. I have to say Milo was making a lot of slurping noises. It looked like he was taking nearly the entire length into his mouth, how could that be possible? I know Wyatt's dick had to be somewhere around six inches long, maybe even a little more when it was fully hard, and there's no way that Milo's mouth was that deep by itself. Wyatt's dick must have been entering Milo's throat! I had tried to do that with Leo, but I couldn't, it made me gag and I had to back off. Leo didn't seem to mind, after all he did squirt in my mouth before we were done.

Wyatt inched his way back on his knees until his were about even with Milo's. He picked up Milo's legs and put them over his shoulders before moving back in closer to Milo again. I could see the spit Milo had left on his dick glistening in the afternoon sun. He moved forward and held his stiffness down to align it with Milo's butthole. They were going to do it again! Wyatt moved his hands to the top of Milo's thighs, holding him in place as he pushed in. He entered slowly, but didn't stop until his pubes were pressed against Milo's butt cheeks. He paused for a moment, waiting until Milo lifted his head and nodded, signaling that he was ready. Once he saw that, Wyatt started bucking back and forth, in and out almost as if in a frenzy. At one point, he pulled back a little too far and slipped completely out. He had to take his right hand off Milo's thigh for a moment to guide himself back in, then he resumed his motions. They were both grunting and gasping, Milo more so than Wyatt. Their movements were fast and frantic, far more than when their roles had been reversed. I don't know exactly how long this went on, but it seemed like a long time before Wyatt's back sagged down and their pace slowed. After a last few determined thrusts, Wyatt let Milo's legs drop and collapsed on top of him, only to roll away a moment later. They both lay panting for a moment before Milo got up to expel Wyatt's seed from his bowels as Wyatt had done his shortly before. I was curious about this and asked Wyatt why they did that. He told me almost exactly the same thing that Leo had, "What goes up, must come down," Wyatt explained. "In this case, it isn't going to stay up very long, so this is easier and not as messy as it could be."

We all walked together as we were leaving to paddle back to the camp. Wyatt and Milo had stashed their canoe in the bushes next to ours. While Leo and I launched our canoe and headed back to the cap, they waded out into the water, I assume to wash up some of the mess they had surely left on each other just a short time before. Leo and I talked quietly as we paddled back to the camp. "You want to do what they did tonight after lights out?" Leo asked, apparently not even wanting to call the act by name.

"I don't know," I replied. "They both seemed to enjoy it, but I'm not sure I'm ready to try that just yet." And that was true, I really didn't know if I wanted to go there. I was sure that sooner or later I would be ready to try it, and I did want to, just not right then.

I found out much later that our encountering Milo and Wyatt in the little clearing on the island wasn't exactly by chance like I thought at the time. There was apparently some tradition of the 'counselors' being couples whenever possible, and that they would spot any likely couples (or budding ones) among their charges and tell them about the little spot on the island. They had told Leo about it.

A couple other canoes from the search for the girls' camp had returned by the time we got back. They hadn't found any sign of it – of course Leo and I hadn't actually looked. We feigned disappointment to commiserate with them about not finding it. The other canoes eventually returned to camp; none of them had located it either. I wonder if Leo and I had actually searched our "assigned sector" if we would have found it, not that he or I cared if it was located or not. Besides, even if someone did locate it, what good would it have done, even for the straight guys? It wasn't like they would be able to actually do anything more than watch from a distance, and not having any binoculars among us, that wouldn't really mean much. I had heard of panty raids, but there weren't any panties to raid…

Milo and Wyatt didn't return to the camp until almost dinner time. From the wetness of their hair, it was obvious that they had been swimming very recently. Leo and I exchanged quizzical looks; had they done it again and needed to wash up another time? They disappeared to the showers for a few minutes, then returned to help Avery and Colin finish getting dinner ready. It was a pretty basic cookout supper, burgers, hotdogs, potato salad and chips, and there was a big cooler full of various types of soft drinks. At least it was filling and was easy to clean up afterward. Naturally, we had the obligatory Bible study after dinner before being released and left to our own devices until "lights out."

Mainly, the evening hours were occupied by things like volleyball (again) and swimming. Once again, I noticed that at least one of the counselors had a video camera operating during the recreation period. We were all sent to the showers before our enforced bedtime. Leo and I probably paid a little too much attention to each other in the showers than we should have. I think I caught one or two knowing looks as we were finishing up and drying off to head back to our tents, but that could have been my imagination (or paranoia). Well, while we weren't hard, both of us were definitely expanding down there.

When we got to the tent, it was just about ten o'clock, so the sun was already down and the camp flood lights over the meadow had been turned off. Leo and I went in and he zipped down the front flap. The rear flap was still open to allow some air, but the insect netting on the back side was closed. We got our sleeping bags back on top of each other for the extra padding and snuggled up together. Naturally our hands found the things that interested us most, physically, about each other without a moment's hesitation.

It seemed like only seconds until we were both completely erect. Leo put his hands on my head and gently urged me to shift position so that my face was in his crotch. He obviously wanted me to suck him, but all he seemed to want to do was tease me with his tongue a little for some gentle stimulation. He did not take me into his mouth as I was doing for him. I didn't mind, I liked giving him pleasure. I realized that he was trying to get me wet and slick with his saliva, not unlike what Milo and Wyatt had done earlier. I wasn't really sure that I was ready to go this far, this fast. It seemed like Leo might now be of the same mind, but I told him how I felt, "Leo, I'm not really sure that I'm ready to do what Wyatt and Milo did out there on the island today just yet."

"That's okay," he replied. "We can wait until you are."

We ended up sucking each other to climax once again, swallowing each's other's seed as we had done before, then we snuggled up together and went to sleep.

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