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Emo Boi Finds Love

Chapter Eight

by Terrance MacDonald

Drake Dramall was the manager at a sporting goods store. Drake was twenty six years old, but could easily pass for much younger. He had light brown hair and dark brown eyes. He had been a competitive swimmer in high school and college, and was proud of the body that his scholastic sports career had given him. His body was tight and toned, as well as naturally smooth for the most part. He did keep his pubic hair trimmed so that it didn't show when he wore a Speedo swim suit to do laps at the local YMCA.

Drake wasn't old enough to know from first hand experience, but he had heard plenty of stories about the times when the YMCA was just for men, and all the swimming in their pools was done in the nude. He was sorry he had missed those days. There was little that excited him more than the thought of a pool full of naked young males, swimming, playing and running around on the deck, completely unashamed of their bodies.

This afternoon, Drake's attention was on the boys skating in the park. A few of them were really very good at their hobby. It certainly provided a good workout for them, keeping them well toned and in shape, even if they didn't realize how much exercise was really involved. Most were wearing shorts and more than a few had removed their shirts, leaving their torsos visible to him, gleaming with perspiration.

Then Drake spotted the black haired boy walking into the park. He was dressed all in black... A black t-shirt with a white design printed on the front that Drake couldn't quite make out. His faded black jeans were riding very low on his hips, leaving a gap of an inch or two between the waistband of his pants and the bottom of his t-shirt. The white leather belt he had on seemed to be only for decoration, as it was obvious even from a distance that it wasn't strung through the belt loops on the boy's pants. His bangs swooped low across his face, covering his forehead. There was just something about him Drake found absolutely intoxicating.

The boy sat down on one of the marble benches that surrounded the center of the park where the ramps for the skaters were located. He seemed to be enjoying the show they were putting on as much as Drake was. Suddenly their eyes met. Drake looked away immediately. He was interested, but he didn't want to let on. The next time Drake glanced back; the black haired boy was up and walking away from him.

Drake watched as this black-haired boy, who had seemed uncomfortable on the marble bench where he first sat down, walked away toward a nearby water fountain. Drake drank in the view the boy presented as his butt, nearly half exposed due to the low riding pants became visible to him. This kid was a definite cutie, and Drake's gaydar was tingling. He couldn't keep his eyes off this kid, who appeared to be about 15 or 16 years old.

The kid stopped at the fountain, dug into his pocket and then fumbled around with something in front of him. Then Drake saw him toss something into his mouth and drink from the fountain. His motions made it clear that he had just swallowed some sort of pill. Sure it could have been prescription medication, but Drake had a feeling that wasn't what it was. Drake looked back to the kids skating in the park just as the boy in black turned around and returned from the water fountain.

The next time Drake looked back in his direction, he was seated in the grass, leaning back on his arms with his legs kicked out in front of him and slightly spread apart. From the view he had now, with the boy's pants as low as they were it was clear to him that he wasn't wearing any underwear. They were down to the point that Drake wondered if his pubic region might be shaved. This was a possibility he found very exciting.

Drake continued to shift his gaze between the boy sitting on the grass, and the others who were skating. Several of the skaters' pants were at least halfway down their butts. Most were wearing boxers of some sort, but one cute blonde boy in particular had on a pair of blue briefs. He had made attempts for a while to keep them covered, but the baggy shorts he was wearing weren't cooperating at all. Finally he seemed to give up, and left them mostly on display as he continued to perform on his skateboard. This held Drake's attention until he noticed movement in his peripheral vision. The cute 'boy-in-black' was walking away, headed out of the park. His jeans were low on his ass, showing off nearly half his crack. His path seemed unsure as he walked, as if he were high on something. That confirmed Drake's suspicion about whatever it was the boy had swallowed at the water fountain.

Drake watched until he turned a corner and was out of sight. Drake was interested, very interested. He went quickly to the van he was driving that day. It belonged to the store where he worked and had its logo emblazoned on the side. He followed slowly after the boy, and once Drake had him back in sight his eyes stayed glued to the cute little butt as much as he could while driving. He was determined to find out more about this kid.

Tyler got a glass of water and swallowed two of the pills as soon as he got home. He needed to feel some relief, to be numbed. He hated what he had just done to get the drugs. It made him feel dirty and used. Still, he felt that he needed the pills. And he did. Tyler was addicted. There was no doubt about that, and his tolerance to the pills was growing.

He went to his bedroom, kicked off his shoes and flopped onto his bed. He relaxed, letting the feeling of the drug come over him completely. His mind numbed, and he drifted off to sleep. It was anything but a refreshing, relaxing rest. His dreams that night caused him a rather fitful slumber. His unconscious mind replayed the scene in the back room of the arcade over and over again. The worst part of the dream was when the girls had laughed at him on his way out. He was sure they had seen the glob of Bryan's spunk on his chin and were laughing at him.

When Tyler woke the next morning, he was running late. He had to get ready for school, and he had very little time in which to do it. Quickly he stripped off his clothes, leaving them in a heap on the floor of his room among all the other discarded garments lying there, some clean, but most waiting to be taken to the laundry room. He was going to skip the shower, and just clean himself up a little in the sink until he looked at himself in the mirror. There was a slash of dried semen extending from his chin and across his cheek where he had wiped his sleeve the night before.

Tyler's mind flashed back to what had happened at the arcade, sucking Bryan's dick to get the drugs. Not only that but he remembered getting a lot less of them than he expected, and then the girls laughing at him on his way out. He also remembered the dreams he'd had. That did it - he was going to have to take a shower - a long hot shower. Tyler started the water running in the shower and made it as hot as he could stand. He stepped into the scalding spray and scrubbed himself as clean as he could. Still, no matter how much he cleaned himself physically, there was no way he could wash away the dirtiness he felt in his mind, and perhaps even in his soul.

Tyler was sure he was going to be late for school by the time he got out of the shower and dried himself. As he looked around his room for clean clothes to put on, he saw his clock-radio and that confirmed it. He was late. He had already missed his bus, and his parents were surely gone to their jobs by now. 'Fuck it,' he thought. 'I'm already late, and by the time I get there I'll be in just as much trouble as if I didn't show up at all. I might as well stay home and enjoy myself.'

Still, he looked around for clean clothes to put on. He kicked a couple piles to the side, but still couldn't find a pair of underwear that wasn't already dirty, so he just pulled on a pair of soft, black denim jeans and an old black t-shirt with a death's head logo printed on the front. Tyler found one of his favorite belts, white leather with two rows of chrome studs all the way around it and a skull buckle. He wrapped it loosely around his waist, not bothering to fit it through the belt loops on his pants. The jeans were a low-rise cut and rode low on his trim hips anyway, but the weight of the belt pushed them down further, making the top of his crack visible below his t-shirt.

He went down to the kitchen to find something to eat and looked through the refrigerator and cupboards, but didn't find anything that suited him. Then he spotted the chocolate cake on the counter. 'Looks good,' he thought. He took a large glass and started cutting pieces off the cake and stuffing them down into the glass. When he had it nearly full, he poured in milk to fill the glass. Taking a spoon, he carried his glass of cake back to his room and sat down in front of his computer. He started scooping the cake out of the glass and into his mouth as he waited for the computer to boot up.

When the computer was finally ready, Tyler logged into his MSN Messenger account. He saw Thomas was online, but marked as busy. This made him smile. He felt like he needed to talk to someone friendly after what had happened last night. Giving Bryan a blow job to get drugs weighed heavily on his mind. He didn't feel that he could talk to Thomas about that - he knew how Thomas felt about drugs. He didn't like them at all. Thomas had never explained why he felt that way; he had only said he wouldn't tolerate them.

Tyler opened a chat window and hoped Thomas would answer him.

Ty_1600: Hey, you there? Can you talk?

A few minutes went by before Thomas answered.

Thomas: Yeah, I'm working from home today, but I can chat for a while. What's up?

Ty_1600: Nothing much, just thought you might want to talk.

Thomas: So, no school today?

Ty_1600: Uh, not exactly, I sort of blew it off today.

Thomas: Not good little babe. I don't like you doing that.

Ty_1600: I got up late - overslept.

Thomas: You still should have gone.

Ty_1600: :( Sorry...

Thomas: You know I've told you how important school is. You need to go.

Ty_1600: Yeah, I know. I'll do better.

Thomas: I hope so!

Ty_1600: BRB

Thomas: OK

Tyler needed a few minutes to think... He knew Thomas' intentions were good, but he didn't want to deal with getting bitched at for not going to school right now. He decided he would try changing the subject. Tyler and Thomas had talked every once in a while about the ducks in the lake behind his house. Tyler really liked hearing about the little ducklings.

Ty_1600: Back... How are the ducks?

Thomas: Not very well this morning I don't think... It looks like one of the families is a couple ducklings short. One of the gators might have got to them.

Ty_1600: :( NOOOO!!!

Thomas: Sorry little babe, that's the cycle of life sometimes, everything has to eat, and sometimes others have to get eaten.

Ty_1600: But I like the ducks!

Thomas: So do I little babe, but I can't help it if the gators get one or two from time to time. At least it wasn't one of the mommas or daddies. If it was, the whole family would probably be gone.

Ty_1600: :( I still don't want them to get eaten!

Thomas: Sometimes that can't be helped little babe...

They stayed online talking for a little while longer, basically making small talk, catching up on what they had each been doing since the last time they were in chat together. Finally they both agreed that they needed to sign off. Tyler wished he could have found a way to open up to Thomas about what was really going on in his life. He felt so guilty about what he had been doing, but he wasn't sure that Thomas would understand, so he couldn't bring himself to open up completely.

This was a serious mistake on Tyler's part. Despite Tyler's fears, Thomas would have forgiven him, and done whatever he could to help if he knew what was really going on. And Tyler had wanted to tell him. Somehow, maybe he would think of a way to do it. This wasn't going to be the time, his mind was spinning in circles and he wasn't able to concentrate. He needed something to calm himself.

Tyler went and got one of the two remaining percosets, and swallowed it with a small glass of water to wash it down. He wished he hadn't taken two the night before, he needed to make them last until he could raise the money to get more. He didn't want to have to do again what he had last night when he needed more - and he knew that he would soon need more.

Tyler's mind was numb as he walked through the streets of Thunder Bay. He didn't have any real destination; he just wanted to be out of his house. Finally, when it was after four, he decided he wanted to be around people. School was out, so he headed for a park where some of his friends hung out sometimes. There were some kids there skating on boards and roller blades, but no one he knew by name. The effects of the percoset he had taken earlier were beginning to wear off, and forgetting his earlier resolve to try to make them last, he walked to a water fountain and swallowed the last of what he had gotten the night before.

Tyler walked back to where he could watch the other boys skating and sat down on a marble bench. He could feel the cold stone pressing against the bare skin of his back between his shirt and his pants. It wasn't very comfortable, so he got up and moved to a patch of grass where it was warm in the afternoon sun. As he did, he noticed that there was a man watching him.

He had light brown hair and looked to be in his early twenties. He was dressed in off-white cotton trousers and a light blue polo shirt. Tyler couldn't make out any real details, but he was aware that wherever he had moved, the man's gaze had shifted. When he noticed Tyler was looking in his direction, he shifted his attention back to the boys who were skating in the park.

Tyler considered this. He was way too young to be the father of any of them. And he certainly appeared too old to be anyone's brother. That, coupled with the fact that Tyler had caught the guy watching him told Tyler that he was probably interested in teen boys. It was probably because of the drugs lowering his inhibitions, but Tyler decided to tease the man a little. When he was sure the guy wasn't looking his direction, he leaned back and pulled his t-shirt up a little so that it revealed a little more skin on his tight, smooth stomach.

He glanced down for a moment, and saw that his jeans were riding so low at the moment that without his underwear they were nearly revealing the top of his small pubic patch. He was sure that they were equally low in the back, which meant that he had displayed a pretty decent amount of his crack when he had walked away from the man that had been watching when he walked to the water fountain a few minutes before. In his mind's altered state, he felt it was sort of a turn-on that this guy must think he is cute. And, Tyler admitted to himself, the guy wasn't all that bad looking himself.

After a while Tyler got tired of watching the other boys skating and his little game of teasing the man who kept casting glances in his direction. He got up to leave, but as he walked away, he could sense that there was at least one set of eyes watching. Even after he'd left the park, he couldn't shake the feeling that someone was watching him. He glanced over his shoulder a few times, but didn't see anyone following him, yet the feeling he was being watched persisted. He did notice a Wilson's Sporting Goods delivery van, but that didn't cause anything to click in his mind.

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