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Emo Boi Finds Love

Chapter Thirty Seven

by Terrance MacDonald

Kevin called Luke into the den. "Dude, I found your pants!" he shouted. The blonde boy came into the room a moment later. Kevin couldn't help but run his eyes over Luke's body, covered only by his t-shirt and the tiny red thong undies. There was a look of dismay on his face when he saw where his jeans were located.

"How are we supposed to get that monster off of them?" he wondered aloud, gauging the size of the dog that was using them for a bed. He remembered the greeting the dog had given him the night before, so he didn't think it would be aggressive, but he certainly knew how powerful the oversized puppy was.

"Um, I suppose I could feed him," Kevin suggested.

"And do you know exactly how you're supposed to wake him up?" Luke asked.

"Um, not exactly," Kevin admitted. He really didn't quite know exactly how to go about rousing the sleeping animal.

"Dude, we have to do something, I can't go home like this," Luke pleaded.

As luck would have it, the dog opened his eyes just at that moment. He raised his head a little and looked at the boys. His brown eyes had a softness to them that conveyed a look of innocence. His jaw dropped open a little and his tongue hung slightly out the side of his mouth. The way the dog was looking up at them it was a lot easier to believe that he was just a puppy, despite his enormous size.

"Shakespeare, you want your breakfast?" Kevin said in a cheerful voice, hoping the dog would understand and be cooperative.

Shakespeare was a very intelligent dog, and not only did he know his name, but he recognized the word 'breakfast' as meaning that there was going to be food. He stood and looked expectantly at Kevin.

When Kevin turned and went into the kitchen, the dog trotted off after him, looking up at him the entire way. He followed as Kevin retrieved his food from the garage and waited somewhat impatiently as Kevin mixed the dry food with another moister type that Thomas kept in a refrigerator in the garage. He also took note that this was where Thomas kept a large stash of beer. Kevin carried the dog's food bowl back into the kitchen and set it on the floor for him.

Luke appeared a moment later, now wearing his pants. He watched for a moment as the dog gulped down his food, then pulled on his shoes. "I'll run home and grab my stuff," he said to Kevin. "See ya in an hour or so."

He gave Kevin a quick kiss on the cheek, then left to get his things for the rest of the weekend, hoping that his parents wouldn't screw up the plans they had made.

Thomas and Jayson sat silently together for a few minutes in the airport waiting area. Both were worried about the people they were there to meet. A small commotion started in the customs area - a young man had appeared, assisting an elderly lady who was clearly a little more than just 'tipsy.' Despite the fact that she was clearly intoxicated, Thomas did recognize that she had sort of a regal air about her. 'Clearly,' he thought, 'this must be Jayson's grandmother.'

Thomas smiled when he saw how Tyler was helping the old woman. He had known for a long time that the boy had a good heart, and that was made all the more clear by the way he was helping the lady with her things as they approached the customs agents.

Tyler had gotten a cart to bring their luggage along with them, and put all the bags up onto the counter to be examined by the agents. They examined the passports that Tyler and Abby offered them, and after a few brief questions allowed them to pass through. Tyler returned the luggage to the cart, offered his arm once again to Abby, and the two of them came past the barricade into the waiting area where Thomas and Jayson had got up to greet them.

Tyler was happy that Chris had opened up to him that there was something bothering him other than the baseball team finding out that he was gay. He had also just made an enormous breakthrough - as Tyler saw it - by kissing him so passionately there in the park. But was Chris going to tell him what it was that was really bothering him?

Tyler felt the tickle of Chris' fingers on his stomach. Chris was trying to push his shirt up, as if to take it off. He lifted up a little to allow this. They had to change positions slightly, Chris leaning back to kneel above Tyler as Tyler raised his arms to allow Chris to pull his t-shirt over his head.

Chris tossed the garment down onto the grass and waited with an expectant look. Tyler assumed that he was meant to do the same, so he started pushing Chris' shirt up, and it soon joined his, lying on the grass next to them.

They lay back down together, each with his arms around the other and resumed the kissing where it had left off. They rolled over so that Tyler was now atop Chris, Tyler's fingers running through Chris' soft, brown hair. Tyler felt Chris' fingers slip into the waistband of his pants, beneath his underwear. The sounds of the children playing nearby were drowned out to each of them by their ragged breathing.

Chris started to push his pelvis up into Tyler, grinding their bodies together. The erotic bliss they found themselves in seemed to be intensifying with each passing second. Their surroundings had become completely oblivious to them. Tyler lifted up for a moment - enough to allow him to unfasten the button holding the waist of Chris' pants closed. He pushed at the zipper below it, and managed to get it about halfway down before settling back to resume making out in earnest with his boyfriend. The small but growing wet spot on Chris' underwear where the tip of his rigid cock pressed up through the opening in his pants had not escaped his attention.

Chris rolled them over again, so he was back on top of Tyler. He lifted up almost involuntarily, arching his back and pressing his stiffness against Tyler's. The only thought filling his mind at that moment was his need for release. He felt Tyler's fingers pushing at his clothing, urging the shorts and underwear he had on lower and lower on his body.

The fingers of his right hand seemed to act independently of conscious thought as they unfastened Tyler's pants much the same way as Tyler had done to him just a moment or two before.

Tyler's legs wrapped around Chris first, then so did his arms. Tyler held him in a tight embrace. They were both suddenly aware of a quietness that had not been there before. The stillness unsettled them. Their kissing stopped, but they still embraced tightly they looked around. The group of children who had been playing nearby now stood around them in an arc, watching with rapt attention.

One boy who seemed a little older and larger than the rest spoke. "Well are ya gonna do it or aren't you?" Then he crossed his arms over his chest and gave them a crooked grin.

Tyler and Chris were both equally shocked and embarrassed at being caught, very nearly in the act. They rolled apart, pulled up and refastened their pants is what seemed like only a fraction of a second. Once their clothing had been readjusted, they looked at each other and smiled weakly.

A smaller boy with spikey-red hair and wearing shorts that seemed just a little too small for him looked at the one who had spoken to them a moment before, then nudged him with an elbow. "C'mon Jerry, let's get back to the game," he said. "They ain't gonna do nothing now."

As the kids turned and went back to their game, Chris got up and extended a hand to Tyler. Chris helped pull him up and after collecting their shirts from where they had been discarded; they walked back to Chris' car. As they went, Chris took Tyler's hand in his. The simple act made Tyler smile. Somehow the events that had transpired in the park over the last half hour seemed to have gotten through to Chris.

It was still early in the day, and unusually warm, so they left their shirts off as they walked back to the car. They put the top on the little convertible down and Chris drove them out of the park. Chris took a route that Tyler didn't recognize as they drove away. "Where are we going?" he asked.

"It's a surprise," Chris answered as he down-shifted and accelerated onto the ramp to the highway.

Tyler just sat back into the thick sheep-skin seat cover. He and enjoyed the feeling of the wind blowing through his hair and over his naked torso as Chris drove. It was soon apparent that they were leaving the city. After almost an hour they exited the highway and drove up a small road into an area that was densely wooded. Tyler asked again where they were going, but Chris would only tell him that it was a surprise.

Soon, Chris turned onto a gravel road that led further up the side of the mountain. Tyler still had no idea where they were going, but Chris seemed familiar enough with the area that it didn't concern him. The cool air at the higher altitude felt good to him. He reached down and adjusted the seat-back into a slightly more reclined position, closed his eyes and relaxed as Chris drove. Soon he drifted off into a light, but pleasant act.

Tyler opened his eyes when he felt the car come to a gentle stop. Chris shifted into neutral and pulled the handbrake up with a ratcheting sound to hold the little car in position. He shut off the engine and got out of the car, taking his keys with him. They were stopped in front of a large metal gate. Tyler watched as Chris bent to insert a key into a padlock before pushing the gate open and latching it into position.

Chris got back into the car and restarted the engine. After he released the brake, Chris shifted the car into gear and drove up the driveway. Tyler couldn't help but ask. "Where are we?"

"You've been telling me that you wanted to see my family's cabin - here we are."

The driveway was made of white gravel. It was long and wound about up the hillside. At the top was a log home - but it was large, two stories tall. It was nearly as big as the house Chris and his family normally lived in back in the city. Tyler was awed by its size. "Damn dude, this isn't a cabin, it's nearly a mansion!"

The inside of the 'cabin' was equally impressive when they went indoors. It was clearly intended to have a rustic look, as was the outside, but the effect did not come off very well; most everything was just too new. The knob and hinges on the front door were however genuine antiques judging by the loud squeal when Chris pushed open the door.

In the center of the ground floor was a large great room. It had a high, vaulted ceiling, and a walkway on the upstairs floor ran its perimeter. The room was appointed with heavy wood and leather furniture. In the center, facing a large, stone fireplace was a large bearskin rug.

"Is that real?" Tyler asked, nodding toward the rug.

Chris nodded. "Yep, my dad shot it not far from here," he said proudly.

"Your dad shot it?" Tyler repeated as a question. Tyler wasn't used to hunting. No one in his family hunted so he had never been exposed to the activity. Because of this, Tyler simply did not understand the thrill some people found in it. He also didn't understand the 'sport' in shooting guns at animals that couldn't shoot back.

"Yeah," Chris told him. "He loves going hunting. I never really got into it; I think it sort of disappointed him. I just couldn't see getting up at four in the morning to wander around the woods with a gun trying to shoot something."

Tyler looked at him and grinned. He was glad Chris didn't like hunting either.

Chris plopped down in the center of the bearskin rug. At one time this piece of decoration for the summer house had been a large black bear, probably somewhere in the range of three hundred pounds. Chris ran his hands through the fur. Then he patted a spot next to him with one hand as he propped himself up with the other arm. "Come sit down with me," he invited. "It's really soft."

Tyler eased down next to Chris on the rug. The bear's fur was indeed very soft. It was only a few minutes before they were lying down on it, picking up where they had left off in the park a little over an hour before. This time however, there were no children to interrupt them and they were soon naked in each other's arms. Their arms and legs wrapped around each other as they rolled back and forth on the huge skin.

Their kissing was quite passionate. Both their penises were stiff and pressed tightly between them as wrestled back and forth. They had been at it for about an hour when Chris rolled over on top of Tyler and held his arms above his head on the soft fur. Chris arched his back and pressed his groin down into Tyler's. Chris started to grind their pelvises together. They were both very close to release when they heard the squeal of the antique hinges on the front door.

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