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Emo Boi Finds Love

by Terrance MacDonald

Chapter 49

Tyler and Jayson did take Luke to their bedroom with them that night, but everything was kept strictly platonic before they went to sleep. Tyler and Jayson both understood the pain that Luke was going through, not only from the physical injuries he had endured, but the psychological trauma he had to be going through as well. Luke wore his 'tighty-whitey' briefs to bed, Tyler and Jayson followed suit, wearing their boxers. They sandwiched him between them when they lay down to go to sleep, all three lying on their sides with Tyler and Jayson both facing and hugging Luke, Tyler from behind, Jayson from the front.

There was some shifting and moving during the night. In the morning the boys were all facing the same direction, spooning. Jayson was in front, Tyler in the back and Luke still sandwiched between them. Tyler's arm was extended over Luke with his hand resting on Jayson's chest. Unconsciously during his sleep, Luke's hand had found its way into the front of Jayson's boxers and was resting on, but not gripping his genitals.

Had Luke not woken first and been embarrassed by where his hand had ended up, no one else would probably have noticed. But as it happened, he did and he was. In rapidly jerking his hand away and turning, he ended up waking both Jayson and Tyler. Luke's evident embarrassment at where his hand had been led to a confession to the other boys. Both Tyler and Jayson thought it was sort of funny, but Tyler gleefully took the opportunity to make them both a little more uncomfortable by taking hold of their very hard dicks, which were very apparent through their underwear.

Luke's face went bright red, but Jayson responded by thrusting his hand up the leg of Tyler's boxers, running his hand over Tyler's balls and taking hold of his rather stiff penis. "Looks like you were enjoying things as much as we were," he stated with a sly grin. Jayson didn't let loose of his grip on Tyler's dick, but started rubbing it instead. If it were possible, Luke's face would have gone even redder as Jayson had to lean over him to stroke Tyler. Jayson's stiff cock was pressed into Luke's thigh, the pre-cum dampening the front of his boxers extremely apparent to Luke. Jayson did not seem to notice or he didn't care.

The discomfort this was causing Luke made it necessary to excuse himself, so he managed to crawl out from between Jayson and Tyler, stating simply that he needed to use the bathroom. While he did in fact need to pee, Luke's main motivation was to get away from what looked like a rising climax between Tyler and Jayson. It was starting to get him more and more stimulated, and he didn't feel comfortable being the extra in a three-some with two boyfriends who he both regarded as good friends; just not in a sexual way.

When Luke was done relieving himself, he exited through the opposite bedroom and went downstairs to the kitchen to see about getting some breakfast. Thomas was sitting at the kitchen table, having a cup of coffee; he had just seen Isaac off. Luke asked Thomas if he could pour himself a glass of juice.

"Get whatever you want from the 'fridge," Thomas replied. "You're living here, you don't have to ask and I'm not the butler, so you have to serve yourself."

Thinking like the typical teenager, Luke immediately shot back, "Does that include the beers?" as he opened the refrigerator.

Thomas turned to look at him. "Considering the circumstances that resulted in your living here that seems like an odd question but no, it doesn't. You're only 16, you don't need to start turning into your stepfather. That doesn't mean 'never', but it does mean that you ask first. Besides, beer isn't the ideal breakfast food."

Luke assumed a sheepish and ashamed look. "I would never turn into a fat, lazy slob like that. I was just sorta teasing… And I didn't want one now anyway."

"Okay then," Thomas responded. "Your job right now is to go to school and get good grades. Drinking and drugs aren't going to help you do that. Drugs are forbidden in this house, so we won't have to worry about that and I will regulate the alcohol consumption, but remember, never on a school night."

"Hello government…" Luke replied with as much sarcasm as possible.

"Just think of me as the benevolent dictator," Thomas responded with an evil grin that morphed into a chuckle. "Now, move along citizen, nothing to see here."

Luke sat down at the table next to Thomas. "You're up kind of early aren't you? It's only like seven o'clock."

"Isaac had to leave for his next project about an hour ago, but I'm always up early, this is actually a little late," Thomas explained.

Luke got a curious look on his face. "But he's your boyfriend, right?"

Thomas assumed a studious look and paused for a couple moments before replying. "No, not exactly. We were involved at one time, but now it's more like 'friends with benefits' if you know what I mean. We may be together again someday, but right now our schedules just don't permit it."

Luke considered this for a moment. "So you aren't seriously involved with anyone?"

Thomas shook his head. "Not romantically, not for a long time."

Luke thought about this for a moment, a clouded expression on his face. Finally, his eyes brightened a little and he slid his chair over so that he was right next to Thomas. His right hand moved to Thomas' thigh and he started rubbing, moving to push the leg of the shorts Thomas was wearing farther up, and even inside.

Thomas took Luke by the wrist and moved his hand away. "Luke, I hope you understand this, but I didn't offer you a place to live so you could be some sort of boy toy. The fact of the matter is that you are way too young and I'm way too old. I asked you to move in because I think you're a good kid and I care about your wellbeing. The operative word there is 'kid.' Does that make sense to you?"

Luke gave what Thomas had said some consideration before he replied. "But I thought this is just what gay guys do – you meet someone else that's gay, you just have sex."

Thomas shook his head yet again. As a comforting gesture, he put his arm around Luke's shoulders. "No little babe, that's not true. Being gay and being promiscuous have nothing to do with each other. God knows you can be one or the other without being both. I'm flattered that you would think of me in that way, and God knows that you are about the cutest thing I've ever seen, but the age difference is just too much for me to have a good conscience about anything like that."

Thomas paused and continued, "If I were even close to your age, I'd jump at the opportunity, but the fact is, you aren't even half my age. Another truth is that I'm not your father, but that's the way you need to look at the relationship we're going to have if I am appointed your guardian, which I think will happen. Does that make sense?"

Luke nodded, but didn't speak.

Thomas took that as a good sign, so he resumed. "The way I need you to see this is that I will effectively be your parent while you live here. We aren't going to be boyfriends, that's out of the question. I would like to see you find someone your own age who can be your boyfriend. Just understand that at your age it probably won't be permanent, but I suppose you know that from your fling with Kevin."

Luke's head hung. He was obviously embarrassed. "So am I still allowed to stay here?" he asked meekly.

Thomas stood and pulled him into a stronger hug. "Of course you are. I'm not mad at you, but I needed to make sure you understand what our relationship is and what it will be. You didn't think I was having sex with Tyler did you?"

Luke looked up to meet Thomas' eyes. "No, I guess not. I guess I'm just not used to someone being nice to me without wanting something back, and sex is the only thing I really have to offer."

Thomas had eased the grip of his hug for a moment but tightened it again. "No little babe, you have a lot to offer other than just sex. You'll figure that out sooner or later. But that isn't what I want from you."

"So what do you want from me?" Luke asked.

Thomas shifted his seat and turned his chair. Luke did the same so that they were sitting face to face. Then Thomas took Luke's hands in his. "I just told you, your job is to do well in school. I want you to study and get good grades. As long as you do that and don't throw any wild parties that get the police summoned, I think we'll be fine. Good grades will even see you rewarded with an allowance since I know you'll need spending money, but we'll work that out later."

Luke jumped out of his chair and into Thomas' lap, hugging him. "This really is this first time I can remember someone actually doing something nice for me and not wanting anything in return."

Thomas returned the hug for a moment, then backed off. "I didn't say there was nothing expected from you. Grades, remember?" Then he brushed Luke's disheveled hair aside and gave him a quick kiss on the forehead. Then he added, "Oh, and shower regularly – you might want to do that while I work on getting some breakfast together. Honestly, you're getting a little funky. That will help you with the finding a boyfriend thing too, trust me."

Luke hugged him tightly and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. "Good point, but this morning, I'm using your shower." Then Luke jumped up and ran upstairs.

Six months had passed since the night Bill Cohrs had burst into the backyard at Thomas' house wielding a gun in the attempt to take Luke, his stepson, back to the house where they lived with his mother, and as a result was arrested. Luke's mother had chosen to take the word of her husband over that of her son when Luke made charges of abuse and sexual assault against his stepfather and thrown Luke out of the house as a result. Since then he had been living with Thomas and Tyler at Thomas' home.

Because of Lorraine's insistence that Luke was no longer welcome in her home, Thomas had his lawyer petition the court to become Luke's legal guardian; a motion that was successful as Luke's mother offered no objection. In fact she actually seemed relieved to have him gone. This attitude from a mother toward her child was bewildering to Thomas, but he decided that he didn't need to understand, he just needed to do what was right for the boy.

As a result of the incident at Thomas' house and aided by the testimony of an FBI agent, Bill was convicted of assault and brandishing a weapon. Due to a plea bargain, he was sentenced to only a year in prison and a $1000 fine, which neither he nor Lorraine was able to pay, so that resulted in another year in jail for Bill. Lorraine held Bill's conviction against her son for some inexplicable reason.

Once the custody hearing was over and decided – Thomas being officially awarded guardianship of Luke, Thomas drove them home. Both were eager to get out of the suits and ties they had to wear for the court hearing and into more 'normal' clothes. When they got back to Thomas' house, there were several cars parked in the driveway and on the street in front of the house. The boys from the neighborhood who Thomas normally referred to as 'the usual suspects' were there; they all wanted to know the outcome of the hearing and were hoping to be able to congratulate Luke. Most notably, there was also the gold Rolls convertible which Jayson drove blocking the entrance to the garage stall where Thomas normally parked his Cadillac. Thomas blocked it in the driveway with his car to force Jayson to have to ask him to move it.

When Thomas and Luke came into the house, their ties were pulled down and the top buttons on their shirts opened. Tyler, having chosen himself to be spokesperson for the group stepped forward and asked, "So how did it go?"

Thomas gave a glance to Luke before he answered. "I'm afraid he's been sentenced to a home for wayward boys."

Tyler was the only one who immediately caught the reference that Thomas had often used to describe his home. "YES!!! You did it!" Then he sprang forward to hug both Luke and Thomas, who were still standing next to each other in the entry hall.

They both hugged Tyler back, but Thomas broke away first saying, "I love you, but let me go so I can get out of this monkey suit and noose." Luke disengaged too and started stripping off his suit even as he ran upstairs to his bedroom. Tyler called after them: "We'll be waiting for you out at the pool. Hurry!"

Thomas took longer to reappear than Luke as he took the time to hang up his suit and don a bathing suit. Luke had merely stripped down to a pair of white briefs, tossing the suit and shirt not so neatly on his bed before making his appearance at the pool. Tyler and Jayson, being the hosts for this little party were at the grill getting the fire started for the large platter of burgers and hotdogs seated on a sideboard attached to the grill. Both wore full length aprons, and since their backs were toward him, Thomas could tell that they were still wearing their shorts, but had removed their shirts. Tyler had even found a chef's hat somewhere and had that atop his head as they were getting the grill started.

Most of 'the usual suspects' had stripped to their undershorts as Luke had, others still had on shorts. All but one, a boy who looked about sixteen who Thomas didn't recognize were shirtless, his complexion was dark, eyes a deep brown and hair at least dark brown if not black. While slender, he seemed to have a well-defined build. He was wearing a grey t-shirt with the sleeves cut off and the sides slit nearly to the hem. The slit sides on the shirt gave teasing glimpses of his chest as he moved and the breeze caught it just right.

None had yet gone into the pool, apparently waiting until after dinner, but a volley ball net had been set up between where the pool deck ended and the yard started to drop off toward the lake and a game was in progress. Most of the boys other than Tyler and Jayson were playing, the new boy included. A couple others were in the kitchen helping Tyler and Jayson by preparing the vegetation portion of the meal.

Thomas went to the bar and fixed himself a drink, then seated himself in one of the pool lounges to casually watch the game the boys were playing. It wasn't often that he didn't have to prepare at least part of the meals, and knew that it would probably be a while before he would get another break. He intended to make the most of it. Soon there was a platter of hotdogs and burgers ready, Jayson set them on the bar while Tyler went inside to help carry out bowls of steaming ears of corn, baked potatoes and green beans which were also set on the bar top along with plastic plates and utensils to form a buffet line.

It was 45 minutes until almost all the food was gone. Everyone just relaxed on lounges around the pool for a little while digesting their food. Being late spring in the southeast United States, the sun was just beginning to dip into the horizon when some of the boys started to get up to go into the pool, most stripping off completely, but a few keeping their undershorts on. It didn't take long for the rest to follow. Thomas just snoozed on his lounge chair. Tyler, Jayson and Luke cleaned up most of the mess from dinner before stripping off and going into the pool.

Luke had also noticed the new boy that was attending his 'homecoming' party. There was no denying that he was very cute. He had definitely gotten Luke's attention. He didn't seem to know many of the other boys, but was mixing well with all of them. Luke had managed to make eye-contact a few times while they were eating, and exchanged a couple grins with him, but he still didn't know who this new boy was. He knew how to find out… "Psst, Tyler… Who's the new guy?"

"That's Ricky," Tyler answered. "He just moved in down the street. Some of the guys met him this morning and thought we should invite him to get to know the neighborhood."

"Is he…?" Luke started to ask, but let the question trail off, hoping that Tyler would get his meaning.

Tyler understood what Luke wanted to know but shrugged. "Dunno. We just met him this morning and thought it would be a good idea to make him feel welcome. I already told you that. You're on your own from here little bro'." "Little bro'" was a term Tyler had recently adopted for Luke, sort of adopting him as the sibling he'd never had.

Ricky had taken off his shirt and shorts and joined the other boys in the pool for a game of Marco-Polo wearing only his white briefs. It didn't seem apparent to him that after becoming wet that they had become rather translucent. He had also become semi-erect, but had not adjusted the positioning of his penis, so it was pushing up and out, very obviously. Three quarters or more of the boys had stripped off completely, nothing unusual at this pool, even for the straight members of the group.

It took about an hour for the boys to get tired of the game and begin to leave the pool in favor of further refreshments or heading home. There was very little light left in the sky, so Thomas had turned on the flood lights in the back of the house, so the backyard was completely illuminated.

One by one, the boys toweled off, redressed and headed home. This wasn't going to be a late party at Thomas' house tonight, Tyler had made that clear to everyone when he invited them.

Ricky was preparing to leave, but he discovered a disadvantage to keeping his briefs on while going into the pool: They don't dry very fast, especially after sundown; which will also wet one's outer garments if left on underneath after redressing. To add to that, the now only damp briefs were becoming clammy, sticky and uncomfortable. While not a pleasant feeling to begin with, it is even less so when inflicted on a young male's genital region.

Luke had tried to be discrete in his observation of Ricky throughout the evening, but he had not been entirely successful. Actually he hadn't been successful at all. The first to catch onto his interest in the 'new boy' was Jayson, followed not long after by Thomas, Tyler, and a few of the others – Ricky was included in that group, especially as they had exchanged a few knowing glances during the evening. Luke remained about half hard most of the evening as he watched Ricky, easily apparent as all he wore was his birthday suit and a grin. Equally apparent to anyone who cared to notice was that Luke and Ricky seemed to be bonding into a close friendship almost immediately.

Finally, Ricky asked Luke if there was someplace he could change as it was nearing time for him to go home; he didn't want to wear the wet briefs under his shorts until he got home. Tyler and Jayson were within earshot of this conversation, and laughed about it privately – in fact they gave Luke a great deal of grief about it for years after... The observation Tyler made was: "The conversation took place right outside the pool house, and that has two changing rooms. There are also two bathrooms on the first floor alone. You wanted to get him upstairs to your room and naked."

Luke reluctantly admitted that Tyler was correct. He did want to get Ricky upstairs to his room, but he denied that it was for purely lascivious behavior. "I was just trying to be helpful; really!!"

"Yes, those wet briefs are so clingy and difficult to get off," Tyler joked. "I'm sure he needed some help with that."

Jayson wasn't going to be left out: "Maybe there was just some place Ricky has trouble reaching that he just needed Luke to dry for him?"

Whether he was defending himself, bragging or something else, neither Thomas, Tyler nor Jayson could tell, but Luke's defensive reply was, "Actually I made him a little wetter..." Luke just sort of let that trail off after he realized exactly what he'd said.

Thomas just grinned and watched the exchange between the three boys. Once they finished their banter, Thomas had one question for Luke. "So when is your first date?"

Luke blushed very red. "Friday," he admitted. "It isn't really a date; we're just going to hang out at the beach."

Tyler, Jayson and Thomas all shook their heads, but it was Jayson who spoke; "Dude, that is a date.

Ricky stood naked in Luke's bedroom and waited while Luke went to get him another towel to finish drying before he redressed, sans underwear. Luke was different to Ricky for a reason he couldn't even explain to himself. It hadn't bothered him stripping off, just for a moment in front of Luke to change when they went to his room. Luke seemed so comfortable in his nudity that it put Ricky at ease, he had not even bothered to put anything back on when they went to his room for Ricky to change.

Luke agreed to hold onto the wet briefs, launder and return them to him later since Ricky didn't really have any way to take the wet garment through his house and past his parents. He would have also had felt very awkward walking back to his house holding them in his hand, and still being wet he couldn't very well put them in his pocket. Of course it didn't occur to either of them for Luke to simply loan him a dry pair.

When Ricky got home, he said hello and good night to his parents all at the same time. He was still early for his curfew, so there was no need for a prolonged discussion explaining where he had been. He simply told them that he'd met some of the other neighborhood kids and been invited to a pool party. For now, he just told them that he was tired and would fill them in on the details in the morning. They had no cause to doubt him, so they just wished him a good night, noting that it was good he was already making friends in their new neighborhood.

Once in his room, Ricky closed the door behind him. He didn't bother to lock it, there was no reason for him to. His parents had always trusted him and respected his privacy. First he kicked off his shoes, then he lifted the t-shirt over his head. Finally, he opened the fly and dropped his shorts. Now completely naked, Ricky threw the covers back on his bed, turned and sat down. He placed both hands in his lap and began to rub himself, all the way from his 'love cave' as his last boyfriend had called it, up to the tip of his dick. His legs were still hanging off the bed, so he needed to get into a more comfortable position. He lifted his legs and swung around so that his head rested on the pillows and his feet were toward the end of the bed, but he kept his legs bent and slightly apart to allow easier access for his fingers as he stimulated himself.

Ricky massaged his anus with one hand and his stiffening dick with the other as he lay on his bed and thought about Luke. The cute blonde boy had been naked and about half hard at the pool most of the night, he had taken him upstairs to his bedroom to change – or at least to get out of the wet briefs he'd been wearing to swim and back into his street clothes so that he didn't have to strip completely in front of the entire group of neighborhood boys. Ricky appreciated the gesture. He considered that Luke hadn't bothered to put even a pair of briefs on when they went upstairs to his room. Luke was so comfortable being naked around other people that it made him question his own shyness about it somewhat.

Ricky began to breathe heavily as he thought about Luke's body, almost panting as he fingered and stroked himself. He was approaching his climax as he thought about things he would like to do to and with Luke. He lifted is left leg and moved his left hand underneath. He now inserted not just one, but two fingers into his cavity and began to stroke his cock more vigorously.

A short time later, Ricky fell asleep, still naked on top of his sheets, the cum was still wet on his chest and stomach when he dozed off.

Luke borrowed Thomas' car to take Ricky to the beach for what he claimed wasn't actually a date. They went to a secluded area on nearby Tybee Island that Luke knew about. He, Tyler, Jayson and a few of the other neighborhood boys would often come here to swim in the ocean and play on the beach. It was about a fifteen-minute walk to the spot on the beach from where Luke parked the car.

There was no one around, it was a very private stretch of beach. There was an outcropping of rocks on either side reaching out into the water that had to be climbed over or swam around to get to it unless you walked through some pretty dense woods. In all it was about 40 to 50 yards long and boasted about 30 feet of sand between the dense crop of trees and the ocean. The sand was very fine and pure white. Once they climbed over the rocks and were away from where anyone else could see them, Luke took a huge chance and took Ricky's hand in his. When he did, Ricky stopped walking and turned to face him.

At first Luke thought he'd made a huge mistake, but Ricky smiled and took Luke's other hand in his. The movement was mutual when they moved in for their first kiss. Initially it was a quick peck on the lips, then another and another. Finally, they released each other's hands to wrap their arms around each other and drew into a deeper, much more passionate kiss. Ricky was a few inches taller than Luke, so he had to bend slightly and Luke raised up a little on his toes so their mouths could meet properly. Ricky was the first to open his mouth for the kiss. Luke quickly followed suit. They finished the kiss and broke apart, both grinning widely at each other, then they picked up their towels that they had dropped when they took each other's hands and proceeded out to the center of the beach.

After spreading the towels out next to each other, overlapping a little, they both stripped off their t-shirts, shoes and socks. Both now wore only board shorts, the slightest hint of their underwear showing at the tops. They lay next to each other on the towels for a while, occasionally turning toward each other to kiss briefly and holding hands most of the time. They talked briefly. Ricky was curious about the house where Luke was living.

"So exactly what is your relationship with Thomas? He isn't your father is he?" Ricky asked.

"He's my guardian," Luke answered honestly. "My family's picture is next to 'dysfunctional' in the dictionary. My step-father was abusive and a drunk. Eventually he tried to molest me. Thomas took me in because I was a friend of Tyler and I needed help. He sued for custody and took me in. To tell you the truth, I probably owe my life to him."

"So have you and him been, like, well, fooling around?"

Luke hesitated for a moment before he answered. "I have to be honest I suppose… I tried to seduce him when I first moved in there because I thought that's what he would want, but he told me no. He said he was too old and I was too young. I should find someone my own age."

Ricky smiled and leaned over to kiss him again. "I guess you've done that now… What about Tyler? He lives there too and he's a little older than you are. Is there anything going on there?"

Luke sat up a little, propping himself up on his elbow, facing Ricky. "Nope, just friends. Tyler and Jayson are boyfriends. Thomas doesn't mess with any of the guys from around the neighborhood. He doesn't even stare at us like some old perv; he has a sort of boyfriend that comes and stays sometimes. He says it's 'friends with benefits' but I sort of think it's a really a little more than that. They've been seeing each other for a long time."

They lay back down for a little while. It had been about another 30 minutes when Ricky suggested they get in the water to cool off. "It's kind of hot laying here in the sun. Why don't we go in the water to cool off for a few minutes? It would probably feel pretty good."

"Well, there's just one thing," Luke answered. "You remember what happened the other night?"

"Yeah, we met at a pool party."

"And then?" Luke was trying to get Ricky to make his point for him.

"Well, we ate, played volleyball and Marco-Polo."

"And then?" Luke asked again.

"Um, to took me up to your room so I could change and get dressed to go home?" Ricky answered as more of a question than a statement.

"And why was that?" Luke pursued.

"Well, because my shorts were wet and I needed to get home."

"Actually is was because your underwear was wet and that would have been embarrassing to put you shorts back on over them and you said they were getting uncomfortable."

Ricky looked confused. "Okay, so your point is?"

Luke smiled, "Well, we'll have to take our shorts off before we go in the water. We can't ruin the seats in the car getting in with wet clothes when we go home."

"Doesn't that still leave us with the same problem?" Ricky asked.

"Not if we go in naked," Luke answered grinning even more than ever.

Ricky put on a concerned look. "I don't know about that. I'm not all that comfortable about just getting naked in public."

Luke stood up and started untying the drawstring on his boardies. "This isn't exactly public. There's no one else around, if you hadn't noticed. Besides, we've already seen each other naked."

"That was in your bedroom, at least when I got naked," Ricky answered. "What if someone else comes?"

Luke was kicking off his boardies now. "Who's going to come? There's only a few people who even know about this place, and they won't be here today. I made sure we'd have it to ourselves, so don't worry." Then he threw in a kicker, "Besides, if you didn't notice the other night at the pool, once your whitey-tighties got get, everyone could just about see right through them." Ricky hadn't noticed that, and his face reddened with embarrassment now that Luke had pointed it out to him. He took a moment to consider what Luke had just said.

After a moment of thought, Ricky stood and started loosening the drawstrings on his boardies. He was moving slowly and reluctantly as if he still wasn't quite sure. He also kept looking around to make sure that they were actually still by themselves on the seemingly private little beach.

When Ricky looked back to Luke after carefully surveying the beach and the woods, he stood with his arms raised, fingers interlocked behind his head. His bright, white boxers resting on the sand around his ankles. "See anything you like?" Luke asked.

Jayson woke up late that morning. He'd been spending the week with Tyler and was due to go home the following morning. Tyler was still sitting in the kitchen sipping on a cup of tea when Jayson came down. "Want some breakfast?" Tyler asked.

"Nah, it's lunchtime almost anyway, so I'll just wait. So what are we going to do today? Want to hit the beach?" There was a slight twinkle in his eye when Jayson asked about going to the beach.

Tyler punched Jayson playfully on the arm. "You know better than that. Luke is down there having his first date with Ricky. We need to leave them alone. Ricky seemed a little shy to me."

"Okay, okay…" Jayson conceded. "Do you really think it's a first date though? Ricky seemed a little on the straight side. I wouldn't be so sure how this will work out as a 'date', you know? I'm just thinking that maybe we should sort of check on them to be sure our Luke doesn't get hurt, emotionally or physically."

Tyler wasn't convinced. "I think they were getting along pretty well together. And yeah, Ricky is a little shy I think, but they did go up to Luke's bedroom for Ricky to change. I understand what you mean, but I think that we should respect their privacy. Besides, I'm pretty sure Luke will be able to take care of himself. We should just leave them alone."

Jayson considered that for a moment. "Maybe you're right. I'll keep my prurient curiosity to myself. I suppose we should just trust that Luke won't get himself into trouble. Besides, that just means I can spend the day here with you, and we can be naughty together." And with that, Jayson leaned over to give Tyler a kiss.

After dating for a few weeks, Ricky and Luke became quite close, enough so that it was obvious to everyone who knew them that they were fast becoming boyfriends. Ricky had even become a regular fixture at Thomas' house. He had managed to get past his shyness with a little coaxing from Luke and started going to the pool naked, but only when it was just Luke, Tyler, Jayson and sometimes Thomas with him at the pool. If any of the other neighborhood boys were there, Ricky would keep a pair of shorts or his underwear on.

Ricky was wearing a jock strap that was off-white cotton with a striped blue trim under his shorts and underwear when he arrived at the house that morning. That was what he intended to wear to the pool if there was anyone else coming over. After Luke let Ricky in through the front door, they went to Luke's bedroom first so Ricky could shed his clothes before going to the pool.

When Ricky got down to the jock strap, which was actually about 2 sizes too small for him, Luke let out a wolf-whistle. "Wow, sweet!" Luke exclaimed. "That's pretty hot. Where did you get that?"

"My grandmother got them for me for Christmas," Ricky replied.

Luke grabbed him and pulled him down onto the bed. "You are such a liar!" he said. "There is no way your grandma bought that for you!"

"Two words: Gift Card," was Ricky's reply, followed by "I'm just glad she hasn't asked me to show her what I bought." Both boys got a good laugh at that. They lay on the bed holding each other and kissing for a while before deciding it was time to go to the pool. "You're sure no one else is coming over?" Ricky asked.

"I can't make any promises, but no one is expected," Luke answered. "Tyler is out somewhere and Jayson is back at his grandma's house. Thomas is off doing something today, I have no idea what, so as far as I know, it's just you, me and Shakespeare until they get back."

"In that case, I guess I don't need to worry about getting this all wet with pool water," Ricky observed as he pushed the jockstrap down and stepped out of it, leaving it on the floor. Luke slipped out of the shorts he was wearing as well, and they headed to the pool.

Thomas was finishing a negotiation for a business deal... "Okay, we've agreed on the price, now about the delivery. I want it brought precisely at 4 pm on Saturday. Will that be a problem?"

"Absolutely not, sir. We certainly aim to please, especially for cash customers."

"That's good. Now, when the driver is about 5 minutes out, I want him to call this number." Thomas handed the salesman a business card. "I'll meet him out front, under no circumstances is he to ring the doorbell, understood?"

"Oh yes sir, no ringing the doorbell, just call and meet you out front."

"That will be fine then," Thomas said. He accepted a small package from the salesman, handed him a check and left. He still had a few things to take care of before returning home.

Tyler spent his morning running errands for Thomas. Thomas had given him a very specific list of tasks. His primary task was arranging a caterer and selecting an appropriate menu for an event the following Saturday. He visited a few places to see what they had to offer and their availability for the date Thomas wanted. He finally made his decision and went back to the restaurant he had chosen for the catering job to make the arrangements.

He was on his way back to his car when he got a cryptic text message from Jayson. 'Trouble with Gram, TTYL.'

Tyler did not like the feeling that message left him with. He sent a reply asking what was wrong and hoped that he would get a reply soon.

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