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Beyond Salvation

by Mark Peters

Chapter 18

'We moved to this town during the Christmas holidays when I was thirteen,' Zack told me. 'That was at the start of last year, not even two years ago. Mum enrolled me at this school because I went to a Catholic school in my old town, even though I'm not Catholic. I think it was also partly because it was the closest high school to where we were living.'

'So how old are you now?' I asked. 'Fifteen, I guess?'

'Yeah. The same age that Timmy Baker was when I first had the misfortune of bumping into him. That morning before school started, I'd been given my timetable, along with a map of the school to show me where everything was. After I left the admin building, I needed to go to the toilet real bad, so I found where it was on the map and went to find it, which was easy enough. I was nervous as hell, but thankfully the place was empty, so I went into a cubicle to do my business, making sure I locked the door.'

He stopped then and took a deep breath, then looked out over the playing fields for a few moments. I didn't want to push him, so I just let him gather his thoughts, knowing he would come back to me when he was ready. After a minute or so he continued.

'Sorry, I guess I spaced out there for a bit. I can't tell you how many times I've relived that day in my head. Anyway, the next thing I know I hear the sound of some kids coming into the toilets. I could tell there was more than one, they were laughing and swearing and carrying on, saying crude stuff about cocks and fucking and stuff.

'I just froze. I didn't want to let them know I was there, but I guess it was a bit hard to miss that there was one closed door in the place. They seemed to go quiet, but I could hear some whispering and some giggles, then I heard people go into the two cubicles on either side of me. I could also see their shadows under the walls.'

'Fuck,' I said quietly.

Zack looked at me and gave me a sad, tired kind of smile.

'For some reason just at that moment I decided to use the toilet paper I was holding in my hands. It was the same moment as Timmy Baker looked over the top of the divider wall. I didn't know who he was, but I would soon find out. I heard him laughing right above me and looked up to see him right there. Then his mates stuck their heads over the other wall and started laughing as well.'

'Thommo and Macca?'

'Yeah. I made sure I found out all their names after this happened,' Zack replied. 'Then Timmy said, "Fuck, he's wiped his arse," and they all laughed, before one of the others said, "Look at the little cunt, I bet he's got a tiny cock?" Then they started taunting me, wanting me to show it to them, but I couldn't do that, because for some reason I was suddenly hard, like they'd scared me stiff! And how the fuck would I be able to explain that?'

I had to give a little chuckle at that comment, as I can recall having a similar reaction at times during my early exploring. When Zack glanced at me, I said, 'Sorry, I know exactly what that's like.'

He gave me a little smile and nodded.

'So what happened next?' I asked.

'I was sitting there trying to hold my legs together and keep myself covered over, just hoping they would go away, or that someone would come in. That's when Timmy said he was going to see what I was hiding. He fucking climbed over the wall, which as you know in that toilet block aren't really very high, then he landed in the cubicle with me, standing right in front of me!'

'Oh, shit!'

'He grabbed me by my shirt collar and pulled me to my feet. I tried to keep myself covered up, but he pulled my arm away and grabbed my junk, then told Thommo he was right, it was a tiny little cock. Before I knew what was happening, I was turned around and a hand pushed my head down, then I felt his other hand on my arse.'

'You're absolutely sure it was Timmy?'

'Fuck yeah. I made sure I knew who they were, because one day I was going to make sure they got exactly what they deserved!'

'So did he, ummm '

'Did he get to fuck me? No. I don't think he even got his pants down, but I did feel something hard poking at me. But he was feeling me up though - his finger was almost there - but that's when we heard someone coming. I was crying, I can remember that. Next thing I know they are all gone, I heard doors slam against the wall and then the sound of them running away, laughing. Someone was yelling at them, then someone came to the cubicle door. I had my back to them, I didn't know if it was one of them coming back, or someone else, or if they were going to have a go as well

'Another boy, said, "Hey, kid, are you okay?", but I was too busy crying and shaking. Then he said, "I'm going to pull the door shut. You just pull up your pants and make yourself decent, then come out when you are ready.", Somehow, I managed to do that, then I put the lid of the toilet down and just sat there for a minute or two. Eventually I flushed the toilet and opened the door to see this gangly looking kid with curly, black hair waiting there and looking really worried.'


'Yeah. My hero,' he said, as he turned his head and looked across to where Alex and Dallas and the others were all sitting and talking. I followed his gaze and felt a strange moment of calmness as I took in the sight of my friends all sitting there, talking and laughing. When I glanced back at Zack he was still looking at them, but I could see he was emotional, with his eyes beginning to water and his bottom lip just giving the slightest of quivers.

Reaching out I placed a hand on his shoulder. 'We've got your back, mate. Thank you for telling me what happened. I want to try and make sure that Timmy Baker can't turn anybody else's life into one of misery. I want to heap a little of that back on him, even though I don't know exactly how we're going to do that just yet, but we'll work something out, if you'll let me share your story with people who I know will care.'

'I really hope you can do that,' he replied. 'And yeah, if it helps, then that's okay - just, please don't go telling everybody though.'

'Not a chance. So, what happened after that? Has he hassled you at all?'

'The rest of that day I just hid out whenever possible, trying to avoid people as best I could, though I still did go to class. At least he wasn't in my year, so I didn't see him again. Next day I chucked a sickie, somehow convincing my mum that I wasn't well enough to go to school. I stayed at home, and I was feeling better for it. My act didn't work the day after that though, and I had to go to school.

'As for him hassling me, not really. He knows that Alex knows what happened, and he also knows that if there's any repeat of anything similar happening then there would be repercussions, so for the most part he steers clear of us.'

'And you and Alex?'

'Like I said, he's my hero. He was always looking out for me, even though I'm a couple of years younger. We became friends, and then we became more than friends. It's difficult to explain how, it just happened.'

'But that's not a bad thing, right?'

He wiped his eyes with the back of his hand, then grinned at me.

'Fuck no. It's actually the best thing that's ever happened to me. And now we've become friends with you and Dallas, it's like, I don't know, there's this whole new life that's opening up for us. Now we both know that there are others out there just like us, who have had the same sort of issues. If we don't want to, we don't have to hide any more. Does that make sense?'

'Yeah, mate. It makes perfect sense. That's how we feel too.'

I didn't see Dallas for the remainder of the afternoon, as we were in different classes, but we had arranged to meet on the steps outside our building as soon as the last class for the day was over, with plans to go back to his place afterwards. I hadn't had a chance to fill him in on what Zack had told me, so that was what I planned to do that afternoon when we got back to his place.

When I exited the building and reached the top of the stairs, however, I suddenly stopped short. Dallas was there alright, sitting on the steps just as we had arranged, but standing in front of him were three of the players from the senior rugby side, all built like the proverbial brick outhouse, even putting Dallas to shame in size.

When I stopped at the top of the stairs one of them, Kai White, looked up and saw me there, then quickly said something to Dallas, who turned and smiled, then waved for me to come join them.

Somewhat nervously and cautiously I walked down the steps, just wondering what I was getting myself into.

'Hey, JJ' Kai said to me. He was a New Zealander, of Maori descent, with dark skin, curly, jet-black hair, and arms as thick as my legs. The other two were Henry Bennett, an Aboriginal boy, and Dane Beaton, who was just a regular-looking Caucasian boy with pale skin and mousey-brown hair. All three were similar in size and played in the forward pack in the rugby team that Dallas captained.

'Hey guys. What's up?' I cautiously asked, as I joined them.

'You don't have to look so worried, bro,' Henry said. 'We're just hangin' with our main man here.'

I glanced at Dallas, who grinned back at me.

'So, you're not here to beat the crap out of me and tell me to stay the fuck away from your main man?'

'Fuck no!' Henry replied.

Turning to Dallas I said, 'You want to tell me what's going on here?'

'Joel, you've got nothing to worry about from any of us,' Dane said. Did he say Joel? Nobody calls me Joel! 'We wanted to talk to Dallas because, well, we know this shit with Tim Baker is just that, total shit! And seeing as the Big D is now your main man as well, we figured we needed to tell you that it don't make no difference to us if you two are hooking up.'

'Say what?'

'You heard him,' Kai said. 'It might have taken us a bit to get used to the idea that our captain is a big old homo,' he said, while reaching out and thumping Dallas in the shoulder. 'But hey, it's his life, and yours, I guess. We're just as pissed as you guys about what Timmy is trying to do, turn everybody against you, spread rumours and all that.'

'We wanted Dal to know, actually, both of you to know,' Dane added, 'that we're behind our brother, and even though Timmy is also on our team, we're not going to put up with anybody trying to turn us against each other. We don't know what the root of his problem is, but we're going to keep him in line. If Baker puts a foot wrong, then he's going to have us to answer to.'

'And what about the rest of the team?' I asked.

'They're coming around,' answered Kai, with a smile that spoke volumes. I suspected they wouldn't have a choice in the matter.

Turning back to Dallas, I saw him stretch out his hand towards me, so I took hold of him and pulled him to his feet. As we stood there, still hand in hand, Dallas bumped fists with his brothers.

'You guys are the best,' he said to them. 'I can't tell you how much this means to me, to us, actually.'

'We get it, Dal. Some of us have family just like you and we've seen all this before. Ain't no way we're going to let it slide when it's one of our own who is being targeted,' Dane said. Then to me he added, 'And you're one of our own now too, you hear me?'

'Thanks, man. I'm not sure how well a dweeb like me fits in with you guys, but I appreciate that.'

'Don't sell yourself short, man,' Henry said to me. 'We all know what you did for D out there in the mountains. That shit takes balls of steel. You got our respect, man!'

After that they said they had places to be and so we said our farewells, then watched them head for the car park. Pete and Merry seemed to materialise out of nowhere just after they had gone, so I figured they had been watching proceedings from a safe distance.

'What was all that?' Merry demanded to know as she sidled up beside me.

'That's just the boys lookin' out for their main man,' I said to her. 'They're sick of this shit Timmy is spouting and just wanted to make it known that they had his back.'

'And yours too, don't forget,' Dallas added.


'They're good guys,' Dallas said. 'We can trust them, especially now that we know they're on our side.'

'Fucking amazing,' Pete exclaimed.

'Yeah, that's kind of what I reckoned too,' I said with a laugh.

We said goodbye to them in the carpark and shortly afterwards we were driving out the front gates and heading for Dallas' house.

'I didn't get a chance to ask you about Zack,' he said to me as we climbed the hill towards where they lived. 'Did he tell you anything useful?'

'Yeah, he did,' I replied. 'There was an incident in the toilets the first day he started at this school.'

'With Timmy?'

'Yeah, along with his two goons,' I replied, as we continued to drive. I filled Dallas in with as much detail as I could remember, right up to when Alex had arrived on the scene.

'So, Alex is the hero and now they've fallen for each other ' Dallas said, giving me a smile as he did so. 'Must be something in the water around here.'

'What?' I asked, but then I got what he meant and could only laugh.

'I hope you brought your superhero cape with you today?'

'Why's that?'

'Oh, you'll see,' he replied, just as I pulled into their driveway. 'Let's grab a drink first, then I'll show you.'

I followed him inside and he pulled some bottles of flavoured mineral water from the fridge, handing me one, then we headed for his room. I was growing more and more comfortable in this room each time I came here, now that his father was out of the picture, for now at least, and so I sat on the edge of the bed. Dallas sat beside me and draped a hand over my thigh, gently rubbing his fingers on the inside of my leg, almost massaging me.

We stayed like that for a few minutes, continuing to sip our drinks, but not saying anything. It didn't take long before the reaction I had been expecting actually took place and soon I could feel my cock straining at the grey fabric of my school pants.

'You know what's going to happen if you keep that up,' I said to him.

'I'm hoping I do,' he answered, before leaning across and kissing me on the lips, then reaching up and cupping my cheek in the palm of his hand and kissing me some more.

I took our drinks and reached out to set them down on his bedside table, then I leaned back on his bed, pulling him on top of me as went. He came willingly and soon he was grinding his mouth against mine, sucking the breath from my lungs, while with one hand he fumbled with my belt and the top button of my pants, then pulled down the zipper and shoved his hand inside my underwear.

I fumbled with the buttons of his shirt as we continued to kiss, then awkwardly pushed his shirt from his shoulders, exposing his smooth, tanned skin.

'What do you want me to do?' he mumbled when our lips parted briefly.

'How do you feel about sucking me, then fucking me?' I whispered.

'All in one afternoon?' he said with a smirk.

'You wanted to learn it all, so why not? We have the time, don't we? Let's get naked and sixty-nine for starters,' I said, while shimmying backwards on his bed and turning around so that I could get myself into a position where we could go down on each other. At the same time we both scrambled to remove our remaining clothes, then once that was done, we resumed our activities.

We had made it this far before, but this time we weren't to be interrupted. We licked and slurped and sucked to our hearts content, our moans filling the room until finally our teenage libidos satisfied us with our creamy reward, filling each other's mouths with that sweetest of teen nectar that we had been seeking.

Once we had caught our breath, I moved around on the bed so I was lying beside him and cuddled in close, throwing an arm over his barrel of a chest and resting my head on his shoulder.

'So, how was that, lover boy?' I asked.

'Fucking amazing,' Dallas whispered, still breathless, before kissing me on the top of my head. 'I never knew that it could feel so good.'

'It gets even better, I promise you.'

We lay there like that for a little while, just catching our breath and holding each other, not wanting to do anything more for the time being. After a few minutes Dallas said he needed to ask me something.

'Sure. Anything,' I replied.

'I don't want you to take this the wrong way, or anything '

Immediately I was on edge and propped myself up on an elbow so that I could look at him.

'I said you could ask anything,' I replied. 'We need to be able to be completely honest with each other moving forward.'

'Yeah, we do, so, ummm, I know you have a lot more experience at this than I do, and have probably been with heaps of other guys, so, ummm, have you been tested? You know, just to be sure you're '

'To make sure I'm clean, you mean?'

'Errr, yeah. I'm sorry, but I had to ask '

'It's fine. And it's a perfectly reasonable question. As for an answer, yes, I've been tested, and not just once, but a number of times. I've also always tried to be, errr, careful. I guess you can't be too careful who you sleep with these days.'

'So, what then? You're all good?'

'Clean as a whistle, babe, according to the health clinic at the hospital.'

'Oh, that's good then. Sorry, I guess I just needed to ' he started to say, but I put a finger up to his lips to stop him.

'It's okay,' I said. 'You don't have to say sorry. I understand totally.'

'God, I love you,' he said softly.

'Wait? What? You love me?'

'Haven't I told you that before this? If I haven't, then I'm sorry. I love you Joel Jackson. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me and I don't want to let you go.'

'And I love you too, Big D,' I replied, before reaching up and kissing him. 'It may have taken us a few years to get our shit together, but I'm so glad we've been able to do so. And I love having you as my main man.'

'So, you ready for round two yet?'

'More to the point, are you?' I replied.

To answer that he took my hand and moved it down to his groin, placing it over his steel-hard cock, which already seemed to be drooling at the prospect of getting back to work.

'Yeah, I think you're ready,' I said.

'Do you want me to use a rubber? I used one when I fucked Trish Evans that time, and she's the only one I've ever '

'That's up to you, babe. Whatever you feel comfortable with is fine by me.'

'I think I'd like it raw '

'Just stop talking about it then, get some lube and just fuck me!'

'Oh, I love it when you talk dirty like that,' he said with a laugh.

Reaching over to his bedside table he pulled out a drawer and retrieved a tube of lube then flipped open the lid.

'What do I need to do for you?' he asked. 'And how do we do this, you on your hands and knees or something? I haven't exactly done THIS before.'

I had to stifle a giggle at that. 'Yeah, I'll do that. You get some lube on your fingers and start working them into me slowly, okay? Then get on your knees on the bed behind me.'

As I got into position, I saw him squeeze a generous glob out onto his fingers, then he positioned himself behind me, placing one hand on my back to steady himself, before tentatively reaching out and touching my crack.

The lube felt cold, as it always does, but as he started working his fingers along my crack, brushing them over my rosebud, which was quivering with excitement, things quickly started to warm up. I sucked in a breath when I first felt a finger gently enter me.

'Are you alright?' he quickly asked.

'Yeah, I'm fine. Just work it around a little, and in and out. I need to loosen up a bit before you shove that baseball bat in there!'

He laughed out loud at that.

'If only!'

As his fingers worked their magic, I could feel myself relaxing. It had been a while since I'd done this, so I knew that I needed to take it slow, at least initially.

'Now try two fingers,' I said to him, and when he did as I asked that elicited a deep moan from within me.

'Somebody likes that,' he said, while giggling.

'Just keep it going, babe. And add some more lube when you go for three.'

'Fuck, you're way tighter than Trish Evans,' he said, while still laughing.

'Of course I am. I haven't been fucked anywhere near as often as she has!' I replied, while looking back over my shoulder at him and grinning. As our eyes locked, I saw him hold up the tube of lube and flip open the lid once more, then pulling his fingers from me he squeezed some more over them.

'And over Little D as well,' I ordered, which he quickly complied with. Moments later I felt one finger, then two fingers, then three fingers enter me. I arched my back as the fullness of it all overcame me, but soon afterwards I found myself pushing back on him, wanting more and more.

'I think you might be ready,' he giggled.

'Yeah, babe. Let's do it,' I answered, before he pulled his fingers from me.

I turned and watched him as, with one hand on my hips and the other holding his magnificent rod, he pushed forward until I could feel him knocking at the entrance. The head of his cock felt so large against my hole.

'I don't want to hurt you,' he almost whispered.

'You won't. Just take it steady.'


Both hands were on my hips now, as he started to apply some pressure. I felt my hole stretching to accommodate his intrusion, resisting at first, but he rocked back and forth a little, trying to go just a little deeper each time, before all of a sudden I opened up, all resistance giving way and allowing him in.

'Oh, fuck!' I hissed. 'Just hold it there for a second.'

'God, I'm sorry, what did I do '

'Nothing, babe. I just, need, a minute to get used to you. That's the biggest cock that's ever been in there.'

For a minute or so he just held me there, though I don't think he realised that he has just moving slightly, rocking from side to side, and that actually helped. I think he was quietly giggling to himself about my comment on his size.

'Okay, a bit more '

He pushed and this time he slid in a little further, and more easily.

'And again,' I urged, so he pushed again.

'Fuck, you're so tight. I've never felt anything like that!'

'Back off a bit, then push in again, try and get a rhythm happening ' I urged.

He did as requested and it wasn't long before he was moving in and out with ease, and giving me the best fuck I've ever experienced. As he built up speed the moans and groans that were coming from both of us were echoing around his bedroom. This was intense. Our bodies were both dripping with sweat, and it wasn't long before I could feel that familiar tingling starting to build deep within me.

'Holy shit!' I exclaimed.

'What's, gnhhh, grrr, wrong?'

'I'm, going, to, cummmmm!' I almost screamed, as my second load for the day suddenly shot from the end of my cock, splattering over Dallas' bedspread beneath me. Fuck, I don't think I have ever blown hands free before!

I felt my arse clench as I did so, and that must have been all that Dallas needed, as he also yelled and I felt his cock throb, once, twice, three times at least, as he filled me, before he collapsed onto my back, with me then collapsing beneath him.

We both lay there for a few minutes, with his cock still impaled in me, until eventually I felt his body start to shake, and then he started giggling like a kid.

'My God! That was incredible. Why didn't you tell me earlier you were such a good fuck?' he said, between fits of giggles.

'I think I tried,' I replied honestly. 'Maybe I was just way too subtle.'

'Obviously!' he said before rolling off me. His cock popped from my arse with a loud sound, and I could feel his cum starting to run out of me. When he leaned in for a closer look it set him off giggling again.

'You having fun back there?' I asked.

'I've never had so much fun in my life,' he answered, as I felt his fingers gently probing the gaping hole he had just created.

'I think maybe we need to shower now, and you might need to change bedspreads '

'Okay then, and after that I have something I want to show you.'

Half an hour later we were showered and changed, with Dallas throwing me a pair of shorts and a singlet after we had dried off.

'What's this for?' I asked.

'You'll see.'

He told me not to pull any underwear on, which had me a little confused, but I quickly realised that going commando while wearing satin shorts gave a new meaning to feeling good. As we walked back through the house to the kitchen, I swear I could feel myself chubbing up once more.

After grabbing a drink he said we needed to go out to the garage and so I followed him once more, but I still had no idea what we were doing when walked into the dark space.

'What are we' I started to say, just as Dallas flicked on the light switch, illuminating the area. I looked around and could see shelves and benches in one part of the garage, but then I spotted something shiny in the back corner and stepped towards it.

It was a full weights set. And right beside it was one of those was one of those elliptical training machines. Then a complete home gym set.

I walked between the machines, running my hand over each of them as I went.

'So this is the secret to those bulging muscles of yours?' I said to him.

'Yeah. I haven't been in here since before our trip away and the accident, but it won't be long now and I'll be able to get back into it.'

'So, why did I need to see this?'

'Because I thought, maybe, we might be able to work out together? That's if you want to, of course.'

I looked at him with my eyebrows raised.

'You don't have to, but I do spend a bit of time on these and I thought it might be something we could do together. I know you're not a total dweeb, and I love you and your body, but a little exercise could just tone up those sexy limbs of yours,' he said, while walking up behind me and gently running his fingers up and down both my arms.

'Is that right?' I croaked.

'Maybe add a bit more definition to your chest,' he added, while letting his hands slip inside the singlet and caress my nipples, before letting one hand slip down over my navel and saying, 'And sharpen up that six-pack.'

'I love your muscles,' I whispered, 'but I don't want to be a gym-junkie.'

'Is that what you think I am?'

'What? No, I didn't mean it like that, I know with all your sport and stuff it's only natural that you need to build up, it's just I'm not '

'Ssshhh, it's okay. I'm not suggesting you would want to do that. All I'm saying as that with a little muscle toning you would look even sexier than I think you look now, and besides, having you here keeping me company, looking all sexy and sweaty from working out with me will just make me even hornier, and then '

'Ahhh, now I get it,' I said with a laugh. 'It's all about the sex?'

'Of course,' he replied. 'And looking hot, so I can show you off to everyone.'

'Awww, so thoughtful!'

'Yep. That's me, babe. So what do you think, want me to help you get started?'

I must have looked sceptical, but when he smiled at me I think any resolve I may have had soon evaporated.

'You don't have to do much to start with, we can just use these small dumb-bells, then maybe a few minutes on the elliptical. Then gradually build up the weights and the time you spend with them. And once I'm out of this fucking plaster cast and my ribs are a bit better healed, I'll join you. I'm feeling like I'm losing some of my tone from all of this inactivity.'

I cocked my head sideways for a moment and looked at him.

'From where?' was all I said. He just grinned and walked over to a rack of weights that was against the wall, then picked up one of the smaller ones. I could see it had 1kg marked on it.

He handed it to me and it felt like nothing in my hand really.

'I'm pretty sure I can lift this one,' I said to him.

'Yeah, but can you lift it one hundred or two hundred times in a row. Lifting it up, holding it, then moving your arm out to the side and continuing to hold it, then repeat, over and over again? That's where the tone and definition comes from. You don't have to lift big weights or run long distances, you just have to be consistent, do it repetitively. That's what will make all the difference.'

Going back to the rack he pulled off another weight the same size and handed that to me.

'Try holding one in each hand, straight out in front of you.'

I did as he asked, and without any problems.

'Now what?'

'Just hold them there in that position for me for two minutes,' he said, while pointing at a clock on the wall beside us. 'At the end of the two minutes I can almost guarantee you that you'll be thinking they are twice as heavy as they really are.'

As I stood there holding these dumb-bells out in front of me we both watched the clock on the wall. The seconds ticked by, and for the first minute I felt nothing, other than the feeling that I was somehow the butt of one of Dallas' jokes, but then things started to change, with my arms gradually starting to feel heavy, the weights seemingly growing heavier.

Something must have shown in my expression, because at one minute forty-five Dallas said, 'You can feel that, can't you?'

I gave him a slight nod.

When the two minutes were up I let my arms drop and he took the weights from me, before then placing them back on the rack.

'I just wanted to show you what I meant. Starting off slow and gradually building up the weights and the amount of time you handle them, that will help with tone and stamina. It won't turn you into a body builder, but you will be fitter and look better for it. And besides, we'll be spending worthwhile time together and our folks won't think that all we're doing is fucking like rabbits, although we can still do plenty of that while we're cleaning up afterwards, if that's what you want.'

'Hmmm, I'll have to think about that part of the deal,' I replied, just as he came back to me and stood directly in front of me, our faces barely centimetres apart.

'You know you want to,' he whispered.

'Yeah, I guess I do,' I replied, before leaning in and kissing him.

It was just at that moment we heard the sound of footsteps approaching and we turned towards the door to find Dallas' mother standing there.

'I hope I'm not interrupting anything,' she said, her grin giving away the thoughts she obviously had in her head at the sight of us.

'You're not,' Dallas replied. 'We were just finishing up. JJ just got his first lesson with some weights.'

'Is that so? I didn't know you were the sporty type, JJ., I hope he's not trying to turn you into something you're not. I think you're cute enough just as you are.'

'MUM!' Dallas scolded her.

'Thanks, Mrs P. he seems to think I'll get some benefit from it, and besides, we'll be spending time together, so I guess it's a win-win for both of us.'

'If you say so, JJ. Just don't let him push you around, okay?'

'I won't. Thank you.'

With a nod she turned and left us, leaving us grinning at each other until she was out of earshot, then we both burst out laughing.

'You hear that? You're not allowed to push me around. You got that?' I said to Dallas.

'What about pulling you?' he replied, as he reached for the bulge in my shorts and gave my cock a play, gently pulling it and rubbing it through the fabric.

'I guess what your mother doesn't know about, she can't worry about,' I replied.

'Even if she did know about it, I somehow doubt it would worry her.'

We locked up the garage after that and went back into the house, where we had another drink and I gathered up my clothes from Dallas' bedroom.

'It's starting to get late, so I'd best get home before dark. I don't want the oldies sending out a search party or anything. Only a few more weeks of this and then we can do whatever we want over Christmas holidays.'

'You got any suggestions about that?'

'Let's just play it by ear, eh?'

'Works for me,' Dallas said, before wrapping his arms around me for a hug.

'I think I'm missing you already,' I said with a chuckle.

'That's good then.'

Nothing was said by my parents when I arrived home, so I guess they were happy I hadn't pushed the boundaries with our new arrangement. I fully intended doing what they asked, as they had been very tolerant for so long, and it was only fair, now that circumstances had changed, that I fall into line, especially with Dallas now in the picture. I also had to think of him, and our continuing to be able to be together.

Of course, if I did start pushing the boundaries again there probably wouldn't be much that my folks could, or would do, but that wouldn't be fair to them, and right now, I owed them so much.

They were curious, and perhaps a little bit amused, when I told them over dinner that Dallas had shown me his gym set-up and that he wanted me to start working out with him. They even laughed when I said that Mrs P had told me I was cute enough just as I was, but thought that it would be a practical way for us to be able to spend time together.

'We'll be very interested to see your progression,' my father said, but the amused expression on his face told me all I needed to know about the doubts he was harbouring.

After dinner I turned on my computer and checked my emails, not really expecting there to be much in my Inbox, but was surprised to see quite a few, most of which were replies to one which had a subject line of, "You're invited!"

Curious, I went down the list until I found the original email, which proved to be from one of the girls on the leadership group for our year. I quickly read through the message, the gist of which was that there was going to be an end-of-year party this coming Saturday night at the property of the captain of our year. It was to be just out of town. Barbeque and bonfire. Strictly no alcohol – right, as if that was going to happen! Everyone invited. Bring your girlfriends or boyfriends or whatever. Music provided. A fun night guaranteed for all.

It sounded almost too good to be true, so I figured it probably was. But still

I quickly scrolled through all the other emails, which were basically just replies saying, 'Count me in!', 'Great idea!', 'See you there!'

It already looked like almost everyone in our year was going to be there, but thinking back over the past few years it would have been the last thing I would have wanted to attend. But his year? This year things were different. Very different.

I wondered what the others would think about it, so I started up our favourite chat program to see if my friends were online. Within seconds I was bombarded with messages from Dallas, Merry, Pete, and even Alex.


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