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A Boy's First Kiss

by Mark Peters

I guess I was about twelve years old when my thoughts began to turn sexual. It was about the same time as when I learned about jacking off and started to masturbate with regularity, enjoying the feelings that would course through my body as the pressure started to build, until my little, hairless penis would finally erupt, spewing forth a dribble of milky fluid.

Before that I could remember talking dirty with my friends, sometimes giggling over images in an illicit magazine that one of them had swiped from an older brother, or even occasionally spying on some of the older boys and their girlfriends when they would sneak away into the woods. Of course, we had no real idea what was happening, other than the fact that it was something we weren't supposed to be seeing, but we would find out soon enough.

At that tender age the object of my desires was a neighbourhood girl by the name of Rose Campbell. She was in the year above me at school and didn't even know that I existed, but I definitely knew of her. She had curly blonde hair and often wore a woollen pullover, which beautifully highlighted her budding womanhood. Those mounds of perfection had begun to grow recently, and I was fixated, often popping a stiffy at the thought of burying my face between them. Where that thought even came from, I had no idea, but that was what I wanted to do. Maybe it was from a photo I saw in one of the magazines my best friend Robbie Carter showed us?

I wanted so badly to kiss Rose Campbell, like those older boys would do to their girlfriends when we spied on them as they would sneak off into the woods. I imagined my lips touching hers. Her tongue invading my mouth. My hand reaching up under her pullover and squeezing those luscious mounds. Her hand reaching down into my pants and squeezing my three-inch boner.

This was my first big dream. Even bigger than wanting to win our soccer Grand Final … which never happened by the way. This would be this boy's first kiss. And I wanted it to be perfect.

Heavenly thoughts. Such are the dreams of a pre-teen boy on the cusp of discovering the wonders of sex.

But of course I never even got close to the object of my desires. I eventually realised that my dreams were just that - dreams - and unlikely to ever come to fruition. So much for having my first kiss all planned out.

I had never shared this desire with any of my friends. The last thing I wanted was for them to pay me out over what was unattainable. I kept it all to myself, until one fateful day when I was hanging out with Robbie in our favourite hideaway in the woods.

He had produced a new magazine, courtesy of his older brother, Andy. One of the first images we settled on was a big-breasted, naked woman with curly blonde hair locked in a passionate kiss with a naked man, whose features weren't that different from mine. Except his cock was bigger. Way, way bigger. And I was so jealous.

I was instantly hard, and judging by the way Robbie was squirming and trying to cover his crotch, so was he. There was nothing wrong with that, but for some reason I couldn't quite understand that thought made my heart race and my dick throb.

We kept looking at the photo and it was clear that it was having an effect on both of us, as we adjusted our hard dicks.

'You ever kissed anyone?' he asked.

'Like that? Nah.'

'That could nearly be you and Rose Campbell, don't ya think?'


'I'm just saying they look a bit like you two … you know, in a few years maybe.'

'I wish,' I said with a nervous laugh.

Robbie looked at me sideways, studying me carefully.

'You fancy Rose, don't you? You want to kiss her, maybe feel her tits, maybe do other stuff too?'

'What?' I squeaked.

'Matt, you're my best friend. I know how you think. You want her!'

I couldn't answer that, not without giving up my secret fantasy.

'It's cool, really,' he continued. 'But you won't ever get that lucky, though.'

'What? How do you know that?' I asked.

'She's going out with someone older. I've seen them downtown holding hands.'

'Fuck!' I exclaimed.

'Ha! So I was right?'

Dammit! It looked like I was busted.

'Go on. Spill,' he commanded.

I simply shook my head, but he just jumped on me, tickling me, and pushing me back on the ground as he lay on top of me, pinning my arms above my head. I could feel our little dicks rubbing against each other, I could feel his heart beating against mine. Could feel his hot breath on my face. Something between seemed to shift. I don't know what, or how, but things had suddenly changed. And it was exciting.

He rolled off me and sat up, allowing me to do the same. Our shoulders were rubbing together, and he bumped against me a few times.

After a few moments I finally relented.

'I had it all planned,' I said to him. 'She was gonna be my first kiss. I was gonna feel her tits. Then she was gonna put her hands down my pants and tug on my stiffie.'

'Hmmm … nice,' Robbie replied.

'You don't think I'm weird?'

'Nah. My brother said I'd be having all these weird and sexy dreams, and hoping they'd happen in real life.'

'And do you have them?'

'Fuck yeah!'

'Like what? Come on, I told you mine, so you tell me yours.'

He suddenly looked down and his face went red.

'I promise I won't rag you out over it, whatever it is.'

'You promise?'

'Of course. Cross my heart and all that.'

He thought about it for a few moments, biting his bottom lip as he did so.

'Nah, I can't,' he said, shaking his head.

'Oh no you don't,' I teased, and before he could react it was my turn to have him on his back, me on top with his hands pinned above his head, our cocks rubbing against one another again and feeling the beat of his heart in his chest.

'Don't …' he pleaded.

'Give it up, Carter! What's your big secret?'

'Well, if you must know,' he said, breathlessly, 'It's this.'


'I want you. I want you to be MY first kiss, just like that one,' he said, while nodding towards the magazine that lay on the ground beside us. 'And I want to touch you, maybe even wank you, or suck you till you jizz.'

'Fucking hell! Where did that come from?' I spat, as I rolled off him and sat up once more.

'I'm sorry. I was never gonna say anything. We're best friends and I want us to stay like that.'

I looked at him, unable to say anything more as I digested what he had just told me. That feeling of excitement I'd experienced a few moments ago as our cocks rubbed against each other suddenly came back. Was this something I wanted too?

'You're not mad at me, are you?'

I shook my head. 'Nah. I just didn't … expect anything like that.'


'Don't be,' I said, as I placed a hand on his shoulder. 'You can't help how you feel. Anyway, it kind of …'

'Kind of what?'

'I dunno … it's just … feeling you rub against me like that … '

'Did you like it?' he asked, while placing a hand on my leg, his fingers touching the inside of my thigh. His touch sent a shiver through me.

'Kind of.'

'If you want … maybe I could be Rose for you … I mean …'

'I get what you mean,' I answered.


'Well, your hair is the same colour … just straighter and shorter …' I said, as I reached up and brushed his fringe away slightly.


'And your eyes are the same colour.'


'But you don't have any boobs … but I guess that doesn't matter too much …'

'But I have something else you can touch if you want?'

I took a deep breath and let it out. Then I swallowed. Was I really going to do this?

'Our secret?' I asked him.

'Of course. Cross my heart and all that.'

Okay then …' I said, as I leaned in closer.

Looking into his eyes I could see something there I'd never seen before. He was studying my lips as I moved in, his attention unwavering, his desire obvious. Robbie wanted this. And as I inched closer, I knew I wanted this too.

I put a hand up to the side of his face and then gently brought him in, our lips finally touching, just briefly at first, but then touching again, only this time for longer. Robbie's lips parted and I gently pushed my tongue inside his mouth. I was in heaven as we worked our mouths against each other, our tongues invading each other's mouths, both of us barely able to breathe.

For a first kiss, it was spectacular.

Suddenly I found myself being pushed backwards onto the ground, with Robbie leaning over me, his lips still grinding against mine. I didn't mind. In fact it was kind of cool that he was taking control. It showed me how badly he really wanted this.

I felt him tugging at my t-shirt, then sliding his hand inside, soon brushing his fingers over my nipples, which I noticed had become hard. He played with those for a few moments, gently squeezing them, pinching them. Fuck, that sent shock waves through me. But then he let his hand slide downwards, and it soon disappeared beneath the elastic of my footy shorts, then beneath the elastic of my jocks, before his fingers wrapped themselves around my small, throbbing shaft and began stroking it.

Oh. My. God. What a feeling that was. Nobody else had ever touched me there.

The kiss was broken and as he continued stroking. I looked into his smiling face. His eyes were filled with mischief. I couldn't help but grin back at him.

'Is this what you wanted Rose to do?'

'Ummm … yeah,' I answered, as I tilted my head back and closed my eyes as I enjoyed the sensation.

As he continued, I could feel the pressure starting to build. It wasn't going to be long now.

'Am I doing it right?' he asked.

'Fuck yeah! And I'm getting …' I answered, but before I could even finish the sentence Robbie had brought me to, and right over, the edge.

I felt my dick convulse in his hand, as my juices pumped out. Three shots I counted. Probably not very much, because I'd jacked off in bed last night, but Robbie still did it for me, and it was the best one ever.

When I had finished and he had stopped stroking, he carefully brought his hand out. His fist was closed, but then he opened it in front of me, revealing a small amount of milky fluid in his palm.

'Hmmmmm …' he murmured, before bringing his hand up to his face.

'What are you …' I began to ask, but then he quickly lapped it up, much to my surprise, before then licking his fingers.

'Hmmmmm …' he murmured once more.

'Holy fuck … you just … I mean … what the fuck?'

'You didn't think I was gonna waste it did you? Pull your shorts down and I'll finish the job for you.'

'Where the fuck did you learn all this?' I asked as he looked expectantly at my shorts.

'Learn it? Hell, I'm just making it up as I go along. Andy's magazines helped, and I saw him fooling around with one of our cousins once. We've even felt each other up a bit. He's such a horndog, ya know. Did I do good?'

'Yeah mate, you did good! I loved it.'

'Then you'll love this even more,' he said, as he sat up on his knees and reached for the elastic waist band of my shorts.

There was no way I could resist him, so I let him do whatever he wanted. I raised my bum up off the ground a little and in one fell swoop he pulled my short and jocks down, exposing my now deflated cock. There was cum dripping from the tip of it and the area around it was also wet.

'You don't have any hair yet,' he said.


'I like it like that,' he added, then like a dog on a bone he went straight down on me, sucking my cock into his mouth and sucking the last few drops from me, before then licking all around.

It was as if my eyes had rolled into the back of my head as I felt the magic touch of his mouth and tongue. When he sat back up, he was grinning madly.

'Well, how was that?' he asked.

'Loved it … Rosie. We're definitely going to be doing this again,' I said, as I grabbed him and pulled him to me, locking my lips on his once more, before rolling him over onto his back and laying over him, kissing him some more, running my hands all over his body and rubbing his hard cock through the fabric of his shorts.

I think I had officially just been turned gay by my best friend. Maybe I'd always had these feelings, in fact I'm sure I had always felt some sort of difference in how I felt about Robbie, compared to our other friends, so maybe it just took until today for those feelings to be brought out into the open?

When our lips parted and we lay there grinning at each other he said, 'Rosie? What's that for?'

'It's your new nickname … just between us. I couldn't have Rose, but Rosie is even better.'

'Just between us?' he asked.

'I promise,' I replied.

'Okay then. I think I like it,' he said, before pulling me to him and kissing me once more.

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