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Swimming with Parker

by (and ©) Matthew Oswald

Chapter 1

The following story will be told in a few installments. My previous piece [not yet on - Ed] received some positive reviews via E-mail a few months back, and inspiration finally hit me for another. This one has little to do with the other, and is less of a fantasy and more of a structured story, with a more believable plot and characters undergoing a more realistic "coming out".

About the Author: I am a 29 year old gay male who has long wished to have experienced something like the following story with another kid when I was younger. Those who are offended by underage youths engaging in consensual sexual activity should refrain from reading.

My name is Kyle, but everyone calls me Harry. It's an annoyance I've learned to cope with.

It's not that I hate the name Harry, but they call me that because I look like Harry Potter, so in that respect, it gets on my nerves. For those not completely savvy in pop culture, Harry Potter was known for three things: messy black hair, warped glasses and a big ass scar on his head.

While my scar isn't too big, it is impossible to miss on my forehead. Harry Potter got his from resisting a killing curse from the most powerful wizard in history; I got mine by slamming my head on a table while trying to dodge a ball thrown by my cousin. JK Rowling, eat your heart out.

I also have black hair, though I try my best not to keep it messy. It's also on the longish side, going down to my shoulders when wet. And yes, I do have glasses. Many seem to believe contacts are the way of the future, but I still can't quite get into the idea of sticking a piece of glass in my eye, all for the sake of personal vanity.

The rest of my attributes are fairly innocuous. Average height, skinny build, and despite being 15, I had very little hair on my arms and legs. I had just enough acne to keep me honest, a pimple or two here. But nothing to worry about. That being said, I wasn't concerned. Being long ago dismissed as a geek, no girl would ever ask me out.

It would save me from an awkward situation, when I had to explain why even the most beautiful girls really didn't impress me.

I never liked the fact I was gay, I don't mind telling you. It basically set me up to be quiet and reclusive, especially since you can't exactly sit at the "gay table" at school. When you have such a fundamental part of yourself barred away from the world, you pretty much have to bar the rest of yourself away too. If you get where I'm coming from, I probably don't need to explain more.

For that reason, books have tended to be my best friends since I was little. Everything from James Joyce to Stephanie Meyer (Team Jacob... just because I never hear anyone take his side. Nice guys always finish last, I guess). My mother instilled a lot of my love for reading, raising me on the exploits of Tom Swift and Bilbo Baggins, each morning upon waking for fifteen minutes or so.

It was summer in Massachusetts, and the weather was beautiful. All the normal kids on my block were out running around like cretins, hooting and hollering. Including my bratty little brother, Jason, and all his loser friends. I sat in my room, Huckleberry Finn to keep me company.

I wasn't a complete indoors kid, of course. Outside of reading, my other interests were photography and swimming. I would often go for hikes at the nature's reserve, taking pictures of the landscapes and wildlife. Often, I'd even go to Stetman's Lake and take some underwater pictures. My camera was top of the line - just got it for my birthday a month ago - and took 1080p resolution videos (that's super high definition), and was even waterproof up to 100 feet.

I heard a knock on my door.

"Yes?" I asked.

The door opened and my mother came in, a stack of laundry in her hands.

"Thank you," I bade her, looking back down to my book.

I noticed she hadn't left yet. I looked back up.

"Something you want?"

"Kyle, honey," She began. "Why don't you go outside and play with the other kids?"

I rolled my eyes and put on my best sarcastic voice. "Sounds good, I'll get right on that."

Confident I'd put her down, I continued reading. Usually my snooty shield mixed with my rapier wit was enough to shut her down, but not this time. She took the book from me, closed it, and put it back on my bookshelf - well, my 4th bookshelf. My entire room kinda looked like a library.

"Jason is going to the lake with his friends. There's no lifeguard on duty and he's not a great swimmer. I want you to look after them."

"So what, you punish me because Jason can't swim?" I snapped. I admit, I get a little stand-offish when it comes to being forced in social situations. It's one of the side effects of not really having friends.

"It wouldn't kill you, Kyle," she said firmly. "You really need to get outside once in awhile."

Now I was getting angry. When I got angry, my snooty shield became something of a weapon.

"Mom. I spend all day reading and have straight As in school. One day, I'll go to Harvard and become the CEO of Microsoft or something, and when you're living it up in a villa in Maui at my expense, I don't think you'll give two shits and an acorn that I didn't go outside and play Marco-Polo with the other kids."

At last, she sighed and extended a green bill. "I'll give you twenty dollars for that new flashcard you wanted for your camera."

I snatched the bill out of her hand. "So when does the little brat want to go?"

* * * *

I walked behind the three others, towel around my arm, digital camera hanging around my neck and a Brandon Sanderson fantasy novel in the right pocket of my cargo shorts. I did my best not to be miserable. I kept thinking about the money.

I'm convinced my mother had been unfaithful, because Jason couldn't have been more different from me. He was a few months away from turning 14, with ruddy brown hair. He was nearly my height all ready, at 5 and a half feet, and was probably going to be a head taller than me when full grown. He also had a girlfriend all ready, which was a consistent annoyance to me... as both he liked to rub it in, and my mother enjoyed patronizing me over, since I'd never even been on a date.

"Where's Parker?" asked one of them. I didn't know his name. He was a scraggly thing with unsightly acne all over his arms and face.

"Parker's dad's dropping him off there," Jason said. "The water's wicked warm!"

We were well within walking distance of Stetmen's Lake, one of the clearest bodies of water in all of Massachusetts. I admit, I loved the place - I just liked to be there without the screaming kids and the annoying company. I'd often go early in the morning before any got there.

We made our way through the wilderness trail, the full green leaves providing us some cover from the sweltering sun. I saw a white birch tree from a particular angle I liked, stopped, and snapped a picture of it.

"Why are you walking so slow, Harry?" Jason turned around and asked me. He always put an inflection on the Harry because unlike others, he knew it annoyed me. Just one of those things brothers know.

I rolled my eyes toward him. "Because I enjoy pissing you off. You run off, I'll tell mom. She's paying good money for me to watch your dumb ass."

I actually would never be a tattletale, but I knew Jason couldn't match wits with my mother like I could, and was rather afraid of her.

"Asshole," Jason snapped, but stopped in his tracks.

I smirked. Yeah, we were a loving family.

I paused deliberately to take about a dozen more pictures of stuff I couldn't care less about.

"Oh. My. God! It's a fucking tree!" Jason roared. "Quick, get its whole goddam life story!"

"Don't worry," I comforted him. "I'm not really taking pictures... just testing the camera's zoom lens. Only another five minutes or so."

Jason screamed and ranted, but I tuned him out. Finally, when I thought he was going to make himself hoarse, I casually slipped the camera around my neck, smiled evilly at him, and asked him what he was waiting for... I flicked my hand toward the direction of the lake. "Proceed."

Jason tried to kick me in the shin, but I lifted my leg in time to take it on my foot. He stormed off, and I followed, a smug look on my face.

And then, I saw something that I really wanted to take a picture of.

The beach was mostly empty, save for a few older kids, some swimmers in the laplanes the town had set up, and... a boy that was leaning against the shed by the path we came out of.

His blond hair was buzzed close to his scalp, maybe an inch long. It worked great to frame his very lightly tanned face and his small, buttonish nose. His eyes were unlike any I'd ever seen... not just the literal icy blue color, but just the right twinkle of amusement and sarcasm to be truly spectacular. These were heightened by the cocky smirk on his face, the crossing of his skinny but well-toned arms, and how one of his bare feet were flat on the ground, but the other just had the toes set down, with the heel resting against his other leg.

To me, he was the paragon of cool... and beautiful.

"Hey, the Great White Tracker's finally here!" the boy exclaimed. He ran over and slapped Jason upside the head, playfully. "You find path to many buffalo, Trailblazer?"

Jason laughed and playfully shoved the other boy back. "Fuck you, Parker."

Parker banged his fist against the hands of the other two boys Jason was with, and then looked at me. He paused for a long moment, his cocky smile fading just a little bit. We locked eyes and... I was certain there was something. A moment. Some recognition. I don't know... maybe I was just suffering from hypoxia, considering I hadn't taken a breath since I saw him.

"I... don't know you," Parker said. "Hi."

"That's my brother," Jason snorted.

"You have a brother?" he asked.

"Uh... yeah. He doesn't really get out much and has no friends," Jason spelled out for him.

Parker smiled my way, but then leaned closer to Jason and said in a soft voice I could deliberately hear. "Does he talk?"

"Sometimes. Call him Harry Potter - that'll get his attention."

Parker crossed his arms and quirked an eyebrow my way. I nearly passed out.

"Any relation to ..."

"Only in appearance," I finally was able to get out. "My name's Kyle." I held out my hand. I felt stupid.

Hesitantly, Parker shook it. He then put on a very mock serious expression and impersonated a stuffy businessman, even puffing out his lean chest. "Well, it is a pleasure to meet you, Kyle. My designation is 4 of 4, associated affiliation with Friends of Jason... adjunct of unimatrix 897-1."

He was a Star Trek fan. I felt my stomach fall to my feet. I think I was in love.

"Can I call you Four for short?" I asked. "The rest is kinda a mouthful."

"Too imprecise." Parker smiled. "Just stick to Parker."

"Cool," I agreed.

I was guessing he was a little older than Jason, but not much. A few months, maybe. I would have known him if he was in the class just before mine. I had just finished my sophomore year. He must have been an incoming freshman, like Jason.

Parker's eyes lingered on mine for just a moment longer. Then, he turned and hopped up on Jason's back. Jason, shocked, barely grabbed his legs in time to let him piggy-back. I'm guessing they had done this before, as it didn't take too long for Jason to adapt and straighten up. Jason was very athletic, he'd be trying out for a lineman on the freshman football team, and could easily carry a boy nearly his own size.

Parker was a few inches shorter and much skinnier: maybe 5'4 and about one-hundred and twenty pounds. They moved down to the beach and I followed slowly. I kept my distance and continued watching Parker as covertly as I could. Outside of being the most beautiful boy I'd ever seen, he seemed so much like me yet so different. He was me if I were amped up on speed or something. He just had an energy about him which was so contagious. Jason and the others had been reserved and toned down during the walk over. Now that Parker was with them, they were all smiling and laughing.

Even I was smiling.

The other boys stripped off their sneakers, and Parker did a Luke Halpin, slipping his arms into the bottom of his t-shirt and almost seeming to flex it off himself, revealing his skinny but lightly muscled chest. A six-pack had begun to form around his belly, whereas Jason was mostly that flabby kind of muscle you got from being strong, but not necessarily in good shape.

I could feel the blood rushing from my face. I spread my towel on the sand, and quickly sat down to hide what was happening between my legs.

I took the novel out of my pocket and tried to read, but the words were blurring every few seconds. I looked up, and saw Parker jump into the water first, followed by my friends. I found myself just watching him play. A bright smile never left his face, and he found something to laugh about every minute or two.

I wanted so bad to go in with them, and play water tag, dive for objects like they were doing. At the same time, I was afraid. What if they didn't want me there? I was the hired help, after all. Just to insure they didn't drown.

I sighed, and while I pictured myself running in, grabbing Parker and throwing him around or dunking him underwater, the queasiness in my stomach kept me rooted in place. It was that same anxiety, that fear of rejection, that kept most boys on the other side of the room during dances from the girls.

Only the stakes were much higher. What if one of them bumped into me and found out I had a boner? It wasn't just rejection I was afraid of. If Jason ever found out I was gay, my life would be over. He would post it on Facebook to the entire school, in a heartbeat. We may have loved each other in some deep corner of our souls - maybe - but we were also enemies in the way some brothers are at our age were.

That fear kept me rooted, pretending to read.

After about an hour (in which I'd read maybe 5 pages), Parker got out of the water and ran over toward me. Soaking wet the way he was, water glistening off his chest, I forgot to breathe again.

"Hey, I noticed your camera before... it's waterproof, right?"

It was a simple question, but I found it hard to answer him. "Um, yeah."

A smile lit up his face. "Can I use it?"

The camera cost almost three-hundred dollars, and if it were anyone else, I'd laugh in their face. But, I found myself wanting so bad to please Parker... it was almost shameful. I even managed to seem ambiguous about it.

"Yeah, sure," I agreed. I took it off my neck - it was about the size of my palm, and handed it to him.

"Wow," He exhaled, turning it over. "This thing is really expensive..."

"Pretty much," I said, smiling just a bit. "Don't let Jason touch it."

"Why not?" He asked, returning my smile.

"Let's just say things have a habit of turning into shit when he touches them," I offered.

Parker laughed, and turned to go. Then, he stopped, returning those bright eyes of his toward me again. "You'd trust a perfect stranger with your camera over your brother?"

I wanted to point out I thought he was absolutely perfect, but I wasn't that stupid.

"Yeah, kinda fucked up, isn't it?" I said.

Parker laughed. "Yeah, maybe a little."

I spoke before I thought. "I have a good feeling about you."

His smile faded, just a little bit, and a little red flush crept up into his cheeks. As quickly as it was there, however, it was gone.

"Thanks," he said, though it seemed like an effort. He renewed his smile, as if remembering something, and then ran back into the water.

Oh shit... had I embarrassed him? Had I tipped my hand too far? I felt a swell of panic.

"I have a good feeling about you..." I said again, softly, to myself. What the fuck had I been thinking?

* * * *

Parker used my camera like a pro - I wondered if that was another thing we had in common. He recorded everyone, snapped tons of pictures, and would often disappear underwater. Once, he was down for almost two minutes before popping back up.

That alone turned me on so much. I guess it was a fetish of mine, but other boys holding their breaths underwater - especially for a long time - made me extremely horny.

More than once, I adjusted myself through my shorts. It was enough for me that Parker was absolutely beautiful to watch, frolicking in the water like a dolphin, with so much energy. He'd dunk Jason, who was massive compared to him, and then put up a half-decent fight before he inevitably lost and was shoved into the water. Each time he faked a concerned cry before Jason dropped him.

I smiled and blushed so bad, I had to look back into my book. I was afraid they'd see my beat red face from the water.

I noticed that there was a wet spot on my shorts. My precum had actually leaked through. Cursing softly, I reached into my shorts and grasped my rock-hard penis. I was about as thick as my pinky finger was long and about six inches from base to tip when fully hard... like I was now. Under the cover of my long t-shirt, I pulled my shorts out so that my cock slapped against my belly-button, and then pulled my shorts back.

Were it not for my shirt, I'd be exposing myself, but that was the only way I could hide my boner now. Even between the legs wasn't going to fly.

It was good timing too, because the boys were getting out of the lake now and drying off. Parker made his way over to me, and I just prayed he didn't notice the spot on my shorts.

"Thanks man!" Parker exclaimed as he handed the camera back to me.

"No problem," I managed to even sound calm.

"So yeah, can you send me the videos - y'know... I'd like to put a few on YouTube," He said. He pulled out his phone. "What's your phone number?

I gave it to him, in a daze.

He dialed it, and my phone began to ring. I smirked, and reached into my shorts, picking it up. "Hello?"

"Hi Kyle," Parker said, into the phone in front of me. "Just wanted to give you a call so you'd have my number," Pausing for a long moment, he then added. "Y'know, so you can send the videos."

"Thanks," I said, into the phone. "But I'm pretty sure I need your E-Mail for that... not your phone..."

Parker blushed. "Ohh... yeah..." He smiled again, and I noticed something I hadn't noticed before. His teeth were just a tiny bit too big for his mouth. It made his smile seem less sexy and more toothy and sincere. There was nothing fake or seductive about it. I think that made it even more perfect to me.

He then pushed a few buttons on his phone, and I heard a beep on mine - a text message.

"There you go," He said.

I smiled back at him. "Thanks."

He then held out his fist. I was surprised, but I knew what was expected. I raised my own, a bit awkwardly, and punched his gently. I felt heat in my ears. I was so breathless, that I forgot to remove my fist from his... and for some reason, he kept his to mine.

Then, as if both of us remembered something important, we broke off.

"So yeah, thanks again... my dad should be here any minute... I'll go wait for him in the parking lot."

His voice seemed rushed, his face was flushed. I wondered, again, if I had embarrassed him... or tipped my hand. I merely nodded, and he threw his towel over his neck and jogged away.

* * * *

Later that night, I made my way back up to my room, after watching an episode of Star Trek Voyager with dad. Jason, of course, hated "that crap" and instead played a shooter game with his friends online in his room. I wondered if Parker was playing with him.

I sat down in front of my computer, and glanced over to my camera. It was ontop of my desk, where I'd left it when I got home. I made my way over to the door to my room, closing and locking it.

I then sat down, hooked my camera into the USB, and started to watch the footage Parker had taken.

I hadn't done much in the way of videos before - I was mostly just a picture guy - so this was a new experience for me. On the max setting, I could comfortably fit the video on both of my computer monitors, and the image was so clear. At 30 frames a second, it really seemed like you were there.

The camera was focused on Parker at first - he was just holding it out and recording himself.

"Hey guys! This is Skateman847, coming at you live - well, not when you see this, but you get what I mean."

He smiled. I found myself smiling with him.

"Anyway, from the lake. I'm using my friend's waterproof camera... so hope you enjoy. Rate. Subscribe. That stuff."

I paused and went back and replayed that part. His friend. He must have meant it as a bit of a white lie for his Youtube subscribers, but I really liked the sound of it. I hoped he meant it, or it would be true some day.

He was just meant to be on camera. His presence, his sincerity... and, most of all, his eyes. At the resolution we were at, they were almost three times as large as they were in real life, but they lost none of their vibrancy or sparkle. It was cliché to compare them to aquamarines or sapphires... but I'm starting to see why such statements get overused. They were so valuable, rare and precious... and so was Parker.

I could feel my shorts tightening around my waist. In the privacy of my own, very locked room, I had no problems with taking off my shirt and sliding my shorts off.

I sat naked in my chair, my uncircumcised cock slapping into my flat, very lightly tanned stomach. I had a pretty thick bush - ironic, since other than my head, and a little bit under my armpits, that's the only other place I had almost ANY hair - and my fleshy nutsack rested comfortably on the chair beneath me as I spread my legs out.

The footage began with very little of Parker. Mostly just him video-taping Jason, and his two other friends, taunting each other, splashing each other. Despite that, the camera was surprisingly steady - he clearly had a bit of experience handling one. I made a note to check out Skateman847 later... I was curious how popular he was and how many videos he'd done.

They began surface diving. Jason had to wear goggles, as he couldn't open his eyes even in non-chloronated pools. The rest of his friends took turns as well. I found myself fast-forwarding, a bit bored. I wanted to see Parker again, but was concerned he may have just been videotaping his friends, and not doing any of himself.

After about ten minutes, he turned the camera back toward himself and I played at regular speed.

"Okay, I'm going to go under now..." He said, and he took a few deep breaths and went down. The camera immediately went under - the quality was amazing in the water. I'd have to do some videos in the future. Parker swam one-handed, smiling his toothy, sincere smile. He kept the view focused on his face. He was extremely comfortable underwater, his eyes, wide open and still just as bright as they were on the surface.

I paused the camera. I gently stroked my cock. I was tempted to get some lotion, but my precum was working just fine as a lubricant. It was rare for me to start jacking off already this horny. I could feel the excitement building.

I pushed play again, and after about thirty seconds, the camera surfaced but he didn't. He just held it up as high as he could. For a moment, I saw Parker looking up from underwater at the camera, eyes still bright. He smiled, waved, and then surfaced face-first without even blinking.

I felt the roar of blood in my ears. Hell, I didn't even know that was something I found so hot until now.

I let the camera keep going, and I continued masturbating. Parker repeated this a few times, only turning the camera away from himself to capture some footage of fish he must have seen while under.

A thin sweat worked up over my brow, my chest and my legs.

After a few seconds, the camera cut back to his face above water. "Okay, so, now I'm going to see how long I can hold my breath underwater... but it's okay..." He then turned the camera so he was focusing up on the beach. He then zoomed it in onto me.

This must have been one of the few times where I'd tried to read, just to insure I wasn't staring at Parker the whole time. I had never seen myself on camera before - it was weird.

"... as you can see, my friend is vigilantly watching out for me, so if I get into trouble... he'll save me," He waved his hand in my direction, but I was still reading and didn't acknowledge him. I felt humiliated. He turned the camera back to his own face and exaggerated a look of panic. "Oh god, I'm gonna drown..."

Despite where I was in my own masturbation, I laughed.

He took several deep breaths and went under. Camera held out at arm's length, I could see his face, his shoulders and his feet gently kicking behind him. He wrapped his other arm around a rock, to keep himself down. A few bubbles leaked up from his nose.

I felt my entire body tensing, and my mind began to go hazy. I pushed it harder. I held my own breath. I wanted to race with him, to see if I could finish myself off before he had to come up for air. I didn't think it was going to be hard: the biggest vein of my cock was pushing up against my skin as though in desperation to escape the raging hard-on Parker had unleashed.

After a minute or so, the delightful twinkle in Parker's eyes began to harden into concentration and his smile faded into a look of determination. A trickle of bubbles escaped his lips.

I beat harder and faster, feeling my entire world crushing down on myself.

Parker looked back at the camera and, almost as though he could see into time and knew I'd be watching and loving this, he forced a smile and winked.

That was all it took to push me over the edge. Hell, him winking outside of water probably would have done it for me - let alone engaging in my biggest fetish: breath holding. The first rope of cum exploded from the tip of my cock with such force that it splattered against the bottom of my chin. I drew my head back in shock, gasping, only to have the second rope of cum splatter on my nose and even across my lips.

I continued pumping, not wanting the feeling to end. The third and fourth surges struck my chest and even splattered my desk and keyboard. I felt like a fucking firehose out of control. The fifth was just a dribble that stained my pubes, and the rest just oozed out.

I lay back, totally spent. I had never come so hard in my life. I panted, desperate to catch my breath. I looked to see Parker come up for air, right at the two minute mark. He gasped and even coughed a bit. He held onto the dock to stabilize himself, as he tried desperately to catch his breath.

His smile returned so quickly. So sweet, so sincere... he even looked so innocent. Before, he always had that mischievous twinkle, but now, he was too out of breath for any tricks.

In the aftermath of the biggest orgasm of my life, I couldn't help but feel horrible. I felt like I was exploiting this, somehow, like the kind of beauty Parker had was not meant to be enjoyed this way. It needed to mean something more than a quick way to get my rocks off.

I picked up my shirt and used it for clean-up, wiping my face, chest and desk down thoroughly.

But if it was wrong, how could it feel this good? I knew I had to see him again. I remembered those little awkward moments. Touching our fists longer than was appropriate. The misspoken, tender words I had said that seemed to embarrass us both. I'd dismissed it at first, assuming my words had made him uncomfortable. Maybe though, just maybe, he was feeling the exact same way about me as I felt about him. What if he didn't know how to respond because he was afraid, just like me?

I've never been a particularly brave person, but I knew I had to find out. I quickly came up with a plan - at least being a geek has some advantages. I'm quite the schemer. It was only 9 or so, he'd probably still be up - it was summer, after all. I took a few deep breaths to build my own confidence, and then picked up my cell phone to call him.

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