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Seed Brothers

by Michael Stevens

Chapter 4

Mrs W thanked Jonathan for his babysitting and said she would try not to impose upon him that way again. She knew from other sitters that Andy could be quite a terror. But Jonathan assured her that the boy had been fine and that he would be happy, really happy, to take care of him again. For his part, Andy said that he would always behave while Jonathan was around.

"I gotta get started on my homework" Jonathan finally said. He really wanted to have a conversation with his older seed brother, Alex. He dialed him up and hoped that his friend would be home; he didn't live far away, and maybe they could get together for a talk. He was, and in a few minutes Jonathan was pulling into his driveway. "Alex, I'm just gonna be direct. When we were novices together, and we practiced making donations, did you ever want to do more than just catch my seed in your mouth? I mean sometimes the way we were pushing at each other it was like we were having sex, not just doing seed stuff. With you it was not like the other guys. I really wanted to be naked with you." Jonathan stopped, almost out of breath and when Alex did not reply right away he worried that he had said too much.

But Alex was just considering his answer. He chose his words very carefully. "Jonathan, I knew from our first practice session together that you were going to be special for me. I waited for our turns to be together. I even had them marked on my calendar. When we went on the camping trip, I asked the Pastor to put me with you. I tried to be a good seed brother and do everything the right way. The trouble was I always wanted more, but I was afraid."

"Of me?"

"No, of myself. If I actually did some of the things with you that I thought about, I wasn't sure if I could stop myself."

"Like what?"

"Jonathan, I don't want to go down that road alone. I can tell you, or show you, but if you turn and walk out the door I don't think I could live."

"Alex, I'm not leaving." The conversation had shifted away from what he had expected, and now they were talking about the two of them, not Jonathan's experience with Andy. But, maybe what Alex was talking about could still help. Both boys fell silent. They both felt they were on the edge of something and finally Jonathan broke the moment. "Alex, tell me. I'll walk down that road with you. Their eyes met and Alex searched his friend's face to make sure he was not about to make a mistake.

"Jonathan, all those times we did seed donations, didn't you ever notice that when I said I was close I never really was? That your penis was in my mouth for a long time? That I always found ways to make you go all the way in? Like the time I was kneeling in front of you and I put my hands on your ass and I kept pulling you in? Do you know what I really wanted to do?"

"No" His voice was a bare whisper. Jonathan was ashamed to admit that he had enjoyed the seed donations with Alex so much that he had convinced himself that anything Alex did was just fine. "What?"

"I wanted to slide my fingers between your cheeks and find your hole and massage it until you let my finger in, and then I would rub you all around and tell you to lie down and I would crawl on top of you and put my erection into your hole instead of your mouth." Alex said it all in a rush so that he would not chicken out. And then he waited for Jonathan to punch him out. But he didn't. He kissed him. On the mouth. For a long time. When he finally pulled back, Alex leaned forward chasing Jonathan's lips. They met again, and this time their tongues touched, sending a jolt of energy through them both.

"I wish you had done it then, and I want you to do it now." Jonathan said, and we was already pulling his shirt up and over his head."

"Now?"" gaped Alex in disbelief. "Here?"

"Well, we might close the door, at least." and Jonathan stood up and did exactly that. Then he returned to face Alex and dropped his shorts and with a little drama, his jock strap. He smiled an inner smile thinking that this was the second time today that he had done this, but he had a flicker of concern that he might not get an erection so soon after his time with Andy. But a glance at Alex's sagging jaw and wide eyes told him that an erection was already a done deal.

"C'mon you, are we gonna do this or not? Get naked!"

Alex did not need to hear that direction twice! He dropped his shorts and stripped his tee shirt up and over his head. He looked down at himself, and actually blushed at what he saw. He had forgotten that this morning he had decided to wear the bikini briefs that he had mail ordered from Andrew Christian last month. "Holy crap" said Jonathan.

"Do you like them?" he asked shyly.

"Holy crap" Jonathan repeated. "I almost hate to say 'Get naked yourself' but if we're gonna get on with this, you have to."

"Maybe not" said Alex, and pulling at the top of the pouch that held his equipment he pulled his erection out while still wearing the briefs. It made his erection point out at a sharp angle while still holding his testicles. "and there's this" he said turning around to reveal the wide opening that framed his cheeks.

"Holy crap" said Jonathan again.

"Let's get going." said Alex,, and he gently took hold of Jonathan's erection and led him over to the bed. Jonathan lay back on the bed and Alex crawled up on top of him. Their erections met between their bellies and both boys grunted in satisfaction. They had both abandoned the idea of seed donation; this was all about pleasure.

Alex reached down and tried to find Jonathan's hole, but in this position it was difficult. He slid a little off to the side and Jonathan was able to spread his legs which made it much easier for Alex to walk his fingers down past his scrotum, the little massage spot, and finally to the hole he was seeking. It was clenched tight so Alex just rubbed over it, hoping that Jonathan might be able to relax it a little. Jonathan's head was spinning with sensations that were new to him, but he was nervous. "Relax" whispered Alex. "You have to let me in." and Jonathan understood. It wasn't easy, but with Alex's massage and some concentration, Jonathan was able to relax his hole just a little. Alex could feel it too, and he pushed just the tip of his finger in.

Jonathan suddenly realized what it was that had put Andy over the edge this morning. He clenched himself nervously again. Alex felt the contraction but stayed in, and when Jonathan was able to relax himself again, he inched in a little further. Jonathan was getting better and relaxing, and Alex's finger began a little in and out massage. Alex was wondering, though, if it was this hard to get his finger in, how would he ever get his erection in? It was much bigger. He decided it was time to try, though, so he shifted around so that he was kneeling between Jonathan's spread legs.

He moved in closer and tried to push his erection down so that it could touch his friend's hole. But Andrew Christian was getting in the way. What had pointed him up so well wasn't very comfortable pointing down. "Just a sec" he said, and he pulled himself out of the brief and pushed it down and off. "Ok, I'll try again" and this time he was able to push his erection down and rub it against Jonathan's hole. He pushed at it a little bit, even pushed his finger back in to help open it up, but there was no way that fat head was going into that little hole. "That hurts a little bit" whispered Jonathan. Then Alex remembered the free sample that had come with the briefs. He didn't really understand what it was at the time, but it was a little bottle of gel. He had squeezed some out and discovered that it was really slippery. Now he knew exactly what it was, and he ran across the room to his bureau to get it. His erection wagged out in front of him as he went and he was quickly positioned back between Jonathan's open legs. He squeezed some out on his finger and rubbed it on the pink circle in front of him. When he pushed, he slid in much further than he had before. Jonathan moaned

"Oh my god that feels so good." and Alex worked it a little harder, hoping that his friend could relax enough to let his penis in.

Alex squeezed out a little more get and rubbed it around the head of his penis, and a little more on the shaft. He gave Jonathan's hole another squirt, and then pushed his erection down to rub the hole as he had tried before. This time, Jonathan's reaction was very different. "Oh my god,, is that it?" He moaned with pleasure as Alex stroked the head of his penis back and forth over his hole. As Jonathan relaxed his hole, Alex pushed in with his finger again, and then quickly substituted his penis in the opening.

"Oohh, this is gonna hurt" wailed Jonathan, so Alex did not push any further.

"I'll stop if it does" he reassured his friend, but he kept on pushing at the hole. "Just relax, Jonathan. He leaned forward to keep his balance and braced his hands on Jonathan's chest. With his fingers still slippery with the gel, he started to massage the his friend's hard nipples, and that turned out to be the key that opened the hole. Jonathan relaxed. The swollen head of Alex's erection passed through the loosening circular muscle of his friend's hole. Jonathan groaned and Alex stopped to see if it was pain, but the next sound he heard was a low moan of pure pleasure. "Oohhh, yesss, Alex! It almost hurts, but it feels so good." As Alex pushed himself further into his friend, Jonathan held his breath until finally he asked "Is it all the way in?" To which Alex whispered

"Yes, all the way." Then he started to move. Just a little back and forth at first, he was still afraid of hurting Jonathan. As he got bolder, Jonathan began to whimper with each thrust. Alex really wasn't moving very far but with each push he bumped his crotch against Jonathan's cheeks, pushing the little noise out of him. The suddenly his pace changed and he started going in and out much more quickly. "I'm close" he grunted, and with that, pushed deeper into Jonathan once, twice, three times, and let out a long breath of pleasure and relief. He leaned forward and kissed his friend, a long lingering greeting of tongues and then collapsed onto his friend's chest. Finally he pulled his fading erection out of his friend lay by his side. "Oh my god" he said weakly.

Jonathan had been so distracted by Alex penetrating his hole, and his subsequent fucking him, that he had left his own erection almost alone. He had been holding tight as Alex was going in and out and, in fact gotten a little stroking as Alex pumped in. When Alex eased his penis out, Jonathan started stroking himself harder and faster until he grunted "I'm close." And then something happened that neither boy had experienced. Alex only looked over, he did not get up to catch the seed! He watched as Jonathan arched his back and shot spurts of creamy thick seed up onto his chest. When he was done, he looked over at his friend. "Oh my god" was all he could say.

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