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Chapter 7

Camp McFarlane

by Michael Peterson

Be advised that in the following one will find graphic sexual depiction between minors and minors and adults. The story is fiction but based on real characters, events, places and situations. There is no relationship between the names used and that of any real person.

Fifth grade had been my most successful year of school. Academically, I came in second again, this time behind the new kid who managed hundreds in all his exams. I received a ninety eight in arithmetic because I forgot to do a problem and the same in history due to forgetting the year of the founding of the League of Nations.

The real success was with my classmates, primarily through my skill with baseball cards, then the supportive relationship with Frankie Stillings whom I planned to meet, along with Freddy, in our barn during the first week after school.

However, that first free Monday turned out to be anything but. Sunday evening, my mother informed me that we needed to pack up my trunk because the next day I'd be going off to a new, very nice camp.

'Camp McFarlane is a special camp with special activities for bright boys like you. They have a library and courses in history and science along with regular camp activities I know you're going to love.'

At first, I was crushed. I'd assumed camp would be part of the summer but take place a couple of weeks later. Then, it seemed that perhaps I'd be getting camp out of the way leaving nearly two months to be with my friends. But, I needed to get word to Freddy and Frankie. I had Frankie's phone number but none of the three telephones in the house were unwatched. I figured eventually to be able to use the kitchen phone. I'd see Freddy after my parents went to bed.

It was after eight when both my parents went upstairs. I hoped lifting the phone wouldn't cause a ring elsewhere. It did. I claimed to be calling for the weather.

At midnight, I approached Freddy's house.

'Now, what'd they do to you?' asked Aunt Martha when she answered the door.

'They're sending me to camp tomorrow.'

Freddy required shaking to wake him up. We borrowed a blanket so we could go outside and talk where we wouldn't be 'keeping anyone awake'.

We should have taken two. The mosquitos were merciless. We ended up putting our clothes back on and lowering our pants, keeping our bare parts under the folded over blanket.

Before we parted, tears formed in my eyes. Freddy sensed rather than saw them and wiped them away.

'Most it gonna be is fo' weeks. Ain't that bad. I ain't goin' nowheres.'

We hugged for a long time.

A new Ford station wagon arrived at seven fifteen the next morning. The driver and my father had loaded my trunk full of my things. I carried a book to read on the way though I knew I'd fall asleep after being out until three the night before.

Mother tried to be cheery. 'Have fun, dear.'

My father just went back inside the house.

I was taken downtown to a fancy blue bus parked in front of a hotel. It had Camp McFarlane written in large gold letters on the side.

The driver of the stationwagon said something to the woman who came to greet me. She hurried me onto the bus. The bus driver closed the door behind me. There were only about eight or ten boys for the fifty or so plush seats, ranging from a glum seven year old to a couple of big teenagers maybe sixteen or seventeen.

I walked past them all and sat in the back. The two teens followed me and said, 'That's our seat. Go sit somewhere else.' There was nothing friendly about their tone.

Something went 'thunk' below me. Outside two men were loading suitcases and my trunk into the side of the bus. Minutes later, we were on our way. I tried to read but had a feeling something wasn't as it should be. None of the kids looked the type for easy conversation. The younger ones appeared sour if not angry.

I slept a good part of the next several hours, awakening when the bus stopped in a few towns and one large city to pick up additional boys of all ages along with a few adults until we were nearly full. One of the adults sat next to me and introduced himself.

'Hi, I'm Mr. Morgenthau. If you take chemistry, which I doubt, I'll be your teacher.' He held out his hand. I shook it briefly.

'Where is this place,' I asked.

'Western Pennsylvania, in the Appalachian Mountains. You didn't know?'

'I don't know anything about it.'

'Don't worry. It'll be the best two and a half months of your life. It's...'

'Two and a half months or weeks?'

The teacher looked at me like he wished he hadn't opened his mouth. 'Months,' he answered meekly.

'That son-of-a-bitch!'

'Hey, take it easy, kid. Talk like that will get you in detention at camp.'

I stood up and banged my head several times on the back of the seats until it hurt. The teacher pulled me back down.

'Calm down. Take it easy. It's not that bad. This is probably the nicest camp in the country.'

'I don' wanna go to camp.' I was on the verge of tears, tears only held back by the anger and hate in my gut. 'That son-of-a-bitch.'

'I'm serious, one of the Masters hears you talk like that and you'll go straight to detention.'

I leaned over and put my arms over my head.

We were handed ham and cheese sandwiches in waxed paper, a bag of potato chips and a pint bottle of milk for lunch. I'd had a bowl of Wheaties six hours earlier and was hungry. Running away was paramount on my mind. That would need strength. I ate.

About two hours after our last pick up, well into the mountains of Central Pennsylvania, the bus turned onto a dirt road and continued on it for another twenty minutes. The sun had dropped to just above the skyline when we pulled in front of what looked like a huge two story log cabin.

I had absolutely no idea where I was. Running away dimmed as an option. I was a prisoner.

'Welcome to Camp McFarlane', greeted a young man who boarded the bus. 'The men outside will be calling out names. Go to the one who calls yours. He will be your cabin master.'

That had an ominous sound to it. The older kids pushed past the younger. My name was called out by a skinny young man who couldn't have been more than eighteen. I was one of two. The other was taller than me and in as bad a mood as I.

'So where do I have to go?' he said with all the venom he could muster.

'First, identify your bags and help carry them.'

'I'm not carrying shit. You carry them.'

I took a step back to watch.

He looked at me. 'So what did you do to get sent here?'

I shrugged my shoulders. 'Why are you here?'

'Cause I'm a pain in the ass.'

I identified my trunk, which was put on a flat wooden wheelbarrow and pushed by another teenager. My angry cabin mate refused to carry any of his four suitcases so they were piled on top of my trunk. We were led up a lighted path nearly a hundred yards through a series of broad log cabins each about a quarter the length of the main building. We turned left, past another cabin and stopped in front of ours. A carved wooden sign over the door said 'Wolverine'. Inside was a broad hallway with a pair of green doors on the right and a wide one on the left to a large bathroom with no bathing facilities. The doors on the right hand side had signs with 'Master Warren' on one and 'Master Dean' on the other. The polished wood floor opened onto a large dormitory with glass windows and three wide bladed fans in the ceiling. There were eight wooden bunk beds to each side.

The other boy and I were two of seven there. The Cabin Master, who called himself Master Warren, said the other nine would arrive later. Dinner was normally at five but the meal had been held up for arriving campers.

I was assigned, at my request, to an upper bunk against the rear wall. These were nothing like the rickety YMCA beds. Instead of springs and wire under a thin cotton mattress, each had a wood structure with a thick mattress and three drawers underneath for clothing and other belongings. Rather than having to climb up the bars in the back, there was a wooden ladder with wide plank steps built into the end away from the wall. At the same end of the bunks and between them were desks with aluminum arm chairs. Each desk and bunk had a reading light.

From my window, I could look out over wood shake roofs of three rows of cabins below and into the windows of the cabin next down the hill.

The dining hall was huge, seating over three hundred according to Master Warren. There were four rows of wooden tables with thick wood benches to each side. We each took a tray and walked along a line of serving stations where we could request what we wanted. I had chicken and mashed potatoes, milk and chocolate cake. It was better than home.

There were plenty of empty tables so I sat at one. Within minutes, several other boys my age and younger joined me. A slightly older boy wearing horn rimmed glasses and a grin asked me, 'What's your name' Where are you from' What school do you go to?' and finally, 'Why'd you get sent here?'

After answering the simple ones, I wasn't sure what to say to the last. 'I dunno. Why'd you get sent here?'

'I flunked everything,' he answered loud enough for everyone to hear and laughed.

From the banter at my table, and later conversations I overheard in my cabin, I surmised this was a camp mostly for kids with school problems, both academic and behavioral. I went to my corner upper bunk and stayed to myself. Most of the others were loud and nasty. We were all ten and a half to eleven years old. A few, like the boy who came on the bus with me, were big for their age. From the clothes they brought and the talk of servants, I got the impression that everyone came from well to do, even rich, families.

At eight o'clock, Master Warren called for lights out. One of the boys shouted, 'Fuck you!' There was a round of laughter. The lights went out. 'Turn the lights back on!' 'Hey jerk, you heard him.'

The lights stayed off. The two shouters went to the door to protest. They went out and didn't come back.

The shouting was reduced to an angry murmur, then finally silence. I was sure I was in some kind of reform school. This was going to be horrible.

Though I tried not to, eventually I couldn't stop myself from crying. I did manage to keep it quiet to avoid unpleasantness from my cabin mates. I wasn't going to see Freddy until September, two and a half long months away. Once again, my son-of-a-bitch father had beaten me. If I ran, I had no idea which way to go and would certainly be picked up by the police before I got very far. I could call my grandfather but was sure there was little or nothing he could do. My situation was hopeless. I cried myself to sleep.

It seemed I'd only slept a short while when a bugle sounded. It was light outside but just barely. Master Warren came in and called out 'showers! Strip to your briefs. Come get your towels then follow Master Dean.'

A teenager led us up a hill to a long, ten foot wide cabin that ran perpendicular to and was twice as long as ours and the others, with a series of shower heads on one side and a long wooden bench with clothing hooks every foot or so on the other.

'Put your briefs and towels on the hooks. There is soap in the soap dishes at each shower.' The water came on at a dozen of the heads. It was lukewarm. I noticed the boy who came with me the day before was missing. I also noticed that the biggest boy with us had a cock no longer than mine. The fat boy beside me was soaping up his hard on. He grinned and started jerking off. I checked to see if Master Warren or Master Dean could see him. They were talking to each other, ignoring us.

Another group of slightly larger boys came running in, hooting and hollering and snapping towels. The young man in charge of them grabbed the towel one boy had snapped at another. He took the boy by the arm and led him away. I added that to the missing two from our group, and guessed they were being punished. I worried what that might mean.

I asked the fat boy' 'What happened to the two kids from our cabin that were here last night but aren't here now?'

He had his eyes closed and was masturbating furiously. He didn't answer. A moment later he stopped, stood still for a moment, took a deep breath then turned to me. 'What'd you say?'

I asked him again. He answered, 'Detention first time, paddle the second. They're new.'

His name was Thomas Beasley. He was from New York City. His parents had sent him the last three years to catch up on his studies. He'd failed a number of courses every year.

When he asked, I said, 'I got all hundreds except for ninety-eights in arithmetic and history.'

'You get in a lot of trouble?'

'Not at school.'

'You're one of them, then. Got parent problems, huh?'

'Yeh, I suppose so. Are there other kids here 'cause a that?'

'Oh yeh. Maybe half.'

None of the kids in our group had dicks much bigger than mine. A few had nice bodies. The nicer stuff was among the larger boys but I was at the wrong end of our group to get a good look.

After showering, we were taken back to our cabin to dress then led to the dining room for breakfast. The scrambled eggs were in hot water so I had French toast, real orange juice, Wheaties and a banana from one of several bowls stacked with fruit. This time, the dining room was full. The tables were designed for eighteen with the Masters at the ends. Each was marked with the name of the cabin whose residents were to eat there. Mine was the Wolverine cabin. The two missing boys joined us.

'What happened to you last night,' I asked the nasty one from the bus.

'They made us stay in a cabin down near where we came in yesterday. No mattresses or pillow. Just a crappy blanket and it was cold. Some fat guy told us next time we get paddled. They touch me and I'll tell my father to sue them. He's a lawyer.'

His name was Herbert Morrison. He was in fourth grade and had already been in three schools. 'They think they can make me do what they want. Well, I do what I want. My father's a lawyer.'

'You want your banana?' he asked as he snatched it off my tray.

I snatched it back. 'Get your own.'

He grabbed at it but I held on. He whispered loudly into my ear, 'Gimme the damn banana, kid or I'll pound you.'

I yanked it away and put the banana on the other side of my tray. Freddy had always said that kids who talk a lot are all mouth and almost never follow up on their threats. I said nothing, just continued with my Wheaties.

'You're on my list, kid!' he said.

For whatever reason, it made me laugh.

'What're you laughing at, kid?'


'Better be.'

I looked at his screwed up face and laughed some more.

He looked around the table at the others staring at us and dug into his pancakes. He avoided me for the rest of the summer.

Academic testing took up the entire morning. We had a brief recess around nine thirty. The tests were easy. I completed all of mine well before the pencils down bell sounded. Most of the others were obviously frustrated when they handed in their papers.

Lunch was a variety of sandwiches and soups, cold milk and more fruit. I chose an apple.

Master Dean took us on a tour of the camp facility. Clean brick paths went everywhere. Each was lined on both sides with pines and a variety of deciduous trees. There were occasional park benches with green slat seats. Between the two large groups of cabins and out from the back end were baseball diamonds, soccer and football fields, basketball, tennis and badminton courts, two swimming pools, an obstacle course that looked very military, a huge gymnasium with room for four simultaneous basketball games, and a lot of classrooms. The main building contained a wide array of services available to us whenever we needed them including a medical clinic with a doctor and nurse, a social worker and a psychologist, three chaplains' offices for Catholics, Episcopalians and Presbyterians and a barbershop we were expected to visit regularly. When the group left for our cabin, four of us were asked to stick around for an interview.

A tall middle aged woman asked me what my interests were. I had no answer.

'Do you like baseball or football, art, making or fixing things, reading, whatever?'

'I suppose so.' For some reason I couldn't define at the time, I didn't like her.

'Specifically which things?' She didn't smile.


'Malcolm, you are here to learn and have a good time. Now which activities would you like to participate in?'

'I don't know. I never did any of this stuff.' I was getting angry.

She sent me off and called in the smallest kid from our group. I waited outside on the huge porch. Master Dean took the four of us back to the camp tour.

'What'd she ask you?' I asked the small kid.

'What I wanted to do.'

'What'd you tell her?'

'Sports but I don't really want to do anything. I hate this place.'

Other than the food and showers, I did too.

At the end of the tour, Master Warren told us, 'You will be informed this evening which course you will take'.

I paired myself with the smaller boy who, according to him, was a good student but was in constant trouble with his teacher due to fights. His name was George Zielinsky. He had the face of a handsome leprechaun, a slight tan and a strong but small body. He would be eleven in four weeks.

'Great place for a birthday, huh?' he grumbled.

'How come you get in fights?' I asked.

'Cause I'm the smallest kid in sixth grade and people are always trying to take what's mine.'

'Pencils and erasers and stuff?'

'No, like my place in line at the candy stand or my turn at bat in gym.'

'How come you're in sixth grade? I almost as old as you and I'm supposed to be in fourth.'

'I told you. I'm smart.'

I was starting to like him. Physically, other than his tough body and blue green eyes, there wasn't anything outstanding about him. His light blonde hair was cut just long enough to comb. His face, like his body, was small and a little hard. In the shower, I'd seen he had a strong body with a peter about the size of mine. I sensed fun in the way he spoke and walked and how he did things. During the exams that morning, he'd marked completion of each by tossing his pencil up in the air, catching it then slouching back and staring at the teacher.

Though I didn't see George as a potential sex partner, maybe he could help me get through the summer.

Neither of us received a schedule of activities that night, only the ten boys going into a basically academic program.

During the morning shower, Thomas Beasley, the fat kid, this time two shower heads away from George and me, jerked off again. I got the impression Master Warren saw him but chose to ignore it. George thought it was 'gross'.

At breakfast, Master Dean told us we'd be going to the baseball diamond at eight thirty. I asked about our schedules and he said we'd be told where to go.

We were among perhaps thirty others roughly our age, all larger than Georgie, as he preferred to be called.

'I hate George. It sounds like the father of our country or some friend of my father.'

The trainers formed us into two lines and demonstrated stretching exercises we were to perform. I couldn't do anything they wanted. The toes they wanted me to touch were a foot away from my outstretched finger tips.

Then we ran around the baseball diamond twice. I was exhausted after reaching the outfield and collapsed after struggling in with the last runners.

I couldn't do a single push up, accomplished just two of the twenty-five sit ups and no leg raises.

Then they wanted two more laps around the diamonds. Half of us couldn't complete the first.

These were all exercises we were supposed to be doing in the weekly gym class at my school but most of us just faked or avoided them altogether. Only the athletic types like Martin O'Mally and Tommy Atkins did any of it seriously, or, for that matter, could do it.

Finally, it was time for baseball. We were all given gloves and separated into groups of ten then paired. Some threw to a batter who was supposed to tap it back. Most of us just threw and caught balls with our partners. I'd only used a baseball glove a few times in my life and they had been unpleasant. Georgie had to nearly roll the ball to me to be sure of a catch. My throwing was erratic.

'You throw like a girl,' remarked Georgie then proceeded to show me how. I tried to concentrate but couldn't get Georgie's statement off my mind. Why would I throw like a girl' No one ever said that before. I didn't see myself as acting in any way like a girl. I certainly wasn't afraid of other kids. Was I really a homo, for life'

Georgie yanked me back to reality. 'C'mon, Malcolm. Pay attention, like this.' He threw slowly over hand. It landed in the glove I held out in front of me.

If I could learn to play baseball, maybe I'd have better luck making friends with my classmates. I knuckled under to Georgie's instruction. Slowly, painfully slowly, I did improve, occasionally catching the ball, throwing it where Georgie could catch it.

'Use both hands to catch!' 'Step toward me when you throw!' He really seemed to know his stuff.

Then, however, it all came apart when they handed us bats. I only hit two out of at least two dozen throws. Georgie was very frustrated so I mostly pitched to him. He hit almost every one of my crazy throws and I caught a few of his easier hits.

Then came the game. Everyone played. There were fifteen to a side. I was sent to long right field. Apparently the trainers had been watching me. Nothing was hit my way. My two at bats were three pitches long and uneventful.

Our team won, in part due to Georgie's aggressive play though it had a downside. During his first at bat, he hit the ball between the two shortstops and ran around first toward second. The ball was thrown in the direction of the second baseman. Georgie looped out as he neared the base and slammed into the boy as he was about to catch the ball. The boy was a head taller than Georgie and took offense. Georgie shoved him away when he approached and said something only the second baseman heard.

'He called me a curse word!' shouted the boy to the nearest trainer.

'I didn't say anything, you jerk!' said Georgie angrily.

The trainer got between them and calmed things down. Moments later, the next batter, the biggest kid on our team, slammed one out of the infield to a pair of outfielders who ran into each other trying to catch a ball over both their heads. Georgie ran home, turned and gave the second baseman the finger.

'Take it easy, Georgie,' I told him, 'you're going to get in a bunch of trouble.'

At ten thirty, we were taken to the obstacle course. Now, that was fun. I wasn't very good but Georgie and I fooled around the entire time, re-doing obstacles that were more fun than others and coming in among the last every time. The trainer ignored us. Master Warren suggested we take things more seriously.

'Nuts to him,' said Georgie. 'We're supposed to be having fun, right?'

It was during the tire run when the opposing second baseman caught up to Georgie and knocked him over from behind. Georgie was back up in a flash and ran outside the tires to catch the boy who didn't realize he was being pursued. Georgie tackled him from behind. The boy landed on the tires so wasn't hurt, just very angry. But before he could get his footing in the middle of all those old tires, Georgie, growling 'shithead', pushed him over again.

A trainer intervened and dragged both boys off. I didn't see Georgie again until shower time just before dinner.

The basketball that afternoon wasn't any fun at all without my new friend. Anyhow, I was far too exhausted to do more than sit on the sidelines. We ended the day's program with preparations for an over night hike along the Appalachian Trail planned for the following Monday. There was something wrong with the pool water filtration system so none of the lower form boys would be swimming until Thursday. Grades were called 'forms' at Camp McFarlane.

Sports program kids were allowed to shower before dinner if they wished. Naturally, I did and dragged Georgie along. He'd been in detention since the morning incident. Lunch for Georgie had been a dry bologna and bread sandwich with a glass of water.

The scenery in the shower was much improved over the morning session. Older boys up to about thirteen with big cocks and pubic hair were with us. I preferred the hairless penises the size of the one my eighth grade friend, Frankie Stilling, carried between his legs. Several boys with them horsed around with one other. One pair with around four inches each and hanging balls kept sneaking up behind one another with hard ons, sticking his buddy between his ass cheeks. Each attempt was very brief as the receiver always jumped away immediately. But it stiffened me. Georgie noticed.

'Please don't be like Beasley,' he said with a grimace.

I laughed self consciously.

Georgie requested a bunk change so he could sleep under mine. My bunk mate would only do it if he could switch with another to be close to his friend. By the time the negotiations were over, at least eight boys had traded bunks. Georgie moved his things.

When I awakened in the morning, every muscle in my body ached. I could hardly sit up. Climbing down the ladder was excruciating. The shower was warmer than the day before, or so it seemed, and did make me feel better. The Master had to drag me out from under the water.

The rest of the week went by reasonably well. I accomplished a single agonizing push up, forced my two sit ups to three and completed both runs though feeling near death.

Georgie worked hard on my baseball skills and had me batting better. Thursday, I taught Georgie how to float on his back in shallow water. Friday, we went a little deeper but not over his waist. He'd avoided swimming the year before but was determined to overcome his fear of water. He'd been belittled mercilessly and didn't want to go through it again. By the weekend, I was feeling pretty good about myself.

I learned a lot more about my new friend. His parents were divorced. He was required to spend weekends with his father who generally left him with a maid in his Philadelphia apartment while he worked. Georgie was occasionally taken to a ball game or show but always with one of his father's long line of girl friends. At night, he had to listen to them screwing. He hated the ones that moaned and screamed.

His mother was a commercial real estate salesperson in Wilmington, Delaware. She wasn't around much either and didn't date men. She did, however, have younger women friends over for dinner then would disappear with them for a few hours, returning home late and alone.

Georgie was an only child like me and studied in a private academy an hour bus ride from his home. This was his second year at the camp. Friday night before lights out he admitted, 'Camp's more fun this year because of you. I wish you were here last year.'

It made me feel very warm inside then thoughts of Freddy stripped away my light heartedness. Georgie's remark about me throwing like a girl came back. I wished I could discuss it with Freddy. He'd tell me whether I did or not and how much. And, it wouldn't matter one way or the other to my best friend. I wondered how much it meant to Georgie, and what he thought of me getting hardons in the shower. I was doing it every afternoon.

Something else that became increasingly apparent about Georgie was his combativeness. Our bathroom only had six hand sinks. Twice he got in shoving matches over sink space that had to be broken up by the Master. One morning, when a larger boy nudged in beside him at the broad porcelain urinal we all used, he gave the bigger boy a push causing him to pee on the side of the next boy down. Georgie was required to wash the soiled pajamas. He did a fast cursory job of it, grumbling about 'shithead big kids'.

Sunday morning, everybody was supposed to go to the service of his religious conviction as listed on the papers submitted by their parents. I went with the six other Catholics plus Master Dean from my cabin, all the while trying to figure how to escape. There were well over a hundred of us packed into a small church off the entry road. Just before the sermon, I asked Master Dean where the bathroom was.

He whispered, 'You're supposed to urinate before you come. There's no bathroom here. Just hold it in.'

'I gotta poop,' I whispered back.

He frowned and said, 'All right. Go to the cabin but hurry back.'

In the cabin, I found Georgie reading a comic book. Another boy was playing checkers by himself.

'How'd you get out of church?' I asked.

'I just told him I didn't want to go.'

I was incredulous. 'That's all?'

'Well, my mother put it in the camp papers, too.'

'Him too?' I nodded at the boy with the checker board.

'I don't know. Ask him.'

I did. He had the same excuse as Georgie.

I still didn't go back to the church. When Master Dean asked me where I'd been, I just said it took a long time.

'Next week, you sit with me and no leaving so make sure you've taken care of any bathroom needs before. Got it?'

As at the YMCA camp, Sunday was visitors' day. As opposed to the YMCA camp, very few parents showed up. In my cabin, only two kids were called. Georgie and I went up into the woods behind the camp to explore and escape the rest. We found some great rock formations one could climb and hide in. At the top of the mountain was a well used trail that Georgie said was the Appalachian Trail we'd be hiking down the next day.

The camp provided each of us with backpacks, cook kits, canteens, sleeping bags with rain covers, flashlights and other paraphernalia. The sleeping bags were exactly like the one Freddy and I used. The same thirty who participated in the sports program made up our troop of hikers. I was dead tired after an hour. Fortunately, I wasn't the only one. Georgie called us 'wieners'. He was for going on until lunchtime. Someone claimed he'd seen a black bear. Master Collins, an older man who wore shorts and a broad rimmed forest ranger hat, told us they were in the forest but were far more afraid of us than we were of them. Nonetheless, we should not go near them if we chanced upon one.

'I'd just throw dirt in their face then skedaddle,' said Georgie seriously.

We set up pup tents in a well used camp site with evidence of a lot of camp fires. We were all sent out to collect wood. We cooked hot dogs, heated beans and baked biscuits in rocks heated by the fire. Everyone received an apple and a Milky Way candy bar.

Master Collins had us all kneel around one of the camp fires for night prayers. He said the same Our Father I knew with the extra lines always used at my Cub Scout troop. Then, he had us sit for what seemed like an hour but was probably only fifteen or twenty minutes while he preached about the wonders of nature God had given us and how we needed to live pure lives so we could one day share His love in that great forest in the sky.

Georgie was sure 'pure' meant he didn't want to hear 'any whack whack whack sounds from any of our tents. This guy would really hate Beasley,' laughed Georgie.

It wasn't very cold so Georgie and I opened our sleeping bags flat and slept side by side on one of them, with the other on top of us. Georgie had some thoughts on God.

'I don't think any of these preachers know anything about what God is really like. In the first place, there are too many of them. Gods, I mean. You got our God with the beard and Jesus. The Mohammedans have Allah. The Buddhists have Buddha. The Indians from India have a few. Yeh, and our Indians have the Great Spirit. He's the one I think might be the real one. And every one of the religions says their God is the only true God, which, of course, is impossible. Now, say I believe in our God, the one in the Lord's Prayer, and when I die, it turns out he's not the real one. Somebody else's is and I go to hell or I come back as a frog or something. That's not right. And we have it even worse. You Catholics say you are the true church. The preachers on the radio say if I don't believe in what they say, I'm going to hell. See, that's what I like about the Great Spirit. He's just sort of there and he'll help you out if you ask and he's in the mood. If you're a decent guy, there's no problem about getting into the happy hunting ground. There's no don't do this and don't do that shit. Just be a decent guy. And die during the day so he can find you. That's all.'

'Where'd you learn all that?' I asked.

'Books, Malcolm, books, and some television and movies.'

'So you want to be an Indian?'

'No, stupid. You don't have to be an Indian or anything, just a decent guy. Just don't be a shithead. But you gotta die in the day or, I suppose, have someone put you outside the next day after you die, so He can find you.'

'What about Jesus?'

'He's part of the God with all the 'don'ts' and all that shit.'

'You believe in Jesus?'

'I don't know which one's for real so I believe in all of them, some.'

I gradually snuggled close to him but he pushed me away, 'Move over, it's too hot in here.'

Each time we stopped to rest the following morning, Georgie complained and called us 'sissies', 'wieners' and, privately to me, 'shitheads'. Two of the bigger boys, including the boy Georgie had the fight with, finally had all they could take. One got on his hands and knees behind Georgie while the other walked by and bumped him backward.

In almost the same movement as his fall, Georgie rolled and kicked the down boy hard in the thigh. I ran to get between them and got a fist to the head from the bigger boy for my efforts. The Master only saw the boy hit me. Georgie had fallen back down when I was knocked into him by the blow.

'He kicked me!' insisted the bigger boy pointing at Georgie. 'Here, look at my leg.'

He started to open his pants.

'Just go to the front of the line and stay there.' The master turned to me. 'You, what's your name?'


'That's the end of it or you'll spend a day in detention, got it?'

'Yes sir.'

Georgie thought it was hilarious.

'You better quit fighting or I'll go with someone else,' I threatened.

Georgie stood with his feet apart. 'Then go, shithead.'

He grabbed his fallen backpack and walked ahead. I finished the hike alone.

We were picked up that afternoon by the bus that had brought me to camp. Georgie sat with me on the bus, contrition on his face.

'I'm sorry. You tried to help me back there. Friends?'

He held out his hand. It was the first time we'd really touched each other. I think I held his hand too long because he tugged it away and gave me a strange look.

The next weeks were generally uneventful. Georgie was put out by my constant admonitions to 'calm down' and 'don't be so sensitive'.

'I'm not sensitive. You're sensitive.'

But we got past it each time and he didn't get in any more serious fights.

Better than that, Georgie's goading and instruction from the trainers definitely improved my baseball and basketball skills. The food was so good I picked up three pounds.

Georgie and I became closer than I ever was with Philip or Frankie. We were two out of six in our cabin not in the academic program so we were together all the time. One was a skinny boy named Marvin who I rarely saw without a book. He had a stack on his desk that I borrowed from occasionally. Another was a slightly plump short boy who seemed to always have a smirk on his face. His parents were in advertising, he told me, and out of town far more than at home. He and his younger sister were left in the care of a nanny, a cook and two maids. Those two were assigned to a natural science program that included nearly daily field trips up the mountain. If the woman who interviewed me had mentioned the program, I'd probably have requested it. I was glad she hadn't.

The other two from our group in the sports program were both chunky and nasty. Georgie and I avoided them.

Thanks to Georgie, Camp McFarlane was, for me, becoming a very pleasant experience.

And there was the motivation I felt to make myself an athlete the equal of any in my class. Of course, it was completely unrealistic but I was desperate for the acceptance of my school peers. Being relegated for five years to the company of the least popular weighed heavily on me. The thought of moving up the social ladder was tantalizing, and offered the possibility of sexual adventures with Victor Cibelli and the class muscle boys like Tommy Atkins and Martin O'Malley.

I put up with the discomfort and even some pain as I improved my performance of the daily exercises and runs. Within three weeks, I was among the top third in push ups, sit ups, leg raises and pull-ups. Georgie stayed one or two each ahead of me but he didn't weigh as much so had less to lift. I completed the runs standing up but could never catch or stay close to the better athletes among us. Georgie always beat me handily. He was even outdoing me in the pool where I was one of the better swimmers. Fortunately, I didn't yet understand the importance of native talent or probably would have given it all up.

Afternoons from three until the five o-clock dinner were free. We could swim or play games with others, anything we pleased. Choose up baseball games were popular but we only joined them a few times and then quit to swim. Georgie and I continued to explore the mountain and even created a little open space inside a stand of bushes we hoped wouldn't be found by anyone else. We called it 'our place'.

I certainly didn't forget Freddy but his absence didn't weigh on me as it had at the YMCA camp. But the reason I was having fun was Georgie. The rest of the kids in our group were either unsociable, overbearing loudmouths or really sad.

Master Dean forced me to go to Sunday Mass the second week. Georgie suggested I ask to speak to the camp director regarding it and just say that I didn't agree with my parents' religious preference.

The director, a gray haired man named Walpole who used a cane to walk and spoke with some kind of accent Georgie said was Pennsylvania and not foreign, asked, 'Then, which service would you prefer to attend?'

'None of them.'

'Why, Malcolm, don't tell me you don't believe in God.'

I wasn't sure what I believed in. 'I believe in that but I don't like churches.'

'Are you a naturist?'

The only naturists I'd ever heard of were the nudists in a magazine discussed by some of my classmates. 'No, sir.'

'Well, then, where do you want to go to worship?'

'Nowhere, sir.'

He said he'd speak to my parents and see what they thought but, in the meantime, he was obligated by the contract he had with my parents to get me to Mass on Sundays and confession at least once a month.

I'd have to figure another way to free Sunday morning.

Georgie and I celebrated his birthday up on the mountain with half a chocolate cake and four Cokes we'd smuggled out of the dining hall. Sexual notions toward Georgie were seeping into my perverted brain. I wanted to give him a really nice birthday present in the form of a good screw but chumped out. His comments about Beasley and the fat boy's daily masturbation sessions convinced me my new friend wouldn't like the idea.

Beasley, by the way, wasn't a homo as Georgie thought, just horny. Hidden in the clothes he brought from home were two pornography magazines he claimed to have stolen from his big brother. He used them to masturbate on his lower bunk when the Master wasn't around. The presence of other boys never bothered him even when some began calling him 'jerk off'.

Those magazines, however, became very popular as time went on until Master Dean walked in on three boys wanking themselves with one in the bathroom. The magazine was confiscated and Beasley never loaned the other out though boys could join him on his bunk.

Several times, I watched the group jerk offs with thoughts of showing one or more of the participants even greater pleasure their bare hands couldn't provide. But the boys who frequented Beasley's bunk were the less pleasant like Herbert Morrison, my combative bus mate. And I knew Georgie would disapprove. Sex had caused the loss of one great friend, I didn't want that to happen again. Still...

One very gloomy boy about my size, who was in the academic program, caught my sympathy. He never spoke to anyone, just moped around and studied. A number of times I was sure I heard him crying. It made me sad too watching him but Georgie didn't want to get anywhere near a kid who would break into the fun we were having.

One day in the cabin after lunch, before we were supposed to be at the pool, I saw the sad boy sitting cross legged on his top bunk, up against the window, staring out at some fixed point in the distance, as I'd done many a day and night at the YMCA camp. Georgie was in the bathroom on the toilet. I had to talk to the boy, find out why he was so unhappy, see if I could help.

'Hi, thinking about home?'

He leaned forward on his folded arms but didn't answer.

'You wanna come with us after your class' We're going up on the mountain.'

I touched him on the thigh. He reacted with fury in his eyes.

'Get offa me.'

I backed away quickly. He went back to looking out the window.

When I told him, Georgie said, 'I told you.'

The 'battle of the barbershop', as Georgie liked to call it, began in my sixth week. My hair was appreciably longer than when I arrived but still far from covering my eyes which had been the point at which I allowed my mother to take me for a haircut.

Master Dean, sporting a crew cut that was trimmed every two weeks, was on my case nearly every day. I pointed out that Herbert Morrison and Daniel Farraday both had longer hair than mine.

'That's not a very good example. You don't see anyone like them going to Mass either. Look at your friend George. He's had his cut and looks like a real gentleman.'

'Georgie doesn't go to church at all,' I countered.

'The next time your parents come to visit, we'll see,' he said then turned away looking uncomfortable, probably remembering my parents had never come.

It all came to critical mass at the end of July when Master Dean saw me blowing hair away from my eyes.

'You look like a darn hillbilly, Lloyd. You either go to the barbershop or I'll take you to the director's office.'

'Then you've gotta take Morrison and Farraday, too.'

Herbert Morrison who was taking a pee but in earshot came charging out of the bathroom trying to pull his fly up at the same time. 'I didn't do anything!'

Master Dean looked at us both. Herbert flipped his nearly nose length hair back over his ear.

'Then that's what we're gonna do! Where's Farraday?' asked Master Dean angrily.

'What?' insisted Herbert Morrison.

'You're all three getting haircuts right now.'

'The hell I am,' snapped Herbert.

'Watch your language, boy!'

'Watch you ass, boy!' returned Herbert nastily.

'That's it, you're both going to the detention!'

'What for' I didn't do anything!' I said calmly.

'Neither did I!' growled Herbert, his hands on his hips and feet spread.

'Disrespect!' answered Master Dean and grabbed Herbert by the shoulder.

As Master Dean reached out for me, Herbert batted his hand away. 'Get your hands off me, boy!'

By this time, we had attracted a crowd, Georgie among them. 'Malcolm didn't do anything!' he said sharply.

'Touch me again and I'll have my father sue you,' said Herbert as Master Dean again tried to take his arm.

Master Dean left and came back with two other counsellors. They took Morrison to detention but left me alone. Georgie thought it was time for me to get my hair cut. Not one to give in easily to a challenge, I agreed but insisted on going the following week.

It was during that same week, my eighth at the camp, that we found someone else's special hiding place on the side of the mountain. There were large rocks on three sides of the six by twelve foot, oval shaped flat patch of dirt with an entry opening less than three feet wide. An outcropping of flat stone about fifteen feet up covered it from above. Inside a waterproof duffle bag, well hidden between some rocks, was an interesting set of items: an Army blanket, a partially used roll of toilet paper, soiled underpants, two pornographic magazines and a half used jar of Vaseline.

'There's kids jerking off up here, probably from the upper forms,' observed Georgie.

But the underpants were much closer to my size than that of a fifteen year old and I guessed the Vaseline was being used as a lubricant the way Freddy and I used saliva.

Georgie lifted the pooped briefs again. 'Unh uh.' He held the underwear up to himself, then me. 'At least one of these guys is about eleven or twelve, less if he's fat.' Georgie didn't have my experience but he was still putting things together. 'I'll bet you somebody's getting fucked up here. Shit!'

We looked for evidence of how recently the place had been used. The shit in the underwear was well dried but that would happen quickly.

'Let's put it back just how we found it and check it out every chance we can,' said Georgie.

My dick was stiff at the thought of what was happening here. I had to see it just once.

We erased all the evidence of our presence and looked for a good observation post. There was a spot at the base of a large tree that afforded a clear view but we'd be visible too when we looked. Approach would be very difficult due to crunching leaves under foot. Overhanging rocks hid it well from above, unless, 'If one of us holds the other, we can slide out on the rocks up there and maybe see,' I said. 'And they won't be able to hear us coming.'

Every afternoon after three that week, except Wednesday when the director personally hauled me to the barbershop, Georgie and I hiked up cautiously but found no one. Friday, however, when we decided to check the duffle bag, we found that one of the rolls of toilet paper was almost used up and a second one still in its wrapper had been added. The underpants were gone. They'd been coming up either in the morning or at night.

'Or lunchtime,' suggested Georgie.

Saturday was free all day so we stuffed some breakfast rolls and apples in our pockets, filled our canteens and hiked up right after breakfast to wait. We beat the four who came by half an hour at the most. Perched on top of the rock formation behind a dead tree branch we found, we watched two boys about twelve, one perhaps thirteen and a man.

'That's Master Washburn from Beaver cabin. Shit!'

The two younger boys were the two good looking blondes I'd watched horse around many a time during the afternoon showers. They were in the sports group for twelve and thirteen year olds. Georgie knew them all.

'The blonde is Harry McWinters. The dirty blonde is Michael McWinters. I thought they were brothers but they're in the same cabin so I don't know, maybe cousins of something. The bigger kid is, a, shit, yeah, Bernie or Barney something. Shit, this is wild. Master Washburn is a homo. I hope we can see.'

The four disappeared under the rocks. We heard them talking but couldn't make out any of what they were saying. Wind through the trees masked the sounds of their voices.

'Georgie, if we can't hear them...'

'I got ya. Let's go.'

We headed for the tree we had dismissed as a hiding place because they'd likely, and did, go past it on the way in and we'd have to make too much noise to get to it after they arrived. We walked slowly and carefully, watching out for sticks that might break under our feet. It took a while to get there since we had to go all the way down below the rocks then back up. My dick stayed hard the entire time. I was worried we'd be too late. We weren't.

'Shit! Look at that! Wow!' exclaimed Georgie in a whisper.

The Master was on his knees fucking the thirteen year old who was, at the same time, screwing one of the twelves. My head went woozy. I had to take a deep breath to fill my lungs. The lighter blonde haired boy sat beside the stack watching the Master's bare ass pump into Bernie or Barney. I was sure the boy in the middle had to be delirious with pleasure. His prostate was being massaged by a big man cock and his own dick was buried in a tight boy ass.

I had to find a way to be part of that.

The Master stopped fucking. I saw his legs stretch out and his head lower. He was cumming inside the thirteen year old. Then he pulled back and out and sat on the ground, his back to me. The thirteen year old pumped fast and hard into the smaller boy. I found it incredible that he hadn't had his orgasm long before. Then he did. His ass muscles flexed as he pressed deep inside the boy on the ground.

The dirty blonde rolled over, pushing his impaler to the side. Well over four inches of shiny cock slid out of him. He dragged the blonde down beside him and ran his fingers between his own ass cheeks then over his cock, transferring lubricant. He lifted the ass cheek of his companion and pushed in behind him. His hand went between them apparently to guide his cock home. He pushed, adjusted upward then pushed in again. He wrapped his arms around the boy he was screwing, took hold of his cock and began pumping away slowly. The master was wiping off his hardon with toilet paper while watching the blondes. The bigger boy sat beside them, still nude, and watched too.

The blonde being fucked held on to the arm of the hand masturbating him, possibly to keep him from going too fast. The boy fucking gradually increased his speed then pushed in hard and stayed there as he jerked his friend off furiously. He pumped into him a few more times until the boy in front grabbed his arm and held it tightly to his body.

They lay like that for a few moments until the Master, in his undershirt and flannel shirt, his faltering cock sticking out between the hems of the shirt, poked them in the back with his foot.

I was sweating all over. Neither of us had said a word. I couldn't resist feeling Georgie's crotch. He didn't notice until my hand had grabbed his hard cock. 'Get off that.'

'Just curious,' I said with what breath I could muster.

Georgie grabbed mine. I didn't stop him. 'You too, so what?' he remarked.

'I gotta jerk off.'

'Not here, they're gonna come right by.'

'Nah, they gotta clean up. We've got time.' I opened my pants and pushed them and my briefs down as I spoke. I lay back and began masturbating.

'Shit,' muttered Georgie and followed suit.

My motivation for masturbation was purely dire physical need. I didn't occur to me he'd join in. He didn't seem the least bit inhibited about jerking off along side me. I was excited but a bit angry at myself for not doing something like this weeks earlier.

Watching him wank away, I almost asked if he wanted to stick his two and a half inches in me but was sure of a nasty reaction.

I came quickly. If Freddy had been there, I'd have gone for two. Georgie was struggling. Nature made me do what I did next.

'Move,' I said as I pushed Georgie's hand away and grabbed his rock hard penis. 'It feels better if someone else does it.

He made no effort to stop me. He ran his hand up his flat tummy and closed his eyes. It took less than a minute. His dry orgasm was as powerful as I'd felt in Freddy whose pulsing in my ass was always strong.

'That was pretty good,' said Georgie with a smile. 'Now, we better get out of here.'

I was so frustrated and angry at myself for not broaching this activity a month before, I almost forgot what we'd just witnessed.

Still adjusting our clothes, we retraced out steps back to the top of the rock formation and watched the four walk serenely back to camp.

Shit, can you believe that' I never figured Master Washburn for a homo.' He looked at me and said, 'I didn't mean that in a bad way. I just didn't think, well, you know, I thought he was normal. Shit. I'm sorry.'

I just stared at him. He was clearly saying he considered me like Mr. Washburn. What was I supposed to do' Deny it' I had just jerked him off. But other boys who liked girls did that to each other. What'

'You think I'm homo?'

'Look, Malcolm, no, I, well, shit! Kinda, yeah. But we're still friends. I

don't care.'

'Why, because I jerked you off back there?'

'No, everybody does that. Shit, I've done that before with another kid, a couple of times. You just act kinda...'

'Like a girl?'

He grimaced. 'A little, yeah. But I play with you every day, don't I. So I don't care. Please don't get mad. I'm sorry.'

Inside, I felt strangely happy, content, relieved he felt that way, but also angered at myself for waiting so long to do it. 'It's okay. Does everybody else think I'm that way too?'

Georgie rolled his eyes and lay back beside me. 'Some, a few think so.'

I wanted very much to hug him but was certain he wouldn't like it. 'I didn't think anyone knew. Do I really act like a girl?'

'Don't worry about it. That's the way some people are. I read about it in a book my mother's got hidden in her dresser. Some doctor who's doing research says everybody's got a little homo in them and homos have a little heterosexual in them and it's normal or something like that. Nobody at your school ever said anything?'

'No,' I lied then regretted.

'How about your friends?'

'I just have one. He's said some things.'

'Well, like what?'

'He says sort of like what you did that it's just the way I am. But he thinks I might change one day.'

We both stared at the trees above us for a while, then Georgie asked, 'You ever do anything with him?'

'Sort of.'

'Like jerking him off, or something else?'

'Something else.'

He rolled over on to his side and looked at me. 'Well, like what?'

'You're not going to say anything?'

'Of course not. So what?'

'Like they did.'

'He fucked you?'

'Mmm hmm.'

He continued to stare at me. I looked back. 'So, what, you wanna do it too?'

'I don't know. I'm thinking about it. You wouldn't mind?'


'Do we have to use Vaseline?'

'Freddy and I just use spit.'

'Shit.' There was a strange smile on his face.

'Is your penis hard?' I asked him.

'You know it is. Shit.'

'You say that a lot, too much.'



'Yeh, I know.' He was still staring at me, still smiling. 'I never figured I'd fuck another boy.'

'So, you wanna do it up here or down where they did it.'

'We better do it down there.'

We used their blanket. It was prickly like Freddy's and my sleeping bag. I took everything off. He just lowered his pants and briefs. His cock stuck straight out.

'It's easier if you take your pants off.'

He took off his shoes and pulled out of his pants, turning them inside out. Then he pulled the pants legs back through and folded them. He stayed hard but I sensed maybe he didn't want to go through with it.

'You don't have to if you don't want.' I didn't really mean that but was afraid of losing a friend as I had Philip.

'No, yeh, I want to do it. It's just kind of wierd.'

'You want me to make it wet for you?'

He put his pants on top of the duffle bag and stood up, looking at me on the blanket. He had a really nice, flat belly. His cock was small but straight as an arrow with his circumcised, slightly pointed glans the perfect arrowhead.

'I can do it.' He held his hand in front of his mouth and dripped saliva onto it.

I really wanted to do it for him. I knelt up in front of him and clamped my mouth down on his peter. He looked down and took a deep breath. I pulled him forward and sat him on the blanket without ever taking my mouth off him. He leaned back on his elbows and watched. After going up and down a few times, I lifted off.

He said, 'No. That's nice. Keep doing it a little more.'

He was small like me so being fucked by him wasn't going to be anything special. And, the view up his flat tummy was great. I moved and lay down between his legs, rocking my head back and forth on his cock. I ran my tongue down over his balls to his smooth perineum. I slid my hands up his sides under his shirt then back over his tummy. He had great skin.

Georgie reached out and put one hand on my shoulder. I pulled his legs up so my tongue could slip farther down between his legs. He lay back and let me do as I wished. I pushed his legs up higher and let his cock pop out of my mouth. He did nothing to stop or even slow me. I seemed to be following some kind of instinct. Nothing I did was considered before doing it. His skin was so nice. My tongue touched the rim of his pucker. I felt him twinge. I licked across it. The slight smell of poop didn't bother me. He let go of my shoulder and grabbed his knees, pulling them tight against his body. I pushed the tip of my tongue into the center of his anus. There was no tightening. I grabbed his hips and pulled him to me as I pushed my tongue more and more inside him. He wasn't really tight, just small. The tip managed to get inside the pucker. I fucked him with my tongue, entering a tiny bit more with each push. Then the muscle in my tongue couldn't take the strain any more. I licked my way back up to his penis, now harder, thicker than ever. I tried to prolong things by not putting much pressure around his shaft. He was way too hot to wait and throbbed inside my mouth. He sat up quickly and held my head still.

When the throbbing stopped, he let go and fell back onto the blanket. 'Oh, shit, that was so neat.' I knew I wasn't going to get fucked.

He was apologetic about not being able to screw me though I was sure he could have. His cock was still stiff as a tree trunk, poking out from inside his pants when he stood after dressing.

We cleaned up the site then went back up on the rocks to eat our rolls and fruit and drink from our canteens. Georgie explained why leaves were green and changed color in the fall. The world was quite fine, thank you.

That afternoon, we went and took long showers hoping one or more of the boys would show up. They didn't.


Sunday, after the eight thirty Mass I'd been unable to avoid and a bacon, eggs and sweet bun breakfast, Georgie and I, both knowing we'd have no visitors, went searching for the three boys from the mountain. The two younger ones, blonde Harry and dirty blonde Michael McWinters were playing basketball with a group of eleven to thirteen year olds. We found a comfortable spot under a tree and watched and waited. One of the boy's names came over the loudspeakers. He had a visitor. He trotted off leaving just five to play.

'Want to?' asked Georgie.

We walked over and suggested we pair up with two of them against the three others.

'You guys are bigger and Malcolm isn't that good, so it'll be fair.'

Harry whispered something in the ear of Michael. They both looked briefly at me. Michael whispered back. It was all very quick. We played. Harry, Michael and a third older boy aligned against another eleven year old, a twelve year old, Georgie and I. For a while it was just an ordinary pickup basketball game. Georgie was better than they expected and our teammates realized it quickly. They were taller but he could handle the ball on the outside and shot reasonably well. We were winning. Harry was the first to crowd me, rubbing his crotch against my back. Then Michael did the same thing. Nothing was said but they smiled at each other and me after doing it.

Then, the strangest thing that had ever happened to me at a summer camp occurred. My name was called over the loudspeaker. With only four weeks to go out of twelve, my mother had come to see me, brought by her parents, bearing gifts. It was all very awkward.

Mother said, 'My, Malcolm, you do look healthier. Have you gained weight?'

'Mmm hmm.'

'Are you playing sports and swimming?'

'Mmm hmm.' I couldn't get myself to look at her much less converse.

While I was happy to see my grandparents, I obviously wanted little to do

with my mother. My grandfather pulled me aside.

'Look, Malcolm. We know you're not happy here and you're angry and you're right to be angry but this wasn't your mother's idea. You've got to be nicer to her. Talk to her. She loves you and what you're doing hurts her.'

I tried, very hard. But seeing her just dragged the anger out from wherever it had been buried the previous eight weeks.

She tried too. After a terrible silence with the four of us looking anywhere but at each other, mother straightened up and said, 'If you want to come home, dear, oh, I'll take you with us right now. Your father will be furious but that's my problem.

I lifted my eyes to hers to see if she was serious. I saw determination. It melted some of my anger. Her offer brought Freddy immediately to mind. Life here at the camp had been great and there was promise of something really exciting in the works. I had a wonderful, understanding friend in Georgie. But Freddy, to be with Freddy was much better than everything else good in my life combined.

Then the other side, the very dark side of her proposal seeped into my mind, like liquid asphalt over a flower garden. She was right. My father would be furious. It was likely I'd at least be confined to the house. There was a possible beating for coming home. He'd probably prevent my seeing Freddy. Home would be a terrible place to exist for quite some time.

'Can I stay with you?' I asked my grandparents, immediately realizing I was being very cruel to my mother. 'I'm sorry, mother. I just know that my father is going to be very angry. He, well, you know.'

My grandfather explained, 'Son, we're going away tomorrow for three weeks. Otherwise, of course we would.' He turned to his daughter. 'I think Malcolm is being very brave and very mature here. We all know why he wants to go home.'

What did he mean by that' Did they know I just wanted to be with Freddy and were accepting of my desire, would allow, even facilitate it' I wanted to ask, to be sure. But reason prevailed. I was over two thirds of the way through camp. There was a strong chance my father could prevent me from seeing Freddy. He might even send me back here anyway. I opted to stay.

It would have been nice to give my mother a real hug. I knew it was the right thing to do, even wanted to do it. But the best I could force out of my body was an arm around her briefly.

My grandparents were very disappointed. They had driven hundreds of miles for a forty-five minute visit. We all parted worse off. They left unfulfilled. I went back to my cabin, carrying the cakes and books they'd brought me, feeling very guilty, furious at myself for not showing some consideration and love to my mother.

Georgie had carried his lunch out from the dining hall and had been watching us. He followed me into the cabin.

'What happened?'

'I don' know. I was really mean to my mother.'

'Why, what happened?'

I lay face down on Georgie's bunk. Georgie sat beside me and put his hand on my shoulder. I asked into the pillow, 'Why can't I love my mother. She's not the son-of-a-bitch. He is.'

'Then why doesn't she get a divorce' My mother did.'

'I don' know.' I turned over and took hold of his arm. 'Maybe she's afraid

of him. She acts like she's afraid of him all the time, except today. Now I'm a son-of-a-bitch. I couldn't even give her a little hug. I think she was crying when she left. Shit. Shit!'

'Why don't you write her a letter and tell her you're sorry.'

I looked at him. That was it.

There was camp stationery in the drawers built in under our beds. I took some out and sat, pencil in hand, at the desk between the bunks.

'What do I say?'

'I don't know. She's your mother. Tell her you love her. They like that.'

I started and tore up letters so many times I was taking stationery from other boy's drawers. Eventually, though, with only two erasures, I had what I would send. It said,

Dear mother,

I am very sorry for being so mean to you today. Thank you for the cake and books. I will start reading them today.

Thank you for saying you will take me home. But I know my father will be very angry at you and me but specially at you. So maybe it is better for me to stay here until camp is over.

It is okay. I have a friend named Georgie. We play together every day. He taught me to play baseball real good. Now I can play with the kids at school.

I will see you in four weeks and I promise to be good.

I love you.

Your son, Malcolm

I let Georgie read it. He thought it was okay so I put it in an envelope and took it to the mailbox in the main building.

I'd missed lunch. Georgie smiled and produced a sandwich and a banana he'd brought out for me. After eating, I wanted more. I used a bit of the five dollars from my grandfather to buy potato chips for me and four candy bars for the both of us. Before we could get back to the cabin, it started to rain and continued for the rest of the day. There was a movie in the dining hall but we decided to stay in the cabin and read the books I'd been given.

The really sad kid who'd yelled at me when I touched him a couple of weeks before was lying on his back on his bunk, two down from mine, staring at the ceiling. When I'd asked, Master Warren told me the boy's name was Milton and that it would be nice if I'd be his friend. I'd told him what happened when I'd tried. He'd sighed, 'Oh well.'

Probably due to a need to do something nice to someone, anyone, I climbed down and put a candy bar beside his hand. He either didn't or pretended he didn't notice me.

After Georgie finished accusing me of being 'stupid', we read side by side until we fell asleep. When we were awakened for dinner, I noticed that Milton had the candy in his shirt pocket. After dinner, he walked to my bunk, placed an apple at the foot of my bed and returned to his own. Georgie shook his head and rolled his eyes.

Monday afternoon as Georgie and I climbed the rocks above where the orgy had taken place, I saw Milton walking up the same path we'd followed.

'Look who followed us.'

'Oh shit. Malcolm, the kid's crazy. He'll just be a pain in the neck.'

It didn't matter. Milton stopped, looked at us for a minute or so, then headed away.

Georgie wanted to discuss bird languages and his theory that they actually were saying things that people hadn't yet figured out. I was horny.

The first time he paused in his discourse, I asked, 'Wanna do some sex?'

'Shit, Malcolm. Is that all you think about' I'm explaining something important. Pay attention.'

He went on about Mynah birds and the fact that they can learn English proves that birds know how to talk. 'We just have to learn bird talk like Mynah birds learn English. Okay, let's go.'

He stood up. I followed. He led us down to below the rocks where we'd observed and had sex. As he walked into the clearing, he opened his belt and unzipped his fly. He saw me staring.

'You want to do sex, don't you?'

I wrestled the duffle bag out from inside the rocks and yanked out the blanket. He was completely naked when I turned around. The sun illuminated him perfectly. His tanned body looked better in that light than Martin O'Malley's, our class muscle boy. I didn't bother untying my shoes, just forced them off. I nearly ripped off my buttons getting out of my shirt and pants.

'Whatta you want to do this time?' I asked as I pushed off my pants and briefs together. 'Wanna fuck me?'

'Let's just start off like we did last time.'

He sat on the blanket. I crawled between his legs and dropped my mouth down on his penis. For some reason, it seemed a little larger. He leaned back on his hands, still in a sitting position, too high for me to get down between his legs.

He sat up and whispered like someone else might hear him, 'Let me fuck you.'

I sucked in his soft little balls for a moment then slowly lifted off, leaving his cock dripping with saliva. I rolled over and he got behind me. I spread my cheeks and raised my rear. He straddled then lay on top of me, trying to find my hole with one hand guiding his dick.

'Shit,' he muttered.

I thought he was talking about my hole and looked back.

'No, no. This is hard.'

I reached back and pushed my hand between us. He rose up so I could. I put his cockhead at my entrance.

'Go in,' I told him.

I pulled my hand out. He pushed forward. His cock went inside, just past my pucker.


I shook my head. He pulled himself forward and slid in deeper. He began fucking, coming out on the third pull. I put him back in. He moved further up my body and pushed hard into me. His face was pressed against my back. He started to fuck again, and came out.


'Don't go out so much.'

'Wait a minute.'

He lifted himself up on his arms and looked at my ass. 'Your ass is too big. Get on your side.'

He knelt beside me. I rolled onto my side. He sat on my thigh and, pushing my other leg ahead of him, slid up until his cock was again at my entranceway. With his tongue between his teeth, he slid forward. I felt his cock slip inside me. It didn't reach my prostate but I could feel his crotch tight against my perineum.

He put his hands on the blanket and made short thrusts. 'Yeh,' he said, satisfied with himself.

The physical strain was on his face. His eyes were fixed on his cock as it slid in and out of me. His one leg was rubbing back and forth across my balls and cock. A good prostate rub would have been better but this was very nice. Georgie bit down on his lower lip, his eyes staring below. He punched in with more force. In his position, only short thrusts were possible but they seemed to be working. I wrapped my fingers around his ass and encouraged him to push harder. He grabbed my arm and used it to pull himself forward. He fucked faster. His leg was virtually masturbating me. I dropped my head back as orgasm overtook me. Georgie pumped faster and faster then yanked on my arm and held himself fully inside.

I felt his throbbing. His mouth came open and he gulped in air.

After a few moments, he fell over beside me. 'Shit! That was hard work.'

'Did you like it?'

'Of course.'

He laughed to himself.

'What's wrong?' I asked.

'Nothing. Now I know why my father likes to fuck so much. I still wish he'd do it someplace else when I'm there.'

I looked at his cock, sticking up, wet and shiny, wishing it was longer.

At dinner that evening, I watched Milton, trying to catch his eye. But he was his usual lone self and never looked away from his food.

However, he did leave another apple at the foot of my bed.

Tuesday afternoon in the showers, we saw the McWinters blondes at the far end. They were talking to each other and didn't seem to notice us. Michael was massaging his good looking hard cock.

Georgie didn't want to go near them. 'I don't want them to think I want what you want.'

'Then just stay near but come on.'

He followed me at a distance. There were lots of other kids showering, maybe twenty including a very handsome twelve or thirteen year old with a beautiful full body and a big, still hairless cock. I ogled him as I walked by. He was busy washing under his powerful arms and didn't notice me. Harry McWinters did, though, and smiled my way. The shower heads on both sides of the two blondes were occupied so I just waited. Harry offered me his 'while I soap up,' he said rubbing his hardon.

I stepped in. Georgie was well behind me sitting on the bench, watching out of the corner of his eye. The two looked enough alike to be brothers, both with full athlete's bodies, a lot like Martin O'Malley. Their tanned rectangular faces had full cheeks and slightly turned up noses below mischievous brown eyes and high foreheads. My eyes had difficulty moving away from the semi-hard cock Harry was massaging.

He asked, 'How was your visit Sunday?'

'Okay,' I lied.

'You get anything?'

'Some books and cake and money.'

He walked close and acted like he was rinsing under his arm. 'Wanna come with us after dinner?' he asked softly along side my face.


'Just come to the basketball courts where we were Sunday.'

Both our cocks were hard. Michael looked at mine and grinned.

I stayed until they left, enjoying the view of their glistening, gorgeous bodies as water coursed over them, hugging their delicious curves and running off their cocks like one long pee.

Georgie joined me as soon as they left. He saw my hard peter. 'Shit. What'd they say?'

'They want to meet me at the basketball court after dinner.'

'You going to go?'

'I dunno. You think I should?'

'If you want to get fucked, yes. If you don't, no.'

The thought of their growing penises inside me kept me hard. Of course I wanted to go. 'You wanna watch' It's okay with me if you do.'

'I don't think it'll be okay with them. I know I wouldn't want anybody watching.'

'I'll tell them you have to come or I won't. Please, I want you to come.'

'I'll think about it.'

In the dining hall, I filled my tray and ate dinner but my mind was definitely not on the food. Just before six, I walked to the basketball court. The blondes were waiting under a tree.

'Why's he here?' they asked about Georgie who was fifteen yards behind me, still not sure he wanted any part of what was to happen.

'I want him to come too. He's just gonna watch.'

Michael got suspicious. 'Watch what?'

I grinned. 'You know, what you want to do.'

'What do we want to do?'

'What you did,' I caught myself, 'like when you were playing in the shower but for real.' I'd almost mentioned the orgy at the rocks.

Michael had gone beyond suspicious to nervous. 'Nah, we just want to play

basketball, don't we Harry?'

I was furious with myself and sought words to get the conversation back on track. I stepped close to Michael. 'Sex.'

'You're crazy, kid. We just?'

Harry nudged in. 'What do you mean sex?'

'You can put yours in me, my behind.'

I was frantic, worried the liaison I wanted so badly was not going to happen. Maybe, I thought, I shouldn't have insisted Georgie come along. 'He doesn't have to come. He just wanted to watch is all.'

'So tell him to go away.'

'Wait,' I told them and scurried over the Georgie.

'They're scared, I think, so you better not come this time.'

Georgie looked relieved. 'Okay, but don't let them take you too far.'

I walked quickly back to the blondes. Michael seemed more relaxed. Harry asked, 'What'd you tell him?'

'Maybe next time.'

'All right, come on.'

They led me to the far side of the camp to a small shed. The door had a padlock on it. We walked around to the back where they lifted a pair of stones away from the base of the wall and pulled out two weathered vertical planks from the bottom. We squeezed inside. Light entered from a single window high in a side wall. There wasn't enough open space for us to lie on the concrete floor. Both blondes sat down to untie their shoes. Harry looked at me standing there and said, 'Get undressed.'

I leaned over and undid the laces on one shoe. 'Where are we going to do it' There's no space.'

'There's plenty of space. We do it in here standing up.'

As I continued to take off my shoes and pants, various images of standup sex flashed through my mind, none unpleasant. I was actually excited at this new approach.

Harry asked, 'You ever done this before?'

'Mm hmm.'

'You do it with that kid who was with you?' asked Michael.

'Not exactly.' I wasn't sure what Georgie would want me to admit to.

'Not exactly' How do you not exactly get fucked?'

Michael answered, 'you sucked him, didn't you?'

'Mm hmm.'

Both boys took off their shirts.

'Anybody else here at camp fuck you?' asked Harry as he pushed off his pants and briefs displaying a roaring hardon.


'So who fucked you' Kids at your school?'

'Just others.'

'Not gonna tell or is this really your first time.'

'This is not my first time.'

'We'll see.' Michael handed Harry a small jar of Vaseline.

'You ever do it standing up?' asked Harry wiping the grease on his cock.

'No.' Both were taller than me. Their cocks lined up with the top of my rear end. How were they going to fuck me like that' They wouldn't be able to stand very long with their knees bent.

I figured it out just as Harry said, 'Come over here and stand on this.' He showed me an upside down shallow wooden crate next to the wall that would level us out almost perfectly.

I stepped up on it. Harry moved in behind me and spread my ass cheeks. His greasy cock was cold against my skin. He sought out my hole with his thumb then put his cockhead against it.

'Go in slow.'

'Don't worry.'

He pushed gently. The head poked inside. I reached back and held on to his hips. His cock continued up into me. I felt him lift up on his toes. He passed my prostate, sending the old sparks flying. I took a deep breath, waiting for him to go deeper.

'Drop down a little,' he requested. 'You're too high.'

I bent my knees and pulled on his buns. He slid in deeper. I felt wonderfully full.

'Stay like that. Don't move.'

He began fucking, each time pulling out a little further before pushing back to maximum penetration.

I felt Michael's bare body against the backs of my hands. Harry pulled almost completely out. Michael pushed him back in. He was fucking Harry as Harry fucked me, just like they'd done on the mountain with the older boy and the Master. I immediately wished it was me in the middle but I knew with my little pecker, I'd have a hard time getting very far inside these two.

Michael punched into his friend, pushing him deep into me. I held onto Harry's ass, feeling Michael's body ram forward time and time again. My cock needed attention but I didn't want to let go of Harry's ass.

'Jerk me off.'

'Huh' Okay,' answered Harry breathlessly. His fingers took hold of my

peter and moved up and down. They were pleasantly slippery with Vaseline. I was very close.

'Not so fast,' I said.

He moved his fingers slower. My prostate felt like it had doubled in size. My anus felt like it was made of jelly. Harry's cock slid in and out of me like a piston. My knees weakened as I approached orgasm. I think Michael came first because I heard him gasp several times in a row. I was next. Harry felt me pulsing and stopped masturbating but didn't let go. Then I felt him throbbing inside me. I hoped he was squirting his juice up inside me. The idea of his cum up my behind was very exciting.

Harry wrapped his arms around me and hugged, his cock still buried in me. 'That was really good.'

Michael reached around us both and felt my cock. 'Not even three inches long.' He felt up my balls but made no comment.

I felt him make one last hard thrust which pushed Harry's cock deep into me. They both pulled loose and began cleaning up with a roll of toilet paper that had been hidden inside a crate. Michael handed me a wad for my ass.

'What's the biggest cock you ever had up your ass?' he asked.

'Like his.' I pointed at Harry. 'A tiny bit bigger.' Harry's was a tad shorter than Frankie Stilling's.

'Ever try a bigger one?'

'Yes, but it hurt. A little bigger is okay.' I didn't want to rule out anything. It had been a long time since Douglas tried to stick me with his five incher. I had to be larger back there.

'I know a kid smaller than you that can sit on one a lot bigger than mine.'

Was he talking about Master Washburn's huge penis' I was sure that one would tear me apart. 'How much bigger?'

'About like that.' He held his hand an inch out from the end of his softening cock.

'I'll try but if it hurts, he's gotta stop.'

Harry grinned and hit Michael in the upper arm.

The voyeur in me along with a bit of caution prompted, 'Can I watch the other boy do it with him first?'

They looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders. 'We'll ask,' answered Michael. 'We better get going.'

On the way back, I asked, 'Can my friend watch us next time' He won't say anything and we already did stuff together.'

Michael answered, 'He's gotta get naked and do something too so he can't rat.'

'Like what?'

'I don't know. He can fuck you before us.'

'Okay, I'll tell him.

Harry asked, 'Feel good?'

'Unh huh,' I answered, gripping his arm gently.

Georgie was waiting outside, hidden back in the trees. He caught my eye as the blondes were replacing the stones then rushed over the moment Harry and Michael left me at the edge of the sports fields.

'Were you out there all the time' Did you hear?'

'Yeah I heard. They did it to you standing up' Both of them?'

'No, Michael put his in Harry while he was fucking me.'

'Shit, those two are, shit, sorry.'

I was sure everyone could smell the Vaseline on me. I asked Georgie. He sniffed belly level.

'I don't smell anything but we can shower if you want.'

We showered. Georgie was hard the entire time.

'You wanna do it, don't you?'

Georgie frowned. 'We can't. It's too late. There's nowhere to go.'

I thought. It was less than an hour to lights out. Older kids came and went while we were in the showers. Everything was closed. He was right. I was horny again too. There was only one thing to do.

'Wait until everyone's asleep and come up on my bunk.'

'Shit, you're crazy. Somebody will see us. Like your nutty friend, Milton. I don't know if he ever sleeps.'

'Well, it's the only way if you wanna do it tonight.'

We both fell asleep.

It was Thursday afternoon before Michael approached me at the end of swimming. 'By the basketball court in twenty minutes.'

'Can Georgie come?'

'Not this time. The other kid doesn't want anybody else. You still coming?'

I sighed and agreed.

Georgie was disappointed. 'Shit, I'm not going to say anything.'

Only Harry was waiting at the trees. He took me to one of the school buildings. A door opened and we walked straight in. Inside was the boy Georgie had said was named Barney or Bernie, the thirteen year old who had been screwed by Master Washburn. Harry knew where we were going and led us quickly down the hall to a large bathroom. Michael and a smaller boy, with strawberry blonde hair who I'd seen a few times, were there. The bigger boy closed and locked the door with a key that he dropped with a flair into his side pants pocket.

Michael raised his hands and said with a great smile, 'Everybody's here. Let the games begin.'

Everyone laughed, I, self consciously.

Shoes came off and were tossed into the air. The little one mooned the blondes with a plump round ass.

Harry said, 'Just a minute, we are being rude.' He introduced me to the bigger boy. 'Little dick Malcolm, this is big dick Barney. Big dick Barney, this is little dick Malcolm.'

Barney gave me a very friendly smile as he shook my hand then led me to the smaller boy. In his changing voice, he said, 'So so dick Larry, this is, wait a minute.' He undid my belt, unbuttoned and unzipped my trousers and pulled them and my briefs down in front, then, 'not really so small Malcolm.' I shook Larry's little hand. There was a lot of fun in his face. I wondered how he and Georgie would get along.

Barney did have a flush of pubic hair I hadn't seen due to the distance the previous Saturday when Master Washburn had fucked him. His body was a bit soft but well proportioned. I couldn't resist feeling his cock and balls once we were all naked. The length was perfect but it seemed like it might be too thick.

I looked at Larry. He was just a wisp of a boy, somewhat slim but with thick well tanned flesh that moved freely over his body as he helped Barney undress. His blue eyes were the type that seemed to be smiling no matter what the rest of his face was doing. His squarish soft face had a slightly rosy tint on his tanned cheeks. Large ears were surrounded with hair longer than normally allowed at Camp McFarlane. His hard little peter was easily as long as mine though not as thick. I'd enjoy sucking on it.

Michael produced a blanket out of a brown shopping bag, a really nice blanket, like we had in the cabins, and a jar of Vaseline. Larry grabbed the jar and struggled to open in. Michael took it back, popped the lid off with his thumbs and returned it to Larry who put it over the end of Barney's five inches.

Barney lay down on his back on the blanket in the middle of the boys' room floor. Larry took me by the hand and pulled me along as he stepped over Barney's middle. Barney's big cock lolled, fat and rigid, just off the flesh of his groin. Michael and Harry, their cocks erect, stood together in front of the sinks. No one said a word.

Larry stood over Barney's pelvis. Still holding onto my hand, using me for balance, he squatted, put his hand at the base of Barney's cock and pointed it straight up. He waddled back a couple of inches until the helmet head of the circumcised cock was at his anus. I stepped behind him without letting go of his hand for a better view.

Michael said, 'Go on, get down and watch.'

Still not letting go of Larry's hand, I knelt and leaned over. The head of Barney's cock was pushing through a ring of Vaseline at the point of entry, spreading Larry's tiny hole. The eight year old gripped my hand tightly but didn't make a sound. His anus kept expanding as the thick penis pushed its way inside. It didn't seem possible Larry's little hole could open up this much yet it had to spread half as much again to take Barney completely inside.

Barney wasn't doing anything but lying there. It was Larry who was lowering himself, who had control of how fast the adolescent erection pushed in. He stopped, looked back at me and smiled. Seconds later, he started down again. His flesh continued to expand. The soft flare of the glans began to compress then disappeared inside. Larry straightened up, pulled his hand out of mine and put it on my shoulder. Bracing himself on me, he started down again, moving faster than before. The nearly five inches of shaft slipped seemingly effortlessly into Larry's hole until he was seated hard on Barney's sparse pubic hairs.

I imagined where Barney's pole had gone, expanding the small rectum, stuck up inside the end of his colon and, other than possible pain, what it must feel like inside. Could I take it inside of me' I wasn't at all sure.

I looked quickly at the eight year old's peter. It was stiff as a pencil. Larry put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me around front. He pushed my head down into his crotch. I knew what he wanted and provided it. I had to lie down perpendicular to the pair to get my mouth completely down on the little penis. It was very hard, like flesh over oak. He wobbled his ass side to side and forward and backward, then slowly up and down. His cock was doing in my mouth what Barney's was inside Larry's rectum.

Larry rose up higher, allowing more of Barney's cock to slide out. I put my hand back there to feel how much. As he rose, I found I could see Barney's shaft between Larry's legs. My cock was as stiff as it had ever been but not as solid as Larry's bobbing around in my mouth.

Michael sat beside me and ran his hand back and forth over the curve of my

buns. I was getting really hot. I took Michael's fingers and pushed them down into my crack. He spoke to Barney, 'Get on your side so we can do something too.'

Barney put his hands on Larry's hips and pushed and pulled gently to turn him around. Larry lifted up his leg on the far side and slowly, with Barney's help, moved it across his chest to my side. I sat up to let him pass. Revolving on Barney's cock, Larry did a half turn until he was facing the thirteen year old's feet. Barney pulled him down on him. He pumped into him a few times with the little boy prone on top of him. I'd done the same a few months earlier with Frankie Stillings. I leaned over to watch down between their legs as the shaft moved in and out, appearing then disappearing.

Embracing Larry's body, Barney rolled to his side.

Michael whispered in my ear. 'Okay if I fuck you?'

'Mmm hmm.'

'Lie down in front of Larry so you can suck him.'

I started to lie down with my chest to the little boy's knees.

'Not like that, the other way so Larry can suck you too. Turn around.'

I didn't need any more encouragement. I flipped quickly around. Not only was I going to be sucked and fucked, I'd be able to watch Barney's big cock going in and out of Larry's stretched hole. The moment I was in position, I felt Michael sliding in behind me. He greased cock poked between my ass cheeks. I felt his fingers guide it up my crack until it felt the softness of my hole. Michael's fingers came out. He adjusted himself and began pushing inside. Right about then, Larry sucked in my cock. I looked back and saw he had his arm over the two of us and was tugging at Michael's ass while Harry was moving in behind his partner. As in the shed, I felt the transferred energy as Harry pushed hard into Michael's ass.

Remembering my responsibility, I quickly got Larry's cock into my mouth and began sucking him in and out. After a few seconds, Larry lifted his leg and rested his thigh on the side of my face, slowing me down. I could clearly see Barney's cock pushing in and pulling out the flesh of Larry's anus as he pumped in and out. I was looking at a version of what was happening in my rear. It was mesmerizing.

Harry or Michael or both were thrusting slow but hard. Each time Michael's cock pressed across my prostate, it felt like a mini-orgasm, spraying pleasure out to my hips. Fortunately, Larry was allowing the action into my ass to create all the motion inside his mouth. Had he done more, I'd have climaxed immediately.

Barney ran his hand up my side then down to my ass cheeks. When he reached my knee, he lifted my leg up and pulled it across Larry's face as the eight year old had done to me. He was providing a better view for Larry as Larry had for me.

The four of us settled into a gentle rhythm. Barney stretched his arm out across the three of us and held onto Harry's ass. I found it with mine as I caressed the mass of flesh around me. We squeezed each other's fingers for a few moments. Michael had his free arm over me and around Barney, using it to pull himself forward with each thrust into my ass. My middle was on fire. I pulsed inside Larry's mouth.

Michael let go of Barney's back and reached back to his partner's ass to

urge him on. I felt the increased speed and force. My orgasm tightened my rectal muscle around Michael's penis. He began going 'mmmph, mmmph'. His arm went back around Barney and pulled hard as he could. His thrusts became shorter but faster. Then he went 'unnnh' three times, stopped fucking and throbbed inside me. Harry hadn't stopped and continued to push Michael back and forth. Harry's arm went over and around Barney, pulling as had Michael. The head of my peter was ultra sensitive causing me to tremble each time it was pushed across Larry's tongue.

Then Harry stopped. Only Barney was active, gradually picking up speed. I moved my head down Larry's crotch so I could suck in his pea balls. I flipped his dick under my tongue. Larry grabbed my head and pulled it tight against him. I could feel he was really close. His cock grew steadily thicker and harder. Barney was thrusting hard, pulling out to the base of his cock head then ramming back inside hard enough that his balls flopped against my nose. I was past my sensitivity and ready for Larry to suck me some more. I reached down and nudged his head to move around on me. Michael and Harry stayed inside us holding everyone together with their arms.

Larry sucked on my cock, moving his head about, wrapping his tongue around my shaft. I yanked on Michael's ass to fuck me some more. He moved in and out slowly, running his cock back and forth across my prostate which was again as sensitive and pleasure giving as before my climax.

Watching Barney ramming hard and fast into little Larry reminded me that after the Master had fucked Barney, he had had to keep fucking one of these two for a while before he came. But up inside this tight tiny ass, he had to be close. I hoped it would be a little longer so I could make it to my second orgasm. Larry worked hard to bring it on. Michael pumped slowly into me. It was a dream come true. My entire middle was glowing with ecstasy.

Barney rammed particularly hard, stopped, pulled out to the tip of his

cock head, thrust back inside. I saw the pulsing in the underside of his buried cock. Larry sucked harder and ran his mouth up and down my shaft. I yanked on Michael's ass to pump harder too. He increased the length of his strokes sending sparks up through my colon and back. I worked on Larry as he was doing me then pulled on Barney's ass cheek to move inside Larry.

I was on the edge and staying there, breathing fast and furious through my nose. Larry yanked his thigh off my face and came. I tugged Barney to a halt. Larry moved his head in every direction. I opened my mouth and said, 'Oh Larry!' and reached a violent orgasm. My legs flew straight out. I gasped and pulled hard as my flimsy muscles could on Barney's back.

Larry squeezed my super sensitive cockhead inside his mouth, making me jump. He let go and laughed.

'Shut up for a minute, Larry. Let's just enjoy for a minute,' said Barney.

Larry lifted my thigh and pushed his head in to where he could suck in my balls. It was very comfortable so I returned the favor.

I could have slept like that and laughed inside at what Master Dean, the good Catholic, would think if he found us in my bed like this.

A few minutes later, I noticed Barney's cock was softening and slowly slipping out of Larry. I moved Larry's balls around in my mouth. He did the same with mine. Barney's withdrawal stalled when all had come out but the head. He pulled back and it popped loose like Larry's hole had spit it out. I hoped he wouldn't move but he did. Very deliberately, the two blondes pulled out of me and each other. Larry and I lay pressed together, each sucking on the other's balls. Then Larry smacked me on the ass and let go, laughing.

I hugged him. He hugged me back.

The blondes and Barney went to the sinks to clean up with soap and water.

I huddled with Larry.

'What did it feel like' Did it hurt?'

'Just at first then it's okay.'

'Did it feel good inside?'

'It was okay but I like it better with Harry or Michael even though they just give me a quarter and Barney gives me a dollar.'

'They pay you for this?'

'Uh huh.'

'Then you just do it for the money?'

'With Barney 'cause it hurts some but it's fun with Harry and Michael.

Just don't tell them so they keep giving my quarters. How much they giving you?'


Larry shook his head.

'Larry, wanna come walking with my friend and me after dinner?'

'Can't. We all gotta be with the Master after dinner. But I can tomorrow after class.'

'Okay, we can meet at the basketball courts.' I watched the three at the sinks drying off with toilet paper. 'I wanna try Barney.'

'Make sure he gives you your dollar.'

Barney was already thinking about my ass. 'When do you and I get together.'

I shrugged.

'How about Saturday after lunch.'

Michael pulled him aside and whispered something into his ear. He whispered back. Harry joined them, his arm over Michael's shoulder. They were discussing something. Larry and I watched.

'We sort of have another appointment Saturday.'

I felt I knew who the appointment was with and wanted to watch up close if possible. I approached the three naked boys, leaving Larry behind in case he didn't know. 'We know about Master Washburn if that's who it is. I really want to watch and you can do me when he does you.'

The three of them looked at me with strange expressions I couldn't interpret. Michael spoke first. 'Who else knows about that?'

'Just Georgie and he'll never, ever tell.'

I felt Larry's hand on my arm then his body against mine.

Barney said, 'Listen, Malcolm, you could get us all in a lot of trouble if you said anything about that. And you'd be in it too.'

Larry asked, 'In what?'

'Nothing,' answered Harry.

'Wait a minute,' said Barney. He walked to the corner with the blondes and had an animated conversation of whispers.

I put my arm over Larry's shoulder and sat with him on the blanket.

'How long you been doing it with them,' I asked.

'I did it last year with Barney then this year Harry and Michael came with us. You do it with them before?'

'Just once.'

'You like it?' he smiled.

'Oh yes. It feels really neat but with you sucking me too, it was the best ever.' I squeezed his arm.

'You wanna do it sometime just you and me' You don't have to give me anything.'

'Whenever you want.'

'Tomorrow when we go walking.'

Michael called me but told Larry to wait on the blanket.

'How do you know about Master Washburn?'

'We saw you one day on the mountain.'

'I told you somebody had been there,' said Michael, 'shit.'

I could see Michael was angry. 'Don't worry. We're never gonna tell anybody.'

'You don't understand. Master Washburn isn't going to like this and he isn't a nice man,' said Barney. 'You don't want him to ever find out you saw him.'

I was confused. 'Then why did you do it with him?'

Harry answered. 'He caught us once in a place we used to use and said he'd tell if one of us didn't let him fuck us.'

'He'd be in more trouble than you,' I insisted.

'You don't know our fathers,' said Michael. 'They'd go after him but they'd kill us.'

'I don't even want to think about it,' said Harry.

'Saturday's going to be the last time' explained Barney. 'After he's done it, we're gonna tell him that's the end, we'll rat on him if he says anything about us.'

'I don't know,' said Michael. 'His father's a senator. Like he said, he'd just claim we were lying to cover for ourselves and they'd believe him.'

'I don't care,' said Barney firmly. 'It's not your ass he's fucking and I can't take it any more.'

Again, Georgie had been hiding outside during the entire orgy. He'd had no idea where we were inside the two story building and hadn't heard a thing.

'Then five of you walk out. Shit! Was everybody doing it at the same time or two by two?'

'Everybody, all five of us had out penises in somebody's rear end or mouth. Michael was up mine while Harry was up his. Barney, that's his name, was up Larry, the little kid, and Larry and I were sucking each other. All at the same time! It was the most wonderful, fantastic sex I've ever done. I wish you could have seen it.'

'Barney put his all the way inside that little kid?'

'All the way. I was sucking on Larry's penis and could watch up close.'

Georgie looked uncomfortable. 'Malcolm, we've got to go somewhere private.'

I looked at his crotch and saw the point. We only had a half an hour before dinner so it had to be someplace close. There were bushes all around the Catholic Church. Maybe we could hide there.

We ran down the hill and across the field next to the church. On the far side, there was a small grotto with a statue of the Blessed Mother. It had shrubbery on three sides, almost like at my school but without the honeysuckle. We squeezed in behind the rock and cement wall. If someone were directly behind the grotto and close, they could see us but not from anywhere else. Georgie pulled off his shoes and pants and sat on his pants. I lay on top of him, fully dressed, with my crotch over his face. There wasn't enough space for any other arrangement. I sucked in his cock and balls, running my upper lip as far down his perineum as possible.

'We don't have time for all that. Just suck me. Make me cum.'

I released his soft ball sack and ran my mouth up and down his little pillar, rocking my head from side to side at the same time. He stiffened and climaxed in less than a minute.'

'Shit! I really needed that. You really make me horny, Malcolm. Not you, what you do, and the others. All that sex. Five kids. Shit.'

On the way to the dining hall, I told him about Master Washburn and how he had caught Barney, Michael and Harry and threatened them with exposure if they didn't allow him to fuck them.

'Michael said there was nothing they could do to him because his father's a U.S. Senator. Barney was the biggest so he said he'd do it. But Saturday, he's gonna tell the Master that it's the last time. Michael's afraid there'll be trouble.'

'So Washburn's the son of a Senator. Shit. He can do anything he wants.'

In the dining hall, Larry pushed in front of me in line and bumped me with his rear. 'Tomorrow after school, right?'

'Yes,' I said in his ear.

When we got to our table, there were seven boys on each side. Georgie and I liked to sit side by side. Georgie tried to convince one of the academic program boys to switch sides.

'Screw you, small fry,' was the reply. It was Herbert Morrison, the boy who'd been in trouble on the first day.

I expected a fight and moved to get between the two but Georgie just said 'shithead' and took an end spot on the bench. I sat across from him and smiled at his restraint. He smiled back and said, 'I'm too relaxed for a fight right now.'

After dinner, I told Georgie that we'd be a threesome on our walk to the mountain the following afternoon.

'Why'd you invite him' He's a prostitute.'

I'd told him about the payment Larry had been receiving for the use of his rectum. 'Because he's a nice kid and I think you'll like him. He likes to play around a lot like you. And he was really nice to me today.'

'You mean he sucked your cock.'

'Like I was nice to you.'

We changed into our pajamas and read on his bunk until lights out then lay there in the dark until Master Dean chased me up to my own bed.

Larry was all smiles when we arrived by the basketball courts. I'd worried he expected only me as he had spoken of sex between just the two of us. But there wasn't any big cock to splay his backside so he probably didn't feel threatened by the third presence. Georgie was cool to him at first but warmed up when Larry started tossing pine cones to each of us, catching most when we threw them back. Larry challenged the two of us to a race up a steep part below the large rock formation. He said to go on three then shot off at one. Georgie caught him at the base of the rocks and fell panting to the ground.

Larry lay tummy down beside him, his chin resting on his palm and asked, 'You want me to suck you too?'

Georgie looked for me. I'd long given up the run and was trudging past them to sit on a fallen tree.

I'd heard what he said. 'I'm too tired to do it now so you two go ahead.'

We walked into the space under the rocks and Georgie dragged out the duffle bag.

'Don't ever tell the others about this place or anything,' I admonished Larry.'

'I won't,' he said and continued to untie his shoes.

I stripped too because I was never too tired for sex and there were two nearly naked boys in front of me.

Larry walked over to me wearing only his socks. His little cock looked bigger soft, dangling between his legs. 'Does he suck too?'

'Oh no. He just gets sucked and fucks.'

Larry looked at Georgie lying flat on his back, his arms behind his head, his dick pointing at the clouds. 'We can do like yesterday with him fucking me.'

I'd have preferred the opposite but Larry was younger and the guest.

Larry ran back to Georgie. 'You wanna fuck me?'

Georgie shrugged with a big smile. 'Who's gonna get me wet?'

Larry immediately went down on him, revolving his head rapidly, making Georgie take a deep breath. I knew better than to let that continue and lay down on the prickly blanket.

'Come on, Larry, over here.' I tugged him over.

Georgie switched around and slipped in behind him. I pulled his ass cheek open. Georgie poked around with his little cock until, frustrated, Larry reached back and put him at the opening. Georgie arched forward. Larry sucked in my cock, I his. The immediate wet warmth made me suck hard. I lifted Larry's thigh over my face so I could watch Georgie's fucking. He was only halfway in. I pulled his ass forward. He slipped in farther and began pumping in short, strong strokes. I sucked in Larry's balls and below. Larry was doing a great job on me, again running his hot mouth back and forth and revolving his head at the same time. I raised my upper leg over his shoulder to push farther into his mouth. Larry squeezed his arm under my leg, let go of my dick, stuck his forefinger in his mouth for a moment, sucked my dick back in and shoved his finger slowly into my ass. It was a surprise but one I immediately liked. He wiggled his finger around, and fucked me. It set my cock on fire and soon I was throbbing in his mouth.

Larry required more time even with Georgie banging away in his butt. The problem was that Georgie's dick kept coming out, retarding both their orgasms. That was fine by me. Larry's steel hard cock felt great in my mouth and the view of Georgie's slimy penis poking in and out of Larry's little behind was a pleasantly erotic sight. I didn't have to do much as the force of Georgie's thrusts was moving Larry's penis sufficiently in my mouth as evidenced by the hardening and slow bloating of his shaft. Larry was about to blow. He had sucked in my balls and had my entire crotch in his mouth. His arms were wrapped around my waist and squeezing me to him. The throbbing came on suddenly. His middle shuddered, his legs straightened. He grabbed my head to keep it from moving.

Georgie wasn't finished. He'd almost been pushed out when Larry's legs tensed. I tugged Larry's leg back up, allowing Georgie to push in deeper. He sped up but kept his thrusts short so he wouldn't come out. I rode his ass with my hand. It was a perfect handful, small but round. Georgie's hand grabbed my shoulder and pulled. He rammed in and stayed there. I touched his perineum and felt the pulsing roll up on its way inside Larry.

Sex with multiple partners was definitely better than just two.

As we dressed, Georgie gave a lecture on why he thought sex felt so good.

'First, if it didn't feel good, people wouldn't do it and there wouldn't be any people.

'Second, when we do it, it makes us feel more relaxed. Remember last night when that shithead wouldn't trade seats and called me a name' Well, you know that usually I would have smacked him in the head at least, right' Well, you had just relaxed me with a blow job. Right now, I don't think anybody could get me angry about anything. I feel really relaxed. What about you two?'

We both agreed that we felt relaxed.

That evening after dinner, lying side by side in our pajamas on my top

bunk, Georgie had an idea how to get the upper hand with Master Washburn.

'What if two kids who Washburn didn't know saw him fucking Barney and he knew they saw him' He would have to worry those two kids were going to rat on him, right' Then what if Barney said he knew who the two kids were but wouldn't tell Washburn who they were but could tell them not to say anything if Washburn stopped blackmailing, because that's what it is, Barney and Michael and Harry' What do you think of that?'

'The two kids are us?'

'Of course. So?'

'What if he sees us?'

'No, we hide and yell or something but don't let him see our faces. We can wear hats and stuff.'

'But he'll run after us,' I said without thinking.


'That's neat!' I said. 'The minute Master Washburn puts his penis in Barney's rear end, we can make some noise or something from anywhere we want as long as the Master doesn't see our faces. Then Barney can make him take it out and tell him to go away and not to say anything or he'll tell us to say what we saw.' It sounded like a good idea but I had a concern.

'But what about the senator, his father. Can't he do something?'

'Nah. Even if he finds out who we are, he doesn't know anything bad about us. And my father's got friends in Washington. He told me.'

In the morning at breakfast, we told Barney to meet us outside near our cabin. Washburn's cabin was on the other side with the teenagers. All three came. All three liked the idea immediately, even Michael who worried a lot.

They were to meet Washburn on the trail at one. We borrowed caps with earflaps from a kid in our cabin who had three in one of his two trunks. The boy said he hated them but his mother was always making him wear hats and sweaters if it got just a bit cool.

'When you get done with them, throw them away. Just don't bring them back,' he insisted.

We took our time eating lunch. Georgie kept an eye on Washburn eating with his group at the other end of the dining hall. He looked around before he left, in the general direction of the table where Barney's group ate. Georgie slowly opened a banana and bit off small pieces. It turned me on watching his lips curl up slightly as he removed each chunk.

The plan was for us to leave our cabin at about one, putting us ten minutes behind the others. Barney would hurry things along so Washburn would be naked by the time we neared the place where we'd allow ourselves to be noticed watching the goings on. The location Washburn had chosen for his sex was actually well hidden. There was only one place on the side of the hill, the spot from which we'd seen them the previous Saturday.

We watched the clock over the entry hall without a word. Georgie was anxious. I was worried. The concept of United States Senator wasn't clear to me but the power he must have had I could easily equate with my father's power over me. I had resisted and fought him but, in the end, always lost. If this didn't come off as Georgie envisaged it and Master Washburn learned who we were, and, worse, connected us with Barney and his friends, my father would be informed and nothing frightened me more than how he'd react to learning his son was a homo and was having homo sex with a bunch of boys. I shivered at the thought.

'It's one. Let's go.'

'Georgie, What if?'

'Don't worry. Let's go.'

I couldn't turn Georgie down. I'd grown nearly as dependent on his friendship as I was on Freddy's.

Fifteen minutes later, the caps with their great earflaps pulled down to out eyebrows, bent over low as we could without falling down, we stepped carefully and slowly toward the vantage point. There was no wind to cover sound, just the little noises and talking the three boys promised to mask our approach. We'd only be fifteen or sixteen yards away when we reached the spot. I pulled the cap down even lower and hunched my shoulders as though that would help disguise me.

Just before we reached the position, I heard muffled voices. One, possibly Harry's, sounded raised in anger. Georgie crawled behind the tree and bushes we'd hid in the week before. He motioned with his hand for me to stop and wait. He pulled his head behind the tree and mouthed 'not yet'.

Being careful of every leaf and twig, unable to stop myself from getting to where I could see, I inched forward. Georgie peered around the base of the tree. I crawled up his legs and looked from behind him. He was too intent on what was going on in front of us to be irritated at my disobedience.

All four were naked. Harry was leaning back against a rock, holding his soft cock. Barney was seated on the blanket with his arms over his knees and his head down. Master Washburn was talking to Michael who seemed unhappy about what was being discussed. Barney lifted his head and said something including 'serious damage' to the Master. The Master held his hands out from his sides like he was explaining something. Barney stood and said clearly, 'Why don't you just fuck me and forget that?'

The Master shook his head. His hands went out again. Michael pushed Barney aside and said, 'Okay, okay. Let's just do it.'

Barney said, 'You're crazy', then something I didn't catch.

The Master laid on his back on the blanket, his feet toward us. Michael pushed the Vaseline jar over the head of the Master's big cock and gave it a twist. He handed it to Barney and straddled the Master, facing us. He squatted down over the mancock and, using his hand, lined it up with his hole. With the Master's view blocked, Georgie got into a squatting position. Michael was looking directly at us. He mouthed the same words Georgie had minutes earlier to me, 'not yet'.

Barney stepped to him and held his upper arm, balancing him. Michael grimaced as he lowered himself. His eyes squeezed shut. He grabbed Barney's arm with his free hand and embraced it. His head dropped to his chest. He continued going down. He was taking the Master's cock completely inside himself. I cringed at the incredible pain I was sure he was enduring. He stopped moving. I guessed the head of the Master's cock was well inside him. Michael wiped his eyes on Barney's arm. He was crying from the pain. He lifted his face to us and barely susceptibly shook his head and again mouthed, 'not yet'.

Georgie muttered, 'Shit.'

I was transfixed, unable to move or say anything.

Michael lowered his head, gripped Barney and tilted his body back a few inches. He was dropping down again, his ass nearing the Master's crotch. He leaned back a bit more and settled on the man's lap, impaled on his cock. His eyes came up and he nodded yes.

'Georgie stood and yelled. 'What are you guys doing in there?'

The Master looked around Michael's hip, eyes wide.

Georgie shouted. 'It's Master Washburn!'

The Master pushed Michael off him. His cock snapped back as it was yanked out of Michael's ass.

Barney yelled, 'Run! Run!'

We did but not away. We ran up the side of the hill to the top of the rocks, to the edge to listen.

Barney was saying, 'I don't care. Fuck you and your Senator father. Those two can identify you fucking a twelve year old boy and you hurt him. So fuck you!'

Harry said, obviously crying, 'You bastard, fucking bastard!'

The Master appeared, still tucking his clothes into his pants, looking all around but mostly below where the path went. He ran to where we'd been and looked in every direction. We hugged the rocks. I heard him break into a run then Barney screamed, 'Run! He's seen you! Run!'

Georgie grabbed me by the shoulder and yanked me up with him. We ran off the top of the rocks in the opposite direction from which we had come. I could hear the Master's heavy footsteps coming from behind us.

Then Harry screamed, 'Aaaaaaahh! Aaaaaaahh!' like he'd gone completely mad.

We looked back but saw only the rocks and forest. I fell over something. Georgie stopped, pulled me to my feet and got us running again. We were running laterally along the side of the mountain. Georgie changed direction and angled down the hill, dodging trees and shrubs. It was far too steep there to go straight down toward the camp. I looked back and saw the Master, just forty yards behind and catching up.

'He's there!' I called to Georgie. 'He's there.'

When I looked back again, he was closer.

'Wait! I just want to talk to you. Wait!' he called.

That's when I saw Harry, stark naked, running about twenty yards behind the Master. He had a piece of wood the length of a baseball bat in his hand.

I lengthened my stride, caught my foot on a dead branch and went flying, head over heels, down the hill. I heard the Master come crashing down behind me.

As I slowed, I looked for a weapon, a rock, a fallen branch, anything. The rocks were too large. There were no branches, just leaves. I threw a handful at him but they just fluttered away. He slipped down the hill and grabbed a tree beside me.

'Wait, just a minute, let's talk about...'

We both heard the noise behind him as Harry came helter skelter down the

hill, the long stick over his head. He swung at the Master but was falling when he did and flew by us both.

'Harry, calm down. I'm not going to hurt them.'

Harry either didn't hear or didn't care. He leapt to his feet and rushed at the Master. Washburn tried to dodge the blow but it caught him on the leg. He grabbed Harry by the arm. Georgie came out of nowhere and jumped on his back. I rushed him and rammed him hard in the side. Georgie was pulling on his hair and shouting, 'Shithead! Shithead!'

I held onto his shirt and kicked at his legs. Barney came suddenly down from above and flattened him from behind. We all rolled down several yards.

Barney, barefoot and wearing only his pants, screamed, 'Stop it! Stop it!'

We all looked up at him. I'd never seen so much fury in the face of another human being.

'There's too many of us, Washburn. You wanna fight, I swear we'll kill you. So just get outta here and I mean outta here. If you're in the camp when we get back, I'm calling the police and I don't care who you tell or what you say.' He stepped closer to the Master who was struggling to his feet, reaching for a small tree to keep from sliding further down.

Barney didn't stop talking. 'We've got witnesses now and they'll tell the police what they saw you doing back there. And when the doctor's look at Michael's ass, they'll know it even more. Gimme that stick, Harry.'

Barney snatched Harry's weapon from him. The Master backed across the hill from sapling to tree. 'I'm going. Just calm down. Look I'm not...'

'Fuck you. You're going. I mean it, if you're in the camp when we get back, I'm calling the cops. You got maybe half an hour, that's all. Now get the hell outta here!'

Barney chased him a few yards with the stick then stopped and fell backward to a sitting position.

The Master moved quickly down the hill, twice slipping on the leaves. I wasn't at all sure he'd actually leave.

When I looked back, Harry, his bare skin scratched and dirty, was struggling back up the hill. Georgie and I went to Barney who was crying softly. I knelt along side and hugged him. Barney tossed the stick down the hill.

'C'mon,' he said, 'we gotta get back to Michael.'

It took a while. We had run at least three hundred yards across and fifty down. Harry, still naked, was sitting with his arm around Michael who had his shirt on and his briefs in his hand.

Barney insisted on seeing Michael's rear.

'It's okay, just sore. I'll be all right.'

'I wanna see it, Michael. You don't know.'

'There's no blood or anything, I checked.'

Harry started to cry and embraced Michael who hugged him back. Barney gave up and got dressed. Harry helped Michael dress before he put his own clothes on. It made me think of Freddy and me after the white boys beat us up down by the tracks. They loved each other as much as we did.

There was a short debate about what to do with the duffle bag and its contents. Barney made the final decision. 'It's Washburn's. Stick it back in there and let it rot.'

The walk back to camp was slow, not due to any pain Michael was feeling. He claimed and acted like soreness was all he felt. We were giving the Master time to clear out. Barney insisted he was 'absolutely serious' about calling the police if he found Washburn hadn't left.

'So what do we tell our fathers?' asked Harry.

'Just what I said when this first started, that all we were doing was jerking off and Washburn said he would say we were fucking each other which was a lie. It's our word against his and there's three of us and now we've got these guys as witnesses. They'll put Washburn in prison even if his father's president.'

When we arrived at the camp, Barney went straight to the Beaver Cabin to see if the Master had left. Two of the teenagers there said he'd packed a suitcase, walked out in a hurry and that he looked worried about something.

The five of us sat on a park bench by a path and were silent for a while.

'We never should have let that guy do that shit to us,' lamented Barney.

'You think he's really gone?' asked Harry leaning against Michael.

'He better be,' replied Barney.

Georgie stared at the two blondes. 'You two brothers or something?'

'Kinda,' answered Harry. 'Actually, we're cousins but we live next door to each other.'

'That's not right either,' said Michael, the first time he'd spoken since we sat down. 'One of us usually stays at the other's house. Been like that since we were two or three.'

I knew what Georgie was thinking, that they were lovers, homos. But they didn't act like it at all. They were good athletes and behaved like normal twelve year old boys.

Barney said, 'Let's all do something tomorrow, no sex, something fun.'

Michael said, 'Barney, what Washburn did wasn't sex. Sex is a lot of fun. You mean let's do something different. And we gotta invite Larry.'

I knew Michael was okay.

Georgie had an idea. 'Let's do a cookout up on the top of the rocks.'

'Not allowed,' said Barney. 'Not an authorized camp site.'

'So where's an authorized camp site.'

'Way up on the trail, couple hours away, too far.'

'Let's have Malcolm suck Master Collin's dick and maybe he'll write us permission,' said Michael with a smile.

I folded my arms and frowned.

'I'm kidding, I'm kidding. I hear Collins has never had a hardon in his life.'

'So what about tomorrow?' asked Georgie frustrated by talk that made him uncomfortable.

In the end, we decided to carry sandwiches and whatever else came to mind and go over the top of the mountain to whatever place pleased us for the day. We'd just skip out on church and take whatever guff we had to on our return.

With that out of the way, Michael said, 'I gotta take a shower and get the smell of that bastard off me.'

We all showered. It made me feel good inside to watch Harry tenderly wash his cousin. Georgie allowed me to wash his back but nothing more.

In bed that night, I thought of how wonderful it must have been for Harry and Michael to grow up always having someone they really cared about next to them in bed. For the first time in weeks, I missed Freddy very much.

Skipping church Sunday morning was not the simple task we had imagined. Master Dean must have sensed my plans. When I asked to go to the bathroom as everyone was leaving, he sent the others on and stayed with me. Georgie shook his head in dismay.

We all met in the dining hall. The unflappable, always happy Larry was thrilled when invited to go along on our little adventure. It took well over an hour of hiking to find a spot where we could relax, throw around the tennis balls we'd brought and generally have fun. There were rocks and lots of trees for hide and seek. Harry and Michael cleared an area of leaves and undergrowth and made a small campfire to toast the marshmallows they'd brought along for


'We make the rules today,' said Harry defiantly.

After lunch, we sat around complaining about our family situations, even Larry.

'My father's always in New York and, when he comes home, he never takes me anywhere even though he always says he's gonna take me to a ball game or the movies. He never does and mother's always too tired so I gotta stay in the house or the yard all the time. They don't let me go anywhere. It's why I like camp.'

Georgie asked, 'Where do you live?'


'Cincinatti, Ohio?'

'Uh huh.'

'That's far.'

Barney's parents, like Georgie's, were divorced since he was two. Neither really wanted him. 'I live with my mother's parents most of the time but sometimes with my aunt and uncle which is nicer because they live in this enclosed community but it's really big and there are lots of kids. My grandparents live in an old apartment building in the city with all old people. I gotta take the subway to Times Square or out to Queens where this kid I go to school with lives. That's neat but I can only go on weekends.'

Harry and Michael's lives sounded quite pleasant. They lived in side by side homes in Northern New Jersey and had been able to be together almost twenty-four hours a day since they could walk. Their school grades kept them at or near the top of their class every year.

'So how come you got sent here?' asked Georgie.

The blondes looked at each other while the rest of us looked at them. Michael spoke, 'Our parents like to party and go away a lot. They only eat at the house a couple times a week unless it's a party they're giving. The cooks fix our meals and we eat with them in the kitchen. I bet I haven't talked to my father except good morning or bye this year. Sometimes I wonder if our parents know which of us is theirs.'

Georgie told his sad tale.

'What about you, Malcolm?' asked Michael.

Once I started talking, it just seemed to gush out of me like water through a broken dam. I told them everything including Freddy being a Negro and my father's racism. They actually seemed interested, asking details I was happy to provide until Larry asked whether I was having sex with Freddy. I'd admitted it to Georgie but was reticent to speak about it in front of this group.

With a quick warning look at Georgie, I lied. 'No, he's just a real good friend.'

Barney stopped any further conjecture by jumping in and saying, 'That's nobody's business but Malcolm's.'

That little exchange was the only mention of sex the entire time we were there.

Sex didn't come up again until Wednesday. Larry, certainly the least inhibited of what was now a very cohesive group, brought it up. He knew nothing of the previous weekend's events.

'When are we gonna do you know what again,' he asked me.

School was out for the day. We were all under the trees by the basketball court. I was ready.

'Larry wants to know when we're going to do sex again.'

Harry and Michael looked at each other. Michael answered for them. 'Maybe Saturday.'

Barney agreed. Georgie showed no interest one way or the other.

Larry and I both wanted it immediately. Our problem was the usual, where. At the YMCA camp, there were lots of wooded areas hidden from view. Here, there was just the huge side of the mountain, most too steep to even sit down. The nearest flat place was below the rocks, a twenty minute walk up the mountain. It was three thirty, an hour and a half before dinner. A forty minute walk for ten minutes of sex seemed excessive. I asked Barney about his key to the school bathroom.

'I just borrowed that. Had to get it right back where it belonged. You two that horny?'

'Yes,' we said in unison.

'You gonna let me watch?'

'No,' together again. We smiled at each other.

'Crap. Lemme see if I can get the keys.'

He was back in twenty minutes without the keys. I was thinking that I could be up under the rocks that very minute, naked and happy.

'C'mon, I know a place,' said Michael.

We headed toward the shed, which I didn't think would work for Larry and me, but went on by it then behind the maintenance building. I heard men's voices inside. Harry put his finger to his lips for silence. We crept to the far side of the garage beside the maintenance building where a large abandoned World War II truck was parked, its tarp still covering the back.

'In there?' I asked.

'Way in there,' replied Michael as he climbed up. He pulled the two of us up and ran to the back of the cab. The rear window was missing.

'Climb in there and do it on the seat. No one can see you as long as you don't sit up. Harry and I used it a lot. We'll be sitting out front.'

We slid through the window and fell on the great seat. It was torn but a lot softer than the ground or a floor.

'Wait for me,' said Georgie climbing through the window. He tumbled over

the seat and slipped under the steering wheel. The look on my face wasn't welcoming.

'Don't worry,' he said apologetically, 'I just want to watch.'

I frowned at him.

'All right, I won't watch.' He turned toward the driver's door.

Larry and I stripped off our shoes, pants and underwear.

Larry leaned in close and whispered, 'Let me fuck you, Malcolm. I never fucked anybody before. I'll suck you after or you can fuck me.'

It's not what I had in mind. I wanted to embrace him while we had sex. I looked at the broad seat and the windows. If he fucked me from the front, there was a possibility of raised feet appearing in the window.

'Let's just suck this time, please. You can fuck me tomorrow, I promise.'

The disappointment on his face was quickly replaced by his wonderful smile. 'Okay.'

I let him lie on top. We fit perfectly, our feet not quite reaching the doors. He fucked my mouth while his hot lips and tongue made my penis bloat with pleasure.

A few minutes into our lovemaking, Georgie said, 'somebody's gotta do me after. I patted him on the head. I had an idea.

As usual, I came first and tried Larry's trick to bring him along. Spitting out his cock briefly, I wet my finger, spread his legs, pushed my arm through and inserted my finger up to my knuckle. I was warm and mushy inside. I wiggled my finger around and found a lump I assumed to be his prostate. His cock hardened immediately and was throbbing seconds later.

After relaxing in each other's arms, I sat up and whispered into Larry's ear, 'You suck him like we were doing but on your side with his rear on my side.'

'You gonna fuck him?'

'No! You'll see.'

Georgie was already out of his shoes and had his pants opened. He was up bare assed facing Larry in a few seconds. Larry's cock was in his face.

'Malcolm, explain to Larry that I don't do what you guys do.'

'How come?' asked Larry.

'I just don't.'

'Don't worry, Larry. Just do him.'

Larry went to work. I pushed Georgie's thigh onto Larry's head. Larry looked at me. I smiled and stuck my tongue out. Larry was confused until I began licking all around Georgie's hole. Larry scrunched up his face in mock disgust. Georgie lifted his leg higher. I pushed my tongue into his pucker. Larry revolved his head rather than go up and down, carefully watching what I was doing. I poked my tongue in and out, again pushing in a bit further with each thrust. Georgie began pumping into Larry's mouth. My left hand was on his hip. I felt his muscle tense then his anus snapped shut as he climaxed.

Larry smiled and kept sucking, knowing he'd be an irritation in seconds. Georgie shivered and pushed Larry's head away.

'Oh shit! That was incredible!' exclaimed Georgie.

The next day, Thursday, August ninth, was the day I did twenty-three push ups, one more than Georgie.

'I had an extra bun at breakfast,' was his first excuse. A little later, he complained about a pain in his shoulder. I was so proud I could spit. Twenty-five was the number of push ups I could remember Tommy Atkins doing in gym class. If I could get to thirty in the next three weeks, they'd have to notice.

I was so enthused, I ran an extra lap around the baseball diamond then asked the trainer what kind of food was best to grow muscles. I already could see a hardening of my body generally. Each night after showers, I'd stop in the bathroom in front of the mirror to flex my arms. Georgie thought I was going a little 'body batty'.

After exercises, the trainer informed us that we were to play the first of two final games. The team with the higher number of runs after both games was the camp champion for our age group.

Georgie said, hands on his hips, 'There's only two teams and they change every day.'

'George, we need a little bit more spirit here. It's going to be fun!'

Georgie wasn't finished. 'If these games are finals, what are we going to do next week?'

'That's going to be a surprise.'

'As long as it isn't football,' muttered Georgie.

The trainer gave him a concerned look.

So, we chose up teams and played. Georgie and I ended up on different sides. He won probably making him feel better about the push up gap.

At lunch, I sought the beef, vegetables and fruit the trainer had recommended. Larry walked by our table twice smiling as usual but nodding his head as an admonition. I had better be at the basketball courts at three.

When Georgie showed up with me as I assumed he'd expect, he acted disappointed for a moment then smiled ear to ear. Rather than struggle to find a place, we went up on the mountain to the rocks.

Georgie was unsure about using the blanket in the duffle bag but we couldn't think of an explanation for Larry. We did tell him to be sure never to mention we'd been up here.

'Why not?'

'It's sort of their place and they don't want anybody else using it.'

He seemed to accept that.

Larry told Georgie he was going to fuck me.

'Yeh, I know.'

Larry stood with his crotch extended forward for me to wet him down. My concern was that he'd have the same difficulty as Georgie getting his cock past my big buns into my hole. He solved it handily.

'It's too far, get on your knees,' he ordered.

It worked. He poked in to just short of my prostate.

'Oh, wow! This is better than getting sucked any day.'

As usual with a novice, he withdrew too much a number of times. Unlike Georgie and others who'd been in my rear, he didn't just try to slip it back in. He rammed forward.

'Ouch!' Be careful. That hurts.'

Seconds later, he did it again. I sat down.

'I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. I'll go slow.'

I raised my butt again and he was gentler. Gradually, he could fuck a number of times in a row without popping out and I began enjoying it. Georgie walked in front of me, naked and hard. It was clumsy sucking him in that position. Larry was pulling hard on my hips, moving side to side and back and forth as he went in and out. It took a long time, at least ten minutes, for Larry to reach his orgasm.

'Lay down slow,' he requested.

I did and could feel him come partially out of me.

He pushed his arms under me and hugged. 'Thank you, Malcolm. That was

really, really neat.'

Larry didn't loosen his grip, just lay there with half his cock in my ass and his head on my back.

Georgie was in need. Eventually, he sat down in front of me with his legs spread and pushed his thighs under my arms and shoulders. Larry just rode along silently.

I sucked Georgie to climax. Staying where he was, he lay back and closed his eyes. I sucked gently on his balls.

What broke up the idyllic scene was the growing pain in my neck. My head was forced up and back. I tried to raise my self up on my elbows but that hurt my elbows. I let go of Georgie's cock and lay my head on his crotch. That was more comfortable.

That was when I heard Larry's deep breathing. He'd fallen asleep.

Freddy and I had done that quite a few times. I was sure Harry and Michael did it regularly. I wished I could put my arms around one of these boys but had to make do with holding Georgie's sides.

My team won the so called baseball finals on Friday but scored fewer runs. The total final score for both games was 27-22. We weren't very good defensively.

During the game, word went around that the following week we'd be doing exactly what Georgie didn't want: football.

When confronted by many of us after the game, the trainer exclaimed with the opposite emotion I felt, 'Well, what do you think' Of course football! It's football season.' Football belonged to the big and strong. I was neither, at least not yet.

'All football's for,' commented Georgie angrily, 'is for big kids to beat on little kids. Shit!'

Friday after lunch, I found the blonde cousins and asked them about their sex lives. We sat on one of the ubiquitous park benches along the web of brick paths.

'You guys ever do it at night and sleep that way?'

'Not every night, but lots,' admitted Larry smiling at Michael.

'You ever do it with other kids?'

'We do it with you,' answered Michael with a laugh.

'No, I mean with kids that aren't us?'

They looked at each other and Harry answered, 'This one kid near where we live. But he got big and it hurt so we didn't do it any more with him.'

'He sucked us a few times last winter,' commented Michael.

That caught my curiosity. 'Did you suck him?'

'Nah, we don't do that,' replied Michael with a shake of his head. 'How

many kids have you sucked?'

That reddened my ears. 'I don't know, about six or seven, plus you guys. How many different people have sucked you?'

Larry grinned. Michael answered. 'Plenty. Two years ago, there were three

different Masters sucking us and giving us money to do it.'

'And this year?'

Again, the looked to each other. 'Yeh, but we can't say who,' answered Michael.'

'He always does it at night so nobody sees us together,' added Harry and got a dirty look from Michael for saying it.

'Then it's got to be one of the Master's at your cabin. Don't worry, I'll never tell.'

'You better not,' admonished Michael.

Harry said, 'He even sticks his tongue up our ass. That's why we gotta shower real good whenever we do it with each other or he'd know. And this week, 'cause of, you know, we had to say we were tired so he wouldn't be messing with Michael's ass and maybe see it was different.'

'You don't have to say everything, Harry.'

We sat in silence for a moment then Michael asked, 'You ever have a man suck you, Malcolm?'

'Just one but it wasn't all that great. You like it?'

They glanced at each other. Michael answered, 'It's okay. Our Master this year is pretty good but nothing's as good as us doing it together.'

I felt the same about sex with Freddy.

Saturday afternoon, Barney had a ring of keys to get us into the empty school building. Georgie was with us. There were two blankets stashed in the janitor's closet. However, once we got into the bathroom, I sensed reticence among our older partners. Only Larry got undressed quickly.

'It doesn't hurt that bad,' he told me about Barney's adolescent penis.

Barney was sitting against the wall, not making any move to take off his clothes. Georgie and I had our shoes off. Harry and Michael were untying theirs, slowly.

Then Michael said, 'C'mon, guys, let's have some fun.'

He tossed his shoes basketball style into a sink and opened his pants.

Barney said, 'I can't.'

A quiet discussion ensued, everyone trying not to say something that would alert Larry to what had happened. Then, down to my undershirt, I noticed the glistening of tears in Barney's eyes. I rushed to embrace him from the side.

Harry asked Larry to leave for a few minutes. Barney said, 'No, let him stay so he won't make our mistake.'

Larry said, 'What?'

We all looked at each other. Harry spoke. 'One of the Masters was hurting him, and he hurt Michael too.'

Larry was still confused.

'He raped me and Michael,' blurted out Barney.

Larry still didn't understand.

Harry explained. 'He forced them to let him fuck them, and it hurt real bad.'

'But it's over, Barney,' said Michael. 'We do it with each other because we're friends and we like to do it.'

'What about Larry. I know it hurt him when I fucked him, didn't it, Larry?'

'Not that much.'

'And now I'm supposed to do it to Malcolm and I know it's gonna hurt him too so I'm not going to do it and that's all there is to it.'

I hugged him and spoke softly. 'I just wanna try it. If it hurts, I'll say and you can stop.'

'I'm telling you, Malcolm, big dicks hurt little asses. Sex is supposed to be fun, not rape or...' He began crying. 'I'm sorry, Larry, I really am.'

Larry ran to him and hugged him from the front. 'It didn't hurt, Barney, I promise.'

'If I hadn't given you the dollar, would you have done it?'

Larry nestled into Barney's chest. 'If you wanted.'

Barney wrapped his arms around the eight year old.

Michael stood up with his pants open. 'Look, we can't let that bastard ruin our lives. I'm fine and I want to do it so come on, Barney, forget him. You don't have to fuck anybody. Hell, I'll suck you off if you want and I've never done it before. Just so you can remember how great it is.'

Harry stood with his cousin and put one arm over his shoulder and his other around his waist.

I said in Barney's ear, 'Let me suck you. I did a boy like you back home so I know how.'

Barney didn't move or respond.

Michael took off the rest of his clothes. Harry followed but slowly, uncertainty in his eyes.

'Nobody wants to fuck, who wants to suck, or get sucked,' said Michael assertively. His cock, however, was soft.

'I'll suck everybody,' I volunteered.

'All five of us?' asked Michael his hands on his hips.


I kissed Barney on the cheek and pulled off my undershirt as I went to Michael. He lay on the blanket. I crawled between his legs. I'd never been near his penis when it was soft, and soft it was, like a bag of jelly.

Harry dropped down beside us. 'Michael, fuck me and Malcolm can suck me.'

They grinned at each other. I felt Michael's cock inflating in my hand.

'Who's got the Vaseline,' asked Michael.

Harry had it in his hand. He opened the jar and pushed it down over the now stiff head of Michael's cock.

Georgie stripped quickly. I knew where he was headed. I lay quickly in front of the cousins, anxious to watch Michael's cock enter Harry's anus. My groin lay in front of Harry's face though I didn't expect any service. Michael pushed in behind Harry whose peter was now as hard as mine. It was a delicious mouthful, going right to my throat. I lifted Harry's thigh and laid it across my face. Though it was heavy, the bare flesh felt soft and warm against mine.

Michael's greased cock appeared in front of my nose, poised half an inch from its target. Michael's hand took hold of it, his thumb feeling for his cousin's pucker, and locating it. He slid his cock up the bottom of his thumb until he was pressed against the soft flesh it would pierce. He withdrew his hand. Michael's body moved forward. Larry's anus spread easily as his cousin's cock slipped inside to the halfway point. Michael adjusted again and pushed completely inside. Only the soft flesh of his testicle sack hung loose. I was completely caught up in what I saw, oblivious to everything about me.

I was shaken back to reality when Georgie pulled my backside away from Harry's face and up on my knees. I put my arm around Michael's ass to keep myself in place. I felt Georgie's skin against mine then his little cock at my hole. He poked inside with a grunt.

Michael fucked Harry slowly. I couldn't see the thrusting penis as well with my face now turned partially sideways and was frustrated by it. I hoped Georgie would be quick, turned on by the scene in front of him. He pumped into me twice as fast as Michael into Harry. I tightened my sphincter in an attempt to bring Georgie sooner to a climax. It didn't work. He popped out twice in a row. I loosened up.

'No, keep it like it was,' said Georgie.

I squeezed. He made shorter strokes. Shortly, I felt the tension in his hands then the throbbing in my ass. He lay over me and his cock slipped out.

I immediately lay down and pulled Harry's leg back over my face. A hand took hold of my penis and masturbated it. A quick feel told me it was Michael reaching over his cousin. I sucked harder and with more movement. This thicker, longer cock had a much better feel than the smaller ones I was accustomed to, but was just as hard. Harry gently nudged my head to go faster.

As was their practice, Michael gradually picked up the pace of his fucking until I saw and felt with my hand the pulsing of his orgasm. Embracing my back, Harry made short pumping motions into my mouth. His cock bloated then throbbed. I felt the lump shoot up the underside of his cock then tasted the sweetness of his young ejaculation.

Michael was masturbating me fast and furious. I put my arm around his ass and pulled him forward, watching his cock slide completely into Harry's greased hole. The sight of Michael's buried cock lifted me to my orgasm. He immediately stopped the masturbation and massaged my balls and perineum, extending a very pleasant feeling.

We lay still for a while. Michael quietly asked Barney, 'Don't you want to at least get off?'

I heard no response.

When we parted, I rolled over and saw that Barney, his arms still holding Larry in his lap, remained against the wall passively watching us. I wondered what the normally horny eight year old was thinking. His right hand was on the side of Barney's face.

Michael went to Barney, squatted beside him and said, 'tomorrow, okay?'

Barney shrugged his shoulders.

We all went to the store and bought candy and peanuts then wandered lazily to the park bench where we'd sat and conversed a few days before.

Michael said, 'I'm sorry, Barney. We shouldn't have done anything like that in front of you.'

'Don't worry. I should've just left so you guys could have fun without me being a wet blanket.'

'So why can't you just have fun. Washburn's gone. That's all over.'

'It's like I said back there. In some ways I'm as bad as Washburn. How many times did I screw Larry and make him hurt' More than Washburn did me, maybe.'

Larry had apparently given up telling Barney it hadn't hurt so much, or maybe it had. He sat with his feet up on the bench, leaning against the thirteen year old. He certainly held no grudge over it.

'Barney, look at Larry,' said Michael. 'He won't leave your side and you know he was horny as shit watching us.'

Larry lowered his face but we could all see the smile.

'Larry' Was your dick hard back there?'

He nodded sheepishly.

'So,' continued Michael, 'why didn't you take your clothes off and join us?'

He needed another 'Why?' to answer.

'Barney was so sad.'

Michael spread his hands palms up. 'See?'

Harry asked Barney, 'The truth, Barney. Was your dick hard back there?'

'The truth, No.'

Harry shook his head and sat back.

'So what do we do now?' asked Michael.

'You guys just go on and have your fun. It's only a couple weeks more of camp. I'll be okay.'

Though they tried, Barney wouldn't change his position. I worried what Larry was thinking. Did he feel guilty' He wouldn't move away from Barney, even left with him when we headed back to our cabins to shower before dinner. Larry had been the happiest boy I'd ever met. It was terrible that he should be so affected by an event in which he was not involved.

Georgie wasn't as concerned. 'Larry likes sex too much. He'll be back.'

I wasn't so sure.

Sunday breakfasts weren't like other days. With the requirement for abstention from food to receive communion at Catholic Mass, the dining room was open from seven thirty to ten. After Mass, which Master Dean continued to force me to attend, I looked for Larry but he wasn't there. I guessed he'd eaten earlier.

Georgie was in the mood for a swim. With the required half hour after eating behind me, I still had half an hour before the sun would be a danger to me so joined him. Barney was there with Larry. Both were in an apparently good mood and played with us in the water, dunking, splashing, having a generally good time. I lost track of the time and stayed in the water until nearly eleven, well past the hour when the sun became a danger to my skin. Barney had some Sea and Ski lotion which he spread over my face and body. Larry, though he'd turned a reddish brown long before, had some on his shoulders and nose. Harry and Michael showed up in their bathing suits keeping us in the water for nearly an hour more.

We all carried our lunches outside to our favorite park bench and had a quiet meal. I was waiting for someone to bring up sex but Georgie got us all into a debate over his theories on the various gods espoused by the religions around the world and his conviction that the best of all was the American Indian's Great Spirit. I was the only Catholic. The cousins were Presbyterians as far as the camp went, Methodists back home. Barney actually was a Presbyterian and Larry went to Episcopalian services though he wasn't sure what denomination he belonged to. None of them were regular church goers back home. Larry spent the entire time on the bench leaning against Barney and listening.

The cousins suggested some basketball but the courts were all occupied. Badminton was too. I was glad. As for me, we needed to be addressing Larry's situation and suggested it to Michael.

'Unh uh. Barney doesn't want to talk about any of that.'

Out of outdoor options, we went to the movie in the dining hall. There couldn't have been forty kids in the entire room. The movie, some World War II film with American soldiers being killed in a battle with the Japanese, had already started.

After taking orders, Michael and I ran to the store for some candy and chips and sodas. When we came back, I sat beside Larry who, as was his habit of late, leaning against Barney.

It took me the better part of the movie to get up the nerve to ask in a whisper, 'You wanna do something this week?'

He tilted his head back to look at Barney who shrugged his shoulders. 'Mmh hmm. When?'


Again, he looked to Barney for his answer.

Barney nudged him away. 'What're you looking at me for' You can play with Malcolm whenever you want.'

Larry slid close to me and said, 'mmkay.'

A few minutes later, he pulled my ear to his lips and asked, 'Can I fuck you again, then you can do me?'

I wanted to hug him but was afraid of Barney's reaction. Larry spent the rest of the film leaning into me.

Michael noticed and poked his cousin who looked and smiled.

As we were leaving the dining hall, Barney told us. 'Look, you guys can do

anything you want. I'm not gonna be mad or anything. I just don't want to right now, okay?'

Lying on my bunk that evening with our books, Georgie and I expressed our dread of Monday's football. We considered saying we were sick but knew that wouldn't work for more than a day or two.

'We gotta find a way for you to suck me in the morning so I won't get all mad when those big kids start banging into me.'

'There's no place to do it in the morning.'

Georgie sat up. 'The grotto! We can sneak down there.'

So, the following morning, after gulping down our breakfasts, we raced down to the Catholic Church, checked the area for others, then, finding it clear, ran behind the Virgin Mary's grotto and scurried into the bushes. Georgie pulled his pants down to thigh level.


He wasn't yet hard. It took the better part of ten minutes, a lot of head work and him pumping up into my mouth to achieve orgasm. We were both exhausted by the time he came.

I commented, 'Now we're too tired to play football.'

Georgie grinned. 'That's it! I'll tell him it took a long time for you to suck my dick this morning and...'

I poked him in the shoulder.

We expected to find a pile of helmets and shoulder pads when we arrived but only found a stack of footballs.

As usual, running and exercises were first. I only managed twenty-four push ups along with fewer than usual of most everything else. Sucking off Georgie had sapped my strength.

Then, as he'd done when we began baseball back in June, the trainers paired us. After some instruction on how to throw and catch the oblong ball, we were sent about the field to practice. My hand was really too small to grip it securely, Georgie's quite a bit smaller. He had short fingers and couldn't do a thing other than push it at me. Nonetheless, we eventually, with help from one of the trainers, could throw it short distances and have it arrive in the general area of the other's hands.

Then came blocking. We were told to hold on to our sweatshirts so we wouldn't use our hands. I ended up turning around and pushing with my back. The rest weren't much better. Bigger kids always came out the winners.

The game was a farce. There was no tackling. A player was stopped by being touched with both hands. The trainer made me an end who was supposed to catch throws. The only ones I touched were those which bounced off my back. Georgie was a back and had to run the ball. Being small and quick, he had some success. Then one of the bigger eleven year olds knocked him down. He bounced back up. I expected a fight. But he'd been right, sex before practice worked. He gave the bigger boy a shove then walked back to his team. We were going to have to do it every morning for the next three weeks. It wasn't going to help me attain my goal of thirty push ups. I was going to have to do more in the afternoon or evening.

At three on the button, we were released from tennis. I ran to the basketball court. Larry hadn't arrived. I worried he wouldn't. Georgie had gone back to the cabin to take a nap. Someone pinched my rear end. I whirled around to face a smiling Larry.

'Where you want to go?'

We went up on the mountain. Larry reminded me twice that he was going to fuck me first. It was warm that afternoon. At the end of the twenty minute walk, I was sweating. Larry's shorts stuck out in front. He was naked before I could haul out the duffel bag and pull out the well used blanket.

He had me get on my hands and knees again, poked his cock in my mouth twice then darted behind me, put the head of his dick at my hole and slid completely inside with one quick thrust.

'Move your behind like this.' He pushed me side to side with his hands. Larry had been considering options.

When he came, he said, 'Neato!'

I wanted to try it from the front. He was game and pulled his knees up to his shoulders. Penetration was right to my groin.

I leaned over him and pumped slowly, pulling out to my tip then pushing all the way back inside. The feel of the damp heat when I was full in him made me wait each time before withdrawing. His eyes were closed. I could feel his erection each time my belly touched him. I dropped to my elbows. Our chests touched. He opened his eyes and looked at mine, blinking lazily each time I re-entered him. I remembered being like this those two wonderful times with Philip and gave his lips a soft but lingering kiss. Larry reached up over his knees and pulled my face back to his. He kissed me with the same soft touch. I opened my mouth a little and sucked on his lower lip. He tugged me tighter to him. I stopped fucking and held my cock inside as we sucked on each other's lips then tongues. He wasn't frantic about it as Philip had been but slow and methodical, going from lip to lip then slipping his tongue in my mouth and wrapping it around mine until I pushed it into his mouth where he'd suck my tongue until it almost hurt.

Out of breath, I slipped off his mouth and gulped in air. He embraced me. I started pumping again. He tugged my face back to his and continued kissing. My cock was ready to explode. I pushed up on my toes and made three hard thrusts. My orgasm was powerful and prolonged. I held his tongue in my mouth while I shuddered with ecstasy.

After allowing me full pleasure from my orgasm, he lowered his legs but didn't release my head or lips. I felt him pumping his hard on into my gut.

'Let me do you like you did,' he requested softly, his lips against mine.

We rolled over, our mouths staying pressed together. I raised my legs then realized his cock was dry.

I almost offered to suck him before realizing where his cock had been. 'Put some spit on it,' I instructed him.

He dripped saliva into his hand and rubbed it on his peter. I placed his cock head at my hole. He pushed in and held it there while sucking on my tongue. I wondered if my eight year old lover had ever done this before. He seemed to know what to do right from the start.

He wobbled his cock around inside me rather than pumped, slipping side to side and forward and back. I could feel him pushing the flesh around inside me. He actually touched my prostate occasionally sending waves of pleasure into my groin. Suddenly, he came, going 'mmmmph, into my mouth. As he'd done for me, I let him stay inside until his pulsing subsided completely then lowered my legs to the ground.

He dropped his head to my shoulder, my head still resting on his palms, and whispered in my ear, 'You can do me again if you want.'

I was just as happy to hold him in my arms.

We didn't say a word for the longest time. I debated to ask if he'd ever kissed anyone before and, as usual, asked.

'Just Barney, but he doesn't kiss back like you. Was I good?'

'You were great. But we better not do this in front of the others.'

'I know. Barney said so too.'


'A long time ago. He doesn't like me to do it any more.'

I pulled him tightly to me. He squeezed my head.

We walked back hand in hand, something I'd never done before with anyone. As we reached the base of the mountain, I pulled him behind a tree and gave him a quick kiss. He reached around my neck and pulled me in for another. We stayed hand in hand right to the pool where the cousins were thrashing about in the water with others from their group. Michael saw us and nudged Harry. They both grinned ferociously and pointed at us. We raised our held hands.

Georgie was sound asleep, wrapped in his blanket, when I walked into the cabin with dinner on my mind. I touched his arm to awaken him. It was very warm.

'I feel like shit,' he said when he sat up.

I walked him to the clinic. The nurse called the doctor who examined him.

The nurse told me to go to dinner, that Georgie would be staying with them overnight.

'What's wrong?' I asked a slight panic in my gut.

'Just a little flu but he probably won't be out for a few days.'

At dinner, I stared at Larry, two tables away. He stared back. I wondered if some power had sickened Georgie so I could spend time alone with Larry then dismissed it. Then I wondered if Georgie had found a way to be sick and avoid football.

It was disquieting lying in my bunk that evening without Georgie at my side, worse trying to sleep knowing he wasn't below me and wouldn't be for a few days.

The next morning, I was paired with a bigger boy, a ten year old with a medium but soft build who disliked football even more than Georgie.

'I hate this stupid game. It's just fighting.'

I remembered him as one of the worst at baseball too. I asked, 'So why did you get in the sports program?'

'That woman said the science thing was all full up and this was all there was.'

From what I'd heard, the science program had fewer than normal boys involved and told him so.

His shoulders slumped. 'I know. My father wants me to be some big athlete like he was. That's why he sent me here. I hate it.'

We threw the ball around best we could. He was worse than me. In the game, they made him a blocking lineman. He just stood up and let the others by. The backfield players got really mad so he was made an end where he continued to do nothing. It didn't occur to me until afterward that he might be like me.

Larry and I went back to the mountain and made love again in the afternoon. His kissing was more affectionate than passionate, his hands all over my body. Afterwards, we climbed up on the top of the rocks and looked out over the trees.

'I wish I could stay with you in your cabin,' he said.

So did I.

We tried to visit Georgie but he was 'infectious' so no visitors were allowed.

'Come back tomorrow. We'll see how he is then,' the nurse told us.

At football the next morning, I watched my new partner carefully, looking for signs of femininity. He did have a lilt to his voice that I'd identified with my own. He wanted nothing to do with rough physical contact. My curiosity grew. It was all I could do not to ask him outright if he liked boys. From what I'd been told, a number of other boys considered me a homo from the way I acted. Now that I was becoming a better athlete and could do twenty-seven push ups, I wondered if they felt the same. My new partner, Walter Stenson, could only do two and had no desire to improve on it.

Larry corralled me after lunch to make sure we were returning to the mountain in the afternoon. We walked into the dining hall bathroom and, when we were alone, quickly entered a toilet stall and made out with him sitting on his knees on my lap.

I wished we had learned of each other back in June and could have spent the entire summer making love every day. We had but two and a half weeks left. If I couldn't be with Freddy the next summer, I wanted to come back here.

In the afternoon, we played volleyball and tennis. Walter liked volleyball but wasn't very good at it. Tennis turns were brief for the less able. Three missed balls and the next boy took one's place. We spent a lot of time on the benches beside the court. My curiosity overcame my inhibitions.

'Do you like girls?' I asked, immediately sure it wasn't going to get me the answer I sought.

'Whatta you mean?'

'Uh, do you like girls in a sexy way?'

'I know about you, Malcolm, so don't try to think I'm that way.'

I stared at him. He turned his eyes away.

'I'm not trying to say anything, just asking. And I'll never tell anybody.'

'I don't wanna talk about stuff like that.'

He got up and walked to the end of the benches and stood there, arms folded across his chest. I sat back, sure I was right.

With Larry in tow, I made a quick visit to the clinic at three but they still wouldn't let me in. Georgie was coming along fine they told us. Larry and I returned to the mountain for some close physical contact.

I didn't see Georgie until Saturday. The five of us were swimming. For me, the pool was one step removed from the showers where complete bodies were exposed. But in the pool, muscles were flexed, the sun made tanned bodies glow, and characters were displayed.

Never satisfied with what I had, I was lolling around the side checking out the bodies, particularly ones I knew from the showers had nice cocks. Michael and Harry were magnificent specimens. Both had well proportioned bodies that had tanned in the sun all summer and hair that had lightened creating that beautiful contrast of light hair and dark skin. Barney was already darker than any of us before the sun ever hit him so now he was one of the most tanned in the pool. Larry had a reddish tan like Georgie and the same freckles on his nose and shoulders. I was as dark as I'd ever been which was not very dark. Even with sun tan lotion, I burned easily so only swam in the early morning and late afternoon hours when the sun wasn't very strong. Most of the time at the pool after ten in the morning, I sat where I was, in the shade of a lifeguard tower.

Georgie appeared beside me in pajamas, a bathrobe and bare feet.

'They let you out?'

'Yeh, for an hour then I gotta go back. I'll be allowed back in the cabin tomorrow but no sports until later. Makes me wanna cry, boo hoo.' He was grinning.

'Did you make yourself sick so you wouldn't have to do football?'

'I thought about that. There's some kind of sickness that's called psychosomething where a guy gets sick because he really wants to be sick. So maybe I did but I don't think so.' He leaned over. 'My dick's been lonely. You can touch it if you want. I'm not wearing any underwear.'

Before I could poke him, the cousins swam over and greeted Georgie.

Barney grabbed me by the leg and said, 'Get in the water.'

I said, 'I'm talking to Georgie and, anyway, I'll burn.'

'Michael and Harry are talking to Georgie and you won't burn. C'mon.'

He pulled me in and dunked me. I was immediately curious if he was ready to try my rear end.

'No, Malcolm. It'll hurt, you know it.'

'Then can I suck you?'

'Maybe later.'

I swam back to the side and told the others what Barney had said. Michael jammed his thumb under water in my rear. 'I'm going up there,' he whispered in my ear. He was hanging on the wall so no one could see me grab his cock through his bathing suit. It was soft but stiffened quickly.

'Now you gotta stay here until it gets soft.'

'No, I don't.'

He pushed off the wall and floated on his back, his boner hoisting the middle of his trunks. Either no one noticed or didn't care. I didn't hear a single comment.

After lunch, without poor Georgie who was back in the clinic, we went to the empty school building. As we began undressing in the bathroom, Barney said, 'Malcom wants to suck me and that's all I'm gonna do but you guys can do everything.'

Larry, nude and stiff, rushed over to him and whispered in his ear.

Barney shook his head. Larry whispered something else. Barney laughed and said, 'Okay.'

The cousins, in a playful mood, lay to either side of Barney on the blanket and sucked on his growing nipples while I crawled between his legs. Five inches of very hard, recently neglected, boy cock rose in front of my eyes. I started by licking his perineum right under his silky skinned hairless balls. Each was the size of a small plum and bobbled around in their sack as my tongue sucked in the flesh that held them. One by one, I took the soft orbs into my mouth and caressed them with my tongue. His cock began dripping pre-cum. I ran my tongue up one side then the other between his balls and his thigh then across the base of his cock, wetting the soft hairs growing there.

Larry lay on my back, his pecker poking between my cheeks. He kissed one side of my face then the other.

My hands caressed Barney's stomach side to side, up and down. I started up his thick shaft, running my mouth around it, slowly heading toward the top, now glistening with human lubricant.

Larry lubed his own cock with Barney's pre-cum and began pumping between my cheeks.

I pulled my body forward, carrying Larry with me, and put my mouth over the helmet head of Barney's cock. The pre-cum tasted slightly salty, slightly sweet. I sucked hard on the head then took in as much as I could, about half.

The twins, who had been rubbing their own cocks against Barney's sides went for something better. I felt additional weight on my rear end. A feel told me that one of them was about to screw Larry. I assumed the other would screw the former. I just wasn't sure Larry and I could handle the weight.

As I sucked, running my mouth up and down Barney's cock, I felt the successive pressure of the fucking going on behind me. Larry's stiff cock poked me very near my hole but wasn't getting inside. I lifted off briefly to see what was going on. Indeed, Michael was fucking Larry and Harry was on his knees pumping into Michael.

I turned my attention back to Barney whose hands were on my shoulders, massaging them gently. His cock was the largest I'd ever had in my mouth. Douglas' had been as long but not as thick. To be honest, it was more enjoyable sucking on Harry's cock that fit well inside my mouth.

The action behind me picked up intensity. Larry's cock actually poked inside me a few times. I reached back to pull my cheeks apart. The head of his cock pushed inside and stayed there, making short thrusts with those Harry initiated into his cousin. Larry tried to push his hands under my shoulders. I had to lift up for him, difficult with all the weight on top of us. He gripped me where Barney had been massaging. Barney moved his hands to my head and caressed my hair, temples and cheeks.

One of the cousins grunted. The pumping got faster and harder. Larry reached his orgasm in my ass, his little cockhead pulsing just inside my anus. Someone, Michael, I thought, said, 'Aah' three times in succession. The action behind me stopped. The weight on me increased. Someone's hands gripped my sides. I could hardly lift my head to keep working on Barney's hardening cock so moved it around a lot, sucking fiercely on the head.

Then the load on my back was reduced, twice. Harry and Michael had pulled out of the ass they'd occupied for six or seven minutes and sat down on the tile floor. Larry held on to me while I got to running my mouth up and down Barney's cock. I expected his climax at any moment because his cock kept getting harder and thicker. Then it happened. Gobs of strange tasting boycum shot into the back of my mouth forcing me to swallow. I stayed on him. The sperm kept coming until it dripped from the sides of my mouth. I looked up at Barney's face. His head was on the blanket, his mouth open. He was breathing hard.

He looked up at me, saw the sperm dripping down his cock and smiled. 'Mostly protein according to my science teacher. Now you're really gonna have muscles.'

I swallowed what was in my mouth and cleaned off the top half of his cock.

Barney sat up. 'You guys are never going to believe it but that's the first blow job I've ever had in my life.'

'Bull,' said Michael. 'What about Master Wentworth last year?'

He sighed and shook his head. 'That was bullshit. I did him and he let me fuck him.'

'You sucked Wentworth?'

'It was before I knew things. And he always took it out before he came.'

The openness of Barney's remarks surprised me. It was hard to imagine other boys admitting such a thing. It was an indication of the closeness of our little group. I lay my head on his pelvis then realized that Larry was still in me, still holding onto my shoulders. Barney noticed it too and reached down to muss his hair.

During the final two weeks of camp there was only one significant event. Other than that, everything went on in the wonderful way it had those past few days. Larry and I went to the mountain, the following Tuesday and onward with Georgie who only shook his head at our making out. Georgie became addicted to my tongue up his ass. Larry and I both sucked off Barney a few more times.

Milton, the sad kid from my cabin, never spoke to me or anyone else I knew of. The effeminate boy who became my partner while Georgie was sick refused to speak to me again. Beasley got caught during the last week beating off in his bunk with five others and the porn magazine. Master Dean gave them a stern lecture about sins of the flesh. All six broke out in hearty laughter before he reached the hallway. The Master slammed his door closed making them laugh even louder.

The six of us exchanged addresses and phone numbers and promised to be sure our parents would send us back to camp the next year.

The one significant event I mentioned occurred the Friday afternoon before we were to return to our homes. We had sat through a boring awards ceremony during which I think everyone got something and the director pitched us to convince our parents to send us back in June. Georgie had been acting strangely all day. I assumed he wanted one last fuck before we parted.

We went up on the mountain. Larry was upset he couldn't go with us but Georgie insisted. The hurt look on the eight year old's face almost made me refuse to go without him. Georgie was silent the entire way. Once we were undressed and on the blanket, me on my hands and knees trying to pull him to me for a quick suck, he said, 'Malcolm, wow, this is difficult. Look, don't you ever tell anybody and I mean anybody, even if I don't know them like Freddy.' He pursed his lips and shook his head.


'You promise?'

'Of course. What?'

'There's something I've got to try just once to see what it's like, to see why you guys like it so much.'

My mind spun over the possibilities: kissing, sucking, fucking. Then, before he said it, I knew.

'I want you to fuck me.'

I tried to hug him.

'C'mon, Malcolm, none of that shit. Let's do it. But you get your own dick wet.'

He moved onto his hands and knees, dropping his head between his hands on the blanket. I dribbled spit into my hand as I waddled behind him on my knees. All those times sticking my tongue up his ass had paid off. A kid didn't have to be a homo to enjoy a good fucking. Michael and Harry weren't homos and, even with the kissing, I doubted Larry was one either. I wiped some saliva on Georgie's tight little pucker and moved in. This was going to be great. I knew how tight he was. I put the head of my penis at his anus and checked to see it was well lubricated. I absolutely didn't want any pain involved in my entry. I took hold of his hips and nudged forward. The tip poked in. I felt the familiar heat crawl up my shaft as I pushed the rest of the way into him. He was as tight as expected. His sphincter gripped the base of my cock. Georgie didn't move.

I slid my knees up a bit and began moving in and out, trying to move up and down a little as I did it. That always felt good to me. Shortly, I realized he was moving his ass up and down too. Georgie was enjoying it. Why, I asked myself, hadn't he tried this before'

I pulled out slowly and pushed in harder each time, making the familiar smacking sounds as his buns met my body. His tight anus was pressing on the soft bottom of my cock like a finger during masturbation.

Georgie mumbled barely perceptibly, 'Malcolm, jerk me off.'

That wasn't easy. I had to reach under him forcing me to lean over, reducing the ease of fucking him. He was hard as steel. I was very gentle knowing how close he was to orgasm. My passion was rising. I wished I was lying on top of him. My cock grew inside him taking my breath away momentarily. I shuddered as the pulsing of my orgasm rushed from my prostate to the tip of my penis. I took firm hold of Georgie's cock and ran my fingers up and down. I was so dizzy it was difficult to maintain my balance. He came. I fell to the side, pulling him with me, holding his hips tightly to me so we stayed together. Once on the blanket, I rolled us over so I was on top of him. He allowed me that for half a minute then, he nudged me off and lay on his back, looking at the sky.

'So?' I asked anxiously, still a bit delirious from getting off where I'd wanted to for so long.

He seemed about to speak a couple of times but didn't. Then, 'It was neat, Malcolm. I don't know if I'll ever do it again, but I might.'

I wanted to kiss him but knew better.

Larry and I made up on the seat of the abandoned World War II truck.

Saturday, September first, six buses, a bunch of cars and a few limousines awaited us out front of the main building. It was very painful for the six of us. We were all much happier with each other than we knew we'd be at home. Only Michael and Harry had each other. The rest of us faced a lot of unpleasantness. Larry, Georgie and I cried as little as we could.