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Chapter 11

Stabs at Promiscuity

by Michael Peterson

Be advised that in the following one will find graphic sexual depiction between minors and minors and adults. The story is fiction but based on real characters, events, places and situations. There is no relationship between the names used and that of any real person.

Thursday after school, I ran most of the way to the streetcar turnaround, beating all but a few of my schoolmates but running into a mob of parochial school kids who crowded onto the streetcar with me. I was anxious to give Freddy the news of my great victory over Father Simons. Theoretically, I wasn't supposed to go to my grandparents but then I was only supposed to see Freddy twice a week.

Grandma was briefly worried when she found me at her door but my smile told her nothing was amiss. After giving her a quick hug, I rushed off to the kitchen. Freddy was just starting to write in his notebook when I sneaked up and grabbed him from behind. Missy saw me but heeded the finger to my lips. Freddy was startled and poked me when he got loose.

'You best hope your father doesn't know you're here,' he said in perfect English. His eyes lit up. 'You don't have to see that priest no mo'!'

I hugged him. 'He sent a letter to my father saying he has to do something at the archdiocese and doesn't have time. I beat him!'

'Malcolm, are you talking about Father Simons?' asked my grandmother.

I quickly realized the difficulty there'd be in explaining my remark. It didn't seem likely my devoutly Catholic grandparents would approve of my tactics with a man of the cloth.

'I don't have to see him any more.'

'What do you mean you beat him?'

My grandfather came up the basement stairs. 'Malcolm?'

I ran to him partly to give him his hug and give myself time to figure out how to answer my grandmother's question.

'Does you mother know you're here?' he asked.

'No, but I won't stay long.'

'You can stay as long as you like. Wait, aren't you supposed to be with Father Simons today?'

'No, he doesn't have time any more. Something to do with the archdiocese.'

Grandmother said, 'He told Freddy he beat him.'

'Not really beat him, gramma, just sort of convinced him I was okay.'

My grandfather smiled and shook his head. 'I think this calls for some ice cream.'

'Not for you, George.'

He did get a few spoons full. Freddy and I escaped up to our room and I told about the letter.

'You beat the motherfucker!' Freddy wrapped his arms around me and pushed me on top of the bed. 'Sometimes I think maybe you even smarter than me.'

He let me kiss his lips then tickled me.

I had permission to go to Martin's Friday but spent the afternoon with Freddy figuring to be at Martin's by dinnertime. Freddy and I worked on our growing hideaway. We had dug a six foot wide room a good eight feet back into the hill. I worried the rock and root structure that seemed to hold up the nearly six foot high ceiling would collapse when it got wet. The floor was covered with the flattest rocks we could find and slanted down toward the front so any seepage would drain way. The front was covered by hanging vines we hoped would thicken on their own now that the weather was warming. Freddy had designed a wood structure he figured wouldn't cost too much but that would prevent a disaster. He had measured the rocks in the roof to figure the maximum distance between cross timbers then talked to an 'uncle' who was a carpenter to figure the size of the wood needed to carry the weight if the ceiling should start to collapse. We needed, he said, twenty-seven dollars to buy lumber and another dollar or so for nails. We could borrow a hammer.

'Where'd you learn all that?' I asked.

'Yo' grandfather, my uncle and the encyclopedia. They have all kinds of pictures about mines and I figure they the same as what we doin'.

Freddy was learning things I'd never thought of.

I wanted to get the shovel and pick back to our barn before my father went looking for them. Just before five, Freddy pulled the nail out of the pig sty door and we scrambled into the barn with the tools. Once inside, we stood looking at the stairs to the second floor and had the same idea simultaneously. There was still one blanket hidden up in the end room. We stripped and screwed.

'This is always gonna be better'n that room we dug,' said Freddy after his first climax. 'Maacum, how often yo' father come up heah?'

'Just when he wants to put something away. Almost never.'

'So why don't we make this our room?'

It had been a year or so since I made that proposal to my father. Maybe it was time to try again.

I got lucky and arrived at Martin's just as they were sitting down to eat. Martin went with me to wash my hands. He was miffed because Stinky had not yet beat up Spike.

Nonetheless, we were to toss in the morning with a new bunch Stinky had told him about. They were a group of public school kids who tossed and traded baseball cards every Saturday about three blocks away from Martin's house. He was sure we could do well as we'd done with Stinky's group and we didn't want to be late.

After dinner we walked down to Stinky's house to find out more about the games in the morning. He wasn't home. His father told us he was three blocks toward the public school with a friend. We went to the address he gave us. Martin knocked. Spike answered.

'Whatta you want?'

Neither of us could speak for a moment, then Martin insisted, 'We wanna talk to Stinky.'

'I'll go see if he wants ta talk to you.'

He closed the door with a flip of his wrist. Half a minute later, Stinky appeared putting on his coat.

 'Don't go gettin' pissed off. I fixed it so you won't have no more trouble with Spike.'

'We had a deal,' I said. There was righteous indignation pent up inside me for allowing him to fuck me in exchange for doing what he didn't do. The problem was he knew how much I enjoyed it, knew my half of the deal hadn't been made entirely in good faith. It was like the story of Br'er Rabbit my mother had read me a few years earlier.

'Look, Spike wants to be friends again.'

'Yeah,' said Martin derisively, 'sure acted like it at the door.'

'Look, I fixed everything so there won't be no more trouble. That's what you wanted, ain't it?'

'No. What I wanted was payback for him sucker punching me.'

'Damn, Martin. Don't worry, ain't gonna be no more problems. You ready for tomorrow?'

I was still angry but not for the dead deal. With this hassle between us, it would be difficult to get Stinky's big dick up my rear again. Martin wasn't about to invite him to his house. He'd ignore that I enjoyed the sex. Stinky had reneged.

'C'mon, Malcom.' Martin pulled me by the coat.

Martin was testy when he got home. I tried to talk to him, convince him that what had happened was probably the best for everyone. If Stinky had beat up Spike, there probably would have been more trouble. Martin told Dickie to shut up when he asked where we'd been. Dickie went straight to his mother.

'Martin, tell Dickie you're sorry.'

Dickie didn't seem to expect the apology, which was just as well. We read the comics in the evening newspapers. Martin was an avid follower of Dick Tracy and enjoyed Lulu. He had cooled considerably by the time the three of us paraded naked across the hallway to the bathroom without asking his sisters who was next.

While Martin filled the tub, Dickie played with his hard on and flipped it at me, a huge grin on his face. I worried a little that he may have seen Martin and me having sex. He didn't say anything, though. It was hard to believe that talkative six year old could have kept his mouth shut if he had seen any of the sucking or fucking.

The bar of soap fell off the wall dish into the crowded tub. All three of us ran our hands around the bottom to find it first. Dickie, still sporting a hard on, fell on top of me and grabbed my penis. I grabbed at his. Martin pushed Dickie down on me then lay on him like he was going to fuck him. Everyone was giggling. Dickie let go of my dick, poked his ass up at Martin and wiggled back and forth. Martin whispered in his ear, 'Careful or I'll stick you.'

'Uh uh, I'll stick you,' retorted Dickie.

Martin continued to rub his cock between Dickie's ass cheeks. I was amazed. When Martin looked up at me, a huge grin on his face, I rolled my eyes.

'I ain't really gonna do it.'

Dickie, his face in my chest said, 'You did it to Malcolm. I seed you.'

Martin stopped his play. 'You did not?'

'Did too. You kept kicking me and I seed you.'

Martin looked at me then asked his brother, 'You didn't say nothing to mom?'

'Uh uh. She'd get mad if I did.'

I could see Martin's wheels turning. Dickie sat on my stomach. To Martin, he said, 'I wanna do it to.'

'Don' ask me. It's Malcom's ass.' He giggled.

Martin's lack of concern worried me. Six year olds talked, though perhaps not about sex. I'd never said anything to my parents about all I'd been doing.

Dickie twisted around. 'Can I, Malcolm?'

I shrugged my shoulders, 'I guess so.'


'In the bathtub?'

'Un huh.'

Martin said, 'Go ahead, Malcolm, turn over and let him.' He giggled again, backed up and sat on the end of the tub over the faucets. His dick was hard.

I turned over wondering if Dickie really knew what to do. His peter, as he called it, was about two inches long. He lay on top of me and pumped away into my crack, only occasionally poking into my pucker. Still, it was enough to stiffen my penis.

'What's it feel like, Dickie?' asked his brother.

'Real good,' answered the six year old.

Dickie wrapped his little arms around me. His grip tightened and his little poker went deeper, actually poking inside my pucker every once in a while. I raised my ass to see if he could get inside. I turned my head for a view of the action but could only see the side of his hip bouncing up and down.

'I'm gonna pee,' said Dickie, strain in his voice.

'Go ahead, Dickie,' said Martin. 'Don't stop now.'

I could feel the six year old's muscles tighten. 'Here I go,' he said. A half dozen thrusts later, he stopped suddenly. 'Oh, it tickles.' He pulled out and sat up looking at his stiff little penis.

Martin laughed. 'Dickie got off, neat. Good boy, Dickie.'

Dickie looked at his brother. 'Now you do it.'

'Nah, I'll do it in bed.'

'But I wanna watch.'

'You can watch in bed.'

I was ready to roll and would have agreed to a tub fucking but knew the bed would be more comfortable. Dickie wanted to see my hole. I turned back over and put my ass in the air. Martin spread my cheeks and said, 'see?' Dickie got in close and touched my hole with his finger.

'Stick your finger in,' suggested Martin.

'Uh uh, it's dirty in there.'

'Your peter ain't dirty and it was in there. Here, I'll show you.' Martin pushed his brother aside and pushed his finger just inside my hole. It hurt.

'Ouch. Put soap on your finger first.'

He did and pushed easily inside. It felt good, especially when he wiggled it about inside.

'Let me,' insisted Dickie. He soaped up and shoved in. 'It's mushy in there,' he said as he twisted his finger around inside me. He pushed harder. I could feel his knuckle. Martin noticed.

'I'll bet you can stick your whole hand in, Dickie. Gimme your hand.'

I wasn't sure but it was an interesting idea. Dickie's hands were small and skinny like him. 'Okay, but stop if I say.'

Martin soaped up Dickie's hand and squeezed his fingers together. 'Put it in like that.'

I felt small fingernails. 'Ouch, his fingernails!'

'Okay,' said Martin, wait.'

When the fingers arrived again, they were tighter together in a point. Martin pulled my cheeks apart and said, 'Go ahead, push.'

'Slowly,' I added.

Again, fingernails dug into me. I yanked my ass away.

'Lemme see your hand, Dickie.' He held it out to me. I pushed the tips of his fingers together and put on more soap.

Once I was back on my hands and knees, Dickie tried again. He started in then scratched me again. 'Ouch!'

Martin said, 'I got a idea. First put in one, then, here, I'll show you. Turn back around, Malcolm.'

I obeyed. Martin stuck in one soapy finger, pulled downward then upward, stretching my hole, then inserted a second beside the first. Again, he pulled up and down and pushed in a third finger with the other two. It didn't feel bad at all.

'Like that,' he told Dickie.

He pulled his fingers out and Dickie pushed in one.

'Nah, you can put in two first,' said Martin.

Dickie pulled out and returned with two fingers. Martin guided his hand, stretching then slipping in a third finger, then the fourth and his thumb. All five were inside me. There was no discomfort at all.

He pushed in further. 'Wait,' I said and reached back to feel how much he'd gotten in. He was close to his knuckles but they were a lot broader than what was already inside. His hand was soapy enough. 'Okay, a little more.' He pushed. It was uncomfortable but not painful. 'Harder,' I said.

The knuckles were against my rectum, stretching, hurting. 'Wait!' I ordered. 'Don't move.'

Martin said, 'Neat, he's almost in. Just a little more. Just a little bit more.'

'Wait,' I said again. I knew it would hurt a lot if he went any further right then but I also knew that my asshole would stretch given time. Dickie's hand wasn't much bigger around than Stinky's cock.

'I'm getting tired,' said Dickie.

'Here, I'll help you, just a little more.' I could feel the additional pressure of Martin's help to Dickie's arm. 'Now, Malcolm?'

'Wait. I'll say.' I took a deep breath. 'Okay, but slow.'

It hurt but not a lot as I felt Dickie's knuckles slip past my pucker. With the pushing from Martin, his hand went completely inside right up to the wrist. His fingers were at my prostate. It felt incredible.

'Can you move around in there?' asked Martin.

I felt Dickie's fingers rubbing and massaging the walls of my rectum, especially my prostate. It was strange but wonderful. Dickie giggled gleefully. 'I'm inside you, Malcolm.'

There was a knock on the door. 'Hurry up, it's our turn and you didn't ask!'

'Hold your horses. We're almost done. Five minutes,' answered Martin.

'Don' worry. They ain't gonna come in while were naked. Mom'd kill 'em. We gotta hurry. I'm gonna put on more soap.' There was fun in Martin's voice.

He soaped up Dickie's wrist and pushed him in further, right up to his lower forearm. Dickie giggled again and moved his hand around. Martin pulled Dickie's arm out to the back of his hand then pushed it back in to the forearm.

'Shit, Dickie's fucking you with his arm,' he laughed quietly.

I tugged on Dickie's arm to do it again. It wasn't really better than being fucked. It was different, but just as exciting, more considering a six year old had his arm up my ass.

I was close to orgasm. 'Dickie, put your other hand on my dick and go up and down.'

Dickie reached around me and found my cock. Martin whispered, 'Wait, use soap. Here, I'll do it.'

'Do it slow,' I requested.

I felt Martin's soapy hand slip between my legs and grab hold of my hard on. I pushed and pulled Dickie's arm and Martin helped. The feeling was like nothing I'd ever experienced before, something like having a little thick, smooth tree with all its branches pushed in and out of my ass.  

I felt my orgasm coming on. 'Slower, Martin, slower.' His soapy fingers loosened but I was on my way. The feeling ran through my entire middle from inside my ass through the end of my cock. 'Don't move, stop!' I felt my sphincter grip Dickie's arm, tightening and releasing with the throbbing in my penis. This was better than Stinky's cock.

Dickie said, 'Malcolm's squeezing my arm with his ass, look.'

Dickie had to tug hard to get his hand out. I felt suddenly incredibly empty.

The six year old sniffed his hand. 'Yeech. It stinks.'

Martin laughed. 'Here, I'll wash it and it won't stink no more.'

I poked myself. My hole was really loose. Martin was going to wish he hadn't pushed Dickie in there.

Before leaving the bathroom, we did a cursory brushing of our teeth and grabbed towels.

We darted out the bathroom door right into the glaring girls. We tried to

hide our hard ons poking at the towels around our waists. The girls just pushed in past us.

'The tub's all dirty,' shouted one, 'you gotta clean it.'

'Just rinse it. You were in such a hurry we didn't have time,' shouted Martin back at them.

Someone slammed the door.

'Children,' shouted their mother from downstairs.

Martin pulled down the shade on the window and jumped on the bed, tossing his towel in the air.

'Now, it's my turn. Suck me first,' he said softly but excitedly.

Dickie looked up from drying between his toes. 'Suck what?'

'My dick, stupid. We ain't got no soap.'

I slid up along side of him and whispered in his ear. 'My ass is real loose. Maybe you're not going to feel anything.'

'Lemme see.'

I lay on my stomach and pushed my butt into the air. Martin pulled one cheek open and touched my hole with his finger.

'Man, it's really soft. Try sucking it in, you know like you don't want your shit to come out.'

Dickie got in close for a look. I squeezed my sphincter tight as I could. Martin pushed again with his finger. It was still soft.

'Just suck me, then,' he said and sat in front of my head. I pulled his hips to me and took in his very hard cock.

'You said I could watch you stick Malcolm,' protested Dickie.

''Cause a your hand and arm being in him, he's all loose right now. I wouldn't feel anything.'

'It's not fair. You said.'

'Shit, Dickie. Okay but if it don't work, I'm gonna get sucked.'

Wet with my saliva, Martin climbed on top of my legs and found my hole with his cock. I hardly felt him enter. He fucked hard and fast with Dickie on his knees beside the bed, one hand on Martin's nearest ass cheek, watching intently. I was sure Martin wasn't feeling much if anything. I squeezed my sphincter.

'Yeah, like that,' said Martin panting slightly.

Dickie got bored and whispered in my ear, 'Suck mine, Malcolm.'

I tugged on his arm to get him in front of me. He slipped his legs up over my shoulders and pushed his crotch into my face. I sucked in his tiny cock and balls. He leaned against the backboard and watched my head go up and down and around.

Martin laughed, 'Shit, Dickie,' and kept on pumping.

I could feel him poking my prostate and began to enjoy what was happening. Dickie's little tool was hard as his finger. He pushed upward, his tummy muscles hardening. He stared at the action and didn't say a word. He had the look of a kid hard at work on a tough math exam. I winked at him but he didn't notice.

Dickie came first. Every muscle in his little body tensed. 'I'm gonna pee again,' he said with a strain.

'No you ain't. Just feels that way,' explained Martin, actually too late if he'd really been about to pee.

Dickie's peter nearly doubled in thickness before the pulsing began. Seconds later, he grabbed my head and held it to him while his brother fucked away at my other end.

He was still clutching my head minutes later when Martin began banging in harder, a sign he was close. He grabbed hold of his brother and pulled us tightly together. Martin's thrusting slowed, stopped, started, stopped. He was breathing like he'd like he'd just run up a dozen flights of stairs.

'Did yours do it too?' Asked Dickie.

'Uh huh.'

Martin said, 'I'll do it again later. I'm going to sleep.' He rolled slowly off me and got under the covers.

'I wanna stay like this. Can I sleep here?' asked Dickie.

Martin answered, 'You can't sleep like that.' His back was to the backboard and his knees were still draped over my shoulders.

'Why don't you sleep beside me,' I suggested

'But I want your mouth to stay on my peter.'

'Shit, Dickie,' grumbled Martin.

'Wait,' I said and stood to lift the covers. 'Put your head down there and your feet up here.' I got back on the bed, my back pressed against Martin's warm body and pulled Dickie down beside me, his head down toward my middle and his crotch in front of my face. I put my arms under and over Dickie's middle and snuggled him to me. His cock and balls fell into my mouth. He lay his featherweight upper leg over my neck. I pulled the pillow under my head and relaxed.

Just as I was fading off to sleep, Dickie's hips began to move. He wanted to go again. His upper arm went across my side until his fingers got a good grip on my ass. Martin rolled over and slid in behind me, his still hard cock pushing into my crack. Martin's right arm slid across me to his brother's waist and tugged gently in time to Dickie's movement.

Everything was silent and unhurried. Martin did nothing but pull gently on his brother. His cock stayed motionless between my ass cheeks. That was when I felt Dickie's mouth close gently on my penis. It took my breath away.

Dickie sucked on my dick like he would a lollipop, all the motion taking place inside his mouth. Nothing else changed. He continued pumping gently into my mouth as before. His hand held onto my rear. Martin snuggled tightly, his flesh against mine, his cock still pressed between my cheeks. Then it all slowed, Dickie's hips, his mouth. He fell asleep. Martin, I think, did too at the same time. I lay there, sucking gently on Dickie's softening penis. Dickie's head gradually rolled away, my penis, unfulfilled, still quite hard, hung in the air between us.

Martin awakened first in the morning and began humping me. When I stirred, he said, 'Let me fuck you before Dickie wakes up.'

I still had Dickie in my arms so I pushed my ass back at Martin. He wet his dick with his own saliva and moved in. After a few errant attempts, he got himself into a position where he could push full into me. Within minutes, he was pumping harder, bouncing my body with each thrust. Dickie stirred. I took his hard penis into my mouth and sucked it as he had me before falling asleep. He put his arm around me and began pumping gently. I straightened my legs and tugged him tighter to me so my cock was more available if he had the urge. He pulled in and took me between his lips. I'm not sure he was completely awake at that point. His sucking was soft, as a baby would its thumb.

Martin was closing in on his orgasm. His banging into my body bounced Dickie. I held him tight to me. Martin came, thrust slowly and stopped a few times then stayed still, holding himself inside. He would want to go again. I straightened my body more so Dickie could get more of me in his mouth. His pumping became stronger. More of his body was involved. He sucked harder on me. I started moving in and out of his mouth. He kept his head still and sucked. I felt his tongue against the head of my cock each time I pushed in. The feeling built inside me somewhere around my prostate. I pushed hard into him and throbbed in Dickie's mouth. He kept sucking.

Martin's upper arm reached over again to Dickie's hip and tugged in time with his pumping. I felt Martin's chin rest on my arm and knew he was watching. He couldn't see his brother's head under the covers, his mouth clamped around my cock. I wondered what he would think if he did.

Dickie's tightening muscles and bloating penis told me he was getting close. His rate of pumping didn't change, just the intensity. He was getting good at this. Had he done it before' Was I the first one he had sucked'

He got off suddenly and forcefully, his whole body shuddering with the throbs of his cock. When he relaxed, Martin gave him a pat on his little fanny. To me he said, 'Lie flat.'

I wasn't sure what to do or say. Dickie still held my dick in his mouth. Martin pulled out and tugged on my hips, yanking my cock from Dickie's lips. I hoped it didn't upset him. Martin tossed the covers off and pushed me flat. Dickie looked up at his brother with irritation in his eyes.

'Don't you wanna watch?'

'I seed you last night and you already did it once this morning.'

'Malcolm can suck you again.'

Dickie looked at me.

'You wanna?' I asked.

He smirked. I pulled him by the arm up to me and held him close. I kissed him on the cheek. He smiled and kissed me back. I covered him with the blanket. Martin shoved a pillow under my crotch and mounted me, getting in on the first try. Dickie looked back at his brother and said in a half whisper, 'Martin's crazy.'

Martin took a while and got mildly violent before he reached his orgasm. If it hadn't been so cold, he'd have been sweating.

We had another Wheaties breakfast and headed out to Stinky's with hopes of a big score. Dickie wanted to go too but his mother wouldn't allow it. He looked very sad when we left.

Stinky was carrying in trash cans when we came down the block. 'I gotta clean out under the kitchen sink before I can go. It's only take half a hour. It was cold.

'Can we come in and get warm?' asked Martin.

'Sorry, guys, my parents don't let nobody come in, 'specially kids.'

'Well, shit, we ain't gonna just stand here for half an hour. Where's these kids supposed to be?'

'They ain't gonna know you. They might be trouble.'

'Just tell us where, Stinky. We'll tell 'em you're coming.'

'Spike's gonna be there.'

'So what, you said he wasn't gonna be any more problem or was that bullshit too.'

'Damn, Martin. You don't believe nothin'.' He gave us directions.

It was another alleyway, actually the same alley as near Martin's house but five blocks up, a block from the public school. There were half a dozen boys of varying ages. The youngest appeared to be about ten, the eldest fourteen. One was nearly as brown as Douglas but had straight brown hair and a face that could have been Irish were it not for the color. Spike greeted us with his airy voice. 'Here come the faggots. Where's Stinky?'

I told him.

'Well, you gotta wait for him.'

'Why, you afraid you won't have any cards left by the time he gets here?' I challenged.

The biggest of the group, about fourteen, laughed and asked, 'Who are you. I seen him before,' he said pointing at Martin, 'but I never seen you.'

'I'm Malcolm and I don't live around here. I go to school with Martin. We just wanna toss with you guys.'

'So where do you live?'

I told him.

'Rich boy, huh. Well, come on rich boy. I'll toss with ya.'

Spike pushed him back and whispered something. The fourteen pushed him out of the way. 'I ain't Stinky.'

We tossed. He was good. If anything, he beat me by a little, taking one of my best high values.

'See, I told you he was nothin' to worry about,' said the teen proudly.

Spike smirked. He'd been playing with the ten year old and another his own age, and didn't seem to be doing so well.

I asked the teenager if he wanted to trade. I really wanted my best high value back. We made several deals. On the last, I offered his seventeen cards for my high value and two others. The jerk went for it. My one card was worth twice what I gave him plus I got a couple of good middle values.

Stinky finally showed up. Spike walked to meet him and spoke conspiratorially. Stinky said something sharply that seemed to humble Spike. When he came close, I could see he was clean. He'd apparently bathed and put on clean clothes before coming.

'So you tossed against Kenny?' he asked nodding toward the fourteen year old who hadn't yet given me his name.

'Yeah, he's good. I couldn't beat him.'

We tossed and traded for another hour. I beat the ten year old, a cute red head with an infectious smile, for half his cards then gave them back when no one was looking. The only reason he had any cards was because he had some money to buy back what he lost. Losing was all he did.

Stinky suggested we play cards. I knew fish and war. They were going to play poker for baseball cards. Martin was unsure. I flat out refused. The fourteen year old promised to be partners with me until I learned the game.

'You're the smartest kid here. You'll learn fast.'

We went to the home of a boy, like Kenny about fourteen though not as tall, called Fish. His mother was gone for the day. He said his father was traveling. The house was similar to Martin's but definitely warmer. The nine of us took our coats off and sat about the dining room table on a variety of chairs pulled from all over the house. Kenny sat on one arm of a stuffed chair while I sat on the other. He explained the basics while Fish shuffled the cards. Only four of us, with Kenny and I counting as one, played each game. Fish played every game as it was his house and his cards.

Kenny was a good teacher and I caught on fairly quickly. There was a lot of bluffing and strategy, both of which I was good at, or so I thought. I only played low value cards until I felt I had a feel for the game. Gradually, some of the players lost all the cards they were willing to and dropped out, including Spike who had been less oppressive toward Martin and me since Stinky had joined the group. Then there were just three.

Kenny pulled a five dollar bill from his pocket and sent the ten year old out to buy sodas, potato chips and candy bars.

I won a hand by bluffing with just a pair. That seemed to be enough for Kenny.

'Okay, Malcolm,' he said, 'you know how to play now. I'm gonna play by myself.' He moved off the stuffed chair and took the seat of another boy. Fish dealt. Stinky won the first hand and took over the deal.

The food and sodas arrived. We stopped playing and enjoyed the refreshments. Stinky sat with me and told me what a good poker player I was becoming. Martin looked uncomfortable but Fish gave him a Nestle's Crunch bar, which seemed to reassure him.

When we went back to the table, Martin won the first hand including one of my better cards. He grinned at me in triumph.

Robert, a husky boy about thirteen but still with a boy's voice, said, 'Shit, I don' wanna lose more a my cards. Let's play for money.'

Kenny said, 'Nah, I already spent too much. I'll loan you some a my cards.'

'Nah, I quit.'

'Wait a minute,' said Stinky. 'Let's play strip poker and everybody can put on his coat if he wants. Everything including socks counts as one.'

I had no idea what they were talking about. I'd heard of the game but never played anything like it. Kenny explained.

'It's easy. Every time you lose, you gotta take off one piece of your clothes. You win, you can put two back on. First guy naked's gotta give a blowjob to the winner.'

That should have been a warning.

Martin said, 'Nah, I don't wanna play that. Let's go, Malcolm.'

'C'mon, Martin,' pleaded Spike. That should have been even more of a warning.

Kenny said, 'We'll give you two freebies, you and Malcolm and Steven.' Steven was the red headed ten year old.

Fish and Kenny patted Martin on the back and encouraged him to stay and play.

Everybody who had been out re-joined the game. I quickly counted how many articles of clothing I had to lose. Including my coat, sweater and gloves, I had thirteen, two more than most since only three of us had gloves, only two, sweaters. Fish complained the gloves weren't fair especially as I had two freebies so I was down to eleven but back to thirteen with my freebies.

With nine kids, we had to use two decks of cards. The clothes went quickly. I couldn't seem to win a hand while almost everybody else did. Even Martin won two. I began to sense not everyone was taking off articles of clothing every time they lost. After eight hands, Fish, who had won only one, still had on his pants, underwear and socks. He was one with no sweater so he should have been down to just his underwear. Only the ten year old was in underwear and he still had his socks on.

'Wait a minute,' I protested, 'Some kids aren't taking off clothes when they lose.'

'Careful who you call a cheater, Malcolm,' warned Kenny with a smile. 'Don't worry, I'll watch.'

Fish ignored my protest, shuffled the double deck and passed them to Robert who had won the previous hand.

Martin won two of the next three. The ten year old won the other with four kings. Then Spike won. I was in my underpants. It finally dawned on me that I'd been had. I bet with myself that Kenny would win the next hand and I'd be required to give him a blowjob. Martin looked worried. There we were, nearly naked in the house of a kid we didn't know, surrounded by rough kids who lived by a very different set of rules than what we'd grown up by.

Kenny didn't win and gave a very nasty look at Fish who did. I hadn't noticed but another, the brown skinned boy, was also down to his underpants. Kenny noticed.

'Two losers. Okay, second best hand gets a blowjob too. Cards face up.' Everybody turned their cards up and leaned over the table to see who was second. Kenny had three queens to Robert's three tens.

'So which one a you two gets to do me?' he asked with a Cheshire grin.

'Nyah unh,' interjected Fish, 'I won so I choose and I want the rich kid.'

'Wait,' said Kenny, 'I'll draw you for him plus a dollar. Winner takes all.'

'Shit, just gimme the dollar. Bobby's got nice lips too, don't ya Bobby.'

The twelve year old tried to smile. Kenny handed over the dollar like it was a bank deposit. He went to the couch, pushed off his pants and underwear and called me over. Fish sat beside him and challenged, 'Let's see who gets off first.'

'Better,' retorted Kenny, 'kid who gets us off second gots to blow, uh, Stinky.'

'Uh uh, me,' said Robert.

'We'll flip for it,' said Kenny, 'after. C'mon, you two. Get naked and get started.'

Bobby looked self consciously at me. I was busy looking at Fish's short fat, hairless, uncircumcised cock. Kenny had a big one, circumcised and six inches long at least with a great bush of brown pubic hair. He reached out and yanked at both our briefs. I pushed mine off. Fortunately I was still soft but I knew that wouldn't last. I could see Bobby was getting hard by the way his growing cock sprang out when he took off his underpants. It was a four incher. I upped my estimate of his age to thirteen though his soft body suggested younger.

'C'mon, blow!' insisted Fish.

I got on my knees and leaned in. Kenny slid forward and pulled my head down. I took in as much as I could and went up and down on it.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Bobby, his eyes closed, his mouth bulging with Fish's fat cock, sucking the head then sliding down to his crotch.

Kenny took my head in his hands and pressed gently downward. I took in all I could without gagging then went back up and sucked on the soft, spongy head.

The room was silent except for the sounds of sucking. Robert, in just a T shirt, sat on the arm of the sofa with his hard cock out, massaging it. He was close to being fat but his cock was long and slim, a bit longer than Bobby's close to four inches, I guessed, a perfect fit for my rectal canal.

Kenny's great cock, on the other hand, was considerably larger than Stinky's which had stretched me about as far as I wanted to be, and easily as wide around as Dickie's knuckles. I didn't want there to be any thought of Kenny fucking me. Robert was a different matter.

Motion caught my attention. Bobby was working fast on Fish's cock, going up and down a few times then revolving his head over the glans. Fish's hands pressed into the sofa. His eyes were on Bobby's lips. 'Shit, now, Bobby, now!'

I could tell by the tension in his muscles he was about to cum. Bobby didn't slow. 'Oh, ohhh, ohhhhh!' whined Fish then grabbed Bobby's head as he pumped his boy juice into Bobby's mouth.

I was going to have to blow again. I didn't really mind. It just bothered me that they'd conned me. All they had to do was ask. Bobby, obviously queer like me, had probably wanted to lose, had probably sucked some of these boys before. While Fish tried to catch his breath, Kenny became more serious about getting off. I expected the biggest load of sperm I'd ever swallowed.

Kenny began to bloat and harden. There was silence again. All eyes were on the two of us. Bobby's head lay turned my way in Fish's lap. He reached over and put his hand on my back, gently rubbing up and down. I appreciated it, fag to fag. Kenny came. Great gobs of goo shot into my mouth. When I tried to lift my mouth off, Kenny held me on him. 'Wait, wait, just a few seconds more.' Then he let go. The taste wasn't like Douglas' or Francis' sperm that were still young and semi-transparent. This stuff was thick and white with a strong unpleasant taste I couldn't identify. I swallowed most and let the rest drip out onto the floor. Robert laughed.

'Do me next, mine's got sugar in it.'

'No sir,' interjected Stinky. 'He's mine now. You go talk to Bobby.'

I had a solution but was afraid it might open me up to something I didn't want: Kenny pushing his huge dong up my little ass. Robert pushed in beside Kenny. Without a thought, I reached over to feel his dick. It was so perfect, just the right length and thickness. I made my proposal, quietly.

'While I suck Stinky, Robert can fuck me.'

'Allll right!' said Robert excitedly.

Stinky hadn't heard. 'What?'

Robert told him. 'I fuck him while he sucks you, sucker!' He jumped off the sofa and tried to get in behind me.

'Not like this,' I insisted, 'on a bed or something soft.'

Fish suggested, 'Put the sofa cushions on the floor and do it there.

'I thought we were gonna flip,' protested Stinky.

'Nothin' to flip about,' said Robert victoriously, 'he's gonna blow you.'

'Kenny, you said we was gonna flip.'

'Robert's right, Stink, it was for the blow job and you're getting' it.'

Fish and Spike put the two sofa cushions on the floor. Robert went to mount me but I stopped him. 'Gotta get it wet first or it'll hurt too much.'

I knelt on a cushion and pulled him to me. His cock had a bead of pre-cum in the slit. He was ready. I took him full into my mouth. It felt perfect in my mouth too.

Stinky protested again. 'See, this ain't right.'

I waved my hand for patience. It would have been nice to stay on him longer but there was correctness to consider. I let go of Robert's slim dick, making sure to drip all the saliva I could on it, and lay face down. Robert jumped in between my spread legs and pulled on my hips.

'Go in slow,' I admonished.

With everyone in close to watch, hard ons either visible or pushing out underwear, Robert slid his skinny boner up and down my crack seeking entry. I reached back and pulled my cheeks apart. He spotted home and inserted. It hurt for an instant as he pushed unabashedly in. I put one hand against his abdomen to slow him while pulling hard on my cheek with the other. I took my hand away and he slipped full inside me, as expected, a perfect fit. His cock pressed against my sweet spot immediately. He slid forward up my back to achieve more depth and began to fuck. He was heavy but it was fantastic. I pushed my ass up at him.

Stinky knelt in front of me and yanked my face toward his crotch. With me raised up on the cushion, he had to slide in against it, his bare ass on the cold floor, before I could get to him. I went to work on his rod while he sat, leaning back on his arms.

Hard as I tried to work on Stinky's cock, my attention was in my rear end where Robert was pumping away, giving me one incredible fuck. Every thrust ran his cock over my prostate, but that wasn't all he was doing for me. Because of his fat gut, each time he pushed in he raised up a little, stretching my hole delightfully and bobbing up and down inside me. I hoped he wouldn't come for half an hour.

Steven, the ten year old sat down cross legged against the corner of the sofa and watched me giving Stinky his desired blowjob. He was naked and rubbing his stiff two and a half inches with the forefinger and thumb of his right hand. He had a wonderfully flat tummy and pearl white skin. I got the impression he expected to be next.

Then I noticed Spike standing behind Kenny, looking anxiously over his shoulder though I couldn't tell which end of me he was interested in. I was interested either way he wanted it. Nasty Spike was the best looking boy in the room.

Probably because he was overweight, Robert panted heavily the more he pumped. He was wheezing slightly when he upped the tempo and force of his thrusting. I increased my speed on Stinky too. I didn't want my ass to be empty with me still belly down working on Stinky. Robert lifted up on his arms and slammed in. I felt him pulsing inside me. He lowered himself back on top of me and pumped slowly for a while.

Stinky leaned forward and whispered in my ear, 'Let me fuck you, Malcolm. I'll go slow the way you like it. It'll be good.'

Better him than Kenny or Fish, I thought. Everybody in that room wanted to get off, probably more than once. I lifted my head off his cock. 'You gotta get some grease or something.'

He got up and went off to comply with my request. I looked around. Fish, to my relief, was fully clothed and walking somewhere with Kenny. Bobby was in the corner sucking off Martin. He waved at me when he saw me looking. I grinned. Robert whispered in my ear, 'You got a better ass than Bobby.'

I said, 'Thank you.'

'Don't tell Bobby I said that.'


Robert lifted up and pulled out slowly, stopped, pushed back in and out two more times then got up and sat on the cushionless sofa. Sweat was all over his face and chest.

Spike, naked but for socks, showing off his magnificent body, stood in front of me, hands on his hips, right where he'd been when I was working on Kenny. I looked at him and noticed Steven was too. The little boy knew his place and waited to see if Spike wanted to go first. Desire was all over Spike's face. If someone had nudged him from behind, he'd have fallen forward. I nodded for him to come near.

'Let me do Steven first then we can take our time. He'll be quick.'

Spike started to protest then backed off saying, 'This better be good.' He waved Steven over. The little red head was under my face in one athletic move. It was too far from the cushion to his groin so I backed up tugging Steven with me. He grabbed my head and pushed my face into his groin, poking his dick up my nose.

'Oops, sorry,' he said then let me take him in. His dick was like steel, the hardest I'd ever felt. I sucked it in, running my tongue down under his balls to his slick perineum. It was taut as were most of his muscles. He leaned back until his shoulders were on the floor. His body was a beautiful sight. He was flat and smooth up to the small mounds of breast muscles. His blue eyes stared at his cock disappearing then re-appearing as my mouth moved up and down. He reached out and placed his fingers on top of my head, not pressuring, just following.

Stinky came back with a folded piece of paper. 'Lard,' he explained. He disappeared behind me. After a moment, I felt the cold grease pressed between my ass cheeks and into my hole. I heard the paper being folded up then felt Stinky straddle me with his knees. Steven sat up and watched. The voices that had been in the background seconds before were now hushed. Stinky's cock split my buns and pushed its way to my anus.

I let go of Steven for a moment and said, 'Slow, Stinky, slow.'

The head of Stinky's cock was below my hole. I reached back and pulled it up. Stinky pressed forward and established a beachhead inside my pucker. There was no discomfort. 'More,' I said.

He pushed in, slowly as requested. My hole stretched without pain. I felt him slide inside, reach my prostate and pass it. His groin touched my buns and pressed against them as he went for full depth. My loins felt ecstatically full. Stinky lay on top of me and started to fuck with slow short strokes.

Steven pulled my head back to his steel hard dick. He twisted to one side so he could watch the action into my rear while I took him to heaven. I was right; he didn't take long. I was amazed that his dick could get any harder but it did, and larger. His pulsing was powerful. I stopped moving but he urged me on.

'Don't stop! Don't stop. Keep going.'

I did and so did he. The pulsing went on and on. Finally he pushed his hand down on my head.

'Wait a minute.' He kept his hand on my head for perhaps fifteen seconds then took it off and said, 'okay, do it some more.' He was going for seconds. I looked up at Spike who squatted where he'd been standing. He was hard as stone watching Stinky's ass rise and fell. I don't think he realized Steven had cum once.

Stinky had increased his tempo slightly and punched harder with each thrust. I loved the feeling of his cock pushing up my rectal tube, spreading it as he glided in and out. My prostate was on fire.

Steven's second orgasm came no more than a minute after the first. It wasn't as powerful or as long. He gripped my head with both hands, holding me tight against his silky smooth crotch. Before he could go for a third climax, I gave him a hug and slowly lifted my face off him. Without a word or glance, he stood and walked away, looking down at his penis. He had small but well formed buns, something like Dickie's.

As Spike sat in front of me, I looked around again to see who was doing whom. Bobby was sitting on Kenny's lap. Both were still naked. It took a moment for me to realize that Bobby had Kenny inside him. He was sliding back and forth. Kenny's eyes were closed. Bobby looked at me and smiled. He was enjoying it too. I now understood why Robert found my ass so much nicer than Bobby's. His had to be huge to take that big dong. Stinky followed my gaze then rested his head over my shoulder against my cheek. I kissed him. He embraced and pushed as deep as he could.

Spike pulled my head around to his cock. 'C'mon, you said this was gonna be real good.'

I took his pleasantly thick four inches between my lips and sucked it in, running my tongue around it inside my mouth. His middle moved around like it was beyond his control. I wrapped my arms around his waist and ran one hand up and down his back. He briefly took hold of the arm carressing him but then let go. 

Stinky's thrusting was now powerful enough to bounce me back and forth, certainly increasing Spike's pleasure. Stinky's mouth opened on my shoulder and sucked flesh.

I began going up and down on Spike's slick full cock, dribbling saliva onto his hairless balls. As with Robert, I hoped Stinky would last a long time. He was fucking hard but slow. Maybe he would. I was going to take my time with Spike. His cock was a very nice mouthful long enough to reach the back of my mouth but not so long as to gag me. Spike began making short thrusts upward, trying to do it in time with my falling mouth.

We went on like that for easily ten minutes. Whenever I felt Spike's cock begin to bloat, I'd loosen my mouth to let his passion subside. Then he couldn't stand it any more.

'Now,' he ordered in a loud whisper. I tightened my lips and tongue around his shaft and gave his glans a good suck each time I got to it. He lay back and thrust hard into my mouth. His mouth was open, his eyes too, staring sightlessly at the ceiling. His hands were pressed flat against the floor. All those beautiful muscles in his chest and abdomen appeared in hard relief. His cock hardened and grew until he grunted and went rigid. I felt his pump go into action. Something sweet squirted into the back of my mouth.

At the same time, Stinky was getting close. He made deep hard thrusts that increased in speed as he went deeper inside me, just as he had done in Martin's bedroom. He was breathing hard through his nose since his mouth was clamped firmly on my shoulder. Steven was back, still naked and hard, watching.

As Spike was relaxing, Stinky fired his load into my colon. I clearly felt the throbbing as he shot his sperm deep inside me. My cock needed attention desperately.

'Stinky, jerk me off, now, fast.'

I raised my middle best as I could with the thirteen year old's weight on me. Stinky pushed his hand under us and took my cock between his fingers. Three up and down motions and I was delirious. Stinky was still pulsing when I went into my orgasm. I gripped Spike's sides and pulled him toward me. He sat up, allowing me to get my arms completely around him.

'Not bad, kid,' he said gruffly. It wasn't until later than I thought about how un-Spikeful that was.

Stinky kissed me again on the cheek before withdrawing and standing. Spike waited for me to let him go before moving out from under me. I felt quite fulfilled.

Martin was sitting on the couch with Robert, both still naked. He grinned sheepishly at me. I shook my head. I was done. Then I saw Bobby still planted on Kenny's great tool. They had stretched out some enabling Kenny to pump up into him. Bobby's hard four inches looked so lonely.

'Want me to do you?' I asked softly in his ear.

He put his arms over my shoulders. 'Not yet. I'll say when. Let me pull up on you.'

At first, I was confused. He linked his hands behind my neck and lifted himself. I stepped between their legs and put my hands on the arms of the chair. Kenny smiled at me. I had doubled the length of his thrusts. Bobby raised his face to mine. I met him halfway. His mouth was open on mine, his tongue pushing between my teeth. The kissing was softer, more romantic that Philip's or Stevie from Stewart's school. I turned my head to better match our mouths. Bobby pressed my face between his arms. It didn't last. The longer thrusts were quickly taking Kenny over the top. I felt him pull Bobby down on him.

Bobby said, 'Now.'

I dropped to my knees and closed my mouth on his cock. It was the same size as Spike's. Bobby embraced my head as I sucked and went up and down slowly. He expanded and fired off a sweet load of boy sperm, more than had Spike.

I took advantage of the proximity to feel Kenny's cock where it entered Bobby's hole. He was completely inside, only his balls hung outside. I felt for lubricant but found none. Apparently Kenny had entered with saliva or his own juices. I was amazed.

Bobby pulled my face back to his. 'Thank you,' he said and planted another deep French kiss along with a powerful embrace.

Steven stood behind us, his dick still pointing straight ahead. 'Do me again, Malcolm. Please.'

His pretty blue eyes were hard to deny, but I did, gently. 'Not now, Steven. I'm too tired. Maybe later.'

The little red head looked forlornly at Bobby but he was still impaled on Kenny.

I desperately wanted to get to know Bobby. Only over the past year had I begun to accept that I was different from other boys. I'd assumed there were others like me called queers, fags, homos, but the two I'd met were brief acquaintances who I'd not gotten to know very well. Here was a boy who understood how I felt, shared my desires.

Kenny slid forward. His cock dropped limply out of Bobby's hole. Bobby grabbed me by the arm and led me to the bathroom where he locked the door. He turned around and looked at me, his hands pressed to his chest. Neither of us found the words to start. Bobby laughed self consciously. I joined him.

He grabbed my hands and said, 'I never knew anybody like me.' He smiled again. 'My name's Bobby Brashears.' He laughed again.

'Mine's Malcolm Lloyd.'

Again there was silence followed by laughter. I asked, 'How did you get that big thing of Kenny's in you without grease or something?'

'I've got very slippery spit and a very big asshole.'

'How many times has he fucked you' I mean, a lot?'

'Two, three times a week and not just him. God, I love it. This wasn't your first time either. Stinky fucked you last week, right, at Martin's house?'

'Yes, I thought he was going to split me in two but it was okay, no, it felt fantastic. How'd you know about that?'

'Stinky told Spike and Spike told me.'

'How many others know about that?' I was concerned.

'Don't worry. Just the one's that come here all the time. We don't talk outside the group.'

That relieved me a bit. My curiosity cranked back up. 'How old were you when you first did it?'

'I don't remember but I think about eight. I tried to get my brother to do it when I was six and seven but he wouldn't, said it was faggy.' He laughed. 'Then when I was about eight, this boy, 'cause of the way I talked, figured out I was queer and took me into his garage and fucked me good. I haven't stopped since.'

'How old was he, the boy who fucked you first?'

'I think he was twelve or thirteen. He was Spike's size. Isn't he a beauty. God, I love to suck him off. What a great cock. Who got you first?'

'A boy named Carter when I was six. I asked him to do it. We did it a lot but then we moved away and I met this boy who fucks me a lot, several times a week.'

'Since you were six' The same boy' How old is he now?'

'Mmm hmm and he's twelve now but his penis is starting to grow. I'm seeing him tomorrow. Do all those boys fuck you?'

'And not just them. I got two who pay me every time but they're men.'

'You let men fuck you' Yeuuch. How much do they give you?'

'One just a dollar but the other gives me three but he likes to do weird stuff.'

'Like what?'

'He makes me dress up like a girl then he pretends to rape me, like that, weird. Who's the biggest boy who ever fucked you?'


'You have others too?'

 'Some. There's the one I said when I was six, my friend Freddy and his friend Douglas, some kids at summer camp three different summers, some kids at school but one just wants blow jobs and these guys. How many have been in you?'

'Oh God, I have no idea. Lots, lots. What do you like best, blowing or getting fucked?'

'Fucked. Wait, I forgot one. You aren't going to believe this but last night a little boy stuck his hand and arm all the way inside up to here.' I pointed to the middle of my forearm.

'God, what was that like?'

'Incredible. When he wiggled his fingers around, wow! Then he went in and out and, you know that spot that feels really good, your prostate?'

'My what?'

'Prostate. You know you got a place that feels really good when they touch it?'

'Yeh, about this far in.' He spread his fingers about three inches apart. 'What's it called?'

'Prostate. Well, that's where a lot of the good feeling comes from. This kid kept pushing it with his fingers. It was incredible.'

'You've gotta introduce me to that boy. Who is he?'

'Don't say anything but it's Martin's little brother. I don't think Martin, well, doesn't matter. His mother doesn't let him out without her. I only did it because we sleep together when I stay over.'

'I love to stay over at other boys' houses. Maybe we can stay at each other's' house one night.'

'Sure. Wanna come home with me tonight?'

'God, I gotta stay with Kenny tonight. Tomorrow?'

'Tomorrow's Sunday. Don't you go to school?'

'Oh no. They threw me out. Got caught in the boys' room too many times. Jerks.'

'But you've gotta go to school.'

'I'm suspended for the year and gotta go someplace different next year. My mother went all over so they'd take me back but the bitch principal says no


'So what do you do all day?'

'Nothing. Just get up late except when my mother makes me do things. Then go with the boys when school gets out. Mother says she's going to get me into a technical school next year. Wants me to be a auto mechanic.' He laughed. 'Not me. I wanna be something else like, don't laugh, a model.'

I didn't laugh. Bobby was a good looking boy, especially his light brown eyes. It was an interesting idea. 'That sounds good but how do you do it?'

We talked for another ten minutes until there was the knocking by others who wanted to use the facilities. We ran into Fish's bedroom and closed the door. As we passed through the living room, I noticed we were the only ones still naked. When I mentioned it to Bobby, he ran out and got our clothes. Steven followed him in, sneaking under his arm when he closed the door.

'C'mon, one a you guys do me?'

'Okay,' said Bobby, hands on his hips, 'but you gotta do the one that does you.'

'You mean blow 'em?'


'Aw, c'mon, you never made me do that before.'

'Well, it's different now. You wanna blowjob or not?'

'How long I gotta do it?'

'Until we get off, just like you but you always want it two or three times. Just once for us.'

Steven figited. 'Okay, but with Malcolm.'

'Take your clothes off,' I said.

He pushed off his shoes and yanked off his pants and underwear.'

'Everything,' I insisted smiling at Bobby.

Steven pulled off his socks, almost popped off the buttons of his shirt and threw off his undershirt. 'Who's gotta go first?'

'We can do it at the same time.'

We got on Fish's bed and I positioned Steven for a sixty-nine. I didn't know it was called that at the time but that's what it was. He was stiff, I wasn't yet.

'You're not ready,' he observed probably hoping for a reprieve.

'Just suck on it,' said Bobby. 'It'll get hard quick enough.'

Before going down on him, I sat and observed his silky white body. 'You're a very pretty boy, Steven.' I'd fantasized saying that to a boy for years. It felt great doing it for real. And he was a very pretty boy with his light blue eyes, reddish blond hair and ever so smooth body with that wonderfully flat tummy. I ran my hand over him from neck to crotch.

'C'mon, blow me.'

He was also a very horny boy. Bobby snuggled in behind him, his crotch up against Steven's perky little ass.

'You ain't gonna fuck me.' It was as much a question as a refusal.

'Don't worry. Start blowing Malcolm.'

Steven opened his mouth and took my soft cock between his teeth. Bobby was watching.

'Just like we do it. Look at Malcolm, like that.'

I was on him, swishing his steel hard little tool around in my mouth. Steven closed his lips and tried to do me without his tongue touching my peter. I stopped and said, 'Come on, Steven, there aren't any germs on it. Suck me like a lollipop.'

Finally, he did, as Dickie had the night before. I got hard immediately. He pumped into my face. I caressed his muscular buns and played with Bobby's stiffening cock at the same time. Steven's mouth stopped moving. I nudged his head. He started up again. Bobby fondled Steven's hair and ears.

'God, you are so cute,' he said

Steven pushed his hand away. Once again, his mouth stopped ministering to me. I sat up.

'Steven, you're not doing your part.'

'Yes I am.'

'I'm never going to get off with you just lying there.'

Bobby said, 'Okay Steven, you do Malcolm first then he'll get you off twice.'

'I like it how we were doing it.'

'But you weren't doing anything,' I said with a grin.

'Why can't you just blow me like before?'

'Because,' I said, 'it's different now.'


I came up with a compromise that had a potential for failure if Steven could be satisfied with just one climax. 'Okay. I'll do you once then you do me then I'll do you again.'

Steven thought it over then lay back. 'Okay, but you gotta blow me now.'

I blew him. He squirmed and pumped as he got close then grabbed my head after half a dozen of his powerful pulses. I let him hang on for a minute or so then said, 'okay, my turn.'

He sat up, thinking hard. I knew he was considering getting out with a single climax. Bobby grinned and stared at him. 'You can go if you want but you gotta blow Malcolm, all the way, if you ever wanna get blown again.'

'Okay, but two more times for me.'

Bobby and I laughed. 'All right,' said Bobby, 'Malcolm'll do one and I'll do one. But you gotta take Malcolm all the way, no stopping or it'll take all day.'

Steven grimaced. I lay back. Steven lay perpendicular to me and went down on my hardon. He wasn't very good at first. Bobby instructed.

'Suck like it's a lollipop. Use you tongue and go up and down but suck hard.'

He got better. I was enjoying it. If he didn't stop, I'd easily get off in a couple of minutes.

Bobby caressed Steven's back, buns and thighs. He was out of reach or I would have done the same. Steven had the kind of body that invited touch. Then Bobby started licking his thighs. Steven opened his legs. Bobby moved up toward his rear. Steven knew about this. Bobby had probably done it to him before and he liked it. By the time Bobby got to his crack, Steven had his butt in the air.

Bobby said, 'suck hard.'

Steven complied. Bobby pushed his mouth into Steven's crack and began rimmimg him. Steven pushed his ass higher, opening the crack wider. And he got going on me. His little head bobbed up and down furiously, hair bouncing as he did. Bobby probably had his tongue up inside Steven's hole the way the boy was wiggling it around. I was rapidly approaching orgasm. Steven seemed in another world. I'm not sure he knew what he was doing. I came. Steven continued. I had to stop him, hold his head still while my orgasm ran its delightful course.

I said, 'Don't stop, Bobby. Let's just put him on his back and both do him at the same time.'

Bobby did his best to stay with Steven's hole as I rolled him over but lost it briefly. I pulled his legs up to his ribs. Bobby lay flat and pushed his tongue back inside Steven's pucker. I knelt, straddling Steven, and took in his cock. He came in about half a minute. He held my head for a few seconds then released it. I went back to work slowly. Bobby never stopped. We were so close I could rub my upper lip on his forehead. Bobby reached up and caressed my head. Steven came again in about thirty seconds. Once again he held my head for a while then took his hand away. Could he do it a third time'

Steven came five times in a row before Bobby was exhausted and moved away when he felt that fifth orgasm in Steven's rectum. Steven didn't seem to mind. I pulled him to me and gave him a hug that he didn't seem to mind either.

'That was neat. Let's do it again tomorrow,' he said still in my arms.

'Malcolm has to go home. He won't be here tomorrow.'

Steven pleaded for me to stay the night and come back to Fish's the next day. He left disappointed but did exact a promise of a repeat performance the following Saturday. I was immediately jealous of Bobby. He could have sex every day of the week with plenty of different boys. That made me feel guilty about sex outside of Freddy. Freddy loved me. I loved him. Still, all this new sex was incredible and I'd finally met someone like me who didn't seem to mind being homosexual, was close to my age, and wasn't, like Philip, trapped in a religion that made him hate what he was. Plus, Bobby had interesting sex partners and genuinely wanted to be my friend.

Bobby and I compared notes for over an hour, trading birthdays, favorite body types, fantasies. Bobby was still twelve but turning thirteen right after Easter Week. His biological father, a Puerto Rican, had been one of his mother's brief flings. He knew the man to see him because his mother had pointed him out one day, but they'd never talked and he wasn't sure the man knew he was his son.

Martin insisted that we go.

Bobby gave me his grandmother's telephone number. He didn't have one. He'd wait for my call Monday night about the possibility of staying one night at my house then going home in the morning when I left for school. He was going to have to bring books so my mother would think he was going to school too.'

All I could think of the rest of the day, right until I fell asleep, were visualizations of the cocks that had been up my ass, the hand and arm that had been there too, the cocks I'd sucked, the bodies I'd seen, the sex I had observed, and most important of all, meeting a fellow faggot. That was where I belonged. I wanted to get back there as soon as possible.

Father Lindenhal said our Mass. Stewart and a fidgety fat boy served. Stewart frowned and shrugged his shoulders. What was he trying to tell me' Did it have something to do with Father Simons' I broke away from my parents to wait for him outside the sacristy door.

The problem was less momentous. 'My uncle's back an' he bought this big television set I gotta watch over while he goes off when I git home. You can come but stay away until I'm outside and tell you he's gone.'

'What time's he leaving?'

'I dunno. That's the problem. If he's awake now, it oughta be pretty soon. If he ain't, hell, I don' know.'

At eleven, he appeared in his doorway and shook his head. I wandered down to Freddy's and my place by the stream where I climbed up into our tree house. It was so completely different from where I'd been the day before, quiet except for the sound of the stream and birds. Civilization in the form of cars was in the distance and muffled. There was no strip poker, no orgies, no complicated relationships there must have been with so many boys. I wondered how Bobby juggled the all those varied desires. Did he have any real friends among those who used his body' I was lucky with friends. I had lots but mostly I had Freddy whose friendship was like the tranquility and security of this place.

By the time he came home with the others, hair greased and brushed, dressed in his best clothes, wearing shiny shoes, I just wanted to hug him. I followed him and his family into the house and did just that.

'What's this fo?'' he asked.

'Just hello.'

He changed and we had Sunday dinner. By two, we were headed down to our place where it would be just the two of us. He asked me if I'd spoken to my father about the second floor room in the barn. I hadn't. When would I do it' First time I thought he was in a good mood. How many boys had fucked me the day before'

'Freddy, why do you always think boys have been fucking me?'

''Cause you are Maacum Lloyd and that's what you do.' He was smiling.

'You can fuck me if you want.'

'I know but I like to heah 'bout all the crazy shit you do.'

'And you won't be jealous?'

'Musta been a lot, you askin' me that.'

'There was but I'm back here with you now.'

'You still gotta tell.'

I did. It took a while before he believed about Dickie's arm.

We pulled down the sleeping bag and got into our own little orgy. Between times, Freddy mentioned the upcoming Easter holidays just a week off. He'd be in school through midday Wednesday but could probably skip that last day as many of his classmates did each year. I figured my parents would go away as usual but wasn't sure where I'd be sent. I'd considered Georgie's but didn't want to be away from Freddy that long. Martin and I had discussed staying at his house for a few of the holidays, maybe all, but that too would prevent me from spending any nights with Freddy. I didn't believe his parents would lie for me and say I'd been with them nights when I wasn't. My father was very angry with my grandmother about Freddy being at her house so much. He seemed to consider it a direct defiance of him.

The sex made doing exercises difficult so we cut them short and worked on the vine coverage of our hideout.

That night, I asked my mother about what plans had been made for Easter.

'I think you'll be staying with your aunt for part of the time.'

'Martin said I can stay with him for some nights. Can't I stay with granddad some?'

'Dear, your father won't allow that under any conditions. I'm trying to

see if your aunt can take you.'

Monday night, I called Bobby's grandmother from the kitchen telephone and left a message that I didn't know when I'd be coming but would call when I did.

It remained that way until Tuesday when I was told I could stay with Martin for a few days but then I'd be with my aunt at her farm in the country. There was no way I could see Freddy from out there. I called my grandfather.

'Just be patient, son, everything's going to work out,' was all he'd tell me.

I would stay at Martin's from Friday through Tuesday then be picked up by my aunt. Martin would stay with me the weekend after Easter. I suggested to Tommy that he might be able to come over that weekend too. He said he'd speak with his mother.

Tuesday, after Adelaide left, I called Bobby's grandmother. Bobby was there for dinner. I asked him to be near Martin's Friday at four.

I spent Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons with Freddy. We used most of my money to buy over half the lumber we needed to shore up the roof of our hideout. I carried four by four by eight foot boards one at a time from the lumber yard to below the bridge. Freddy took them from there. That required all Monday afternoon. Tuesday, we realized that we didn't have the saw we needed. Freddy got one Wednesday and we began measuring and cutting Thursday. That was hard work. We only cut seven pieces with that dull saw. Even though we used both our arms, they were worn out. But our bodies were sweaty, perfect for some final sex before being apart for a while. I promised to get loose Sunday and see him.

Thursday morning, I reluctantly sought Tommy's counsel on how to get away from Martin on Sunday so I could spend the afternoon with Freddy.

'Tommy,' I asked him before classes, 'I gotta ask you something but you gotta promise never to tell anybody.'

'You ask Victor?'

'No, this is serious.'

'Okay. You know I won't say anything you don't want me to.'

'My parents are going away for the holidays and I'm gonna be at Martin's 'til Tuesday and I wanna see my friend back near my house at least Sunday and, I don't know what to say so I can go alone or, Jesus, I don't know. You know my friend I talk about?'

'Yeh, Freddy.'

'He's a Negro.'

Tommy was silent for a moment. I tried to read his face but couldn't.


I was relieved. 'I was afraid you'd be mad or something.'

'You can hang with anybody you want. So what's this got to do with Martin?'

'If I take him he'll see Freddy and if I don't he'll want to know why.'

'You want me to talk to him or something' He's more your friend than mine.'

'No, just, what do you think, I mean, does he hate Negroes?'

'I dunno. Nobody really likes them, except you, I suppose.'


''Cause they're lazy and they steal and they're stupid.'

'Jesus, Tommy. None of that's right. Freddy's family's really poor and they give me things. And Freddy's mother was our maid and she worked really hard. And Freddy's maybe smarter than me. He goes to a really lousy school but since my grandmother's been teaching him, he's learning everything really fast. I'll bet you don't even know any Negroes.'

'Okay, so I don't but you just know that one family.'

'Unh uh. When we went to the park where the Negroes go, my grandfather met some men in businesses that sell stuff white people buy because they don't know that Negroes made the stuff and they're a lot richer than my father, a lot.'

'Then how come almost everybody hates them if they're so nice and smart?'

'I don't know. I think people are just stupid about it. Why don't you come meet Freddy this afternoon. Then you can see what a neat kid he is and how smart he is. You gotta see how he designed this complicated thing we're building. Really, he's smarter than me.'

Tommy shook his head. I worried that I may have alienated my friend.

'Well, If you need someone to get Martin to let you go see some nigger, it's not me and I don't wanna talk about it any more.'

He left me and joined Bobby and a few others. I wished desperately I hadn't brought the subject up. I hoped he'd keep his word and not mention it to anyone else.

By recess, it was obvious he hadn't said anything and wasn't holding anything against me. He was his normal ebullient self, suggesting that he, Pat and I have lunch together in the classroom. He didn't, though, include me as much in conversation.

At lunch, Pat and I clapped erasers and Tommy walked down with the class, returning moments later. The three of us were quickly naked and doing what we loved. Bobby lay on top of me. I had my face in Tommy's lap.

In the middle of fucking, Pat asked, 'You gonna stay the holidays with Martin?'

'Some,' I answered with Tommy's cock between my lips.

'You gonna do this with him too?'

I shrugged my shoulders.

'Bull. He's fucking you too, isn't he?'

I kicked up at him.

The talking had one good effect. It kept him fucking longer. I took my time with Tommy's cock.

Pat picked up the theme again while we ate.

'I don't say yes or no about anybody. Ask me if I'm sucking Paul.'

'Gees, you and Paul?'

'No! I said ask me.'

'Okay. Are you sucking Paul?' He laughed.

'Not gonna tell.'

'You're not sucking Paul. No way.'

'Of course not, silly. I was just making a point. I won't tell about me and anybody.'

Tommy said, 'Well, you just told us you weren't sucking Paul.'

'Anybody knows I'm not going to do anything with him.'

'How about your buddies Glenn or Francis?' asked Pat.

'Not telling.'

'So you might be sucking Glen or Francis?'


'Francis wouldn't want to get sucked. He'd fuck him,' Tommy told Pat.

'I hear Francis is getting sucked by Susan Connolly,' said Pat.

'Me too,' added Tommy. 'You think he is?' He was looking at me. Did he know I knew'

'How should I know.'

'Francis is your friend.'

'I've seen you two go off together and stay gone all recess,' commented Pat.

'We just talk about stuff.'

'Like we're doing.'

'Uh huh.'

'That's what I thought.'

'Tsk, just the talking.'

'So,' inquired Tommy, 'you're saying that you and Francis are not having sex?'

'Tricky, tricky. No, I'm not saying that and I won't.'

'I bet he is,' said Pat with a grin.

The bell saved me further interrogation.

Tommy walked down the stairs with me after the final bell.

'Look, I don't want you to think I'm pissed 'cause you got friends like Freddy. That's okay for you. It's just not something I want to talk about. If the other kids hear I'm thinking or saying nice things about niggers, you know, they'll say stuff about me an' all. You shouldn't go talking about it either. It'll give you a bad reputation.'

'Like being a queer?'

'No, that's not your fault. It's different. We're still friends, okay?'

I sighed and put my arm over his shoulder realizing for the first time that I was taller than him. Was I growing'

I went straight to the bathroom and a toilet stall to look at my balls. They seemed the same, smaller than Freddy's, which were definitely growing.

Pat was the one who noticed Father Simon's absence from Catechism class all week. He usually showed up once a week for fifth to eighth grades. 'Maybe the prick's gone for good,' suggested Tommy.

Friday afternoon when the school bus let us off, Bobby was waiting on the corner three houses down from Martin's.

'What's he doin' here?' asked Martin.

'I asked him so we could plan the weekend. He knows everybody and can help us decide where the best business will be.' That, of course, was a load of bull. I wanted to know where the best sex would be. And, I had to discuss my offer to have him over to my house. My father would explode the moment he saw and heard Bobby's effeminate manners and speech. Our meetings would have to be in this area or some other place my parents wouldn't know about. Even a hint of my hanging with a boy like myself would enrage my father.

There was also an urgent matter I wanted to talk over. I hoped our mutual desires would prevent it from being a problem.

I waved for Bobby to wait while we dropped our things off inside. I carried a suitcase full of clothes and a few books. Martin said he'd wait inside while I spoke to Bobby.

As I walked to meet him, it occurred to me that there could be people watching who knew Bobby and would made judgments about Martin based on his house guest walking away from the house to meet what might be a notorious character. When I reached Bobby, I tugged his arm to walk down the street with me. We went to the alley behind the supermarket, just a block and a half from Martin's.

'Can you come to Fish's house tomorrow?' he asked.

'If I can convince Martin. I'm his guest and have to stay with him. Look, I gotta ask you something and you gotta promise not to mention it to anyone else, okay?'

'Of course.'

'I told you I've got this friend Freddy. Well, I need to go see him Sunday and I don't want Martin to come but I know he's gonna wanna. You see, Freddy's a Negro.'

'Oh, you've got a Negro friend' I am so jealous. I hear they have really big cocks.'

That wasn't what I wanted to talk about. 'No, they're just like ours. But what can I tell Martin' Do you think he'd be mad at me if he knew I was friends with a Negro?'

'I don't know Martin that well but if he's like the rest of the boys around here, I wouldn't mention it. Just tell him you have to do something private, or, a, you gotta go see your aunt 'cause it's Sunday and she doesn't like other kids.'

'That's it! I'll say I gotta see my grandmother. He's gotta believe that.'

'So, you coming to Fish's tomorrow?'

'I'll make him.'

'I'm so happy I've met you, Malcolm. I've been thinking about you all week. To finally have a friend I can talk to about anything. There's so much we've got to talk about.' He hugged me. 'Too bad you haven't got a bigger cock,' he laughed.

Martin wasn't enthusiastic about going to Fish's. 'I thought we were going to make some money.'

'First we go to the alley up by the school. Bobby says there's always someone tossing up there, even now. Then we'll ask them where else they do it. Monday and Tuesday, we can go to the public school and sell and trade outside during recess and lunch.'

'Shit, I don't know why I didn't think of that.'

'Bobby did,' I lied.

We changed clothes and went to the alley near the school. No one was there but on the way back, we spotted Robert and two others. Robert was happy to see me and wanted us to go straight to Fish's or anywhere private.

'We're looking to toss baseball cards,' I told him.

He frowned but one of his friends, a boy more my size said, 'You guys wanna toss' Shit, come with me.'

We all followed to an alley where half a dozen boys our ages were sitting against a wall. Martin knew some who greeted him amicably.

'These kids wanna toss baseball cards,' announced our leader.

They were better than Stinky's group. One ten or eleven year old took me for half a dozen decent cards though I did better once we began trading. They invited us back the next morning.

Robert got me to promise I'd be at Fish's in the afternoon.

That night, I introduced Martin to my exercise regimen. Dickie wanted to try it but faded quickly. Martin could do about half of what I did but vowed to catch up to me within a few days. I knew that was impossible but didn't want to discourage him.

The girls took over the bathroom early, keeping us out until nearly nine, past Dickie's bedtime. The six year old was asleep, clothed on the bed when we came to bathe.

I was erect crossing the hall to the bathroom. Martin wanted to wait until we were in bed. I had him try fucking from the front but he preferred it the other way so I turned over and enjoyed him from behind.

Saturday morning, I did a better tossing mainly because the kid who'd beat me the day before wasn't there.

Robert showed up at eleven to remind me that he'd be waiting at Fish's in a couple of hours.

'You really wanna do that again?' asked Martin with a frown.

'Please, you had fun, didn't you' And I wanna talk some more to Bobby.'

He'd had originally wanted to go to a movie but nothing exciting was in the theaters now dedicated to religious and peaceful themes for the Easter holiday.

'You gonna let all of 'em fuck you again?'

'Not all of them.'

Martin's mother fixed us a lunch of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and Kool Aid. We counted up our earnings from the morning while we ate. There was only four dollars and twelve cents to split, three dollars less than the previous week.

'They're getting' smarter about us,' commented Martin.

Bobby was effervescent when I came through Fish's door. Robert was already out of his shoes and shirt. He wanted to get right to it but on a bed. Fish didn't seem to care what we did.

'I already sat on his fat thing,' explained Bobby, so Fish wouldn't be a bother. He put his arm over Martin's shoulder. 'I wanna suck on that pretty peter of yours, handsome.'

Martin grinned and came along.

We all stripped naked and climbed on Fish's double bed. Bobby had some oil to put on Robert's dick. 'Make's it take longer,' he whispered in my ear.

Martin decided he'd rather fuck Bobby than enjoy his lipwork so Bobby and I lay side by side grinning at each other while Robert and Martin pumped into our behinds. Bobby pushed his hand under me to feel my stone hard penis. I felt his. It was almost as big as the one in me.

Robert had to thrust hard and fast to get off. Bobby had been right about the oil. It was wonderful. I tried to arch my rear so he could go in deeper but there was too much weight on me. Martin was on his second go when Robert finally groaned and throbbed inside me.

While Robert, Martin and Fish played cards, Bobby and I lay naked on the bed and talked about our feelings for boys, what we liked in a boy. I loved the olive color of his skin and told him so. He thanked me and returned the compliment.

'Who's your favorite boy?' I asked him.

'That's easy. Kenny. He really knows how to use that big cock of his. A couple of times I snuck into his house at night and he fucked me all night long. God, it was incredible. Who do you like?'

'Personally or for sex?'

'Sex, of course.'

'I don't know. Stinky feels so good when he does it. It goes way up inside making me feel good right up into here.' I touched my stomach. 'But Robert is great too. I really like it when he fucks me. The one I wanna try is Spike. His cock is perfect and what a body. He is so beautiful.'

'Well, I've got bad news for you. Spike doesn't fuck, just gets blown. Drives me crazy too but he can be nasty when he wants. You gotta be careful of him. You know,' he said while running fingers down the front of my body, 'you've got a pretty good body your self and I love your ass. Just wish you had a bigger cock, but that'll come, I suppose.'

'You wanna fuck me?' I fondled his cock, which got hard immediately.

'Of course. How do you like it best?'

'From the front. I get to watch.'

 'Want me to use oil of spit?'

'Oil. It makes it last longer.'

Bobby got his little bottle of oil and his towel and greased up his four inches. I lay on my back and pulled my knees to my ribs. He straddled me on his hands and knees.

'Put me on your hole,' he asked.

I put the point of his slippery cock at my anus. He slid full inside.

'Oh, Malcolm. This is so nice.' He pushed in and pulled out a few times, ooing and ahing and massaging my prostate. The view was exciting. I could see his cock sliding back and forth.

He stopped and said with his face just above mine, 'You're not going to believe me, but this is my first time.' He kissed my lips. 'Thank you.'

His words arrived disjointed in my brain. I had to reassemble them. Once it all made sense, I pulled his lips back to mine and kissed him back. 'You're welcome. Just don't stop.'

Each thrust pressed his flesh against mine. He couldn't have gone any deeper than he was. It was as good as Robert, better because I could watch.

'Oh God! I'm gonna cum.' He raised up on his toes and pulsed inside me. 'Oh, Malcolm, God.'

'Beat me off,' I asked.

'Wait a minute and I'll blow you.'

His pulsing subsided.

'I wanna try something. I'm gonna take it out and sit down. Then you sit on it again, but quick.'

He pulled out and sat. I crawled over his body, took his oily cock in my fingers, put it where it needed to be, and sat.

'Lean back some,' he requested.

I leaned back on my extended arms. He slowly lowered his face to my crotch, taking the tip of my cock between his lips. He gripped me by the waist and pulled himself down until his mouth was on my crotch. The feeling was intense. His cock was pressed against my prostate, his tongue ran up and down and around my cock. In seconds, I came.

'Man,' that's neat,' said a young voice beside us. Steven had walked in without a sound.

'Steven, get out of here,' said Bobby his mouth still over my crotch.

'I just wanna watch.'

Bobby slowly sat up. 'Steven, you're supposed to knock.'

'I'm sorry. Can I watch?'

'We're finished, there's nothing to watch.'

'Okay, can one a you suck me?'

'Later, now go away. We'll call you.'

Steven left disappointed and slammed the door.

I wiggled back and forth on Bobby's cock. 'Can you suck yourself?'

'About half. That's why I thought I could do you. I've dreamed about that for years. Nice, huh?'

'Silly question. Can you cum twice?'

'I don't know. That's the first time I ever did it once, fucking. Just stay like this for a while.'

'You never fucked anyone before?'

'I told you.'

'How come with all these boys, you'd think somebody?'

'Not these boys. A couple jerk me off when they cum but mostly they just wanna fuck or get sucked. That blow job you gave me was my first too.'

He leaned back and asked. 'You ever do it like this before?'

'Sure, Freddy and I do it this way lots. I love the way his tummy muscles move when he's fucking.'

He was interested in my relationship with Freddy, how I met him, when we started having sex, what we did.

He asked, 'Do you love him?'

'Oh yes. Jesus, I love him. That's why I've gotta see him tomorrow. I hate being away from him.'

'Does he love you?'


'So how come you come here on weekends?'

I told him about my father's racial attitudes and what he'd done over the years to keep us apart. But, as I spoke, I recognized my desire to have more than just Freddy's dick in me, to get to know others, especially Bobby who could understand things about me even Freddy couldn't.

Bobby started humping upward into me. I could feel he was hard and ready. I sat up and revolved my rear while staying tight against him.

'Ooh. I do this with some of them,' he said with his eyes closed, 'they love it and now I know why. How is it for you?'

'Good as it is for you.'

'I don't think so.'

I got him to orgasm by sliding back and forth so his cock came nearly out.

He sucked me again, his cock still buried in me. Thankfully, it took longer.

We cleaned up with his towel and lay back on the bed. Steven knocked.



I looked at Bobby. 'Okay.'

Bobby and I gave him a blow job apiece and sent him packing.

We discussed love.

'You ever been in love,' I asked him.

'Lots of times but it was just me, well, except this one boy back in third grade. I think he might've loved me too but we got caught and I wasn't allowed to go near him.'

'How'd they catch you?'

'I was sucking him in the woods behind the big private school up the hill. We both had our pants down. He just jerked me off but that was okay. These big kids seen us, I don't know how but when he gets home his father is there and beats his ass. I got called into the principal's office, then the social worker. It was horrible. Benny's father wanted me out of the school but there was nowhere else to send me so I just had to stay away from him.'

'Didn't you two try to get together somewhere' Freddy and I have done it in the middle of the night.'

'Nah. He was scared. Never talked to me again. I saw him plenty but he always stayed away. You're really lucky with Freddy. Can I meet him someday' Not for sex, just to see what he's like. Is he like us?'

'Unh uh. He likes girls. He just does it with me because we're such good friends, and it's fun.'

'Well, can I meet him?'

I could see advantages. If I was going to be in this area a lot, maybe with Bobby's help, Freddy could come over here too.

I'll ask him.

Martin wanted to go home. We'd been there for three hours.

Bobby had a date that night so couldn't get together at the ice cream parlor. 'It's the three dollar guy.'

Martin was restive so I suggested we run to his house. We did, then past it, around the shopping area and back. I'd been exercising but not running very much. We were both exhausted. He wanted to do my exercises in his yard. His father saw us and joined in. After one leg raise, he quit and became an observer.

At dinner, I told Martin and his parents that I had to go see my grandparents Sunday afternoon but would be back by six for dinner. To my relief, no one seemed to find it a problem.

That night, I had to let Dickie stick his wiener in my crack again. Martin was sexed out and nearly asleep when we finished.

We went to Mass at a church a ten minute drive from their house. Tommy and Pat came in as we left, carrying their altar boy robes. After greeting us, Pat asked, 'You guys sleep well last night?'

Martin smirked and answered honestly, 'Yeh, we slept. Whatta you think we did?'

Tommy pushed Pat ahead. 'Ignore him. He's being stupid.'

I was waiting at Freddy's house when they arrived a few minutes after one. We ate. Freddy changed clothes and we went to our place by the stream. Freddy wanted to start sawing lumber so we could split the time, giving our arms time to rest, getting more done.

While I sawed, he asked, 'So, what'd you do yesterday with those white boys?'

'You know, and we tossed and I won some money but not a lot. They know about me now and just the good players will play with me.'

'How many of 'em...' He thrust his hips forward a couple of times.

'Just two, I mean three, four with Dickie but he's too little to really do it. The other boy who's like me wants to meet you.'

'You tole him about us?'

'Just that we were close friends, and, we did stuff together.'

'Damn, Maacum. You shouldn't go telling erybody our business. Does he know I'm colored?'


'An' what he say 'bout that?'

'He thinks it's great that we're friends.'

'That all' Don't try ta bullshit me now.'

'No, really. He thinks like I do on a lot of stuff. He just wants to meet

you because I said you were a great kid. And he thinks Negroes have bigger dicks than whites.'

'We do! He don't want me ta fuck him too' I'll do it just ta make you jealous.'

'No! He just thinks it's really neat that we're such good friends and, since he's my friend too, well, that why he wants to know you.'

'How old's he?'


'An' he's just like you, all girly.' He was grinning.

'All girly. Here's the saw, all boyly. My arm's gonna fall off.'

To get ourselves even more sweaty after neither of us could saw any more, we did our leg raises and sit ups and ran up and down the path twice from Freddy's house to the bridge near the streetcar turnaround.

Freddy struggled up the rope to get the duffle bag. We laid out the sleeping bag and stripped. The air was warmer but felt cold on our wet bodies. We lay on the sleeping bag and pulled the blanket over us. Freddy fucked me for a while by sliding his body up and back. It was a new feeling and very erotic. But then he got serious and just humped away. After his first orgasm, I had him pull out so I could check his balls again. Checking them every few days didn't allow for much apparent change. I put my finger against his dick and remembered where it ended against the lines just past my knuckle. I was sure it had grown too.

He checked mine. 'Don't look any bigger. Don't see no, I mean any hair yet.' Granma's grammar was sticking.

I looked then checked to see if there was any sign of pubic hair on Freddy but found none.

'Lemme see yo' hole, Maacum.'

I lay back and lifted my legs. 'What are you looking for' See if the white boys have made it any bigger?'

'Uh huh.' He spread my cheeks and looked closely. 'Hmmph.'


'Looks the same ta me.'

'Feel any different when you're in there?'

'Mmmm, no. But one a these days one a those white boys are gonna stick a

real big one in ya and yo' shit gonna fall out instead a waitin' fo' you ta git to the toilet.'

I sat up and pulled him to me. He knew what I wanted and fucked face to face. I embraced him while he took his time, his dick sliding up to my sweet spot with each gentle thrust, his abdomen pressed and slid against my perineum and testicles. Freddy's head rested against my shoulder, his lips on my neck. This was the way it was supposed to be done. We were making love.

Freddy agreed to let me bring Bobby one day. As I expected to be at my aunt's farm from Wednesday through Sunday, that either had to be Tuesday or the following week. He had class with my grandmother on Monday.

Martin noticed the smell of sweat all over me when I arrived. 'What were you doing at your grandfather's.

'Sawing wood for a project.'

Martin agreed that I needed to take a bath and change clothes. That would obviate my need for a bath that night but sex was not on my mind.

It was on Dickie's so I gave him a blowjob that had him asleep shortly after he climaxed.

Martin and I talked about a book I was reading before we went to bed. He wasn't a reader but preferred to have stories told to him. So, I gave him a run down on the first two chapters of the Tarzan book I'd just put down.

 Monday morning, there was little to do. The public school kids were still having classes. We went to the supermarket for Martin's mother. A boy about fourteen named Mike that Martin knew was bagging groceries. He was an eighth grader in a parochial school connected to the church where we had attended Mass the day before.

'How much you make doing this?' I asked.

'Couple, three dollars a day, sometimes more plus five a week from the store.'

'You gotta work every day?'

'Can't. Only allowed thirty hours a week. Best money's on Saturday so I work all day then. You looking for a job' Usually one open here.'

It sounded interesting if it didn't take so long to get from my house to Martin's. The summer vacation was a possibility though I expected to be sent back to Camp McFarlane.

Martin and I had planned to be at the public school during recess and see if we could sell some cards but his father wanted the garage cleaned out. That took us to lunch time. We rushed to the school but found no one interested. Robert was there and promised to have some tossers with him at the close of school. After lunch we walked up to the woods half a mile away. It was there, I remembered, that Bobby had been caught having sex with his friend. It was nothing like the woods by our stream that were grown over with bushes and hanging vines offering considerable privacy. These were open. There were a few patches of brush and some ravines that provided some seclusion but the whole area looked well trampled, like people were in and out a lot.

Just before two forty-five when the public school let out, Martin and I waited outside the fence. Robert had three kids with him who wanted to see what we had. We grossed two ninety and promised to be outside the next morning at recess. Robert wanted to know if I wanted to go to Fish's house. Martin wasn't interested. Bobby was just behind the school with a larger boy I hadn't seen before as we headed home. He rushed out to say hi.

'This kid's got a cock like a horse, bigger than Kenny's. I blew him a couple weeks ago up the alley. He'll pay two dollars to fuck me so I'm taking him to my house. Nobody's home until after six thirty. Wanna come and watch?'

Of course, I did. Martin didn't. 'C'mon, this is gonna be neat and you can get sucked by two of us.'

'You go ahead. I wanna go see a kid near my house. Just get home before dinner.' He didn't seem upset. There was a little relief in his voice like he was glad to be free of me for a while. I went off with Bobby and his big dick friend.

'I told him you were gonna suck me while he fucked. He didn't seem to care.'

Bobby's house was well down the hill. It was more dilapidated than Stinky's. The bedroom smelled of soiled everything. Tony, the boy Bobby brought along, was fifteen but not all that big until he took off his clothes. He had muscles everywhere and the longest cock I had ever seen, easily surpassing that of Master Washburn though not as thick. When it got hard, it's seven inches hung and twisted slightly to his left.

Bobby oiled it up and turned on his hands and knees until his rump was in front of its impaler. Considering Bobby was my height, I wondered where all that cock was going to go. Tony put the head against Bobby's anus and nudged forward. The circumcised head disappeared inside. He moved his knees forward and more slipped in. I figured he had passed Bobby's prostate and was starting up his colon.

'More?' asked the teen.

Bobby motioned with his hand to push ahead. Tony kneed forward again and more disappeared inside. Only a small portion was still visible. I sat on the bed and felt Bobby's cock. It was rock hard. Tony pulled some out then back in again until his pubic bush was against Bobby's plump behind. I felt his abdomen as though I might be able to feel the big penis somewhere.

Bobby's face was tranquil except for his lips, which were pressed together. Tony began to fuck, taking half cock length strokes at first, then pulling out more. It seemed to take several seconds to pull that great thing out to the head and push full back in. I was mesmerized, unable to take my eyes off of what was happening in front of me. Tony had to lean back considerably to get most of it out.

Then, Bobby said, 'Wait, take it out for a minute.'

I figured he had to be hurting. But that wasn't the situation at all. He turned onto his back and raised his legs. 'Put it back in like this.'

Tony pushed the head down then raised up and pushed back inside Bobby, all seven inches. Bobby wanted to watch as I had Saturday when he fucked me. I would have wanted to also.

It was difficult for Tony getting all out with each stroke. After just a few, he pulled out and said, 'I can't do it like this. Why don't you just lie down on your stomach and let me do it that way.'

Bobby rolled over and shoved a doubled over pillow under his middle. Tony found his hole and glided back inside. Tony's ass rose and fell again and again. I got behind to watch but his balls were in the way. My cock was trying to burst out of my pants. I had an idea and stripped off my clothes fast as I could.

'When you start getting close,' I told Tony, 'get on your side so I can do him.'

Tony nodded.

I knelt by the side of the bed. When Tony was in full upstroke, I could see his shaft between them. I resisted the temptation to reach in and feel it. Tony kept his thrusting slow and deliberately with no variation in speed or force. He seemed to know what he was doing. Without warning, he rolled the two of them onto their sides. Bobby's dick stuck straight out.

I pushed in quickly and took it into my mouth, very lightly depositing all the saliva I could. Then I lay in front of them and backed up, guiding his dick with my hand until he was just inside me. Bobby knew what to do. He began fucking me, doing a part of Tony's work for him. I hoped the fifteen year old would understand and shorten his strokes. Bobby took hold of my cock and massaged it. His was hard as steel and pushing against my sweet spot every time. I felt Tony up his tempo. Bobby pushed in me and stayed there, his cock being bounced back and forth by the force of Tony's thrusts. Bobby came. Tony went, 'uh, uh, uh' and slowed then stopped. Somewhere up in Bobby's colon, sperm was gushing into it. Bobby masturbated me until I climaxed less than a minute later.

'When can I see you again?' asked Tony of Bobby as he dressed.

'Whenever you want.'

Bobby collected his two dollars and agreed to Thursday afternoon at four. Then Bobby remembered Thursday would be a holiday and his mother would be home. Tony said he'd figure something out.

The minute he was out the door, Bobby sat down with his hand to his chest. 'My God that was great! I could feel him in my gut and then, when I fucked you. God! You've gotta find a way to come on Thursday.'

'I don't think I can. I'll be out in the country. Didn't it hurt some?'

'At first. God, I thought he broke something inside. It went clunk in there somewhere but then, oh, I want that cock in me everyday.'

'And you got two dollars.'

'And I got two dollars, isn't life wonderful?'

'I almost forgot, wanna come meet Freddy tomorrow?'

'Of course. What time?'

I scheduled it so we'd arrive just before Freddy got home from school.

Martin's father got a bonus for something at work and brought home cake and ice cream to celebrate. I read chapter three of 'Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar' to Martin and Dickie. We bathed after the girls. Dickie wanted to stick his arm in me again. Martin was uninterested at first but when Dickie tried anyway, he got into the act. Once again, his fingernails cut into me.

Martin said, 'Wait, I'll get the clippers.'

They were in the medicine cabinet. He cut Dickie's fingernails down as far as he could then filed the sharper ones with a fingernail file he found with the clippers.

Soaped up again, he put two, then three, four and five fingers in me. Martin put on more soap and pushed Dickie's elbow. It hurt briefly as his knuckles popped inside. Martin applied soap to Dickie's arm and again leaned against his elbow. It started to hurt my anus.

'Slow down, wait a minute.'

Dickie was feeling around inside. 'Yeuuch, I think I found some poop.'

'Don't worry, it'll wash off. Ready, Malcolm?'

'Okay, but real slow.'

I felt Dickie's hand go past my prostate and enter my colon. The feeling was eerie. It felt great but strange to have something so far inside me. I could hardly feel Dickie's fingers any more.

'It feels different now,' muttered the six year old.

'Like what?' asked his brother.

'Not so mushy and I think there's more poop.'

I couldn't tell if he was still going in. I looked back. Martin grinned. I felt. Only Dickie's elbow was outside me. He was inside at least as far as Tony's dick went into Bobby, maybe farther.

Martin got behind Dickie, grabbed my hips and pulled. Dickie's elbow stretched my sphincter. It hurt.


I moved my middle around. I felt so full back there. 'Go in and out some,

but slow,' I requested.

Dickie and Martin pulled his arm out to the wrist and pushed it very slowly back in. The feeling was incredible. Dickie actually squeezed my prostate between his fingers as he went by.

'Again. Use your fingers again like you did, Dickie.'

His hand and fingers were all over inside me. I was close to orgasm. 'Wait, Dickie, don't move.'

He stopped. I breathed hard. If anyone had touched my cock, it would have been all over instantly.

'This is hard,' complained Dickie.

'Just two more times, same thing.'

They pulled out nearly to his knuckles and all the way back in to his elbow. I came.

'You're squeezing me,' said Dickie.

Martin felt my cock. 'Hah! He's coming and no one even touched it.'

I had them wait until my pulsing stopped to pull out. I didn't want hole to be squeezing when Dickie's knuckles were in it. That would have really hurt.

There were brown streaks on Dickie's arm. 'Yeuch! Wash me off, quick!'

Martin laughed and washed the shit off his arm.

Dickie stood up. 'Now it's in the water. We gotta change the water.

Martin couldn't stop laughing as he opened the drain. I sat on the edge of the tub and enjoyed the thought of what had just happened. When Martin turned around, I saw his dick was sticking up. I knelt in front of him and sucked him off, a matter of a minute. Then Dickie.

After a second bath, we climbed into bed. Dickie fell asleep almost immediately.

Martin asked, 'What'd it feel like inside?'


'I mean way up there where Dickie's hand went.'

'I didn't feel much. Let's measure his arm and see where it went.'

We hopped out of bed and found Martin's ruler. Dickie hardly budged when we pulled his arm out to measure it. If his fingers had been extended, he went seven and a half inches inside me. I took off my briefs and Martin laid the ruler against my back to calculate where Dickie had been, near the middle of my abdomen.

'Lemme get my science book so we can see what's in there,' said Martin.

We sat and looked at a drawing of the innards of a human body. 'Right up into your intestines. He coulda touched your kidney.'

'And my bladder.'

I began to worry he might have done some damage that I didn't know about. Martin compared the book to his middle and shook his head in amazement.

We turned off the light and got back into bed. Before he dozed off, Martin said, 'Wait'll mine's that big. I'll fuck you up into there.'

I pinched him.

The next morning at recess and later at lunchtime, we sold three dollars and eighty cents worth of cards, greatly depleting our stock. I'd told Martin earlier that I had to go to my grandparents again to get ready for my aunt the next day. I didn't like lying to him but couldn't think of any other way to see Freddy.

Bobby was waiting at the trolley stop.

Freddy was waiting at the stream. They'd been let out early. Bobby offered his limp hand. Freddy took it and smiled at me. I knew what he was thinking: all girly like me. I grinned back.

We talked about the stream and our tree house and the privacy we had there. I told about the lack of privacy in the woods near Bobby's house. Freddy got bold.

'So you don't like girls either.'

Bobby grinned and shook his head.

'I nevah thought I was gonna meet two boys like Maacum but here you are.'

'Yup. Here I am.'

'You do all the same stuff he does?'

'Freddy!' I said.

'I'm just askin'. I'm not sayin' fuck or suck or anything.'

We all laughed self consciously. The directness I so loved in Freddy could be an embarrassment with others.

'It's okay,' said Bobby. 'Of course. We do the same things. What about you?'

It was my turn to laugh at Freddy who took it in stride.'

'I fuck this boy erey chance I git and let him suck me when he's good.'

Freddy challenged me to an exercise match in front of a witness. 'That way you can't say I didn't beat you.'

'You can't beat me!'

We found a soft bed of leaves and did situps first. Freddy beat me with one hundred and twenty then, after a rest, got off fifty-seven leg raises to my forty-eight. We took off our shirts. I did fifty-six push ups to his fifty-three and then, after a wait, forty-seven pull ups to his strained forty-six.

'Okay, we in a tie. Let's race to see who's the winner.'

We both knew I hadn't a chance so I gave up. I looked at him sweating. He knew what I was thinking. I was already hard. I reached over at Freddy's crotch and felt him pushing up his pants.

Freddy said, 'You gonna have ta take care a Bobby after.'

I had a better idea. I whispered it in Freddy's ear. 'You fuck Bobby while he fuck's me. He'll love it. He can help us.'

Freddy seemed to have some reservations. He whispered, 'You know I never fucked nobody, anybody else but you.'

'And Georgie.'

'Okay, but just that once.'

'That's okay,' I said and hugged him. He nodded okay. I put it to Bobby who agreed enthusiastically. He was going to get the best of it.

We brought down the sleeping bag and blanket from the tree house. I realized how bad it smelled when I pulled it out of the canvas duffle bag. It badly needed airing out.

The air was no more than cool. We began to strip.

'Nobody ever comes here?' asked Bobby.

'Just us and people we invite,' answered Freddy.

I wet Bobby and Freddy and lay face down on the sleeping bag. Bobby

mounted me, pushing full in. I felt the added weight when Freddy got on top of Bobby. I waited for the motion that Freddy would create. Bobby leaned his head down and kissed my lips. I sucked his in. Freddy began to fuck, right away in earnest. Bobby's cock punched repeatedly at my sweet spot.

I wondered what was in Freddy's mind. Other than the short tryst with Georgie, he had no sexual experience outside of me. Bobby's hole was certainly bigger than mine and would probably require more work for Freddy to reach his climax. I felt Freddy's hands slide around my ribs. I took hold of them and squeezed.

Bobby came well ahead of Freddy who had to pump very hard and fast to get off. I found myself wishing he were inside me fucking that hard.

Bobby sucked me off after he and Freddy had pulled out.

Still naked, Freddy made a fire. We sat on the sleeping bag and pulled the blanket around ourselves.

Bobby said, 'This is really great that you guys can come here and get naked and not have to worry somebody's going to see you.'

'Only way it's easy ta git in heah is from my house and Maacum's but nobody from theah wants ta come in heah.'

'Whatta you think would happen if I took Freddy to your neighborhood?' I asked Bobby.

'Oh, I wouldn't do that. They don't like colored people there.'

'What if he worked around there?'

'Like what?'

'Think they'd give him a job in the super bagging groceries?'

Bobby thought about it and said, 'I dunno. Why don't you ask?'

'What you talkin' about Maacum?'

I explained the job of the grocery baggers including cleaning up the

store. 'They make two to three dollars a day plus five a week for thirty hours a week.'

Freddy did some quick calculations. 'That's sixty some dollahs a

month, Maacum. They ain't gonna give me a job like that.'

'They might,' said Bobby. The manager's always looking for boys to work. None of the baggers stay very long and they miss a lot. I've seen him bagging on Saturdays. Why don't you go ask?'

'No, I'll ask and say we can both work. I figure if we take the streetcar and get off at Northern Boulevard and walk up the hill and down to the store, we can be there school days at four. Freddy can come straight from school even sooner.'

Freddy liked the idea but was very worried about racial attitudes. 'Nevah been a Negro working theah?'

Bobby answered, 'I've never seen one.'

I was going to try the route walking up the hill but knew Bobby couldn't handle it. The supermarket manager thought I was looking for a job. 'You gotta be twelve and I gotta see your birth certificate.'

'It's for my friend and he's twelve. He's a real good worker and will always come on time.'

'So, tell him to come see me.'

'Is it okay if he's a Negro?'

The manager stared for a moment. 'Long as he's clean and don't steal, I don't care.' He pursed his lips. 'Just tell him to be careful and real polite.'

I was anxious but worried I might not see Freddy until after the holidays.

That night, I read Martin and Dickie chapter four of the Tarzan book. Dickie was asleep before I finished. It was my last night. Martin wanted a farewell fuck. We tried to sleep with him inside of me but, as with every other such attempt, he fell out. He woke up as the sun was rising and slid inside my damp hole again. Dickie woke up and got behind his brother. Martin didn't seem to mind him pumping between his cheeks. He slowed each time he was close then stopped for a moment. I loved it. I hoped Dickie did too. Dickie's little arm reached around his brother and latched onto my arm. The tugging told me he was pumping away. This was a surprise. Had these two been doing more than just jerking off together' If so, was it recent, because of me'

When he finally came, Martin's orgasm was as slow and relaxed as his fucking had been, the pulses long and spaced out. Dickie had stopped pulling on my arms some moments before, presumably because he had climaxed also.

We held on to each other for a while then Martin rolled back. His and Dickie's penises were still erect and shiny. Dickie had wet his cock before poking between his bother's buns. Now I was intrigued. Before I could ask anything, Martin got up and went to the bathroom with no cover, his hard on leading the way. Dickie followed as his brother. I ran behind them.

'What if the girl's saw us?'

'It's only six thirty. They won't be up for a hour.'

Realizing the time, I relaxed. The brothers washed off their dicks with soap and water by the side of the tub. I wiped my ass. I asked Martin, 'Did he get inside you?'

'Just a little.'

'You do it before with him?'

He looked at Dickie and put his fingers to his lips.

Dickie said, 'I know you're talking about me.'

I rushed around Martin and hugged Dickie from behind. 'He just said you were a neat little kid.'

'I'll bet.'

I hugged him again then tickled him in the ribs. He squealed and ran back to the bedroom. We climbed back into bed and talked about Tarzan.

At a quarter of ten, we were back at the school selling cards. We only had twenty-four between us down from eighty-some on the weekend. The thirteen we sold, including two high values, brought us two eighty-five.

My aunt arrived at Martin's as we were eating soup and sandwich lunches. I was packed and ready. We all hugged each other, including his mother, and I left. But my aunt drove in toward the city instead of away.

'I've got to stop at my father's house first. Aw, I'll just tell you. You're staying there. I'll take you to school Monday morning. Just keep your yap shut.'

I tried to hug her but she was trying to drive.

Freddy jitter bugged on the porch when we pulled up. We spent a wonderful five days together, playing, talking, reading to each other, and making love between the sheets. Freddy could read as well as I. We took turns with my other Tarzan book.

I told him of the job offer. After discussing it with my grandfather, he decided he'd take Freddy Monday after school and feel out the situation.

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