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Chapter 22

by Michael Peterson

Be advised that in the following one will find graphic sexual depiction between minors and minors and adults. The story is fiction but based on real characters, events, places and situations. There is no relationship between the names used and that of any real person.

I walked east along the water front, staring out at the dirty water and the few boats moored nearby. A dozen blocks later, I found myself near where Freddy and I had sat by the water when I was a runaway. Others, mostly younger people and children passed by or played nearby. Two ragamuffins played marbles in front of the steel pilings that disappeared into the water eight or ten feet below. I was immediately jealous of them and their freedom. Their lives might have been difficult, but they could come and go as they pleased. No one was out to lock them up. Even better for them, they were probably heterosexuals and would never be the victims of the unreasoning hatred most homosexuals felt every day of their lives.

In the middle of my prolonged self pity and thoughts about the need to murder my father to have any hope of freedom, Sammy again entered my thoughts as a possible refuge. We were both older. He could certainly count on my fealty were he to take me in. I'd eventually have to hustle some but that would be with men, not boys. I'd be meeting Freddy occasionally but he didn't have to know about that.

Actually, with the near two thousand dollars I had in the bank and free rent, hustling could be avoided for quite some time, probably well into the next year.

I tried to fathom my feelings for Sammy. Was there still any of the love I'd felt before? I thought so but was it because he was my last resort? There really was nowhere else to go. Other cities had crossed my mind, particularly Philadelphia near Georgie and New York near Barney and the cousins but I was just fourteen and couldn't pass for much older. No one was going to rent me a room. All would suspect I was a runaway or worse. The only way I could earn a living was hustling my body. I had no idea where to go outside my own city. At least here I had contacts, knew men who were interested in what I had to offer. And, I was close to Freddy. I really needed him.

Without thinking about it, I started walking west. As I re-entered downtown, a policeman passed by on foot. It made my stomach twinge but he didn't pay me any mind, didn't seem to notice me at all.

Warm thoughts about lying in bed with Sammy in my arms slipped into my head, lifted my spirits out of the fox holes they'd inhabited since seeing that boy recognize me in the park.

By the time I reached the railroad yards a dozen blocks east of Sammy's neighborhood, I was hungry. I had no idea what time it was other than mid afternoon. The sun was behind the row houses I passed. I guessed it to be three or four. Would Sammy be home on a Sunday afternoon the day before July Fourth? Perhaps he was out with some man, or, with a boy friend. The thought made me stop. What if Sammy had a boy friend? That would completely change things, make my hoped for refuge an impossible dream, put me into the street for sure. There'd be nowhere to go but the park below Sammy's house to sleep there like a homeless bum.

There was only one way to find out. I walked again, Another thought chilled me. What if one of the older local hustlers had been on the meat rack when the detective came by, knew about the reward? That didn't seem likely. Just the same, I'd have to keep my eyes and ears open.

I reached the beginning of the boulevard where Sammy lived. His house was visible three blocks away. I became aware of people walking around. They'd been there since I'd left downtown but I'd hardly noticed. There weren't a lot but on each block at least a couple of the marble stoops in front of each house were occupied. Four small girls about six or seven years old played with dolls in the sparse grass of the tiny triangular park where we'd hustled. One looked up at me when I stopped to look down toward Sammy's.

'Hi,' she said friendly as a drugstore clerk.

I considered it a good omen and returned the greeting.

'I live right over there,' she said pointing across the boulevard. 'So does she. My mother said we could play here. I know how to cross the street.'

'Me too,' piped in another showing off silver crowns on her front teeth.

'You seen Sammy?' I asked on the slim chance they might know him.

'Who's he?' asked the second girl with a giggle.

'He means Sammy who goes to my school,' explained the first. 'He's eight, isn't he?' She was looking at me.

'No, the one I mean is fourteen.'

They agreed they didn't know a Sammy that old though one had a brother named Teddy who was almost fourteen.

Sammy's house looked empty, unoccupied. I walked closer. The knitting and sewing items, toys and other novelties that had been displayed in the front window were gone. Inside, the store was still there but as devoid of merchandise as the window. My gut reacted to the thought he might have moved.

I walked around to the side entrance and knocked on the door, hard enough so it could be heard upstairs. No one answered. I knocked again, harder. Nothing. I looked around for someone to ask but the nearest person was at the other end of the block.

If Sammy had moved, Genie would probably know where. I headed toward his house a few blocks away. He, too, was gone but another younger boy on a bicycle with a flat tire told me he'd gone somewhere with his friends to see some fireworks. I asked him if he knew Sammy. He didn't.

I went back to Sammy's and sat on his step. Quickly bored and worried, I went to the next house down the side street and knocked. An elderly woman answered. To my question, she answered, 'Miss Mildred and them went to some beach, I think. You lookin' for Sammy? I don't think he went with her.'

She didn't know where he was but I was too elated that he still lived there that I was content to wait through the night if necessary. I only hoped he hadn't found some other boy to sleep with, that the door was still open for me.

I sat on the step again. The woman who'd spoken to me opened her front window and leaned out. She smiled at me then stared across the street at something or other.

Hunger growled in my middle but I wasn't about to leave.

A couple of times, I got up, left my shopping bag in the doorway and walked back and forth across the intersection, up and down the street. Clouds thickened overhead though it didn't look like there'd be any rain. I felt silly wearing the sun glasses and took them off only to put them back on. Fear of unwanted recognition was stronger than any embarrassment. I leaned back onto the bag softened by the clothes inside and drifted off to sleep.

Sometime later, a voice awakened me.

'Malcolm' Is that you? Malcolm?'

It was Sammy. I jumped up, ready to embrace him but quickly held back by the realization that we were very much in public view. He was less but not entirely concerned. He hugged me, pinning my arms to my sides, then let me go. He was an inch or so taller than me but still as beautiful as when I'd first seen him a couple of years before.

'Come on inside,' he urged nudging me toward the door he opened with a key.

The moment the door was closed, he stood in the dim light and looked down at me. 'Are you in trouble again?' The tone of his question was hard to decipher. He sounded a bit suspicious but full of hope. Then he said, 'I still love you.'

'I've always loved you,' I replied, unsure of the truth of my words but incredibly relieved at what seemed to be an assurance of his help.

'Well, are you, in trouble?' There was skepticism that time.

'Yes. My father put me in a mental hospital where some Nazi doctor said he could make me normal. They had us all locked up but I escaped.'

'Are the cops looking for you?' I noticed that his voice though changed hadn't deepened nearly as much as mine.

'I suppose but my father has some detective looking for me. He's been all over, Bobby's, Martin's, downtown. There's a reward.'

'Do you want to stay with me' I suppose you do. You can if you want.'

I dropped my bag and put my arms around him.

'You wanna go to bed' My aunt and her friend won't be back until late. I really miss you.' There was a lilt in his voice I didn't remember from before. He pulled me into him with what was probably all the strength he had. He was still slim, not very strong.

'Okay,' was all I could get out before his lips covered mine and his tongue pushed in past mine. My groin responded.

He led me by the hand up the stairs and into his room then turned and said, 'God, I really missed you.'

Sammy took the shopping bag from my hand and put it in the corner by his dresser, pulling his polo shirt out of his pants as he did. He came to me and pulled mine out, slipping his hands inside, up past my ribs to my underarms and back across my chest.

'Oh, Malcolm, you really have lots of muscles now.'

He raised my shirt. I raised my arms. He pulled it up and off then ran his hands from my shoulders, over my biceps to my forearms, smiling and looking from one to the other as he did.

'You've really been working out. You could probably squeeze me in half.'

His right hand went to my crotch. Keeping it there, he used his left arm to pull us together. Lips came together. Mouths opened. Tongues intertwined. He jerked his shirt up best as he could with one hand. His other stayed where it was, fondling my painfully restrained cock.

I helped him with his shirt. He went for my belt. I ran my hands down his back. He was still smooth as he'd been at eleven. I used my right hand to get at his belt, It was one of those military slide through affairs that required both hands. He let go of my cock and belt and undid himself, belt, button and fly. I opened my pants. He slid mine down along with my underwear, I his. He fell backward onto the bed, dragging me with him, pulling our cocks up between us as we went. He felt warm, smooth, wonderful under me.

We ignored the pants around our ankles and sucked at each others' tonsils, ran our hands wherever they could reach. He was slight, like a child. I could hardly feel his weight when I rolled us over, pulling him on top. I looked into his closed eyes. Tears were dripping out of them. I wondered how I could have left him.

He opened his eyes and looked into mine. 'Please don't ever leave me again. I'm sorry I was so mean and jealous. I'll be friends with Freddy. I love you so much.'

He dropped his head down beside mine and hugged me with all the force his puny arms could muster.

'Fuck me, Malcolm,' he said quietly then licked the inside of my neck.

Sammy started to get up then dropped back to kiss me briefly. 'Take off your pants, and shoes.'

He sat down and went to work on his laces, shoes, socks and pants. He stood and posed, better than five inches of adolescence sticking up from a small bush of light brown pubic hair.

'Am I still pretty?'

I was still struggling with my socks probably because my attention was on him. He was thin but attractive neck down. His face, however, was as gorgeous as ever. There was no teenage disfigurement. His nose was still small. His blonde hair drooped down nearly to his beautiful blues.


He walked on tip toes to his dresser and opened the bottom drawer. From under the pants stored there, he pulled out a well used tube of KY.

'Genie,' he said when he noticed that I noticed. 'Lay down.'

I lay down. He knelt at the side of the bed and smiled at my hardness. 'I knew yours was going to be nice.'

He leaned forward and let my cock in past his lips until they were touching my hairs. I must have been in his throat but he showed no sign of gagging or even the slightest discomfort. Sammy had learned how to blow. He dropped the KY on the bed, nudged me backward and followed me until his knees were on the edge. I reached for him to drag him around for some sixty-nine. He gently held my hand while his head went up and down, taking my entire cock in each time.

He came up and grinned. 'Bet you can't do that.'

I shook my head.

Sammy picked up the KY, opened the tube and dribbled some over the head of my cock. He closed the tube and waddled forward on his knees until his hole was where it needed to be. He lowered his buns in front of the glans, pushed back on it, wiggling around to put the tip at his opening. His eyes closed. He raised up and slowly dropped down, his rectum swallowing me whole.

I reached out for his arms to hold him down. Had he moved much at that point, it would have been over in seconds. My cock felt like it was encased in warm, thick pudding. He leaned down to kiss me, tugging my cock forward, squeezing it, sending sparks deep into my pelvis. I held him for a moment, caressing his back with one hand, his soft hair with the other.

Without releasing my mouth, he fell to one side then onto his back, all the while holding me tight to him, bringing his knees up to his ribs. My cock went in right to the testicles. It would have been impossible to have more inside of him than I did at that point.

Sammy pushed us apart and looked down at where we were connected. 'Fuck me, Malcolm, hard.'

It was awkward, difficult from that position. It was easy to understand why everyone wanted to fuck me from behind. This was hard work. There was an advantage, depth. I was in deeper on each downward plunge that I'd ever get from behind even with his paltry ass. The heat went into my balls and up into my gut.

Sammy's eyes remained glued to where I was withdrawing and entering. I pulled out each time right to the tip, pausing for a second nearly completely out of him before pushing slowly back inside, slowly because fucking any faster would have quickly ended his enjoyment, and mine. I did ram hard at the end of each stroke. His eyelashes fluttered most times when I did that.

After about eight or ten thrusts, I had to wait outside for a bit to let those anxious juices settle back into my testicles. He didn't protest, probably understanding the need. After all, based on the crinkled up KY tube, he was obviously being screwed fairly regularly by Genie and, based on how easy I'd entered, a few larger cocks too, probably adult customers.

Soon enough, even his loose hole had me at the point of no return. I slammed home three times, pushing him into the bed, making his eye lashes flutter closed. The feeling flowed out from my cock into my pelvis, hip to hip, balls to bladder. I shivered as I flooded his rectum with my sperm, squirt, squirt, squirt. He shook as though I'd injected electricity into him. I felt him climax before seeing the white liquid fire out the end of his cock onto his stomach. His anus squeezed me time after time.

He lifted his face. We kissed until the passion subsided.

He had no shower so we splashed warm tub faucet water out of cups over each other to get most of the residue off us and down the drain.

'My aunt would go completely out of her mind if she found anything she thought was sperm in her house. She's so anti-sex you wouldn't believe it. No sex until you're married, she says. The old biddy hasn't got a clue that I'm queer, if she even knows what that is.'

We bathed. I asked, 'You still hustling?'

'Some. Remember that guy who took us swimming all the time' Well, he's got this friend who, don't get jealous, well, he fucks so fantastic. God, and he can do it for the longest time. John just like's little boys without any hair, you know, down here,' he pointed at his crotch, 'so we don't do anything any more. He stopped sucking me, oh God, over a year ago but he's still nice to me, lets me go swimming with him. We went yesterday. I don't know when he's going again but I don't know if he's gonna want me to bring you 'cause you've got hair but maybe his friend'll want to do you too. You'll love it and he's got a decent body too.'

'How much does he pay?'

'Not much, only a dollar. I think he's a male nurse or something in a hospital. I saw white clothes in his closet. He's not a doctor. I'm sure of that, hasn't got diddley in money. Drives this old wreck forty-seven Ford. But, God, he fucks so good!'

It appeared Sammy wasn't much of a business man. Genie and another older boy were screwing him for free. A buck fifty was the most he got for rolling over with any of a number of men. I charged five but the men that cruised Sammy's area probably weren't as well off as those who came to the meat rack.

I asked, 'Do any of the kids around here go downtown to hustle?'

Sammy thought. 'This one boy, Ricky something, he used to but they beat him up and took his money so he didn't go back. That was, oh, almost a year ago. No, I don't know anybody who does.'

I told him about the detective and the reward, hoping he was as in love with me as he professed.

'Maybe I better ask Genie before anybody sees you. He knows all the kids that go out.'

Genie, he told me, was on one of the hustling spots three or four times a week, sometimes more. He was also an arranger who got boys for men and charged a percentage of what the boy was paid. It occurred to me that if he could be trusted, he could arrange some business for me without me having to stand out where a cop with my photo might come by. I didn't delude myself that he'd pass up the thousand dollars if he knew about it but, if no one from the area was working downtown, there was no reason anyone would know. While the meat rack crowd knew about the east side hustling, I'd never heard anyone mention Sammy's side of town.

Sammy took some of my money to go buy hamburgers at a White Tower on the other side of the park. Before that, he said he'd try to locate Genie and see if there was anyone who was hustling downtown.

I took a nap.

When Sammy got back, it was dark outside. 'Genie's out with some guy and this cute little kid he's making all kinds of money on. He's only eight but Genie says he blows like crazy and can take a dick up his ass if it isn't too big. Genie said he fucked him a couple of times and his is as big as yours.'

The burgers reminded me of my grandfather. Many a time, he'd taken Freddy and me to a White Tower or brought a bag full back to the house. I had to tell Sammy what saddened me.

We ate naked and talked, Sammy quite a bit more than me. Lying with his head in my lap and my foot pulled into his crotch, Sammy again apologized for how he'd behaved regarding Freddy.

'I'm not so jealous any more, at least not so you can see.' He looked up and back at me and grinned. 'But I thought about it a whole lot. You and Freddy grew up together like brothers. The sex you do isn't really the same as we do, I mean, you love him and all that but it's like he's your brother. Anyhow, I was just stupid.'

He slid up further until his back was against my gut, took hold of one of my right hand and played with the fingers. 'You know, most of the time when Genie was fucking me, I used to pretend he was you. I even said 'I love you' to him a few times but I was always thinking of you. I'm so glad you're back.'

The conversation drifted into hustling and the various men we'd been with along with the weirder things they liked to do. I told him about the reward I'd given the man who picked me up from near the hospital. He told me about the john who mainly wanted to drink his urine. 'I don't know why he wasn't sick all the time. He did the same thing with Genie and some others. A couple times when there were three of us. He lay in his tub and we all to piss all over him. Freaky!'

We talked about the school year I'd missed even though finishing all but a couple of months.

'Can't you just go somewhere else next year and just show 'em your diploma from eighth grade?'

'They've always got to talk to a kid's parents. And they might check with my grade school. Anyhow, I figure that detective's gonna be checking out all the schools when they open. Nah, no more school for me, at least until after I'm sixteen and then I'll have to get a job. Can't hustle the rest of my life.'

We both drifted off into our private thoughts for a few moments. I tried to avoid the thoughts of imminent disaster that had dogged me since getting away from Dr. Hein's concentration camp but they were there, blocking anything positive from developing in my mind. But, I thought, for a while, I had Sammy who really did love me.'

'I've got enough money so even if I don't hustle and I stay with you, I won't need any more until the end of the year. If I go out just a few times a week, that'll be enough for food and something to spend, you know, take us to a movie or something, buy some clothes at the Goodwill.'

Sammy said nothing but he pressed my hand to his chest. Did he have the same worry as I.

'Is your aunt gonna let me stay with you?'

'She let Genie stay over a few times but I don't know about someone here all the time. What're we gonna tell her about your parents' She's gonna want to talk to them.'

'Maybe we could have one of the John's talk to her, say he was my father and something happened to the house, or, I don't know. I'll think of something. She gonna believe that?'

Sammy sighed. 'God, I don't know. She thinks most people are liars.'

We decided to hide my presence for a while. His aunt left each morning to sell her novelties at a market some eight blocks away and came back each evening at five or six. Sammy insisted she never opened his bedroom or bathroom door if she thought he was inside. He kept the room up himself. A look around showed he did it well. Sammy was a fair housekeeper.

Around eight after a few gentle kisses, Sammy asked coyly, 'Want me to fuck you now? I'm as big down there as you.'

I kissed him and said, 'Gimme the grease.'

I let him do it from behind. He was slow but forceful, pushing hard into me at the end of each thrust. I arched up at him to give a bit more depth and get my dick off the bed sheets. Three times, he whispered into my ear, 'I love you so much'.

He was smaller than I'd become accustomed to but that was helpful in prolonging it for both of us. He ran his five plus inches across my prostate with each entry but not so hard as to take me to a speedy climax.

However, as usual, passion gradually overcame patience. He didn't really pump must faster, just harder. I could feel his legs tense with each thrust. I figured he had his toes on the tailboard of the bed and was pushing off from there. A squeaky grunt announced the onset of his orgasm. He let out a breath of air with each pulse.

Half a minute later, he pulled out and said softly, 'Roll over.'

The blow job was softer than his words but I was much too close for more than a few movements of his lips. I fired into his mouth. He relaxed and lay his head on my thigh as I unloaded my balls.

We lay like that, my cock still in his mouth, long enough for me to fall asleep. When I awakened later, Sammy's head was resting on my chest. It's probably what woke me up. We were both covered with a sheet. The light was off so he'd managed to get off the bed without disturbing me.

I put my arms around him and drifted back into what must have been non-threatening dreams, an improvement over the previous nights.

I was awake when the sun lightened the walls of the room. Sammy was breathing heavily, still sound asleep. We both had our morning hard ons. I could feel his against my leg. It made me feel very comfortable to be with someone who cared about me, was as willing as Bobby to protect me. Perhaps this could work out. In less than a year and a half I'd be sixteen and free of my father's control. What worried me about that was the commitment to that looney bin. I'd have to ask the lawyer about it. But, meanwhile, I felt reasonably safe.

It was July Fourth, Independence Day. I hoped it might be mine, not just the nation's. Sammy suggested I could squeeze into one of his two bathing suits and we could go to a pool a few miles away. He had sun tan lotion, something my pale skin would need badly.

Since the market was closed. Sammy's aunt slept in until nine then took an hour to prepare and eat her breakfast. Too hungry to wait, shoes in hand and sunglasses in place, I sneaked out while Sammy diverted her attention in the kitchen. We went to a diner a few blocks away where I'd eaten often as a runaway.

A bus took us to within a few blocks of the pool, a large one on the outskirts of a post war housing development. It was jammed. There plenty of teens sporting baskets large enough to distract me. Sammy knew a pair from his school, neither particularly alluring. Sammy affectionately covered me with Coppertone. We swam with his friends long enough for me to feel the heat of an oncoming sunburn. Sammy re-applied the lotion but I elected to stay in the shade. His friends eventually joined us for hot dogs, chips and sodas that I paid for at the pool's concession stand. They bought us all Tasty-Kake Chocolate cupcakes for dessert.

I began to get the impression our friends were looking to take Sammy off for some additional refreshment. One whispered something into Sammy's ear. He grinned and shook his head. The boy elbowed him playfully in the ribs. Sammy gave the same response. The boy whispered again. Sammy said loud enough for me to hear, 'You need money for him.'

The boy mouthed, 'Shit'.

I smiled and held up two fingers of one hand while sticking one from the other between my lips. That ended the discussion. They went back to the pool.

'You do them before?' I asked.

'Just a couple of times at school.'

I'd told Sammy about a few of my school trysts so wondered if they'd inspired him to do the same.

'Maybe, this one boy used to finger me in the crack when I was about twelve. He was thirteen and kinda big, bigger than Genie was back then. I'd been fucked by a couple of Johns but just ones that had little ones. Paulie, that was his name, was kinda cute too. Had these blue eyes and was always making kids leave me alone so one day when he asked I said okay. I went to his house on a Saturday. It hurt some but he used lots of Vaseline so it wasn't so bad. It was kinda fun after he was doing it some. He jerked me off after while he was still in there. That was neat.'

'And the others?'

'Just a few, those two like me to blow 'em. The skinny one's got a really great cock and his cum tastes pretty good. He gets all excited when he's gonna cum, near gags me.' He nudged me in the arm. 'See the one by the diving board, with the girl. Isn't he beautiful. He goes to my school but won't talk to me. I could suck him all day long. Look at that lump in his suit.

It was large but the arm around the girl's waist wasn't a good omen. 'Think he's fucking her?'

'I don't know but he could fuck me all he wanted. I beat off plenty of times thinking about him. You like him too?'

'I s'pose so but I like you better.' I said it because I was feeling that way.

Sammy slid into me and put his toes to playing with mine. 'Wanna go into the locker room. They got toilet stalls with doors that go all the way down.'

Lacking another lubricant, we tried the Coppertone. It wasn't great but I managed to get inside Sammy. He was leaning over the toilet. I was behind leaning over him. It was a bit awkward but I managed to get off then masturbate him to fruition. Some of his sperm shot onto the toilet seat. All of mine stayed inside him.

We took a shower and headed off to the bus.

Sammy introduced me to his aunt as Tommy and asked if I could stay the night. She shrugged her approval and prepared an extra bowl of chicken stew.

We tried a ninety degree fuck with our legs entwined to see if he could stay inside me as we slept. Neither of us could sleep like that so washed up and just slept pressed together with me behind.

Tuesday morning early, I went downtown on a streetcar then caught a taxi out to the street behind the bank. Wearing a cap and sunglasses, I walked in with my passbook, was greeted warmly by the assistant manager who let me take out five hundred dollars I claimed was to buy bicycles for my parents, aunt, uncle and their daughters. He thought it was a good investment.

I walked out to the woods up the hill beside the large private school then back behind Bobby's house and up to his back door. Aunt Martha opened it. She appeared surprised to see me, but concerned as well. She pushed me back and stepped outside.

After a powerful hug, she said, 'That detective man been aroun' heah a bunch a times. Been giving folks yo' picture with his telephone on the back.' She hugged me again. 'That girl works with us heah gots one but she nevah seed you. She in theah now so you gotta go. An' don' go callin' this telephone 'cause Bobby thinks they's listenin' ta all his calls. You gotta be careful, boy. You talk to that lawyer?'

'I was gonna call him from here but I can go to a pay phone. Tell Freddy I'll call Francis tonight so he can call him too and we can maybe find a way to talk to each other. Is he working tomorrow?'

'Yeah but he ain't on Thursday.'

'Tell him I can meet him at our place on the stream around ten. Nobody knows about there.'

'How you gonna get theah without nobody seein' you' They been to all the houses aroun' mine, give yo picture to erybody.'

'That's easy. I know a back way. Don't worry. Just tell Freddy.'

She hugged me again. I caught the bus on the far side of the woods and the smaller private school.

At a pay phone downtown, I called the lawyer's office. He wasn't expected in until after three that afternoon.

Sammy and I had sandwiches for lunch at his house. We hid the money in three different places.

At three, dressed with cap and shades, I called the lawyer from a phone three blocks from Sammy's. He told me he was checking things out, that I should call Thursday morning.

Ten minutes after Sammy and I got back to his bedroom, Genie knocked on the door. I hid in the bathroom while Sammy tried to convince him he was sick. It didn't work. Sammy led him up to his bedroom. I crept into the hall and watched through the keyhole of his bedroom door. All I could see was the middle of Genie's back as he pumped away into my lover. He was gone in fifteen minutes.

That evening after what was left of the chicken stew, we discussed Genie and my thoughts about him setting up johns for me.

'Well, he didn't mention my name so he hasn't heard anything,' I said.

'That doesn't mean he won't.'

'But you said nobody from around here goes downtown or anywhere.'

'But what about the johns. Some of them do.'

'I'll bet Genie knows which ones.'

'So how're you gonna tell him why you only want Johns that don't go downtown. Wait, I know. Just say you don't like them because, uh, shit, I don't know.'

'Nah, I'll just ask different things about each one he knows and figure out which ones don't go there. That can't be all that hard. And Genie never told anybody anything before when I was running away.'

'You weren't worth a thousand dollars then.'

Lying in bed with Sammy's love juice up inside me, I questioned my desire to hustle when there was really no financial need. Two thousand dollars bought a lot of food, clothes, movie tickets, bus and taxi fares. But, there were men I could see without hitting the streets or using Genie's services. They would stretch my money out. In sixteen months, I'd be sixteen. I really needed to find out from the lawyer exactly how much protection that age gave me.

No decision had been made when I slipped into unconsciousness.

I ventured out at nine Thursday morning to make a call to the lawyer, see if he had any news. He wasn't in. A streetcar took me downtown where I caught a taxi to the houses past the church I'd been forced to attend for so many years. By a little after ten, I saw Freddy waiting across the stream. Overanxious, I slipped and fell into the filthy steam when I tried to run over the slimy rocks.

Freddy thought it was hilarious.

Just as we'd done eight years before, I stripped naked while Freddy built a fire. I helped gather longer sticks on which my soaked clothes could be hung. This time, though, we weren't going to need moss for a bed. We had the blankets which were still in the military surplus duffel bag Douglas, Freddy's older cousin, had bought long ago.

While we worked, Freddy asked me where I was staying.


'I figured.'

'He wants to apologize to you for being so nasty and jealous. I think he really understands us now. Anyway, I didn't tell him I was coming here.'

'That was best,' he said as the fire grew.

I retrieved the duffel bag from the tree house and carried it across the stream. I lay on the blankets and watched him carefully hang my clothes from the sticks we'd shoved into the ground. When he finished, he grinned at me lying tummy down on the olive drab bedding.

'You too,' I cooed.

'I figured you were gonna wanna do that. But I ain't got no grease. Think you can?'

I pulled out a tube of KY I'd bought downtown at a pharmacy.

'Shit, Maacum. Wait'll you see how big mine is. You might not want to any more.'

I didn't say a word. There'd been bigger things up my ass than he'd ever have.

He took it all off slowly, deliberately tantalizingly slowly. I had a hard on long before his cock jumped out half hard from his boxers. It actually was bigger than it had been a few months before. I got up on my knees and pulled him to me. His flesh was still so smooth. His cock slid into my mouth. I breathed in through my nose and let it travel into the back of my mouth. It touched my epiglottis. I struggled to keep from gagging, wondering if I could pull off Sammy's trick and take Freddy all the way in. I took a breath and pulled him in, slowly. His cock head reached the back of my mouth. I held him there, my hands on his hips. I leaned forward, allowing his dick to touch then press against my epiglottis. The gag urge was there but I resisted. Suddenly, though, my body jerked and I coughed him out.

'Nobody can do what you want to do, Maacum. That thing in your throat won't let you.'

'Sammy can. He let mine go all the way in. If he can, I can. Just don't do anything. Let me.'

I took him back in and slid him against the problem organ. Again, I fought the need to gag. Again, it didn't work.

I tried a different tack the next time. After a couple of deep breaths, I tried to relax my mouth and throat as much as possible. I leaned forward as I pulled him in. His glans reached the entry to my throat. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the feeling of his cock against my tongue. There was a brief near cough but I pushed my head forward. His cock passed my epiglottis. It cut off my breath. I tugged him deeper into my mouth. His cock hit the back of my throat and couldn't go in any further. I lifted up, arching my body, stretching out my neck. His pubic hairs touched my lips. I needed to take a breath. I pulled back.

'Damn, Maacum,' whispered Freddy.

I filled my lungs with air and went back toward him. By loosening every muscle in my mouth and throat, I got him completely back in again. There was the urge to gag but it was controllable. I went back and forth a few times, never letting the tip of his cock go back past my epiglottis. It was a strange feeling, like swallowing a fat hot dog whole. A circus sword swallower flashed through my mind, making me want to laugh, causing me to gag and quickly back off.


I waved my hand, swallowed a lungful of air and pulled him back inside. I'd done it and was proud though I still wanted him in the other end of my body.

Freddy held tightly to my shoulders. The buttock muscles in my hands tightened. He took over somewhat, pulling halfway out then slowly pushing back in. Again, somehow, I took him all, down past my tonsils.

He fucked my mouth and throat gently. I reached between his legs and fondled his now full balls with the scruffy hair all over them. With each entry, there was less need to control myself. I breathed in as he pulled out and out as he pushed in.

He stopped and said softly, 'If you want me to do it in the back, we better do it soon. I can't cum two, three times like before.'

I hugged him, holding him inside for a few second more.

We lay down on the blankets. I opened the KY and dribbled some over his glistening black cock. Then, I put the tube to my hole and gave a quick squeeze. Freddy lay on me and entered with ease. Our bodies just seemed to line up automatically. Freddy slid his hands under my shoulders and got to what we had done thousands of times over the many years we'd been the best of friends, more brothers to each other than most real brothers, better lovers than most lovers, young or old. He moved in and out of me, touching where he needed to inside, moving my anus up and down and around, sending blissful feeling throughout my middle. He slowed or stopped occasionally. I wrapped my arm around his head and kissed his cheek. There wasn't a sound other than his heavy breathing. I think the birds and insects had all stopped to watch us and marvel at Freddy's rhythmic dance of love. I came just before him, soiling the blanket but too immersed in the passion of the moment to be concerned. He shortened his thrusts but didn't fully stop when his orgasm started. I imagined sperm shooting out and further lubricating the path his cock followed.

He stayed inside me until he softened ten or fifteen minutes later. When he rolled off me, he looked over and said with a smile, 'I'd almost forgotten how good that was. Where'd you learn how to get it all in your mouth like that?'

'I didn't. That was the first time. I didn't know I could. Being with you lets me do things I can't do with anybody else.'

'You cum?'

I turned onto my side.

'We gonna have to wash that blanket.'

We just did the part I'd messed then hung it close to the fire. Freddy broke out the sandwiches and, by then, warm milk he'd bought for lunch.

At three, I was back downtown in the phone booth of a drug store. The lawyer suggested we meet the next afternoon at the church where we'd met the previous time. 'You be there by three. One of the priests will come out and take you inside the rectory. Wait for me there. I'll get there at about three thirty. I'll explain why when I get there.'

'Are they following you?' How?'

'We'll talk tomorrow. Be there on time.'

I walked to Sammy's via streets that took me through negro neighborhoods then down the last few blocks on streets West of his house where I didn't know anyone.

The walk was to allow myself time to think. I got a few distracting looks in the black areas but they were more curious than anything else.

It appeared that my father was spending a lot of money to find me. If he was following the lawyer as it seemed, that meant more than the one detective. Why was he spending so much? The only reason I could imagine was an unreasoning fury at my thwarting his plan to get rid of me once and for all. The problem with that reasoning was that it would have been infinitely simpler just to dump me off on my aunt and forget I existed. Was he so wrapped up in having his way that he'd go though all this expense and inconvenience? He'd given up his annual summer vacation. Why? There was more to this. Hopefully, the lawyer would know something.

Rather than worry Sammy over my dark thoughts, I kept it all to myself and took him to the diner for dinner. I told his aunt my parents sent me some money via my aunt, an off the cuff story that seemed to work.

As it was getting dark, I took off down past the park for my first serious run since escaping from the hospital. To my surprise, I was able to trot for nearly half an hour before any real weariness set in. Even then, ten minutes of walking was all it took to get off another twenty minutes. It felt refreshing to stretch out my legs on occasional faster runs.

By the time I got back to Sammy's, I was soaked through my clothes. His aunt was impressed.

'I wish you could get this lazybones,' she said with a nod toward Sammy, 'to exercise too. He's so skinny, got no muscles at all.'

After a long bath, we climbed into bed. Somewhere inside me was a gnawing worry that the warmth I felt lying beside him was going to be short lived. Every time, I thought about it, it seemed more certain the lawyer would have nothing good to tell me. Sleep didn't come for a couple of hours.

The following morning, I took Sammy to the downtown harbor to look at the boats there. He sensed my dark mood, tried to get me to tell him what was worrying me. The most I'd admit was that I was to meet with the lawyer that afternoon.

At ten of three, I walked into the church and sat near the front where the priest could easily find me. Sitting in the pew, the feel of the softly carved wood and the distinctive church smells brought on a flood of memories of being there with my grandfather, watching him serve Mass. Being there with my grandparents was an entirely different experience than going to Mass with my father. Everything I did with my grandparents was accompanied by a feeling of security and comfort.

The elderly priest who had been my grandparent's friend came out of the sacristy and motioned for me to go with him. He led me to the same room where the lawyer had spoken to me the week before.

'Maybe you're too old for it but we've got milk and cookies if you'd like some,' he said with a smile.

That had been a staple in my grandmother's kitchen. I accepted. He brought me a plate of 'Lorna Doones' and a glass of chocolate milk with the powder still floating around on top.

The lawyer arrived half an hour later. The expression on his face was anything but reassuring.

'Malcolm,' he began, 'first, I have not spoken with your father. He refuses to meet with me. However, I did speak with his lawyer, a Mr. Belstone. I believe you've met him.'

My answer was a smirk. He was the man who'd always defended my father against me.

The lawyer paused, then asked, 'Did you, well, try to, uh, have sexual relations with any of the boys at the hospital?'

'Who said that?' I could feel my ears turn red.

'Mr. Belstone showed me a letter from Dr. Hein. Three boys said that you wanted them to do things with you. A staff member says he observed you with one of them in the bathroom.'

'That's Mr. Coulter, I bet. He's the one who had Klaus blow him. They're all lying.' I wondered who the third boy might have been then figured it had to have been the one Klaus was fucking.

'Among other things, Dr. Hein says you were very uncooperative in your treatment.'

'Treatment?' Frustration had me near tears. 'It was torture, not treatment. He said he was going to make me normal and he's, crap! He likes little boys. He's a Nazi who used to do things in the concentration camps. And that Mr. Coulter's a Nazi too. Shit!'

'Calm down, Malcolm. I'm just telling you what we're up against. The doctor's made a diagnosis that's going to be difficult to fight. We can get a doctor who can examine you but I don't know who the state is going to listen to, especially with the things your father has to say.'

'My father' That, he's, shit. What's that Nazi say? I don't hurt anybody. The only trouble I ever got in was hustling. Who got hurt with that? Nobody! I only did it 'cause they never give me any money. I'm a good student. I don't get in trouble in school or anywhere. There's nothing wrong with me. How come I gotta be in a hospital if there's nothing wrong with me? Who am I hurting?'

'The hospital says you're a danger to other boys and...'

'Shit! I never hurt a kid in my life. Never! Kids beat me up. I never did.'

'Malcolm! Malcolm. Getting angry and excited isn't going to help.'

'What about when I turn sixteen? Then what? I can say what I want to do, right?'

The lawyer took a breath. 'Malcolm, the age of majority in this state is eighteen. Sixteen is the age when you no longer are required to go to school and can get a driver's license, not much more.

'What I want to do right now is arrange a hearing with Department of Protective Services, your aunt, the principal of your grade school and one of your former teachers so we can see what is possible. I spoke to the psychologist at your high school but he's not happy with you either. It's going to be difficult.'

'What, can you arrange for me to live with my aunt?'

'Malcolm, I'll be frank with you, I doubt it. Perhaps if your mother would testify against what your father has done, deny much of what he has said, perhaps we can try to get the state to look at that possibility. The problem is your behavior as reported by Green Haven, plus, of course, your escape.'

'My escape' They were torturing me. And they were never going to let me out. Nobody like me ever got out of there. Shit!' There were tears at that point.

The lawyer leaned toward me. 'Malcolm. Take it easy. I'm on your side. Your grandfather's feelings about you are what I trust. I just want you to understand how difficult this is going to be.'

We went over everything that had happened at the hospital. I tried to keep my story as I'd first given it to him but wasn't sure. I sensed he knew that some sex had taken place and finally admitted it.

'Okay, that kid Klaus, the one Dr. Hein brought from Germany, he kept asking me to let him do something. I told him no for a long time but after he told me some things, like about him and Mr. Coulter, he even let me watch once from where Mr. Coulter couldn't see me, I figured he might be able help me get away so, I let him.'

'What did you see, between Klaus and Mr. Coulter?'

'I saw Klaus blow him. Then Mr. Coulter let Klaus screw this other boy in the bathroom. I saw that too, a couple of times.'

'Did anybody else see it?'

'There was another boy, a kid named Jonathan who liked to read like me. He saw it too.'

He got details, names, rough dates, everything I could remember. In the end I admitted everything that had gone on including what Jonathan and I had done.

When he finally closed up his fountain pen, I asked, 'So, can you fix it so I don't have to go back, so I can stay with my aunt?'

He stared at me for a moment before answering, 'Honestly, it's not very likely. Unless your mother gets involved on your side, it's your word against a lot of others. No court is going to take your word over the staff of Green Haven. And they can call your high school psychologist. And, of course, there's your father.'

The tears flowed again. In frustration, I asked, 'And when I'm eighteen?'

'There's still the hospital commitment and their report.'

I cried. When I could speak again, I blubbered, 'That son-of-a-bitch. Why does he hate me so much' I never did anything first. He always started everything. Why won't he leave me alone?' And on and on.

The lawyer listened silently.

The priest put me in the back of his car while it was still in his garage. It was darkening when we left half an hour after the lawyer. I had him leave me off near the harbor. I was as depressed as I'd ever been, fully prepared to end my life. I even considered throwing myself in from of the bus I waited for to take me to Sammy's.

I sat on the curb and yearned for Freddy.

In the end, I walked directly to Sammy's, oblivious to who might see me.

Sammy was sitting on his one step stoop when I arrived. He immediately saw my condition and took me upstairs.

'That son-of-a-bitch is never going to quit,' I moaned lying across the bed while Sammy caressed my hair.

He got me to tell him much of what had been said and discussed.

'You can stay with me forever. Maybe we can get a place somewhere away from here. We can sell stuff like my aunt does. We'll do something.'

He sounded almost as desperate as I was depressed.

He warmed the soup his aunt had prepared for dinner but I could only eat a few spoons full. Finally, Sammy undressed the both of us and crawled into bed with me.

I slept occasionally but was constantly awakened by the morbid thoughts that haunted me. Sooner or later, as long as I lived in that city, if they kept up the search, one of my father's detectives was going to find me and I'd be hauled back to Green Haven. There, they'd lock me for the rest of my life in one of those narrow rooms with no hope of escape. If I left the city, I'd have no practical way of feeding myself. Anyway, some cop would eventually stop and question me for something like not being in school. Running away didn't seem to have much of a chance of success. Failure meant a life sentence in Green Haven. Death was a far better option. But I'd take my father with me. That was for certain. He had a gun in his dresser drawer. I'd use it on both of us.

Sammy fixed me bacon and eggs after his aunt left Saturday morning. Normally, it was a favorite food. I only nibbled.

Sammy suggested a swim in the quarry. I didn't feel like doing anything but planning my father's demise. There was a slight hope I could kill him and get away with it. Then, perhaps, my mother would find the courage to come to my side, tell everyone the truth. I didn't really believe she would. She'd know I killed him and probably end up hating me for it. No, best to just turn the gun around afterward and put a bullet in my head too.

Sammy pressed. I agreed to go just to have a final outing with him.

On the bus, we sat in the back. He held my hand. It made me feel guilty about what my suicide would do to him. But, it would be the same if they locked me up, worse. Then he'd never be able to forget me. He might even get himself in trouble trying to get me out. No, suicide was the easiest way for everyone.

After I took care of the son-of-a-bitch.

The quarry was crowded with families, teens and kids of both genders, even a group of men having a barbecue up the slope past the dressing rooms. We changed. Sammy smeared Coppertone all over me right down to my toes. He dragged me to the pier and pushed me in the water. It was cold, snapped my mind to where I was. Sammy jumped in beside me.

'Let's swim to the other side and climb the wall,' he suggested then headed out.

I followed. It was nearly a hundred yards. Sammy tired and treaded water a few times. I worried I'd have to help him and wasn't sure I'd be successful. It wasn't something I'd ever learned to do. So, I encouraged him to swim.

'C'mon, Sammy. Let's go. It's not that far.'

He smirked and followed. When we got to the rocks and climbed up on one, he said, 'You were worried I was going to drown out there, weren't you? Don't worry, I swam out here before.'

We enjoyed the sun on our cold bodies for a while. Sammy talked about a boy who'd allegedly sucked off two others behind the rocks to our left just a month before.

'I'd never do that. They could see you from up there.' He pointed up to the platform above us where the more daring took the fifty plus feet plunge into the deep water below. An older teen was peering over, probably deciding if he was up to it. Several other kids seemed to be egging him on. Suddenly, I realized they weren't talking to him. They were pointing at us and shouting Sammy's name. It was Genie, a boy his age I didn't recognize, and a small boy holding on to Genie's arm.

It was a re-connection I didn't want to make at the time. I said, 'Sammy, I don't want to see anybody now. I'll meet you back at the house after dark.'

I was about to dive into the water when there was a great splash near us. At first, only bubbles surfaced. Before I could move, up bobbed Genie. He stared at me for a second, then shouted, 'Tommy! Where the fuck you been?'

I sat back down. Genie swam over and climbed up to us.

'Shit, man, damn! You been workin' out like a motherfucker. Where you been?'

'School, working.' My mind was working on a story that would have me just coming by that day to see Sammy, not staying with him.

Genie sat beside me. 'Hustling still, huh?'

'No, working in a grocery store,' I lied assuming he'd know what an uninteresting topic of discussion it would be.

'Shit, bet you can make more with that body of yours in a couple of quickies than all day in some stupid store.'

'Maybe, but I don't have to worry about getting caught.'

'Shit, I been hustling for four years and I ain't never been caught, even close. Hey, we're with this guy from Virginia and he wants two more kids for a orgy, he says. You know, everybody doin' shit at the same time. You're good at that an' he'll really like your muscles.' He squeezed my tit.

'Nah, we're just gonna swim then I gotta be home by five.'

'C'mon, Tommy. Don't be a party fucker. Sammy can use the money and me too.'

Staying on Genie's good side made sense and I had the time. 'What's he pay?'

'Three each for a good party.'

'Depends on what he wants to do.'

'Shit, for three, damn near anything he wants.'

'I'm not getting fucked for three. That's five.'

'Five' You're crazy. Sammy takes it for two, don't you, Sam?'

Sammy nodded sheepishly.

'Well, I don't. I'll do him for three but that's all.' Not negotiating wasn't how things were supposed to be done. After all, I was a pro.

'I'll tell him and see what he says.'

'He gonna fuck you, Genie?' I goaded.

'Nobody fucks me, you know that. He's gonna fuck Markie, for two.'

'Who's Markie?'

Sammy answered. 'You know. That little kid I told you about. The eight year old kid that does everything.'

We swam back to the pier side. All the way there I was wishing I'd made some excuse not to go though, in the back of my mind, there was that probably inborn horniness and sexual curiosity. The man was gonna fuck an eight year old, one that apparently didn't mind it a bit, maybe even liked it as much as me.

Another teen, a skinny but cute little kid probably Markie, and a middle aged man with a pot belly and lust in his eyes were waiting. Genie introduced me to the man. His name was, as usual, John. I was relieved that his face was unfamiliar.

Genie explained that I had to be home by five then got close to the man and said something I couldn't hear. The man's eyes were on my crotch. I turned, supposedly to speak to Sammy, but really to show off my best part. It was as automatic as scratching an itch. I was a hustler to my bones.

John wobbled his head side to side the said, 'We better get going then.'

The other teen was a bit taller than us but, by his face and body, was probably younger by half a year or so. He seemed less than enthused about going. I tried to place his somewhat familiar face, imagining him a couple of years younger as he would have been when I was last in that neighborhood. On the way to the car, I asked him his name.

'Mike,' was all he answered.

'We know each other before?'


The coolness of his tone was enough for me to end the brief conversation there. I didn't feel any threat, just that he wasn't a talker, perhaps wasn't particularly happy to be part of our group.

When he walked in front of me, I saw that Markie had a decent pair of buns himself, made more apparent by his slim body. Still, it was hard to imagine him taking a cock the size of what Genie had to be carrying. Even mine should have been painful for him.

Our customer gabbed with a slight southern drawl all the way to his hotel, asking the questions all johns asked their boys: name, age, grade in school, sports interests, then, 'How many times you been fucked?'

That was a first. They usually edged into the subject a lot slower. 'A couple.'

John chuckled. 'Bet you could take me sideways.'

Markie, who was sitting in front between John and Genie, turned with a wonderfully warm, teethy smile. One of those teeth was chipped badly enough that I figured he'd probably sliced into a couple of the fatter cocks he'd allegedly sucked.

The john was staying at a nice motel just east of downtown. He had us wait in the parking lot while he went in from the front. The motel had a back door he let us in through. We went to his posh suite with a large living room and bedroom with a huge bed. The bathroom was as large as most motel rooms. The man had enough to pay us all five each.

'Let's get naked!' he said with his arms outstretched.

Markie only had on shoes, shorts and a tee shirt. He tugged and pushed them off quickly and paraded around showing his long skinny hard on, a perfect match for his body.

Sammy undressed along with me, article for article.

Genie had to urge Mike to get undressed. He still had on his underwear when the rest of us were lying naked all over the bed.

Genie was the next after Markie to get himself hard. He had grown. His cock was shaped like an oversized cigar.

John crawled over Sammy and me to the middle of the king size bed. Genie nudged Markie toward him. The tyke crawled quickly between his hairy legs and went down on the head of his semi-stiff cock, quickly inflating it with his hasty ministrations. The boy's head rolled side to side, around, up and down. I wondered if he was scratching the big glans with that chipped tooth.

Genie yanked on Mike's well filled underpants. It was obvious he had something large in there. I wondered why he was so shy about it until I saw the poor kid hadn't a single pubic hair. But, even soft, there was no doubt he had the longest dick in the room. John noticed.

'Somebody suck on that thing and get it hard,' he ordered.

Genie poked Sammy in the arm. My lover looked at me as though asking if I'd rather do the honors. Mike did have a very attractive peter. I shrugged my shoulders. Sammy didn't wait for more. He quickly rolled to Mike's crotch and took him in. Mike lay back and closed his eyes, no longer bored.

'C'mon, guys. Orgy!'

Genie motioned me to him. I was enjoying watching Sammy go slowly up and down on Mike's lovely long thing. Tall as he was, Mike had the body of a twelve year old, smooth, soft but with a dong and pair of balls sported by no pre-teen I'd ever met.

I sighed and went to Genie whose tough, tightly muscled, equally smooth body I had always liked. He had well over five inches, probably five and a half, a bit more than me but very round, almost perfectly so. It slid into my mouth, over my tongue, right to the back. It was as silky as I remembered. I ran my hands up his sides to his still hairless underarms. He stretched out and closed his arms over my hands, possibly due to ticklishness.

I took a breath and tried to see if I could get him past my epiglottis. There was a slight gagging but it went by. I forced myself to relax, raised my body a bit and lowered my lips to his soft brown pubic hairs. Genie placed his hands on my shoulders.

I raised my mouth to the tip of his now fully inflated boner then went all the way back down, the head going into the top of my throat. Johns had to pay well for this. Certainly no one I'd heard of among the boy hustlers could do the trick. I looked up to see if John was watching. He was. Little Markie was working on him hard as he'd been from the start but John's desires were shifting.

Sure enough, a few trips up and down Genie's smooth pole later, John tapped me on the shoulder and said, 'Do that to me.'

I doubted Genie wanted me to stop. His hands pressed slightly harder on my shoulders. I held my hand up indicating he should wait for a moment or two.

John said, 'Nobody's supposed to cum yet. C'mon over here.'

I gave Genie a lip and cheek squeeze and let his sweet cock go.

The john's dick was fatter, coarser. Try as I could, there was no way to get it past the protective dangler at the back of my mouth. I apologized and explained, 'Yours is just too fat.'

His expression showed dissatisfaction but resignation. I was off the hook. He went for next best. He pulled a tube of KY from under his pillow and patted me on the rump. 'You can take it there though, can't you?' It wasn't really a question.

With a solicitous look, I answered, 'That's five, sir.'

He rolled his head and nodded as he squirted a stream of ointment onto his cock.

Since he was lying on his butt, I assumed he wanted me to sit on it. He did. I did, right down to his scraggly pelvis.

'Whew! You been had more than a couple times, boy.'

I was busy watching Sammy making love to Mike's loins. His ass was in reach so I ran my fingers into the crack. He arched his back. I fondled his hole while John wiggled around inside mine.

'Go up and down some,' he ordered friendly as a Cub Scout.

I let go of Sammy and obeyed.

A pair of little legs along side John's caught my eye. Markie was sucking Genie.

I wondered how long it would be before the others wanted to do what John was doing to me. Mike's eyes were closed so he saw nothing to tempt him. Genie, though, was watching me go up and down John's slick shaft.

'Gimme your cream,' he said to our customer.

John handed it over.

Genie pushed Markie off his cock. The little boy knew what was coming and turned around up on his hands and knees. From the side, I could see his lips were pressed together.

Genie got behind him and aimed his cock. With a series of short nudges, he pushed it all the way inside Markie's ample but still small buns. The eight year old's head dropped down. The muscles in his back and arms tensed. It had to be hurting. Genie fucked slowly, making full in and out strokes. Markie took a breath each time Genie pushed inside him.

John pulled me back on top of him and fucked me from below. It was pleasant if not exciting. The angle of his cock pushed it tightly across my prostate with each stroke. However, he thrust hard and fast each time then withdrew slowly so I only had brief spikes of enjoyment.

I got a look at Markie's face. He was definitely not enjoying what was being done to him. It concerned me. Then, for a moment, I thought it also bothered John.

'Genie,' he said in a near whisper, 'go fuck one of them.' I assumed he meant Sammy or Mike though I wasn't sure Mike would allow it, especially since he was so obviously happy with his current situation.

Genie obediently pulled out of Markie. The little boy wiped his face against his arm as though he'd been crying.

'Kid,' said John, 'sit on Tommy's dick.'

Genie nodded with his head that Markie should hop to it.

There was no way I was going to allow that. I quickly sought an easier act. 'No, if he does, I'll cum. Let him suck me.'

Markie looked up at me with a hopeful expression

John stopped fucking. 'C'mon, Tommy, you can keep it in. Just relax. Go on, kid, grease him up and sit on him.'

I sat up. 'I don't want to do that. It hurts him.'

Genie interjected, 'Nah. Don't hurt him none. I'm bigger'n you and he took me okay.'

'No, he didn't, Genie. He was crying. I saw him.'

'No he wasn't. Tell him Markie.'

The eight year old and I stared at each other for a moment then he looked away. 'It's okay. I can do it,' he said softly.

Sitting upright with the john's cock up my innards, I said resolutely, 'I'm sorry, sir, but I'm not going to do that.'

Sammy let go of Mikes cock and turned toward us. Mike got up on his elbows, confused.

'Shit,' said Genie, 'C'mon Tommy. He's paying you what you said. C'mon, do it. Markie's done it plenty a times, men even, ain't you, Markie?'

Markie nodded sadly.

'I don't care. I'm not going to hurt a little kid. And it hurts him, Genie. You shouldn't either.'

'Damn, Tommy, you're gonna ruin everything. C'mon, just fuck him. He's getting' paid too.'

I shook my head.

'Mike said, 'Shit, I'll fuck him.'

'No,' I insisted. Nobody fucks Markie or I'm leaving.' I looked at Sammy.

Sammy said, 'Me, too. It hurts him, Genie. You know it does.'

John sighed loudly. 'Okay, okay. Somebody sit on Tommy's cock, anybody. But somebody else's gotta fuck to so I can watch.'

Mike looked at his dick. Genie said, 'Nobody fucks me.'

John asked, 'What about him, what's his name?'

'C'mon, Mike,' urged Genie. 'I'll give you a buck extra out of mine.'

Mike pursed his lips and shook his head. 'No way. I don't get fucked neither.'

'Christ, how much it gonna take for one a you two to take the other.'

Mike stared at me for a moment then said, 'Gimme ten and I let Genie do me, but just for five minutes.

I don't know if Mike realized it but he probably could have asked for twice that. John had been screwing me for better than five minutes and still wasn't close to cumming. He likely needed some visual stimulus to get off.

'Christ, kid, okay, but you keep doing it until I say, and this kid sits on Tommy's.' He pointed at Sammy. 'And the little kid sucks him. Let's go.'

Mike laid flat on his tummy. He really did have beautiful skin but I'd rather he fucked me than the other way around. I guessed he'd like the same.

Genie put some more KY on his dong and nudged Mike's pretty legs apart. I laid back and watched Sammy use the KY on me. He stood facing me, a smile on his sweet lips and at down. By then, he knew how I liked it so moved his ass around, swishing my cock all over inside his rectum.

Much as I enjoyed having a cock in me and mine inside Sammy, I was curious about how Mike would react to Genie's dick up his rear.

He was wincing a bit by the time I looked. Genie was pumping away slowly, his head draped over Mike's shoulder, his hands on the younger boy's silky hips. I was sure John was watching the same thing.

Markie squeezed between my and John's legs and went down on Sammy. Sammy let John's motion do all the work for him which was good because if he had moved much more, I'd have shot immediately.

The erotic view was having the same affect on me as it was on John. My balls were bursting. What saved me was John's hard thrusting which kept the prostatal stimulation to a minimum. But my cock was completely buried inside Sammy's hot canal and Sammy was starting to squeeze his anus, probably due to Markie's frantic ministrations.

Still, with all that was going on, the one who seemed the closest was Genie. His face was contorted as he slammed away into Mike's hairless ass. Genie's ass popped up then dropped down faster and faster. Mike didn't seem to be minding it at all. I wondered how close he was to squirting his cum all over the bed sheets.

But, it was Sammy who came first. Markie's skill at fellatio and my dick massaging his insides was too much for him. Sammy ass muscles yanked repeatedly on my cock as he filled Markie's mouth with his elixir. I lost sight of Mike and Genie, of everything. One of John's harder thrusts seemed to hit a switch. Lights went off inside my cranium. I shot wave after wave of sperm up inside my lover's body.

I hardly noticed John get off inside me.

Mike had survived the anal massage and needed Markie to do for him what he'd done for Sammy. The boy swallowed it all.

All the gobs of sperm that had been ejected remained inside someone's body. There wasn't even a drop of KY on the sheets. No evidence an orgy had taken place.

John gave us all our earnings and coins for the bus. He claimed to be too exhausted to drive.

Mike was sullen on the bus. I guessed he was upset at having enjoyed Genie up his butt. He'd probably do it again with a customer, but only when it was just the two of them.

I got off downtown, ostensibly to take a streetcar home. Instead, I walked a roundabout route that took me south of the park. The relaxed mood the sex and my win regarding Markie had put me in dissolved into doubt about my future. I sought a crack in what the lawyer had told me, looking for even the slightest ray of hope. What seemed sure was that staying in my home town was not going to work out. Given time, that detective would find me unless I found an entirely new place to stay where absolutely no one knew me. It occurred to me that our customer from Virginia had probably been around to other areas, other cities and knew where one could hustle. Hustling was the only realistic means of feeding myself. I could meet new boys, make new friendships in a new city. Possibly François or one of his contacts could get me started somewhere new. I would need someone to show me the ropes, where to hustle, where not to hustle, what to charge, who to watch out for.

I kicked a small bag of garbage, splitting it open, spilling its contents all over the sidewalk. My ideas were garbage too. None of them would work. Who was going to take me in? Who was going to show me those ropes? I'd be a novice in a business that ate up newbies. I'd almost certainly get busted. I needed to stop kidding myself. I had to deal with my father some way, somehow. But, I didn't really want to be destroyed along with him.

I ate at a White Tower and tried to read a newspaper someone had left on the window counter. Before I could finish a paragraph, the self debating got going again. I'd made five dollars having fun. I'd controlled the situation, forced it to go in what I considered a good direction. Everyone left happy, well, perhaps. I wondered how Genie was going to handle Markie, his free screwboy, after I'd made him aware that enduring pain wasn't necessary. Genie was probably very pissed at me about that.

I needed to talk to Freddy. Let him discuss my ideas, help me discard the impossible, find a solution, even an unhappy one, as long as it allowed me to stay near him, have him as part of my life.

As soon as it was fairly dark, I walked up the street alongside the park, across the bridge over the train tracks and two blocks down to Sammy's. He was waiting inside the store and rushed to let me in.

After a few kisses, he whispered, 'My aunt's upstairs in the kitchen listening to the radio. We gotta be quiet so she doesn't know you're here.'

He brought enough hot dogs and beans to the room for the two of us. His aunt was, as usual, listening to her radio in the kitchen.

I asked Sammy how he thought Genie would react to possibly losing access to Markie's cute buns.

'Forget that. He's probably fucking him right now. Markie adores Genie. He'll do anything he says. But I'm glad you stood up for him. I don't know. Maybe he'll say no.'

As we had a couple of times before, we fell asleep discussing residential alternatives we both knew were impossible.

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