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This Blond Boy

by N Fourbois

Sister was my age.
This 'blond boy' made my loins rage.
He tasted better!

by mutnvill

I suppose Lucy and I had been going out for three weeks or so, maybe a month. We met at a Young Farmers' Club barn dance. I didn't come from a farming family, but the YFC was the only form of social life in our village and all young people were welcome. Lucy's father owned one of the larger farms in the next village and even in these days of impoverished farmers he was reputed to be rich as he had been wise enough to diversify his business during the good times, and now, although he lived in the farmhouse with his family, he left the day to day running of the farm to a manager while he pursued his other interests.

It was not a question of 'meet the family'. We already knew each other. In a small community like ours everybody knew everybody else, even though they might live in the next village, and so it was just a question of 'Come and spend Sunday with us. Drop by at eleven and stay as long as you like.' It was no big deal really, no hidden agenda. Lucy and I just went out with each other. We weren't even in love, 'just good friends' as the saying goes. I won't say we didn't have fun together. It was that time in life of gradual sexual discovery, but we still had a lot to discover.

My parents dropped me at Lucy's house at eleven o'clock, arranging to pick me up at seven. Mrs Lockett answered the door, closely pursued by her daughter, and they invited me in. We sat round the kitchen table having a drink and biscuits.
"Not too many, Lucy. You'll spoil your lunch." It was a subtle way of addressing the remark to me. Lucy had only had one biscuit to my four. I dunked, she didn't. "Bruce and Nathan will be home in a minute," said Mrs Lockett referring to her husband and son. "They're just doing the rounds on the farm with our manager." In a minute was to prove more literal than metaphorical for the kitchen door opened and a man and a boy stepped inside after removing their wellies.

"Hallo, Mr Lockett," I said.
"Hi, Barnie..." Before he could say any more, Lucy was up out of her seat and said
"Barnie, you haven't met Jonathan, my baby brother yet."
"Baby brother, huh!" came the reply. "Firstly I am called Nathan or Natt and I'm only fifteen minutes younger than you. Dirt before the broom."
"Pearls before swine," retorted Lucy in a well rehearsed routine.
"Children!" intervened Mrs Lockett. "We have a guest."
"That's not a guest, mother. That's Barnie." But I was not listening to this family banter. I had been transported to another world by the mellifluous tones of this recently broken voice.
"Hi Barnie," said Nathan, or Natt as I was to come to call him. "Barnie?" I came to as a right hand was reached out towards me. I automatically took the hand and as I shook it, a jolt of virtual electricity passed between Natt and me, sufficient to return me to consciousness.
"H... hi Natt," I stuttered in my best impersonation of a village idiot, "er... pleased to meet you." I was far more than pleased to meet him as the scales fell from my eyes and I discovered I was holding the hand... perhaps a little too long for an introductory handshake... of beauty incarnate.

Natt was about my height with curly sandy-coloured hair over a fresh ruddy complexion into which were set his sparkling bright blue eyes. 'Broad at the shoulder and narrow at the hip', to quote from the song Big John, his physique showed through his tee shirt and shrunk-to-fit 501s. My eyes finally settled on his packet. 'Was that for real or was he as pleased to meet me as I was to meet him?' for at the same time as I was wondering what was going on, I could feel a tightening in my groin. 'What's happening to me?' I pondered. 'I'm straight. I've never looked at a guy before, but now...'

"Barnie," said Lucy, reminding me that I was in a farmhouse kitchen with all of the Lockett family, "I've got to help Mum with the lunch. Natt's going to show you round the farm and then this afternoon we can go out for a walk."
"Fine," I answered. 'Was this really happening to me?' I thought.
"Here are some wellies," said Mrs Lockett. "I think they'll fit and you'll need them. It's still rather muddy, even for May."

We left the rest of the family with a promise to be back in time for lunch at half past one. Natt took me on a tour of the hen houses. The chickens were outside feeding in the back garden and in the middle was a huge muscovy duck with her newly hatched brood. We chatted away.
"I've never seen you at Young Farmers', Natt."
"No. I go to boarding school and I don't know many people round here. This is an exeat weekend. That's why I'm home. Dad'll drive me back this evening. I've got to be there by nine." The electricity was still flowing and it was definitely AC flowing both ways, though looking back it was probably more DC. I'm muddling my metaphors. As we walked and talked our hands would accidentally meet, but neither of us drew them away. I could swear we held hands for five seconds or so, but I was in too much of a daze to be sure. One thing I was conscious off, even in the fresh May air, was the sweet smell of his body and breath. In fact all the time we were out on the farm I was half hard, enjoying the way my enlarged cock was rubbing against the inside of my trousers. I looked at Natt in profile. His facial features were noble, his waistline slim, his buttocks neat and that tantalising bulge in his jeans I longed to touch to discover whether it was soft or hard.

The time flashed past. I can't remember any details about the herd of Friesians or how the milking parlour functioned. My next moment of consciousness was when Natt said
"Barnie, it's half past twelve. We've still got an hour before lunch. There's still one thing I must show you," and he took me by the hand and led me into the barn. He pointed up into the rafters. I could hear some squeaking. "If you look carefully, you'll see our barn owls' nest." He still had hold of my hand. I peered and as my eyes adjusted, saw up in the gloom the nest with some movement. We both fell silent. He took my other hand I neither could, nor wanted to take it away. We looked into one another's eyes, automatically put our arm's round the other's body and kissed. I had the answer to my question. "Let's climb up into the hayloft," said Natt, "just on case..." We scaled a ladder and lay down in the hay and when he slowly pulled down the zip of my trousers I could resist no more.

I must have dozed off for a few minutes for when I woke Natt was looking at his watch, saying that we'd better get back for lunch. We put our shirts back on and our trousers and tried to brush the bits of hay and straw off our clothes. We had a final kiss, adjusted our trousers and left the barn. It occurred to me that I had gone farther with Natt in three-quarters of an hour than I had with Lucy in a month. Physically I felt on top of the world, but I was starting to get a twinge of conscience.

Sunday lunch was a lively and merry affair. I was strategically placed next to Lucy, unstrategically opposite Natt. However, with the continual chatter and banter I had little opportunity to think about my love life. When lunch was over Lucy took me on the promised walk. We wandered through a small wood and up a hillock where we sat down and looked back at the view of the farm. We'd held hands all the time, but while Lucy was in an obviously passionate mood, I could not shared that passion. Sitting on that hillock we should have been kissing rather than enjoying the view.
"How did you get on with Nathan this morning, Barnie?"
"Great," I answered rather too enthusiastically.
"You know he's gay, don't you?"
"Oh, really?" I replied trying to emphasise a tone of indifference. "I'm cool with that." We talked, we held hands, we had our arms round each other, but no more than that. I was relieved when Lucy said that it was time to get back for tea.

With tea over Mr Lockett said
"Nathan, it's time we got you back to school."
"Can I go and show Barnie the barn owls first?" 'But I've already seen them,' I was about to say,' but bit my lip in time.
"Don't be long or you'll be in trouble at school and I'm not making excuses for you."
"We won't," and with that we were out of the door. Once the barn door was closed behind us, we kissed, but that was all. "I'll give my mobile number," said Natt and we'll meet again at half term.
"But what about Lucy?"
"Let me deal with her. You'll probably get the 'Dear John', but I'll make sure you'll remain friends. Otherwise it'll be difficult for us to meet. She adores her baby brother really and won't want to do anything to hurt him."
"That's a bit manipulative, isn't it?"
"Maybe, but it may save her from being hurt as well." The new lovers kissed again and returned to the house. Just as Natt and Mr Lockett were about to leave, Barnie's parents turned up, delaying their departure. When Barnie had said all his thank yous, he took Lucy by the hand and kissed her on the cheek.

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