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His smile conquers me

by N Fourbois

His smile conquers me;
I cannot resist his charm.
Lead me: I follow.

by Steve

After a fortnight I was beginning to feel relaxed, socially at least. I had to fit into lessons, but as they were mainly revision for the school exams they enabled me to fill in gaps in my knowledge from following a different syllabus. It didn't surprise me that I didn't walk straight into the cricket team. As a newcomer I didn't expect to. However, I did take an interest and went down to the playing fields to watch my own age group. Besides the game I was developing a weakness for boys in white kit, both longs and shorts, and where there was cricket there were cricket boxes. Between one of the overs I was looking around when my eyes caught him. I had seen him around, but never spoken, never had the opportunity, but he was hot. Jet black hair, straight, cut, no styled short. I couldn't see the colour of his eyes. He was wearing a blue singlet and white shorts, trainers no socks. His companion was obviously a team member and had got up to go and pad up. Our eyes met, he smiled, I smiled back and he took this as an invitation and came across. It was then I noticed his shorts – translucent cotton and I was convinced he was freeballing. I suddenly had to shut my mouth and then started coughing as I had caught a fly. My coughing fit was ended by the time he reached me and my gaze continued to swap from shorts to eyes. Bright blue eyes and black hair, my dick was beginning to react to that.
"Hi!" he said with a smile. "You're that new boy in Grainger's House, aren't you?" He sat down beside me on the grass bank. We were seated on the far side of the field away from the supporting parents and the team. My eyes popped out of my head. He was freeballing and it didn't seem to faze him one bit that he was displaying the goods or that I was window-shopping.
"My name's Philip."
"Mines Jocelyn." We shook hands.
"Phil the Thrill they call me." Adrian had mentioned that name, but it hadn't meant anything to me. "You room with Adrian, don't you?"
"That's right."
"He's told me about you."
"Nothing nice, I hope."
"Lots of nice things."
"Such as?"
"I don't want you getting bigheaded. How are you finding the school?"
"It's good. People seem to have accepted me. It can be awkward when you're the only new one, but I've been made to feel welcome."
"It's a good place like that." The cricket match had stopped for tea. "Are you going to join the Corps next term, Jocelyn?"
"I don't know. I haven't thought about it."
"I'm in it. It's good fun. Let me show you round the Corps hut." We got up and he led down to the other end of the fields where a large wooden hut stood.
"Why do they call you Phil the Thrill?" I enquired half knowingly, yet half naïvely because I just couldn't believe it.
"Because I'm the school tart. Doesn't Adrian tell you anything?" he answered unconsciously adjusting his loose balls in those white shorts.
"I suppose if you were Chinese you'd be called Wun Hung Lo?" countered Jocelyn to make a point.
"Two. There's nothing wrong with me." Meanwhile they had reached the hut. Phil took a key which was hung on a string round his neck and unlocked the door.
"Why have you got a key?"
"Don't ask. It was in return for a little favour I did. It helps me run my business."
"Don't you ever listen, Jocelyn? They don't call me Phil the Thrill for nothing. In fact it can cost them rather dear. Ten pounds and they can do what they like. Well, nearly what they like. I don't do kinky and this is where it all happens," as he unlocked a door marked 'Store'. "Everything I need – service issue bedrolls, sleeping bags, wall heaters for winter and if I put down the catch on the lock, no one can get in, even with a key. On a good weekend I can make sixty pounds and have a good time while I'm at it."
"And you find people willing to pay a tenner?"
"It's a big school. They have to make an appointment. Ten pounds is top of the range. I've got overheads, but I work on a sliding scale." Jocelyn was impressed with this salesman. "As a new potential customer I am prepared to offer you a free sample." Jocelyn was half hard from just listening to him. As Phil invited him to pull down his shorts, the deal was clinched.

An hour later they emerged from the Corps hut. The school side was fielding. Jocelyn and Phil sat back down on the grassy bank until they had to go to the dining hall for supper. After supper Phil said
"Sorry, Jocelyn, got to go. I've an appointment in half an hour and I want to shower and change first." Jocelyn went back to the house and up to his room. There he met Adrian dressed in his best Saturday night going out wear.
"Hi, Adrian."
"Hi, Jocelyn. Where are you off to?"
"I've got a date."
"Got your ten pounds ready?"
At first Adrian looked puzzled, then "Oooh! You've met Phil the Thrill. I knew you were on his list. No, I can't afford him. Cinema with a guy in Year 10. No names, no pack drill." He winked and Jocelyn said
"Have a good time."

That night before going to sleep the two roommates exchanged notes on their day.
"You know, I already do really feel part of this school. Good night, Adrian," and Jocelyn fell into an instant sleep. Despite enjoying his free sample he never did purchase any of Phil the Thrill's services. They remained, as the saying goes, just good friends. He slowly built up his own limited clientele – strictly amateur.

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