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Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 6

Copyright© 2018 – Nicholas Hall

A Time to Plan

"It is a bad plan that admits no modifications"

(Publilius Syrus)

The three male teen wolves lay, belly down, alert, heads facing forward, eyes peering, ears flicking about seeking sounds, noses testing the air, supine, comfortable, concealed under the snow-laden branches of a tight cluster of pines in the dense forest, set back from the clearing sufficiently to thwart discovery yet close enough to be cognizant of all activity without, and some within, the small cabin in the clearing before them. The hour was late, the night dark, and the forest generally still.

Dana and Norm's directions to the cabin were excellent, as well as the map they drew of the area, as best they could, given the circumstance the first, and last, time they were there. Running parallel to the cabin, after hearing the gunshot they later determined wounded Deputy Jerry Haven, their quick glances in the direction of the cabin where the gunshot came from, was sufficient to give them an excellent view and hence the detailed description. Once they discovered the bloody trail of a wounded wolf and began following it, they were more concerned whether or not someone, a human, might be in pursuit, adding additional caution to their journey.

Jessie discussed his idea to reconnoiter the cabin with Jase and Tyler hoping to discover where and how it could be accessed, where the strong defensive positions for the cabin, and for those who wished to attack it, would be as well as the weaknesses, and the mettle of those who might be defending it. There was no doubt in their minds concerning the moral or ethical characteristics of those within or their masters. They did wonder if they were continually on the alert for intruders, if they had the will to sustain a fight if it really became more than just threatening their freedom, and would there be sufficient information in the cabin to lead to more conspiratorial thugs.

A light breeze, drifting softly into their faces, ruffling almost daintily their fur, carrying scents from the cabin of man, spent cigarettes, cooking, the sweet pungent smell of marijuana, and other yet unidentified odors. The darkness this overcast night would leave humans almost blind to their surroundings, although the snow on the ground did reflect some light from the night sky but not of sufficient quality to allow a human to identify or discern much, but provided no hindrance to forest creatures such as the wolves who ran and hunted in the night as well as day.

The sounds of sleeping men emanated from the cabin. Jessie assumed there were two inside and the one outside standing guard, located by the faint glow of a cigarette, near the corner of the cabin. The most they'd observed in the other two nights were a total of three. The guard, rifle cradled over one arm, hung ready, if needed to either sound the alarm or dispatch any intruders.

If previous nights were any indication of a pattern, the guard would finish his cigarette, seat himself in a chair on the small porch, lean back, back up against the cabin wall, and doze off. The glowing cigarette butt flipped off into darkness only to emit a slight sizzling sound as the snow extinguished the ember, the man took his seat, leaned back, back up against the wall, rifle across his lap, and nodded off.

The three teens had yet to observe the cabin during the day, but intended having someone the next weekend lay and wait, observing if the guard was left alone, as Jerry Haven indicated, while the other two made a trip and returned on Sunday. Jase wondered if and when the guard was alone, if he'd stand guard all of the time or sleep some of the time.

Answers to these questions and more would help in developing a plan to neuter the gang operating from here.

Evan and Eric visited, discussed, tossed out ideas, wracked their brains and experience over coffee, over lunch, at dinner, and after retiring for the night trying to discern the best way to gather information needed on the inhabitants of the cabin Jerry had under surveillance the night he was shot. They decided it wouldn't be the wisest maneuver in the book to just walk up to the cabin and ask, although Evan thought as a realtor he could without any fear of recrimination or suspicion. Eric thought, given what Jerry relayed to them, Evan could just as easily be shot and Eric would be without his spouse; not something he particularly wanted to envision or suffer through.

Evan's realtor business did provide him with a wealth of information concerning the real estate in the area. Of course, most of it was available at the county courthouse, but the advancement of technology made it available to those who'd seek it and store in on their computers, extended hard drives, or other devices. One could also troop down to the courthouse and dig through the land records, but that took time and effort; or one could just dig through his own files and see what could be seen. To Evan, the simpler process was to contact someone he knew, and would ask little questions, who had a more than a casual working knowledge of computers and the internet. Campbell and Associates would be, and was, just the right group to contact and provide a great deal more information without hacking or violating the law, perhaps some subterfuge, but not actually break the law.

Their confidential visit with Art Campbell produced a plethora of aerial photographs, property description, registered survey, titles, owners present and past, liens or encumbrances against the property, elevations, mineral information, forest type and available saw logs and pulp cords if harvested, and soil types to name just a little. The piece of property was well inventoried.

There was one major surprise in their search and it dealt with a possible encumbrance or twist with the property, perking up Evan's interest as he read through the paper work one evening.

"This property is owned by the Federal Government, specifically the Forest Service, and apparently has some sort of lease agreement made at the time the government was purchasing property for the National Forest. Doesn't give the name of the lessee or how long it was or left to run on the agreement. What do you think is happening here, Eric?"

"We could file a Freedom of Information Act request for a copy of the lease and current lessee but that'd take forever," sighed Eric in response. "But, now you mention it, I remember when I first came up here and became George Sutton's attorney those many years ago, he mentioned something about when the Superior National Forest was established, the government granted leases to some of the property owners and also began buying up private parcels from people willing to sell and I guess from those unwilling to sell as well. Perhaps it mattered who you were or who you know."

Eric yawned; "Tell you what, in the morning, we'll go to the office and dig through my files. I think I made some notes tucked away somewhere. Speaking of tucking away, Evan, I'm tired and going to bed. Going to join with me?" and smiled coyly.

Tension built in Jessie's lower abdomen, his breathing became more labored, heart rate fluttered, then increased rapidly, lips pressed tightly together, and he began to shiver his release; a release promulgated by the rhythmic bobbing up and down on his rampant member and by the fervid, constant stroking back and forth within his inner rear channel, making contact with that most sensitive, walnut-sized gland eliciting almost electrifying jolts of erotic stimulation to those low hanging orbs in his crotch, up the length of his erect penis, bringing about his profuse discharge.

Jessie felt Tyler's cockhead and shaft swell within his rectum as Tyler added his substantial contribution of semen to the already overflowing receptacle to mix with his brother's deposited there earlier. Jase, paying homage on his knees at the font of worship sticking up majestically like the arm on the Statue of Liberty, smiled tight-lipped, and swallowed, ingesting each and every drop of the ambrosia, viscous, white seminal discharge from Jessie.

All three settled, entwined in post-coital bliss, relaxing, quiet, accepting each other's physical, soft, gentle gestures of affection, for the three of them truly loved one another, mated for life.

"We didn't learn much this week, did we?" murmured Jessie as he snuggled comfortably into the warmth created by the bodies of his two lovers, one on either side of him with arms and legs covering him.

"Not a whole lot," acknowledged Tyler. "We did learn more kids at school enjoy pot then we thought at first, if our noses are correct."

"I noticed some of the adults at The Birchwood, when we waited tables tonight, had a bit of the same smoky tinge lingering on their clothes as well," added Jase.

The Averill Creek Pack was alert all week trying to pick up information or clues, by sight, smell, and hearing, relating to the drug problem in the area and in school. Other than just general conversation by students and a couple of teachers in classroom discussions, very little else was said or noticed. Evidently, Jessie surmised, Pack members were either not in the right places at the right times, or most of the discussion was occurring outside the school and the school day.

"Having the Resource Officer and periodic drug dog searches in the parking lot seems to have driven it to the woods and streets."

Jessie felt Tyler give a little wiggle indicating he was suppressing a laugh.


"Remember the first time the dog hit on your pickup truck and damn near turned himself inside out when he smelled wolf on it?"

"Had a hell of time explaining that one," laughed Jessie. "I even let them toss the pickup truck and they found zip. I bet they really puzzled on that one. I finally told them there were a couple of wolves prowling around the cabin one night when I was out there. Didn't tell them it was the two of you, however."

"Or," giggled Jase, "the time they happened on Patrick in the hallway and Patrick gave a real low, almost inaudible growl, and the freaking dog dropped down, rolled over on its back, and bared it throat in a sign of submission. The cops were pissed at Pat but didn't know why the dog acted like that. Patrick finally apologized and explained he'd been on a field trip to the International Wolf Center and the dog probably mistook him for a wolf. That was the only thing that saved his ass and us too."

"That drug-sniffing canine seems to avoid all of us after that incident," mused Jessie.

"How does Jerry stop his scent from making the dog do the same thing?" pondered Tyler.

"Don't know, but I'll be we find out someday," Jase figured. "I do know one thing I discovered."


"There's a whole lot of fucking going on amongst some of our schoolmates, if my nose is right and I'm sure it is," snickered Jase.

"According to Robbie and Patrick," he continued, "there seems to be some pretty active schoolmates of ours when it comes to sexual intercourse, boys with girls, boys with boys, and some with both. Robbie was the first to notice the gay ones, but he always was quick to pick up on the smell of cock and cock rubbing and touching."

"Speaking of Patrick," Jessie interrupted. "We know he and Michele have been getting it on for some time. His balls have dropped and he's spurting a pretty hefty load. How does he keep from getting her pregnant?"

"Our folks and his agree the two of them are mates, but they want them to delay actual mating for life until they get close to the end of high school. In the meantime, they don't encourage or discourage sexual relations. I don't know how they do it, but the females in our pack are able to delay or prevent getting pregnant until they are officially mated. They can get absolutely flooded with torrent of little, wiggly baby-makers and still not get pregnant."

"The adults think sexual relations between the younger ones, before they are mated, not only prepares them for life, acknowledges the sexual energy of the young, but also relieves tensions, stress, and boredom. Some packs have an Omega in the pack. An Omega offers himself to all the males just to relieve their stress and anger," added Tyler.

Jessie pondered their answers for a moment and changed the subject.

"I wonder what Rick and Rob are finding out?"

Jase and Tyler assigned Rick and Rob the first weekend to observe the cabin in the woods. Jessie, Tyler, and Jase had to work weekends at the Birch and thought their absence would be missed and bring some sort of suspicion. Some of the regular guests, even in the winter, looked forward to their favorite table waiters serving them and seeing to their dining needs. The crowds were smaller during the winter and the tips not as good, but it was steady. It all changed during the summer season starting with the fishing opener in the spring. Wait and other staff almost tripled with the addition of more waiters, bus boys, and kitchen staff. Tips usually quadrupled at the same time. Hence Rick and Rob would rotate days and nights with Mike and Chad on the weekends. Patrick would continue to man Jessie's cabin, supplying the crew with meals and a warm place to bed down.

Blanketed with freshly fallen snow, covering all previous tracks and intrusions or aberrations pocked throughout the land in the already existing snowy environs, the white layer provided an insulating comforter for the two wolves, concealed and nestled under the heavy, overhanging branches of one of the many pine trees, laying, peering, watching the small cabin in the clearing for evidence of any movement on the part of the humans inhabiting it. Their view was unobstructed, yet their presence would be difficult to ascertain, so great was their concealment.

Mike sighed and Chad snuggled his own furry body against his mate's, not so much for additional warmth or protection but more for comfort, companionship, and the touch of his mate's body with his own. Their shift for watching began after school when darkness descended on the forest and their stalking, silent walk to their vantage point would go unnoticed. Their shift would continue until just prior to dawn on Saturday when Rick and Robbie would take over for the day. This rotation would continue throughout the weekend, ending on Monday morning early enough for Mike and Chad to make it to school.

Mike, as Beta of the Averill Creek Pack, could have pulled rank or dominance over Rick and Robbie and chose the day shift, but in all fairness, he didn't. Members of the Averill Creek Pack rarely asserted dominance over the more submissive members, instead allowing each and every Pack member equal say in issues. The only exception to any of this was when Jase and Tyler spoke authoritatively as the Pack Alphas, then all obeyed, even Jessie. As a result, Mike suggested the four of them draw straws. The pair drawing the short straw would do the night shift. Robbie suggested instead, having a pissing contest. The pair which could piss the farthest got the day shift.

Mike and Chad lost; Robbie had a muscle-powered, mighty full bladder and cock, using it to set, what Mike thought, was a world record.

The night passed slowly, with little activity at the cabin, except for periodic trips by the three men to piss off of the porch, yellowing the snow in streaks of urine, adding to the defilement of the area. No overnight guests were present for cards, visiting, or just plain fucking and the lights went out about eleven o'clock. Shortly thereafter, one man, armed with a rifle, stepped outside, lighted a cigarette, and took up guard duty.

Dressed warmly, he ensconced himself in a chair near the door, rifle cradled across his lap, a heavy blanket or quilt draped across his shoulders, hanging loosely over the upper body, and began a slow, visual and hearing, inspection and reconnoitering of the surrounding woods, seeking signs of any intruders or anything suspicious. During his shift, ending around two-thirty in the morning, Mike and Chad didn't detect any sign he'd fallen asleep or dozed off, so vigilant was he in his duty.

The next man, assumed the same position on the chair, was not quite as astute or dedicated. He dozed off, would wake, doze off again until around four in the morning his head nodded, chin lapsed to his chest, slept soundly. He remained asleep for half to three-quarters of an hour, woke, stood up, wobbled around, lighted a cigarette, and at six o'clock went back inside the cabin. It was still dark outside since sunrise was still an hour or so away, but a faint glow was beginning to form over the forest tops to the east.

Rick and Robbie arrived in the pre-dawn relieving Mike and Chad who made haste to Jessie's cabin for a hot meal and some rest. Shortly after noon on Saturday, Rick and Robbie observed two of the men leave in the SUV, reinforcing the discovery made by Jerry Haven concerning the weekend activity at the cabin. The third man stood guard, somewhat, outside the building during the daylight hours, interrupting his duties only to take a piss and once, after emptying his bladder, decided to pleasure himself, shooting his cock load out onto the snow to mix with other sort of white materials.

Robbie sort of snickered. "That guy has a cock about half the size of mine and not even a third the size of yours, Rick."

Rick just rolled his lips back in a wolfish smile1

Mike and Chad, back on the night shift, noticed the man supposedly guarding the cabin came outside during the night just a couple of times to piss and smoke a cigarette. However, at dawn on Sunday, he became more active in his duties, sitting all bundled up outside the cabin door. The only activity he exhibited was when his right hand would jiggle up and down under the blanket and he'd stand to shoot his wad onto the snow. He completed his pleasures twice while waiting for his companions to return. They arrived shortly before noon, unloaded several boxes and bags while the guard continued to scan the lane and the surrounding forest to see if they'd been followed.

The following weekend, Rick and Robbie changed shifts with Mike and Chad. It gave them the opportunity to give a fresh perspective on the behaviors of the three men in the cabin. Different eyes, ears, and noses at different times would reveal any changes in patterns of activities. The only difference, according to Robbie's version, the guard jacked off four times during his shift on Friday night and three times on Saturday night.

"Horny fucker's in love with his own hand," Robbie mused. "I'll bet he's gay and his buddies don't know it."

The two men left in the van shortly after lunch on Saturday and returned just before lunch on Sunday.

Relaying all of this information to Jase, Tyler, and Jessie, the group reached the conclusion the times for the law to raid the place would either be a Sunday evening or early Monday morning when all of the men and the incriminating merchandise were in the cabin.

"But, according to Uncle Eric," Jessie commented thoughtfully, "Jerry Haven needs to have a reason to get a search warrant and raid the place. He can't really approach the district attorney or a judge with information gathered while he lay on his belly in the snow covered with fur or from the observations of a pack of teen werewolves, can he?"

"Speaking of horny," chuckled Rick maneuvering himself behind Robbie and slipping Robbie's jeans and underwear down around his ankles while unloosing his own fat, outstretched, stiff cock from his own jeans. With one slow push, furrowed it balls deep in the willing hole presented to him and began to pump, singing, "I'm back in the saddle again;" an old western favorite of Eric's and Evan's.

Eric and Evan, once obtaining the pertinent documents for their search of the cabin property, poured over them, comparing what they read to the notes Eric took when representing George Sutton concerning the purchase of the various tracts of land by the Federal Government when the National Forest and Park was established. According to George, there were some property owners who really didn't want to sell, but figured rather than just face eminent domains closures, negotiated leases allowing them to occupy the land for a specific limited time after which it reverted to the Government.

"As best as I can determine," Eric concluded thoughtfully, laying down a document, "all of the leases on these few properties were scheduled to expire several years ago. This particular piece of property's lease was among them."

"Humph," growled Evan, "so the people in the cabin are squatters! How the hell does that happen?"

Eric shrugged; "Lost in the bureaucracy; someone, somewhere, at some point in time missed filing something, retired, moved on, or died and the information concerning this piece of property wasn't passed on. This often happens with a bank foreclosure and people end up living in a foreclosed house for several years before being found out. Someone else, recently I should think, smarter than the rest of us, discovered the glitch and is taking advantage of it. The current occupants will do the same; fold up shop and head out to set up someplace else unless we put a stop to it. This group is trouble, to say the least."

"Still nothing for a warrant unless it's an eviction notice and little good that would do. Let's talk to the boys and see what they've come up with."

Wednesday, after dinner, Eric and Evan met Jessie, Jase, Tyler, and the rest of the Averill Creek Pack at Jessie's cabin. Even after a detailed sharing of information, Eric still didn't believe there was enough for Jerry to seek a search warrant.

"What we need," Jessie proposed, "is someone to get inside or close enough to either see or smell marijuana or something."

"If they're cooking meth," Patrick conjectured, "maybe the odors from it could be detected."

Eric explained "cooking" meant a chemical reaction and not necessarily anything on a stove. "More than likely any drugs they bring in are already for market and probably only require packaging. Most of it is probably transported here in bulk containers or bags."

Evan was quiet throughout most of the discussion, but picked up on Patrick's suggestion.

"Why not a couple of you get lost while cross country skiing; stop at the cabin for direction and make some observations and report that?"

"How about a couple of us go cross country skiing, get lost, and then invited in for a little fun?" piped up Robbie. "I got a feeling the guard likes guys, probably real young guys at that and wouldn't turn down a romp or a touchy-feely circle jerk with a couple of twinks."

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