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Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 8

Copyright© 2018 – Nicholas Hall

Fire in the Hole

"A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan next week."

(George S. Patton)

The seductively smiling, handsome trio of young teen males removed their skis, stood them upright in the deep snow near the porch, arranged their poles appropriately, and stepped up onto the cabin porch, aware the subject of their devious and revealing expedition, eyes aglow with lust, focused and fixated on their crotches. In order to distract him further, Jessie, on the pretense of adjusting himself, pulled his soft penis from his pants, allowing the uncut beauty to flop back and forth as he walked, causing John's eyes to shift from his fellows to him, allowing Rick to take a couple of pictures with his cell phone, making certain Jessie was completely out of the frame.

As the three boys stepped into the cabin, slowly brushing across John's body as they did, he struggled with speech, so gob-smacked was he with the banquet he imagined would lay before him in a short while.

"What's in the backpack?"

"Oh," murmured Jessie coyly, "just a few little things to make our little fuck-fest more enjoyable for all of us," reaching down giving John's hard shaft a couple of squeezes and sliding his hand up and down it several times, just for good measure. "Let's go inside, get comfortable, and we'll see what little surprises we have in store for each other, okay? First we have to get naked don't we?"

Jessie and Rick began disrobing, slowly exposing their bodies to a wide-eyed, drooling, from mouth and cock, very excited host, while Robbie quickly snapped a few more pictures of the interior of the cabin, including the materials on the kitchen table, seemingly there for their hallucinogenic pleasures while they fucked each other.

Jessie didn't doubt, from the first interaction he had with John, his plan of using the power of suggestion, settling John in a dream-like trance similar to hypnosis, but not, for the afternoon and the aftermath would be successful. His subject, John, was particularly vulnerable to the powers of sub-conscious suggestion, willing to believe to the point his eyes would see what wasn't there and his body feel what was, in reality, not happening to it; doing whatever, either physically or mentally, Jessie planted in his mind. He'd be able to visualize situations or scenarios Jessie described for him and physically react to those described stimuli as well. Jessie was getting well and deep into John's mind, his id, his very vulnerable self.

John focused on Jessie's wobbling cock like a cobra to the snake charmer, the mouse to the snake, a willing subject to the hypnotist's swinging watch, or the soft spoken rhythmic words flowing from Jessie's mouth, lulling him to a level of contentment and satisfaction, spurring him to believe great things were going to happen, and all of them centered around his cock or asshole.

"There," Jessie said, winking, "isn't it just like Christmas, presents all unwrapped and ready to play with?" and continued to swing his cock back and forth, back and forth until Rick's and his cock began to swell and lengthen, bouncing with each pump of blood up the shaft. "But all of have to be naked don't we, you naughty boy," he said seductively, tweaking John under the chin, cinching John's hard cock in his hand, while Robbie, now stripped as well, and Rick began disrobing John, gently fondling his body and balls while they did so, sending shivers of delight up and down John's body, flooding his susceptible mind with erotic imaginings while Jessie's soothing convincing voice continued to flood his mind, lulling him into his power.

John reached forward, slowly, tentatively, intending to touch, even cop a feel of the large stiff cock-stand Jessie had extending out from his crotch, wondering if it was allowed.

"Go ahead, it's yours to play with." Jessie advised, pushing his hips forward in invitation.

"Fuckin' hell," John groaned hoarsely as his hand reached down and tried closing around the girth of the fat horn being presented for his pleasure. "That's a mighty fine cock!"

"Look around John, tell me you like what you see," Jessie said softly, slowly fondling John's todger in the process.

John's eyes scanned the bare bodies of Rick and Robbie, zeroed in on their proud pricks. "It's fuckin' cock heaven!" mouth drooling, cock dripping as well.

Staring into John's eyes, wide with amazement and probably a good dose of heroin, Jessie began to stroke, feeling a dollop of pre-cum gather on the tip of John's prick. "You're getting anxious to begin trying all of this, aren't you? Can't you just feel what it's going to be like to fuck or suck these delicious fat morsels displayed before you?"

John just nodded wordlessly, drawn to the display of long, thick uncut cocks momentarily before he continued to stare into Jessie's eyes, mesmerized by the deep liquid pools each eye seemed to consisting of, seeming to pull him in, letting his mind wander, his reality slipping away into a realm he'd not experienced before, yet welcomed, wanting more and more of it, feeling no danger, only the extreme sensations of pleasantness, fulfillment, satisfaction, complete bliss, slowly evolving into a complete trusting acceptance of time and place, the extreme pleasure his cock was giving him, and willingness to do and believe all the soft, enticing voice commanded of him. He was aware, yet unaware of his surroundings, focused in on only the bare, voluptuous teen male bodies, stiff prongs ready and waiting for his taste, insertion into him and his into their special places, wanting the soft, moist enclosures to manipulate, massage, and engulf his own prick.

"John," Jessie prompted standing upright in front of John, bringing John's attention back to him, "I'm on my back, my legs spread, up and around your waist. Can you feel them grip your hips and sides, inviting you into my most holy of holies, ready to massage your rampant maleness with my inner muscles, giving you the pleasure and release you want so bad? Can you feel it? Feel how my inner muscles throb wanting to clasp your steely, throbbing, ready, love staff?" and motioned for Robbie to quickly lubricate the imitation, vagina Eric and Evan bought for him he'd extracted from the backpack. Robbie slipped the tight hand held toy over John's cock and held it tight.

John shuddered with anticipation as he'd felt the lubrication being spread up and down the length of his cock, throbbing with every swipe of Robbie's slick hand and then the slow encasement of his prick with what he knew had to be "Luke's" love chute. The anticipation was almost too much for him, bringing him to the brink of orgasm, but not quite.

"Easy, big boy," Jessie urged. "We need to make this last; make it fun for both of us."

"Feel how tight I am John?" Jessie whimpered in fake distress, the jelly filled lining of the toy gripping John's cock. "Oh, John," he pleaded, "Fuck me, fuck me hard big boy; seed me with your juice," excitedly encouraging John to begin the thrusting dance he imagined he was engaged in with the young, teen boy.

John began to pump his hips forward and back, fucking the toy, seeing, eyes focused on Jessie's face and eyes, in his own mind's eye, the beautiful boy speaking to him, lying flat on his back, naked in all of his teen glory, smooth, warm body, large prick rubbing his stomach with each thrust, accepting his cock ramming deeper and deeper into the tender, young bowels.

Rick was busy while Jessie and Robbie were trying to bring John off. He quickly gathered up several plastic dime bags of marijuana and a couple of small plastic bags of white powder from the kitchen table, placed them in two zip-lock freezer bags and stowed them in the backpack.

"He's getting ready to cum, Jessie," Robbie advised, "his balls are drawing up and I can feel his cock swelling. Should I let him cum in the fuck-toy?"

"Yeah, less evidence for us to clean up."

John hammered the fuck toy harder, until with a grunt, groan, and a "Oh, shit, shit, shit!" pushed his ass forward, shoved his cock as deep in the "boy cunt" as he could, and began ejaculating.

As his orgasm subsided, although his rampant member didn't diminish much, Rick walked over to him, hard cock not far from John's mouth.

"You want him to fuck you don't you, John?" Jessie asked, smoothing John's face with his soft hands, before nuzzling his lips and neck. "Don't you want this big cock buried as deep in you as possible, working your love-button until you explode a load?"

John just nodded, slowly, but with wanton desire shining in his eyes and his anal sphincter trembling in expectation.

Rick stepped even closer, presenting the long staff with the large knob, a rubble dildo Jessie extracted from the pack, to John like a mother would a teat to a hungry infant.

"Wet it for me, please, John?" and swept the head of what in John's mind was Rick's prick across John's face and finally rested it in contact with his lips.

John left Jessie, dropped to the floor, letting his lips and mouth worship at the altar of cock!

His lips wrapped around the fat knob of the dildo, one hand gripped the smooth, soft, firm cock-shaped instrument, and his tongue explored the slit first before tickling its way around the head, tantalizing the deeply ridged glans until Rick announced, "Enough; on your knees, doggy style so I can reach maximum depth and give you the pleasure you so desire."

John did as he was told, giving a deep sigh of contentment and anticipation as he felt Rick's warm belly, laying on his back, Rick's arms around him, ready to lock him in copulation, and a fat, slick, long "cock" begin to wiggle around his anal ring seeking entrance.

Robbie, kneeling behind Rick, scooted up tight to Rick's ass, and started working the lubricated, medium-sized, semi-soft, anatomically correct, equipped with a vibrator, cock-like rubber dildo into the compliant, yet tight, rear entrance to John's body.

"Jeez, he's tight!" Robbie complained. "Better warn him it might hurt just a bit."

"John," Rick said, "you're so nice and tight, just what I like, but it might hurt a little, but you can take it, can't you?" and said to Robbie, "Push that baby in there!"

Robbie did as instructed, John grimaced, but opened his sphincter to take the large intruder.

"Feel it, John?" he murmured seductively, "I'm so going to love fucking you! You really want it don't you?"

"Yes!" John moaned pushing back, allowing Robbie to push the dildo to the rubber stop ring.

"Here we go!" Rick announced and Robbie began fucking the dildo back and forth; in and back almost out, time and time again.

"Turn on the vibrator; let's give him a real thrill and get him off!" Rick instructed Robbie.

The effect was dramatic, John begged for more and more, seeming not to get enough, until John commanded, "Cum for me John so I can load you up as well."

John began spurting out jets of ejaculate, his butt pushing forward, his asshole clenching with each shot, until there was nothing left but dribbles. Robbie withdrew the dildo and Rick slid off of John's back.

"Rest a little John," Jessie said. "We have most of the afternoon to make you happy."

John eased himself to the floor, closed his eyes, and seemed to doze off.

Over the next hour, after Jessie brought John back from his "nap," he provided John with enough mental post-hypnotic suggestions to keep him pumping his cock on a very regular basis, believing he was reliving the experiences he had with the teens in the afternoon.

The trio reminded John they were expected at home and would be leaving soon, but with Jessie's calming voice soothed his disappointment and John accepted it, unwilling of course, but in his mind, he could re-experience his major tryst anytime he so desired.

Rick and Robbie dressed while Jessie, voice still calm, soothing, and persuasive, reminded John should he be questioned, by anyone, how many boys stopped by, he was to reply only two; he would remember offering a sexual encounter to the two boys who came to the cabin claiming to be lost, but couldn't remember any details if it occurred or their names; and he would also remember giving them samples to entice them to offer their bodies for his sexual pleasure. When he was alone, however, he would be able to fantasize all types of sexual pleasures involving the two boys.

"Wait outside," Jessie asked Rob and Rick after they'd dressed. "John and I have a few other things to talk about."

Waiting on the porch, they heard a muffled, terrorized scream emanate and quickly subside from inside. Shortly, Jessie, now all dressed, appeared on the porch to join them. The teens put on their skis, grabbed their poles, and began the trek down the lane to the forest road where Eric and Evan waited in the SUV.

Gear stowed, seat belts fastened, Evan drove them away while Eric questioned Jessie on the outcome of their visit to the "den of vipers" as Evan described it.

"Get everything done we talked about?"

"Yep; gathered up samples, took a couple of pictures, and left him with plenty of fantasies."

"Any chance he might remember there were three boys and not two?"

"Doubt it; if he tries, he'll be faced with a nightmare which will discourage him greatly. Now, it's all up to you, Uncle Eric."

"Evan, let's get Jessie home so he can go to work, set up his alibi, and take Rick and Rob to The Pines. I'll have the chance to review their stories with them on the way."

Jessie reported to duty at the Birchwood about a half hour later than his usual time. Ordinarily, wait staff reported to work an hour before the dining room opened to check over their tables, review the guest list, and prepare for evening guests. Jase and Tyler covered for Jessie prior to him arriving. The guest list indicated it might be a slow night so his tardiness was unnoticed, except by his father who merely acknowledged his presence but made no comments. Jim Sutton learned much about his son in the past few years and one of them was if Jessie was spending time with Eric and Evan, they probably were working on some "special" project and it was best Jim knew little about it. Jessie was well off financially through the trusts his grandfather established for him, the property he inherited and purchased (with Eric's help), and his financial portfolio. In addition, Jessie had a partial interest in "Suttons" so Jim felt secure with his son's future. Besides, his youngest son was damned smart!

Eric, Robbie, and Rick spent considerable time with Rick and his parents, Ray and Corrine Hays, and Rob's parents, Ted and Lynn Bowers explaining the situation the boys found themselves in during the afternoon and how important Eric felt it was law enforcement be notified. The parents couldn't agree more, in light of all of the problems with drugs facing the county and the country, but would only agree if Jerry Haven was summoned since he was known to the families and felt, since they were now aware he was a werewolf as well, the boys would be treated fairly and justice would be done.

Eric made the call to the Sheriff's Office and requested Detective Lieutenant Jerry Haven come to the Pines on a matter of relative urgency, but not an emergency.

Jerry had an uneasy feeling most of the day; what caused it he was not certain, but it was disquieting enough for him to call dispatch before noon on Saturday and announce he'd be on duty. He was not required to wear a uniform, as a detective, but wore his street clothes instead; gun, badge, handcuffs clipped to his belt. He did, however, slip on his regulation winter coat with insignia and badge on it.

Something was up, he thought, causing the niggling feeling running up the back of his neck. It was the same feeling he felt when he realized the Rogue really had targeted the Averill Creek Pack for attack. This particular feeling was augmented with how he felt discovering the involvement of the teens and Eric Trempealeau in the Peters case. It was going on five in the afternoon when dispatch called him, sending him to the Pines "on a matter of urgency."

Upon arrival, he was escorted by Art Campbell, to one of the conference rooms in the main lodge. Stepping in, he was surprised to see Rob there with his parents, Rick with his parents, and Eric. His cautionary nature stepped to the forefront, curious what awaited him, and how these boys were involved.

"Better get your recording devices ready," Eric declared, "my two young clients," motioning toward Rick and Rob, "have quite a tale to tell you."

Jerry raised his eyebrows, narrowed his vision in on the two boys, his body tensed, before agreeing to return to his county vehicle and bring in the equipment he needed. He was curious what would be so important for a formal statement by two under-age teens with their attorney present. His eyes narrowed.

"He's suspicious!" Robbie said to Rick.

Rick noticed Jerry's reaction as his head turned slightly when Rob spoke, indicating Jerry "heard" what Rob said.

"He heard us, Rob; switch"

"Damn," thought Jerry stepping out into the Great Room and walking toward the entrance of the Lodge. Once the Averill Creek Pack members decided they wanted no one else to "hear" what they were saying to each other, they had the unique ability to block their conversations from all other Lycans. How they did it, he had no idea, but he did know any advantage he might've had was gone. He also was certain not only was Rick and Rob involved in whatever it was, but the entire teen pack of werewolves were as well. More than likely, Jessie Sutton, with the support of Jase and Tyler Campbell, and Eric Trempealeau and Evan Troutman were involved. His hand might be further compromised with Trempealeau and Troutman involved. Trempealeau would exercise attorney/client privilege and Troutman would plead at his age his memory wasn't so good.

"Pretty selective memory," Jerry muttered as he opened the back of the new grey unmarked SUV the county assigned him on Thursday. Fortunately, he'd transferred all of his investigate gear and kits to the back, but really hadn't had the time to organize it as he desired. He sorted out the video equipment bag, grabbed an extra extension cord, and located the small hand-held tape recorder, picking up an extra note pad, as well, carried the equipment back to the Lodge and into the conference room.

As he set up the equipment on the conference table, he situated three chairs on one side for Rick, Rob, and Eric and one chair on the other for him. Ready to begin, he motioned the three to their places, he took his, used the remote to turn on the video camera, on tripod behind him in order to focus on the three he was questioning, set it on record, and turned on the small tape recorder, placing on the table in front of the trio.

Jerry identified himself, acknowledged there were others present in the room naming the boys' parents, and indicated the boys were represented by legal counsel.

"I would like the three of you to please state your names, ages, and addresses for the record and confirm the statements you make are voluntary."

After Eric completed his, identifying himself as legal counsel, Jerry said again, "Although the boys, the boys' parents, and legal counsel confirm the statements to be made are voluntary and made without coercion, I am obligated to administer the Miranda Warning to you; noting, you have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used in a court of law against you. Since you are already represented by counsel and counsel is present, do you understand these rights? If so, counsel, are we ready to begin?"

Jerry heard no objection, so opened with a very simple question. "What's so important you needed to see me today?"

Rick sort of cleared his throat, looked over at Eric, and when Eric gave a nod of his head, addressed the question Jerry Haven posed.

"Rob and I were doing some back country cross-country skiing, you know off of the groomed trails. We started a little after breakfast and sometime after noon, we came upon a cabin in the woods. We were trying to hook up with a Forest Service road in order to head back home. A man was standing on the porch, holding a rifle. We were hesitant about going any further, but we thought the Forest Service road had to be nearby so we skied toward it. We had no idea anyone would be around. He hailed us as we approached, waved up to come to the cabin, and when we stopped in front of it, he asked where we were going. I explained we were hunting for the Forest Service road. While I was talking to him, he smiled, looked at Rob, rubbed his crotch, unzipped his pants, and pulled his penis out. It was erect and he sort of waggled it at Robbie, you know sort of an invitation like. While he zeroed in on Robbie, I quick snapped a picture with my cell phone."

"Do you still have it?"


"Can I see it?"

Rick pulled up the picture and showed it to Jerry. Jerry acknowledged for the recording devices, the photo was an adult male exposing his erect penis.

"Can you send it to me, Rick?"

Rick got Jerry's assigned department cell number and sent him the picture.

"I know we should have left then," Robbie said softly, "but he was acting funny and we weren't certain what he might do, you know, with the rifle and all, so we stayed, hoping to find the right chance to get out of there without getting hurt."

The teens continued to unfold their tale of the encounter with the man at the cabin, how "John" as he identified himself, made sexual advances toward them, continued to expose himself to them and slowly masturbated, and then offered them various drugs if they'd just "spend a little time" with him, with John promising to make the "feel real good."

"When he sort of waved the rifle toward the door, indicating he wanted us inside, we dropped our ski's and went in. When he reached over to sort of grab at my junk, Rick snapped a couple more pictures of the inside of the cabin and stuffed some bags of stuff from the table in his pocket."

Rick, pulled the zip-lock bag from his pocket and handed it over to Jerry.

"Yeah, then I said I had a text from Dad and we better get our asses home before he sent guys out to find us," Rick said. "John's dick deflated like a punctured fish bladder and we were gone."

The boys took off down the lane leading to the cabin to the Forest Service road, skied up it for a short way before stopping to call Eric.

"We were worried and frightened," Rick explained, "and Mr. Trempealeau is the attorney who represents the company our Dad's work for and represented us during the Peters affair, so we called him."

"And," thought Jerry, "he was also, along with his partner, who helped all of us stomp the shit out of the Rogue."

Jerry was beginning to become suspicious there was more to this story than was being told.

"Rick and Robbie, I have to ask you; did you engage in sexual intercourse with this 'John'?"

Eric intervened. "You know, deputy, you can't really ask them such a question at this time. You haven't defined sexual intercourse and they are not under oath, so I'll answer for them, no."

Jerry acknowledged Eric's point but asked, "Would you boys be willing and accompanied by your attorney, to make these same statements in front of a district attorney and a district judge?"

Eric, answering for the boys, said they would, adding, "But you better hurry it up. Rick and Rob informed me John said they'd be leaving the area in a couple of days and he wouldn't be around if they changed their minds about letting him swing on their junk, as they explained it to me. So after Monday or Tuesday, the chickens are leaving the coop so to speak."

Jerry spent Sunday morning deep in planning the logistics of the upcoming operation, serving a "no knock" warrant on the residents of the cabin after a district judge heard the statements of Rob and Rick. His team poured over aerial photographs, county maps, forest service maps, topographical maps, and lists to needed equipment. Jerry, well acquainted with the area as a result of his clandestine observations, was able to enhance the information gathering and planning by claiming to "somewhat familiar with the area" since it was in his original patrol district when he was a patrol officer.

The team concluded, after contemplating the boy's description of "John's" rifle there was every indication the perpetrators would be well armed, an S.W.A.T. squad was needed to assist in the interdiction since there probably would be armed resistance. State drug agents and several state troopers were involved in the final planning process and would be part of the phalanx of armed law enforcement officers at the site.

As the planning session was winding down, two Federal D.E.A. officers and one Border Patrol Officer appeared, evidently alerted by someone at the State level a drug raid was being planned. They began by explaining they wanted the raid postponed since it would only alert the "bigger fish" they were trying to locate. The Border Patrol Agent argued the drugs, even in light of the fact the State believed they were not, were coming across the border from Canada and this would cause them to lose track of the "mules" used to transport the illegal drugs.

The sheriff, having entered about the same time as the Federal Officers, listened quietly, before saying, "Okay, we understand if you want to wait; that's fine with us, but we're going in at 12:05 am on Monday morning, less than ten hours from now. You can have your own little cluster fuck later on in the week. Right now, we have to be getting into position. You're welcome to join us, but understand, it's our operation."

All of the assets were in position by eleven thirty at night, waiting for the order from Jerry Haven to begin the assault and serving the warrant. Once the suspects inside the cabin were under arrest and the site secured, crime scene technicians would move in and pour over the site gathering evidence. The only difference, from what Rick and Rob suggested in their testimony, was the existence of two, not one, SUV's in front of the cabin. The one man, standing guard on the porch, was barely visible, sheltered and partially hidden by a large wooden bench. It meant Eric was correct; the suspects inside were readying to leave, there was more than just two or three, and they were not yet asleep, evidently still gathering things to move out of the cabin.

Midnight came and Jerry, although nervous and apprehensive because of the additional people inside, readied to order the officers to begin the operation. Keying his mike to give the order, a shot rang out!

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