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Hunter's Lodge on the Osage

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 6

"Love must shun the path where many rove; one bosom to recline upon, one heart to be his only one, are quite enough for love." – (T. Moore)

We stood by my bed, our eyes full of our desire for each other. I was still fully clothed and he, garmented only his wonderfully, radiant, nakedness; brown, slim, and as handsome as I imagined a Nubian prince would be, a melding of all the beautiful men of the ages, presenting himself to me! My eyes feasted on all his loveliness, so enraptured was I of him; so enamored, so desperately in love with Winston J. De Lacy was I! How a person can realize love this soon after first meeting another was incomprehensible to me, but there was no doubt in my mind or heart this was the man I wished to spend my life with!

Quickly disrobing, leaving my togs tangled on the floor at my feet, I slowly leaned back onto my bed, leading my entrancing, graceful beloved to my side. With an impassioned sigh, I rolled over onto him, stretching my nakedness onto his, resting my more diminutive stiff probe on the warmth and velvety steel hardness of his! I basked in the pleasure of our man-pieces contacting the other, wiggling and rubbing mine up and down his, bringing a soft squeal of pleasure and sexual delight from him and a shivering of anticipation from me.

Our lips found each other's again; pressing our moistness together in a bewitching coquetting of amorous delight. Nibbling my lower lip, while shifting his hips enticing and exciting my phallus to drip copious precursors of what's to come while mixing with his equally plentiful lubricant, his tongue and nose moved to moisten and nuzzle my neck, sending shivers of ecstasy across and down my body, bringing my toes to a flexing, twitching, erotically curled position!

I pulled my head back and shifted lower, using my own lips as the explorer of all things Wedge; caressing his neck, chest, and once found, suckled his sweet, brown nubs to a tender, but firm peak, again causing him to groan his pleasure at my treatment. Moving my torso lower, kissing and mouthing my way to his solar plexus and beyond, my labrum encountered his naval, snug and even with his outer flesh, neither an "innie" or "outie" but well-formed and sensitive, as evidenced by his deep, inhalation as he sucked his stomach in, revealing his hip bones on either side, as my tongue lapped tenderly around that place which allowed nourishment and life sustenance's to enter his body while still in the womb.

Progress on my southern journey to where I most wanted to explore was halted by the blossoming helmet of his now very erect penis; at full staff, engorged with blood and throbbing! Much like a small child when introduced to a new food or smelling a delicate flower, my nose first inhaled his scent, that light, musk a teenage male produces when sexually aroused and emanating from his crotch, and my tongue tentatively, cautiously, tenderly swept over the now exposed crown, sans foreskin covering, and the urethral opening to taste the clear, sticky droplets of his lubricating essence, now emerging with little pluses from his cock-slit.

With one hand, I gripped his turgid rod and began a gentle, but complete retraction of his foreskin, fully exposing his pink, plum-shaped cock-head to my eyes and available for me to slowly slip my mouth over, releasing a high whimpering sound of approval from Wedge as my warm, moist oral cavity and tongue encased and massaged his sensitive knob. My other hand sought and found those warm, life-giving, egg-shaped gonads of his nestled securely in their loose sack and began fondling them as I sucked on the tube that would deliver their product.

I never thought another person's penis could be so succulent; so delectable and so natural for me to suckle as I was now doing to Wedge. His taste was distinctive, not unpleasant, but a "bonne bouche" to me.

"Turn so I can do you," Wedge whispered, his voice heavy with lust and want, betraying his outright hunger and desire for me.

I turned, scooted my body so he could reach that object of his desire of mine now about has hard as it could get! Our difference in height caused some adjustment at first, but he was able to slip my cock into his mouth and begin pleasuring me. The sensation of his lips and mouth on my tumescence and his gradual, slow sucking me deeper into his oral cavity until his lips were tickling my pubic bush on each downward movement was the most incredible sensation I'd ever had!

As he began bobbing up and down on my turgid wand, circling the head with his tongue, I moved my mouth lower on his as far as I could at this point, and began jacking him using my mouth and tongue as a waiting receptacle for his seed. I felt the head of his dick begin to swell at about the same time mine did and suddenly my mouth was filling with his warm, thick semen, triggering my release at the same time. Several strong bursts of his cream spritzed from his big, thick penis, more than I could handle without swallowing – so I did! Evidently he liked the taste of me as well, since he ingested my spunk as well.

Releasing him after draining him of any remaining semen, I turned again and snuggled up into his arms. Wedge held me, kissed me, and murmured loving words as we lay there, until we both fell asleep in post-coital bliss. The night cemented our relationship and early the next morning, before daylight greets us, I was instead greeted by the feeling of his morning wood poking me in the stomach. I expressed my desire to feel him inside me, through my anal ring and urged him to do so!

Wedge hesitated, explaining, "Jeremy, I'm pretty big so I think we'll have to work up to it and take it slow. The last thing I want to do is hurt you. I think if we had some lube from the drug store, it'd be a lot easier and less painful."

I reluctantly agreed, but knew it wouldn't be long until I had that amazing length of him inside me, massaging my prostate and finding a welcome home; especially if I made a trip to Willow Run. Satisfied to wait, I feel back into a dream-less sleep.

Waking again later, feeling the need for Wedge to touch, to hold, to kiss, I reached over to seek his warmth and he was gone! Quickly getting out of bed, experiencing just a touch of panic, I looked first in the kitchen and finding him naught, I checked his bedroom. Standing in the doorway, I saw Wedge laying sound asleep on his bed, hands over his head, a look of contentment on his face, and a very stiff penis laying on his abdomen and stretching past his navel where the bulbous, slightly caped head rested about an inch off of his stomach, held in place by a combination of muscle and blood-filled veins.

God, it was a prodigious, beautiful part of him, who I now knew I loved, and harmonized with the rest of his smooth, delectable body! Already naked from our tryst the night before, I slipped alongside of him on his bed, leaned over and slowly sucked the head of his penis into my mouth, and began massaging it with my lips and tongue. I loved the taste of him, so unique, so – Wedge! The softness, yet steely hardness, of his shaft was warm, alive, and beginning to swell more the longer and more erogenous my actions became.

Feeling it throb a couple of times, I knew he'd awakened, and really knew when he put a hand on my head encouraging me! After a couple of more minutes, he maneuvered himself so he could suckle me as well. It wasn't long after that that two teenagers were unloading in each other's mouths and savoring the thick protein rich offering of the other.

Wedge turned me again, allowing me to stretch my body lengthwise on him so we were face to face. Kissing me deeply, he said, "Nice way to wake up in the morning, right?"

"Why did you leave?" I asked. "I missed you!"

Blushing, he answered softly, "I didn't want to rush it and I just wanted to make certain what we did was just not a way to 'get our rocks off.' I really don't want that kind of a relationship."

"Neither do I," I answered, quickly adding, "we really just barely met."

"Yeah, but once we did," he giggled, "we became familiar really fast!"

As much as we would've loved to stay in bed together all day, I did suggest after breakfast we get in the truck and tour the area, checking out the lakes and streams we both were familiar with and check out the prospects for fishing and hunting. Although Wedge preferred not to hunt, he did love to fish. He packed a lunch of sandwiches, a couple of sodas, and snack bars for desert and we took off.

It was a leisurely trip, driving up to and walking part of Brushy Creek and Snake Creek. Both were good for brook trout. Rabbit Lake and Sunfish Lake were next on our sojourn and remembered they were both excellent for large Bluegills and slab Crappies. A few miles away from these two lakes were Big and Little Jackson and Pickerel Lakes, great for Northern Pike and Walleyes. These same lakes were good fisheries even in the winter through the ice.

We decided as long as Wedge fished the Osage, there was little danger of anyone stopping him from fishing without a license. But away from the Lodge, was a different matter! There had to be a solution to the problem without revealing where he was hiding we thought. We decided to ask Uncle about it and see what he thought.

As we left Pickerel Lake, Wedge said, "There's a small lake, Sand Lake I think it's called, that my grandfather and I would fish for Bluegills. It is really clear and has a nice sandy beach not far from the boat landing. Let's go there and eat our lunch."

I'd not been to Sand Lake before but following Wedge's directions, we turned off of the county road and followed a logging road about a half mile into the woods and come upon a small clearing with a undeveloped boat landing. It was in good enough shape to use to launch a boat, the landing just didn't have concrete pads extending out into the water like the more developed landings had. The earthen landing would discourage people with big boats and motors from using it and the lake since it might be possible to get a boat trailer stuck.

We sat on the end gate of the pickup and ate our lunch. The sun was warm, the water inviting, and when Wedge suggested we go for a swim, we stripped naked and in we went! Cavorting, paddling about, and splashing water on each other, we thoroughly enjoyed it! I made an attempt to dunk Wedge, but he was taller than me so I failed. Instead, he wrapped his arms around me and held me securely, but not tightly. I wrapped my legs around his waist, my hard cock up against his stomach, while his equally stiff member slid up my butt crack and rested there.

Kissing Wedge, I was about to say something, when he rested his face up against mine and with a contented sigh, said softly, "I never thought I'd fall in love with a white boy- but I did!"

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