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Hunter's Lodge on the Osage

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 17

"I know indeed what evil I intend to do, but stronger then all my afterthoughts is my fury, fury that brings upon mortals the greatest evils." – (Euripides)

My shoulders ached from my hands and arms being bound behind my back; my ribs hurt like stabs of sabers in my side where I'd been kicked and; my face bloodied and bruised, one eye swelled shut, and my lower lip split and dribbling blood from the fists pummeling me. On top of it all, I was wet and smelled of stale piss! I was miserable, scared shitless for Wedge since I feared he'd show up and end up in the same mess. I was resigned to the obvious fact I'd probably die before the night was over!

Harvey and Orville just sat at the table laughing and drinking, like the two perverted fuckers they were, Grandpa's brandy! All Orville could talk about was how great it was going to be to bury himself balls deep in my ass, once Wedge called. Every now and then he'd get up, unzip his pants and wobble his stiff cock in front of me! If he thought that thing was going to hurt me, he'd never seen Wedge's and I hoped he never would.

What if Wedge didn't call and just rode his cycle down the lane to the Lodge and walked in on this fucking mess? How could I allow that to happen to the one I loved more than life itself? If he did call, how would I warn him? Would I dare ask to call him instead?

The light was fading fast outside as the sun began sinking below the hills to the west. Our valley darkened sooner than other areas because of those high hills, but they also sheltered us from some of the winds of winter. It'd be dusk soon and I had to do something – well, if I could just take a piss that'd help since my bladder was full! I was just about to ask to relieve myself when my cell phone rang.

"Hey, you dickwads!" I shouted, "My phone's ringing!"

"Where is it?" Orville snorted.

"In my front pant's pocket."

Orville staggered over, stuffed his hand in my pocket, and fished out my phone. Waving his pistol in front of me, said threateningly, "You say the wrong thing and try to rat us out and all lover boy's going to hear is 'pop!", held the phone up to my ear, and pushed the talk button.

"Hello, Winston, my love," I said calmly.

"Hi, yourself!" Wedge answered carefully and slowly not quite understanding why I said 'Winston' instead of 'Wedge.'

"How's your Mom feeling?" I asked and before he could respond, I added, "you made great time driving to Milwaukee!"

He hesitated and was quiet!

"Did you have to take her to the hospital?"

Wedge was still quiet; I could almost hear the wheels turning around in his head!

"That's great!" I continued, "I'll bet you and George are happy about that."

"You're not alone, are you?" Wedge asked quietly.

"That's right," I answered as cheerfully as possible, "it took most of the afternoon, but I did get all of the fence posts in."

Silence on the other end of the phone!

"Hey," I said, "I better let you go; I'll bet you and George have a lot to visit about. I love you!"

"I love you too," he responded softly, "and hang in there; I'll get you out, okay?"

"Okay, goodbye," and nodded my head for Orville to take the phone away.

"Well, that's a good little fuck boy," Orville said with the same lecherous grin on his face. Hell, he was just stupid enough and had sufficient booze in him I could've been talking to the chief of police in Chicago and he wouldn't have known the difference. I just hoped Wedge got the message and didn't try anything stupid himself!

Orville just couldn't resist running his hand across my stomach and try to slide it into my jeans and underwear.

"Don't press too hard," I snorted, "I have to piss!"

"Take him outside," Harvey ordered. "We don't need any more piss smell in here. While you're at it, get those smelly pants off of him."

God, that just sent the jollies all over Orville! He couldn't wait to see me stark naked!

He pulled me upright, gave me shove toward the door, and let me stumble down the steps to the front yard. I hoped he'd untie me so I could piss, but instead he pulled out a large pocket knife with at least a five inch blade, knelt down, and quick as you could say "slit" sliced up one leg of my pants and then the other clear to the belt line. He peeled my pants off of me like you'd peel a banana for breakfast! The underwear came next and Orville just giggled – perverted fucker! He put the knife away, reached out, fondled my cock and balls, muttering, "just beautiful" and ordered me to piss while he held it. I intended to piss all over him like he did me, but I couldn't with him controlling the direction and trajectory.

Orville had his cock out and was slowly stroking it while I pissed. Maybe he was more interested in water sports than "woodsy fucking?" I doubted it!

"Don't fuck him yet!" Harvey admonished from his vantage point on the porch. He was getting his jollies watching Orville play with me. "I don't want blood and shit all over out here where people see it right away!"

Orville nodded, pulled the pistol from his belt, held it to my side, kneeled down, opened his mouth and sucked my cock into it. I could feel his tongue working my glans, but I wasn't responding! I'm glad I hadn't really finished pissing since now was the time to do so! Jesus, was he mad when I filled his mouth with piss! Evidently, he wasn't into water sports like I first thought. Instead, he pulled back, growled, and slammed a fist into my stomach. When I started to fall, he clobbered me alongside the head. I ended up flopping down on the piss soaked ground.

That brought Harvey off of the porch, snorting, "What the hell is going on?"

"The little fucker pissed in my mouth," whined Orville. "Let's get this over with; it's getting dark."

"You're just anxious to get your pecker up his ass," Harvey cackled.

The pain was intense as I lay there and magnified when Orville kicked my right arm hard. It felt like something broke, but then again, what on me didn't feel broken? He jerked me upright and hissed in my ear, "Your fucking cock will be stiff when I get done fucking my cock up your ass!"

At that point, I could care less about his threats! I could barely see from my swollen eyes, but it was getting darker by the minute and closer to my end, I thought.

"It's getting dark!" Harvey observed. "I don't want to get caught out in the middle of the woods and end up getting eaten by something. Besides, the brandy's all gone so we may as well get this over with."

"Yeah!" Orville agreed enthusiastically, giving me a shove forward, bringing a groan from me. "Can't take a little pain, huh?" he snarled, "Here have a little more!" and shoved a finger as far as he could up my ass. He pulled it out after hooking and jerking it a couple of times and prodded me to move ahead.

"Where to?" he asked his brother.

"There's an old road over there," Harvey answered pointing to the logging road leading to where our deer stands were located. It was a road Wedge and I were familiar with since not only was it used during deer season, but he and I used it to access other parts of the Osage River when we fished or just for walks in the woods. Knowing we were going to be on that particular logging road gave me some peace of mind. At least when I did die, it would be in a place Wedge and I often shared and enjoyed!

Stumbling, falling, and pulled upright each time, my body naked, bloody, and aching, the brothers forced me deeper and deeper into the woods.

"How far?" Orville asked. He seemed nervous since the farther into the woods we traversed, the more the tree canopy blocked what little sunlight there was from reaching the forest floor. The result was a late twilight appearance, light enough to see, but dark enough to know full night wasn't far away.

"Not much farther," Harvey replied, "I want to go far enough it'll be awhile before someone finds the body. I want time to head out of here and be a long, long away. Fuckin' cops couldn't find me before and they won't find me now, right, Orv?"

"Yeah," he snickered, "hiding in plain sight and those assholes didn't know where to look."

We stopped!

"Looks like as good a place as any," Harvey observed. "Hey, look, Orville, there's even a fallen tree you can bend him over."

"Watch him," Orville advised, "so I can untie him and tie his arms in the front. They're in the way behind his back."

He quickly untied me and then retied me before bending me over the fallen tree. The rough tree bark scratched my stomach and my crotch as he manhandled me over it and raised my ass into position. He was quiet and I heard Harvey ask him what the hell he was doing.

"Getting naked!" he replied, "I love the feel of a boy's bare back and ass on my stomach and crotch as I fuck'em! Makes me nut a lot more!"

A wolf howled, almost in supplication, a longing for his or her mate!

"What the fuck was that?" Orville asked shakily.

"Just some wild critter," Harvey reassured him, "don't worry about it; we've got guns, remember?"

It wasn't a wild critter; it wasn't a wolf, it was Wedge! I knew that call and knew it well from the times he'd call wolves from the Lodge.

Another wolf howled, only off to my front-left! It wasn't Wedge this time so I knew he wasn't alone- thank God!

"I don't like this," whined Orville.

"Then fuck him good and let's get his over with," Harvey complained. "I could've offed him a dozen times, but no, you got to fuck him first; so mount him and get on with it!"

Orville's hands rested on my hips and another wolf howled, off to my right this time. This was a different one, which meant there were at least two other persons with Wedge.

Orville was still as hard as steel, his prick thumping and sliding up and down my ass crack as he readied himself and me for his pleasures. He hesitated!

"For fuck's sake, get it over with!" Harvey ordered.

"Yeah," Orville said lustily and shoved his hard dick up my ass, balls deep! I heard the first wolf howl again, much closer; Orville screamed, slumped forward onto my back quivered a second, and slid off, his softening prick pulling free.

I heard Harvey shoot about the same time as my right leg was suddenly stabbed with the most unimaginable pain and two more shots before I passed out!

I thought I heard Wedge sobbing, pleading for me not to die, his kisses over my injured face and on my neck, and telling me how much he loved me! I vaguely heard someone say something and Wedge shouted angrily, "I hope the fucker dies!"

After that, nothing!

Consciousness came to me slowly; my eyes closed, I felt a hand holding my left hand close to a face wet with tears pressing up against it. Without looking, well, I really couldn't look very well since my eyes were pretty well swollen shut from the rough treatment I'd undergone, except for tiny slits for me to peer from, I knew it was Wedge! I knew then I wasn't dead or dreaming either. I'd had a lot of those while I was unconscious and they were not all pleasant; filled with pain and movement, shouting, sirens, and then they stopped, but not entirely. I could still feel the pain in my dreams from Orville's cock as he raped me bent over the fallen tree! I only hoped Wedge could forgive me and still want me!

"Hi!" I croaked struggling to open my eyes. Through those battered sensors, I saw his broad smile begin to cross his face, tears streaking down his cheeks, and him leaning over to plant a kiss on my forehead.

"Hi, yourself!" he choked out and grinned some more.

Grandma and Grandpa Hunter walked into my field of vision on the other side of the bed. Grandma was crying audibly and Grandpa trying to choke back his tears, gurgled, "Thank God!"

"Where am I?"

"Willow Run Regional Medical Center," Wedge answered. "They brought you here from the Lodge. You've been in surgery getting patched up!"

"What happened and how bad am I bunged up?" I mumbled, trying to find the right words.

"Why don't you just rest a little," Wedge said and kissed me again. "I'll tell you later."

Well, that didn't work out so great so I asked, "Are those two idiots still among the living?

"Yes and no," Wedge answered carefully.

Very carefully and slowly, I said, "Unless you want to spend your wedding night on the couch, you better fill me in!"

Wedge was saved when a nurse interrupted, saying cheerily, "Good, you're awake! I need to check his bandages and give him some more meds so I'll ask you all to leave!"

"Can't Wedge stay, please!" I pleaded. "Don't let him leave me!" I began sobbing, "I'm afraid I won't be here when he comes back!"

The nurse was very understanding and reassuring. "Honey," she said, "you're not going anywhere soon, not on my watch or anyone's! The doctors have done a super job of patching you up, but I think I can make an exception and have your boyfriend stay here while I do my job; if he doesn't mind some of the things I have to do. It can be a little disheartening."

"After what I saw yesterday," Wedge said, "nothing is going to be 'disheartening' to me!"

She fussed around, changed the bandages, put up fresh IV bottles, checked the flow, and injected a hypodermic needle into one of the portals.

"That was a pain reliever and it will put you back to sleep in a few minutes," she advised, "so better get your visiting done quick." Before she left, she reached down by my bed, checked something, and made a few notes on a pad.

Grandma and Grandpa came back in when she left and I asked Wedge again, "How bad was I damaged?"

He thought a moment and said thoughtfully, "Besides a broken arm, a broken leg where Harvey shot you and shattered the bone, a few broken ribs and nose, and some cuts and bruises, not too bad!"

I tried to shake my head wondering how he could make light of it, but I knew he was just trying to cheer me and himself up. He was hurting emotionally as much as I was physically!

"How about, you know, down below?" I asked plaintively.

"No problem there; they have a catheter in you to drain your bladder. It'll work just fine once that comes out."

I lay very still for a couple of minutes; I could feel the pain killer begin its work, but I just had to say it, even as embarrassing it was to say it in front of Grandma and Grandpa.

"Wedge," I struggled to say, "he did it you know- stuck it in me and raped me!" Then I really began to sob, "Oh, Wedge," I pleaded, "will you ever forgive me? Do you still want me? What if he gave me something terrible like AIDS or Hep C or something?" and I cried all the harder!

"There's nothing to forgive," he said quietly, laying his head next to mine, his lips touching my face, my neck, my ear. "It's not your fault; you're not to blame for any of it. You were the one being hurt, but he won't do it again, I promise! I made certain of that! They tested his blood several times when they admitted him and all they found him infected with was 'stupid' and you can't cure stupid."

I dropped off to sleep wondering what he meant when he said he'd made certain it wouldn't happen again!

When I woke, it was morning, or so it seemed since the sun was shining in the hospital room window. Wedge was covered with a blanket, sleeping peacefully in a chair next to my bed. He must've heard me because his eyes snapped open, looked at me and grinned, "God, you're so beautiful," he commented, "even if you are bruised a little!"

"How long have you been here?" I asked.

He stretched his long arms and legs extending out; he looked fantastic to me! "Oh, just a couple of days. The nurses and everybody have been great to me, so I'm doing fine," he added.

"Grandma and Grandpa?"

"They'll be here around nine this morning. They've been staying at the Lodge."

"Okay, before they get here, what happened?"

Wedge definitely got the message there was a major problem at the Lodge when he called! The minute I called him "Winston" instead of "Wedge" he became wary, suspicious, and it didn't take him long to deduce I wasn't alone and come up with a damned good idea who it was! Mentioning his "brother, George" clued him in there might be more than one and he should get some help.

Ironically, when he called, he was sitting in George and Lou's kitchen visiting with Pat and Tom, who came up for the opener, and George's great-nephew, Raymond Greenleaf, a Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Warden working the area checking licenses and other things on area streams and lakes. They wanted me to come up for supper and join them.

Wedge disconnected the call and relayed to the others at the table his concern. Greenleaf wanted to get some more help first and was in the process of radioing in for it when Wedge stood up, told them he wasn't waiting, and headed for the door. George and Pat quickly grabbed rifles and went out the door with him. Tom wanted to come along, but Pat said he could, if he waited at the end of the lane to the Lodge so he could direct help down the lane. George, Pat, and Wedge loaded up in George's pickup and Greenleaf followed in his!

Driving to the top of the hill, where the lane came out on to the county road, they parked their vehicles at the "upper garage" and started a careful, quiet, sneak down the lane. When they reached the big rock where I'd hidden the first day I spotted Wedge, they stopped, ducked behind it and watched what was happening below. When they heard Harvey shout at Orville and saw Orville shove me toward the logging road, they figured they better act fast. George thought they'd take me down the road to do their dirty work, so they quickly decided to follow them. Once Orville and Harvey stopped, George suggested using the wolf howls to let each other know when they were in a position to take some action!

"Someone thinks those city boys just might not know what a wolf is and perhaps become frightened," he mused knowingly.

They worked their way down the hill, angling toward an intersection with the logging road. As luck would have it, they ended up where Harvey and Orville had me bent over the fallen tree ready to be fucked! Quickly they got into positions and Wedge howled, bringing just more than a little anxiety to Orville and Harvey. Greenleaf stayed with Wedge since he figured Wedge didn't have a weapon. Oh, Wedge had a weapon alright; his wrist rocket slingshot!

Wedge kept creeping closer, making Greenleaf nervous since he could see the revolver in Harvey's hand. Wedge saw it also, but didn't say a word. Instead, he slipped a steel ball bearing into the pouch of the slingshot, pulled the sling rubbers back, aimed it, and stood at the ready. Harvey was too busy scolding and watching his brother to pay any attention what was going on behind him or anywhere else. When Orville shoved his cock up my ass, Wedge howled in anger, and loosed the ball bearing, not at Harvey, but Orville!

"Right up the old poop chute!" he exclaimed with a grin. "Rolled him off of your back like the sack of shit he is."

Harvey heard the howl, followed by his brother's scream of pain, saw him slump over my back, and then fall to the ground. He squeezed a shot off at me, turned to look behind him and was dropped by two shots; one from George with his rifle and one from Greenleaf with his Glock handgun. Wedge thought the hollow-point rifle slug was the one that really did it, although the bullet from the Glock did considerable damage as well.

"George damned near gutted him with that expanding bullet!" Wedge claimed. "Not a pretty sight. Anyway, he was as dead as Orville's cock's going to be the rest of his life."

"It appears," reasoned Wedge calmly, "when the ball bearing went zip up the opening, it severed his 'erectus holdem upus' nerve and from now on it'll be like trying to stuff a cooked noodle into a bowl of jello. That's the end of his days fucking boys or anything else! In addition, he'll have to use a bag attached to his belly to shit; tore up his lower bowel something terrible I guess." He thought a moment and added, "Of course he'll have to use a wheel chair or crutches get around in prison since the docs don't think he'll walk real well either."

"Ain't that just a fuckin' shame!" I exclaimed.

"But," he said with a satisfied smile on his face, "the docs say you're going to recover just fine! You'll be in casts for a while but we can handle that. Your grandma's going to stay for a couple of weeks or more after I get you home to help out."

"How about our wedding?" I asked sadly.

"What about it? All is a go as far as I'm concerned. Pat and Tom said they'd hire a special bus if they had to in order to get all of us over to Minnesota. The grandmothers and my mom are already planning what they're going to have at the reception at the Lodge."

Wedge leaned over, nuzzled my neck, and ever so gently, in order to avoid hurting me, kissed me on my lips. "God, you taste so good," he sighed. "You know I love you more than life itself don't you?"

I nodded; life was good, complicated sometimes, but good! I was with my love and he was with me; what more could I ask? As he kissed me again, I sighed, relaxed, and let him love me!

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