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Jamie's Gift

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 6

"Just as my fingers on these keys
Make music, so the self-same sounds
On my spirit make music too.
Music is feeling, then, not sound;
And here is what I feel
Here in this room, desiring you."

(Wallace Stevens)

Come - let us make beautiful music together!

The doorbell, chiming a very irritating sound during, what I imagined, a very early part of my Saturday morning, woke me from a deep, but quite wonderful sleep and dreams; dreams of Jamie's happy face when we departed the evening before, one arm around his "real daddy," Art Kraft, and the other around his Momma. Jamie was overcome, almost, with the emotion of the moment!

I heard Mom answer the door, say something to someone, and within seconds I heard very familiar footsteps pounding eagerly up the stairs; the door slowly opened, a head peeked into my room, and bounded into the room when I said, "Come in, Jamie!"

Giggling, as he often did when happy, with delight from seeing me I hoped, brought a welcoming smile in return from me. He sat down on the edge of my bed, bent over, and kissed me.

"Good morning, Whit," he said greeting me with the softness of love in his voice, but added quickly, "Eeuu- you need to brush your teeth, 'cause you got doggy breath."

"Always thinking of sex," I added dryly.

"Your mom said they were leaving to go shopping and I could come up and wake you since you're a lazy bones and why don't you go brush your teeth so we can snuggle and talk and are you naked under the covers?

I snickered at him, lifted the covers to expose my naked body and stiff cock, and answered, "Does that answer your question? You just want to fuck me, don't you?"

"Yeah!" but he paused, "Maybe some other things too!"

"Like what?"

Waggling his eyebrows and thinking a moment, "Anything that makes us happy!"

"First, Jamie Long, I have to pee and do a couple of things, okay?"

Tossing back the covers, swinging my legs free of them, my turgid rod poked up as I tried to slide past Jamie. It bounced enticingly, in front of his eyes; like a sunfish to the bait, he clasped my stiffness with one hand, lowered his face, stuck out his tongue, and licked me from balls to piss slit before wrapping his lips around the head, slowly sucking my cock into his warm, moist mouth where his tongue tickled and tantalized it while he sucked like a kitten at mother's teat!

"Better stop," I cautioned, although I do love a good blow job from Jamie, "or I'll make my deposit in the wrong back account."

"You always taste so good, Whit!" he remarked, pulling loose from my shaft.

I grabbed a couple of mint Fleets® from the drawer in my night stand, trouped off to the bathroom to piss and prepare myself for what I hoped would be a love-filled morning with my boyfriend!

Slipping under the covers, cuddling up to a now naked Jamie, I reached over, touched his hard maleness and felt it twitch at my fingers caress.

"Do me first, please, Whit?" Jamie almost begged.

"It'd be my pleasure!" I replied with a kiss and a short stroke on his long rod.

Heavy Turkish towel spread under him, Jamie stretched out on his back, legs spread in invitation, handed me the tube of lube he'd retrieved from the night stand while I was in the bathroom; I first lubed him, then me.

Once buried to the hilt, my balls resting just below his anus, his legs clenched around my hips, locking us together, I began a slow, erotic, totally sensuous forward and back motion, rocking my hips, driving me into and out of his warm tightness, bringing increasingly urging, but soft words of delight from Jamie. He loved to be fucked just about as much as he loved to fuck, although I am finding I prefer him to do the latter more often than not. There's just something about having that massive missile inserted as deep as it will go, twitching, tweaking every fold it encounters, then resting after exploding its warhead!

I took my time, loving the close contact of his hips, lips, face, body, heavy balls resting and bobbling up and down on top of my ever faster thrusting cock as I made love to him. The pleasure of the act, the growing desire to complete myself in him overcame my attempt at restraint, and with a happy whimper, plunged as deep as I could, clasped my arms around him tightly, and began spurting swelling bursts of my essence, expending my love potion deep in my lover!

Collapsing in expended bliss on his body, my heart pounding, his head resting against my neck and shoulder, delicate kisses on my ear sent signals of his profound love for me. Jamie's stiff, long rod throbbed between us, announcing his desires, as anxious as a stallion facing a herd of mares - all in estrus! I've learned, from experience, when Jamie wants to spend more time in love-making, he always wants to begin with me on my back, face to face, in the same position I assume when I'm on the top and he's the bottom. The second round for him is usually with me on my tummy and him flat on my back. I asked him one time and he had two really simple answers; "I like looking at you and I like the feeling of your nice, warm butt cheeks resting in my crotch!"

Jamie needs to say very little in expressing his love for me; his actions speak volumes more than the poet Yeats could have ever written!

Some people, according to what I've read, claim they can feel their partners ejaculate squirt into them in great "gushes." I doubt many boys can cum more than Jamie, unless it'd be one of his big-cocked cousins, and I never feel it in that way at all. His penis swells, he shoves forward about as far as he can, his butt cheeks flex, and makes a couple of low grunting sounds as he shoots. I can feel the large tube on the underside of his cock pump each shot, however, but it doesn't feel like a firehose spraying my insides. There is a warm feeling most often, but maybe that just might be flesh on flesh and the heat of the moment. I do feel the white, thick liquid leaking out my butthole and dripping down on my balls or my legs when he's done, however.

"Can I do you again?" Jamie asked after his first round. Well, of course!

I rolled over on my belly, he mounted me, gently inserting his shaft into my well-lubricated rear entrance, rested his chin on my shoulder, wrapped his arms under my arm pits, and began a slow back and forth stroke, resting just a second in between each. God, what a feeling!

"After you left," he said softly, twisting just a bit for a better lodging and maneuvering in me, sending a shiver clear to my toes, "we looked through the photo album and the box Daddy had with him. There were pictures of him and Momma in high school and pictures of him in college. There were all kinds of ribbons and medals he won in high school and college too. He was really a good runner!" Jamie said proudly, moving his arms and hands so he could lift my hips just a bit for better penetration!

"You know what else?" he asked and he began to pump a little harder.

"No, what else?"

"Daddy says I have three older brothers, but he doubts I'll ever see them since they moved away to Georgia with their mother when she and Daddy divorced and he doesn't think they like him very much!"

"That's too bad!"


He was really beginning to rub my love button on every pass!

"You know what else?" he said.

"No, what?

"Grandpa and Grandma Long, Uncle Buddy, Aunt Hat, Cousin Ed Earl, and Cousin Zach are all coming for Thanksgiving. There's room for everybody to have a bed to sleep in except Zach."

"Where's he going to sleep," I damned near shouted out, feeling his cock going like pistons on the engines of the Five o'clock Limited late for the station!

"I'll - tell-you-in-a-minute," Jamie answered, his voice shaking, matching his rhythm toward his impending orgasm.

He pushed hard, whimpered his delight with each swelling of his cock, emitting more of his baby-makers into me with each throb, much to my delight.

"Whew!" he said, finally finished.

"Okay, where?"

"How about Scotty's house?"

Scotty did have extra rooms; they didn't have any stay over company for the upcoming holiday, and it made sense - sort of! I had a feeling there was more behind this so I asked,

"Why Scotty?"

"I think Scotty and Cousin Zach would like each other," Jamie said assuredly.

"Jamie," I replied almost scolding, "You don't know that; maybe Scotty likes girls and not boys!"

Jamie shook his head, replying confidently, "Nope, he likes boys!"

"How do you know?"

"I watch him, Whit, and he watches boys!"

"Jamie, I've never seen that!"

"That's because you're busy watching me and hoping I'll do this," pushing his prod up my chute again.

"So, how about Zach?"

Jamie tipped my head toward him, grinned and said, "Cousin Zach really, really likes boys!"

I just had to ask; "Is Cousin Zach one of your big-cocked cousins?"

"The biggest!"

Makes sense to me now that I think about it!

Jamie was just about beside himself with excitement, his desire to relay to Scotty, Derrick, and Chris, so great and urgent, in his mind, and well it should it be, of the news of discovering who his real daddy was! The others were dumbfounded, thunderstruck, gob-smacked even, when they heard the news Chief Kraft was Jamie's real daddy. Chris just had to know the details, so Jamie obliged, although I did caution him several times to limit the amount and type of information he divulged. You know, the types of detail other people really didn't need to know. Not that I didn't trust the rest of the Horsemen to keep secrets because they would, but a slip here, a wrong word there might do more damage to someone's reputation than one would realize!

Suffice it to say, Scotty, Derrick, and Chris were just as happy for Jamie and let him know! It pleased Jamie immensely, having the approval and joy of his friends showered on him.

Jamie did have to give me a nudge, reminding me to ask Scotty if Zach could stay at his house during the Thanksgiving break. I explained the Kraft's were going to have a houseful over Thanksgiving and needed a room for Jamie's cousin Zach to stay from Tuesday night, when they arrived, through Saturday night since the family visitors would be departing for home in Missouri on Sunday morning.

"You've got some extra room at your house, don't you Scotty?"

Scotty thought a moment before asking, the question I knew he would, "Is Zach one of your big-cocked cousins, Jamie?'

Jamie just nodded his head up and down vigorously, eyes wide to emphasize his point, expressing the size of his cousin's cock, for Scotty's benefit and consideration as he contemplated the availability of room in his house!

I noticed a flash of quickening of interest in Scotty's eyes and an almost indiscernible smile quirk on his face, as he appeared to be hesitant in answering, "I suppose I could check with my folks to see if it would be okay."

The table was quiet for just a couple of moments, sort of the pregnant pause if you know what I mean, before Scotty quickly added, as if to seize the moment and lay claim to the anticipated guest, "I'm pretty sure it'll be okay, so just plan on it, okay?"

I nodded, Jamie smiled at me as I contemplated Scotty's response, the reaction on his face, however slight, and concluded Jamie was entirely correct; Scotty liked boys too! In all of the years I've known him, spending time at this house, ran with him, showered with him, and was his good friend, I never would've guessed it! I'm certain no one else had either, perhaps one of the other Horsemen, but I doubted it. Of course, I've been wrong many times in my short life, so I could be again. At any rate, I decided we'd just keep it that way, unknown or unsuspected, until the time and place, if ever, Scotty decided to reveal it. It was his business, his life, and his choice; some gay kids just don't feel comfortable coming out of the closet for whatever reason; fear of being ostracized and bullied by fellow students, fear of family, or just plain suffering from the guilt trip certain members or groups in our society inflict on LGBTQ kids. Such a fucking shame!

Jamie, eating his lunch during our conversation, albeit not when he was busy announcing his good news to his friends, held a piece of the meat entrée, stabbed on his fork, in front him, giving it a careful examination before asking, "What's this called?"

"Salisbury Steak," answered Chris, swallowing what he had in his mouth first, "made from some part of a cow."

Jamie continued to ponder the meat, almost studiously, before remarking, "It tastes pretty good! You know what else tastes pretty good?"

"What?" Chris asked, instantly wary, but curious as a cat wondering why Jamie would ask. His previous experiences with Jamie's contemplations of his food often left Chris wondering why he even asked.

"Boiled beef tongue served with mashed potatoes and gravy or pickled tongue in a sandwich."

"God, Jamie," Chris groused, "that comes from a cow's mouth; ever see what they lick with that?"

Jamie merely shrugged, "I don't care, it tastes good; besides you eat eggs don't you?"

"Shit," lamented Chris, "there goes one of my favorite breakfasts."

My recital, along with other students, was scheduled for the Sunday afternoon before Thanksgiving. I don't know who was more excited or nervous than Jamie! He'd never been to a classical music recital before and really didn't quite know what to expect. I tried to explain what it was, how it would be organized, and the type of music performed and, although he nodded he understood, I really don't think he got the entire picture. When I said I had to wear a suit and tie and punch and cookies would be served afterwards in a reception, he looked at me like I was a complete fool, but thought the snack might not be too bad!

There were a number of high school students who performed that day. Jamie, cellphone camera at the ready, his parents, and mine sat right down front in the university's concert hall. He too was dressed in dress pants, long-sleeved shirt and tie, but no sports coat (he confessed later they didn't have time to purchase one and besides, he didn't think he'd feel comfortable in one). Other young people in attendance didn't have suits or sports coats on so he wasn't out of place.

I accompanied Scotty on the piano for his violin solo (Jamie took several pictures), Derrick played his string bass in a string quartet (again, Jamie took pictures), and Chris, playing his set of drums as part of a percussion ensemble, performed a solo during their selection, that was a spectacular, giving his special interpretation to a Latin cadence included in their performance (Jamie again took pictures).

There were violins, violas, woodwinds, flutes, French horns, cellos, and a myriad of other orchestral instruments, either in solo performances or small groups, included in the afternoon concert recital. My performance was near the end, as were several other piano recitals. I walked out on the stage when announced, sat at the piano bench, waited until the audience was completely hushed, and began.

Beethoven's Sonata No. 14 in C-sharp Minor, Op.27, No.2 "Moonlight is a lovely piece, starting slowly, rhythmically, tender, with "Adagio sostenuto," and progressing from there. It is a relatively long piece, approximately fourteen minutes, but a composition I really enjoyed playing, especially today! I was performing this piece for my boyfriend and expressing my feelings, through the music and my interpretations of it, especially for him! I wasn't nervous, overly stressed as I can be sometimes, but instead let the music flow from my memory to my fingers, oblivious to the audience, except for one; concentrating on the music, how it flowed, adding my subtle interpretation to one of the great master composer's work. The difficult part, where I'd strained during previous practices, the "Presto Agitato," presented no difficulty for me; even the frequent flash of his cellphone camera did little to distract me; in fact it spurred me on to try my very best!

The piece ends with a flourish; I stood, stepped forward, took my bow, straightened up in time for another picture, glanced down at Jamie, as he mouthed, "I love you!" and reciprocated with a wink and a smile.

During the reception, Jamie didn't stray far from me or his parents if I stepped away to get us some refreshments. He didn't really feel comfortable in crowds of strangers or unfamiliar situations. Given most people there were strangers, except for Chris, Derrick, and Scotty and their families, and the fact he'd never been to the concert hall or to a recital, it was understandable he remained glued to me, shy and not very talkative! He would, every now and then, lean close to me and tell me what a great job I did, how much he loved to hear me play, and how much he loved me. He just bubbled, complimenting me on my piece; he was so proud of me, I thought he'd pop his tie from his neck. It made me feel so damned good; I'd walk barefoot in the snow on a sub-zero night for him!

I should have picked up on a comment he made, almost off-hand; "We all like music and play sometimes too, at home," but was sidetracked when I saw the other Horsemen coming toward us.

Their presences helped his shyness, when we could sort of break away and gather with the other Horsemen, after they made the polite "thank you" and accepted the congratulations and appreciative remarks from others. Jamie had no idea the other boys all played something and just couldn't say enough expressing how good he felt about their performances and how proud he was to have them for his friends. It was a great day for all of us!

University classes would be dismissed Tuesday, at noon, for the Thanksgiving Holiday, which meant Hamilton Laboratory School would be closed at the same time as well. Our school schedule pretty much followed the University schedule since we are part of it. Jamie's folks and mine gave us permission for him to spend Monday night in a sleepover since, during the holiday, we'd be involved with our own families and probably not see each other much. Of course, we'd chat every night over the phone before bed, but it just wasn't the same.

Tuesday morning, very, very early on Tuesday morning, I woke, on my side, my butt cheeks resting in Jamie's crotch, his arm over my stomach, hand embracing my solid, swollen staff, his lips nibbling my neck, and a certain stiff, thick pole seeking and opening; not that it hadn't found it several times during the night!

Raising my leg, I heard a soft sigh of "thanks" from him and with his free hand, guided that lovely, large instrument home to its own special concert hall where he began a familiar tune; one we'd played before, but never seemed to tire of! Slow, deliberate love-making, striking the right key, wanting to bring to full crescendo the same time he did, Jamie played our song. With a final thrust, cock as deep as he could possibly push it, almost to my belly-button it felt from the inside, he began the last measure at full forte, bringing me with him!

Still spewing in short, swelling, but diminishing bursts, Jamie turned my head, affording him the opportunity to nibble on my lower lip, before engaging me fully in a kiss only lovers can share. Remaining in me, put pulling away from my mouth, Jamie said casually,

"Cousin Zach is going to live with us!"

I was momentarily taken aback wondering what it'd do to our relationship, a relationship well-rooted I thought, but not long in duration since barely two and a half months had elapsed. Would Zach want to fuck Jamie and would Jamie prefer his bigger, fatter, longer cock to mine? After all, they did skinny dip together and who knows what else? Why would Zach stay here? All of a sudden I was the one who felt insecure, perhaps jealous, not Jamie! Was I the one now standing in the doorway of the locker room, gym bag in my hand, tears running down my face, afraid to enter?

Jamie must have suspected something was wrong - I don't know why just because I got suddenly quiet and my hard-on drooped like a draught-inflicted daisy in the hot afternoon sun! There was no reason for me to react this way, worried someone, even a relative would take Jamie away from me, separate us from the love we'd felt for each other, was there?

Pulling free from my rear end, Jamie rolled me over on my back, felt the small tears forming on my cheeks when he softly caressed them, and wrapped his arms around me.

"What's wrong, Whit?" came his nervous, shaky question, fearful, I think, he'd done something wrong!

"Nothing!" I choked out adding, "don't worry about it, I'll be okay!"

He was quiet, although did not release his tight hold on me, finally saying, "Zach is going to go to school here and it'd be cheaper to live with us."

When I said nothing, I heard him say softly to himself, "Oh!" as he thought through how I might feel!

"Oh, Whit," he said with a soft crying sound, "don't worry; Zach and I never did anything 'cause he was always afraid he'd hurt me and said I was special and should save myself for someone just right for me. You'll always be my boyfriend and no one will ever be able to take me away from you; I won't let them!"

I calmed down, reassured as Jamie lay there, resting on top of me, his face and lips and naked body trying to make as intimate contact with me as he could, causing us both to luxuriate in our closeness.

"Momma said," he murmured, "she was going to call your folks, Derrick's, Scotty's, and Chris's and invite them to our house Saturday afternoon to meet Grandpa and Grandma and have a sort of 'Long Family' celebration for our birthdays and the holidays."

I thought it sounded like fun, but there was more; "Do you think you could bring your keyboard and amplifier, Whit?"

"Yeah; did you want me to play something?"

He sort of shrugged, not really answering my question, instead he lifted my legs and took my mind off of the subject!

Did you ever wonder why schools always seem to serve hot lunch on days they dismiss early? Why not just send us home to our own instead of waiting until after lunch to dismiss us? At any rate, we had gravy with chunks of turkey in it over mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, corn, green beans, roll, pumpkin pie, and milk. It was okay, better than many kids get so I really can't complain about it.

Jamie announced at lunch his company should be arriving around suppertime. Scotty thought it'd be a good idea if he came over just after supper to meet Zach and "show him the way to my house, just in case." I wanted to ask "just in case what?" but I didn't! Derrick, Chris, and Scotty all acknowledged their families had been invited over for Saturday, but before we could get into any details, the bell rang, and we were on our way home.

Jamie asked me over for supper so I could meet everyone when they arrived. I think he just wanted to show me off, which he sort of did in his bedroom before we clambered down the stairs for supper. I probably should correct that statement; it was more like "blow" if you know what I mean!

Scotty arrived around 6:30 and still no company from Caudry, Missouri. Scotty's questions concerning Zach were numerous, yet not in any depth. Clearly, he was nervous, almost like a virgin bride on her wedding night after she glimpsed her husband-to-be holding his cock taking a piss in the Uni-sex bathroom or a groom that thought his dick was just for peeing through until, after the marriage ceremony, in the process of consummation of the event, he discovered a whole new meaning to "fits like a glove!" Perhaps that's what Scotty was concerned about; the hand too big for the glove!

Around seven, first one set of headlights, then another, illuminated the garage doors in front of the house. Scotty and I stayed back, behind Jamie, as Art and Ellen Kraft opened the front door and stepped out on the porch to greet their arriving family members.

The two vehicles, one a mini-van and the other a pickup truck with a topper, parked and the doors opened on each. From the van, two couples emerged; the older couple clearly Ellen Kraft's parents, elicited an excited squeal of delight as she almost ran to the open arms of the couple. The other couple, Uncle Buddy (Elroy) and Aunt Hat (Hattie) Long, waited their turns for a warm, welcoming greeting from Ellen and Art.

Emerging from the pickup truck were two young men; the driver, clearly Zach, tall, handsome, and one hell of a stud, not quite like my Jamie, but still pretty impressive. He must have impressed Scotty because, in a barely audible voice, I heard him say breathlessly, "Holy, fucking shit!" The other young man, younger than Zach and resembling him, had to be Ed Earl and was a looker as well. You could see similarities in their looks to Jamie, but Jamie definitely was a Kraft in looks, but a melding of body shape and height to the Long's. Jamie had Art Kraft's eye color, skin tone, hair color, and the leanness Chief Kraft had; however, the Long's weren't very muscular looking either.

Jamie received hugs from all six, with his grandmother when she did, couldn't stop remarking how much he'd grown and how much older he looked. "Must be good food, exercise, and lots of love," she commented with a grin (now I see where Jamie gets the grin).

"Everyone come inside," Ellen urged, "before supper gets cold. You all must be hungry after such a long ride."

As everyone came inside, Jamie took a deep breath, announcing, slowly and carefully to the collected group, "Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Buddy, Aunt Hat, Zach, and Ed Earl, this is my boyfriend, Carlton Whitfield, but he goes by Whit," and gently pulled me forward, obviously very proud! He must have spent and extraordinary amount of time rehearsing that introduction; wanting to get it just right!

I wasn't certain what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised when Grandma Long, gave me a big hug, saying aloud, "My, aren't you the handsome one," and whispered in my ear, "You take good care of our Jamie, now, you hear?"

I smiled, whispering back, "Yes, mam; he means everything to me!"

Everyone else shook my hand, except for Zach, who hugged me tightly saying, "He's our favorite cousin and I'm so happy he found someone like you!"

My introduction complete, Jamie then introduced Scotty. "This is Scotty McFadden," pulling Scotty up next to me, "he's a good friend and runs track with Whit and me," adding proudly, "he's the leader of the Four Horsemen and Pegasus and a really, really great guy," bringing a quick blush and drop of his head from Scotty.

Looking at Zach, Jamie continued, "You'll be staying with him, Zach."

From the way Zach looked at Scotty and the look Scotty returned, evidently hoping "stay" meant "sleep," coupled with the length of time they held hands when they shook, I could only hope they could figure out some way to fit the hand in the glove if what Cousin Zach was reputed to be packing really existed. Knowing Scotty and the way Zach licked his lips, I was confident they'd be able to work something out - or in! If they both didn't look hungry, then fat dogs don't fart after lunch either!

Ed Earl, on the other hand, could have cared less! "He likes girls," Jamie confided softly to me.

"Why don't you boys help Zach and Ed Earl unload the vehicles?" Chief Kraft suggested. "Jamie, you know what rooms their things go, okay?"

Scotty decided he'd help Zach, especially after Zach secured his arm around Scotty's shoulder and led him in the direction of the truck. I'd say they were quite taken with each other since Scotty didn't seem to object, but just kind of snugged himself up against Zach. Jamie, Ed Earl, and I unloaded the van, carrying the luggage upstairs to the bedrooms the adults would sleep in. Along with the luggage, there were several musical instrument cases. From the looks of them they contained a couple of guitars, a banjo, a violin, and a smaller case Jamie told me was his grandmother's mandolin. Those we took downstairs to the family room. As Ed Earl looked around, he thought it was a nice big room and would hold everyone. Mystery to me what he was talking about, perhaps their songfest?

The final trip to the van brought forth a number of brightly wrapped packages. Jamie's grandmother spotted us carrying them and informed us they were for Christmas and "no peeking, you hear?" Jamie giggled and replied he wouldn't, but his mom had us put the presents in her bedroom just in case.

Ed Earl scampered out to help Zach and Scotty unload the rest of the stuff from the pickup truck; well, not really since all he brought in was a suitcase with his clothes in it and a guitar case; both of which went to Jamie's room. Zach and Scotty carried not only a couple of suitcases, but several large boxes, in several trips, upstairs and put them in the room Uncle Buddy and Aunt Hat would use while they were visiting.

"I brought some of the things I'll need once I move in after Christmas," he explained as he and Scotty traipsed up the stairs, each with an armful. Their final trip up the stairs brought forth a banjo case and a smaller case resembling the mandolin case we'd carried in for Jamie's grandmother.

Jamie looked over the instruments, scratching his head in obvious puzzlement, asking Zach, "Where's your guitar?"

"In the truck along with my overnight bag. Scotty said he wouldn't mind if I took it with me to his house."

Scotty and I waited patiently, sipping on sodas Jamie retrieved for us from the family room fridge, while the family finished supper. Jamie and his parents already ate, so they just sat with them and visited. From the sounds of the laughter and friendly banter emanating from the dining room, they were happy to see each other. I overheard Jamie announce how happy he was to learn Art Kraft was his real daddy. It grew quiet for just a moment, until Earl Long, commented,

"And well you should be Jamie; your real daddy is a fine man and will be so good to you and your momma. We are proud of him, your momma, and you, and we all love you so much; although I do miss your help slopping the hogs and milking the cows, but Ed Earl stepped right in and took over!"

They must not live very far from Earl and Violet, I thought, for him to do so.

When supper was over for the visitors, they all retired to the living room to join Scotty and me. Jamie sat next to me on the couch and Zach squeezed in the other side of Scotty, pushing him up tight against me. On the excuse it was a bit crowded, Zach put his arm behind Scotty on the back of the couch. After he did, I sort of sneaked a look down at Scotty's crotch and then to Zach's; Scotty was tented in the front of his jeans and Zach looked like he had a summer sausage snaking down his right thigh inside his jeans. They both were harder than railroad spikes!

The conversation was light, fun, and family oriented. I discovered, listening to them visit, Ellen (Long) Kraft was married before, no children and divorced after her then husband left her for another woman, was from a rather large family. Earl and Violet raised nine children, all boys except for Ellen, the middle child. Eight of the nine were married, save for the youngest, Uncle Jimmy who lived with his partner, "Uncle Roy." Earl and Violet had fifty-three grandchildren and fourteen great-grandchildren. Most if not all of Earl and Violet Long's family live in or within fifty miles of Caudry.

It appeared, from what I could infer, after hearing of Uncle Jimmy and previously hearing Jamie tell of his some of his cousins fucking each other, there just might be, other than Zach and Jamie, others in the family who might prefer sucking a nice hard, velvety cock and breeding the sweet buns of another boy to nursing on a female teat and sticking his prod into a furry, sometimes fishy smelling, pit!

Uncle Buddy and Aunt Hat begat seven children, Zach number six and Ed Earl, number seven, with two older sisters and three older brothers. They also had five grandchildren. Zach would be only one of two of Uncle Buddy's to attend a four year university. The others, Ed Earl being the exception since he was presently a senior in high school, attended a two year community college, tech school, entered the work place, or settled in as a homemaker.

Zach wanted to major in Police Science and minor in music. Central State University's programs in each were excellent, as well as most of their programs. There was some sort of agreement between adjoining states which made tuition affordable for those students who were residents of those states and wanted to attend C.S.U. Uncle Buddy and Aunt Hat weren't wealthy and could ill afford the cost of a college education and had little to contribute financially for Zach, but living with Art and Ellen, along with him working, college was not impossible, albeit it would be tight!

The Long Family was close, happy, well-adjusted, accepting, and protective of each other. Jamie was raised in a warm, loving environment with plenty of relatives around him. Jamie is, according to what I could gather, a very special boy to the entire family and loved by all. Woe be to the person who might malign him or tried to harm him; there'd be a phalanx of Long's to protect him and exact revenge. It was something I vowed to remember well, but also to participate in; I wanted to be not only his protector but his lover and mate!

Jamie was so happy, so animated, open, and talkative, unlike the shy, quiet guy he was around school and others, with the exception of me and the other Horsemen, as he interacted with his family. It made me not want to compete with them for his attention, but be part of them, sharing, welcoming, enjoying, and blessed with it!

Scotty, on the other hand, was unnaturally quiet, compared to the strong, leader he usually was when with the track team or the Horsemen, except, every now and again I felt a small shudder emanate from him and a simultaneous sigh! About the third time it happened, I glanced over and saw Zach's hand, fingers extended, first making contact, with a soft stroking, erotic motion along Scotty's neck and under his ears, shifting to an easy, sensuous wiggle up into his hair!

"Oh, Scotty," I thought to myself observing his accepting and welcoming reaction to each move by Zach, "you're not long for hiding in the world of straights and soon to enter our world of gay boys!"

It grew late and I overheard Scotty say to Zach, "I'd like you to meet my parents before they go to bed," and Zach agreed it was time to depart. He offered to drop me off on the way; we said our goodnights and Jamie walked us out to the truck. Scotty quickly crawled up into the front seat and I, after a hug and a kiss from Jamie, crawled into one of the back seats.

Jamie called early Wednesday morning, apologizing he'd be with his grandparents and the rest of the family all day, which I fully expected, so we decided to get together on Friday, in between one holiday and the festivities planned at the Kraft house on Saturday afternoon. Shortly after he called, as I was headed toward the kitchen to have my breakfast, Scotty called and asked if he could come over; of course, I said yes, and quickly bolted down a glass of juice and a couple of pieces of toast.

He certainly didn't waste any time; I heard a car door slam and a couple of minutes later the doorbell chimed. When I opened to the door to let him in, his back was to me and he was waving goodbye to Zach as he drove away in his truck. Scotty turned back toward me, evidently unaware I was standing there waiting, blushed, and stammered a little before remarking almost apologetically, "Zach gave me a ride!"

Looking closely at him, I thought to myself, "Not quite yet, really, but I don't think it's long in coming!"

Aloud, "Hey; let's go upstairs," and he followed me up to my bedroom. I shut the bedroom door and we sat side-by-side on the bed. Scotty said nothing, evidently not knowing where to start, so I did.

Putting my arm around him, saying quietly, "You want to know some things, don't you, about how Jamie and I feel about each other and what we do?"

He nodded!

"You also want to know what it's like to be openly gay when a lot of people don't think it's right for a boy to love another boy, don't you?"

Again, he nodded, ever so slightly!

"You want to know how a gay boy who's been in the closet, really, really deep in the closet, tells his folks and his best friends he's gay, right?"

Instead of nodding, Scotty wrapped his arms around me, buried his head in the crook of my neck, and sobbed ever so softly in my ear, "Whit, I'm so scared!"

What could I say to my friend, except to relay my own experiences to him? My parents were not surprised when I came out, early I might add, during my sixth grade year, and were very accepting and loving as I now saw Jamie's to be. As far as Scotty's parent's reaction, I couldn't say; he had to trust their love for him! He had an older brother and an older sister, both married and living away from here. His brother took his family with him when he went on sabbatical from an eastern college to study Greek history overseas and his sister taught Economics at a college on the West Coast. It was the year for the family to gather at Christmas here in Jefferson, hence the reason for the extra bedroom for Zach to use. Some siblings, I tried to explain, are very accepting and others are not. I was lucky, mine were!

"I can't say it's easy, Scotty, to come out but it's a decision you have to make; perhaps telling your folks first and then your brother and sister at Christmas. As far as the other Horsemen, the cross country track team, and me, you've seen how they react to Jamie and me, so draw your own conclusions. I think Derrick and Chris wouldn't care either way as long as you remain friends with them! Jamie already figured it out long ago, so don't sweat that!"

Scotty released his embrace, sat back, wiped his eyes, blew his nose, and coughed nervously. "I figured he had."

He fidgeted some more, swallowed hard, and asked hesitantly, "Do you and Jamie - you know…." and made a circle with the thumb and forefinger of one hand and jabbed the forefinger of the other in and out of it.

"Yep; sometimes I'm on the bottom receiving and sometimes I'm on the top giving. If you ask what is my favorite I really like receiving."

Man, did his face turn red then!

"You've got it bad for Zach, don't you, Scotty?"

His smile covered arched from one side of his face to the other; "I think he really likes me too!"

"How do you know?"

"You saw how he touched me at Jamie's didn't you? The minute I did, I got hard as a rock and when I saw the snake in his pants lengthen, I figured he did too."


"Then at home, before we went to bed, I was standing in the hall in my pajamas outside the bathroom waiting for him to come out and when he did, he looked at me, smiled, and said I was the cutest looking fucker he ever laid his eyes on."

"Guess what he did next, Whit?"


"He kissed me, not just a little peck on the cheek, but really kissed me, deep, sticking his tongue in my mouth and tickling the inside of it. While he did that, he reached one hand down inside my p.j.'s, clasped my stiffy, and stroked it a few times."

"What'd you do, for God's sake?" I exclaimed.

"Shot my wad in my britches and all over his hand and had to change out of them and sleep in my underwear."

"Anything else?"

"No, but I really want something else, if you know what I mean," he responded rubbing his crotch.

I gave him the same talk my brother gave me concerning getting my butt crack clean, flushing the rear pipe, lubing everything well, and, before he left, gave him the small tube of ointment to rub on his sphincter muscle to ease the pain my brother had given me.

"Did it hurt?"

"A little going in since Jamie is so big, but once in and going, I'll bet you'll love it as much as I do!"

Friday, Jamie came over after lunch for a couple of hours. I told him of my visit with Scotty and when I enquired about Zach, he shrugged, replying "I haven't seen him since yesterday. He called Aunt Hat this morning and said he had some things to do and would see us before lunch on Saturday."

Jamie wasn't out the door ten minutes before Chris called on my cellphone.

"Whit," he asked cautiously, "should I bring a sandwich or something to the reception tomorrow?"

"What the hell for, Chris?"

"In case they serve something weird, like Jamie always talks about; you know, pickled pig nuts or boiled bull cock or something!"

I reassured him it would be normal food - I hoped!

Mom and Dad and I arrived about a half-hour early to help Ellen and Art Kraft set things up, but they had it pretty well under control. The food and drink table was near the back of their large family room, near the bar and the heavy furniture moved to the sides. A couple of rows of folding chairs were situated in the middle of the room facing the big window and sliding glass doors to the outside patio. On the inside, just in front of the doors, were eight chairs facing the rows of folding chairs.

Jamie showed me where to put my electric keyboard up and the amplifier so people could hear it. He still hadn't said what was going to happen, but I was getting a pretty good idea at this point, but I just didn't know who! Aunt Hat, who just happened to be in the room helping set up the refreshment table, asked if I could show her how to use it. It didn't take much since she acknowledged hers at home was quite similar. She then thanked me for letting her use it.

Derrick and his family arrived and he and his dad carried Derrick's large string bass and bow down to family room as well. My questioning look as they walked by brought a shrug from Derrick and "Jamie just said to bring it; didn't say why!"

Chris and his parents arrived about the same time Scotty and his folks did and Scotty was carrying his violin case. He didn't say anything, but looked at me and smiled! Right behind them came Coach Schroeder and his wife. This was getting to be an interesting crowd for the "whatever."

Jamie, now really grinning, Zach, Ed Earl began hauling instrument cases, opened them, and put three guitars, two banjos, and one mandolin on stands. Jamie winked at me, left and returned with another guitar case and a mandolin case and put them on two chairs up front. His dad carried in an artist's easel with something on it covered in a cloth and set it up in the opposite corner, facing the rows of chairs.

Art Kraft invited us all to sit down and enjoy ourselves. "I think you're in for a special treat this afternoon," he said with a smile, "something we've not done here before but is quite common in Ellen's home area."

Earl Long, carrying his "fiddle" as he preferred to call it, followed by Violet (who sat in the front seat where the other mandolin case was), Scotty carrying is "fiddle," Uncle Buddy, who stepped up to the string base, held it upright and began a nice, low "thump," "thump," as Aunt Hat came in, took her place behind the key board, Jamie, Zach, and Ed Earl. Zach picked up the mandolin, Jamie, banjo, and Ed Earl a guitar. Violet picked up her mandolin and sat on a chair with the group. Aunt Hat hit a couple of notes helping them to tune up.

Earl Long stood, faced us saying, "The Earl Long Family has a tradition of celebrating joyous or any occasion, with music and we have much to celebrate here in Art and Ellen's house this holiday! Sit back and relax and enjoy yourselves."

With that, a couple of "one, two, …" and a tapping of his feet, the group broke out in some of the best toe-tapping country and blue grass music I'd ever heard! Earl announced each song before they began, not only to let the audience know what was coming but also to inform the musicians what they were going to play. They led with "Clinch Mountain Back Step" with Earl on the fiddle leading it, Scotty joined in, along with the rest of the group. From there, to "Lonesome Pine Breakdown" with Zach on the banjo, Scotty on the fiddle, Uncle Buddy on the bass, and Jamie playing guitar.

By the time they started "CNR Special" with Zach and Jamie doing the vocal, I was completely gob smacked! I had no idea Jamie could play guitar and banjo, as well as perform all of these songs. I should have known, he grew up with music, I just didn't tumble to what he was telling me!

The boys took kind of a break when Earl and Violet played and sang, "I'll Roll in my Sweet Baby's Arms," but picked it right up when Jamie took the lead in "Weeping Willow" joined by Ed Earl and Zach. The last note hardly died and Ed Earl began "Blue Yodel." With Scotty on the fiddle and Zach on the guitar, Jamie sang out in "Six White Horses" along with playing. And so the music continued for almost an hour and a half before Earl announced a Jamie and Ellen had a song or two they wanted to do.

Jamie stood, guitar in hand, his mother sat, her guitar secured in her hands and lap, and with Ellen looking at Art and Jamie looking at me, they sang "No One's Gonna Love You Like Me" from "Brokeback Mountain©." Talk about tears in my eyes!

Not to be outdone, Zach playing and vocal and Jamie playing and vocal as well, stepped up, backed up by Earl, Uncle Buddy, Ellen, Ed Earl, and Aunt Hat, and added "I'll Never Let You Go," from the same movie. Every now and then, during the singing, Zach would turn and look at Scotty and Scotty's face would turn red!

Ed Earl, on guitar, picked up from there with "I Don't Love Nobody," with Jamie on the banjo, and the rest doing backup. Jamie then leaped in with Zach on "Twin Banjo Special" each of them on the banjo. Banjo's down, guitars up, all three boys with Jamie in the lead performed "Flop-Eared Mule."

During most of the songs performed Earl, Violet, Uncle Buddy, and Aunt Hat played as well. It seemed as if the music never really quit, except when they laughed before starting another one or when Earl said, "You take the lead in this one," and pointed at one of the group. God, it was so much fun! The time just seemed to fly by, until Earl finally said, "We like to do a few Gospels and Hymns as well, so here we go."

Violet on mandolin, along with Ed Earl and Jamie also playing guitar, sang "When I Lay My Burden Down;" Earl and Violet with Scotty doing the violin piece, sand "Angel Band," followed by "Who Will Sing For Me" and "Take My Hand Precious Lord" sung and played by Ed Earl, Jamie, and Zach. The group probably played a dozen or so before Earl announced,

"I usually like to close with a favorite of mind, it's an old, old song, and says goodbye to a fiddler, it's called, 'Ashokan Farewell'" and began one of the most moving fiddle pieces I've ever heard. Earl started on the fiddle playing the haunting melody solo, joined by first Jamie on guitar, Uncle Buddy on bass using the bow, Zach on a guitar, then Scotty on fiddle, and Ed Earl on guitar, Violet, Ellen, and Aunt Hat joined to complete the assembled musicians rendering their best to a beautiful song! It's a piece I'll never forget!

As the music died, we all clapped, and stopped when Art Kraft and Ellen stepped forward, announcing, "Before we head to the refreshment table, Jamie has something special to give to Coach Schroeder."

Jamie stepped over to the covered easel, saying slowly and deliberately as he does when he really wants to get it right, "Coach Schroeder, you made me feel welcome and my friends, the Four Horsemen did too. I'd like to give you for your office a picture I drew of my favorite runners," and pulled the cover off of the easel, revealing his graphite drawing of the Scotty, Derrick, Chris, and me running. It was the picture I'd seen in his room a couple of months ago and was perfect in every detail.

Coach Schroeder stepped forward, gave Jamie a big hug, thanked him, and said, "Jamie Long, from the day I heard you were coming, all I could hope for was you'd be able to run like my friend, your daddy did when he was in college. You haven't disappointed me or him since."

What a Saturday afternoon!

Ellen and Art served barbeque sandwiches, potato salad, a fruit salad, and fresh veggies with dip, lemon bars and cake for dessert, along with various drinks. Sorry, Chris, no pickled pig nuts!

The Literary works of Nicholas Hall are protected by the copyright laws of the United States of America and are the property of the author.

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