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Parker's Love

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 10

The next several days were going to be extremely busy preparing for company, making the necessary adjustments to the house to accommodate Jed's disability, and planting some garden. Jonathon and Martin would occupy the spare bedroom, while Roseanne and Jacob and Adele and Ted would be comfortable in Roseanne's motor home. In order to save their gasoline and not use it on their built-in generator, I'd fire up our back-up generator we used for the house to provide additional power, if needed. Whenever I hosted a family get-together, I used it to provide power to those who didn't have their own generators. My solar system was more than adequate for our own power needs, but inadequate for very large gatherings.

Jed and I installed the handrails in the bathroom and one near his bed and surveyed the house for the need of any additional ones. We agreed we needed to strengthen the one leading to the basement and on the steps entering the porch. As Jed put it so delicately, "more for your benefit, Dad, than mine; wouldn't want you to take a tumble at your age, you know."

The weather remained nice, so our next chore was planting garden. The more we could get in the ground now, the less to do later; besides, my sisters would jab and tease if I had no garden planted when they arrived. I'd have to expand my plantings, now I had a teenage son to feed as well.

Instructing Jed how to operate the walk-behind, rear-tined garden tiller and showing him how, I turned him loose in the large, fenced garden area, cautioning him not to till up the asparagus and rhubarb beds. While he did that, I gathered up garden seeds, rakes, hoes, string lines for marking rows, and sticks to mark the rows. Our garden would include green beans, squash, carrots, spinach, lettuce, turnips, rutabagas, potatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, and several varieties of summer squash. As the weather warmed and all danger of frost was past, we'd go to the greenhouse and seed store in town to pick up tomatoes and pepper plants for planting.

Watching Jed work, running the tiller, turning over the soil, preparing a planting bed for our seed, I could see he enjoyed gardening as much as Grant used to. Grant and my mother would spend hours planning what would be planted in her garden and in ours.

The area at our house Grant and I chose for the garden was situated in an open, brightly sunlit patch of level ground, free of trees and shrubs. It was to be a large garden and hadn't been tilled before, so we hired the young man from the seed and feed store to come out with his tractor and plow it for us. When we pointed out the area we wanted plowed, he commented, "You guys must have a big family." We explained there was just the two of us and we liked to garden. Besides, we assured him, what we didn't use we planned to share with those who didn't have a garden and wanted fresh produce. There were several elderly individuals and couples in the area who would appreciate the fresh produce and it would help supplement their fixed incomes with the free gifts of food products from us.

The young man couldn't have been more than twenty-two or twenty-three years old and was quite handsome, a nice smile, well built, and a most pleasant personality. He looked at the two of us standing there, smiled, and said, "Oh, in that case, let's do it right. If you're really going to garden, why don't we haul in a few loads of manure to give the garden a good start and help add some tilth to the soil before I plow it This sandy soil needs some humus or what you would call, 'organic material' added to it to grow things well and help hold the moisture. You might consider adding an irrigation system by piping water from the lake and pumping it here with a gasoline pump. We have everything you might need at the store, except I can get the manure from a couple of farmers I know much cheaper."

He seemed quite knowledgeable concerning gardening and, as we questioned him further, we discovered he had a degree in Horticulture but because of the economic downturn and his desire to remain in the north, worked for his father, the owner of the feed and seed store in town. The store had a small greenhouse attached and an additional temporary one in the spring to accommodate the needs of the summer people who loved to plant flowers and other items. Those plants they so laboriously tended over the summer, generally froze out over the winter, so the people returned every spring to replant and start the cycle over. It was his hope, if all went well when his parents retired, he could buy the business from them and expand the greenhouse, plus add to the variety of seeds and other merchandise the store carried.

Grant and I liked him immediately; he was intelligent, well-educated, cultured, and his personality was bubbly, likeable, ambitious and, if we weren't wrong, just as bent as we were. We ventured a guess he wasn't currently or had ever been in a relationship, but we've been wrong many times in life. Adam Henderson would prove to be a dear friend and companion to us over the years.

Adam measured the garden space and informed us if we ever wanted anything to mature in the garden we'd have to deer proof it with an eight foot high wire fence. He calculated the costs, ordered the material from his Dad's store, and promised to help us install the fence – on his own time, if we'd supply the beer and eats. He spread the manure on the plot, plowed it, and with the help of a walk-behind garden tiller we purchased from his Dad's store, pulverized the soil into a friable, ready to plant, garden bed.

He suggested metal posts for the fencing, but we opted for cedar posts in order to keep the woodland ambiance to our home site. Grant wanted to keep the natural look, as much as possible, to our garden. The spring term at the university was over and Grant had two weeks' vacation time, so we had the time to work. Adam delivered the materials for the fence and announced he'd taken a few days off from work to help. I suppose his father didn't object considering the size of the bill for the fencing, seeds, garden tiller, and other equipment we purchased. We also bought a garden tractor/lawn mower at the same time. I fused over the costs of everything and the possible drain on our resources, but Grant just scoffed at me, knowing full well any draw on our financial resources would be small compared to our income and investments.

The day we chose to install the fence was hot, muggy, and unusual for this time of year, not really conducive to hard work, but we knew we had to get it done before our vacation ended. The weather forecast predicted no rain, but continued hot. Adam arrived with a stranger in tow, younger than but just as handsome as he.

"This is my friend Bill. He's going to help us, if that's alright with you guys?"

Of course it was just fine with us, especially when Bill tossed a shy glance at Adam and smiled. Grant and I knew there were two more lovely young men in our little flock of refuge seekers. We were wrong, Adam was attached and it seemed to us, quite happy in that attachment. It would appear, our cabin and environs were becoming a place of seclusion, of safety and freedom for the gays in the north. That was fine with us; everyone needs a safe place to be what they are. We both knew only too well what non-acceptance, bigotry, and fear of discovery were like and we vowed to provide a place for young men such as Adam and Bill, John and Lee, and my nephew Jon and his partner Marty, to retreat to and be themselves, loving each other as only lovers can in an uninhibited environment.

By midmorning we were about done and the sun was getting hotter. We kept at it until lunch, took a break, and resumed our fence building. Around four o'clock we, collectively, decided it would take another day to finish the job, so I called a halt to the construction so we could cool off in the lake and enjoy an afternoon cocktail afterwards.

Bill and Adam raced toward the lake, shucking their clothes once at the dock, and jumping in bare-assed naked. Grant and I wandered up to the house, left our clothes, gathered towels for the four of us, and strolled back down to the lake just as deliciously naked as Adam and Bill were. Approaching the dock, we observed Bill and Adam standing in waist deep water facing out toward the main body of the lake. Adam was tight to Bill's back, clasping him tightly by the waist and chest, while ripples in concentric circles waved out from them caused by Adam's rhythmic pumping of his turgid cock in and out of Bills accepting rear portal. The faster he pushed and pulled the closer and faster the waves formed and rippled away.

Completely unaware of our presence, so involved in their sexual ecstasy were they, until Grant, unable to stifle it in time, sneezed. Adam cried a panicky "Oh shit!" and pulled out, spinning around, just as I started to admonish, "Don't pull out too…..

Bill was equally surprised, not only by Adam's sudden departure, but embarrassed once he saw the two of us standing there smiling. As he stood there, his eyes widened, his mouth formed an "O" as he realized what was happening to his anal ring and lower bowel. Frantically, he shouted, "Get the hell out of the way," and with his butt cheeks clenched tight, waddled out of the lake and headed for the nearby bushes.

The results of his lake water enema rocketing out of his ass, thundering in watery, noisy farts, as he moaned in distress and surprise, brought peals of laughter from Grant and I and a strange look from Adam since he wondered what in the world was wrong with his partner, thinking something was radically wrong and perhaps, just perhaps, his dick was the cause of it. Adam, reacting as a lover would, started out of the water to come to Bill's assistance. As he walked toward shallower water, revealing his lower torso, we looked at each other and at Adam. Flopping as he walked, was an excellent example of what might be termed, "much above average;" of sufficient size and girth to open Bill to the extent of taking on larger quantities of lake water than I when Grant and I was interrupted by Jon and Marty.

Starting toward the bushes, Bill met him as he emerged, gave Adam's cock a tug, scowled at the Grant and me laughing at him, and muttered, "It's not funny," and waded into the lake to rinse himself off. Adam was still confused concerning what had caused his lover's distress and remarks to us.

"I tried warning Adam not to pull out too quickly," I chortled at Bill, "but he was too fast, pulling out faster than he was pushing in."

As Bill rinsed, Adam joined him, of course, to offer moral support and help rinse off anything which might remain in front and back, Grant and I told them our story and we all had a good laugh. Grant and I decided we'd just rinse off on the other side of the dock, away from what might be remaining from Bill's "accident."

The four of us walked back to the house for cocktails and snacks, drying each other as we walked. We sat on the porch, drinking, visiting, and laughing, still naked, until I announced it was time to dress for dinner. Bill scooted over onto Adam's lap by that time and from the looks of Adam's rigid appendage now sticking up between Bill's thighs, I was amazed it would fit where Bill evidently so often accommodated it.

I grilled rib eye steaks for us that evening and we had a wonderful time. Adam and Bill spent the night in the spare room and from the sounds emanating from the bedroom; they continued and continued and continued where they left off in the lake after being interrupted. There were two tired, but very happy, young men greeting us at the breakfast table the next morning.

After breakfast, we finished the fence, loaded up the equipment Adam brought with him, thanked him and Bill, gave them a hug goodbye, and invited them out anytime.

Jed finished the tilling so he and I planted everything except the potted vegetable plants we'd buy after the danger of frost was past.

"Where will we find plants around here?" he asked.

"At B & A's Feed, Seed, and Greenhouse in town; Bill and Adam are two family friends and were two of Grant's pallbearers. You'll love them when you meet them." I hesitated about telling him the entire story, so I left out the episode in the lake and their romping in the bedroom.

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