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The Boys of Nodaway Ridge

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 7

"The friendships of the world are oft confederacies in vice or pleasure." – (Addison)

I woke during the late night, that time just before dawn when it's too early to get up and too late to stay in bed, causing the awakening soul to ponder the day's or life's problems, seeking solutions, with Frank snugged up against me, holding me tight, our bare skin touching, warming our bodies and our hearts. Sound asleep, Frank nuzzled my neck, kissed me lightly, sighed in quiet contentment and pulled me even closer. Frank was incomplete without me and I without him!

Hearing a slight moan of pleasure, I cautiously peered over Frank's shoulder and sighted Sam with his butt thrust slightly higher than the rest of his body and Micah stretched across his back, sliding his prodigious pole slowly in and out of Sam's willing and eager rear receptacle. Both were enjoying the experience and not in any hurry to climax and end it all. Sam would push back and clench his butt muscles while using his anal ring and bowel to milk and stimulate as Micah pushed forward, extending Micah's reach deeper and deeper.

Frank often joked about "doing" this guy or that one, but would never really without my consent and participation. The only other person he and I ever "did" was Sammy and from what I could see through the darkness of the tent and emanating from their lips, that came to an end when Sam met Micah and that was great for both of them. There was hardly a time when you didn't seen one without the other. I'm certain there were members of our community and school that made snide and unkind remarks about the "white boy and his black lover" or even more derogatory terms, but I figured that was their problem and so did Micah and Sam.

I lay there, my lover's arms wrapped around me, content with being with him, enjoying his presence, his warmth, the soft, sweet fragrance of him, but most of all, willing to spend my life with him. The idea for "Nodaway Ridge Shares" was Frank's and no matter what effort it took on my part, I'd help him and Nodaway Ridge bring it to fruition. If it continued the way it was starting, it would do everyone in the community a great deal of good, both for those who received and those who gave.

When we moved back to Nodaway Ridge, both Frank and I were tired of the city and the frantic pace of life that existed there. It wasn't, however, for that reason alone; no, Mom was all alone and although she never said, it was difficult for her to care for the house and farm now that Grandma and Grandpa were gone.

The year both of them died was a difficult one for me; they were more than grandparents. Grandpa served as a surrogate father and Grandma provided the rock which we anchored to. Grandpa passed away first. It was as if Grandma couldn't exist without him and six months later, we laid her to rest beside him at the little church on the hill where Pastor Tolliver preached for so many years.

We moved back home and moved into the home place with Momma. She kept her old room and Frank and I occupied my old bedroom. I opened my law office and Frank, a certified public accountant, worked out of there also doing taxes, business and personal accounting, and other bits and dabs as the market and community demanded. As an avocation, we both worked on "Nodaway Ridge Shares." After that first meeting and our fishing trip that night so many years before, NRS really began to take shape and grow, serving the community as it was intended.

The next morning, when Frank and I, Sam, Micah, Max, Eddie, Norm, and Ken showed up behind Maude's Café with our ice chests full of nice, fat, dressed, and ready for the freezer catfish, all she could do was cluck her tongue, "My, my, boys, what a treat some people in Nodaway Ridge are going to have because of you!"

We all beamed, with more smiles on our faces than one would see at a "Happy Hard-on Convention" being held at a nudist camp. The compliment and thanks for our gift of fresh fish was accepted by us, giving us more incentive to do more. Whether what we did was legal was never brought up and never would be. There are times in life, when someone is hungry or the family is wanting, the rules just have to be bent just a little!

In the last few weeks before school was out for the summer, Mom located three super markets in Central City willing to part with their produce that passed their shelf life, if we picked it up. There was still plenty of usable fruit and vegetables in the mix; we'd just have to sort it out. What we couldn't use would become fodder for animals. Gary Raasch, from the Legion, heard from a trucker, a wholesaler in Keosauqua sometimes had "broken loads" and would let us know so we could sort through and find those items we could use. Up until the formation of "Nodaway Ridge Shares," most of the damaged goods would either be carted off to the land fill or resold, if possible, to dealers who would reprocess them into animal food or compost. We'd have broken cases of canned goods, pasta, rice, beans, and items shipped in bulk to add to our "Nodaway Ridge Shares" pantry. I'm certain some cases were never really "damaged" but once it was learned where the food stuffs were going, more seemed to come our way. It was hard work, but we loved it! I loved it because Frank did and I loved Frank!

It must've been toward the middle of June when Micah announced he'd be moving to Nodaway Ridge to what used to be his grandparents farm. The rest of the Boys volunteered to help with move. We brought our pickup trucks, loaded what few personal items and furniture the family had and hauled it to the Goodman farm. The house already was furnished, but everything needed cleaning and airing out before we could move things in. Mom and Frank's mom, Winnie, gathered some of the neighbors together and they pitched in to help Abby clean the house and ready it for the move. The three bedroom house was adequate for her family, but it was obvious the Goodman's did little in maintenance to the house in the past few years or in the appearance of the property. The outbuildings and fences were in need of repair, but all was salvageable and could be put back to use with minor repairs and hard work.

Micah was apologetic for the condition of the bedroom he'd share with his younger brother, Lamar, but Frank, speaking for all of us, piped up, "Hey, no sweat; we can take a day, clean the room, paint it, and make it just like new. We could even scrounge some posters to tack up on the walls."

"That'd be nice," Micah responded thankfully, "maybe some picture of you guys would be nice too."

"I think so too," Frank said enthusiastically, too enthusiastically, I thought, "maybe a shot of Max playing Eddie's musical instrument while he fingered his asshole or Ken stuffed up Norm's butt. I think the clenched ass-cheeks on Ken as he fired a couple of rounds up the rifle range really made the photo come to life. We could put them on the wall facing your bed so you'd have something to help you 'rise to the occasion' each morning."

That's all it took; we all pounced on Frank and was in the process of stripping him naked and tossing him out in the yard, when someone coughed; a rather loud and deep cough, bringing our antics to a screeching halt!

A young man, older than Micah, but the same color and slightly taller, but more mature, stood in the bedroom door, smiling, white teeth shining like the stars on a clear night.

"Problems, boys?" he inquired.

God, I hoped he hadn't heard what Frank was saying, but the way his eyes twinkled, I'd be willing to bet my left testicle he did.

We stopped, Frank sprang to his feet, pulled his shorts and pants up over his flopping phallus, while Micah quickly answered, "No, we're just fooling around, Alex."

"Sounds to me like the 'foolin' around was done before now," Alex mused aloud.

Shit, he did hear!

"This is my oldest brother, Alexander," Micah continued, "He's going to stay with us until he can find some work. He lived in the Quad Cities until he got laid off."

There's not much work around here, I thought to myself, so what the hell is he going to do? I wondered if he was equipped like Micah, so I sneaked a glance at his crotch while everyone introduced themselves to him and noticed, with satisfaction, the tapered tube snaked tight against his inner right thigh. Isn't genetics wonderful? I looked about and discovered I wasn't the only one copping a quick look. Did you ever wonder how any guy with a really big dick can get a hard-on without passing out? I mean, you'd think all the blood would rush from his head to his cock and BOOM, down he'd fall!

Alex must have seen the puzzlement in my face so he explained his lack of work and presence in Nodaway Ridge. "I worked for the city transportation department as a bus driver and as ridership decreased, they began laying off drivers and cutting routes. I hope I can get a job driving school bus; Mom said they usually are seeking new drivers each fall before school starts. My experience should count for something, and besides, I have my CDL already. It won't be as much income, but think with living at home I can make it O.K. It'll also give Mom some help around the farm.

"Married?" asked Frank with a lilt in his voice while batting his eyes at Alex. That damned Frank, leave it to him to start sorting people out!

"No," Alex responded in kind, "you?"

Frank smiled back, answering, "No," and putting his arm around me, said, "But I'm already taken so you're out of luck, Big Fella."

Alex nodded his head, smiled at me, saying, "Good choice," waved goodbye to us and left to continue helping his mom and the others with cleaning and rearranging furniture.

"Jesus, Frank," I snorted. "What the hell did you do that for?"

Micah giggled, "Don't get your balls all twisted together, Nate. Alex is one of the 'boys' only a little older. He had a boyfriend in the Quad Cities, an older fellow, maybe fifty or so, but he died of a heart attack."

"Do I dare ask where?" Frank asked, wagging his eyebrows erotically.

I smacked him on the shoulder as an admonishment to stow it, and we all trooped out to finish the move.

Within the week, the "Boys" had Micah and family moved into the house and situated. It didn't take us long to paint Micah's bedroom and find some appropriate posters, the kind his mother would approve of, for the walls and class pictures of everyone, except Frank and me, for his dresser. The picture we gave him was of us had our arms around each other, smiling at the camera, on my sixteenth birthday. That was the day we pledged to each other our hearts and lives and knew, from then on, there'd be no one else to slip between us.

Friday night, Frank spent all night with me. We were going out to Mr. Hanson's in the morning and help him with laundry and house cleaning and, if we knew him as we did, a bath. He never made any advances toward us, but always said it was nice to have a young man bathe him and pamper him, just a little. Of course, that'd didn't stop him from throwing a full scale erection!

Frank and I were butt to crotch; Frank resting stiffly deep inside me, still throbbing, his fat prick head expanding, contracting, expanding, and contracting each time a surge of his warm, thick, ropey semen flitted out of it into my gut, slicking me, bringing a happy sigh from me, knowing my lover was leaving me truly and royally fucked!

His arms were under my arm pits and back over my shoulders, his lips caressing my neck, my ears, and cheeks as he continued to do a slow and sensuous fuck coming down from his orgasm. Most times I was able to shoot a load at the same time without touching myself or having Frank jack on my crank, but not tonight – my mind was too preoccupied!

Frank, sensing something was wrong, stopped pushing, burying himself as deep in me as he could and whispered, "What's the matter, my sweet love?"

I shrugged, unwilling to spoil his enjoyment, so I just remained quiet.

He pulled out, gently maneuvered me to my back, and stretched his warm chest across mine, locking one leg over mine, his still stiff cock massaging my thigh, and gave me a soft, affectionate kiss on my lips. "I know better," he confided. "I know you too well; now spill it and I don't mean your seed."

"Frank," I said softly, pulling his head and face close to mine, "you and I have each other; Micah and Sam have each other too, but Mr. Hanson has no one! If we didn't stop in once a week to check on him, he'd have no other gay guys to talk to. How sad can that be, growing old in a community, unable to express your love for someone, even in private?"

Frank moved his head to my chest, slid his hand down my stomach, twitched his fingers around in my pubic hairs, drawing them together in little concentric mounds, then stretching them to peaks with his fingers; stopped, reached farther down and began teasing my balls lightly with feathery touches from the very tips of his fingers, and finally wrapped his hand around my pulsating penis. It was a natural and loving act he was performing as he seemed to be thinking about my problem.

Stroking up and down slowing, bringing to surface a dab of pre-cum from my one-eyed marvel, which he licked off his fingers with his tongue before continuing, stopped in mid-stroke, raised his head, kissed me, and announced, "We're going to ask Alex Robertson to go with us in the morning," and leaned back over, maneuvered his head to my crotch, wrapped his warm, wet lips around my cock, and within a few minutes brought me off! God, I love this guy!

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