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The Cajun Wolf - Murder Most Foul

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 6

Copyright © 2019 – Nicholas Hall

"For every man the world is as fresh as it was at the first day, and as full of untold novelties for him who has the eyes to see them."
(Thomas Huxley)

Chase, Henri, and Jacques dressed and thundered down the stairs, heading for the kitchen following a most wonderful, ambrosial smell drifting throughout the house. The air was loaded with the sweet smell of baking bread, the faintly iron scent of meat cooking, the soft, tangy aroma of cheese melting, and the slight acid odor of tomato sauce. Chase thought he caught the earthy fragrance of mushrooms as well, all mixed with a bouquet of spices, the most prevalent oregano.

"Pizza!" screeched Jacques, excited and hungry after their swim. "YUM!"

"Be about twenty minutes," Evan announced. "It's homemade, so I hope you like it."

Homemade pizza was a favorite of Eric and Evans' and Evan fixed it for them about once a month. From the boy's initial reaction, he thought it might be more often now.

"I made two large ones. They're my extra heavy on the meat special."

Shooing them from the kitchen, he scolded in jest, "Go haunt Uncle Eric or explore around outside. Watch out for wild critters," and laughed.

"Ha, yourself," mocked Henri. "Be careful Uncle Evan or I won't let you pet me," he continued with a grin and a shift of his hips.

Evan declared to Eric, who came from his office area, as Henri stepped out on the deck to join his brothers, he'd probably be the trickster, the most mischievous, and probably the one who'd quickly bring some levity to serious situations or a smile to his brother's faces and to them as well.

Chase, leading the others, began a slow walk around the perimeter of the clearing where the house, a three car garage, storage shed, and a couple of small outbuildings were located, The three of them, noses in the air, although Jacques didn't quite have the same sensory powers as his older brothers since he hadn't shifted yet, eyes alert, seeing, smelling, hearing everything around them. Their caution, their wariness, came with instinct and lessons well learned. Danger lurked and appeared when one wasn't alert, ready at any sound, sight, or smell. This was new territory for them and they were wary, yet not afraid. There were some familiar scents, similar to ones back home and some were unfamiliar. A feline smell, musky, distasteful to them, was detected. Perhaps a panther, Chase thought, such as they had in the bayous, but the scent was different; perhaps a smaller animal. This was confirmed when Henri spotted and pointed out a small print in soft mud. It was larger than a house cat, but not large enough to present any danger to them.

The strong scent of bear was prevalent in the air. A pile of bear shit confirmed it. They'd wandered around the house, over the drive, to the other side of the residence, and were making the approach toward the deck, when they heard Evan call them announcing the pizza was done and it was time to eat.

"I have enough milk on hand for tonight," Eric announced, perusing the open refrigerator, "but not enough for breakfast in the morning, so we'll go to the 'Pelican' to eat instead."

"We usually do anyway," Evan added, winking at the boys.

"I hope that's a café preparing food for us so I don't have to pluck a bird," Henri lamented, whimsical.

"It's not polite to swear at the table," Jacques scolded, a mocking distain in the tone of his voice.

"I said 'pluck,' so get your mind out of the gutter."

"Oh, I do apologize dear brother," Jacques snickered, "besides you always seem to gag on feathers. Just can't get the hang of how to undress a bird after he catches it- which, I might add, is seldom. Henri forgets they fly and he can't."

"I'll give you the bird," snorted Henri, putting his hand under the table and extending the middle finger at his younger brother.

It didn't go unnoticed by Eric and Evan. "Careful," Evan advised, "or something might perch on that you'll have to wash your hands again before you eat."

"I'm hungry," announced Chase, reaching for the pizza, bringing the verbal exchange to a halt. Henri and Jacques decided they were too and reached for the pizza as well.

"Man, what's in this pizza?" Jacques exclaimed, smacking his lips in delight, before taking another bite of the piece he held in his hands.

"The meat tastes like beef burger, some sausage, and a couple of others I can't identify," pondered Chase, equally delighted by the dish.

"There are, as you surmised," Evan explained, "ground beef and pork sausage on the pizza. I also put in a pound of ground moose and a pound of ground lamb."

"Moose!" exclaimed Jacques, his eyes large and face filled with amazement. "You mean those big, humongous critters with the large antlers and long fat noses I see in pictures in the nature magazines? They're always standing in the water, but I thought we saw one on the way up here. I can't be certain 'cause it was night and I was tired."

"Right you are," clarified Eric, "The moose came from a friend of ours with a license to shoot one last year. He gave us several pounds of ground meat, several roasts, and several large steaks. Good isn't it?"

The boys each reached for another piece of pizza, giving their approval and agreement.

Between swallows, Henri giggled, "A critter that big must have a huge pecker. You know, instead of 'hung like a horse', it'd be 'hung like a moose.'"

"Bet it's not as big as Chase's," Jacques commented, bragging up his big brother.

Eric and Evan were going to respond, since they'd never seen a moose cock, but definitely had an excellent view of Chase's substantial man-meat when he went swimming. Chase changed the subject, wanting to know if Evan could thaw a moose roast and, rather than cook it, let them try it raw. Evan assured him it'd be no problem.

"Better to taste something first before you hunt it. If you don't like it, then why kill it unless you're really, really hungry," Evan advised the boys.

"How about the lamb?" Henri asked. "I hope the little girl didn't cry too long."

"What little girl?" puzzled Evan. "The lamb came from the super market in International Falls."

"Whew," Henri said with relief, "I feared Ms. Peep would still be in tears," and continued munching away.

Eric shook his head, Evan's mouth snapped shut stemming any further comment, and Henri just ate. Chase and Jacques also refused to take the bait. This wasn't their first encounter with Henri's humor, dry or otherwise.

The men were pleased the boys were relaxed and engaging in teen age banter; seemingly so comfortable and uninhibited in the presence of their presence. The pizza, now totally destroyed and ingested, Chase stood, reminding his brothers, it was time to clean up. It took Eric by surprise since when Evan cooked, he usually did the cleanup. He thought it only fair. He held his tongue however, times were changing and Evan and he had to change with it. Old habits sometimes die hard, but they'd manage. Who wouldn't with three healthy, helpful, and handsome young men living with them?

"Where do I put the garbage, Uncle Eric?" Jacques asked.

"In the garage so the bear won't get to it. We put it out near the road on garbage truck day."


"Does a bear shit in the woods?" Evan asked facetiously.

"I hate to disappoint you, Uncle Evan," Henri said seriously, tilting his head to emphasize his concern, "but this bear, the garbage gobbler, shits in your yard."

"Yeah," chortled Jacques, picking up on where this conversation was going, nodding his head just as expressively, "a great big pile," his hands indicating a pile the size of a saucer, "this big and it really stinks."

"Worse than wolf shit?" Evan inquired, feigning glibness.

"Let's not go there, Uncle Evan," Chase admonished, "you haven't been around when Mr. Stinky," pointing at Henri, "drops a human load in the bathroom."

"Hey, not fair," Henri responded indignantly.

"It's true," Jacques confirmed, holding his nose and waving away imaginary fumes.

"What time does this bear show up?" Chase asked.

He was informed the bear usually appeared just as it was getting dark, lumbering out of the woods like he owned the place. Really pisses Evan off! Chase and Henri took the garbage out to the garage, put it in the can, and then placed the can outside. As Eric and Evan watched, Chase and Henri stripped and shifted.

"God, those boys are hung," commented Evan.

"Yeah, it's a heredity family trait," smirked Eric.

"Smart ass!"

The two young wolves proceeded to mark their territory, pissing on bushes, the garbage can, the side of the garage, and on various trees around the perimeter of the clearing. Forest creatures, by the scent trail Chase and Henri left, would know there were wolves in the area and those wolves declared this was their territory. Trespassers beware! They then settled down, concealed under the low branches of a pine tree on the clearing edge, where they had a view of the can and the clearing.

As dusk begin sinking into dark as the sun descended behind the trees, a large black bear poked its head out of the woods a short distance from them. It lifted its head up in the air, nose picking up the scent of wolves. There was too much of it to locate them, but the critter knew they'd definitely been there. First one, then another tentative step, with a slow walk toward the inviting delights in the garbage can, the bear, stopping now and again to check for danger, finally made it to the garbage can. So intent was it on getting at the contents, the bear never heard the two wolves creep up on it. It did feel their presence when Chase bit one fat butt cheek and Henri, glommed on to the other. The bear roared, jumped forward knocking over the can, adding to the noise, frightening it even more, and with its ass tucked down, galloped toward the safety of the woods, never looking back, just determined to preserve its ass or whatever else the attacker wanted.

Chase and Henri shifted back, carried their clothes back to the house, and joined in the laughter.

"I think your bear problems are over, Uncle Eric and Uncle Evan," Chase declared, yawning. "Man, it's just dark out and I'm tired."

"It's the north country summer. We have longer daylight hours in the summer and shorter daylight hours in the winter," Eric explained.

Chase settled into his new bed, deciding the hours of daylight would take some time to adjust to, but the comfort of the double bed wouldn't. There were new noises, new smells in the new house Chase would have to adjust to as well. His sharp ears could pick up the steady breathing of Henri and Jacques in their separate rooms, the snoring of one of his new guardians in their bedroom downstairs, the hoot of an owl somewhere in the distance, and the sharp, high bark of a fox encountering their wolf scent in the yard.

The one particular item he wouldn't have to become accustomed to protruding from his crotch was increasing in length and girth, creeping closer to the middle of his stomach as he thought of the seemingly casual nudity his new friends had, wondering if the rest of the Averill Creek Pack was the same. With his encounter with Jessie, Tyler, Jase, Mike, Chad, Rick, and Robbie, he had plenty of nice long, thick cocks to view. Watching Rick and Robbie copulating earlier in the day and the plugging of Jessie's love chute by Tyler and Jase in the lake brought his hands to his crotch where he fondled his large ball sac, hefting it, rolling his nuts around in the smooth-skinned skin of his scrotum, causing his penis to engorge more.

Releasing those walnut-sized precious jewels, with one finger of his right hand traveling with a feathery, tickling, stiffening lightness, slowly drew a line on the underside of his turgid flesh from the base up the outside of the large tubular urethra to the valley of the glans and rubbed the spot gently before moving to the big, thick meatus of the now exposed head of his leaking cock.

Rotating his finger tip over and around the piss slit, he spread the accumulating pre-cum over the end and around the large crown before sliding his finger back down his thickness to begin the process all over again. Several repeats of the same erotically stimulating action, caused his cock to surge, twitch, and increased his desire and need to orgasm. He began a slow, pumping action with his hand enclosing his thick rod. His actions became frenetic, the stroking more frequent, pumping frantically, legs stretched out in front of him, toes curled, stomach sucked in, and ass cheeks clenched, he ejaculated long, thick , ropes of semen to his chin, chest, and finally let the last dribbles ooze out onto his stomach.

Chase lay a few minutes recovering from the intensity of his release as his cock began to grow flaccid, foreskin partially covering the head, and finally reached for a tissue from the box he kept by the bed. Noticing he was about out, he made a mental note to purchase some more on their shopping trip in the morning. He didn't doubt for a minute his new uncles knew what he needed them for since they were like him, only older and married with someone to do things with.

In the morning, Evan woke the boys. They took turns in the shower with Jacques first, followed by Henri, and finally Chase. He noticed a familiar male odor in the shower when it was his turn and decided either one or both of his younger brothers rubbed out a quickie. If it was both of them, he'd have to have to speak to Uncle Eric to see where Jacques could have his first shift. The full moon this month was less than two weeks away.

Eric and Evan were waiting for them in the living room.

"Ready for breakfast?" Eric asked his new wards.

"Where?" quizzed Chase, his memory slipping from the discussion they'd had the night before, but quickly refreshed by Henri.

"Why, we're off to dine on a well-plucked bird." Henri mocked seriousness, but offered a sexy waggle of his eyebrows in response.

"Watch it, little brother," muttered Chase.

Jacques thought it was just as hilariously funny now as it was the night before. Chase wondered if Jacques thought everything was funny at that point. He was reminded quietly by Eric boys at that age thought everything was funny, especially if you tossed a fart or two into the mix.

The five of them loaded up into Evan's SUV and made the drive to Sutton's and "The Pelican (His bill holds more than your belly can)." Pulling up in front of the establishment and the sign sent all three boys into laughter. Chase made a quick look about, noticing the large restaurant, "The Birchwood," motel complex, the various cabins, and the main house.

"Quite the place," he commented to no one in particular.

Eric and Evan, instead of choosing their regular table next to the window overlooking the parking lot, chose a larger one adjacent to it, providing a view of the parking lot as well. Beverly Johnson, a local woman on the permanent wait staff, brought two cups of coffee for Eric and Evan.

"Well," she commented, curious, carefully looking at the three young lads, "looks like you have company, Eric."

Shifting to the boys quickly, she asked, "You're new aren't you?"

"Oh, no Mamm," Henri replied seriously in his deep Louisiana-Cajun French accent, "I'm fourteen years old so I'm not new. Neither is my brother, Jacques," pointing at him. "He's twelve going on thirteen so he's not new; neither is my older brother, Chase," flicking a thumb in his direction, "he's sixteen so he's not new either." He paused, as if thinking hard, before saying, "Now, Uncle Eric and Uncle Evan, they're definitely not new. I don't know how old they are but Uncle Eric told me when God said let there be light, Uncle Evan flipped on the switch."

"Oh, my god!" laughed Bev. "Wait until my boys meet you! Seriously, are you visiting or what?"

Eric's face became quite serious, explaining the boys were grandsons of his cousin and she, along with her husband and her daughter and husband died recently in a terrible accident. It was her wish and her daughter's the boys come to live with Evan and him and he was granted guardianship for them.

"I'm so sorry for your loss," Bev apologized. "Your parents couldn't have chosen two better people for you to live with. The whole community loves and respects them so. I do hope the very best for you."

Evan quickly changed the subject, "I'll have the usual and Eric the same. The boys will have to check a menu to decide what they'd like. Put everything on the same ticket."

Bev handed out menus to the boys and while they decided, delivered Evan and Eric's order to the kitchen.

Eric noticed some hesitation on the part of the boys as they perused the menus.

"Order what you like. Uncle Evan and I are not paupers by a long shot and we can provide well for you, so don't fuss."

Holding up a hand to stop any protestation, "I know you have money we're supposed to use for your welfare and we will, if absolutely necessary, but Evan and I discussed this thoroughly last evening. You're our family now and we will do our best by you. If we think something is beyond reach, we'll let you know. We'll be open and honest with you as you have been with us. Our family should be and will be, built on mutual trust and respect. Okay?"

Chase could see no disagreement with Eric, but he did feel strongly they should contribute something to the household; what, he just wasn't certain, but he made it a point, later, to remind his brothers to help out every chance they got, just like they did at home.

The boys chose the "hearty breakfast;" three eggs, hash browns, toast, bacon, sausage, or ham (ham), juice and coffee or milk (milk). Chase did comment he would've ordered coffee but he wasn't certain if the Pelican made it extra strong like he preferred – New Orleans coffee, laced with thick, heavy cream. There were no Benet's on the menu, just donuts so he passed on those as well.

Waiting for their order to be prepared, Eric and Evan explained Sutton's Lodge and Resort as well as the Pelican, The Birchwood Supper Club, and the Ale Haus, the bar connected to and part of the Birchwood were all owned by the Sutton Family, Jessie's parents. Jessie, Jase, Tyler, and several other young people from The Pines, the Campbell Family place, worked at the Birchwood and the Resort as seasonal help during the summer tourist season. The entire Resort business hired additional college and high school students to work in the summer as well. Bev, Evan noted to the boys, their table waitress this particular morning, was a local resident who worked year around.

"We'll head out to the Pines tomorrow and introduce you. Sometime this week we'll stop back here and introduce you to Jim and Evelyn Sutton. Word will spread fast after we leave here about the additions to our family, so there's no hurry."

The shopping trip came first, Eric concluded. Besides, the Sutton's were probably trying to wrap their heads around Jessie's new "son" and all that went with it. It'd be better to wait a day or two and let things settle down.

The trip to International Falls took most of the rest of the day. Clothes shopping, grocery shopping, and just general sightseeing in order to acquaint the boys with the area were on the agenda. They did stop in Eric's law office where the boys were introduced to his secretary and the young law clerk he employed. A stop at Troutman Realty and the boys met the office staff, the office manager, and the several real estate agents employed there. Chase was beginning to understand why Eric and Evan were relatively unconcerned about the costs of having three more in their house to provide for. He concluded it they didn't want to do it, they could've refused, still accepted the guardianship, but only used his brother's and his money for their care.

Evan's SUV was loaded with groceries and clothing. It was late afternoon, near supper time, when they returned home. While Chase, Henri, and Eric unloaded the vehicle, carrying clothes up the stairs to the bedrooms before helping put dry and canned food in the small pantry off of the kitchen, fresh foods to be used in the near future, such as milk, in the refrigerator, and frozen foods, as well as products Eric wanted frozen, such as the half dozen beef roast and an equally large quantity of three pound packages of ground beef in the freezer in the garage ("Why the garage?" "Didn't have room for it in the house."), Jacques was helping Evan prepare supper.

Jacques was busy lending Evan a hand putting bratwurst on the gas grill located on the back deck.

"Better fix a couple brats for each of us," Jacques advised seriously. "Chase and Henri eat a lot."

"And you don't?"

"Yeah, I suppose I do, but I'm a growing boy."

The brats, pork and beans, potato chips, and a gallon of milk disappeared into the stomachs of "growing boys."

Chase helped Eric and Evan fix pancakes and sausage for breakfast rather than eat out. He also fixed a small pot of coffee, dark roasted and very black, for himself. The thick cream they'd purchase the day before make it just right, sort of; there was no chicory to add to the coffee. His brothers were quickly falling into the routine in their new homes. He'd made his bed and cleaned up several tissues he'd used during the night before he came downstairs. Henri and Jacques were just getting up and in the process of brushing their teeth and making their beds. They behaved as they would've at home, but with different people, they also had to ask questions concerning how Eric and Evan wanted things done. It was a learning experience all the way around, but going well after just a couple of days.

Eric said they'd visit the Campbell's after breakfast so they could become acquainted with them and their house or "compound" as Evan called it. If they had time they'd stop by Jessie's place so they could see where Gaige lived and the "unofficial" headquarters for the Averill Creek Pack. Chase spoke with Eric about Jacques' upcoming shift and was assured it'd be at Jessie's and most of the Pack members would be there.

"Just need to give Jase and Tyler a head's up," he counseled.

Chase drove his SUV, with Evan riding shotgun giving directions, and Eric, Henri, and Jacques in the back seat. He drove by the entrance to Sutton's and paid a little closer attention to the facility and the number of vehicles in the parking lots. He wondered just how big an operation it really was, especially with the motel attached. Evan commented as they drove past, the motel had an indoor pool, and the Suttons opened it to the locals during the winter.

"Makes a nice break from frozen water, snow, and cold."

It was just a few miles down a well-maintained county road to Campbell's. Chase noted the right-of-way was cleared for relatively new power lines, indicating The Pines apparently drew lots of electricity for their business.

"There'll be some places inside," Evan said as they neared the front gate and the guard house stationed near it, "we won't be able to see because of security. Campbell and Associates is a cyber security firm and does business with large and small companies as well as governments around the world."

Chase stopped at the open gate, the guard stepped out from the shelter, peered inside, and acknowledged Eric and Evan.

"Good morning Mr. Trempealeau and Mr. Troutman. It's been a while since you've visited. I didn't recognize the vehicles or your companions."

Evan introduced the boys and then asked them to step out of the SUV for a minute.

"Why?" queried Chase wondering what would cause this to happen.

"Pictures, my boys, pictures. Most of the time, once you're in the face recognition data base, you can come and go more easily. Before we leave, someone might ask you to shift so they can recognize your wolf as well."

"How about me?" Jacques asked considering he hadn't had his first shift yet.

"After you shift, we'll bring you over so they can see how beautiful a wolf you are," Evan reassured.

Jacques grinned, pleased to think others might see him as attractive as well.

Chase parked his vehicle in the visitor's parking lot and the boys followed Eric and Evan to the large, impressive log structure, Eric referred to as the "Lodge" and office complex. The veranda or porch afforded an excellent view of the big lake, the well-kept grounds in front of the Lodge, the beach area, and the long dock extending out into the clear, blue water. His eyes swept the area in front and to the sides of the Lodge and noticed, even to his inexperienced eyes, on first glance the facility appeared to be either a resort or the residence of a very wealthy person or persons.

He listened carefully as Eric and Evan spoke of the satellite dish array contained in a fenced in area, the family dwellings to the rear and far sides of the main building, noting the original cabins had been remodeled for family dwellings and the addition of new condo type apartments in new buildings, again for staff members and families. Chain link fencing was placed around the satellite dish array, the large propane tanks used to provide heat and fuel the emergency generators, and the large electric transformers and small building containing the electric distribution equipment. If there should be a loss of power, the facility was quite self-sufficient. Off to one side was the research building, fenced as well. The fencing had razor wire on the top to discourage entry.

"No fence?" Henri asked.

"Jessie convinced them early on in the development stage fencing would detract from the natural beauty and impede the free passage of the wild critters inhabiting the woods."

The entire area, according to Eric, was monitored by electronic surveillance, videos and otherwise. What the otherwise is was unknown to Eric or Evan, but apparently so sophisticated it could differentiate between animal and human intruders. Coupled with the face recognition system, it'd sound silent alarms if a stranger, man or beast, entered the perimeter.

"I suspect," Eric said, "their system goes beyond the perimeter."

Chase was considering how damned smart these people were and possibly why his grandmother felt so certain he and his brothers, along with Gaige, would be well protected, if necessary. His ears perked up when he heard a distant conversation among four men. Henri noticed the same and gave Chase a nudge, who nodded he'd heard it as well. The conversation centered around some sort of encounter the men had and their solution to a problem. None of the four sounded very happy.

"Thank god, we found out and nipped it in the bud before they mated," one voice declared.

"Think there'll be any problem?" another questioned.

"Nah, according to Michelle, she's been wanting to break it off for a while, but was enjoying the benefits," a third voice commented.

"Oh my god," a fourth voice spoke authoritatively, "she's your sister."

"So she likes sex at a young age. The twins certainly never passed up a chance to take a ride."

"Enough!" the stronger voice cautioned.

"Really, Dad," the third voice retorted, "telling them their pups might have five legs or two assholes because they're first cousins probably wasn't the best idea. Pretty extreme. Made Michelle cry."

"She needed to cry! She should've known better and so should've Patrick. Besides, it worked, didn't it?"

"It worked, Dad, because you're her father and the Alpha. Patrick pretty much tolerates you since he's pledged to the Averill Creek Pack."

"I'm going to contact my brother in Seattle," the first voice said, "I think Patrick needs a change of scenery and he got along well with them. Perhaps Michelle can find a mate here then."

"Not here, not in this pack," voice three advised.

"Scott's right," the stronger voice said, "Hold off on that. Jeanne has a brother near Spokane. I think it might be wiser to send Michelle there. She'd be more likely to find a mate there rather than here. She and a cousin are good friends so she should settle in just fine."

"Heads up," voice two warned. "We've got company."

Eric, Evan, and the Landry Brothers were in the Great Room relaxing in some of the easy chairs in front of the fireplace when Art Campbell, Ted Bowers, Ray Hayes, and Scott Campbell entered the Lodge and were told they had company.

"It's Eric and Evan and some young boys," the receptionist announced.

Art greeted Eric and Evan, and was about to ask who the others were when Eric spoke up.

"Art, this is Chase Landry, Henri Landry, and Jacques Landry. Boys, meet Art Campbell, CEO of Campbell and Associates, Ray Hayes Vice-President of Operation and Research, Ted Bowers, Vice-President of Finance and Operations, and Scott Campbell, Administrative Assistant to Art."

Art frowned, asking somewhat cautiously, but sternly to the boys, "You're Lycan, right?"

"Yes," answered Chase, recognizing an Alpha and one who was used to getting his way. His own father was sometimes like that and it bothered him not.

"Yet, young man, you don't bare your throat in deference and submission to an Alpha," Art scolded sternly.

Chase thought a moment, considering his verbal response and his physical actions should this situation escalate.

"No sir; you see, I'm the eldest son of an Alpha and I've already pledged myself to another and so have my brothers."

Art Campbell looked at the young man standing before him. The young man showed no fear, not even a hint of the scent of fear and just might not back down.

Chase could feel the anger began to build in the Alpha but stood his ground firmly.

"Watch out big brother," cautioned Henri in French. "We can maybe whip one of these yokels, but there's three more standing by, ready to leap in."

"Tell you what, Henri," Chase responded, "I go for the throat, you go for the balls, and the other three will back away, not wanting to either lose their Alpha or have him castrated."

Art knew the boys were talking to each other, but in a language he didn't understand. It was as bad as when the twins were talking to each other or the entire Averill Creek Pack. It was frustrating knowing they had their own special language or dialect and could block him. These boys weren't blocking him, he just couldn't understand their fucking language. He was still angry and upset over discovering Michelle and Patrick were actively engaged in sex and the very upsetting encounter he and the others had with them and lashed out at Chase.

"Where are you from, boy and what are you doing here?"

Eric and Evan, taken aback by Art's aggressive and rude manners, although familiar with dealing with him knowing he'd probably calm down in a minute, were about to intervene.

Chase, a determined, steely smile on his face, responded, "I understand this is a cyber security firm. Do you do business with Russia, Saudi Arabia, Syria, or Columbia?"

"That, young man, is none of your business."

"I think, Mr. Campbell, you've just answered your own question." With that said, he turned to Eric and Evan. " Uncle Eric, Uncle Evan, we'll meet you at my SUV," and with a wave of his hand to his brothers, the Landry boys walked out, heads held high and not looking back.

"You really need to work on you people skills, dad," Scott remarked sardonically, "This went almost as well as the first time you, as a human, met your now son-in-law, Jessie Sutton."

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