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The Cajun Wolf - Murder Most Foul

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 8

Copyright © 2019 – Nicholas Hall

"But what I felt most my being a stranger to the ship; and if all the truth must be told, I was somewhat a stranger to myself."
(Joseph Conrad)

Art immediately qualified Chase's apologetic remarks; "No, Chase, I owe you the apology. You merely reacted and rightly so, to my intrusion into your privacy, by not being more welcoming to a stranger brought to me by honored friends, failing to notice how proud of who you are and where you're going to live. Your family circumstance only exacerbated my rudeness. Given that, I welcome you and your brothers to my home and to our Pack; be our guest and enjoy our territory as the other members of your new pack do. I invite you and your brothers to become acquainted with the young people in our pack and perhaps befriend them."

Chase thanked him for his hospitality and invitation, qualifying his response by explaining it may take some time for his brothers and him to become acquainted and familiar enough to venture very far from their new home and Eric and Evan, but would do so eventually. What he didn't tell Art Campbell was he really wasn't ready to trust the man and his lieutenants. Not after one meeting and a meeting which was rather confrontational and stressful.

The rather aggressive and intrusive first meeting with them didn't do anything to increase confidence in them or their motives. His decision to take them up on Art Campbell's offer would take some time and a great deal of thought and observation.

"We're from south of New Orleans, Louisiana, Mr. Campbell, if you haven't guessed by now from our accent and the use of French, so the territory here is entirely strange, almost foreign to us. We're used to cypress swamps, oak trees hanging with Spanish moss, alligators large enough to gobble up a careless wolf, feral pigs, and several types of poisonous snakes. I'm certain there are critters up here of equal or more menacing than those I've mentioned, but we need to understand what they are and where they are before we feel comfortable roaming the woods."

"I think the greatest for us to adapt to will be the winter weather with snow and really cold temperatures. We just don't have that at home. Hurricanes yes, but not a blizzard."

Chase's voice caught a bit when he mentioned home. Leaving his life there, parents, grandparents, and friends in the only place he'd lived, saddened him. He had no idea how long it'd be before it became a distant, but happy memory. Knowing full well he probably would never return to Louisiana and the comforts of his past life was depressing. He now had his brothers to care for, a promise he made and swore to keep.

"Why," Art asked carefully, not wanting to offend further by anything he said or did, "when your parents were killed, didn't the Beta take over your pack and allow you to stay?"

"He would've, if he'd lived," Chase replied, quickly improvising the reason for their departure instead of staying with the pack. He figured if he mixed the falsehoods with the truth, it'd be more readily accepted and believed. Any Alpha could easily check to see what happened to the Bateau Parish Pack and this one especially, since he operated a cyber security firm. Art Campbell would have instant access to almost any data base or information source linked to the internet. Humans couldn't discover anything about the Bateau Parish Pack, but other Lycanthropes could through the hidden network.

"My dad was a very powerful Alpha. With his death, a void in leadership developed temporarily and a rival Alpha, known as the Red Wolf, challenged our pack and waged war against it. My brothers and I barely escaped death by leaving with the assistance of a member of our pack. I fear if the Red Wolf captured us, my brothers and I'd be killed since I was the heir apparent to my father. If the Red Wolf should discover where we are now, I'm certain he'd make every effort to kill me and my brothers so we couldn't return and attempt an overthrow and take back what's left of our pack. Sending us to Grandmother Le Compte's cousin was a perfect cover and hideaway for us. Living with humans would be the last place they'd suspect. The Red Wolf might be strong, but not very smart."

The four Kabetogama Pack adult Lycanthropes in the room could well understand the dynamics taking place and the need to preserve and protect Chase and his brothers' location. Collectively, they thought it best to keep confidential their location and the fact they were alive.

"How about my 'apparent grandson'," Gaige?"

"Pretty much the same. Grandmere Marie, his 'Tante,' was a revered and exceptionally wise woman, thought by many to have 'second sight.' You know, the ability to see into the future. She was sought after by many for her wise counsel as well as for her skills as a top attorney representing Lycans in our own courts as well in human courts when they were involved in something the human world thought a crime while being human. There are those, the Red Wolf in particular, who think Gaige may have inherited some or all of her gifts. The Red Wolf couldn't possibly allow for him to live."

At least, that's what Chase imagined sounded plausible. He really had no idea why Gaige was to be protected. The only gift he'd seen Gaige exhibit was his ability to foretell something happening by "seeing" into the future and that capability was only revealed recently. Growing up, Gaige was just like any other young wolf or human and demonstrated no extraordinary abilities around others. He was overly smart and sometimes acted older than he was, but Chase's family lived not too far from his grandparents so had almost daily contact with Gaige from the time he came to live with them at age four until now.

Chase's remarks concerning the possible fate of Gaige, should he be found, sparked determination in the four Kabetogama Pack members to resolve to protect the boy, now the son of Jessie, Jase, and Tyler. If young Gaige was truly gifted as Chaise indicated, protecting him was even more important. The fact he was given to Jessie for care was reason enough, but the revelation of his possible giftedness added urgency to their task.

"We'll do all we can," promised Art, pledging the support of his Pack, "to help keep you and your whereabouts unknown by others outside of our Pack. Gaige Saulnier will be more than adequately protected, if I know my sons and Jessie, and, from what I've seen of you and your brothers. However, another layer of protection by members of my Pack won't hurt a thing."

Eric and Evan, sitting back listening to the exchange, breathed a collective sigh of relieve, knowing they'd added strong support in their task of hiding their new wards and young Gaige. They'd been concerned how to seek help from Art Campbell, without revealing much, but the confrontation with the Averill Creek Pack, Jessie's explanations, and now Chase's, provided the impetus for Art to volunteer it and commit his Pack.

Protection of Gaige was more important than Art Campbell and evidently Chase, realized according to Marie's letter to Eric. Now the protection was increased beyond all of Eric's expectations without breaching any confidences on his part. He did believe, however, Jessie might full well know, since there was a letter addressed to him in his packet. When the guardianship of the Landry Brothers and the adoption of Gaige by Jessie and the Twins, was confirmed by the courts in sealed documents, their anonymity would be virtually, but not quite, complete.

Feeling the conversation should come to an end before the questioning re-intensified, Eric and Evan stood, announcing they'd like to show the Landry Brothers where Jessie, and now Gaige lived, plus, if time, a couple of other places.

"Uncle Eric," Jacques pleaded, "I have to pee."

"Me too," echoed his brothers.

"Go and we'll wait for you."

The boys dashed to the restroom. Once out of sight, Art asked if he could speak confidentially to Eric and Evan. Art quickly asked if they'd speak to Jessie with a request for Patrick to live with them during the summer, ostensibly to assist with caring for Gaige.

"We've had a bit of a problem," Art explained couching his words carefully, "and Ted, Ray, and I feel it might be better Patrick live away from here until we can satisfactorily resolve the issue."

Eric agreed to speak with Jessie and the Twins concerning Art's request but reassured Art, Ted, and Ray he was almost certain it'd be fine. Curious, Eric still refrained from asking any questions, preferring Art to be the first to divulge any pertinent information beyond the initial request. Art was making no attempt to do so and Eric didn't encourage it.

Chase, followed by his brothers, emerged from the restroom, hands washed, and ready to leave.

"You're out of paper towels, Mr. Campbell," Henri offered with a broad smile, shaking the moisture from his fingers, hoping a smile and cheerful word would stave off any anger on the part of Art Campbell and the others. Chase, while in the restroom, confessed he trusted Art Campbell, "about as far as I can throw this building," gaining the collective agreement from his brothers who wished to make haste from here.

"Too early to pass a final judgement," Chase decided, "but only time will tell."

Evan sat in the front seat directing Chase down the various county and township roads to Jessie's home. Chase was pleased to notice it wasn't that far from Eric and Evan's and also fronted the lake. It wouldn't be far should he choose to make a run some night, once he shifted, and learned a straight path cross country through the forests.

Evan pointed out the various cameras lining the long lane leading to the house, once they turned off of the county road. The several small cameras, well concealed in the trees lining the lane would be almost non-detectable by humans but quite evident to Chase's keen eyesight. The lane opened up into an open clearing hosting a very nice log-structured home.

"Very nice!" he commented, admiring the relatively new structure. "New?"

"What?" Evan asked over his shoulder to Eric. "Two, three years old?"

"Yeah, about. He built it after it was torched by those thugs who first showed up on ATV's."

"How'd that come to be?" Henri inquired, sensing a story somewhere along the way.

"It's sort of complicated and rather lengthy," Eric advised.

The boys clambered out of the SUV, waited for Eric and Evan to join them. With Eric and Evan leading, noting there was no one at home, Eric told how Jessie inherited the cabin from his grandfather, how a group of drunks seeking revenge burned it down, and was rebuilt.

"It worked out well in the long run since Jessie purchased the Peter's property next door," Eric pointed off through the forest, "after the house on it burned. He moved in a three bedroom mobile home for temporary use. Diondre Carlson and his family live there now. Originally they lived at The Pines, but decided they really wanted a place to themselves because of his job. Diondre is a foster brother to Jessie and a recently appointed and assigned county deputy sheriff."

Evan spoke of the Peter's case and the notoriety of the pedophile serial killer and the Averill Creek Pack's role in it, explaining Diondre was the only survivor of the debauchery and butchery.

"Is this the story Grandmere Marie apparently read about and used it to decide where she thought we'd be safe?" Chase asked, wondering if Eric would tell him. Eric did and said it was in fact true, validating the reasons for them to be with Evan and him.

"Jessie is having another home constructed for Diondre and hopes to have it done by summer's end," Eric commented. "You'll have to stop over sometime and meet the Carlson's. While you're there, take notice of the fenced in area Jessie, Jase, and Tyler dedicated to the lost boys, those boy's whose bodies were probably still buried in the general area that the forensic people might have missed."

Chase merely nodded his head, deciding his new home was indeed a complicated place, tied up with murder, arson, humans and werewolves who existed side-by-side, without conflict since the humans were yet unaware of their presence among them; unaware except for two elderly gentleman who would, Chase was convinced, carry the knowledge to their graves. He was beginning to feel much more comfortable and secure in his parent's decision to send his brothers and him here. He felt the same concerning Jessie Sutton and his husbands. Jessie was a very powerful wolf, of that he was certain. His grandmother was correct in that regard.

Chase was still withholding judgement on Art Campbell. Perhaps it was his brusque attitude at their first meeting. Again, only time would tell. It didn't lessen his thoughts of revenge someday against the Red Wolf however.

"I'm hungry," Eric announced. "After lunch we're going to drive over to Remote Lake, not far from the pub where we're going to have lunch."

The small tavern was pleasantly rustic, the bar against the lakeside of the bar room giving guests an excellent view of the moderately sized lake. It was an older wooden bar, with a brass foot rest running the length of it and several bar stools pulled up and occupied by several older gentlemen sipping on glasses of beer and nibbling from a large bowl of popcorn. There were tables in the room as well, offering a modicum of privacy, if any privacy can be had at a public place whose main purpose was to dispense alcoholic beverages. Food was offered, limited to the grill, deep fryer, a small range, and pizza oven in the kitchen off to the side of the main room.

Eric and Evan evidently frequented the place just often enough since the bartender greeted them by name. He left his duties behind the bar long enough to offer them menus when they were seated. and to be introduced to Eric and Evan's "nephews" now living with them. Eric established quickly Evan and he had guardianship of the young men since their parents were killed. Chase saw the reasoning; it wouldn't take long for the bar talk to take root and they'd be accepted without any malice or suspicion in the area because of their accent and light copper colored skin.

"Not that there's any rednecks up here who might think you're not quite as white as they think they are," Eric said to the boys after the bartender took their order and left for the kitchen.

It couldn't have been easier for the kitchen; three rare monster burgers, two medium well, regular burgers, and four orders of fries. Evan and Eric would split one order of fries. While they waited for their order to be prepared, Eric happened to mention to Evan he'd give Jessie a call later in the evening concerning Art's request.

Chase's ears perked up and entered the conversation, wondering if this concerned a conversation he overheard and spoke of it. Eric did nothing to discourage or acknowledge any conversation ever took place, so Chase rambled on.

"This is none of my business, but would it have anything to do with what I overheard four men, who I later identified as Art Campbell, Scott Campbell, Ray Hayes, and Ted Bowers, discussing a problem concerning a boy named Patrick and a girl named Michelle?"

Eric listened, pondered Chase's remarks and asked, "It depends on what you overheard."

"According to what I understood," Chase said with a bit of a confident shrug, "rather than trying to put it delicately, the two were fucking each other and they're cousins."

Jacques and Henri overheard the same conversation, but refrained from offering any opinion or additional information. They just sat quietly and let their older brother take the lead.

"As I understood it, they wanted to separate the copulating couple by sending one away and the other to live with Jessie."

Eric nodded, deciding if the three young men were going to trust him, he had to trust them.

"Art Campbell asked if I'd ask Jessie if Patrick Hayes could live with them for the summer. He never mentioned where Michelle, his daughter, would be living."

"With a relative in Oregon," Henri quickly volunteered.

Eric nodded knowingly. He was slowly discovering how helpful his new wards could be. Not only could they see and smell exceedingly well, but they could hear things he couldn't.

"I think," he responded sort of scrunching his face to the side in a cautionary but trusting tone to his voice, "it'd be a good idea if we kept this to ourselves, okay?"

After lunch, Evan informed them they'd now journey over to Remote Lake.

"So, what's at Remote Lake?" Jacques asked.

"A piece of property Eric and I purchased for Jessie, Jase, and Tyler for the Averill Creek Pack to have as their own. It'll give them a piece of property accessible in a direct line to Jessie's property where his house is and where Diondre lives, through public forest lands. The surveyor should be about done with his work by now, I hope."

Chase followed Evan's directions to the county road leading to Remote Lake. They arrived at the town road and the sign pointing to a public water access down the road. Evan had him stop there.

"This is where we turn to go to Jessie's property, but pull ahead on this road to the entrance of a piece of private property. Something bothered me last time we were out here and I'd like to take a look again. If you should see anything or have any impressions, I'd like your input," knowing full well the boy's senses of smell, eye sight, and hearing was far superior to his and Eric's.

The iron gate extended across the entrance, stopping access by anyone not invited. Chase stopped and they all stepped from the SUV. A man, wearing a holstered pistol, dressed in ordinary clothes, stepped from the small guard house inside the closed gate.

"May I help you?" he inquired.

"Just wondering if you'd seen our surveyor about," Evan replied.


Chase watched as an elderly gentleman and a younger man drove down the lane in a golf cart, from the house toward the gate, but stopped about thirty yards or more from the gate and where they stood.

"Anything else we can do for you?" a second guard asked, stepping from the other side of the gate, where he was concealed by a wooden panel.

"I don't like those two in the cart. Do you?" Henri asked Chase and Jacques.

"Neither do I," replied Chase.

"The young guy smells like that dope stuff Grandma Marie told me about; you know that ovaryoid stuff" added Jacques.

"You mean opioid," corrected Chase.

"Yeah. She said if I got tired of being a werewolf, I could be a drug-sniffing wolf in schools. She said if I did, there'd be no pissing on guys' legs and stuff like that."

"Really?" Henri asked/

"Nah, I just made that up, but if Chase would be one, he'd have to stay out of the locker room."


"Wouldn't want him mounting some little guy and knotting up, making the kid scream and late for class."

"Smart ass!" growled Chase.

His two brothers were very aware of his sexual orientation, but made no mention of it to anyone but him. All three were very aware of the problems gay humans had and Henri and Jacques were just as protective of their older brother as he was of them.

"The old guy just smells old, like maybe he needs to scrub some of his cracks and crevices," Jacques continued, quite proud of his developing powers of olfactory observation.

Chase was busy scanning the inside of the compound. He noticed some small cameras attached to the front of the large building he assumed to be a lodge of some sort, a camera trained on them from the guard house, several smaller outbuildings scattered throughout the visible grounds, three appearing to be living quarters for guards or guests, he wasn't certain, and a larger garage type building with four overhead doors. Everything was well kept so he assumed there were groundkeepers as well. The entire layout portended money and plenty of it.

He also noticed, as he scanned the area, a glint or flash of light from one of the upper story windows of the lodge, like sunlight being reflected on glass. A closer look revealed someone, standing inside an open window, watching them with what appeared to be binoculars. He couldn't see much more since whoever was doing the watching stood in a shadowed area.

"Someone is watching us from one of the upper windows," he directed his brothers.

"Got him or her," answered Henri. "Being rather sneaky about it. Almost as if he or she doesn't want the old guy and young guy to know about it."

Evan stood a moment longer before replying to the guard. "Nope, we're just going to turn around and check down the town road near the boat landing and our own property. Nice visiting with you."

Without another word from the guards, the guys in the cart, or from Eric and Evan, they loaded up, and Chase turned his SUV around, heading back up the County road to the town road. On the way to the town road, Chase quickly gave Eric and Evan a brief rundown what he and his brothers saw and heard. Evan just nodded his head taking in every word and processing it.

"I think our neighbors are up to no good and maybe use this as a place to lay low. I'm not certain, but I think we need to be extra careful around that bunch. Reminds me too much of a guy I knew in college. Nasty son-of-a- bitch, he was."

Chase turned down the road and at Evan's request, bypassed the entrance to Jessie's property, where access was blocked by a chain stretched across it, and drove to the boat landing. The surveyor's truck was there but the surveyor wasn't in sight. They all climbed out again and while Eric and Evan stood by the surveyor's truck, Chase, Henri, and Jacques walked ahead to the landing itself.

Their first impression of the landing appeared it to be little used since the boat ramp was little more than gravel sloping into the lake, The area leading to it was generally overgrown with grasses and tall weeks to the sides. The landing was situated at the base of a bay, with a glimpse of part of the back side of the private lodge to the right and directly across from the lodge on the other side of the bay. To their left, was a nice sandy beach and a large clearing in the forest.

"Must be Jessie's property," Chase mentioned to his brothers.

The lake seemed rather large to him, although he'd overheard Eric describe it to Jacques as "moderate" but surrounded by public forest land, except for Jessie's property and the private lodge owner's property. The water was clear and looked inviting. He was about to suggest they go for a quick swim when he heard Evan greet someone. Turning, he saw a man, carrying surveying type equipment over his shoulder, walk from the direction of the private lodge, and approach the truck.

"About done?" Evan asked.

"Been done for a couple of days," the man replied. "I just finished marking the new boundaries so you'll the know property lines. Spent two days at the county land office trying to make sense of this mess and verify what I found."

"What mess?" Evan asked as Eric joined him in the conversation.

Rather than answer the question directly, the surveyor asked, "You said you bought six hundred forty acres from an old friend, right?"

Eric intervened and answered that's what they thought they purchased. "Sight unseen, in fact," he added.

"Never looked at the survey did you?"

Eric and Evan both acknowledged they hadn't, but the bill of sale was for this tract of land. They wanted to make certain the boundaries were correct and an official survey was on file.

"There already was one on file; an old one, but damned accurate," the surveyor explained.

Chase listened as the surveyor explained what Eric and Evan thought was the end of their property, the supposed easement through town land from the town landing road, and the landing itself actually were all on their land. The town land didn't extend south far enough for their drive to need an easement. In fact, their land extended to the west to the property line of the owners of the lodge.

"Evidently, many years ago," the surveyor explained, "someone on the town board decided he or she wanted access to Remote Lake to fish, asked the original owners, a man named Cox, if the town put a road in and a landing, they could use it. Cox gave permission, in writing I found, and over the years it got misinterpreted or ignored, and subsequent town boards thought Cox had the easement and not them. Anyway to make a long story short, I've talked to the town, the county, and everyone else who might have something to say about it, and all agree the town was wrong. I'm surprised someone didn't seek adverse possession for the town."

"I'll be damned," Evan muttered. "Suppose we'll have to maintain what I thought was the town road now."

"Not necessarily. If you keep the landing open for public use, the town will maintain and plow the road and waive a right of adverse possession. 'Course, you'll have to write up some sort of agreement."

Eric readily agreed to meet with the other attorneys and develop such an agreement. The surveyor said he was done, would file the upgraded survey, and send Eric and Evan the bill. From what Chase could understand, it was a win/win for all concerned and Eric and Evan were more than pleased with the outcome.

"Let's go take a look and show you this property," Evan hollered at the boys waving them back to the SUV.

The lane ended in the wide open clearing Chase noticed while standing at the boat landing. He and his brothers walked to the sandy beach area, noticing the water was clear, and looked inviting. The beach and the clearing were directly across the bay from the private lodge, although the lodge was angled in such a way so the view to the beach wasn't direct, it was still viewable, and far enough away so a casual observer there wouldn't notice, with the naked eye, who was swimming on the beach, especially if the swimmers were "au naturale" as the Landry boys intended on doing. Only a powerful set of binoculars would reveal their nakedness. Chase felt there was no possibility it'd happen. Besides, who'd be there to look and care?

Chase, Henri, and Jacques began disrobing, looked to Eric and Evan for approval, got the nod, stripped away the rest of their clothes, and with shouts, ran into the water.

"Looks like fun, doesn't it?" Evan remarked.

"It is hot, sort of," Eric added as a plausible excuse.

"And we have a reason to celebrate," Evan raised aloud as he began peeling off his own clothing. Soon both of the older men were bare-assed naked, heading toward the beach. Wrinkled skin, sagging balls, and wobbling cocks were on view as they traipsed toward the water.

Jacques gave Henri a nudge, pointed at the two men, whispering, "Now that I get a better look, other than just under his robes, it appears Uncle Eric carries the family traits of a large cock and big balls."

"Looking pretty fit, Uncles," chided Jacques, "for a couple of old farts."

With a shout, "I'll show you old farts" from Evan, both men toddled into the water and Evan hustled, as best he could toward Jacques, who feigned an attempt to escape, and was amply rewarded for his remarks by being dunked. Amidst laughter and water splashing, for about ten minutes, men and boys played in the water, delighted in each other's company, and friendship.

Tired, Eric and Evan begged off and retreated to a grassy place near the beach and sat down, allowing the afternoon sun to dry their bodies. Chase stood, knee deep at the water's edge watching his brothers swim and cavort in the cooling water. A warning sensation crept up on him, bringing him to an alert state. It wasn't a sensation of danger, but of someone watching them, him specifically.

Looking closely at the timber surrounding the clearing where they were, revealed nothing of immediate concern. His gaze wandered out across the water, checking the surface, again spotting nothing unusual. Chase let his eyes carefully sweep the bay area from the beach to the landing and to the private lodge on the far side. He focused on the lodge. For a brief moment he thought he saw movement on an upper balcony, but nothing moved as he settled his eyes there. With a shrug, he finally turned his head, looked back at his uncles, who noticed his increased vigilance.

"Something up?" asked Eric, reaching for his clothes.

"Can't say; just felt like someone was watching me," Chad replied concerned.

Drawn by the noisy shouts of laughter and talk carrying across the bay, someone was watching; watching specifically the tall, handsome, tanned, well-hung teen whose balls hung pendulously below his thick, long endowment. Holding the binoculars with one hand and furiously jerking his own teen cock with the other, David Giordano, age sixteen, stopped all movement when the tall teen looked in his direction and seemed to focus on his hiding place.

David resumed his steady, fast stroking of his stiff, turgid rod when the teen looked away, wondering how the large penis, when stiff and throbbing, would fit up his butt-hole when he was being fucked by it. More than just wondering how, he wanted it; wanted it bad and stroked rapidly, eyes focused intently on the large piece of swinging meat, his asshole twitching at the very thought, until he spewed several thick, white ropes of cum out onto the deck floor, his breathing labored, trying to recover from the intensity of his orgasm. His release complete, David carefully made his way back into his bedroom from the balcony. There to relive his fantasy as many times as he wished, knowing it'd never become a reality, not as threatened, confined, and guarded as he was.

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