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The Cajun Wolf - Murder Most Foul

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 12

Copyright © 2019 – Nicholas Hall

"There is no disguise of which can for long conceal love where it exists or simulate it when it does not."
(Francois, Duc de La Rochefoucauld)

"Do you think they'll come, David?"

David yearned they'd "come" a lot and often if he had his way with Chase. "Positive, Lindsey; Chase's note said around eleven this evening. It's only ten-thirty or so now. We're early."

He was just as anxious as she was, ever since he'd heard the call of the wolves earlier in the evening before they both left their rooms to come to the dock. Those many voices of the wild canines being sent out into the summer night air weren't the sometimes lonely cries he heard, not the howls he thought signaled the killing of some other forest creature, for the wolves were predators and had to eat, but an almost joyful, playful sound indicating all was well in the forest primeval.

The wolves' chorus sounded almost like the night before, Saturday, when his feelings of loneliness and separation from the familiar surroundings he'd been forced to abandon and missing his now deceased dear friends overwhelmed him, and sent him to the deck outside his bedroom to commiserate with and bathe himself in the night air. For some strange reason, the sense of separation from the magnificent wolf he'd made friends with; the elegant, commanding, majestic, and stately wild creature he now seemed to love, was just as intense as his other feelings, perhaps more so. Perhaps, he thought as he sat there, it wasn't the absence of the actual wolf's loving attention, but the freedom, strength, and loyalty of the wolf, personified and substituted in his mind for Chase, the teen boy he yearned for and felt a strong attachment to. He so much wanted to really meet him, know his last name, instead of just glancing at his cock in the men's room with just a passing word or two.

Saturday night, he sat on the deck watching the moon, full and bright, casting its luminescence's, almost phosphorescent incandescence across the forest, lake, the lodge and him. The sudden outbreak, far in the distance, of howls and yelps, a cacophony of happiness from a pack of wolves, pulled him rapidly from his funk. The joyous concert continued for ten minutes or so, until quieting down to a few short, distant yelps.

David continued to wait on the deck after hearing several more short yelps, indicating the wolves were heading his way. He so much wanted to see them! Readying the powerful binoculars he'd brought with him, he waited patiently, hoping, almost without believing it would happen, for the wolves to pass close enough for him to see them. In the winter, when he was up here during the holiday breaks, he often saw them across the lake or walking on the lake, traveling to where only they knew. During the spring, summer, and fall, sighting the splendid creatures seemed almost by chance. However, those wolves he'd seen in the past, except on few, rare occasions, weren't the size of the large wolves who made a personal visit with Lindsey and him. Over the past couple of years he'd seen larger wolves, from a distance and with a fleeting sight of them, but never up close and personal.

The first time he'd witnessed the very large wolves in the area, he really didn't believe what he saw. They were large, much stealthier than the regular sized wolves, and, well, just different. He'd puzzled over it for some time, vowing to learn more about them.

A movement on the far shore of the lake caught his attention. Steadying the binoculars by resting his elbow on his upraised knee, David peered anxiously through the lens. With some focusing, even with only the ambient light of the full moon, he was able to clearly see what it was on the far shore.

A pack of wolves were resting there; not wolves the size of the wild ones he'd observed over the years or the ones at the Wolf Center, but larger ones by, maybe, one and half times larger. They were the same size as the wolf who visited him previously. Well, that's a misnomer, not all were resting as the images revealed. Scanning from left to right, he first spotted two wolves, at the rear of the pack, fucking, quite vigorously by the way the slightly larger wolf mounted on the other one was thrusting its hips, just pounding away.

A solitary wolf lay in the sand, to the right of the copulating couple, head thrust back between its legs, calmly, carefully licking its balls and cock.

Next, to the right as he continued to scan, were three wolves, one sprawled out resting and the other two, one larger than the other, seemed to be standing watch. The largest of the three, sitting on his haunches, appeared to be staring across the lake directly at him. David wondered if it saw him. The wolf, at first glance, seemed vaguely familiar to him.

David continued his inspection of the pack, spotting two more wolves fucking, only in this case, the one mounted on the other was knotted to it, pumping copious amounts of semen into the other wolf, turned sort of sideways, unable to release until the knot shrunk. David looked closely at this pair. It appeared to him both were male!

As he watched, his own cock stiffened, begging for a good drubbing, releasing his own sticky ejaculation, but he hesitated, sweeping to the right and seeing the three in the front of the pack. They appeared to be the leaders, although the smaller of the three was in the middle, protected by the other two.

David swept his telescope back to the three wolves in the middle, specifically focusing on the largest of the three. The larger wolf still was looking in his direction. David was positive now, this was "his wolf," the one who visited him, sucked him off, rimmed his ass bringing him to orgasm, and tongued his cum soaked briefs, tasting and savoring him. David released his straining cock, proceeded to masturbate himself to a sticky, drippy orgasm, and spewing it into his other hand. Still catching his breath from the intensity of his release, he held up his hand, palm dripping with his cum, toward the other shore.

Maybe it was just his very active, wishful imagination, but David could have sworn the wolf, his wolf, licked its chops and smiled.

"David," Lindsey hissed softly, "Someone's walking on the beach toward us. Two someone's – and," she hesitated, "they're naked."

The two someone's were close as she stuttered, "and huge!"

David didn't think she was referring to how tall they were or broad across the shoulders or heavy, because neither of them were. No, she was referring to the stiff, thick, long male fuck-poles protruding up and out from their crotches.

He glanced at Henri's cock, with a strong banana curve starting at the base, straightening slightly, thrusting the instrument of love up toward his belly button, wobbling back and forth as he walked toward Lindsey. David was unsure if Lindsey's eyes sparkled with adoration or readiness. Either way, she was excited to see the young man she'd seen in The Birch a couple of weeks previously.

Shifting his gaze toward Chase, whose wide smile greeted him, David quickly compared the two brothers as he dropped his eyes to Chase's cock. Chase, being older, was definitely larger, some curve to his larger, thicker, longer cock protruding up and out somewhat, not straight up as Henri's, but extending out and a little above, if David would venture a guess without actual measurement, Chase's belly button. David vowed to answer the question when he was able to get his hands on the massive missile.

Henri approached Lindsey and stepped into her opened legs, his cock nudging her sweet spot. "Hi, I'm Henri Landry, and I think you're the prettiest thing I've ever seen, bar none."

She dropped her eyes, appraised the instrument of her desire, looked up at Henri's face, replying, "I'm Lindsey Giordano and I think you're handsome, naked, and huge!"

Henri stepped even closer, put his arms around her neck, rubbed his sopping thick cock up against her small cunt, rested his head up against her forehead, and murmured, "Think it'll fit?"

"We'll make it!"

Henri and Lindsey abandoned their positions on the dock and walked hand in hand or more precisely, hand holding cock, to the steps leading to the deck, and into her bedroom.

David noticed the pronounced southern accent as Henri spoke and when Chase reached forward, slipping his hand under the fabric of David's briefs, and gave his stiff cock a gentle squeeze. "I'm Chase Landry and you're all I ever dreamed of," and realized Chase's voice had the same southern accent.

Rather than comment on it, David reached forward, held Chase's warm, large, smooth, throbbing, and hard cock in his hand, replying, "I'm David Giordano and I want you to love me."

Chase stepped closer, his turgid rod resting up against David's own cloth covered stiffness straining to be released. David, responding to the heat and excitement of Chase's closeness and the effects the large cock had on his own, reached down, between Chase's legs, while pressing his lips against Chase's soft, warm, and moist lips engaging him in a most passionate, tongue sucking kiss, and cupped Chase's large, walnut-sized gonads hanging low in their smooth, velvety pouch, and wiggling from the small, warm hand massaging them.

Carefully abandoning those sweet jewels, David carefully, slowly with the nail of one finger, very lightly drew a line on the underside of the hard shaft from the base of the large instrument up the large tube used to expel Chase's creamy goodness to the very tip, circling around the large, heart-shaped knob, and to the gaping slit at the end. Encountering the copious flow of Coper's Fluid, David swiped a finger-tip full of the liquid, stuck the finger in his mouth, and savored the sweet taste of his lover, smacking his lips in approval.

"I'll spew if you keep that up," Chain admonished, quivering, shivering, and raising up on his tip toes from the erotically stimulating movements of David's finger.

"We wouldn't want that, just yet, would we?" teased David, trying to circle the big cock with his hand but failing. "It'd be a waste when the offering could be pumped into a place warm, moist, and tight place, while massaging muscles milked every drop of goodness, allowing the heavenly juice to be absorbed by your lover, correct?"

Chase only quivered his understanding, feeling his cock jump.

"Are you ready to go to your bedroom, David?"

"Oh, my god, yes," David muttered, frustrated with his own desire.

"Hook your legs around my waist," and David did, feeling the head of Chase's shaft make contact with his bare ass crack and small, twitching rosebud, the very place David was almost beside himself with desire, anxious to have Chase slip or force the large cock home and fuck him properly. He could feel the seeping, stickiness of pre-cum flowing from the big cock, smearing it around his asshole at each contact. Wrapping his arms around Chase's neck, David pulled himself up a little higher so his face rested in the warmth of his lover's neck and sighed. Wiggling himself to get more comfortable and secure himself to Chase, he felt his own very stiff, uncircumcised cock rub up against the nakedness of the taller teen and encounter a few sparse, soft body hairs on his stomach. They were the beginning of the treasure trail of exploration leading to the place where a prodigious obelisk, stiff and prodding his flexing anus with each step Chase took, waiting for his visual and tactile discovery.

Holding David close to him, naked flesh to naked flesh, Chase looked about the bedroom. There was nothing remarkable about it as far as he was concerned; a desk with a desk top computer, a chrome book on the desk, cellphone, and an assortment of papers, the usual clutter. In one corner was a music stand and an electronic keyboard, along a wall, bookcases, a CD rack and a DVD rack next to an entertainment center equipped with television with DVD player hooked up as well as a gaming station, CD player/radio player, and a couple of chairs. He glanced at the bedroom door, assuming it led into the rest of the house. The questioning look was answered by David speaking softly in his ear, "Locked! From the inside."

Gently laying David down on his back on the bed, Chase stepped back, carefully inspecting, admiring the smaller, slim, beautiful teen spread before him like a banquet befitting a crown prince, a connoisseur of all things delightful and tasty, waiting for him to savor and enjoy to the fullest, time and time again.

Carefully slipping the dainty, scanty cloth covering David's groin exposing what to Chase was the most spectacular example of teen manhood he'd ever envisioned. Smaller than his by several inches in length and not as thick in girth, the stiff uncircumcised penis was just perfect as far as he was concerned, well formed, foreskin fully retracted, and throbbing with desire. Slighter and smaller in body frame than he, David's light tan complexion was marked with lighter faint lines and spaces where sunlight was blocked or filtered by the wearing of a bikini thong swimsuit protecting his crotch when he was in the sunlight.

Narrow hips, small feet, delicate fingers, fine boned, but not fragile by any means, narrow, slim waist, coltish smooth legs, a face lovely enough to launch ships, with eyes dark and sparkling, with lips oh so inviting. Every aspect of the teen boy before him screamed "love me" and more than worthy of Chase's worship and protection. Chase's lust increased, his cock throbbed and flowed with desire, all for wanting the smaller teen, completely.

"I need to taste you again," he whispered, "this time longer," and crawling on the bed, placed himself between David's spread legs with knees drawn up, and lowered his head to David's crotch. Using his tongue and lips, Chase tasted, kissed, and suckled through the sparse dark bush of pubic hair, nuzzling his way between thighs and penis down to the two plum-sized gonads encased in a relatively loose, extremely smooth scrotum ,which fit perfectly in his mouth as he rolled the firm, young balls around in it. He sucked them together, then one at a time, relishing the taste of the scrotum and crotch on either side of them. His tongue and nose paid tribute the area they hung so beautifully from.

Having tasted those delightful orbs, he slowly, delicately licked his way up to the base of David's staff, tonguing the underside of David's rampant cock to the tip, enclosed the head in his mouth and began teasing it with his tongue as he gently suckled it as a pup would on mother's teat.

David's hips thrust up, his legs straightened, and he began whimper.

"Not yet, Love," Chase admonished lovingly, "there's more to come."

Indeed there was, as his mouth began sucking, sliding down David's shaft until the head touched the back of his mouth as his nose brushed the sparse pubic bush. Chase wiggled his tongue and mouth about, savoring the scent and taste before him, enjoying the sweet lubrication fluid secreting from the slit at the tip, causing David's cock to twitch and his hips to thrust forward from the stimulation. Chase paused, rolled his tongue around the penis head, lapping up the streams of pre-cum flowing from the small slit, and began a slow bobbing up and down from the base to the tip, leaving the head secure in his mouth; his mouth, his warmth, the moisture, and his tongue all participating in the oral masturbation of his lover, bringing David to a mouth-filling, hip twisting, face-fucking climax of rich, creamy, teen cum!

Licking his lips, Chase murmured to himself, "Just like I remember."

David heard it and recalled the remark concerning "tasting him again" but his very existence, it seemed, was wrapped around his cock as he wallowed in the bliss of a balls emptying blow job. He said nothing, but pondered both remarks, trying to attach meaning to them.

David lay pliant on the bed, catching his breath and recovering his senses, but it wasn't over. Chase carefully, releasing the spent cock from his mouth, licked all around the head and shaft, seeking every drop of the precious white fluid which may have escaped him, before moving south on the lightly tanned skin before him. Soft lips brushed each protruding hip bone, his tongue sweeping across the lower abdomen before moving north, so to speak, to swirl around the small navel, before nuzzling his soft lips up David's body, meeting those eraser sized nipples, and attached himself to the left one where his tongue and lips encased it and began to suckle. He felt the nipple harden and swell to his tongue and lips touch and vacuum.

Wetting a middle finger, Chase reached down between David's legs, under his delightful ball sack to the valley of delight, found the small puckered opening to David's love chute, and slowly inserted the exploring digit as he continued to nurse on David's nipple. David, undergoing erotic sensations beyond anything he'd felt before, squirmed and squealed with delight while the soft lips nursed. His anal ring reacted by flexing, pulling the flicking, finger deeper in his feathery, soft, and moist entrance until the invading phalange was knuckle deep.

David's penis, just recently sucked to orgasm, began to swell again, as Chase continued finger fucking him, moving his mouth to the right nipple so he might minister to it in the same manner as he had the left. The reaction on the hardening nub was the same as on the left, but David responded with a more intensive thrust of his hips.

"I'm going to cum again, Chase," came the whimpered plea.

"Don't; fight it back; there's still more."

Disengaging, Chase rolled David over onto his stomach, pulled David's hips up so his face was on the mattress and he was on his knees, silky smooth buttocks thrust up for access and admiration, causing Chase to comment, "How much do you weigh, Mon Cheri?"

"About one hundred twelve, I think," David answered in French.

"Parle vous, Francais, David?"

"Oui." "I took both French and Spanish in school."

Chase, outweighing David by some twenty-plus pounds, viewed the lighter teens sweetness, cupped the baby-smooth, firm mounds of teen butt displayed so openly in front of him, in his hands, fondling them as if weighing them or deciding what to do next. If he thought to compare them with fruit, it might be two halves of a very ripe peach just recently separated. He pried them carefully apart, inspected them, smiled with anticipation, leaned forward, curled his tongue, moved his head forward until his nose was buried between those globes of the valley of passage through to the portal of delight, and began cautiously probing, poking, and jabbing at the puckered, muscled, gateway, and began a most delicious and proper rimming of a treasure akin to King Solomon's mines.

His feast was met with moans of delight, a twisting of David's hips, and an even greater stiffening of his own cock.

David reacted with a satisfied, encouraging "yes" and pushed back, giving Chase permission to do whatever he so desired and Chase desired the whole treasure chest. As he laved and bathed David's anal ring, preparing it for an eventual invasion, leaving it glistening, dripping wet, and inviting, he paused, "Any lube handy?" and was handed a tube of waterless gel.

"I use it for jacking-off," sighed David unapologetically, feeling the bliss of the loved being loved.

Chase globed a healthy wad of the gel on a couple of fingers, slipped them into David's ass, and spread the gel liberally as far as he could touch, reaching, coating, preparing, and, just for good measure, tickled David's prostate, getting an immediate reaction from the teen from the almost electrical impulse shooting from his love button to his cock.

Removing his fingers, he added more gel and slicked up his long, thick cock with the slippery substance. Chase teased the small opening with the tip of his tool, spreading the natural lubricant he was abundantly producing with the commercial gel he'd applied so liberally to the entrance of this most special place. The heat from the small orifice was almost blistering in intensity, yet so inviting. Holding his rampant rod with one hand and spreading David's butt-cheeks with the other, he guided his cock to the portal of joy, and slowly began trying to insert the huge cock into the small hole.

"It won't fit!" he moaned sadly, disappointed. "You're so tight!"

"Maybe because you're so big?" David responded with a giggle, pushing back against the large rod seeking entrance to the unwilling gate, determined not to be thwarted in his quest for a good and proper fucking by Chase Landry.

"What should I do?"

"You got ahold of your cock?"


"Well, keep ahold of it and push with your hips until the head of it pops through my hole."

"Shit, David, I don't want to split your like a ripe melon."

"You won't; if turds that big can go out, something that big will go in- I hope!"

"You sure?"

"You damn betcha – push. I've wanted this since the first time I saw you. I don't know what it was that drew me to you, but something sure as hell did. Maybe it was a good look at your cock," he grunted, wiggling his small ass, and reaching back with both hands to spread his ass cheeks wider to make penetration easier, and pushed with his gut, as if he were defecating, relaxing the anal ring, making a breach possible.

"Oh, shit!" he woofed into the pillow under his head, as Chase's thick cockhead suddenly popped through the anus and was gripped by the tight muscles of the rear orifice.

"Don't move, Chase," he pleaded. "Let me get used to it first and let everything stretch to fit."

Chase fought the urge to keep thrusting forward into the tight, hot, moist tunnel, but held back, fearful of hurting the teen he loved the most, and waited for David to give him the go-ahead.

David took a deep breath, which only increased the pressure around the trapped cock buried in his lower bowel, reminding him of the squeeze of one of the big python snakes now inhabiting some of the bayous of the south as it holds tight to a prey, and said, "Okay, but take it slow and easy."

Chase began easing himself forward, about an inch at a time. He'd wait until David gave the nod before moving again. About half way home to balls deep on the road to paradise, he paused, leaned back and looked down where his cock entered David's butt. The large, thick cock looked almost obscene, stretching the once small orifice to accommodate it. The sight gave him pause, worried this trip to pleasure might be too painful for David.

Leaning forward again until he was once more resting on David's bare back, asking, "Are you in pain? I can stop you know"

"Don't you dare!" came the returned admonishment, so he coupled his advance with small, short back and forth movements, each thrust in and out drove him deeper and deeper.

"I think it's all in," David sighed, stressed but not in great pain. "I can feel your big balls thumping up against mine each time you push forward."

Sure enough, Chase felt his public hairs contacting David's smooth butt cheeks.

"Fuck me, Chase," David pleaded and Chase did.

Chase, arms wrapped around David, his chin resting on David's head, the realization of the difference in their height apparent, used one hand to masturbate his lover while he fucked. He laughed to himself thinking this doggy-style fucking should be wolf-style fucking given his very nature. If he shifted, it would be, and he so much wanted to shift, knot with David, and flood the teen's lower bowel with his semen, but he fought the urge. Chase urged David to turn his head and engaged his lips with a passionate, long-lasting kiss, tongues wrapping, lips sucking, and their hunger for each other intensified.

Their mutual passion growing with every thrust, every kiss, nakedness to nakedness until it burst forth with the intensity of a sudden monsoon downpour flooding the rain forest. David's fluids pouring out the end of his todger, with strong spurts, coating Chase's hand, while Chase's voluminous amounts of teen-juice filled to overflowing David's colon, seeping around the pulsing shaft plugging the entrance, dripping down David's perineum to his balls and Chase's. Chase hugged David tightly, whispering how much he loved him, and sucked a bruised mark on his lover, claiming David as his and warning all others away.

Resting after the powerful orgasms they'd experienced, Chase, still hard and buried in David's ass, waited until the seepage of his ejaculation slowed before rolling to his side, carrying David with him. He spooned David's back to his own front, twitched his cock to ensure it was still anchoring the two of them together, began a series of soft kisses along David's neck and cheeks, reaffirming his strong love and commitment to the teen.

They lay as one for about ten minutes, just luxuriating the closeness and attachment to each other. Chase laughed softly; "I hope your sister has a large supply of condoms in her room. As horny as Henri is, she'll need them so she won't get pregnant. He'll plow a furrow wide and deep."

His concern was genuine since, as he understood it, never having experienced it before, female Lycanthropes can postpone or even prevent pregnancy avoiding the dangers of an accidental fertilization occurring. During times when food might be scarce it was necessary. In the Bateau Parish Pack, it really seemed important as far as Chase was concerned. From his observation, unmated teens and even prepubescent boys and girls, seemed to fuck with abandon for the pleasure of it and on a regular basis. On more than one occasion, he'd come upon a copulating couple in the forest or anyplace offering a small modicum of privacy. He'd never had the experience since girls didn't give him a hard-on and no way was he going to reveal his preference for cock over cunt.

"Don't worry; she's on the pill."


"Yeah, mom put her on it right after her first period."


"In case Marcus decided he'd have piece of his half-sister and get her pregnant. I'd cut the fucker's cock off and stuff it up his ass if he ever even tried."

Chase tried, unsuccessfully, to stifle his laugh, imagining the smaller David confronting his bigger half-brother, coming after him with a knife, intent on relieving Marcus of his male parts and shoving them up his butt.

David felt Chase's long thick cock jiggle inside him as Chase laughed softly and reacted.


"Just thinking about doing this again," Chase responded and began easy rocking back and forth; just small thrusts, taking his time, enjoying every moment. Apparently David was just as eager since he started giving as good as he got. It wasn't a hasty or frantic coupling, displayed by the eagerness of their first fuck, but one of care, pleasure, and love. For Chase, this coupling was a confirmation of him discovering his true mate, and for David it was an affirmation of his instant love of the teen he saw in the restaurant men's room.

Both orgasming again, David on Chase's welcoming hand and Chase deep inside David. This time, they separated, each spread-eagled on their backs on the bed, hands intertwined, and Chase's cock still rock hard, pointing up like the Washington Monument. It wasn't long, however, before Chase was energized again.

"This time," he announced, leaning over kissing David's lips and plucking at them with his own, "it's face to face," rose, spread David's legs, kneeled between them, and raised them so David's legs could grip his hips. He leaned forward, letting his cockhead nudge the well lubricated and open portal, asking, "Do you love me, David?"

"Oh, my god, yes," was the quick and genuine response. "Do you love me?"

"With all my heart and soul, for eternity."

David's grandfather and half-brother would return in two weeks. Until they did, they could meet as many nights as possible, fucking until dawn. After that, there might be some problems. Chase could see the concern cross David's face.

"Something's bothering him," he thought.

"Not really," David answered aloud, not realizing Chase had not spoken a word. "We can work something out. There's no way I'm giving this up. I took too long in finding you."

Chase knew exactly what happened and why David "heard" him. David could hear his thoughts, a result of him claiming him. It'd only get more active and intense the longer they were together. David didn't realize it yet, but he'd one day soon.

"We have two weeks together without interference. There'll be no problems after that. Henri and I are pretty clever when it comes to sneaking around. We had to be where we came from."

David didn't ask where that was. For the moment, it wasn't important to him. Chase would tell him in good time. He pulled Chase's head down, locked his lips on Chase's, and reached between his legs to guide the large cock to his asshole, and pulled Chase forward a little so the mighty missile was buried balls deep. Chase began fucking, looking into David's eyes as he did and was rewarded with eyes sparkling, welcoming their joining. Ejaculation took longer this, the third time of the night, and Chase rolled over onto his back, carrying David with him. David stayed anchored to Chase, attached by the long stiff cock.

David lay his head on Chase's chest, pulled Chase's arms around him, welcoming the comfort and warmth of his lover.

"I never thought the first time would be so great," Chase murmured softly.

David was silent, rolling over his mind if he should comment. With a sigh of resignation, he confessed, "This wasn't my first. It's the real reason we're up here."

He expected Chase to comment, but he didn't. Chase didn't react negatively, shove him off, or make any expression, except silence.

"I am so afraid what happened before we came up here, will happen again. Before it does and they try to send me away in the fall to that 'special' school, I vow I'll murder both of those fuckers like I promised some time back."

"Who?" Chase asked, still not moving, only to hug David tighter.

"My grandfather and half-brother. They deserve to die and die they will."

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