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The Cajun Wolf - Murder Most Foul

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 14

Copyright © 2019 – Nicholas Hall

"Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought."
(Albert Szent-Gyorgyi Von Nagyrapolt)

Chase and Henri raced on toward Jessie's where Jacques awaited them. He'd spent the night running with Mike, Chad, and Patrick. Mike and Chad took him under their wing, so to speak, teaching and showing him the territory, how to hunt it, travel throughout, and what places to avoid.

Jacques, fully dressed, was sound asleep, stretched out on a couch in Jessie's front room.

"We stopped at my house at The Pines and invited some of the younger Kabetogama Pack members to run with us. Simon Hayes and my brothers Allan and Derrick, both now shifters since Derrick made his first shift about three months ago, joined us. They had a great time," Mike explained. "I think they're all pretty well worn out."

Chase and Henri dressed before waking Jacques, then all three loaded up in Chase's SUV, and headed toward home. Jacques chattered the entire trip, explaining where they'd been, the bear they saw but avoided, the two moose ("they're big mothers"), one with a calf, they didn't kill, and the one deer they did kill.

"Mike said it was an older buck and thought it might be okay to take it, so we did. It was exciting."

He paused, contemplating the kill and the meal afterwards. "It tasted different than what I expected." Jacques furled his forehead in thought. "Good though; can't complain."

Jacques was more excited about the new friends he'd made and how they invited him over to "swim and all kinds of things. They have some ATV's and said we could ride."

Hesitating he asked, "Do you think someone could teach me how to drive one so I don't look like a total dork before I go over there again? Maybe Uncle Eric or Uncle Evan could. Do you suppose? We'll all go the same school in the fall. Won't that be great?"

Jacques settled back in the seat, a satisfied smile on his face. "I think I'm really going to like it here. How about you guys?"

"I think I can settle in just fine," Henri responded, a mischievous and knowing grin on his face, his hard cock pressing tight up against the inside of his jean's zipper as he remembered how warm, moist, and tight the sheath he inserted it in several times during the night felt.

"Me too," echoed Chase, thoughts of David's warm, tight love chute encasing and massaging his own hard tool. "Yeah, me too," he repeated. If he had his way, he'd turn around, race back to the lodge, pull David's pants down, spread those small, sweet butt cheeks, and bury himself balls deep in them again and again. Instead, he had to wait until Tuesday night. It'd be a long couple of days he thought.

Eric and Evan were sitting on the deck enjoying a cup of coffee when they heard the slam of the front door and the pounding of feet, one pair in particular, heading toward the deck, and an excited Jacques hollering out their name, seeking their whereabouts.

"On the deck," Eric shouted back.

Jacques popped out of the kitchen door onto the deck, stopping in front of his two uncles.

"Guess what?" he asked excited.

Evan thought a moment; "You learned why wolves lift their hind leg to piss?"

"No," Jacques asked with a puzzled look on his face, "why do they?"

"To shift their ass out of gear so they won't shit."


"He's pulling your leg," Chase said, giving his younger brother a playful tap on the back of his head.

"Well, how was I to know. It made sense to me!"

Snorting his disgust for falling for the old joke and the lameness of it, Jacques quickly switched the conversation to his night run with Chad, Mike, and "all of the guys," giving Eric and Evan a detailed description of their activities including the hunting, killing, and how they feasted on the carcass.

"It was really good!" he concluded, eyes sparkling, and smacking his lips.

Revulsion creeping into his stomach, Eric commented wryly, "I'll just bet it was. Just the way you like your meat, right?"

"Yep!" After a pause, continued, changing the subject, "Uncle Evan can you teach me how to run an ATV, please?"

"Why would I want to do that?"

'Cause I've been invited back in the daytime, not nighttime like last night, and Mike's younger brother, Derrick, I think he's about my age," wrinkling his brow as he pondered the thought, "said we can go ATV'ing, and I don't know how to run one. I don't want to look like Alexander Dumb Ass, okay?"

Evan assured him he would, perhaps later in the afternoon, since they had one in the shed they rarely used, except winter and for general purpose hauling.

"Great," Jacques giggled, happy his uncles would do it. "But now I need to take a nap; I'm totally wrung out." He gave his uncles a hug and a kiss and bounded back into the house and up the stairs.

Addressing Chase and Henri, Eric inquired, "Did your night go as you two expected it would?"

"Yeah," grinned Henri, "better than expected."

"We're going back again Tuesday night," Chase offered.

"Be careful of Marcello Giordano," Eric cautioned. "He is one mean son-of-a-bitch!"

"Yeah, I gathered that from David. What else is there to know?"

Eric and Evan relayed to Chase and Henri the information provided by Scott Campbell. It basically confirmed what David told Chase and Lindsey told Henri. Marcello was a wealthy man, inherited the bulk of his fortune from his father's and uncles highly illegal ventures, cleaned up the company so he had a high degree of respectability in legitimate businesses, just on the edge of dirty but found clean as a whistle anytime law enforcement decided to investigate him, thought to have some connections to various gangsters even after his brothers died, and had a reputation of being ruthless in getting done what he wanted done. Although, according to Scott, no crimes could be directly attributed to him.

"David said he ordered the murder of two of his friends when he was discovered, by Marcus, being fucked by them. The encounter, according to David, is what moved them up here. David's been threatened, if he persists in his "unnatural" acts, his mother will be killed and his sister, Lindsey, raped repeatedly by Marcus and then sold as a sex slave. David said if either his step-brother or his grandfather tried it, they'd both die. Of course, David did threaten his grandfather's life after his mates were murdered. I think he's planning on doing that before they ship him off to a private school specializing in conversion therapy."

Henri confirmed all Chase described, noting Lindsey told him basically the same thing.

Eric and Evan listened carefully, noting this information cast a different and more urgent light on the matter.

"You'll really have to be cautious," urged Eric, "especially if you continue your liaisons with David and Lindsey."

"We both will," Chase assured them, adding with a snarl, "If the old bastard or that half-wit Marcus, decide to try anything, Henri and I have decided to shift and tear them both into shreds."

"But if you do," cautioned Eric, "you'll draw a great deal of unwanted attention not to only yourselves, should you be found out, but the entire Lycan population in the area. That'd be disastrous, bringing every Lycan killer to the north woods, hunting down and decimating your fellow werewolves."

"There must be some way," agonized Chase. "There's a week and a half before Marcello returns and the rest of the summer to figure something out," he commented, lamenting what appeared to him to be a lack of time.

"There might be some way to bell the cat, so to speak," offered Evan. "I'll bet Franklin Campbell could figure it out, if we let him know the situation over there. Maybe we can find a solution to your dilemma."

"Can we trust him?" asked Henri.

"With your lives," Evan answered confidently.

Tuesday, Jacques spent the day at the Pines with Derrick, Allen, and the others at swimming, sailing, and riding on an ATV. Evan picked him up and brought him home in time for supper. Jacques was overflowing with happiness and enlightened his older brothers and his uncles what all they did.

"They all go swimming bare assed naked," he offered, "and if you get a stiffie, nobody seems to care. Well, almost everyone," and flushed red.

Chase and Henri traveled to the Remote Lake property in their SUV, deciding driving over would give them more time to spend with David and Lindsey. The disadvantages were they couldn't travel cross country and it made it more difficult to hide an SUV than a couple of wolves ducking into the cover of the woods if they were discovered. Chase parked the vehicle just shy of the clearing at the Remote Lake property the Averill Creek Pack used.

"They're coming," David hissed softly through the screen door into Lindsey's bedroom.

"I'm getting ready," giggled Lindsey.

"What's to get ready?" David saw no need to dress any differently than he was, in his normal attire of skimpy underwear. They made his butt readily available and that's what he wanted and Chase enjoyed.

Lindsey stepped out, clad in an extremely shear nightie, barely covering her small, pert breasts and left her honey-pot with its sparse, dark bush open to the breeze.

"Want him bad, don't you?" David teased.

They quickly made their way down to the lake shore, barely arriving at the dock before Henri and Chase ran up the shore toward them, stiff cocks leading the way, and smiles on their faces. Henri ran to Lindsey's open arms, while Chase stepped up to David, his sweet, lovable, adorable, David. Wrapping his arms around him, Chase nuzzled his neck, softly kissing the tender spot just under David's ear, he moved to David's lips, engaging them in a sensuous, tender kiss, expressing how much he missed him and loved him.

Henri could be heard, in between kisses, telling Lindsey how much he missed her and wanted her as Lindsey cocked one leg up around Henri's naked hip, palmed his erection a couple of times before stroking it and guiding it home, lodging it inside her love tunnel.

"Here?" he questioned, pushing forward, seating more of his tool inside her until he was buried deep, and lifted her other leg to his opposite hip. She seated him as deep as she could when she wrapped her legs about his waist and pulled him forward.

"Fuck me as we walk!"

Chase and David were long in bed enjoying their pleasure of each other before Henri and Lindsey made it to the deck. David, on his back, legs splayed and knees pulled back toward his chest, as Chase plunged his massive cock in and partially out of the small anus. It took little in the way of stretching for David to accept him, his anus and inner muscles now accustomed to the large penis.

Resting in between sessions of love-making, his head tucked under Chase's chin and resting on Chase's chest, David absently fondled the smooth, stiff, penis just recently exciting his insides.

"We have about a week and half before Grandfather Giordano returns along with his attack hound, Marcus."

"Then we better make the most of it."

"What do we do when he returns, Chase?"

"Be damned careful! It doesn't mean we stop seeing each other. A friend of ours is going to see what he can come up with in order to make it safer for you, Lindsey, and us, so don't worry about it. Let's just enjoy the time we have together. I do know this, nothing or anybody is going to keep me from you and I know Henri feels the same way about Lindsey."

Chase's heart fluttered momentarily, knowing there was no way in hell he could ever be separated from David; his love was so great and intense. David was his mate, his life's partner, and he couldn't imagine living without him; not being able to touch, see, fondle, kiss, and love him in every way possible.

Leaning over, moving his head down to David's very erect penis, Chase ran his nose and tongue through the sparse, black pubic bush, licked around the base of the stiff rod David offered to him, before running his tongue down and into his crotch, licking the underside of David's erection from the base to the tip, flicked out his tongue, and captured the large dollop of pre-cum gathered there, before slipping his lips over the exposed head. Chase used his tongue to tickle and stimulate David's cock until opening his mouth, and taking all of the tasty delight inside.

"God," he thought to himself, "I do love this guy so much."

"And I love you!" he thought he heard David reply, but made no comment. It was enough however, to cause him to frown thoughtfully for a moment before giving David a spectacular blow-job.

Around four-thirty in the morning, with dawn a short time away, he signaled Henri it was time to go.

"Henri, better pull out and head for the door. We don't want to get caught here as much as I'd like to stay."

Both of them knew it'd be disastrous for Lindsey and David to be found out. It'd be hard to say what Marcello would do to them. Chase wasn't about to take the chance until it was absolutely safe.

"Got'cha; meet you on the deck."

Once more, David "heard" the conversation between Chase and Henri; so did Lindsey. They both stood on the deck watching as best they could in the dusky light of the pre-dawn as their lovers headed for the lakefront, and ran down the beach out of sight.

"When it's daylight, Lindsey, I want to show you something."

Lindsey and David weren't the only ones watching the two naked teens dash to the beach and disappear from sight. One watcher was lying flat on his belly in the wooded periphery of the yard and the other watcher, sitting on the small balcony, from the lodge.

Breakfast done, brought up most mornings to his mother's small apartment just behind his room by their cook, David and Lindsey helped clean up before telling their mom they were going for a short walk down to the beach.

"See," David said pointing out to Lindsey where the human foot prints morphed into wolf paw prints. "You know what this means?"

He hoped she understood exactly the consequences of loving a boy who, at the full moon or any other time, could shift from human to wolf; not an ordinary wolf but a werewolf, bigger, stronger, and more dangerous than any others. David didn't understand fully what all their wolves, Chase and Henri, were capable of or actually did, but he really didn't care. He fell in love with Chase and intended to spend his life with him.

She nodded her head slowly, trying to absorb what she saw and recognized, and reconcile her love for Henri with the realization he just might be something else instead. There was a great deal to process. Lindsey also realized she knew little of what or how humans shifted from human to wolf and back. She did know Henri loved her and loved her with all of the passion and devotion no one else could. Could she sacrifice that love because he was a paranormal; a werewolf with a big cock? Big cock or not, really made no difference to her as she examined her inner self, knowing she'd die without Henri in her life.

"So," she replied slowly finalizing her decision, "that guy you told me about, the one who gave the talk about werewolves living in the north woods when you were in the academy, might be right?"

"Yeah; I've got some stuff we need to read through before Chase and Henri come back tomorrow night. That is, if you still want to continue seeing Henri, 'cause I'm not about to leave Chase."

Lindsey was just as committed to Henri as David is to Chase and so informed him. The morning, afternoon, and evening was spent pouring over the notes David took and the information he'd downloaded on two flash drives while at the academy. David explained the two flash drives were easier to hide, kept the information off of the hard drive of his lap top or cell phone, and had information concerning regular wild wolves on one and stories, myths, and supposed "sightings" of werewolves, known as Lycanthropes on the other. The information distributed by Ted Symthe, the ex-game warden turned lecturer, and David's notes from the lecture were on the one containing the werewolf data.

"It also includes fiction stories about gay werewolves, MP4 videos of men and boys and boys and boys fucking, and other stuff. Most of it probably wouldn't interest you, but really turns me on reading or watching them."

He wasn't a bit embarrassed telling Lindsey what was on the flash drive or make any excuse for the data on it. She knew her brother was gay, Chase was fucking him, and he knew Henri was fucking her. In the short time they'd been having sexual relations with Chase and Henri, they became relatively uninhibited around each other, not bothering to cover their nakedness in the presence of the other. What was there to hide, when each had clearly seen the big penises of their lovers stuffed into their bodies. Only real difference was Lindsey took it in the front and David took it in the back, but both loved to nurse on the big cocks; David more so than Lindsey. She just couldn't get enough of Henri's large penis reaming her honey-pot.

By day's end, long after dark, after reading, watching, and discussing the situation and what they discovered, they concluded it really made no difference if their boyfriends were werewolves or human or both. The marks left by their lovers, David concluded after reading some of the information, meant he and Lindsey were marked or "claimed," but not yet "mated." The bruise, refreshed each time their lovers fucked them, and the heavy scent of Chase and Henri on Lindsey and him, was meant to warn other males away. If Lindsey and he were "mated," it would happen at orgasm, as Chase or Henri's copious amounts of semen flooded their interiors, they would be bitten, deep enough to draw blood and mix their blood with the salvia of Chase or Henri. The bite would heal rapidly.

"It also means," David explained to Lindsey although he was certain she understood what was going to happen as a result, "we'll be turned into werewolves and shift at the next full moon."

David made up his mind he'd do it, although he was uncertain what his sister might do.

"There's a lot to consider," she said. "It's not something we can speak about is it?"

"If we did, they'd think we were crazy. Probably lock us up in some mental hospital," David mused. "Probably send me to some special school specializing in curing gay werewolves."

"Or send me to some foster home," lamented Lindsey, "right after Marcus tried to fuck me with his tiny dick, where every boy and man in the house would fuck me on a continuous basis. Before I'd let that happen, I'd beg Henri to mate me so I'd shift and run off with him into the woods. Then I'd sneak back here and rip the shit out of Marcus and Grandfather Giordano."

"Say what?"

"I'd mate with Henri," Lindsey repeated, "and live with him."

"That's what I thought you said," David commented, an idea taking shape in his head.

Thursday night was spent as the previous nights had been spent; repeated sex with their lovers, relishing each kiss, the closeness, the touching, the flooding of their inner bodies with semen, and the post-coital bliss and conversation. Before Chase and Henri left, Chase asked David and Lindsey if they'd be at The Birch for Friday fish fry. David said they would, but would only have one security guard with them.

"Private room?"

"Nah, we only have that when the old man and the little prick are with us. I think they're afraid someone would pick them off for all the nasty shit they've been behind for years. It'd serve'em right!"

It took little to persuade Eric and Evan to go out for fish at The Birch on Friday evening. Chase thought seven in the evening would be a good time to go, especially since he'd contacted Jessie to find out what time the Giordano's reservation was. Discreetly, he arranged for their table to be adjacent to the Giordano's.

It took all of Henri and Chase's will power not to leap forward and wrap their arms around their lovers when they entered the dining room and were seated at the table next to them. But they did refrain from doing so. Half-way through the meal, Chase looked up and saw Franklin Campbell walking toward their table. He'd been seated with the Bower's Family at a table across the room.

Franklin greeted Eric, Evan, and the Landry boys before turning his attention to the Giordano's. The security guard started to rise from his chair in an effort to prevent Franklin from approaching, but Franklin's commanding presence and his soft words of caution, seated the man.

"Please stay seated. I mean them no harm," but his eyes sent a different message; don't even try it if you value your personal welfare.

"I'm Franklin Campbell," he said by way of introduction looking at David's mother, "and you are?"

"Rebecca Giordano and these are my children, David and Lindsey."

Nodding his head toward the security man, Franklin inquired, "Your husband?"

"No, I'm a widow. My husband died a couple of years ago."

"You have my sympathy," he responded before turning to David.

"David, am I correct, and where do you live?"

"Remote Lake, sir. I'm sixteen and my sister is fourteen."

Franklin was no stranger to David since he'd been part of the group of men who showed up in the men's room the night Marcus confronted him talking to Chase. However, David gave no indication of being familiar with him and acted as though this was the first time.

"How rude of me, not telling you where I live. I am currently residing at The Pines, where Campbell and Associates have their business. It's not far from here, on Lake Kabetogama."

Continuing the introductions, he turned to Eric and Evan. "These two gentleman are Eric Trempealeau, a retired attorney and his spouse, Evan Troutman, a semi-retired realtor. The three handsome young men with are Chase Landry, Henri Landry, and Jacques Landry. The Landry's came to live with Eric and Evan when the boy's parents died in an accident."

Looking at David and Lindsey, "I'd bet Chase and Henri are about your ages, David and Lindsey. Perhaps you could get together sometime."

David, watching carefully for any sign which might give their relationship away and seeing none, decided Jacques was ever so handsome as Chase and Henri. If Franklin knew how many times he and Chase and Henri and Lindsey "got together" he'd know they didn't need any encouragement. David saw a slight smirk momentarily cross Chase's face as well.

Chase was hard as a rock, aching to take David outside or anywhere and make passionate love to him.

"That'd be nice," Rebecca acknowledged, "but their grandfather, who owns the place where we now live, doesn't permit visitors."

"How unfortunate," Franklin lamented. "I was hoping I might call on you, Mrs. Giordano."

Rebecca smiled, clearly interested in knowing the handsome man standing near, his heat sending tickles and shivers up and down her skin. It was a feeling she'd not had for many years.

"Perhaps," she responded coyly, "we might be able to do that; perhaps away from the lodge, if my father-in-law would permit it."

Her answer validated what Franklin knew concerning the family. They were basically held prisoner by Marcello Giordano. Scott and he already met the half-brother to David and Lindsey and found him despicable and dangerous.

"Perhaps I'll discuss it with him," Franklin pondered aloud.

"Oh, he's gone until the end of next week," she offered, giving Franklin an opportunity if he wanted it.

Franklin decided he'd do it, but without the security man present. "Perhaps tomorrow afternoon around two or so?"

Rebecca looked at the security guard and informed him to let Mr. Campbell in the next afternoon.

Jacques was busy looking at Derrick and Allan Bowers, receiving some sort of message from him. Eric watched, wishing he knew what the devil the boys were saying to each other. It didn't take long for him to find out. Derrick and Allan invited Jacques to spend the weekend with them and he could ride home with them after dinner tonight.

"Won't you need clean clothes; you know underwear and such?" Evan asked as Eric gave permission to spend the weekend at The Pines.

"I'm not going to poop my pants, Uncle Evan," Jacques responded somewhat disgusted, but smiled in the process.

"Henri, why don't we surprise Lindsey and David tonight since Jacques is gone."

"Okay with me; I'm about to spew in my shorts now just looking at her."

"We'll be waiting," David responded.

Chase and Henri were almost dumbstruck when they realized David and probably Lindsey were able to hear their telepathic communications.

"How long?" Henri asked.

"Since about your second visit to us," Lindsey replied.

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