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The Leapling

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 3

"When the voices of children are heard on the green
And laughing is heard on the hill,
My heart is at rest within my breast
And everything else is still."
(William Blake – Songs of Innocence-Nurses Song, st. 1)

Aidan's sleeping form, warm, sensual, ambrosial, ineffable, soft to my touch, and forgiving of my closeness, my chest up against his back, my head resting over his shoulder, allowing me to taste the flesh of his neck with my tongue and lips, smell the distinctly erotic scent of him mixed with the powerful aromas of semen, sweat, and natural fragrances resulting from our activities, while my thick appendage filled the walls of his warm, velvet, moist anal sheath, slowly contracting and relaxing as I carefully pushed deeper and deeper into him, my thick, bulbous cockhead opening the passage for my girth!

Aidan was tired, so tired he barely moved as his anal sheath accepted me, except for a soft sigh of pleasure as I finally settled deep inside of him, the hairs on my groin snug up against his nicely formed, smooth, and perfectly delightfully beautiful buttock's cheeks!

This coupling was just one of many we'd engaged in during the night, our first night of pleasuring each other, renewed this early morning with the immurement of my staff in the confines of his most special place; the room, warming from the morning sun, casting an angelic glow over his naked form, would be but a spark from a dying fire compared to the heat I felt, physically and emotionally, making love to this lovely Welshman. My rampant cock settling into a slow rhythm, stimulating, titillating, both him and me. My intense desire for him, recalling the passion we shared the first time and those times during the night when we loved each other, moved me to the brink of tears, expressing my joy!

I continued thrusting easily, with gentle but insistent passages over his love button, forward and back, not wanting to awaken him but allow him to sleep in joyous, erotic slumber, but, alas, the contracting and relaxing muscles of his lower bowel and sphincter, clasping, milking, and manipulation of my penis signaled he was waking, pushing back to meet each of my pushes forward sending an accepting, eager, and erotic orgasm stimulating signal, bringing me to fruition. My cockhead began to swell, the large veiny tube on the underside of my penis grew larger, swelling as it contained the cream of my testicles, now racing up its length with each thrust, muscle contraction, and twitch before shooting out in great spurts from the orifice at the end of my cock and into his interior, causing me to clinch my ass cheeks, and deliver several strong, thick, and copious injections into my lover as I ejaculated.

"Amazing!" he murmured in his soft, waking voice, "I don't think you'll ever run dry!"

Perhaps he was right; I didn't think I could ever run out of my intense and profound love for him either!

I withdrew, once I'd stopped seeping, my foreskin slowly sliding forward to partially cover my cockhead, my once stiff phallus now slowly retreating to its normal, flaccid size, and lovingly, carefully rolled him over onto his back and addressed his lips with mine.

My hands, seeking to touch, feel, and revel in the flesh of him, as my lips now did, crept slowly, deliberately down the smoothness of his sides, his torso, lithe, but firm, sweeping lightly to his waist, holding briefly the hips where his legs, previously wrapped about my waist, securing him to me and forcing my length deeper and deeper in him as we made love, began; down and behind my hands slipped to his firm, smooth mounds wherein between resided my entrance to that special part of him, were honed and toned, as was the rest of his body, by hard work, but soft, pliable, an eager recipient to my massaging, soothing hands!

Raising my hips enough to slide one hand and arm between us, I located and grasped lightly his turgid, warm, appetent penis, velvety smooth foreskin partially retracted, leaving half of the head and the tip glistening with a dollop of his essence. Twitching as my fingers encircled the girth of his phallus, Aidan welcomed my hand with a sigh of contentment and anticipation as I began the rhythmic sliding up and down, working the foreskin up and over the head and back, bringing that tickling and awesome feeling only the touch of another's person's hand can precipitate.

Aidan moaned in satisfaction and encouragement to continue my ministrations; knowing full well what he needed and we both wanted, I reluctantly left his warm lips and began nibbling, kissing my way down his chest to first one breast, tonguing and sucking the first small dark teat I encountered to a peak, before moving over to the other, where I spent some time tonguing it to a stiffness before sucking on it as a babe at a mother's breast, desiring the taste and fulfillment of nourishment.

He shivered, bumps of sexual excitement rose from his flesh, and placed his hands softly on my head, nudging gently, expressing his desire for me to proceed to that place, where his life force in the form of his penis stiffly waited, and thumped with each beat of his heart, for me! Oh, how he wanted me and how I wanted him! The intense desire we felt for each other was tantamount to all other things about us.

Unwilling to tease my lover any longer or delay the piquant discharge I found so palatable, I dipped my head, held his stiff, steely, hard, but velvety soft penis in my hand, marveling at the very wonder of it! What my eyes had beheld and my hand now cradled, my lips would taste, lapping up the clear, sticky discharge of the prerequisite to his climax, before encircling the exposed head with my lips, pushing back and locking the foreskin behind it, before swirling my tongue around and over the glans, causing a gasp of pleasure, a tightening of his abdominal muscles, and a straightening of his legs as I began an up and down motion while sucking that beautiful appendage!

Our cocks were approximately the same length, but I was larger in girth. The first time he ejaculated while I was fellating him, I was taken by surprise, which I shouldn't have been considering the size of his balls and their pendulous sac, as he burst forth with a strong, powerful and copious amount of his creamy, thick offering suddenly filling my oral cavity. With nary a thought otherwise, I swallowed, and in doing so, made him part of me. I expected to be revolted by the taste of his semen, but instead found it mellow, full-flavored with a touch of spice, all flavors uniquely Aidan. Wanting him inside me again, I moved my head faster, bobbing up and down, sliding his length back and forth in my moist warm mouth while continuing to suckle! I felt his hips raise, his cockhead swell, and the thick tube on the underside of his cock twitch and contract as each welcome burst was received by me.

Relaxing after our intense, but gratifying coupling, I shifted and pulled Aidan on top of me, letting his head rest on my shoulder, our faces touching, his frantic breathing resulting from his strong orgasm slowing, his cock flaccid and warm laying against mine. Holding him, with him prostrate on me, my arms wrapped around him securing his body to mine, seemed natural, something seeming to be preordained, as if we were always intended to be together. This wasn't some fantasy I conjured up in my mind to fuel my passionate masturbating; no, this was real and what was real in my arms wasn't going away from the manner in which he hugged me in return.

Resting in such bliss, Aidan sighed, breathing out, "We better get up, shower, dress, and head down to breakfast. Hard to think what Uncle Avery would think if we're late!"

"He'd probably think we'd spent the night fucking and, you know something Aidan; he'd be right!"

Our shower was together; two new lovers carefully tending to, admiring, and appreciating the glorious nudity of the other as we soaped, rinsed, and loved again. We had to part, each to our own room, to dress since that's where our clothes were. We both realized from that moment on it wouldn't be so in the future.

I fairly skipped down the stairs to the kitchen where Avery was preparing breakfast. The smell of fresh coffee drew Aidan and me to the table like bees to a honey pot. Every time I looked at him and he looked at me, we both smiled or giggled!

Avery, quick to notice the change in our demeanor, smiled and made one simple statement; "About time!"

There was no mistaking his meaning! There really was no doubt of our relationship when Chance and Tommy joined us at the table. Chance gave Aidan a gentle jab in the ribs with his finger, teasing,

"Cousin, I didn't take you as a moaner," hesitated for a moment, using a play on words, "or a mid-nighter either by the sounds coming from Nelson's bedroom."

We both blushed, silently vowing to keep our enthusiastic sounds at least to a less vocal level, but it would be difficult! Loving Aidan was so much fun and intense.

Avery's breakfast preparation consisted of pancakes with sausage patties made from the farm's hogs.

"Avery," I asked, pointing at a sausage patty, "when did you start raising your own meat for sale at 'Mudpuppy's and donating to the schools for their meal programs?"

Avery paused, poured himself another cup of coffee, and sat down.

"It really started during the Great Depression. If you remember from our previous conversation, when I paid off the notes my father had taken out, I told my brothers and sisters I had some basic conditions; all of the children would complete high school and beyond, if they desired; we'd change our production somewhat by adding more garden vegetables and fruit trees so we could feed ourselves; what we couldn't sell or use at home, we'd use to feed others- sort of like 'God's Acre' some farmers believed in doing by giving back the proceeds from one acre of ground to their church only I decided it'd be the school and others less fortunate. We met regularly to discuss our operations including what we'd produce and how to make things operate smoothly, and; if any of them wanted to buy the land they were farming from Robert and me since we held the deeds, we'd sell it to them on land contracts."

"I reminded them I wasn't made of money so we had to be careful in our expenditures. I remember distinctly telling them from what I'd read and seen, this economy is going to be in trouble for a few years, so we better be ready to ride out the storm!"

"In order to save money and make meals available at 'Mudpuppy's' I decided to sell beef and pork to it and have it processed at the local locker plant. This also gave my family a place to sell their excess produce as well. It was a win/win situation for all of us. Of course, I couldn't pay a great deal, but every little bit helped."

"And that's how it started! Leo and I were the first to donate to the school lunch program in the fall of '31. I wanted kids to have a hot meal at least once a day."

Before I could ask any more, Avery quickly changed the subject.

"Speaking of gardens," he said thoughtfully, "I think I'll have the men plow up ours here at home and maybe add some more to it. I've neglected it long enough."

Nodding his head at me, he asked, "Nelson, would you mind checking out the trees in the orchard?"

Aidan and I walked up the lane toward the small orchard, once breakfast was finished and the dishes cleaned up. From what I could ascertain, once we crawled under the fence and walked through the trees, there were several varieties of apples, three pear trees, and a couple of cherry trees. There were two trees I didn't recognize, but from the leaves I thought they were a variety of peach. All the trees had fruit set on them and there appeared to be no insect or fungus infestation. It made no sense to me to spray the trees yet, so I'd decided to wait. They desperately needed pruning but they'd have to wait until late next winter. The weeds and grasses between the trees also needed mowing.

Putting my arm around Aidan, pulling him closer and kissing him, once we parted our lips from each other, I asked, "Have these been harvested before and are those really peaches?" pointing at the two trees I couldn't identify.

"Yes and yes!"

Aidan explained the trees were a northern variety of a white peach, smaller in size than a regular peach, about the size of a large apricot. He also begged off not knowing who picked the fruit since it wasn't harvested last year, but understood in the past it was.

Back at the house, I explained to Avery what I'd determined from my examination of the trees and asked what he wanted done.

"Bring it back to life!" he answered and walked out the door, climbed in his truck, and drove away!

Aidan and I drove, in his truck, to a couple of the hay fields David had his crew cut and rake. We figured he'd probably begin baling on Monday, if the weather was right. I wondered then if he'd hire the same crew he had for cleaning corn out of the soybeans, a job they finished on Friday. From there we drove to the Cities where I bought a couple of pair of cowboy boots; one pair for everyday use and the other for "dress up."

I was fretting about spending my money, but Aidan assured me not to worry.

"Pay day is Monday so you'll have a check waiting for you!"

"Pay day?" I exclaimed, puzzled about the announcement. "I thought I was working to pay for my room and board?"

"Nah," Aidan explained, "Avery's going to pay you as well. His philosophy is simple; you work, you get paid. Living with us is just something he wants to do. Besides, I think it's great; having you there is like fringe benefits, only better and longer lasting!"

"Why Monday?"

"Avery started it many years ago. He claimed if you pay someone on Friday when the banks are closed, many of them will go to the tavern to have their checks cashed. A couple of beers and one thing leads to another. By Monday they're broke! This way they get paid, take it to the bank to cash it, and don't linger long in the tavern. They don't want to get so drunk they can't go to work on Tuesday because Wednesday they'd have no job!"

I moved my clothes and other things into Aidan's room after we returned home. It was "our" room to share as we shared each other. Although we had lunch together while shopping, we still wanted to continue the celebration of our love for each other, so we went to "Mudpuppy's" to partake in their prime rib Saturday night special.

Avery was seated at his usual table, but he had someone with him. We chose not to interrupt so asked Tommy for a separate table. He seated us on the opposite side of the large dining room at a small, intimate table with an excellent view of the river. I thought it was quite romantic and suited our moods and feelings.

The meal was fantastic, as always; the wine complimented the steak, cleansing the palate, enhancing our meal, and warming our most inner selves. The atmosphere, the presence of Aidan sitting across the table from me, a coy smile on his face, eyes twinkling in happiness, kept my cock in a constant state of erection, threatening to either pop out of my trousers through a broken zipper or explode a load of white into my shorts!

I didn't think the trip home would ever end! As we readied for bed, I was going to undress, but a hand on my chest and Aidan's soft voice pleading, "Let me do this – please?" caused me to immediately surrender to his desires.

He slowly, carefully began; shirt, shoes, socks, pants, underwear were removed as if he was at the Christmas tree unwrapping a very special present, enjoying and savoring each moment, anxious to get it open revealing the contents, but not so anxious he couldn't enjoy the moment!

My disrobing was more than just an uncovering, it was a testament, an adoration, a commitment by Aidan to me, to us; a claiming of me as his to reveal only to him the temple of flesh and spirit he loved and at the same time reveal to me his vulnerability, his weakness for me, while still remaining a strength for both of us, offering his life, his very soul to me. My rigid prong, stark, standing at attention, drooling, dripping those clear secretions glazing the passage forward for my white, creamy essence lingering in storage waiting for release. He looked at it hungrily, carefully extending his tongue, and licked my swollen helmet clean before engulfing it in his heated, moist oral orifice. Secured with his lips so I might not become dislodged, as if I wanted to, he manipulated my foreskin back with his tongue and mouth, tucking it lower on my shaft below the ridge of my glans, and began a familiar bobbing action, up and down as far down my length as he was able without gagging.

Fearful, because of the extreme sensitivity, I begged him to stop temporarily, so I wouldn't come too soon! I wanted him naked, flesh upon flesh, body merged with body, connected by my solid, indurate cock lodged deep into his mizzen portal! Gently placing a warm hand on my chest, a gesture sending me on my back on the bed, allowing me to offer him the same gifts he was giving me. Aidan quickly disrobed, his own male stalk waving in the air in front of him like a peasants stave, heavy, pendulous balls in their smooth, low hanging sac wobbling to and fro.

Straddling me, knees on either side of my hips, he reached behind, lined up my pike staff with his hole, centered the head on the puckered rosebud, and began sitting down! Using my hands, I drew his hips closer, feeling the head of my cock begin opening, stretching, widening him for the thick girth of my penis invading the scalding slickness of his inner sheath. We continued slowly, allowing him to adjust, flexing his interior muscles and relaxing, and when he sighed with pleasure and the curly hairs of my pubic bush pressed up against his smooth, warm derriere, we both knew I'd bottomed out. Aidan leaned forward to kiss me expressing his desire, his pleasure, and began to rock, riding me as one would sit astride a gentle Quarter horse moving at a pleasing canter on a long days ride.

We finished together, my gelatinous, viscous discharge rocketing deep inside my lover while his more than abundant, mellifluous, molten ejaculate bathed my abdomen and chest! His first pulse, right out of his flaring piss slit, landed on my chin, where it dripped, slowly while he shot the rest on my nakedness.

Monday, I needed to go to the school district office to notify them of my new address and complete all of the necessary employment and payroll forms. I intended to stop by one of the hay fields to check on how the baling was doing but it was dinner time before I returned home.

The building principal wanted to give me a tour of the building, something I'd had when I interviewed, but he was anxious to please, I thought. Besides he was extremely proud of the facility and I wouldn't blame him! It was a tremendous building and the science classroom and laboratory were modern and very student friendly. I was, again, impressed with the attached greenhouse, envisioning all of the possibilities using it as a "hands on" learning experience for my students. He reviewed the teacher handbook, the student handbook, and gave me a course description and synopsis for each class I'd be teaching. I'd have to prepare my own syllabus which I found great; I really didn't want to use someone else's.

It wasn't until Wednesday I had the opportunity to visit the hay fields. Aidan and I were busy the day before with Dan Meyer, Swine Management and Production, Foreman. He had a semi-truck load of feeder pigs arrive and we wanted to look them over. Two vets (one a cousin of Aidan's) checked them over carefully and gave shots where needed. They were sorted into several small feed lots where they headed for the feeders and waterers. I learned from Dan, the farm marketed around four thousand hogs the year before. It was dusk before we got home and since we both smelled of pig shit, decided to save water and shower together. We got really, really clean! I did notice, however, on the way down the lane to the house, the garden had been plowed, enlarged, and a six foot high woven wire fence was being installed around it.

I checked out one field, saw no one there, so headed to the other Aidan and I checked out on Saturday. The boys were just finishing lunch when I arrived. Looking around, I didn't see David or Rafe immediately. All of the equipment was there; tractor and baler, two other tractors, and three hay racks. I stepped over behind the tractor and baler and spotted David and Rafe, their backs to me; Rafe's jeans were down around his ankles, bent over with his hands on his knees, with David in the process of giving him a good rooting! By the whimpering sounds Rafe was making, he was enjoying it.

I quietly slipped back toward my truck hoping not to call attention to myself, but discovered all six boys waiting there. Julio Lopez, smiling knowingly, commented,

"Rafe should just move in with David, then they could take their time rather than do a fast fuck at lunch."

Manny stepped forward, a sad look on his face, put his arm around my waist, and gave me a hug.

"What's the matter, Manny?" I was concerned why he should seem so sad. I quickly looked at the rest of the boys and they all looked as if either their best friend or their pet dog died!

"Momma says we're going to move; she got a new job!"

I felt another warm body slide up against me on my other side. Javier Montoya, the shyest, quietest, and by far the best looking, leaned into me, evidently seeking comfort. Javier was a slight, almost effeminate young man, who, if I didn't know better, wouldn't be strong enough to pull his own pants up, much less lift a sixty pound bale of hay, but he was stronger, firmer, and trimmer than you might realize, and a very, very hard worker, as were all of the boys. Javier is one of those boys who really had to wear a belt otherwise his pants would fall to his ankles with just a wiggle of his small butt since there seemed to be no waist on him.

Looking down at him, his head about shoulder high to me, he looked back, his hazel eyes, ordinarily sparkling, projecting words his mouth didn't speak, were filled with a sadness, a depth of despair, or pain I could understand, having felt the same grief and emptiness when my family rejected me!

Julio Lopez, his half-brother, spoke up, "Yeah, Grandma says we're moving too; she's going to help Auntie Carissa."

Nodding toward Javier, by now my other arm wrapped around him, securing him to my side, Julio said, "He's pretty upset; gets that way sometimes. He's been like that ever since Momma got killed!"

My heart damned near broke then and there! It hit me suddenly; little did I realize what he and the rest of the boys endured in their short lives!

"But we don't have to quit work," Alex added happily.

"Where are you going to move?"

"Don't know yet," he answered, "Momma didn't say. I think she's trying to find a house big enough for all of us."

Our conversation came to a halt when Rafe and David emerged from behind the tractor and baler, both of them buckling their pants. David spotted me, scurried up, apologizing, "I guess I didn't hear you drive up."

I smiled, but made no comment. Manny stepped away from me, but Javier hugged me tighter until I leaned over and said quietly, "Not to worry, Javier, everything will work out; you'll see."

At least, I hoped like hell it would!

Their plight and sadness bothered me the rest of the week, but I kept my own counsel concerning it. Even if I'd shared it with Aidan, what could a couple of twenty-two year-olds do about it? Hell, we didn't even own our own house!

Friday, shortly after we finished our lunch at "Tanglewood," the office secretary called both of us on our radios and told us Avery wanted us to come home; "he needs you!"

"What happened?" Aidan radioed back.

"Don't know," she answered, "that's all he said."

I rolled up in my company truck behind Aidan just as a furniture store truck was backing up to the front porch, an appliance store truck was parked in the lot alongside of an electricians truck, and parked near the barn was a plumber's truck. Avery, Chance, and Tommy were standing on the porch either supervising, appraising the progress, kibitzing, or waiting for us, I wasn't certain!

It didn't take long for Aidan, bounding out of his truck, to race up the porch steps, followed by me, position himself in front of Avery with every intention of finding out what the hell was going on! Before Aidan could utter a word, Avery said,

"About time you guys got here!" and pointing at Chance and Tommy, continued, "Help them carry the Queen-sized bed and mattress from what used to be your room, Nelson, and the double bed and mattress from the spare room, down stairs. Put the Queen and the double bed in the guest rooms in my wing!"

Chance and Tommy just grinned at the confused looks on our faces, but didn't give us a hint what the hell was going on! Shaking our heads in wonderment, Aidan and I followed Chance and Tommy up the stairs, hearing, from behind me, the plumber say, "Mr. Morgan, with what we did today and earlier in the week, the laundry room is ready for the second washer and dryer, new shower stalls are installed in the guest rooms and equipped with safety grab rails, and the new, larger shower up the stairs and toward the back of the house is ready to use."

"Okay," I thought, "what the fuck is going on and why hadn't we noticed all of the activity?"

It was pretty damned obvious when I thought about it; Aidan and I had been extremely busy all week and didn't get home until late every night. We took the beds apart and Aidan and I carried the Queen bed and mattress to one of the guest rooms as Avery wanted while Chance and Tommy took care of the double bed.

The rooms cleared of beds, the furniture company people began unloading four sets of bunk beds, two sets of large double dressers with eight drawers each, and four student desks, with instructions they were to go upstairs, and two dressers with mirrors for the guest rooms, and a new television for the living room.

"Two sets of bunk beds in each room, remember Chance," Avery advised.

"God," I whispered to Aidan, "that's enough for eight more people upstairs!"

"Where do you want the dining room table leaves and extra chairs?" one of the furniture men asked.

"In the dining room, of course!" Avery snorted. "And the new couch to the living room."

It took the better part of an hour to assemble the beds and get the rooms arranged the way Chance and Tommy wanted it. I eyed the bathroom with the connecting door to our room, saying to Aidan,

"We may have to get a lock on that door!"

He raised his eyebrows and nodded his head vigorously!

The four of us walked out to the front porch where Avery sat waiting. The trucks were gone by now, deliveries completed, and all plumbing and electrical taken care of. Aidan finally asked,

"Uncle Avery, could you please tell us what the hell is going on? You've remodeled part of the house, bought new furniture and moved bedrooms around, plowed the garden and made it larger, had Nelson evaluate the old orchard, and by the looks of the building materials piled up and covered by the barn, you're getting ready to do some work on it, the pig lot, or the chicken house. Which one?"

"All three! Just calm down, Aidan," he said softly, "you're answers are coming down the lane now!"

A "Bend in the River" farm pickup truck rumbled down the lane pulling a cargo-hauler trailer, followed by the farm passenger van and a four door sedan. All three pulled up and parked in the parking area in front of the house; the sliding passenger door slid open about the time the driver of the sedan stepped out.

Aidan and I were both dumbfounded; the driver of the sedan was Alex and from rear door emerged two smaller boys, and from the passenger van the first one out was Manny, who shouted gleefully, "El Jefe!" and began to run toward me! He lost to Javier who'd bounded out of the van!

Arms around me, tears flowing freely from his big hazel eyes, down his smooth brown cheeks, grinning at the same time, I don't think I've ever seen a happier boy! Manny had me just as tightly locked, for a moment, and turned to Aidan, hugging him just as tightly! The rest of the boys piled out of the van, all of them chattering in Spanish/English, whatever seemed to express how they felt at the moment, bubbling with the excitement of children receiving a present at Christmas they longed for but never expected to receive.

Two women, one older and the other younger, were escorted to the porch by Alex. Traipsing along behind were the two younger boys. I waited until they ascended the porch steps and the sound of silence was suddenly deafening; the bedlam of the rest of the boys suddenly stilled!

"El Jefe and Senor Aidan," he began in Spanish, "it is my honor to introduce you to my Grandmother, Estela Velasco and my mother Carissa Calderon and my two brothers, Carlos Calderon, age ten, and Luis Calderon, age eight."

Aidan and I bowed slightly in respect and I welcomed the ladies, in Spanish. We both shook the younger boys' hands. I was about to introduce Avery, who by rights really should've been introduced first, when I heard him welcome them in Spanish,

"Estela, Carisa, mi casa, su casa – my house is your house. Welcome to my home and now yours," stepping forward and gave each of them an affectionate, welcoming hug!

I rolled my eyes in question when Chance and Tommy stepped forward, introduced themselves and welcomed all of them in Spanish as well. Thoroughly confused and amazed at what I'd heard, I had no doubt who all of the beds were for and the fact we were to have ten more inhabitants of our home, but hearing Avery, Chance, and Tommy speaking Spanish really had my tucker in a twitch!

I whispered to Aidan, "I suppose you speak Spanish too?"

"Nope, not a fucking word," he whispered back, "took French in high school; had no clue everyone else in the house did!"

"Aidan and Nelson will show you boys your rooms," Avery said, this time in English, "and Chance and Tommy will assist you, Estela and Carissa."

Eight boys, giggling, joking, talking excitedly, followed us up the stairs to the bedrooms. Of course, they just had to take a peek inside Chance and Tommy's room and then, not just peek, but explore Aidan's and my room, checking out the bed (bounce, bounce), look wide-eyed at the large, double-headed shower, and the snicker at the connecting door, before following us down the hall to the room we decided Concepcion, Efrain, Julio, and Javier were to occupy. The four of them appraised the room, decided it suited them, and we walked across the hall, after inspecting the remodeled bathroom (now with a double sink and larger vanity, wall-hung urinal, toilet with a privacy panel, and a larger shower with double shower-heads similar to ours), and told Alex, Manny, Carlos, and Luis they would have this room. Carlos and Luis immediately chose one set of bunks, leaving the other for their brothers.

"Now," I announced, "if this doesn't suit you, you can work it out and move around, but for now, we're going to have you move your things into these rooms. However, no matter what, no fighting about it, okay?" I announced sternly!

They all nodded and scampered down the stairs toward the cargo trailer. It didn't take them long to get everything unloaded and carried up to their rooms. Aidan and I watched as they put their clothes away, taking careful notice all of the clothing seemed to well worn, in fact, when it came to boxer underwear, they were almost threadbare! Carlos and Luis were having some problems, so we helped them and confirmed our previous observations. When we finished, I checked out the two dressers in their room, so Aidan and I walked across the hall to the other room.

I rapped on the door frame before walking in, apparently interrupting a conversation between Julio and Javier, since Javier blushed shyly and looked down, clearly embarrassed wondering if I'd overheard any of the conversation. I hadn't but noticed everything was put away and the room very tidy.

I wanted to check out the state of their clothing as well, so, without thinking, I said, "Boys, show me what you have in your drawers!"

Concepcion smiled like a shit-eating ape, winked at the other three, and all four pulled down their jeans and boxer underwear, exposing four very nice, flaccid, above average sized, uncircumcised, teen cocks. My eyes gravitated toward Javier, who, by the way had not only the longest but the thickest of the array including his brother's, smiled at him, receiving a smile back.

"Oh well," I thought to myself, "different fathers, different genes!" and laughed at their antics, saying aloud, "Not those drawers; your dresser drawers!" and all four pairs of underwear and pants were pulled up amid roars of laughter from the four of them! This naturally brought the other four in from across the hall. I shook my head and as I left the room, announcing,

"You boys who worked today, need showers; "supper's usually around six, so shower and put clean clothes on," and Aidan and I left the room, seeking out Chance and Tommy.

They were on the porch, drinking a beer and offered us each one. Who am I to refuse? While we drank our beers, I asked Chance where he'd learned Spanish.

"I was born in Hawaii," he said, "and Spanish is one of the languages spoken there; in fact, I speak Japanese, some Chinese, and some Hawaiian," paused adding, "Tommy was born there as well, but speaks Chinese and Hawaiian better than I do."

"Okay," nodded Aidan, "that explains that; how about Uncle Avery and why did he bring the boys and their mom and grandmother here? Not that I'm complaining because I'm happy he did; they're great kids and need a decent place to live."

"Pops," (this was the first time I heard Avery referred to by this by Chance), "already spoke Spanish quite well by the time I got here and as far as the rest, when I asked him all he said was, 'it's something I have to do!' and nothing more."

As we visited we discovered Chance and Tommy took the night off, even though it was Friday night fish fry, to be here when the families arrived.

"I'm having 'Mudpuppy's' cater tonight's dinner here," he said, "It'll be combination Mexican and American meal with plenty for growing boys to eat. It should be pretty good."

The subject finally got around to who would be the "go-to" person or people when it came to the boys.

"Avery, Tommy, and I talked it over," he said slowly nodding his head, "and Avery discussed it with Carissa and Estela and we all agree, first would be their mom and grandmother and after that, you and Aidan since you have more contact with them, are younger, and they seem to have a good relationship with the two of you."

Before either of us could reply, we were interrupted by Javier and Efrain, popping out onto the porch, clad only in towels wrapped around their slim brown waists.

"Mr. Chance," Javier asked, "Can Efrain and I use your shower? Connie and Julio are using ours and Alex and Manny are in El Jefe's."

"Please?" he begged.

"Yes, you may and it's either Chance or Uncle Chance, okay?"

"Okay, Uncle Chance," and the two of them ran up the stairs.

Aidan and I waited until we thought our shower wasn't occupied, excused ourselves, and went upstairs to our room, hopefully to shower and get ready for dinner. When we entered our room, we found Carlos and Luis, also naked, but clad only in their towels sitting on our bed. Aidan, bless his soul, caught on right away,

"I'll bet you two need showers too!" he exclaimed, walked over to Luis, lifted his arm, sniffed his pit, and whistled, "Whewww!" and did the same to Carlos.

"All that lifting and hauling today sure made you boys ripe. Would you like to join Uncle Nelson and me in the shower?'

My god, you'd think he gave them a thousand dollars! They just didn't want to be left out and I don't blame them! While Aidan and I stripped to our birthday suits, they wiggled and giggled; two excited and happy little boys! They watched as Aidan and I undressed, gave a couple of curious glances at our crotches, but made no comments or expressed anything other than normal boy conversation concerning hair and size. I gathered up two extra wash cloths, our towels, shampoo, and shower gel and led them to the bathroom where Aidan adjusted the water temperature under both of the shower heads.

He grinned at the boys, saying, "Just like Goldilocks said, 'not too hot, not too cold, just right,' took Carlos' hand, and led him into the shower. I gave Luis' bare little butt a gentle tap, and said, "Scoot" and he did, right under the unoccupied shower head and waited for me to join him!

The two boys, very prepubescent with small, uncircumcised penises about an inch and half long pointing straight out over their acorn sized balls snugged up in their hairless, tight sacs, giggled and splashed as the water cascaded down and over them.

"First the hair," advised Aidan, putting a dollop of shampoo on Carlos' head and began to gently, carefully massage it in, using his fingers to cleanse his coal black hair. Taking Aidan's lead, I did the same to Luis; both boys fairly purred with delight and contentment, leaning up against our stomachs and chest as we worked, comfortable, relaxed, and feeling safe.

After rinsing their hair, Aidan and I soaped up washcloths and began washing their smooth, hairless, soft, brown bodies. The boys never flinched or reacted when we scrubbed their youthful cocks, slipping back the nozzle shaped foreskin puckering out on the end so they could be cleaned. Aidan explained, as we did so, how important it was for them to keep themselves clean or they could get an infection and it'd be painful. Nor did they object or react when we bent them over slightly and scrubbed their butts, including their little butt cracks and rosebuds. I thought, as we washed, the boys were used to older brothers or cousins helping them with their baths. It was confirmed when Carlos looked up at Aidan and commented,

"You do it better than Alex or the others!"

They waited, in the showers, while Aidan and I cleaned ourselves. We dried them first and sent them to their room to put on clean clothes; "Clean underwear too," I admonished as they skipped from the bathroom into their bedroom.

Aidan and I dressed for dinner and, as we did so, he commented, "I think, Love, our lives are going to change a great deal!"

Dinner was every bit as delicious as Chance predicted! We sat around the big table, laughed, told stories, and became a family. Avery took the opportunity to explain what the house rules were; as he explained, they were really no different from when Chance was growing up, with one exception; the boys would obey and respect their mother and grandmother. Otherwise, the basics were; respect yourself and others, keep your hands and other objects to yourself, do as you're told, keep your room picked up, if you get something out, put it away, help each other and around the house even when not asked to, and everyone graduates from high school.

"Pretty basic," he said, "most of it just common sense. There'll be chores needing to be done, such as helping with dishes, laundry, working in the garden, taking care of the chickens by watering, feeding, and gathering eggs, and some hogs and maybe a couple of steers in the future to take care of as well."

He stopped, furrowed his forehead as if in deep thought. "And probably, I'll need some help reducing the squirrel, rabbit, duck, quail, and pheasant populations around here!"

The boys sort of rolled their eyes wondering what he meant, but when Javier pointed his finger and thumb up as if he was aiming a gun and said "bang" they all caught on!

"I'll bet," Efrain added with a knowing smile, "there may be some catfish that'll need to be liberated from the river as well!"

Oh, it was good to hear the sound of laughter and the chatter of boys in the house!

We retired to the living room where the conviviality continued, boys scattered on the floor and elsewhere, Carissa and Estela on the new couch, the rest of us on chairs and the older couch. The conversation continued, with little prompting from the adults in the room, and revolved around their travels and work as migrants, following crops of vegetables and fruit trees, ranging from the southern United States to the north in such states as South and North Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. The older boys started working in the fields at age twelve, while they weren't in school, and what they brought home helped out the families' finances. Their grandmother and grandfather traveled with them until he died about a year and a half ago. Julio and Javier joined them when their mother died about three years ago while Concepcion (Connie) and Efrain had been with their grandparents since Connie was eight and Efrain was seven.

Living became more difficult for the combined families when the grandfather passed away with the loss of his income and leadership. It was at that point their mother and grandmother decided to head north this spring and settle there, becoming "permanent or resident migrants." On their way to Wisconsin to work the vegetable crops, their grandfather's station wagon, with Connie and Julio taking turns driving it, broke down in the Tri-Cities.

They found housing in one of the migrant camps in the southern part of the county. Carissa found employment at a restaurant, the boys started picking up short-term jobs, and Estela stayed home to care for Luis and Carlos. The boy's first experience wasn't so great when the farm manager shorted them on wages. As the boys chattered on about this and that, I came to realize they "grew up" quickly in terms of social acuity and maturity, but were still little boys and teens.

The evening grew late and Carlos and Luis were the first to yawn and nod their heads. Alex, giving Connie a nudge and flipping his head at the two, said, "El Jefe, we're growing tired, so everybody say 'goodnight!"

No one argued with him, but each boy rose, gave their grandmother and mother, or aunt depending on which boy, a hug, and then moved to Avery. He was given hug and told "thank you" by each. It didn't stop there; Chance, Tommy, Aidan, and I got big hugs as well, although I did notice they lingered with the hugs on Aidan and me longer. As they started up the stairs, I said, "Aidan and I will be up shortly to check on you."

Estela and Carissa made their goodnights, both worn out from all of the activity and the excitement. I think they also wanted some time alone to accustom themselves to their new rooms and discuss what lay ahead of them. With just the five of us left, I quickly filled Avery in on the state of the boys' wardrobe. Without hesitation, he pulled a credit card from his pocket and told Aidan and me to take them shopping in the morning for clothes and whatever else they needed.

With a sigh of relief, I did take the opportunity to ask Avery how all of this came about.

"Go check on your boys and when you come back downstairs, I'll fill you in over a brandy. There are some parts of it Chance has never heard and other parts you may find it hard to believe, but that's your choice."

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