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The Leapling

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 13

"The best rules to form a young man are to talk little, to hear much, to reflect alone what has passed in company, to distrust one's own opinion, and value others that deserve it."

(Sir William Temple)

Sometime before dawn, before the cock would crow in days of old, before the fading sun of summer past begins its slow ascent, flickering forth mild warming of the Earth, before the few remaining birds in the Northern Clime begin their wakening chatter, I slipped from our bed to wander to the kitchen, indulge in a fresh cup of coffee, and reflect on my current situation and my future.

Javier and Efrain evidently woke sometime earlier and returned to their own bed, as they usually did. Often, after they slipped from their perches on Aidan and me, I'd wake and find Efrain wrapped in Javier's protective and loving embrace. It generally would be sometime after that they'd depart from our bed.

Aidan slept the babe's sleep, peacefully and unperturbed by the problems and worries of the world, or so it seemed, as he rested readying for another day. I've often pondered how he could do it; operations manager for "Bend in the River Farms" isn't as easy as it might seem, since it is such a big operation with numerous employees, different crops, expanding markets, and fluctuating prices! The job would try the patience and energy of many a person, but it seemed not to bother him.

This morning was definitely a time of reflection and decision, I thought. In less than a year's time I'd been in a major confrontation with my father, graduated from the university, been tossed out of my home and abandoned by my parents for refusing to marry a "fine Christian girl" they'd chosen for me and announcing my homosexuality, found a teaching job in Morgan's Landing, and a home to live in! Most importantly, I'd met and fallen in love with Aidan, a life-mate and fantastically gentle and consummate lover; we became heads of a family of eight young Hispanic boys, who we now loved unconditionally and with a commitment to guide them and provide for them throughout their lives.

I was still on the payroll (at considerably more than I was receiving teaching) of "Bend in the River Farms" in addition to my teaching salary and fast becoming a confidant of Avery Morgan, the patriarch of this family and owner or partner in "Mudpuppy's," "Bend in the River Farms," large holdings of real estate, several other businesses, an extensive portfolio of stocks and bonds, and who knows what else! Avery had many influential friends, some of whom skirted on the thin edge of the law, and contributed a large amount of money to various causes, including political campaigns. I also knew he was not a bit averse to "assisting" various individuals under the table in order to achieve his own goals. Avery was a very complicated, wealthy, smart, and cagey man, not one to irritate or double-cross, but was grooming me take over the operation, of that I was now certain.

The question was really quite simple; should I continue on my current path and become totally immersed in this family and it's complicated relationships and dealings with the possibility of giving up teaching or continue on a career path of teaching even if it took me away from here, hoping Aidan would come with me?

To many it wouldn't be a difficult decision! It really wasn't for me either, but I really needed to lay out my reasons so, in my own mind, I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, it was the right move for me. There were several things I knew; I loved our "sons" as a father wanting to be with them as they grew, developing into the men I know they would; "Bend in the River" was much more of a home to me than any place I'd lived, including the one I was raised in; my respect and loyalty to Avery, Chance, and Tommy was beyond questioning and they knew it. Avery, along with Chance and Tommy, accepted me as an equal partner in their lives and family and placed a vast amount of trust in me and in Aidan. Finally, the most compelling and convincing part of my decision was my immense, deep, and undying love for Aidan Morgan. This, above all else, was instrumental in my decision!

It was Aidan who I looked forward to seeing each day when I returned home; it was Aidan who I longed to see each night and each morning when we retired or woke; it was Aidan who made my heart sing, my spirits raise, who gave me warmth, strength, and calmed my restless soul; he was my confidante, my one and true love, and a person I just couldn't be without going through life!

I knew I was committed to this life, this family, this organization, and willingly accepted all the responsibilities, the adversities, the opportunities, good or bad fortunes, and decisions I might have to make to preserve the welfare, lives, or fortunes of those in it! I'd do what I had to, within or without the law or precepts of society to accomplish it and fulfill my mission in life.

Finishing my second cup of coffee, I decided I'd better check on my two love-birds in the family room downstairs. I'd decided to let all of the boys sleep in a little longer, although they did have chores to do, but Alex and Julio were scheduled to work at "Mudpuppy's" in the evening and Julio, Javier, and Efrain were scheduled to work Sunday at Brunch and the dinner shift. Monty would have be taken home Sunday morning as a result. I thought it wouldn't hurt for Concepcion and him to spend as much time together as possible.

Halfway down the stairs, I overheard the mellifluous rhythmic, the soft, urging voice of Monty, "Lucky, lucky me; you fuckie, fuckie, lucky me!" so I slowed down my advance until, in the dim light as I stood at the base of the stairs, I could see Monty on his stomach on the bed, his butt supported by a pillow under his crotch with the larger body of Concepcion pressed tightly on top of him, arms linked under Monty's armpits, his face next to Monty's, his lips kissing, sucking, tickling the bare flesh of his lover while he pushed forward and back with his hips, driving his hefty cock into the warm, moist, tight, sheath of Monty's bowels! I heard Concepcion whisper, "I love you so much and never want to let you go!" and continued to fuck him as lovingly and sensuously as he could, the very girth of him stretching the small opening to accommodate him! Monty's push back with each drive forward trying to insert Concepcion deeper and deeper into his inner sanctum was his response and declaration of his love as well.

Both were so caught up, so passionately involved in their act of love so, wishing not to disturb their desire or their lustful fucking, I stepped back and quietly made my way back up the stairs to the kitchen and poured myself another cup of coffee.

Smiling to myself, pleased with how adoring our boys were, I couldn't help but to swell with pride knowing they were smart, intelligent, and talented in school but were street-smart as well! They possessed the wisdom, common sense, and insight many adults didn't; they'd seen and experienced much in their short lives. The brightest of the eight, I thought, was Javier and next Efrain. Oh, not to say the others weren't but even if Alex was the unofficial leader of our band of boys, Javier was the one they looked to for his protection, quiet advice, and calming influence. He was able to bring order and direction to youthful chaos with just a smile, a word, or action.

I wondered, one day in the advanced science class he was in, watching him work, if he possessed an ability few did, especially as great as his! I asked, as a test, appearing to be confused, where a certain phrase appeared in the textbook, wanting to refer the class to it. Without hesitation Javier gave the page and paragraph and then recited, to the word, the phrase. Such a gift he was blessed with!

The boys all deserve a college education and, living here, under the care and tutelage of Avery, Chance, Tommy, Aidan, and me, would be able to receive one. Avery viewed them as the family he and their Uncle Francisco never had together, but now he did. There was nothing he wouldn't do for them, but I could clearly see he was relying on Aidan and me to make certain their education would progress further, with him providing the financing and Aidan and me providing the guidance and anchor point for them in life.

The boys also spent a great deal of time with Avery, absorbing all he told them, learning from him what he learned during his life thus far, how he met adversity, overcoming it, and dealt successfully with opportunity, turning each, as best possible, into benefits and/or advantages to him. Tommy and Chance spent some time with all of the boys instructing them, not only in the ways of business and languages, but in the use of firearms, insisting boys living along the river in rural areas needed to know how to hunt and use weapons safely.

Tommy spent additional time with Javier and Efrain instructing them on various self-defense and offensive tactics he'd learned growing up in the multi-culture society of the larger cities in Hawaii. As a Japanese-American male (and a small one at that) on more than one occasion he was faced with those who might do him harm! I often thought he saw the same suppressed and controlled deleterious side of Javier and Efrain that I did.

All of this gave me much to ponder; four of our boys, Javier, Efrain, Alex, and Julio would be off to college, after they finished this year of high school and one more, their senior year. I made a mental note to speak to Avery about this since I had a couple of ideas making it more affordable for "us" and perhaps, profitable in the long run.

Carissa and Estelle were up at their usual time, chattering and laughing as they entered the kitchen. Breakfast for fifteen of us, today sixteen counting Monty, is no small accomplishment, however, they seemed to enjoy doing it! The boys would be up soon to do chores, help with setting the table and carrying food to the side-board (buffet table) so all could serve themselves. They never failed to thank Carissa and Estelle for their efforts or complained about their own role and responsibilities in preparation or clean-up.

Aidan joined us, gave me a morning kiss, and poured himself a cup of coffee. His offer to help was met with the usual gracious "no" and he joined me at the table, knowing it was best to stay out of the way! Concepcion and Monty bopped up from downstairs on their way upstairs to shower, greeted Estelle and Carissa, gave Aidan and me a hug, and trotted up the stairs to our bedroom to use our shower.

They must've passed Chance and Tommy on the stairs since they entered the kitchen shortly after Concepcion and Monty left. The two of them emptied the coffee pot and Chance, waving aside Estelle's offer to make some more, did it himself. It wasn't long until the pounding of feet on the stairs gave notice boys were on their way to do chores. Javier stopped, whispered in my ear, "We're doing Concepcion's this morning; last I saw them, he was buried crotch deep up Monty's rear end and pumping hard!" and laughed! Carlos and Luis were the last of this group down the stairs, still tired from a very late night. They had chickens to feed and water and eggs to gather. Their work load increased after Avery bought a couple dozen bantam hens and four roosters. One of the roosters was a particular aggressive one and Carlos confided in me one time, "Someday I'll ring the neck of the mean, ugly, leg pecking, fucker!"

Avery promised he'd take them squirrel hunting after breakfast and maybe gather some nuts for use at home. When he said it a couple of days ago, Javier reached over, cupped Efrain's crotch, "gathering his nuts" and giving them a little squeeze!

Chance commented he'd be interested in how Carlos and Luis enjoyed "nut gathering" since he never thought it was much fun!

"Damned hard work," he claimed, "but I never said a word to Avery; it was all part of our life during and after the war!"

Black Walnuts, Pecan, Hickory Nuts, and Butternuts, along with several varieties of acorns which weren't harvested, were abundant in the bottom lands and ridges on Morgan property, hence nuts from the trees were equally plentiful. The pecans and hickory nuts (the big Fox variety) were generally husk free when they fell to the ground. The walnuts and butternuts however, weren't and were run through a hand-cranked corn-sheller to remove them. The shelled nuts were then spread out on screens in one of the enclosed buildings to dry, bagged up, cracked and the nutmeats picked out during the winter.

"We usually picked nuts, not the ones below our cocks, on cold snowy days and nights when being outside wasn't pleasant!" Chance added.

Aidan and I had a meeting with Larry Blevins, Cattle Production Foreman, Don Meyers, Swine Production Foreman, Loren Fleming ,Row Crop Foreman, and Dave Donovan, Forage Crop and Extra Board Foreman in the afternoon to discuss extending the cow-calf operation, increasing our Angus herd since there seemed to be a market trend in that direction, increasing the size of our hog confinement and farrowing operation, and look ahead to see if we needed to be adding any more production acres through purchase or rent. Loren was thinking about increasing wheat and oats production. All of the men did their research well, so it was only a matter of logistics, getting necessary information to each unit and planning strategy for accomplishing our goals. Aidan was very insightful and added much, since he was the Farm Manager and had the last word, but seldom deviated from the foremen's recommendations! The farm was successful as a result of this collaborative decision making.

The meeting was held at "Mudpuppy's" in one of the small meeting rooms. After the meeting, dinner was served and after a few drinks we went home, everyone satisfied with the outcome and the decisions we'd made. The next year would be a busy and expanding year for "Bend in the River Farms."

Monday, at school, I heard not one word concerning the party, except from those in attendance who stopped me in the halls or in class and proffered their thanks for the good time they had. It made it all worthwhile!

The rest of the fall was busy, with teaching, harvest, and being a family man. We started having more young people stop by; sometimes just for the day, after school, or overnight. It was not a large group of new friends, but very select and accepting. The gay teens found our house most accepting and comfortable to be in and be themselves.

Monty was here every chance he could get, usually for the weekend. Javier and Efrain made a point of making certain he had a ride. It'd all change in the spring when Concepcion received his driver's license; he could pick up Monty and ride him every opportunity!

Julio and Megan still saw each other and there were times she was at our house during the evening with Alex and Beth. She told her parents she was with "other friends!" I worried, should they be found out or she become pregnant, what her parents or oldest brother might do. Alex and Julio both assured me they hadn't done the "nasty" with the girls, but both girls were on the pill anyway! I don't know how those good looking boys of mine and those beautiful girls they were dating kept from sticking their pickle in those young, virgin crocks!

The boys were busy, working, doing chores, attending school events such as football games, doing school work, and for several of them, hunting. Javier and Efrain, from the first time Chance and Tommy took them, fell in love with duck hunting, using every opportunity to spend the night at the "Outpost" and hunt either over decoys in one of the bays or marshes or with the scull boat, working decoys in the bigger water of the slough or the main river. Concepcion and Monty joined them and we insisted all of them wear life jackets (camouflage of course) while in the boats. Aidan and I made frequent trips down to the cabin to check on them.

Several times we appeared at "inopportune" times, but it didn't seem to bother the boys. Concepcion just couldn't keep his hands off Monty, naked or clothed, or his mouth from around the younger lads cock, or his own cock up Monty's butt! Monty didn't object to any of it, relishing having Concepcion's love and able to express his love to him!

Javier and Efrain were, well, Javier and Efrain; loving each other as they always seemed to and always would. They were the quintessential young gay couple, devoted, loving, and secure in their relationship, having and living the relationship every young gay male desires and wishes for. For our part, Aidan and I made every attempt to set that example as well, for our gay boys and for our straight ones as well. So far, we hadn't really seen any of the boys as bisexual, but only time would tell.

Alex and Julio weren't really as enthusiastic about hunting, except for an occasional pheasant or quail hunt, preferring to spend their time at "Mudpuppy's" or pursuing their girlfriends. Manny, on the other hand discovered pheasant and quail hunting was fun, especially when hunting with Larry Blevins and his two hunting dogs. Of course, it also gave him more time to spend with Erica since she often accompanied them.

The weather turned cold and before I knew it, Thanksgiving was here! There was no snow during the school holiday, so it didn't impede our celebration. The meal was a traditional American meal, with some Mexican dishes as well, consisting of the usual turkey as a main entré, but also roast wild duck, pheasant, and quail from the boys' hunting expeditions. Man, did we ever stuff ourselves! Avery couldn't have been happier, having all of his "family" around the table celebrating a day of thanks. For Avery, it was a day to thank the powers that be for the opportunity to have the family he and Francisco didn't have, and he felt blessed! Since the weather was great, it also gave him a chance to visit his remaining siblings and his cousins.

Winter set in after Thanksgiving and by Christmas school vacation, we had snow on the ground and solid ice on the ponds, back bays sloughs of the river, and sheet ice on the main river. There was enough snow to require using the snow thrower on the big tractor we'd moved to the shed and a blade and bucket on one of the smaller ones. I enjoyed the big tractor since it had a heated cab, but the boys, except for Carlos and Luis, all took their turns on the smaller one, pushing and piling snow, cleaning up the lane, the parking area near the house, and clearing around the livestock pens, chicken house, barns, and Aidan's office building.

Christmas was fun with a household full of boys! There were presents under the big tree in the living room waiting to be opened Christmas Eve. Each boy received clothes, a special individual present such as a new watch, radio, pocket knife, or wallet depending on what they'd expressed. For some reason, I guess because of the lives they led growing up before they came to be with us, they never asked for much and were overjoyed with almost anything they received.

Avery, as usual, went all out for the boys; several new shotguns and a couple of .22cal rifles (all to be shared) appeared under the tree and two BIG cards in envelopes! In one were two sets of truck keys with instructions – Share!!! and in the other, a note instructing the boys to go to the family room, which they did in mass! Alex was the first one to arrive, followed by the rest thundering down the stairs behind him. The silence was almost deafening as the boys viewed and suddenly realized, with a cheer and royal hubbub, what the present was, against the far wall where the small stage once set; a new stereo and entertainment system with big speakers, phonograph, tape decks, a new item- a compact disc player, and a new color television with a VCR!

Carlos and Luis, pleased with the new entertainment system suddenly came bounding upstairs, almost breathless, raced for Avery and showered him with kisses and hugs. They found the new Nintendo Avery had purchased for them hooked up to the entertainment system.

It didn't take too long for the music to begin, but the four older boys listened just a little while before racing out, sans coats, to the equipment shed to view the new pickup truck waiting there. It was one hell of a Christmas Eve! Christmas dinner the next day was just as awesome; Carissa and Estele piled the buffet table full of delicious entrée's, sides, and desserts.

The older boys, except Manny who put in more time with the cattle and hog operations which he really seemed to enjoy, put in as many hours at "Mudpuppy's" as they could, enjoying not only the wages but the tips! They hoped they could work New Year's Eve anticipating large tips, but Chance nixed the notion explaining he felt they weren't ready for the type of crowd celebrating!

"New Year's Eve crowds tend to drink too much and become a little boisterous," he explained and the boys accepted it; too quickly Aidan and I thought!

Javier and Efrain crawled into our bed that night, slid their naked bodies onto ours and before Javier could ask, I said, "Yes, you can have a New Year's Eve party, but not a big crowd, and it has to be over by one o'clock so those who have to go home, rather than staying the night, won't be overly late, okay?"

And before he could respond, Aidan answered his unasked question, "And those who are staying overnight have to have their parent's permission, in writing or call us personally, okay?"

Javier grinned, nodding his head; Efrain wiggled his nakedness against Aidan; Aidan took a deep breath, and before Aidan could even moan his discomfort, they were gone and off down the hall announcing the news!

Aidan turned to his side, presented himself to me, anxious to have me sink one of his favorite parts of me into his hot, moist inner sheath, and I obliged! Not two pumps later, the bathroom door opened and our two youngest, naked, boys scooted into our room, catapulted themselves onto the bed, ducked their bodies under the covers, and before I could pull out, Carlos asked "Can we go too?" hesitated a minute waiting for an answer, adding,

"You two are fucking aren't you?"

Not anymore!

Two days before New Year's Eve, I received the "guest list" from Javier, via his "social secretaries," Carlos and Luis. I perused the list and awaited the telephone calls. In the end, Monty seemed to be the only one planning on staying the night, I thought, looking the list over. There were several new names, but recognized from either having them in class or seeing them in school; Adam Bartels, Galen Beyers, Gary North, and Tyson James were the boys from school. All were familiar except for Tyson James, a relatively new student I knew only by name. Tyson was a handsome, light-caramel-brown African-American; light framed, about average height, with very short black hair. I didn't know if he was a player or not, but my guess was he is since Javier invited him.

Andrew Schaffer and Paula Howard, a couple the same age as Alex and Beth and Julio and Megan, were going to be there. Brent and Jeremy would be attendance since Brent would be Megan's driver and "chaperone." There were no telephone calls from either the Schaffer/Howard couple or Megan's parents.

The boys were busy helping Carissa and Estele prepare snacks such as wings, meat balls, tacos, chips and dips, just to name a few. I loaded up the refrigerator behind the bar with various flavors of soda and stocked up on several cases just in case. Those I stored in the tunnel on the way to the storm cellar. They'd be easy to get to and would be cold besides.

New Year's Eve Day, the weather service issued a winter storm warning over the television and radio stations for counties north of us for New Year's Day. According to the weather forecasters on the local stations, the storm was expected to dump a record snowfall in the warning areas, but should have little impact on us- maybe two or three inches. All of that was predicated on the storm maintaining the predicted path and not swinging either north or south of it. North, and we'd get squat; south, we'd get snow ass deep!

At noon, a blizzard warning with high winds and cold was issued for the warning area. Aidan and I grew uneasy and thought seriously of asking the boys to cancel the party, but we didn't! Instead, we reasoned if it did get bad, we had the resources to shelter them until the storm lifted, if there was one.

"I think I'll make certain the tractors in the equipment shed are all fueled up!" Aidan announced slipping his coat on, "just in case."

Putting on my own coat and hat, "I think I'll check on the livestock and poultry to make certain there's plenty of feed and water for them," and followed him out the door.

The cattle the boys were raising had their ass ends into the wind and had drifted into the pens near the barn. After counting them in ensure all were accounted for, I closed the gate to the pasture and headed the steers into the shelter attached to the barn and opened the side barn door so they could go inside if they became too uncomfortable. There was plenty of alfalfa hay inside and the watering tanks were full. I checked to make certain the electric tank heaters were working. I herded the hogs, mostly sows, into the large hog house, shut the door, and made certain the feeders were full and the heated water tanks were full as well.

The chickens were clucking and scratching inside the chicken house; there was plenty of water and feed for them I decided. While I was out there, I gathered the eggs. I agree with Carlos, that fucking Bantam rooster needs to go into the stew pot! Eggs in a bucket, I checked on the emergency generator on the way; all was in order.

Avery left for town shortly after six o'clock. According to Aidan, Avery loved celebrating New Year's Eve at "Mudpuppy's" although in recent years he didn't stick around until the magic hour. Aidan thought he just enjoyed being around old friends he'd made over the years and watching Chance and Tommy work the crowd. He was so proud of Chance!

By seven-thirty, all of our guests arrived and the snow was increasing in intensity. It didn't seem to bother the younger set, they just laughed, played music, danced, played board games, and ate! At eight-thirty, Aidan came down stairs where I was chaperoning and Estele and Carissa were restocking the food table, sidled up to me, saying softly,

"It's snowing like a son-of-a-bitch; probably a foot on the ground now. I'm going to the shop and office while I can and bring back a couple of things!"

The big yard light barely provided enough like through the snowstorm, but sufficient for him to see and make his way to the shop and the office. Nervous and worried, I walked upstairs and waited for him just inside the back door in the entry way. After a half-hour or so, I was really getting nervous and was about to put my coat on to go after him, when he stomped up the steps and came inside. He was covered with snow and had three long coils of rope on one arm and carried a feed sack full of items with his other hand. He dumped everything on the floor and announced he'd be right back. Aidan walked back into the entryway carrying two scoop shovels.

He took off his coats, hat, and boots and began unloading things from the feed sack. He had four big, battery operated spot lights, four hand held radios, several railroad flares, and extra batteries for the spotlights.

"Where the hell you been?"

"Worried about me, were you?"

"Hell, yes!"

"Been tying ropes!"

Aidan remembered Avery telling of a big blizzard in 1936 and securing ropes from the barn to the house so they could go out, feed the livestock, and come back in without getting lost! Aidan tied a rope from the equipment shed to the barn, from the equipment shed to the office building, and from the office building to entrance to the storm cellar. According to Aidan, this would give us access to all of the buildings through the tunnel to the storm cellar.

"Saves walking outside some and saved rope. I brought these one hundred foot ropes in to just 'just in case'! But, I hope it doesn't get that bad," he said emphatically, "but I don't like the way the wind is picking up!"

Keith Morgan, county deputy sheriff, called around ten concerned with the weather and the teens we had at our house.

"We just received a blizzard warning," he relayed, "appears the storm really switched its path and we're going to get the brunt of it! The sheriff is pulling all units from the roads and plows will go out only in emergency situations! Beth said she'd be at your house with some other kids for a party. Could you give me their names?"

I relayed the names to him, wondering why he wanted to know.

"Nelson," he said seriously, "I want you to keep everyone there until this damned storm is over! Have the kids call their parents, tell them I said to stay put, and do it right away before the phone lines and power lines go out. I have their names so if they don't get through and the parents are able to contact us, I can let them know their kids are safe; okay?"

Damned betcha, it was okay!

Aidan and I walked downstairs, turned down the music, and got their attention! As calmly as I could, I relayed Keith's concerns and what he wanted us to do. It didn't take one glance out the windows, where they all raced to upstairs to see if it really was bad, to convince them Keith was right. We have three phone lines coming into the house; one for the office (it rings in the office and in the house), one for a home phone, and another for a teen phone. All three lines lit up and the calling began!

I notice Brent was the one who called his folks. I overheard part of the conversation hearing him say, "Don't worry, there's enough rooms to separate boys from girls and Aidan and Mr. Nelson are here."

He paused listening to someone on the other end.

"Their grandmother and mother. She's Javier's aunt too. Don't worry, I'll keep an eye on her!" and hung up grinning at me as he did.

"Right," I thought, "while your dick's up Jeremy's butt or vice-versa!"

All the calls were made and our young guests settled in for the duration. The party atmosphere picked up again when the music started. I guess they figured they may as well enjoy themselves.

I wasn't concerned with feeding them since we always had a supply of staples, two freezers full of meat and vegetables, and a storm cellar with apples, potatoes, squash, and other storable vegetables.

Chance called the house about eleven-thirty and wanted to know if Avery was home yet. Finding out he wasn't, he informed me he was worried about him! Avery left "Mudpuppy's" around ten o'clock to head for home and was told to call when he got there. Chance thought he shouldn't have any problem getting home in his four-wheel drive truck, but added, "He's not getting any younger!"

I thought a moment and told Chance I'd take the big tractor with the snow thrower and see if I couldn't locate him between the house and town. I could clear a path through damned high drifts with it and although it'd be slow going, I was confident I could make it fine! I figured he was stuck somewhere down our long lane. Besides, there was a radio in the tractor cab and Aidan would man the base station so we'd be in contact. Chance seemed satisfied, but told me to call once I'd located Avery.

Javier overheard my conversation with Aidan concerning my plans. While he was rummaging around in the sack, sorting out spotlights, flares, and a hand-held radio, Javier announced he and Efrain were going along! The seriousness on his face and in his voice gave every indication the announcement was not debatable.

"Better take a couple extra radios, spotlights, the shovels, and the ropes," Aidan advised. "You never know when you might need them."

A nod of Javier's head, sent Efrain bounding up to their bedroom and he returned with a couple of blankets.

"In case he's cold!"

It was going to be mighty crowded in the cab of the tractor, but we'd manage. The four of us bundled up and went down to the family room. All eyes were on us when I explained Avery was stuck somewhere down the lane and we were going to go get him (okay, so I fudged a little) and Aidan was going to man the base station radio in his office. I told them to listen to Alex and the ladies and we'd be back soon.

It was really quiet as we walked toward the small hall leading to the door to the tunnel. I don't think most of our company even knew it was there by the looks on their faces. Just as I opened it, I heard footsteps pounding behind me. I turned and there stood Carlos and Luis! Carlos' eyes were big with fear and Luis bottom lip was quivering, tears forming in his eyes. I picked him up, hugged him, and reassured him we'd find Avery!

"But, Poppa," he said me, "I don't want you to leave and not come back!"

"Oh, Luis, honey," I said softly, "Poppa won't get hurt; I'll be very careful!" reached out an arm and pulled Carlos close to me and hugged him!

Aidan quickly reached into his pocket and pulled out the last radio and handed it to Luis.

"Here, you can hear everything that's going on. I'll be in the office and you can either talk to me over this and Poppa too, or you can call me on the phone."

I let loose of each of the boys, gave them another kiss, and we walked into the tunnel, pulling the door shut behind us. Walking through the tunnel, passing through the storm cellar following the rope to the office, Luis' words kept replaying in my head! He referred to me as "Poppa," a term Javier frequently used expressing his love and trust. Now, Luis did; did the rest of the boys as well? Was I now the "father" they desired and no longer had? What an awesome responsibility, but one I welcomed! I just couldn't fail our "sons," could I?

Arriving in the equipment shed, I started up the big tractor, Javier hit the electric door opener switch, and I drove it out into the blowing, almost blinding snow storm! The big door closed behind me and I was joined by Efrain and Javier in the cab.

I hit the switch engaging the three levels of bladed augers on the snow thrower, lowered it to ground level, and adjusted the discharge chute so the snow was blown to the right side of the tractor so it wouldn't blow toward the house as we moved forward! The big overhead lights on the tractor, used when we did field work or harvesting at night, provided light enough for us to navigate out of the farm yard and onto the long lane leading to the highway. The strong wind blowing from our left, obscured the lane and visibility beyond fifty yards, but it didn't deter me in our mission.

There was about a foot of snow on the ground and more was coming down, but the wind was the greatest problem! In areas along the lane where trees or thick shrubs on the left side of the lane blocked the wind, it was easier going, but where it was open, the wind was piling drifts of at least three feet up over the fences, small shrubs, and extending them out into and across the lane. There were spotlights attached to both sides of the tractor cab which could be manipulated from inside the cab. Javier manned one and Efrain the other, sweeping the sides of the lane and fence lines trying to locate Avery's pickup truck while I concentrated on driving the tractor and adjusting the discharge chute to not only move the snow, but to assist them in their search.

The storm didn't appear to be letting up when we neared the end of the lane and as yet, we'd seen no sign of Avery or his truck. Javier suggested we head out on the highway, just in case he didn't make it as far as our lane before getting stuck!

With the wind now to our back, visibility was much better and the drifts smaller. There was still plenty of snow and gusty wind, but with the direction the wind was blowing on this particular stretch of the highway, the drifts were smaller and progress was much easier.

Three hundred yards or so from our lane, where the road made a curve, the wind again hit us from the side and I encountered a larger drift, perhaps three or four foot high but not very wide, slowing down my forward progress while I began auguring it out of the way. I could see beyond it, perhaps thirty yards or so, and could see nothing beyond it or stuck in it either. Nearing the far edge of the drift, Javier suddenly shouted, "Stop; swing the chute the other way or out front!"

His loud warning caused me to act quickly; it was obvious he saw something that needed immediate attention! Javier had the beam of the spotlight fixed on a place in the ditch. He flicked the light off, on, off, on, off and a faint flick on and off of a set of headlights buried in the deep snow in the ditch returned the signal!

"That's him!" announced Javier confidently and happily. "I'm going to get him!"

"Not alone," answered Efrain, gathering up a coil of rope, a scoop shovel and a handheld spotlight.

Javier picked up the other two coils of rope, a spotlight, a scoop shovel, and tested his radio.

"You two stay in constant contact," I instructed and handed Efrain the hand-held radio I had in my coat pocket.

Javier tied one end of a length of rope to the rungs of the ladder used for climbing in and out of the tractor cab and with Efrain holding on to his coat, started in the direction the beam of light from the tractor spotlight pointed. They were soon almost out of sight in the blinding snow, but flashes of light on the snow gave me some indication of their progress.

Time seemed to move so slow as I waited!

The tractor radio crackled; "I'm tying another length on," Javier advised.

"Stay safe!" I cautioned.

The minutes ticked by, slowly, and my radio crackled again!

"Tying on the last length!"

Oh boy!

I grew more anxious when I heard nothing for what I thought was a long time, so I radioed Javier, seeking if there was a problem. No answer!

I called again and finally, in the background, a voice responded, "Can't a guy get a little sleep around here without people making so damned much noise?"

It was midnight before we returned, put the equipment away, and got Avery into the house. Entering the house the same route we used to exit it earlier, we were met with cheers and relieved laughter from the group of teens assembled in the family room! Estele and Carissa were crying, hugging, kissing Avery, expressing their joy in his safety, fussing over him and after a few minutes insisted he go upstairs and get ready for bed. He was tired, cold, and relieved to be home so he made no objections!

Alex already announced the sleeping arrangements, if people wanted to be anywhere other than downstairs wrapped in blankets or tucked into the sleeping bags and blankets Estele and Carissa had Julio and Manny bring down stairs. The girls would be in Efrain, Javier, Concepcion, and Julio's room while there'd be two empty beds in the room Carlos, Luis, and Manny shared.

"Wait a minute," I thought to myself, "where would Manny be sleeping or spending the night?" I thought, given the circumstances, I was better off not knowing!

Carlos and Luis stuck to Aidan and me like glue to paper as we started upstairs to bed. Half-way up the stairs to our rooms, the lights flickered, went out, and after a minute, came back on as the generator took over. Evidently, the storm took down some power lines somewhere. Given the ferocity of the storm we were now in and what it might look like outside when it blew itself out, I thought it could be a couple of days before power was restored.

Aidan took the boys upstairs while I went back down to the family room to tell them what happened and explain the situation, noting the generator would supply all of the power we needed. Well, there was no need for that; Alex already had the discussion well under way and was doing an excellent job.

I was tired and so was Aidan, but as is often said, "no rest for the wicked and the good don't need it." Once we were under the covers, we were joined by two naked, smooth, brown boys. Luis wriggled his naked body on top of mine, getting himself comfortable, my arms wrapped around him, while Carlos did the same with Aidan.

"We don't like storms!" announced Luis.

"Besides, Alex and Julio want our room," commiserated Carlos and both fell sound asleep.

I decided I wasn't going to worry about the others; what was going to happen was going to happen!

Manny approached his older brother in the bathroom, having decided Chance wouldn't mind if he commandeered his bedroom, and received a demonstration on how to slip a rubber over his uncut, teen dick! It was really all he really needed to know, he figured instinct would show him the rest. Alex and Julio, on the other hand, after getting Manny suited up, were well practiced and before long their long, thick stiffness's were settled in to welcoming, warm, moist sleeves; sleeves which, after the first time or two accommodations of the large appendages, were well stretched and quite used to the pleasant intrusions!

The wind rattled the house while driving thick, horizontal snowflakes up against the windows and siding, waking me from my sleep. Luis had slipped from my tummy to lay snuggled up with his older brother now resting between Aidan and me. I had to piss like a race-horse, so I rose quietly stepped into a pair of sweat pants and made my way into the shared bathroom. The connecting door to the other bedroom was open and once I was done draining the pond, I cast a glance into the other bedroom.

His slim, tanned, firm butt cheeks clenching, her legs wrapped around his waist pulling him deeper, securing him to her, their lips engaged, their bare midriffs enjoying the presence of the others, as he slowly, lovingly, slid his teen, but potent, manhood forward and back into her warm, soft moistness! Alex's soft expressions of pleasure were matched with her own equally soft, but insistent mews of delight encouraged him!

Julio and Megan, cuddled together on the other bed, apparently were sleeping- for now! Walking down the hall, I noticed Chance's bedroom door was closed! There was no way in hell I was going to open it! I know too well what I'd see!

Rather than return to bed, as I should have, I walked downstairs, through the kitchen, and peered outside at the blizzard enveloping and stranding us. The yard light provided barely enough illumination through the wind-driven snow to confirm what I already knew; this storm had intensified and showed no sign of letting up.

The generator provided the power to keep the heat on as well as the lights, so the house was warm and cozy as we were buffeted by the wind. I meandered down the stairs to the family room to do a quick check on the rest of our guests and our boys. Someone left a nightlight on in the bathroom so, should someone need it during the night, they'd be able to navigate their way to it. The small light provided enough dim light for me to observe the boys spread out before me.

Javier and Efrain were huddled together, as I often found them when they slept, Efrain's back pressed up against Javier's front, in a large sleeping bag. Javier's arms were wrapped lovingly and protectively around Efrain, keeping his lover's body close for comfort and reassurance. How often had I seen Javier, in those special intimate moments lovers share while in a crowd or with a few, reach over, smile at Efrain while he gently traced a finger down Efrain's cheek or his neck, or place his hand on Efrain's hand, back, arm, or hug him loosely announcing and demonstrating his affection and endearment! He was so much in love with Efrain and Efrain with him, Javier would give his very soul for his love!

Concepcion and Monty had the hide-a-bed and Monty was held gently face to face by Concepcion, demonstrating his intense feelings for his younger soul mate. Monty's head rested on Concepcion's shoulder, resting in the arms of his love. A slight smile fixed was fixed on Monty's face as he slept the peaceful rest of being secured in his sweet lover's arms! Again, I felt, there was no limit to the sacrifices Concepcion would make for Monty.

Of the other six young men in the family room, four were sound asleep, wrapped in blankets, but close together, as if they wanted contact should they so desire. Two, however, were awake and, having kicked the large open sleeping bag aside so their movements might not be hindered, were engaged in silent, but intense intercourse! Brent was on his stomach and Tyson was stretched out on Brent's back with his arms looped under Brent's shoulders holding them together, while his stomach rested in the small of Brent's back, while he pumped his cock forward and back in Brent's tight, constricting, and moist chute! Both were making those noises of sexual pleasure as they were reaching closer and closer to the magic explosion each of them desired!

Tyler arched his back, pushing his hips as far forward as he could and held them there while he expended his load of semen into the depths of Brent's bowels. As he did so, Brent moaned his release into a towel tucked conveniently under his stiff, throbbing cock!

Emptied, for the time being, of his essence, Tyson relaxed on Brent, both catching their breath and enjoying the aftermath of their orgasms. I heard Brent say quietly,

"Geez, Tyson, you cum a bunch! I can feel it dripping out of my ass and trickling down my balls!"

Back in our room, in our own bed, Luis and Carlos sound asleep, Aidan snoring softly as he often did, I contemplated my night trip through the house and decided no matter what, our boys would make any parent proud, willing, ready to give to the ones they loved, not only their love but whatever sacrifice they had to make for them, whether it be a girlfriend or boyfriend! I knew Alex, Julio, and Manny felt the same way concerning their girlfriends, making certain they wouldn't get pregnant, and caring for them in the same way as Concepcion and Javier did for their lovers.

I couldn't have been prouder!

Evidently, Brent and Jeremy weren't as monogamous!

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