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The Scent of Love - The Scent of Death

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 1

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science."

(Albert Einstein)

A full moon, on this mid-June night, shining bright, breaking dark in shadows of tall trees, cast its soft white of luminesce on the front lawn of the lake house, revealed the three young wolves frolicking, playing, enjoying each other's company by nipping, licking, growling softly at one another, and nuzzling their noses into the soft fur of the other. These wolves were large wolves, by any standard, considering the average adult timber or grey wolf ( canis lupis) generally weighs around one hundred pounds. Even the smallest of the trio would weigh at least thirty or forty pounds more and stand six to eight inches taller at the back than the average timber wolf.

The smaller of the three, a very beautiful creature, resplendent in a coat of soft fur, grey and white with darker spots, and steel blue eyes that seemed to twinkle invitingly to the others, stopped, lay on the ground, rolled over on its back exposing it's vulnerable white underbelly to the other two, back legs sprawled apart, leaving its large, hairy balls displayed, the large and pointed tip of its penis fully released from its retracted sheath, glistening in the moonlight, and dripping with sexual excitement! He cast a coy look at the other two, inviting them to approach him.

Two young male wolves, identical in appearance, with thick coats of grey and white, eyes of penetrating yellow, their very noses tipped with a spot of pink and the rest black, the tips of their ears seemly notched with just an arrow of black, of equal heights and weights, and, if one didn't know better, shared the same thoughts and instincts simultaneously, looked at the smaller wolf in a submissive position, and each gave a soft "woof" and began cleaning its penis and balls with their long, wet tongues before nudging him to a standing position. The smaller wolf whimpered, almost pleading, casting his longing eyes on the other two, moved his tail to the side, and allowed one of the twins to mount him!

As first twin mounted, his long, very thick, and massive cock emerged from its sheath, dripping with anticipation before he hunched over the back of the smaller wolf, and with one quick thrust was buried up the ass of the willing male. Soon, humping in joyous abandonment, front legs clamped tight around the body of his partner, clutching the stomach, head down, muzzle to ear, fucking until he knotted, and with short pulses and thrusts of his ass, pumped his semen up the ass of the smaller wolf.

Homosexuality is not unusual in the animal world, but male to male mating among wolves is highly unusual, and even more so with what happened next! When top male's knot diminished, the smaller wolf didn't move when the twin's cock slipped out of his ass, but instead, moved so the other twin could mount him as well! The second twin mounted enthusiastically and with the vigor of his brother, fucked the smaller wolf well and thoroughly, knotting deep inside his ass as well. His hips thrust forward and his tail twitched as he ejaculated his semen, breeding the smaller wolf with the same care and tenderness as had his brother. With each small thrust and twitch, semen from his mating and his brothers dripped out of the dilated, but stuffed full rectum of the smaller wolf, sliding down his balls and onto the ground.

The strangest of all things happened when his knot loosened and withdrew, although his penis was hanging, dripping, still twitching up and down, and outrageously large like his brother's, and, when the smaller wolf lay down again on its back, the twins began licking and cleaning him up; so thoroughly, if one didn't know better, it could be thought they were giving him a blow-job!

Strange and mysterious are the ways of nature!

Suddenly, the twins stopped their grooming or sucking, wheeled about, the hair on their backs standing high in warning and alert, bared their teeth, and with a low, menacing, threatening growl, focused their attention on the edge of the yard where the trees met the open space. In this defensive position, the smaller wolf now standing behind them, the twins prepared to meet any aggressor who might endanger their mate! A bobcat stepped out into the clearing, but skittered away quickly when challenged by a loud "woof" from the twins.

Satisfied the interloper was dispatched with little damage done, the three wolves preened moment, as if enjoying each other's company, and started to move slowly away, the smaller (the one they mated) between the twins. Before leaving the yard, the three wolves looked toward the house, spotted two human males sitting in the dark on the porch, and with the knowledge and trust of having them there many times before while they mated, gave a soft "chuff" and began a slow walk through the clearing toward the forest edge.

Sitting in the darkness, shrouded from the moonlight by the roof of the porch, the two men, clothed only in their robes, naked underneath, were slowly fondling each other to orgasm!

"The boys certainly put on a show for us, don't they, Evan?" remarked Eric Trempealeau, his hand working the stiff shaft of his partner with more vigor, knowing he could bring him off at the same time he climaxed. "They really love a good sexy romp in the woods!"

Eric paused in his ministrations, bringing Evan to the edge, and said, "More than just sex; their love for each other shows through, committed for life, just like us!" and began fisting his partner's dick harder.

"You bet!" grunted Evan Troutman and with a loud moan, "Oh, God, Eric, here I cum!" and began spurting short jets of semen from his cock the same time as Eric did.

Evan Troutman and Eric Trempealeau had been partners, lovers, and soul mates since Eric came to International Falls many years before. Fresh out of the university, law degree in hand, Eric Trempealeau browsed through the university's placement bureau postings and "lawyers wanted" section of the various professional periodicals seeking an opening which he thought, not only for professional reasons but personal as well, would be ideal for him. There were openings for junior partners and associates with large firms, corporations, and government agencies, but those weren't high on his list of priorities when it came to employment. No, he wanted a small firm, perhaps an individual lawyer willing to teach a neophyte the various nuances of good law practices and allow him to gain the experience necessary.

Eric wanted to work up north, near the woods and waters he'd fallen in love with ever since he'd seen a documentary on Rainy River Houseboats and another on Voyageur National Park. He spotted an advertisement from an attorney in International Falls, Minnesota, seeking an associate, "to gain experience and be part of an established practice."

"A little farther north than I'd originally thought to move at first," he thought, "and definitely one of the coldest spots in the Lower Forty-eight in the winter," but definitely up north in the midst of the country he'd seen on the documentaries.

International Falls, at the time, was not a particularly large city, but a key border crossing point entering into Canada and to the United States across the bridge from International Falls to Fort Frances, Ontario. The area was growing in population and some light industry, but a large tourist industry flourished, where visitors not only enjoyed the lakes, rivers, and forests on the United States side of the border, but on the Canadian side as well. Passports were not required at the time, so passage back and forth between the two countries was made with relative ease. The city was also the site of an airport giving access to many parts of the United States, Canada, and the world. Many of the "fly-in" Canadian fishing and hunting trips either started there or made it a stop coming from and going into the wilderness. Customs officials would inspect and clear them there.

If the maps were correct, and he could see no reason to believe otherwise, International Falls was either adjacent to or within close proximity of Rainy Lake, Lake Kabetogama, Lake of the Woods, Lake Namakan, Lake Vermillion, the Voyageur National Park, Kabetogama State Forest, Koochiching State Forest, Superior National Forest, Boundary Waters Canoe Area, Lake Jeanette State Forest, Burntside State Forest, and the Quetico just across the U.S. / Canadian Border. There were numerous streams, rivers, and smaller lakes scattered throughout the area which only added to the allure for Eric.

The various tourist information booklets and pamphlets he looked at indicated there were many resorts, campgrounds, and guide services available as well as house boat rental services. There was hunting, not only for big game, which he didn't do, but bird hunting for grouse and ducks (which he did) as well. It appeared there was everything in International Falls and the surrounding area Eric was seeking, only if the law firm would want him. He filled out the application, mailed it, and waited for a response.

It came within a week and invited him to come up for an interview.

The drive to International Falls was pleasant, although long; winter was over this June day he made his trip, but there was still a slight "nippiness" in the air signifying summer had not yet really arrived up north. The law office of Roger Hadley was easy to find and even though Eric arrived twenty minutes before his appointment; the secretary, an older lady, offered him coffee and a comfortable chair to occupy while he waited. She made him feel very welcome and seemed pleased to see him.

"Mr. Hadley had a previous appointment," she explained, "but should be returning within a few minutes."

Within minutes, Mr. Hadley appeared through the front door as she promised. He was an elderly gentleman, not stodgy or frail as one would imagine, but quite spry, with a winning smile and a greeting;

"Don't tell me, Delores, let me guess; this young, handsome gentleman is our applicant, the one we've read and heard so many nice things about!"

Eric, face blushed from the greeting, accepted the proffered hand and felt welcomed again, comfortable with Mr. Hadley, and immediately liked the man. Evidently, Hadley and "Delores" had read his application file and made calls to his references since this'd be the only way they heard "so many nice things about" him!

Hadley ushered him into his inner office and bade him sit down while he removed his coat and hung it up. It was then Eric noticed Hadley's pants fly was unzipped and the looks of what he could see, Hadley was going commando as well since Eric could see the man's pubes and the base of his rod nestled within. If Eric wasn't mistaken, there also was a glob of white, tapioca looking gel on the lower end of the fly. From experience, Eric was positive it was cum, but wasn't about to say anything!

Eric looked at it, the fly, and then up at Hadley; Hadley looked back at him, smiled, and zipping up his pants, remarked apologetically, "Sorry about that."

"No problem," returned Eric, trying to will his own stiffness to subside.

The interview went well, very well in fact, and Eric was almost certain he had a fair shot at the position. It was more than confirmed when Hadley invited him to dinner with his sister, brother-in-law and three children.

"It's their anniversary," Hadley explained, "and I promised to take them out to eat."

Eric tried to beg off, claiming it would be interfering with family, but Hadley insisted, commenting, "If you're to be a partner in my firm, you need to meet the rest of the family."

It was at that point, Eric knew he had the job!

Eric and Mr. Hadley met the Troutman's (his sister's married name) at "Sutton's," a very nice restaurant in Kabetogama, a short drive from International Falls. Kabetogama was a small community, probably not much more than two or three hundred in population, but a large tourist area with numerous resorts and seasonal businesses. "Sutton's" was actually a resort with cottages, as it was advertised, and "fine dining" as it was also advertised.

The location was fabulous, overlooking Lake Kabetogama and the establishment was one of the few serving all three meals and open during the winter. Eric was later to find out "Sutton's" was well-known for its fine food and excellent service and did a brisk business year round. Additionally, George Sutton, owner of the establishment, was a long-time client of Mr. Hadley's as was George Sutton's father, the original owner of the resort and restaurant.

The Troutman's had grown children, two girls and one boy and eight grandchildren by the daughters. The spouses of the daughters accompanied them but the grandchildren had sitters. Troutman's son, Evan, was single, a realtor and, Eric thought, about his age. During the meal, during the small talk and Hadley's joy at hiring him, Eric learned Hadley never married and there were hints of a "close friend" in International Falls he kept company with.

"That might explain the cum on his pants," thought Eric thinking back on the interview.

Evan, quiet throughout the meal, was not shy in his appraisal of Eric Trempealeau, nor did he miss the frequent eye contact Eric had with him. Eric was almost positive Evan batted on the same team as he did, but, in those days, one just didn't announce he liked to fuck guys and not gals.!

"Only time will tell," he thought.

Little did Eric know, Evan was just as interested in him, wondering what kind of package was concealed under those dress pants and whether or not he could into those pants and run his boat up a tender passage before unloading a significant cargo that had been too long in the hold! For years, Evan knew he was just like his Uncle Pete Hadley, loving the look of a nice fat cock, mouthing it tenderly, giving it lodging in the rear of the motel and the male, in this case Eric, that went with it. As far as he was concerned, Eric Trempealeau was not only good looking, but seemed interested in him as well!

After dinner, Evan stood, announced he had to hit the head, looked at Eric, and Eric quickly announced he'd join him, since he didn't know where the restroom was. The main dining room had two separate restroom areas; one larger, with more stalls and urinals, and a second one, handicapped or family. Evan walked to the family restroom and Eric followed. Inside, there was one stall and one urinal. Both stepped to the urinal, fished out their cocks and began to piss.

Eric looked at the nice uncut fat sausage Evan was holding while Evan admired the equally fat, cut bratwurst in Eric's hand.

"Can I fuck you?" Evan asked softly.

Eric nodded, unbuckled his pants and shoved them, along with his boxers to his knees. He leaned forward toward the urinal and offered himself!

Evan hawked a couple of globs of spit on his cock, shuffled up behind Eric, pants and shorts down around his ankles, squatted a little to get a better angle, and began pushing forward into Eric's ass. He leaned over Eric's back, both hands clasped around his middle, his head resting on Eric's shoulder, and moaned quietly, "Jesus, you're so tight and warm!"

Eric just groaned, "My god, you're a big boy!" as Evan's thickness invaded him.

"It's been a while and I've got a load built up," Evan announced and after about two minutes of thrusting, pushed forward, deep, clenched his ass cheeks and unloaded, breeding Eric properly!

He pulled out, once all vestiges of his cum had squirted, swiped his hand across Eric's butt crack, smearing dripping cum onto his own hand, used it to lubricate his ass, and reached around and spread what was left on Eric's erection, spun him around, and offered himself.

Eric didn't hesitate, moved up behind, and pushed his own instrument of pleasure up into Evan!

"You're no little fellow yourself," Evan announced.

Eric finished off just about as quickly as Evan did. Using some tissue they carefully cleaned each other, pulled up their pants and left for the dining room.

"Been a while," Eric said apologetically as they walked toward the table.

"Yeah, me too!" answered Evan as they continued on to join the others in after dinner drinks. While they were enjoying their drinks, George Sutton walked over, with another gentleman, and Hadley introduced Eric to him.

"Ah!" pronounced George, "a new attorney to help us with our legal issues!" and introduced his son James, who was the other gentleman with him. "Jimmy is part owner of this place and will take over when I'm gone," George said proudly.

It was that night, which not only cemented and locked the relationship and love Eric and Evan had for each other, but a close relationship with the Sutton Family. When George decided he wanted to add more land to the resort so he could add some more cabins and increase the parking lot, he came to Evan and Eric; when he wanted to draw up a new will, he came to Eric; when Eric and Evan decided to purchase a place in Kabetogama, George just happened to have available a nice three bedroom home on twenty acres with frontage on Lake Kabetogama, a few miles from the small community. George made certain the price was right, "since you boys are not only my attorney, but my real estate agent and my good friends," so a deal was struck and Eric and Evan moved to Kabetogama but kept their offices in International Falls!

George continued to add on and improve the dozen cottages by winterizing them at "Sutton's" and added a motel style building with eight three room 'suites.' Those units connected to an indoor heated pool, sauna, whirlpool structure he added shortly thereafter. Guests could also enter this building through the main resort office. The dining area (re-named "Birchwood Supper Club") and kitchen of the restaurant were modernized and remodeled, dividing the restaurant into two sections separated by a wall and door, one smaller with a counter and tables he called the "Pelican Café" where breakfasts and lunches would be served saving the "Birchwood" for late afternoon and evening dining, and the parking area, now enlarged, was black-topped. George never seemed to want for the dollars needed to do all of the work. It was often rumored the Sutton Family got their start, financially, when George's father began smuggling booze from Canada into the United States during Prohibition.

Eric was privy to all of George's financial and personal information and, as a good lawyer would do, commented on none of it, except to acknowledge, when asked, "as he understood it, George was one hell of a successful businessman and a damned good investor," and let people know Jim was just as savvy.

The only time "Sutton's" wasn't overly busy was during the spring, between the time the snow melted and spring break up on the lakes. The ice wasn't safe to venture out ice fishing, the snowmobile trails were all mud, and the fishing opener was still several weeks away. It was the time of the year for preparations were made for the upcoming "season" and make those needed repairs to the equipment and facilities.

As the years flew by, Eric and Evan became "uncles" to James' and Evelyn Sutton's four boys; James Jr., Michael, Charles, and Jesse. The boys were all handsome, good looking boys, well built, and svelte; but by far the best looking, the cutest, the most darling (if you could say such a thing about a boy), the one most spoiled by his older brothers and his doting grandfather, was Jesse! He came along five years after his next oldest brother and, as a result of his late arrival in the family, was protected and pampered by the three older ones!

Oh, don't get mistaken, he wasn't one of those fit-throwing, cry baby spoiled types – far from it! Granted, his older brothers carted him around, cuddled him when he needed it, changed his diaper and powdered his butt before he was potty trained, then trained him and showed him how to piss into toilet and urinal, and scrubbed him proper in the shower. From them he learned how to swim, how to fish, how to hunt, and how to provide the best Sutton service to their guests who were in residence! From his grandfather, he learned how to keep his mouth shut, his eyes and ears open, and financial and investment wisdom!

Jesse was a dark haired, blue eyed, small framed lad, differing from his older brothers who, although not creeping hulks, were strong, normal sized boys of average build, and well defined from their work at the resort. Where they'd average five feet ten inches to six foot, Jesse would probably never be over five feet eight inches tall and weigh more than one hundred thirty to forty pounds. Like his brothers he had a wide smile, outgoing personality, and never met a stranger!

Underneath all of that beauty and seeming delicacy, there was a strength of purpose, an iron will, and determination; he was, if one could sweep away all of the impressions of "sweet boy" one got from his looks, actions, and builds, one tough son-of-a-bitch – a damned smart one at that!

If his grandfather went to International Falls, if Jesse wasn't in school, he went with him. Jesse went with him to the bank, to his investment advisor, and to Eric's office for legal business. What he heard, what he saw, what he learned of his grandfather and father's business, he kept to himself, storing it, savoring it, and knowing he would use it in his own life later on. His grandfather trusted the young boy and confided in him unlike with his older brothers!

He was Eric and Evan's favorite as well! When he was young, he never hesitated to crawl up on one of their laps and snuggle in for a hug. As he grew older he didn't lessen his affection for the two men, seeing them as "uncles" and someone he could visit with or confide in if necessary. His grandfather always said, "if you ever need a damned good attorney, you'll never find one better than Eric Trempealeau," and from what Jesse witnessed in Eric's office when visiting with his grandfather, he knew he was correct!

His grandfather passed away when Jesse was ten and his death was particularly hard on the lad, but his strong will and comfortableness in his own skin, allowed him to slowly overcome the loss, but he never failed to miss or forget his grandfather! When Eric read George's Will and entered it in to probate, it was no surprise to the rest of the family, James was to hold fifty-five percent of George's share of the resort (along with the entirety of his stock and bond portfolio, some land and building ownerships, and bank accounts), each of the three oldest boys ten percent each, and Jesse fifteen percent. There were three farms, in northern Iowa, whose profits from the rent each year went to pay college tuition, would continue to be used for Michael, Charlie, and Jesse (James Jr. completed his degree and returned to the resort to work), and for any grandchildren in the future.

What was surprising was a trust established in Jesse's name, naming Eric and Evan as trustees. The contents of the trust was not disclosed to the rest of the family and would only become Jesse's at the age of twenty-one. The trust included some investments in stocks and bonds his grandfather made in Jesse's name over the years, two sizable farms in central Iowa whose income was placed in a cash and investment account in the trust, and a one hundred sixty acre tract of land on Lake Kabetogama with lake frontage and bordered by state forest land. Jesse wouldn't have to work in the future, if he didn't want to. George, wise in his ways, left trusts to each of his other grandsons, but only Eric knew they weren't as valuable as Jesse's, although were nothing to sneeze at!

Midway through Jesse's eighth grade year of school, just after Christmas, he was getting ready to catch a ride to school and stopped in the "Pelican Café" ( the plate may hold more than your belly can ) portion of the restaurant, their house was tucked away almost out of sight about two hundred yards away, to say good bye to his father. Eric and Evan were there, drinking coffee and having a roll before leaving for their offices in International Falls. He gave each of them a hug and one for his dad and was starting for the door when Ted Symthe, the local DNR Game Warden, walked in.

Ted ordered a cup of coffee, and asked, "Seen any unusual wolf activity lately?"

"Other than the usual this time of year?" asked Jim in return.

"Well," Ted said rather softly as if his news might be overheard by someone it wasn't intended for, such as those people who thought the only good wolf was a dead wolf (there was no one else in the restaurant at the time), "I noticed some tracks of some very large wolves around Lofty Pines the other day. Never seen tracks that big before; figure there were three adult wolves and all male since I could see where they pissed a number of times marking the territory."

"Maybe they came across the ice from Canada," ventured Evan. "Critters tend to wander back and forth this time of year."

"Don't you have Lofty Pines Resort listed for sale, Evan?" Ted inquired.

"Yeah; I've had it on the market since the close of last season; no takers yet. The Lodge and the cottages need some work, but it has good lake frontage and is butted up against the State Forest. The main problem is the location; the road is not that great and it's pretty isolated from the rest of us; sort of out of the way and people just don't seem attracted to it."

Ted was still drinking his coffee and visiting when Jesse's ride arrived.

"You might have just seen the tracks," Jesse thought to himself on the way to school, "but I've seen those three big wolves; two times in fact, and they are beautiful!"

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