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Westcott Family Farm

by Nicholas Hall

Chapter 10

"In naked beauty more adorn'd more lovely than Pandora"

(John Milton

I poked my head into the little boys' room first, Andy's hand resting on my butt, chin over my shoulder scanning the darkened bedroom.

Eddie and James were snuggled up tight to each other while Mattie, naked, flat on his back, arms and legs spread, snoring softly as he slept. His beauty was undeniable; lithe to almost skinny, hip bones slightly prominent, stomach and lower abdomen marginally sloping inward indicating his lack of body fat, arms thin, hairless pits, youthful boy breasts with small nipples, hair on his head somewhat asunder, but his most prominent attribute, his penis, large for his age and height, uncircumcised, fully erect, with the partially exposed plum-shaped head seeming to smile at the world as if expecting a treat of some sort, protruding from a hairless crotch and pubic area, lay thick and heavy on his lower abdomen, reaching toward, but not attaining his navel. His innocence evident in all aspects of his body and his personality. He was any boy-lover or gay man's fulfillment of fantasy and most desirable to those who might prefer one his age.

"Beautiful, isn't he?" Andy whispered softly.

Indeed he was, but his beauty made him vulnerable to those who might wish him ill, use him for no other purpose than sexual gratification, or attack him verbally or physically because of it; suspecting but not knowing for certain if he were gay or straight or just plain jealous of his attractive face and body. He among the six boys would need our protection, strength, and love.

"They all are," I sighed, shifting my eyes from Mattie to Jamie and Eddie. Although the boys were face to face, their body definition was evident and exhibited many of the same characteristics as their brothers; slim yet fit, tanned complexion, dark hair, good looking, and with nicely rounded boy butts. Although their own penises were not yet mature, probably currently erect as can be for a lad their age, when showering and bathing them, we were well aware of what they looked like and probably would be when they matured.

"We're so lucky, aren't we?"

I felt Andy nod his head, leaving my shoulder and resting against my left arm. Quietly, we stepped back, moved down the hall, and peeked in the "big" boys' room. It was slightly lighter in there since the big yard light seemed to cast more of its glow revealing in the low light the other three boys in bed. We expected to see Davey, Scottie, and Robbie sound asleep as well. Not quite true!

Two of them were, Robbie was not. Scottie and Davey were next to each other, one on his back and the other on his side. Davey, laying on his side, was naked, his body definitions, although older, very similar to his brothers, however his cock, half-hard and hanging from a sparse bush of black pubic hair, was of admirable size, relatively thick, with balls about the size of ping-pong balls hanging in a loose smooth sack. Scottie, younger with less of a pubic thatch, was hard as a rock, his cock slightly smaller than Davey's and instead of lying flat on his abdomen, was slightly elevated and curved to the left. It too was of admirable size for a boy his age.

Robbie was on the side of the bed closest to the door. Propped up against the head board, his back resting against it, eyes shut, Robbie was far from being asleep. Naked, as was his brothers, legs spread and outstretched, his long, hard teen cock in one hand, the other hand jammed between the mattress and his large balls, shoved up under him giving every indication he had at least one finger and possibly more plunged up his butt hole stimulating his prostate as he slowly, but efficiently stroked his stiff, hard, larger than average teen cock.

He'd pump fast, slow down, sliding his hand up and down, foreskin over the thick head and back, squeezing his knees and legs together, separating them, jerking his body back, biting his lower lip, raise his hips, shove his left hand under his ass harder, all in an effort to keep from cumming too soon, pump fast again, gaining maximum purchase and erotic delight, edging himself ever and ever closer to the eventual explosion of sperm from his waiting testicles.

His muscles began to tense, his head came back, his legs extended to maximum length, squeezed his hand tighter, intensifying the tightness and grip of his asshole around them as they flicked his over stimulated prostate, until, with a squinting of his eyes and scrunching of his face, his cock pulsed and began spewing forth his white, sticky, voluminous cum up and onto his stomach in several long ropes, until, with little throbs, swelling and relaxing, his cock spit out and then dribbled the last of this orgasm into his black pubic bush.

Before reaching for the wad of toilet tissue he'd placed nearby, Robbie took one finger, scooped up a glob of his cum, pondered it for a moment before sticking his finger in his mouth and sucking the sticky substance from it. Swallowing, he scooped up another dollop, pondered it again, smiled and looked directly at us as he licked his finger clean.

We stepped back, not quickly, almost casually as though what we'd witnessed was nothing unusual and deserved no comment.

"The little shit knew we were there all along," snorted Andy. "And didn't stop, sucked his finger just to taunt up or tempt us, I'll bet."

"Not really," I countered. "He was letting us know he was no longer a little boy, didn't want to be treated as one, and had done quite well protecting and caring for his little brothers. Sort of a right of passage. Better off we say nothing about it or even hint we watched him finish. He knows we did and that's sufficient."

Andy understood, nodding. "Still made me horny as hell though."

"Me too!"

"Let's do something about it."

"Thought you'd never ask."

Robbie knew full well his Uncles were standing in the bedroom doorway watching him pull his pud. He'd opened his eyes at one point when he was nearing his peak, spotted them, closed his eyes quickly, and slowed down his hand action willing himself to prolong the delightful explosion of relief from his cock and balls.

His thoughts, while he jacked, weren't on them; he'd created an image, a fantasy in his mind of the cute high school boy who smiled and winked at him earlier outside the office building. He could almost feel warm, soft, moist with saliva and desire, wrapping around the head of his cock, moving up and down, slipping the foreskin back for better results, licking his piss slit gently, poking the tip of a tongue just in and out, and swiping the underside of his cock and around the swollen cock-head. Finally allowing his orgasm to come, he could only imagine and wish what the feeling would be by the real mouth of the teen or when he plunged his fat, long cock deep into the teen's asshole. The wet, tight sheath surrounding his cock would massage, grip, and stimulate his cock with every stroke in and out of the teen's fuck chute. The sexual fantasy brought him to climax and he exploded his boy juice on is stomach and pubes.

Cleaning up, after his uncles left, he rolled over on his side to sleep, muttering softly to himself, "I'll bet they're fucking like rabbits by now."

He wasn't far wrong!

Andy quickly stripped, slipped into the bathroom in preparation for what he knew he and Jacob wanted. He was a dedicated bottom, loved to be fucked, and his husband was just the man he ever wanted to do it. Jacob could do it and do it well! Andy stretched out on his back, naked, knees drawn up and spread slightly, opening his crotch and rear entry for access, and slowly fiddled with his rock-hard cock while waiting for Jacob to return from the bathroom.

I smiled in anticipation as I returned to our bedroom, sans clothing, at the sight of Andy laying provocatively in our bed waiting for their act of love together. I wanted him as much as Andy wanted me and my long, fat, stiff cock displayed erotically as I crawled up on the bed. Our love for each other nor our desire diminished over the years we'd been married. Ours was a successful marriage of two gay men, enjoying each other's companionship; best of friends and soul mates. We were just as much in love outside the bedroom as in and made no bones about it.

Andy, looking at the large cock jutting out from Jacob's crotch, left little doubt to any observer who'd seen Janet's boys, they were indeed Jacob's nephews and Westcotts. The boys were miniatures of Jacob in every way from skin color, slim body definition but well developed and would be more so as they grew; narrow hipped, long-delicate fingers, developing into very handsome young men as they matured. They'd never be fat, but trim, well-proportioned, strong without being muscular.

"Yes," he thought to himself, "just like their uncle."

Gently moving Andy's knees farther apart to accommodate my own body and allowing me to touch the head of my penis to Andy's rosebud, smear it around the opening just a little, before starting to press forward, inserting the fat head just inside the anal ring of muscles where muscles contracted around it and slowly began widening as I pushed in farther. I took my time moving forward and back, forward and back, slipping a little farther inside the hot, moist, and rippling love chute until my balls rested on Andy's and Andy's gut was well and truly stuffed.

"All except Mattie," Andy mused, sort of wiggling around to accommodate my large cock. "He'll be exceptional- exceptionally large, long, and thick."

I began the ancient dance of love, pumping slowly, erotically, and effectively as Andy joined in by flexing his internal muscles, plus raising and lowering his hips to add more sensual stimulation to my cock and his own prostate, while masturbating him with the same rhythm as I fucked.

We both climaxed at the same time, as was our desire. Sexually satisfied, sealed with globs of semen, I remained stiff and inside Andy as we enjoyed post coital bliss. Kissing Andy and receiving his in return, I could but sigh, "I do love you so, Andy."

Suddenly I stiffened, my cock began wilting, raising my head, looking at Andy's face, and whispering, "Tell me you have your hand on my left butt cheek!"

"It's not!"

"Oh my god!" I moaned softly. "Who?"


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