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A Kid Named Joey

by Nigel Gordon

Living with Johnny

List of Characters

This list is provided in response to myriad requests from readers of Living With Johnny.

Mike Carlton - b 1965 45 year old technical writer who has published a couple of successful textbooks.
Allen Davidson Head of Security at Manston- ex Met police officer.
Andrew Mark Mayers aka Dean Film production assistant
Anne James - b 1967 43 year old widowed part time barmaid and Mike's lover.
Antoinette Neil's cousin
Arthur Lee - b 1992 Friend of Johnny - Computer Wizard
Aunt Jane Jane Beauchamps, 95-year-old godmother to Mike and BenCarlton.
Aunt Ruth - b 1913 - Flemish Jewess, cousin of Aunt Sarah now living in a retirement home near Brighton. Spent time in Bergan Belsen.
Aunt Sarah - b 1935 Bernard Lebrun's mother.
Baker, Drew and Thompson Local solicitors.
Ben Carlton - b 1970 Actor and martial artist brother to Mike Carlton, Philip Smith's civil partner.
Full name Robert Benjamin Carlton.
Bernard Lebrun - b 1965 Solicitor. Mike's best friend and Johnny's godfather.
Senior partner in LeBrun, Dean and Cohen.
Beryl Carlton-Smith - b 1963 Barrister mother of Johnny.
Bethany Micah's girlfriend
Cecil Laughton Previous owner of the Priory
Chawish Bagri Marcia's Husband
Chief Inspector John Manley Met Detective Chief Inspector
Chris Klempt Radio producer at BBC
Commander Janet Richardson Met Police Commander
Crooked Man Pub on the road from Priory to Dunford. Just under half a mile from the Priory
Debora Lebrun - b 1963 Bernard's wife
Donna and Richard de Groet Mike's Cousin. Donna is the daughter of Mike's mother's brother.
Dr Peter Lovell Steve's partner and consultant trauma doctor as St John's.
Dr Portage Architectural Historian at County Museum.
DS Peter McCormac DS in local police. Brother in law to Peter Henderson and treasurer to the church.
Dunford Small town about four miles from Lynnhaven as the crow flies but more like twenty by road.
Flora Smith - b 1939 Cleaner wife of Jack Smith and mother of Beryl and Philip
George and Grace Andersons Grace is Steve Clucker's Aunt. George and Grace run the auction rooms in Southmead.
Gerald House Manager at Manston
Grace Seymour Jaydee's mother
Harold Gleeson QC Barrister QC
Holloway sisters Three elderly sisters.
Ian Jenkins b 1994 Trainee hairdresser
Irene Kaufman Talent Agent
Isaac LeBrun b 1920 Bernard's father
Jack - Landlord of the Anchor.
Jack Smith - b 1938 Miner father of Beryl and Philip
James Daniel Seymour Jaydee's father - consultant in emergency medicine and trauma surgery
Janet Long Agent in Bob's agency, specialises in TV and film scripts.
Jasmin Bagri Marcia's Daughter 13
Jaydee (James Daniel Seymour Jnr) Tariq's Boyfriend
Jenny Micham Anne's Sister b 1962
Jim Timmings Horticultural student, Stephen Clucker's boyfriend.
John Duprei Canadian Scientist and educator
John Henderson Peter Henderson's nephew. Robert Hendersons youngest son.
John James b 1965 died 1999 Anne's first husband.
Johnny Carlotn-Smith b 1994 Son of Mike Carlton by Beryl Smith.
Joseph Lebrun - b 1995 Bernard's youngest son.
Judith Durncross The youngest of the three Holloway sisters.
June Ravensbrook Junior Barrister
Lauren Thompson Neil's cousin
Lee Sanderson 18 year old black prisoner in Chelmsford Prison.
Loise Malton Solicitor - former junior to Bernard, now runs her own practice in Watford.
Lynnhaven Small costal village where Mike's bungalow is located.
Maddie Atkins Cambridge Computer student
Manston Elizabethan Hall and country estate owned by Phil and Ben, run as an exclusive events venue.
Marc Dube John Duprie's grandson.
Marcel French youth, two years older than Johnny.
Marcia Goldstein (Bagri) Mature student at Southmead College.
Margaret Slater Architectural Drawing Tutor
Marge Matt's on off girlfriend
Marge Bradley Owner of Marge's Café
Mark Dowland Professor at Sheffield BBC Presenter.
Mark Gleeson Film director/producer
Mark Thompson Screenwriter part of Miss Jenkins family.
Martha Hartmann Owner of the Hartmann agency.
Martin Clay Solicitor from Southminster
Martin Shelt Producer with independent TV production company.
Mary Owner of the Crooked Man
Mary Jenkins nee Simpson b 1961 Ian's Mother
Matt Grayling Architect
Micah Lebrun - b 1989 Bernard's oldest son.
Miss Edith Jenkins Head of the Thompson/Porter family.
Mr Gregory Head of Computer Science at Southmead College
Ms Kathy Donaldson Sir David's pupil.
Neil Thompson (Porter) Miss Jenkin's nephew
Oncle Jacques Marcel's.
Paula Timmins 32 year old student on Computer Science access course with Anne.
Peter Henderson Head of the Henderson family and pastor of the Brethren church where he is known as Brother Peter.
Peter Torrey Assistant to Saul Lichtenstein
Philip Smith - b 1972 actor better known under his stage name of Mathew Lewis and brother to Mike's ex-wife Beryl Smith.
Rachel - b 1967 Bernard Lebrun's sister.
Robert (Bob) Southern - b 1968 Mike's Agent.
Robert Henderson Brother of Peter Henderson
Sarah Colman PhD Archaeology student.
Saul Lichtenstein Film producer
Saul Robertson Barber
Sheila Lane - b 1968 1968 Accountant to Mike Carlton.
Simone Thompson Neal's French Cousin.
Simone Thompson Neil's cousin
Sir David Stellerson QC Prosecuting QC
Southmead College FE College in Southmead - former Agricultural College.
Steve Johnson Manager of boat yard
Steve Webber Local reporter Matt's brother in law
Steven Clucker Horticultural student
Susan Steve & Peter's foster daughter 5
Susan Kilpatrick American psychologist and author.
Susan Southern (nee Spade) - b 1978 Bob's wife
Tariq Bagri Marcia Son 14
Terry Jenkins b 1991 Ian's older brother
Tim Tinkermann CPS clerk
Tommy Steve & Peter's foster son 4
Trevor Spade - 1992 Actor son of Bob and Susan.
Tyler Lawrence - 1990 Co-star to Trevor Spade
William Kingsman Robert Henderson's son-in-law
Zachary Mayer Financier
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