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Stories by Pedro

Pedro's writing follows, so far, a more whimsical storyline.

We like whimsy.

Short Stories

Stories About Boys on Trains

Pedro has asked that these tales be grouped together. Where they are short stories they also appear in that list. They are duplicated below for your reading fun. Note, please, that there is no next/previous chapter arrow with short stories

Ten Years

[A story in 2 brief chapters]

The Challenge That is Tony

These linked stories have been written in response to our Writing Challenges. Whichever order we list them is is "wrong" in some way, and Pedro and we have tried to make this work better. There is an internal timeline for the tales based on UK School years thus:

  1. Fête or Fate – July, Year 9
  2. Who's Marcus – August, Late July, Year 9
  3. My Ball! Thank You! – August, between Years 9 & 10
  4. Rupie and Barabbas – August, between Years 9 & 10
  5. A Winning Losing Word – Late August between Years 9 & 10
  6. Ike & Mike, Both Alike – Early September Year 10
  7. Hanging Out – September, Year 10
  8. Right Up To London – Mid October, Year 10
  9. Live Long and Prosper! – October, Year 10
  10. Not Carrot Cake – Halloween, Year 10
  11. Revenge – Late December, Year 10
  12. Spencer – Early January, Year 10
  13. Corridor Skittles – Early March, Year 10
  14. Sieben X Sechs – Easter, Year 10
  15. A Close Shave – April, Year 10
  16. This Little Piggy – Late April, Year 10
  17. Genus Corvidae – Late April to Early May, Year 10
  18. Green – May, Year 10
  19. All the Colours of the Rainbow – May, Year 10
  20. Say Cheese – May, Year 10
  21. The Incident on Froggatt Edge – Early June, Year 10
  22. Statements – June, Year 10
  23. Sam – July, Year 10
  24. A Spark in Marks – Late July, Year Ten
  25. Spot the 'Phobe – Early September, Year 11
  26. Trapped – September to December, Year 11
  27. Zander? – Mid October, Year 11
  28. More Trouble with Shorts – Mid-April to Early May, Year 11
  29. Dogma With Shorts – Mid May, Year 11
  30. Missing You Already – Mid June, Year 11
  31. It Should Wash Off – July, after Year 11
  32. Merkin is Missing – July, after Year 11
  33. Jealous Much? – Late July, after year 11
  34. Jan en de Winkelwagen – Mid-August after Year 11
  35. Lockdown Blue – 17 July 2020 (Outside the main timeline)

The UK School Year runs from 1st September and Year 1 admissions are based on the child reaching the age of five before the following 31st August.

While they can be read in the timeline order if that is your thing, Pedro considers they should be treated as if they were random pages from the narrator's journal and his suggested reading order is the same as the order they were written. This is the order if you follow these links to the chapters. Even better than that, there is a next/previous chapter link in each to try to help you!

To help you remember who is who, Pedro has also compiled this cast list covering all the 'Challenge' stories, a Dramatis Personæ, which opens in a new tab or window.