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And the Band Played On

by Pietar

I didn't see the picture until days after it had been taken, but the camera was only capable of capturing the moment. The band in the background. Tom Kite's left arm over his waist, making sure the hug he was giving me wasn't too tight. The dour face of Mr. Thompson, who was undoubtably wishing he could yell at me for being out of uniform again. Which he did, later. He did more than yell.

But it was not able to catch the drama of that day, and the year that had led up to it. Tom Kite was smiling, but he didn't mean it. It was forced there. He must have practiced it in order to get it just right. But he wasn't smiling on the inside. He'd never like me, at least not in a friendly way. Not after he thought he knew what I was. The hug was part of the ritual; and as much as he detested doing it, he had no choice. But why were my shorts open? And why was I completely out of uniform? The answers need a bit of back ground first.

I had been forcibly moved here by my parents at the age of 13. And I do mean forcibly, as I had no interest in moving away from my friends and community, let alone my country. I'm an American, and it took five very hard swats on my rump right there in the airport to get me to board the airplane the day we left. Spanked, by my dad, in public, at my age! It was so humiliating. But worse was to come I soon found out.

I had to adjust to this ancient culture of hazing and harassment. My first exposure to it occurred in the early morning of my first full day at the school. I had arrived late at night and was quickly checked in, given three sets of uniforms which consisted of short gray pants (for 15 and under boys) and turquoise button-up shirts. I was taken to a dorm room and shown my locker and bed. Around me were the sounds of other boys sleeping.

All I was told was that I was in something called Key Stage 3. It included those aged 11 to 14. My House was Drake. Everything else would be told to me the next day when I went to orientation. I stripped down to my boxers and got into bed without putting on the pajamas I had been issued.

"Wake up Sanders," one of the boys said as he shook my bed vigorously. I hadn't had a chance to adjust to the time change yet. "If you miss the showers Kite will have your arse."

I forced my eyes open to find a room of 14 boys waking, stretching, and removing their pajamas. Normally, it would have been a pleasant sight for me, but I had to be very careful here. The room was now brightly lit.

"Dump him," a boy said from behind me. Moments later my cot was turned on its side and I ended up in a heap of bedding on the floor.

"What the hell," someone said. "Debag him, and get that mufti into his locker. Thank god Kite didn't see him wearing that to bed."

I hadn't met any of the boys in the dorm, and I wondered how they knew my name. But before I could even figure out what debag or mufti meant, I was grabbed and my boxers pulled from my waist.

"You'll get us in trouble for sure if Kite finds out you didn't wear your pajamas," the boy who stripped me said. "You can only wear these if you go to town." My boxers were tossed into my locker.

"What's taking so long in here?" a slightly deeper voice yelled. All the kids froze in place and stood at attention.

"Just getting the new kid up sir," one of the boys closer to the door said.

I saw a boy slightly taller than me come through the rows of boys. Those who were in the way quickly moved to the side. He had short dark-brown hair and a large nose and ears that ended in a point. And unlike, any of us, he was fully dressed. His shirt looked like it had been ironed.

"Yes, Sanders, isn't it?" He stopped in front of me. "My name is Kite and I'm the Vice-Captain for this room." He looked around behind me. "Why is your bedding on the floor?"

"The other guys dumped me out of my bed," I said.

"Huh!" he nearly growled. "In the future, get up when the lights come on. You will have this bed made properly before breakfast." He turned and looked around. "This place is a disgrace. The 12-year-old boys know how to keep their dorm better than you boys. You will defer to them at the showers. Go!"

"Yes sir," fourteen boys all said at once. They began filing out of the room, and I followed. I noticed they all had a towel in their hands and I turned back towards my locker.

"Where do you think you are going Sanders?" Kite said.

"To get my towel," I answered. He blocked my way.

"Sir, he hasn't been to orientation yet," a boy said. "You need to call him sir, Sanders."

"I'm sorry sir," I said. "I didn't know."

"Now you do. Don't forget it in the future. See this patch?" He pointed at the patch on the left pocket of his shirt. "It shows that I'm a Vice-Captain. Captain's badges are a darker blue and bigger. You will call them sir as well if you know what is best for you. Follow the others to the showers."

"But my towel," I said, and then quickly added, "Sir." I tried again to move around him, but again he blocked my way.

"I want to see you in my dorm after your shower Sanders. Immediately afterwards. Now go!"

I had to hurry to catch up with the other boys from my dorm. They all had towels wrapped around their waist. I had my hands over my crotch.

"Hands to your sides, Sanders" Kite called out from behind me.

I moved my hands but didn't respond until he yelled that he couldn't hear me.

"Yes sir," I shouted back.

A couple of the other boys turned and looked at me.

"Way to bloody go Sanders," one said. "We'll be lucky if we get any hot water at all."

We got to the shower room. One group was inside, and from the size of their junk and the amount of hair they had, I guessed they were at least fifteen years old. In the short hallway leading to the shower room were dozens of boys lined up on each side, facing each other. There was a gap between the first group and the last.

"Go ahead and move on up you wankers," the lead boy from my dorm said. "Thanks to Sanders here, we go last today."

All the boys turned and looked at me. The last group moved forward, filling in the gap. Then I caught on. The boys showered in order of age. We would have been in the gap until Kite told us to defer to the twelve's. Now we took their spot at the end of the two lines. That apparently meant that in front of them were the boys who were fourteen, and that my guess about the boys in the shower had been accurate.

"What's wrong with his tallywacker?" one of the twelve's said as he looked at me. I had been forcing my eyes to stay up at head level just to be safe, but now I looked down the rows. Most of the boys had their towel over their groin, but several, especially the younger boys, let their stuff show. All of them looked different than me. Skin covered the end of their dicks. I knew what circumcised meant, but I'd never seen a boy who wasn't. Now I was seeing a bunch of them.

The all looked at me. Specifically, my dick, or as I guessed they called it, my tallywacker. Subject to their stares, it began to grow.

"Look," one of the boys at the far end of the line said. "He's getting a boner. He must be a regular ponce." The all laughed, which caught the attention of the boys in the shower.

"You. The one without his towel. Come here," one of them yelled.

I came forward and stopped at the entrance to the shower room. There were 12 boys sharing 10 shower heads inside. They all looked at me.

"What's your name boy?" the one who had called me asked.

"Kyle," I said. "Kyle Sanders."

"How long have you been here?" he asked.

"I got checked in last night."

"We don't use first names here Sanders," he said. "Here's my towel."

I took the one he had pulled off a peg and was about to thank him when he added, "Dry me."


"Are you deaf? Or daft? Dry me. It's a simple enough instruction."

He stepped to the foot of the shower room and stopped.

I tentatively reached up to dry his hair, and then his face and neck, and worked my way down his torso.

"Make damn sure you get my goolies dry," the boy ordered. The other boys in the shower were drying themselves, but watching me carefully. I could hear dozens of snickers from behind me.

I had his penis in my hand. Well, in the towel, but my hand was wiping it. I hurried to get it dry. But he snatched the towel out of my hand.

"I think you enjoyed drying my willy just a bit too much. Stand there and toss yourself off."

"Toss myself where?" I asked, causing more laughter.

"Toss off. Are you completely stupid? Or don't you know how? Wait, that's it, I'm sure. You, Brown, show him how." He pointed to a boy in the fourteen-year-old group who was closest to me.

"Not me Taylor, I not a wanker."

"Bullshit, it's poking the front of your towel out now. Show him. Or give him your towel so that he can hide his knob."

The kid pulled the towel from his waist. His dick was hard, and I could see just a bit of the shiny top poking out from under the skin that covered it.

"Like this you poofter," he said. He used his right hand to give it a couple of strokes before replacing the towel.

"Now, Sanders, you do it," the boy named Taylor said. "Only don't you dare cum on our floor. You keep doing it until it is your turn to shower. Unless you'd rather do Brown. He said he's not a wanker. If that's true I would imagine he must need a good yank."

The older boys left the shower and the 14-year-olds quickly took their places. Brown moved to the back and he still had a boner.

But so did I, and many of the youngest boys were extremely interested in me. They watched carefully as I jerked off. I was hoping I could do it without shooting. I was scared to death of what you happen if I made a mess on 'their floor.' My own dorm boys also looked like they were enjoying the show.

When the 14's were done, the 12's took their place. About half of them had boners of their own, and a few didn't mind using the soap to make sure their small dicks were very clean. Watching them as they finished made it even harder for me to keep from shooting.

Finally, it was my dorm's turn. But as I stopped and tried to enter the shower room, I was told to wait until they were done. We were the only ones left, and all but two of them laughed at me as they jerked off completely.

"Go ahead and cum," one of the finally said to me. "Kite's gonna use the cane on you for sure," he added. "New boys always get the cane on their first offense. But tell him you're a knob-jockey and you'll make him happy and he'll probably let you go with just a few swats from his slipper."

By the time I was able to shower, the water was lukewarm at best, and got cold as I rinsed. But at least my boner had gone down. The other boys were done drying and were heading back to the dorm.

"Where's Kite's dorm?" I asked.

"Go down the hall to the end. There's a door there. Go through it and down the steps where you'll find two doors. One goes outside, the other to a hallway. His office is in the dorm in the first room on the right side of the hallway." The boy quickly left.

Feeling extremely vulnerable waking totally naked and soaking wet down the hallway, I followed the kid's directions. When I opened the correct door on the floor below, I got the surprise of my life.

There were two lines of boys, all dressed in the house colors, facing me. The closest one's couldn't have been older than eight, those in the back were probably eleven years old. In front of them, facing the boys, was a taller person wearing a skirt. It was silent for a second as I stood there frozen, and then uproariously laughter erupted. I turned and ran for the steps.

"You, stop," a girl commanded from behind me. I'd only made it up seven steps. "Come back here."

I turned. She had the same badge on her blouse that Kike had on his shirt.

"What is the meaning of this?" she demanded.

"I'm sorry sir, I was …"

"SIR! Do I look like a sir to you? How dare you try to show yourself off to my boys. Who is your Vice-Captain?

"I'm sorry, uh, Miss. No, you don't look like a sir. I'm in Kite's group."

"Kite. I should have known. Go to him and tell him what you did. I will ensure that he punishes you sufficiently."

"Yes Miss," I said. "Where is his dorm? I was told it was down here."

"Isn't it obvious that this floor is for the younger, innocent boys? Did you not see how shocked and upset you made them?"

"Uh, no Miss. I thought they were laughing at me."

She glared at me, trying to melt my skin with her eyes. "His dorm will be room 204. Right at the top of the stairs. What is your name?"

"Sanders, Miss. I'm sorry."

"You will be. You'll be lucky to not be expelled for this stunt. Go!"

She stood and watched as I went up the stairs.

Kite was in the hall as I came in through the door. He stared at me with his jaw hanging open.

"Where have you been?"

"I went to the first floor looking for you. One of the boys from my dorm said your room was down there."

"Did anyone see you?"

"Yes sir. I think all the boys did. The Vice-Captain told me to tell you. She was quite angry."

"Miss Kentish? And the boys were all lined up?"

"She didn't tell her name sir. But yes, the boys were all in two lines. I guess they all saw me."

"Which boy told you my room was down there?"

"I don't know sir. I don't know any of their names."

Boys were starting to come out of their dorms, dressed. They began to line up in the hall, much like the girls had been. Youngest to oldest.

"Blain," Kite called.

"Yeah Tom," a boy answered from the back.

"I told you – never mind. We'll discuss it later. Take charge. Get the boys to breakfast." Kite turned back to me. "Get in here." He took me into the dorm at the end of the hall and turned right. There was a door there with the numbers 204 on it.

Inside were two bunks and two desks, and another boy with a Vice-Captain badge.

He took one look at me and laughed. "Finally learning the real purpose for the boys Tom?"

"Shut up Roger," Kite said. "You are in so much trouble," he said to me.

"Yes sir. I don't want to be caned sir. I'm a knob-jockey and I'd like to make you happy instead."

Roger laughed even harder. "Enjoy it to the fullest," he said to Kite. I'll leave you two alone."

"Are you a knob-jockey? Or did someone tell you to say that so I wouldn't punish you?"

"Yes sir," I said. "To both questions sir."

"Only the House Master, Mr. Thompson, is permitted to use a cane, and only for the most grievous offenses. I don't think it's been used in over a decade. But you're a knob-jockey and you'd like to make me happy?"

"Yes sir. Again, to both questions."

"I don't do that. And I do not like poofs. Who told you to tell me that?"

"Again, I don't know sir. I don't know any of the other boy's names."

There was a knock at the door and Kite yelled, "Not now." But the door opened anyway.

"Sorry sir, I didn't know it was you," Kite said. I looked and saw the bigger badge on the boy who had entered. Actually, not a boy. The person who entered was older, as evidenced by the fact that he clearly shaved.

"Kite," he said as he looked at me. "I didn't think you took favors from the boys." It's fine with me as long as it is okay with the boy. Nothing forced, understand?"

"Yes sir," Kite said. "I don't, and he's not here for that."

"No? Then why is he in your room naked at breakfast time?"

"I've been causing a lot of trouble sir," I said. "It isn't Kite's fault. I was just telling him …"

"Be quite Sanders," Kite said.

"Ahh, Sanders, the older boy said. "Mr. Thompson just called me about him. Seems he caused a bit of excitement on the first floor this morning."

"Yes sir, I was just about to deal with him for it."

The older boy winked. "I understand. Okay then, but you will have to make sure that Kate is satisfied with your 'punishment' of the boy. I'll leave you too it."

"Sir, I would like to have Sander's removed from my dorms. He would be better in the band."

"Do you play an instrument Sanders?" the older boy asked.

"No sir."

"Then no Kite. He stays with you."

"How about transferring him to House Kessler?"

"They have sixteen boys in the dorm for 13-year-old boys already."

"But sir, he's …"

"I said no. Do you have anything more to say?"

"No sir. Sorry sir." Kite sounded upset.

"I'll make you a deal Kite. If you can win at least three of the five tournaments this year and next, I'll free you from him. Until then, you can enjoy his company as much as you like, but do keep it simple."

"Sir, I …" Kite paused. I saw the older boy lift his head. "Yes sir, I will. Thank you, sir."

"Carry on then." The other boy left.

"You've already missed breakfast. The other boys should be back soon. Go to your dorm and get dressed. And take care of your bunk too."

"Yes sir," I said and left.

The boys wandered in one by one. My school shorts were too big and I looked for a belt but didn't see one. They rode a bit low on my hips but were tight enough that they wouldn't slip down on their own.

"Did you really go to the first floor naked?" one asked me. I nodded my head. "Gutsy. Or you are completely bonkers."

"Sanders," Kite said as he entered the dorm.

"Sir," I responded.

"They're all back. Which of these boys told you my room was on the first floor?"

I looked around the room and made a decision.

"None of them sir. I lied about that."

"Which one told you to tell me that you were a knob-jockey?" Giggling ensued until a glare from Kite ended it.

"None of them sir. I lied about that too."

"Would you like to go meet Adams and tell him you lied to me? He was the House Captain you met in my office."

"No sir, I would not."

"Then don't lie. Just tell which boy or boys set you up. You will only get punished if you lie."

"I'm sorry sir, but the only lies I told were the ones in your office."

"Hughes, did you do it?"

"No sir," he said, only it was the boy who told me to tell Kite that I was a knob-jockey.

"You are lying, I can see it in your eyes. Tell me the truth now."

He glanced at me and I gave my head a very slight shake back-and-forth.

"No sir, I didn't tell him anything except to wake up and get out of bed."

"He told me it was you. He described you perfectly. Even down to how big your balls are."

"He might have said that, but if so, he lied sir. I didn't tell him to tell you anything."

"Clarke, how about you? Sanders told me that you're the boy who sent him to the first floor. He described you too. He even told me he saw the birthmark on your arse."

"Wasn't me sir."

"Both of you, come with me. Grant, you are responsible for Sanders. Get him to his orientation and then to his classes. He misses any you will be the one held responsible. Introduce him to the other boys. Make sure he knows their names."

"Yes sir," one of the smaller boys in the class said.

Kite left with Hughes and Clarke following him.

There was a huge collective sigh of relief when Kite left.

"He's really pissed," Grant said to me. "Did you tell him it was them?"

"No, he asked me for the names and I told him I didn't know anyone's name."

"Why'd you protect them?" another boy asked. "By the way, I'm Todd Smithers."

"I thought we didn't use first names," I said. "Mine is Kyle. And, I don't really know myself. I figured I need friends and help or I'm going to get killed in here."

"First names can be used in private. We're not really supposed to, but everyone does."

Grant stepped forward. "I'm Grant. Ian Grant. You earned a lot of points with us by not telling Kite it was them. He was just trying to make them confess. They end up in his office more than any of the rest of us. Did you really tell him you were a knob-jockey?"

"Yeah," I said casually. He and the other boys exchanged glances.

"Are you one?"

"Yeah, I guess."

"Do you know what one is?"

"Something to do with horses?"

"Shit Sanders, you've got to learn the language here," Todd said. "A knob-jockey is someone who likes to ride a boy's knob."

"His what?

"His knob. His penis. If you're a knob-jockey you sit on it."

"You mean like …" and then I got it. "NO! Like up my ass?"

"Yes," three of them said at once. "Are you one?"

"No boy has ever put anything up my ass," I said truthfully. But I didn't say that there were a few boys in the dorm who I would love to let try.

"Well, too late now. You told Kite you were and he believes it. He hates poofs; that's why he's so pissed. The last one who told him that he was one got sent to band."

One-by-one the other boys introduced themselves to me until it was time to head to class, and for me to orientation.

I spent the next two hours learning the history of the school, it's past presidents, and how great it was. The rules on how to dress, who was in charge, the role of Vice-Captains and above. The need for cleanliness of mind and body. And on, and on, and on. There was just me and a girl who looked to be about my age. Finally, we got a break and I asked where the rest rooms were.

"We don't take naps here Sanders," the teacher said with a scowl. "Was I boring?"

I was beginning to understand that the everyone here were constantly looking for ways to break you down. He'd been dreadfully boring. But telling him that would be a mistake.

"I need to pee sir," I said.

"Urinate. We aren't barbarians here. We speak the Queen's English."

"Yes sir, sorry sir. I need to urinate."

"The loo is just across the hall. Make sure you get the correct one. They are labeled gentlemen and ladies. You do know the difference between the two and which one you are?"

"Yes sir, thank you sir."

The girl was just coming out of her restroom. Er, loo.

"I liked the show you gave this morning. You're quite cute." She spoke with a French accent.

"You were there? I only saw the Vice-Captain." I could feel my ears burn knowing that a girl my age had seen me naked. I wasn't that interested in girls, but that didn't mean I was okay with them seeing me naked.

"I was in the back. I help Kate with the little ones. They are not as interesting though as you."

"Uh, thank you, I guess. It was a trick I fell for. I didn't know girls were down stairs."

"I'd like to see more of you," she said.

I didn't quite understand it. "There isn't any more of me. If you were there then you pretty much saw it all."

She laughed. "You talk so funny. Not like the stuffy muffies here. You'd make a good French boy. Except for one thing."

"What's that?"

"Your penis. You don't have the prepus anymore. French boys do. Except for the Jewish boys."

I had to think what made Jewish boys different. "Oh," I said when I got it. "The foreskin. Yeah, that got removed when I was a baby. I'm not Jewish."

"Oui, the skin on top. I like it better gone. I get to see more."

The conversation was making me a bit uncomfortable, and I did need to pee. "Nice taking to you, but I have to use the, uh, loo."

"Au revoir," she said. I will see you again?"

"Yeah, probably," I said. "After I'm done, uh, in there." I pointed at the door to the loo.

"Oh, but not nu," she said. A pity. Perhaps another time." She turned and went back into the classroom. I hurried to pee so that I wouldn't be late.

Orientation took another two hours, and when it was finally over, I saw Ian Grant waiting for me.

"Do you by any chance speak French?" I asked.

"Some," he said shrugging his shoulders.

"What does the French word 'new' mean?"

"Nothing, there is no such word in the French language. Are you sure you're pronouncing it right?"

"I think. That girl there, she said it was too bad she wouldn't see me nu again."

"She helps out on the first floor before and after her classes. Did she happen to see you naked this morning?"

"She said she did, but I didn't see her. But I guess she's probably telling the truth."

"Was it maybe ne-e?" I nodded. "Nu. The masculine form of naked." He laughed as my ears grew hot.

"Come on, we have lunch next. And Hughes and Clarke want to talk to you."

He took me to the dining hall and we went through the line. I filled my tray with a bunch of stuff that looked good even though I wasn't sure what some of it was. Then he took me to a small table where Danial and Steve were. They waved Ian off before he sat down.

"Okay, look, I don't care that you're a poof," Steve said as I took a seat. "In fact, I'd like some attention in the loo whenever you want."

"What do you mean?" I asked. "What's a poof?"

"It's what you are. You told Kite you were and he hates poofs. That's why he wants to get rid of you. But like I said, it doesn't matter to me or Clarke. Here is what does matter. Do you know any sports?"

"I know football a little. I played some back home."

"Excellent, that's a good start," he said. "What else?"

"Baseball," I said.

"Is that like Rounders?"

"I have no idea," I said. "I've never heard of rounders."

"We'll assume it is. How about cricket?" I shook my head. "Rugby?" Another shake.

"Swimming then," Daniel said.

"His bloody rudder would be out and slow him down," Steve said.

"Not if he's a poof," Clark said. "No reason for it to get hard at all."

"Excuse me, but what is my rudder?"

"Your dick. We swim naked here. Well, not the girls, unfortunately, not that you'd care if they were or not. But only the younger boys swim. Unless they were there, you don't have to worry, you won't be getting a boner from swimming with the girls."

"Wait, poof means gay?"

"Homo. Queer. You can be as gay as you want, but not while swimming competitively. We have to win three of those sports with you not just on the team but playing full time."

"But I'm not gay. Or a poof." It was a lie. I was. But I sure didn't want a bunch of horny boys in a boarding school to know that. I was having enough problems as it was.

"You told Kite that you were. He thinks you are, and that is all that matters."

"It isn't all that matters to me," I said. "I'm not one."

"The House Captain, Adams, he thinks you are one too," Daniel said. "He thinks Kite is using you and that was why you were naked in Kite's office. That really got our poor Vice-Cap mad. Like Steve said, he hates poofs. Unlike some of the other Vice-Captains, he never uses boys."

"Kite offered you to us," Daniel said. "We can't hurt you, and we wouldn't anyway, but he said we could get some enjoyment if we wanted and if we kept it quiet. As long as we were training you and you were good enough to help us win competitions."

"That's not my problem. Kite wants to transfer me to the band. Or to a different House."

"He told you that?" Daniel asked.

"He asked Adams to transfer me. Adams said 'no' at first, but then said he'd free me from Kite if we won three sports. I don't want to go to the band, and there are too many boys my age in the other House."

"Yeah, you don't want band. I think that half the guys there are poofs. Some of them don't even know how to play an instrument. That's why they have so many drummer boys. The band is a group who don't have the brains or brawn to be here, but their Mum's and Pa's are willing to pay the tuition. They have their own classes and they get protection from us, plus other special privileges, like having their own shower room. But they won't graduate with the rest of us, they have their own ceremony. You'll see them at the football championship. They play for all events."

"Look, you guys played a nasty trick on me. Okay, it was funny for you. But I don't want to end up in the band. I'll join your teams to keep Kite happy, but I won't be trying to win."

"Bad choice. Kite wants you out of our dorm. He'll be on your arse all the time. And the rest of us too until we make an effort to get you kicked out."

I hadn't considered that. "What's the worse he can do?"

"Rules allow Vice-Caps to slipper us," Steve said. "It is never done once you get to the second floor, unless the Vice is a poof. Or really pissed. He'll do it where kids in the other dorms can watch. I got it when I was on first floor, and it hurts. To get it here sure would be embarrassing. And he doesn't even need a good reason for doing it."

"He probably won't do it to you," Daniel added. "He'd treat you with kid gloves just to make the rest of us hate you. The tricks we played on you were bad, but not as bad as they could be. Don't give the guys reason to hate you. We'll figure something out to keep you out of band, but first you have to work with us to keep Kite happy."

I thought it over. It sounded like something that could happen. "I think you guys owe me. You want me to play football for you? Fine. I will. For a blowjob." I expected an immediate negative response. Instead, they both looked at each other.

"Wouldn't the first time," Daniel said.

"Probably not the last time either," Steve added. "But on two conditions. You participate in three sports, and I mean, practice hard and really try to learn how, and we'll do it. The second condition is you don't tell anyone."

"Deal," I said. My dick was already getting hard.

"You finish eating. We have to go tell Kite you'll be in football, rounders, and swimming. Grant will make sure you get to your next class. Oh, one more thing. When's your birthday? It matters for which age group you'll be in."

"In two weeks," I said. "I'll be fourteen. Does that mean I'll have to change dorm rooms?"

"No," Steve said. "We don't move to the next dorm until over half of all the boys have aged up. But we'll ask Kite to keep you on our team until the football championship is over. Football practice is right after homework hour."

"Where do I get my gear from?" I asked.

"They gave you gym clothes, right?" I nodded. "That's all you need. And the good news is you won't have to take gym, you can spend that time on homework. We'll see you back in dorm room at the end of classes."

That afternoon my classes began. History was going to be a bear for me. I was at best okay at it in America. But I was instantly lost picking up on what was being taught here. Math (maths here) was okay. At least the number system was the same as I was used to. But then came my final class for the day – Citizenship. Once again, I was immediately lost and knew I would need help catching up.

When I got back to the dorm, Steve and Daniel and four other boys had already changed. The shorts they had on were almost indecent. They were loose, and only a few inches long! But they had knee-high socks on, and shoes with cleats.

"Here, we nicked you these from the shop," Daniel said as he tossed me a pair of shoes with long socks stuck in them.

"This is what you wear for football?" I asked. "What about a jockstrap or a helmet?"

"Why on earth would we wear a helmet? Headers don't hurt. Hurry up and change."

I was lacing up the shoes and they were in a hurry to get going and kept rushing me.

"You know how to dribble, right?" Steve asked as we headed down the stairs.

"That's basketball. I thought we were playing football." I looked around and saw the two of them looking at each other with strange looks on their faces.

It didn't take long to find out that I really did need to learn the language they spoke here. Football was soccer, a game I'd never played. I had no idea of the rules, or how to dribble, kick, or defend. Positions were just words to me.

The team was composed of 12- and 13-year-olds. The 14- and 15-year-old boys had their own team. I learned that we wouldn't play them, the competition would be against the girl's team. But today, we would practice against a group of fourteen-year-old boys.

With me on the field, it was a massacre. The younger boys were especially angry that one of them had to sit out while I ran around in circles with no clear idea of where I should be or what I should be doing. It was 12 to 1 when they sent me to the bench at halftime.

At the end, it was 20 to 5, so my presence didn't really make that big of a difference. The older kids were just better. And bigger. The game was far more physical than I thought it would be, and more than once I ended up on the grass.

Steve kept as many of our boys who would stay to actually teach me moves and positions so that next game I would at least know what I should be doing, even if I didn't have the skills to do it.

"We only have three weeks until the real game, Hughes," one of the younger boys said. "The girls are going to crush us. Why does the ponce have to play on our team? All he's good for is bashing the bishop."

"He'll get better," Steve said to the kid. "Kite said he had to play. And he's not a ponce."

"Yeah, we'll see about that in the showers."

"Bashing the bishop?" I asked as we picked up our gear and headed for the dorm.

"Wanking," he said. "What Taylor made you do outside the shower this morning."

"Which by the way, you're quite good at," Clarke said with a laugh. "Very good form. Smooth rhythm. Just a touch to fast on the upstroke. You need to keep practicing if you want to get better."

The kid from the field was in the shower when we got there, along with two other boys his age and four of the 14-year-old boys. The three of us hung our towels on the pegs and took up the unused shower heads.

"Hey, Sanders, take a look at this," a high-pitched voice said as I started rinsing the sweat off my body. I looked over and the kid had a boner and running a finger under the bottom of it.

"I've been waiting for you. Watch, I'm going to shoot."

I should have turned away, but I wanted to watch. It only took a few seconds before his knees bent and he deposited a few small spirts of clear cum onto the floor. Then he looked at me.

"I knew it," he said. "You're getting a boner. You are a poof. You want to suck it?" He thrust his hips out at me.

"Get the hell out of here Stoneson," Steve said.

"Make me," the kid responded, getting some attention from the older boys. "I'll bet the reason you're protecting him is because you're getting your dick sucked and don't want to share him with the rest of us."

Steve took a step towards him, but one of the older boys stopped him.

"We don't need a fight, and we sure as hell don't need Kite in here. Remember what happened last time?"

Steve stepped back and he, Daniel, and me quickly finished and dried off. On the way back to the dorm, I asked," What happened last time?"

"Kite turned off the hot water for two weeks. And he watched everyone shower to make sure we washed properly. Only the kids in his dorm had hot water. The rest of us froze."

"Hey," Steve asked. "You did get a boner in there. Was Stoneson right about you?"

I couldn't speak for a few seconds. This was the problem with dorm rooms and group showers. It was hard to keep secrets like that. "I told you before, I'm not."

"Might be that you will be tested; kids are going to hear about what happened in the shower. If you are, it would be a lot better to admit it. Odd, but for the most part, kids here respect it. We have two boys who have admitted it – but not to Kite. Don't ever tell Kite you're a poof. They get more attention than any of the rest of us, and nobody ever forces them into anything they don't want to do."

"Tested how?"

"I don't know. Maybe like Stoneson did in the shower. But if they think you are, they can get creative. All the dorms can get into it. It happened to a kid last year."

"What happened?"

"Look, the school has its secrets. What happens to you isn't shared by those who were not invited."

"If I were, I wouldn't want anyone to know," I said.

"If you were, you'd want everyone to know. It ends most of the hazing. The crap that goes on here is only fun if it embarrasses you. But it's kind of like with the girls across the quad. We never do anything to them. They are completely off-limits from any prank or hazing from us. The guys who are poofs end up that way too. And, they can have sex with a lot of boys by just asking. Most of us here are horny 25 hours a day. We'd take any relief we can get. Think about it. If you are."

"And we never let the House Captains or Vice-Captains know," Danial said. "Too many of them decide to own the boy and only share him with others if they need something. Roger is like that. But you don't have to worry, Kite doesn't ever use a boy."

"Are there, uh, poofs in our dorm?"

"If there are, I'm sure they'll let you know," Steve said. "All in good time. Right now, just focus on football."

We'd gotten back to the dorm and got dressed just in time for dinner.

It was a week later, almost lights-out time. Steve and Daniel came to me as I was getting ready for bed.

"We took care of Stoneson for you. He's on the football field. There is a full moon, so you should be able to find him easily without a torch. I think he wants to apologize to you."

"It's nearly time for bed," I said. I was trying to figure out what I could possibly do with a torch. "Why is he outside? What did you guys do?"

"You don't have time to waste, the outside doors are locked at 10 p.m. Just go as you are and hurry and get back or both of you will have to stay out until morning. Do anything you want with him, but don't hurt him."

I had my pajama's on. I checked in the hall to make sure Kite wasn't around, and then ran for the steps and through the door that led outside.

I ran to the football field and turned and looked back. I could see the boys from my dorm and from Stoneson's dorm looking out. I turned back to the field and started looking for the boy.

He was in one of the goals, totally naked. His hands were over his head, tied to the net, and he was blindfolded. I stared at him for a few seconds.

His penis had shrunk and barely extended beyond his balls. I recalled what Steve had said to me just before I left on this mission – I could do anything I wanted with him.

He'd laughed at me, called me a poof and worse. He spent much of the football practice time trying to distract me from learning, or making it harder for me to practice. He'd been a total ass. And I was a poof. I could do anything I wanted with him.

"Is someone there?" he asked. "Please, I'll do anything you want. Don't leave me out here all night. I'm freezing."

I remained quiet.

"I mean it, I'll do anything. Please."

"Will you stop being such an ass?"

His head jerked up. "Oh. Sanders. I can tell by the accent. You don't even know how to pronounce arse. I guess it figures they'd send you. You want me to suck your dick, don't you?"

"I want you to stop being an arse. Is that a possibility?" I stepped forward and removed the blindfold.

"I'm sorry. It's just that we're going to lose to the girl's team because of you. I know you like boys. I've watched you. You can't keep your eyes off us in the shower."

"What do you have against poofs? Are you like Kite? Do you hate them?"

"Not really. But it is just so unnatural. Boys who like boys. Snogging other boys and such."

"What does snog mean?"

"Kissing," he said. "Do you want to kiss me? Don't expect me to like it, or to stick my tongue in your mouth."

"I want you to stop being an ass. Sorry, arse. Have you ever had a blowjob? Is that the right word here?"

"Never. Wouldn't mind it from a girl. I'm not sure I'd like it from a bloke."

I reached up and untied the knots holding his hands to the net.

"Time to go to the dorm," I said. "We have to hurry. The doors get locked at night."

"I know," he said, and suddenly he bent down, low to the ground. I looked to where he was looking and saw a couple of girls looking our way from the upstairs windows of their House.

"We have to hurry," I said again. "So what if they see you. It's dark, they won't see much. And we have to get to the door before lights out."

"Easy for you, you have pajamas on. I'm naked. Besides, you're a poof and don't care if girls see you."

I pulled him to his feet and we ran. We were about half way there when lights started going out in the dorms. When we got to the door, it was already locked.

"There's another way in maybe," he said. "They don't check the windows in the kitchen. I've heard other boys get back in that way when they sneak out at night." The kitchen was at the other end of the building. "But if we go that way, the only way back upstairs is to go down the hallway outside the little kid's dorm rooms."

His dick jerked at bit. I didn't miss it, and he didn't miss that I noticed. He was still focused on the House that the girls lived in.

"There's a gal I kind of fancy," he said. "Hannah. Hannah Webber. She said one day she would get back at me for picking on her. I hope she isn't one of them looking out the window. I don't want her to see me naked. I'd get a boner. I guess I'm getting one now just thinking about it."

"I'll give you my pajama top," I said. "You're shorter than me, it'll cover you some."

I took the top of my pajamas off. He looked at me as he put it one.

"You saw me naked and getting stiff, but you don't have a boner. Are you a poof or not?"

"It doesn't matter. You shouldn't focus on that. If you ever want to find out what a blowjob feels like, you can ask. Maybe I will and maybe I won't. Do you think Steve is a poof?"

"Hughes? No way is he one."

"He'll kill me for telling you this, but he has given me a blowjob. Daniel Clarke too."

"You're lying. Those two never would."

I shrugged. "All you have to do is ask me. Come on, it is cold out here. Let's get this done."

Not able to see if any girls were still looking out the windows, we went back out to the field and worked our way around to the kitchen. The third window we tried wasn't latched.

Two girls and four boys were waiting for us in the kitchen. One of them was the French girl I'd met at Orientation. I hadn't paid enough attention at the beginning to hear her name when she told the teacher who she was.

"Shit," Stoneson said. "Hi Hannah." He introduced the French girl, Zuria, and then one of the boys. "That's Mark, my brother. He's a total prick. I'll bet he's the one who let Hannah in. He knew I'd be here naked."

"But you aren't naked," Mark said. "Not yet at least. You want to pass without the Vice-Captain knowing about it I assume." His brother nodded.

"It will cost you. One article of clothing each. Then you can pass."

Stoneson had just my pajama shirt, and all I had was the bottoms.

"Dominic, don't look so sad," Hannah said to Stoneson. I told you I'd punish you someday. We will just look, not touch. If you pay the toll. Otherwise, the boys will be forced to wake Kate."

Zuria looked at me and added, "She will not be pleased to find you on this floor again naked."

I didn't hesitate. I removed the bottoms and handed them over.

"Hands to your side, this is so the girls can see you," Mark said. "Dominic, the shirt. Or I will notify Miss Kentish."

He moaned, but unbuttoned the shirt and handed it to his brother, who gave it to Hannah. His dick was as hard as could be, and was jerking up and down as the two girls stared at us. It lasted about a minute before the girls were satisfied and went out the window we had come in through. With my pajamas.

"I could make you blow me," Mark said to his brother. "Get on your knees and beg me not to make you."

"Fuck this," I said, grabbing Dominic before he could drop to his knees.

We ran. As quiet as we could, but we ran down the hall to the door on the other end. With each step I expected one of the two boys to start yelling for their Vice-Captain. But they never did. We opened the door to the steps and closed it softly.

"You got hard," he said as we made our way up the steps. "You are a poof, aren't you?"

"Why does that matter?" I asked. There didn't seem to be any reason at that point to deny it.

"Did Hughes and Clarke really suck yours?"

"Yes. I'd prefer you not share that news with other boys. I'm quite sure they would more than just prefer that you don't."

"Would you, maybe, someday, uh, think about me?"

"I told you before. Whether or not I am a poof, all you have to do is ask. Why not right now?"

We were on the top landing, just inside the door that lead to our hallway.

"I, uh, would you please?"

"Sit down here," I said, directing him to the top step. "And spread your knees apart."

He was still hard. I used my tongue in ways he had never imagined it could be used, and I had to put my hand over his mouth to keep him from shouting out when he shot.

"It's late. Let's get to bed."

Most of the boys were still awake and laughed as I walked past the rows of bunks. I hoped Dominic made it to his dorm safely. Since I no longer had pajamas, I got into bed naked.

The lights woke me the next morning I just barely had time to grab my towel before Kite came in.

Kite grunted, but turned around. "Showers in five minutes boys. Get up."

Dominic smiled at me as we passed the boys from his dorm. Later, during breakfast, my pajamas were returned to me in front of all the other kids. Kite saw, and he scowled at me but never said a word about it.

Football practice continued. Dominic Stoneson no longer interfered, in fact he even helped, but my skills were developing very slowly.

Then came time to see how much the practice paid off. The game started out poorly and the girls controlled the ball for much of the game. However, our goal was well defended and they couldn't get the ball into the net.

With time running out, the score was 0 – 0. A tie would not be a win. We boys had a side kick. I didn't know where to stand and was facing the wrong direction when the ball hit me in the side of my head and bounced into the goal. We won, by a single goal, credited to me.

Next was rounders. Unlike baseball in many aspects, it still had enough similarities that I did not start out hopeless, and once I learned the rules and got used to the bats, I was actually an asset to the team. The championship game was months away and gave me plenty of time to improve. We won easily. Two of the three events were behind me.

I was now fourteen, and soon we would all move up a dorm. The last event I had to compete in was swimming, which started in the spring and would end a few months before I would turn fifteen.

A new pool was under construction and scheduled to open shortly after the championship game of the boys vs. girls. Until then, swimming was done in House Thompson, the girl's House.

There were only four boys on the team. One was 11, another 10 and the last two 8 or 9 years old. And me. None of the older boys from upstairs wanted to swim because of the rule that boys swam naked. It was a hold-over from the time before girls were allowed to attend the school and had never been changed. The girls swam in one-piece bathing suits.

At first, I didn't think it would be a serious problem, as most of the girls were also between 8 and 10. I got the feeling that for the most part they weren't there to swim, they just wanted to see the boys naked. They got the locker room first, and once changed, we were allowed in. They stood and watched as we stripped.

The young boys mostly got little hard-on's. I didn't, which might prove to be a problem for keeping my secret. It was Dominic Stoneson who came to my rescue.

"I heard the little kids say you never got a boner even when the girls were looking at you," he said to me one day after the second practice. "That word will eventually get around, and people will start to wonder about you again. I owe you."

He told me he was joining the team, and his bigger dick had better stir some interest in mine. And it did. However, there was a downside. Once word spread that he and I were on the swim team, older girls decided to join as well. Suddenly we had two girls his age, including Hannah, and one mine - Zuria. Not only did it embarrass Dominic totally, but now I had two girls who could swim nearly as good as me.

After being seen undressing, in the pool, and then showering in the locker room before getting dressed again, I expected Stoneson to quit. But once again he surprised me.

"I'll keep coming to practice to make sure you're hard, but I want something in return," he said.

I knew what he wanted, and didn't mind, as so far as I knew he had never told anyone about the blowjob I had given him on the steps that night.

"And one more thing," he said after I agreed to his terms. "Carter Newman. He's in my dorm. He told me he thinks he's a poof and he's scared to death that others will find out. I want you to talk with him and tell him how you deal with it."

I met with the kid outside just before dinner. He wasn't sure why I wanted to see him, and looked like he was ready to run from me at the first sign of trouble.

"Dominic told me what you told him," I started.

"What? That arse! He promised he wouldn't tell anyone. Who else …"

"Calm down or kids will hear you. He told me because he thinks that I am too. He hoped I could help you."

"You're a poof?"

"It really doesn't matter if I am or not, I am just here to try and help you. I'm guessing you're worried about having boners at the wrong time."

He looked all around. I had an idea of how he must have felt. Unsure if he could trust me, wondering if a group of boys my age were about to sneak up on him and make him do things he didn't want to do.

"I'm not a threat. All I came here to do was talk to you. If you don't want to talk, you can leave. I won't chase you, and nobody else is coming."

I waited, watching his face as he made up his mind. He decided not to run.

"What, uh, how …"

I didn't make him ask. I knew what he wanted to know.

"The best way to minimize them is to jack off regularly. As often as you can. I do it daily, sometimes twice a day. And I still get boners at odd times, like in the showers. Some kids laugh, you just have to get used to that. I think a few of the boys in my dorm think I'm a poof. And you know what? They leave me alone. But jacking off regularly will help."

"How, where, … I couldn't do that. They'd all know."

"They all do it too, trust me. I do it in bed at night. Or in the loo sitting on the shitter. You just need to have something to soak up the cum if you do it in bed. And never forget to toss it in the trash. Leaving it in your bed or on the floor in the morning will get you teased. But look around, I'll bet you'll see more than one soiled tissue or sock on the floor if you're the first one up."

"And the kids who think you are a poof, do they make you do stuff with them?"

"The only time I ever was made to do stuff was that day in the shower – my first full day here. You were there, I remember seeing you. I was made to jack off but told not to cum. The kids who think I am a poof are probably hoping I would ask them if they wanted to do something with me. But they don't ask, let alone demand, that I do anything. It is kind of an unwritten school policy."

"Dominic told me what you did that night when boys from your dorm tied him up naked on the football field. He, uh, kind of likes you. Not in that way, I mean, he trusts you."

"I'm surprised he told you about the blowjob." The kid's eyes went wide. "Don't worry, it was no big deal."

"He never said you did that. He said you could have forced him to do anything and instead all you did was untie him and give him some of your clothes. You sucked him off? Why? He owed you, didn't he?"

"He repays that debt in other ways, like asking me to talk to you. I gave him a blowjob because he asked me if I would. Not to find out if I was gay, but because he was horny as hell and wanted one. He doesn't owe me anything for that. And I'm glad to hear that he kept his word and didn't tell anyone, not even you, that I did it. I wouldn't have minded if he had told you."

"Do you think he wants one from me?"

"Hell yes," I said with a chuckle. "But for the same reason he wanted one from me. He's horny, and he knows it feels a hell of a lot better than jacking off. I promise you; he absolutely doesn't care whether or not you are gay. He'll gladly accept anything you offer him. And if you don't want to do it, he'll still be your friend. Should you decide to, he does keep secrets. He only told me about you because he knew you needed someone to talk to."

He stared at me, perhaps trying to figure out if I was serious.

"Would you, maybe, uh, …"

"Maybe. But first ask Stoneson to give you one. I'll bet you a penny he will. If I'm wrong, I'll do it for him."

"He's a poof too?"

"No. I'm very sure that he isn't. But I still think he would do it. You two are friends. If he does, you should think about doing it with him, but never feel like you have to. Only do it because you want to and you trust him. We should get back inside, it must be about time for lineup for dinner."

The next morning, I noticed that both Carter and Dominic had smiles on their faces as they stood amongst the other 12-year-old boys. As I passed, Carter handed me a coin. On one side it had a picture of the Queen. The other side showed that it was a penny coin.

The final championship was two days away. Dominic Stoneson continued to come and make sure I got hard in front of the girls, even though I told him it wasn't necessary. But I was worried. Not so much about winning, which was good because Zuria was slightly better than me. But my biggest worry was what would happen to me if I did win.

Kite's boss, House Captain Adams, had promised him I'd be out of his hair if the boys won three of the championship games that I participated in. And Kite wanted me in band. The boys in my dorm were pretty cool, and I didn't really want to leave them. In six months enough of us would be fourteen and we would move to the last dorm room closest to the stairs. If I was still with them. I didn't want to go to the band, or be transferred to another House. I wanted to stay here with my new friends. I began to think about losing on purpose, only I had a belief that Kite would take it out on Steve Hughes and Daniel Clark if I lost. I never asked them, but I got the feeling several times that some kind of deal had been made between them concerning my participation.

Today would be our last practice before the championship. Once word spread that Dominic and I were swimming, the number of spectators had been growing. The odd thing was, many of them were boys. I couldn't tell if they were watching to see if the rumor that I was gay was true, of if they were hoping I would win so Kite wouldn't be pissed. He did tend to unfairly take his anger out on the boys.

But Kite was fifteen now. Once the next dorm room progression took place it was a sure bet that he'd be moving on. And an even better bet that he'd be promoted from Vice-Captain to full Captain. None of us in these dorms wanted that, not if he became our House Captain. Adams was a pain, but Kite would be worse.

I lost two of three practice races against Zuria. She was the only one who could beat me and seemed happy that she could. Or maybe it was just because she liked me being naked.

The next day there was an announcement that there would be an assembly for all of House Drake after the swimming Championship. Kite came by and told me to bring my uniform with me to the gym. He also looked happy.

I put on a clean uniform and grabbed my towel before heading for the pool area. The girls must have already arrived because the younger boys were standing outside the locker room door. Like me, they all were in the House uniform. We had to wait until the girls finished changing.

The door opened, but the girls would only allow me to enter. There was a new twist, a girl from the fifteen-year-old's dorm was there. She was in uniform, not a bathing suit.

"We want you to withdraw from the championship," she said to me. "We can't take a chance on Zuria winning. Turn around and return to your dorm."

"Why?" I asked as I began removing my uniform. Slowly, I wasn't in a hurry to be the only naked boy in the room.

"There are deals being made. The new pool opens soon. If you lose, Kite will become an instructor. Of swimming. He wants to make swimming mandatory for all. We want that. Stop getting undressed and leave. You wouldn't want something to happen to your friend Stoneson, would you?"

I went to the door to the hall. I think the girls thought I was leaving. But when I opened it, I looked at the boys on the team. "The girls have threatened to do something to Stoneson if I didn't quit. They might do something to you as well. I am going to swim, and I'm going to win. But to win the Championship I need you guys to swim as well. I leave it up to you. I won't ever think bad of any of you for turning around and returning to your dorms until Assembly."

I could see doubt on the younger kids. They were going to leave. I looked at Dominic.

"The hell with them," he said. "I'm swimming. They can't do anything. We'll all be called to the front for awards at the assembly, but only if you guys swim." He pushed past me and entered the locker room. Each of the younger boys followed him.

"You'll regret this," the older girl said. She left, her stride showing her anger.

I won my meet against Zuria by a fingertip. The younger girls had never really practiced swimming, they were just there to look at their male counterparts naked, and thus the boys easily won the Championship. As always, we had to wait for the girls to finish dressing. They took longer than usual, and I began to think that they were going to make us arrive late to the assembly.

When they did finally open the door to let us in, they left. We had the locker room to ourselves. As I showered, I worried that something was wrong. The other boys, even Dominic, were thrilled to have won, and kept congratulating me.

We hurried so as not to be late. I dried, and went to my locker. It was completely empty. A quick search of the locker room showed that the girls had taken everything with them.

The had left Dominic's locker with just a pair mufti pants. I now know that meant civilian underpants. The other boys were missing their uniform shirts. The intent was clear, they wanted us to have to choose going to the assembly out of uniform and getting punished, or not showing up and still getting punished. There wasn't time to go back to our dorms, we could already hear the band playing the House call to assembly.

"There's a lost and found basket in the laundry room," Dominic said. "Or maybe they haven't had time to wash what we wore yesterday." He led the room.

Each boy's dirty clothing went into a labeled laundry bag. The younger boys were lucky and found theirs. But for Stoneson and me, no such luck, our bags had been washed and returned to our dorm rooms. We found the lost and found box. Inside were a pair of mufti shorts and a shirt, both too small for me.

"Here, take the shorts anyway," he said. The shirt was tight on him, but it covered him down below the underwear that he had on. "We've got to go."

Mr. Thompson and Kite were talking as we approached. Kite did not look happy with how that conversation was going. When he saw us, Mr. Thompson nearly had a cow. Kite gave me his best sour look as we got into our respective groups. I blended into the middle. And the band played on.

"Here, you can't go up front dressed like that," Daniel Clark said. With other boys blocking us, he stripped down and gave me his boxers. It was the best that could be done.

Now it is time to return to the picture. Look at it. The shorts were too tight to zip or button, and you can see that. I'm shirtless, with the tops of Daniel's pants showing. But everyone was gathered, and function and form took priority over other distractions at the school.

I was called forward. Kite had to make the presentations. I could still see the anger in his eyes.

"Next month, the new pool will open," he said. "And it will have a Junior Teacher, who will have the same rank as a Vice-Captain. The person selected comes from the winning team in the championship. That person is Sanders." The appointment required a hug, and you can easily see how uncomfortable it made Kite even though he has the forced but required smile.

There were other announcements, the biggest of which was that Kite was the new Captain of House Kessler. He'd gotten both of his wishes. He was promoted, and he was free of me. Zuria became the new girl's Vice Captain for the House. Thomas Brown, the boy who had to show me what 'tossing off' meant that first day in the shower room was our new Vice Captain. A sixteen-year-old boy named Taylor was made our new House Captain. He was the boy who made me dry him in the shower on my first full day here at school.

I never tried to figure out who took the picture. I think it was intended for it to show something different, perhaps me naked. It didn't matter. Mr. Hughes showed that he did indeed use the cane for 'grievous' offenses. He ignored my complaint that the girls had taken my clothing, and I got three with the cane from him in his private apartment. But he didn't swing hard and although they hurt, the pain was gone within an hour. And as the only boy currently in school to have been caned I became an instant legend.

My first act as Junior Instructor? I did what the girls wanted. I made swimming mandatory for for all the age groups. But I ruined the reason the girls wanted that when I also convinced the school to issue bathing suits to the boys. They were a bit tight and still showed a bit more than some boys were comfortable with, but at least they weren't naked. The new pool had separate locker rooms for boys and girls, eliminating that problem.

I was totally surprised when about a third of the new bunch of eleven-year-old boys asked if they had to wear the new bathing suit. I thought I would solve the problem by telling them the alternative was to swim naked. However, the surprise was on me as many of showed up naked on the first day of their class. And I was completely amused when the next day, a few the girls did as well. I officially made the pool clothing optional. By the end of the quarter, nearly all of both genders aged 9 and under took the class sans suits, as well as many of the 10- and 11-year-old boys and girls. The older kids did not share that interest, at least not in the first year. I'll be waiting to see if it continues next year as the current younger kids age and move up.

Dominic remains one of my very best friends. He and Carter Newman also had a very close relationship that seemed to satisfy both. They both became assistant teachers in the pool. I made sure to keep Hughes and Clark as part of my inner circle even though I now held the same status as a Vice Captain. So far, I had not been required to administer any discipline. I preferred to let kids work out most difference themselves. My friends keep me informed.

Author's notes:

The topic for this challenge was "Scouting for Boys", however, none of the boys in the picture look like scouts to me. So, my story does not match the topic, but it does use the picture.

I have never been to England, and I never served time in a boarding school (although my time in the U.S. Navy almost counts). To write this story I did my best to learn how to speak British by using Google. For those of you who live there, if I have it horribly wrong, I apologize. I also have not read Timmy's book (yet) which is also set in an English Boarding school. He may take exception to my fictious presentation of one, but I can truthfully say that I did not take any ideas from his book to write this short story.

The title of this story, "And the Band Played On", comes from a song written in 1895 with lyrics by John F. Palmer and music by Charles B. Ward.


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And the Band Played On

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