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What is it About Dwight?

by Pietar

I'm back in school after nearly a year of remote 'learning'. Yeah, it was largely a total waste of time. But now I can't attend in just boxers and a tee shirt. Pants, shoes and socks are expected. I'm in eighth grade, the middle child of middle school, sandwiched between kids as young as 12 and as old as 15. I'm thirteen, but I'll be fourteen soon.

It is nice to see some of the kids I haven't seen since last year. But things are different now. Masks. Plastic shields. And we don't change classrooms, our teachers rotate for different subjects. It works because we don't have any of the specialty classes. No gym, which for me causes mixed feelings. I hated gym. Not the outdoor stuff, or even basketball or dodge ball; that was fun. I didn't like the pushups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, and running. And then there were the showers.

Let me be clear. I'm gay. I knew I liked guys before I even understood that there was a difference between guys who like guys and those who like girls. I hated the showers after gym. I'm short, just a little overweight, and modest. But I also liked the showers. It gave me a chance to see some guys naked. About half the class didn't shower. As long as I thought I could avoid getting a boner, I did, just to window shop and dream. Nobody knows I'm gay, and I want to keep it that way. Dreams are all I have. Probably all I'll ever have.

Actually, there is one kid who knew I liked guys. George Lundberg. He was in my scout troop when I was 11 and 12 years old. At one campout, it rained a lot, and we were pretty much confined to tents. He and I, along with two other boys, played strip poker. The loser not only had to strip, but had to give a blowjob to the other three.

I figured it would be a great chance to see three boys my age. I didn't know much about blowjobs, I was twelve. Actually, beyond knowing that it involved putting a dick in your mouth, I didn't know anything. Anyway, I decided to play to lose. But at the end, George looked at my discards. He didn't say anything at the time, and I gave three of what were probably the world's worst blowjobs, but they all enjoyed them and I tasted for cum for the second time--The first time was when I tasted my own.

But after it was over, George said he had to pee. I did too, so we went to the latrine together. There, he told me he thought I lost on purpose. And he asked me if I was gay. Only he didn't use that word, instead he asked if I was queer. I denied it, but he didn't believe me. He wanted another one that night or he'd tell the others that I'd thrown away a pair of kings just to make sure I'd lose. I couldn't have that, so that night he and I met up in the latrine where I did him again. The same thing the next night. And two more on the next campout. I left scouts after that. But I won't be seeing him in my school. He goes to St. Andrews. Go figure, a good Christian boy blackmailed me into sucking his dick. Anyway, as far as I know, he never told anyone.

But now it was a day of sitting in the same seat. We get bathroom breaks at certain times. Once, just to see what would happen, I said I had to go. I was sent to the office, where they paged the janitor, Mr. Wick, to make sure the bathroom was empty. He stood outside until I was done. I felt sorry for him, and decided to never bother him again unless I truly couldn't hold it.

At lunch, we had a corner of the cafeteria for our class. Two to a table that normally sat six, two feet separating us. That, and the plastic screen between us. Three other classes were there but were in other parts of the room, maintaining the separation so that one class couldn't contaminate another if someone got the sickness. No socializing beyond our class was allowed. We could take our mask off to eat.

After eating what my mom had packed for me, I looked around, trying to find kids I'd liked last year before we stopped going to school.

Kids were finishing eating, and the rule was, when you were done you put your mask back on. I was surprised at how hard it was to recognize some of the kids when part of their face was covered by a cloth. Then I spotted him. He didn't have a mask on, and he caught my eye.

"Who's that?" I asked Jude Blanchard, the kid across from me. He turned and looked.

"Dwight Gordan," Jude responded after turning back. "He's in our grade. He moved here during the summer."

"How do you know all that?"

"He moved into Cassie West's house, across the street from mine. Cassie moved to Atlanta. He's kind of cool, but quiet. His parents were worried about us being together, but they couldn't watch him all the time. He throws a mean fast ball. If we were allowed to play baseball, he'd be one of our star pitchers for sure."

Jude didn't live far from me, and I'd be on the same bus as him except I didn't want to have to get up earlier to walk to the bus stop, so I got my mom to drive me to school. Maybe I'd have to re-think that.

I found myself staring at him. Jude tried to keep the conversation going, but my short answers and grunts were kind of pissing him off. Nearly all of my attention was on Dwight.

Perfectly straight teeth. The kind nobody is born with. He, like me, must have worn braces. Hazel eyes. His eyebrows were thick and black, although his hair was more of a dirty brown. He wore a shirt made by a store my mom said was too expensive. It fit him well, and I could almost make out his right nipple pressing against the fabric. The left one was behind a pocket. Long black pants, again, costing more money than Mom would spend on anything I wore. Green and Red stripped socks and tan shoes. He looked at me and we made eye contact for a few seconds before I looked away.

"Shit man, welcome back," Jude said from behind the plastic shield between us. "What the hell was so interesting about Dwight?"

"What makes you think he was the only person I was looking at?" I tried.

"Because your eyes never moved or changed focus. Anyway, do you want to?"

"Uh, sure," I said. I had no idea what I was agreeing to. I had to force myself not to look at Dwight again. What was it about him? Like I said, I know I'm gay, but I've never lost it like that with any other boy.

"Okay, call your mom and tell her you're taking the bus," Jude said. "We'll kick Steve out and have the room to ourselves." Steve was his brother, a sweet looking seventh-grader. Suddenly, my brain kicked back in. We'd have Jude's room to ourselves. For what? I hadn't paid any attention to him at all. Was it something I'd be interested in doing? And if so, was there any chance that Dwight would take part? I felt my dick start to respond and had to push that thought out of my head or I'd be walking back to class with a tent in my trousers.

Just before lunch was over, I called Mom and told her I was going to Jude Blanchard's house after school.

"Wear your mask," was all she said. I didn't plan to, unless Mrs. Blanchard also required it. I hoped not. "Call me if you are going to miss dinner."

I took one more look at Dwight as all four classes were getting up to return to their individual group prison cells. Uh, classrooms is what they prefer we call them. He was standing next to Becky Thompson, who was also staring at him. Shit. I hoped I wouldn't have to compete with a girl for him.

I followed Jude to the bus after school was over for the day. The driver told me I had to register to use the bus, but since she had four empty seats, I could ride it home. I made note of the number so I could get my name on the list. Seating was not like the old days, when the ninth graders took the back, the seventh the front, and eighth in the middle. Now, only one student per seat, and rows were even-odd with a kid in the right first row, then one in the left second row, and so on. Steve sat in the first row, and Jude and I sat as close as we could a few rows back, but not close enough for me to try and find out what we were going to do.

I'd just sat down when Dwight boarded. He looked down the rows and his eyes caught mine. Because of the mask, I couldn't tell if he smiled or frowned, but I swear I could see his eyes sparkle just a little. I did my best to not stare, and I turned and looked out the window as he passed me. He said hi to Jude and took a seat somewhere behind us. Again, my dick was coming to life. At least this time, if it got hard, I could hide it behind my book bag.

Jude, his brother, me, Dwight, and two other kids got off at the corner between his house and mine. As soon as we were off the bus, Jude removed his mask and so did I. He let Andria Kosta and Greg Homer get ahead of us and then turned to Dwight, who still had his mask on.

"Hey, we're going to look at porn. You want to come?"

"You know I'd love to," he began, but I was sure his eyes said he was lying. "But you know my mom won't let me be in your house. Not even with a mask on. But who's your friend?"

Out of habit, I held my hand out as I said, "I'm Kurt Dehara."

He looked at my hand, and then touched my elbow with his. I'd forgotten one of the new rules. Handshakes were now verboten.

"Dwight Gordan," he said, his voice music to my ears. "I just moved in this summer. Hopefully we can get vaccinated soon and go back to touching." He paused, and I could see the top of a cheek flush around his mask. "Although I'm not sure my mom will ever let things return to how they were."

He looked down, breaking eye contact. I moved my book bag to a more strategic position. "I guess I'll see you guys around." He turned and headed to the other side of the street. But I was positive I saw the front of his tight black pants pushed out in the crotch. Just a little. Maybe. Hopefully.

"Where did you get porn?" I asked. We were walking slow so we could talk without other kids hearing us.

"I learned how to hide folders and completely erase tracks on my computer, so my parents will never know," he responded. "I've got some really good stuff that you are going to enjoy."

Steve had run ahead of us and was already in the house. Then I remembered, he was going to get kicked out of the room he shared with Jude. So that we could look at porn. That was what Jude and I were going to be doing. And I was sure that none of it was going to be of any interest to me.

After greeting Mrs. Blanchard, we headed to Jude's room. As we entered, his brother was sitting at a computer. A picture of a woman with big tits filled the monitor. He turned and smiled at us.

"You stupid asshole," Jude said softly. His mother wouldn't approve of him calling Steve that. "What if instead of me it was Mom who walked in? And how the hell did you get into that file anyway?"

"I've known your password for months now," Steve disclosed. "And I've seen most of your collection. But not the new stuff. You've got some really good pictures this time." He moved the mouse and the image was replaced with a picture of a hair-hidden view of the lower part of the woman. "Like this one."

"Get out," Jude ordered. His brother went on to the next file. Two teens, a boy and a girl. They looked young, just a few years older than us. The girl was sucking on the boy's dick.

Steve turned to face us. "I want to stay. Mom doesn't know anything about this. And she won't. As long as you let me see it too."

I was staring at the monitor, looking at the boy. Most of his dick was in the girl's mouth, but I could see part of his balls. Not much bigger than mine, but they had hair on them. Mine didn't. His patch of pubic hair was twice as large as mine. My dick was growing harder.

"Kurt likes it too," Steve said. It brought me back to reality. I closed the door behind me and moved my book bag over my middle. "He's got a boner that he's trying to hide. I stay, or Mom finds out why he's here."

Jude had no choice. Steve got to stay.

About two-thirds of the pictures were of women only. The other one-third of the pictures also showed men. There were several of fat guys with a woman. One dude was black and his dick must have been close to seven inches long. Some were younger men, and a few appeared to be teens. I learned some new things about myself. I enjoyed seeing people naked. I knew that the penis goes into the vagina, but that was pretty much my total knowledge about sex. Seeing it done was interesting. In all, it gave me a boner and a strong desire to do something about it.

Steve had shed his pants, leaving him in boxers. There was no mistaking that he was excited. I could see his one-eyed pink rat trying to fit between two buttons on the fly of his underpants.

When he thought no one was looking, I caught Jude put his hand down inside his pants. It was obvious he was trying to jack off without getting caught doing it. I had an idea.

"Damn, after that I'll bet that we're all horny as hell," I began. "If you guys are brave enough, how about one hand of draw poker. The person with the worst hand has to suck off the other two before he can jack himself off." It had worked in scouts, as long as I made sure this time that neither of them looked at the cards I threw away.

"Yeah, I'm in!" Steve snickered.

"You'd really do it?" Jude asked his brother. "Suck my dick and Kurt's?"

"If I lost, yeah. But I won't. It will be one of you two sucking mine. Unless you're too scared of losing." Steve's voice changed as he tried to sound like Clint Eastwood: "You've got to ask yourself one question. Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?"

"You really willing to do this?" Jude asked me.

I was so horny I couldn't think straight. I wanted to see the Blanchard brothers naked. Suck their dicks. "Hell yeah. I do feel lucky."

It came out closer than I thought it would. Steve had a pair of fives. Even though I'd thrown away my high cards, I had kept a four and drew another one. It came down to Jude's hand. He sighed, pouted, and looked sad. His brother started laughing. And then Jude showed his cards. Two aces. "Got ya both," he squealed. Sorry Kurt, but this was your idea." He quickly shed his pants and boxers. It was not the first time I'd seen his dick; he had occasionally showered after gym. But it was the first time I'd ever seen him hard. It looked a little longer than mine, probably close to five inches. He had a decent patch of pubes, and his balls hung low. I could see a vein throbbing on one side if, making his dick jerk in rhythm with his heart.

"You were the last one to join," I said. "You'll just have to wait. I'm doing Steve first."

His brother was smaller, and had less hair. His sack was wrinkly but hairless. The left ball hung down a bit further than the right one. I moved over to him, trying to act like I felt repulsed. I don't know how good an actor I am, but Steve reminded me that I'd agreed to do it and so I had to.

His cum didn't have the stuff that makes it thick and colored. It had a slight taste, not unpleasant, and I swallowed all of his bursts. He was panting when I was done.

I moved to Jude, again acting like this was the worst thing I could ever do. As I started, he pushed his hips forward, driving the pink head against the back of my throat. I had to pull back to keep from gagging, and used my tongue to brush the tip. As he began to moan and continued to thrust into me, I wondered what it would be like to have Dwight Gordan's dick in my mouth instead. The idea caused my own dick to jerk around, and I could feel a wet spot forming in my boxers. I hurried to finish Jude as fast as I could.

"Hell Jude, I think he's really getting into it," Steve said from next to us. Not words I wanted to hear. "He's cumming in his pants while he sucks your dick."

Whether it was time or if what Steve said pushed him, Jude began shooting. Much more than his brother had, and it was thicker. It had a taste that excited me even more.

I looked down and saw a wet spot on the outside of my pants. I quickly lowered my them. The inside of my boxers was smeared with cum, but I still needed to shoot. Ignoring the other two boys, I closed my eyes and pictured Dwight as I quickly brought my own dick to the happy point.

"Damn," Jude said. "You really got into that. I think you need to take a shower before getting dressed again."

I thought fast, worried that they may be thinking I had enjoyed what I did too much. "As I was sucking on you guys, I kept picturing that girl sucking the teen boy's dick," I lied. "In my mind, it was my dick in her mouth. It made me leak cum even though it was me doing you, and not her doing me." I hoped it was enough to end any thoughts of me being gay that might have been forming in their minds.

I took up the offer of a shower, and just wore my pants afterwards. My boxers went into my book bag. I said my goodbyes, and accepted the offer to do this again sometime, and headed home. As soon as I got there, I had to jack off again. I couldn't get rid of the thought of doing it to Dwight Gordan.

That night, as I lay in bed, I wondered again, what was it about the new boy? Why did he affect me so much more than Jude or Steve had? Yeah, I'd enjoyed sucking them. I'd cheated to make it possible. But even while doing them, I was imagining it was Dwight I was sucking off.

I rode the bus the next two days, but Jude didn't ask if I could come over to watch his porn. I was beginning to worry that he was thinking about me being gay. I started to think about coming out to him, but I was positive he was straight and it might end our friendship. And if that happened, he might spread it around school.

Then came Friday. Jude wanted to know if I could spend the night. And he hinted that we'd be doing the same thing as a few days ago. He couldn't come right out and say it, we were in school and if anyone heard us it would be a problem.

"What about Steve?" I asked.

"He'll be there. I don't dare exclude him or he might really tell my mom. If you don't want him around, maybe if you asked him you'd get a different answer, but probably not. Was what you did really horrible? He told me it was fantastic, and I gotta admit, I enjoyed the hell out of it too."

I thought about it. I wasn't as horny now as I had been that afternoon. It was dangerous. But exciting. Maybe this time I'd play to win. Then I could find out how it feels to get blown. I decided to go. "It wasn't fun for me, but it didn't kill me. I'm glad I can trust the two of you to not tell anyone I did it. I have to call my mom, but I'm sure she'll say okay for the sleepover."

She did, but told me I had to come home first and take a shower and pack pajamas and toothbrush and stuff like that.

I didn't rush things at home. I think I used most of the hot water in my shower as I also used the time in there to jack off, hoping it would help control my urges. When I knocked on the Blanchard's front door, it was a few seconds before Steve answered. I could see he had a boner.

"About time you got here. Me and Jude and Dwight have already started. Come on."

"Wait, Dwight Gordan is here? I thought …"

"His parents had to go back to their old house to take care of something. He's home alone. Or rather, he was. Now he's here with us." Steve was all but running to his room, and I hurried to keep up.

"Sorry, I didn't bring a mask," I said as I entered. Much to my disappointment, Jude, and more importantly, Dwight, were still fully dressed. But neither one was wearing a mask.

"It's my mom who is scared I'll catch it and die, not me," he said. "You don't need a mask. Besides, how would you suck my dick if you had one on?" He laughed, but I felt my face flush.

"Steve told him, not me," Jude defended himself. He sounded angry at his brother.

"Hey, I wanted to play again. And Dwight really wants to play too." Steve didn't apologize, and I didn't ask him to. If there was damage done, it was too late now. And I knew I would be playing to lose. I had to see and suck whatever Dwight had inside his pants.

"You really want to?" I asked. "We don't have to. I'm sure I won't lose two times in a row. Besides, now there are four of us. Better odds of not having the worst hand." I had to give him an out and act like this wasn't something I was looking so forward to. I was begging my dick not to grow.

"I'm game," Dwight said, flashing his teeth at me. I couldn't resist staring at the rest of him.

"Me too," Jude said. "It really was cool. And I don't plan on losing. I hope that honor goes to my brother. It will serve him right for telling Dwight what we did without your permission."

"It's okay," I said, trying to sound nonchalant. "It was a dare. Nothing more." It was a lot more, and today it would be even more important that I win by losing. First, I would have to sit through an hour of porn, most of which wouldn't do anything for me.

I spent more time sneaking peeks at Dwight than what was on the computer monitor as Steve slowly clicked through the pictures. I noticed that there were a lot of new ones, but like last time, most of them didn't excite me. But Dwight also seemed almost bored. Was I imagining it, hoping for it to be true? I couldn't tell.

I did find it interesting to watch the reaction Jude and Steve had to various pictures. They both liked seeing pictures of intercourse between a man and a woman. But two women fingering each other was what really caught their attention. It was perfectly clear to me that they were both heterosexual. As I was studying their reactions, I caught Dwight looking at me. I was still troubled by why I was so drawn to him.

Finally, we reached the end. Jude pulled out a deck of cards. "One hand, draw poker, lowest hand loses," he said. "Everyone else wins."

We played, and again, I played to lose. This time I didn't have a pair, and my high card was a ten, so I felt somewhat comfortable that I would lose. Ready to see Dwight's junk at last, I turned my cards over.

Jude had an ace and no pair. Steve a pair of sevens. Dwight held back a few seconds, building up suspense. Then he showed a king high no pair. I had won what I wanted by losing. I was going to enjoy every second of doing him.

"Hey, how about something a little different," Steve suggested. "Since I had the high hand, I get two of them."

It gave me pause. I'd rather give Dwight two blowjobs. But then I had an idea. "You want two?" I asked. Steve smiled as he nodded. "Then we'll play another hand, just you and me. If I win, you give me one. But if I lose, you get two."

"I'll do it, but only if you give me three when you lose. It'll be your third loss in a row, so I think that's fair."

I could see a level in interest from both Jude and Dwight. They weren't going to try and stop it; it was between me and Steve. This time, I would be playing to win. No guaranty, but I was willing to take my chance. I wanted to know how it felt. "Deal," I said.

Jude shuffled the cards and dealt five to each of us. I got a queen, a ten, a nine, and eight and a king. Two cards away from an inside straight. Three of them were diamonds, so the same chance for a flush. Steve took three cards. Too hard to draw an inside straight when you needed two cards. And going for the flush would mean tossing the queen. I decided to play it safe and kept her and the ten and discarded the rest.

I didn't double on the queen, but I did get another ten. Not a bad hand. I was about to show it when Steve offered, "Double the bet. If you lose, you give all three of us two blowjobs plus I get another one tomorrow morning. But if you win, I give you two and don't get one at all."

I was worried about what he'd drawn. It was too much. I folded.

He showed his cards. A jack high nothing. He'd bluffed me. And now I had to blow him twice. I decided I'd start and end with him. After the first one, I did his brother. And then it was Dwight's turn.

He slowly lowered his shorts, rolling his hips around to shake them down. It was positively exciting for me. I could see the tent in his boxers as the shorts cleared his knees. "You can finish the job," he chuckled as he stood there.

I had to stay focused. My dick was getting hard, and that was a problem even though I hadn't taken off my pants. I didn't want them to see that his little dance had given me a boner. I quickly moved to in front of him and knelt down. I pulled the boxers down to his knees. He was beautiful. I don't know why I felt that way. There was almost no difference at all between him and Jude except for the color of his pubes. There was just something about Dwight that was different.

His dick pointed straight up at the ceiling, reaching towards his belly button, so I could see every inch of the underside of his boner.

I lowered my head to take in the scent of him. As it reached my nostrils my visioned tunneled to see only his genitals; he could have been covered in scales or warts in that moment and I would never have noticed. With his legs slightly spread apart, his balls hung loosely between them, one dangling about half an inch lower. His pubes started at the base of his penis and formed a thin, well- framed triangle above the base.

His penis, oh shit, his penis. Jutting out at that ninety-degree angle, it mesmerized me. It looked so much like my own, but I could never see mine from this angle, or take in the scent or feel the warmth radiating off the same way. I took it by the base, gently squeezing it a couple of times tentatively, and then put my lips to it.

"Feels good," he said softly. His voice in the silence surprised me, and I went down faster than I had intended, triggering my gag reflex. I pulled off and started over. It lasted for several minutes. Then I felt a change, and saw his knees bending, and knew it was about to end. He grabbed my head, just for a moment, until the first of several bursts of cum fired into my mouth. Then he released me, letting me finish him off myself.

"That was pretty cool," he said when I was done. I didn't know if I should feel proud or ashamed. I turned my attention back to Steve. After sucking off Dwight, doing the thirteen-year-old for the second time that night was almost unexciting.

Not long after that, we decided to go to bed. We all slept in Jude and Steve's room. They in their beds, me and Dwight in sleeping bags on a mattress on the floor.

I couldn't fall asleep. The boy who caught my eye was wearing nothing but boxers, inside a sleeping bag a foot away from me. I recalled every detail about his body. My dick called out for attention. I knew if I satisfied it, I would shoot enough to make an unmistakable mess inside my boxers and the sleeping bag. I got up slowly so as not to wake anyone, and went across the hall to the bathroom where I would be able to take care of my needs without leaving any evidence behind.

I pulled a handful of toilet paper from the roll and sat on the seat. I was just getting started when the door opened. With a feeling of terror, I tried to pull my boxers back up, but my dick was hard and couldn't be hidden. Dwight Gordan entered and closed the door behind him.

"I figured that was what you came here to do," he whispered. "I have a better idea. Stand up, and lean against the counter."

"I, uh, you…" my mind was racing as he pulled my boxers back down to my ankles and got down on his knees. I stepped out of them. "You don't need to…"

"Yeah, I think I do. I know you cheated to lose. I was doing the same thing but I drew that damned king."

His words didn't register at first as he was already taking my dick into his mouth.

I had no experience being on the receiving end of this and the first thought I had was WOW, it felt really good! I could tell immediately that this was only going to last a few seconds at the rate things were going. An older, more experienced me, might have told him to stop for a minute so I didn't shoot so fast. The nearly 14-year-old me wanted to get off as quickly as possible, because isn't that the whole point? I didn't make a sound; I am not sure I even breathed. I looked at the ceiling, or at his lips stretched around the base of my cock, and then I just . . . shot.

"S-sorry," I gasped.

"I'm not. I've wanted to do that with you since the first time you looked at me from across the cafeteria at school."

"But then, uh, that would mean…" Then my brain finally heard what he'd said a minute before. He knew I cheated at cards to lose, and more importantly, he had been doing the same thing.

"Yeah, I'm gay. Just like you," he admitted.

"Wait, nobody knows that. How did you?"

"The way I couldn't take my eyes from you. I wanted to say something on the bus or before we got home, but you were with Jude. I like him, but in a different way. With him there, I couldn't bring up that I wanted to spend more time with just you."

"I, uh, kept trying to figure out what it was about you that was different from any other boy. I mean, I've seen boys I thought were cute, but I never felt like I did after seeing you."

"That's your gaydar," he explained. "You can't always trust it the first time it happens, it's only right around 40% of the time. But when it happens time after time, you know. That's how it was with me too."

"God, I want to do so much," I confessed.

"We have to go slow. Don't make it obvious. I think Steve already suspects you are, he said you got more excited when you sucked him and Jude off than when you watched the porn. But he didn't care. Some kids won't. I think Jude is safe too. But if other kids find out, it could ruin a lot."

"Yeah, I get it. But now that I'm with you. And after what you just did, damn, I don't want to be careful. I want more." I noticed that he was getting hard, and so was I.

"We can, and we will. Do you know what a sixty-nine is?"

"Yeah," I said. "Here?"

"No, the tile floor will be too cold and slippery. But we can join the sleeping bags together and do it there as long as both of the Blanchard boys are sound asleep. Come on, I want it too, but we have to keep it quiet. And swallow everything."

I felt like a little boy as he pulled me along by my hand. We worked in the dark and managed after several attempts to zip the two bags together. Then, with a hooded flashlight, we checked on Jude and Steve. Convinced they were out for the night, we got in. He took the bottom of the bags and pulled himself in head first until his nose was pressed against my abdomen. I leaned forward and found his dick.

This time I didn't have to pretend I hated doing this. I was able to work as hard as I wanted to make him feel good. And he was doing the same to me. I came first, but his was just a minute behind. I swallowed it as he turned around in the bag.

"We have to unzip it," he whispered. "They can't find us sharing a bag."

I hated the idea, but knew he was right. And it was a good thing we did because both Jude and Steve woke before we did.

I needed to pee, but I couldn't find my boxers. Then Steve came back from the bathroom and had them in his hand. "I wonder what you were doing in our bathroom last night?" he smirked. "I'll bet it wasn't taking a shower."

He wouldn't give them back until I got out of the sleeping bag naked. Even then he hung on to them and I started wrestling with him to get them back when their mom opened the door to announce breakfast was ready. My back was to her, but there was no way she could miss seeing my naked ass as I lay across her youngest son, but she didn't say a word. At least not to me. As soon as the door closed we all got dressed quickly.

Having proved that he could be with friends in a room without a mask on and not become a statistic of the pandemic, his mother slowly relaxed her rules, and within a month I was able to have a sleepover at his house. We both enjoyed it, and for me, I shot so many times that I didn't have the urge to jack off for four straight days.

There were more nights of watching porn in Jude's room for us. I let Dwight lose on purpose and he gave the three of us a blowjob. After that, we ended the poker game and just jacked off after watching the porn.

I now finally understand what it is about Dwight, why I am so drawn to him. I can only hope it lasts, even though he seems to think we are too young and too much will change as we get older. I hope he's wrong, but I'll just have to wait and see.

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