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by Rafael Henry

Chapter 1

Throughout this story, real places and locations are used by the author to add authenticity and interest. If a real city is used, it is difficult to disguise some institutions……a cathedral for example, and what is next to it. The author wishes to make it clear that it is a story….a fiction….from beginning to end, and he has no connection with any person, event, place or institution that might be mentioned or imagined to exist, or may be realised in the mind of the reader. No discourtesy is intended to any place or person by the author or by the website.

'So……you won't love me any more then?'

'Don't be daft, you soft git, of course I will. I always have and I always will.'

A pregnant pause……….

'It's just that things have changed……slightly, that's all. Of course I'll still love you. You know that don't you?'

'Umm….'spose so. Can I cuddle in?'

The two boys had been talking for a half hour or so, and Jem had told Jonny that he had acquired a girlfriend…….his first 'proper' girlfriend, and that ghastly news, as far as Jonny was concerned at least, was indeed a ghastly prospect. Why? Because Jonny and Jem had mutually satisfied their boyish sexual needs very nicely up to then, and now poor Jonny was facing the prospect of that no longer happening, or even worse, losing his best friend altogether to a girl .

Jon had got back from school that afternoon and had gone straight round to Jem's house. He always did at the end of every term without fail. He wrote to Jem around half term to let him know the exact dates and all that stuff, and even the precise time he would appear at Jem's. They had been friends a long time……as long as either of them could remember in fact……right back to kindergarten. They had done everything together….playing in the mud and then bathing together……swimming lessons……..holidays to Devon, and so on. They had shared a bed on many occasions too……when they were younger……not these days of course. No, at thirteen they were a bit too old now for that, at least as far as their parents were concerned. They did share a bed together actually, but at times when their parents were not around the place to know.

By the time the boys were nine, they began to sleep over at one another's houses, usually at Jem's, because…….well, things were difficult with Jon's family, which is why Jon went to away to boarding school. Anyway, it's fine to have two nine year olds sharing Jem's wider than normal bed. The boys certainly enjoyed it. Both of them had become aware of their private parts, and what you could do with them that felt rather good. When mummy wished the boys good night and turned out the light, that was the signal for action. They'd cuddle up together nice and tight and start their 'play' kissing routine. They would pretend to be a mummy and a daddy……Jon the mummy, and Jem the daddy. It wasn't many minutes before hands were straying into forbidden territory…….very hard penises were found, and other nice bits too.

It was all very nice, and always ended up the same way. Jem would be the first, swiftly followed by Jon, seen to by Jem. They might chat for a short while after they'd had their feelings, but sleep soon overtook their cute little bodies. There was always time in the morning for a bit more of what they'd had the previous night, in fact it was often even better then. Jon is a sensitive boy who values their friendship hugely and always worries that Jem will get a new best friend while he's away at school, but Jem knows that well enough and does his best to reassure Jon each time they are reunited in the holidays. The word 'love' is used, but only in their private moments, particularly in the mornings, soon after waking and before any serious activity starts.

'I love you Jonny.'

Those words always make Jonny tearful.

'I love you like anything Jem. Why do you love me?'

'Because you're you, silly. Why else would I? Why do you love me then?'

'Because you're my best friend……and you're funny…sometimes…'


'Most of the time.'

A pause for thought…..then

'It won't change anything I promise… having a girlfriend. Do you think I won't want to see you anymore?'

'Well, you might not, not if……you know…….you do stuff with her. Do you think you will?'

'I hope so, but I'll tell you all about it…….when we're together….like now.'

'Will you?'

'Yes of course I will. It'll be fun…….unless you would rather I didn't?'

'No, I would rather you did.'

Whatever Jem does, and with whom, Jonny would want to know.

Jon cuddled in closer to Jem, and put his arm around Jem's middle and rested his head against his friend's shoulder. Jem responded by pulling Jon closer to him and lightly touching the top of the boy's head with his lips.

'There…….feel better now?'

'Umm. Do you want to?'

Both of them wanted to, so they did……just hands, nothing more than that, but it felt so good after so long. Jon had been away for three months but to him it seemed like years. Of course there had been one or two of those kinds of friend at school, but Jem was different. The other complication in Jon's head was Gerald, an older boy at school whom he had unceremoniously seduced in a changing cubicle at the public swimming baths in the city, the naughty boy. After that, Gerald had enjoyed Jon for more than two terms until their activities in a corner of the school field had been unluckily spotted by a member of staff and that had ended the affair as swiftly as it had begun. Jon was still hurting over it, and Gerald probably was too. He couldn't be sure of that because Gerald was told in no uncertain terms to refrain from any kind of communication with his much younger friend. There wasn't a lot of choice in the matter……either that or be sent down for good. Gerald had sensibly taken the hint.

Jon hadn't bothered to change out of his uniform before going to Jem's place. It wasn't just impatience on Jon's part, it was something quite different. Jem loved to see Jon in his school kit……the grey trousers, the jumper that smelled nicely of Jonny, even the old fashioned underpants that Jonny always wore.

One of the things that attracted Jem to the girlfriend was her school uniform……the rather short skirt [kilt style] and the pale blue blouse which emphasized her newly forming breasts. Jon looks good in uniform too, although he's a boy. There's something about those grey trousers that fit so nicely around the bottom…….snug enough to reveal more of what Jem likes, be it boy or girl. Long term, Jem isn't cut out to be gay, unlike Jon. Jon likes to be a bit girly if truth were known. He cries too easily, even when he knows he needn't but still does. Jem likes all that. He cuddles Jon harder. Jon makes things easier for Jem……easier so Jem can reach inside to what he knows is there. Jem knows he won't be disappointed with what he finds. It's just as it always is in these circumstances.

'I'll always love you Jonny………I promise.'

Jonny isn't totally convinced, and starts to cry again. Jem kisses his lovely dark brown hair. A wave of affection sweeps over Jem. When he surfaces from that wonderful yet painful assault……

'You're a very silly boy. I do love you.'

Back home, Jon's mother asks……..

'How's Jem?'

'He's fine thanks mum. He says to say hello to you. He was telling me about his girlfriend. She sounds really nice.'


She knew that Jonny would need reassurance, so she took both of his hands as he stood before her.

'Don't worry darling…….I'm sure he'll still want to be friends. You're not worried are you?'

Jonny didn't say anything, but as he quickly turned away to go upstairs to his small bedroom, he found he could hardly see. His mother looked for something to occupy her mind for a few moments. With everything that had happened, she couldn't bear the thought of her son in any kind of pain. It must have been a terrible shock to have been told about the situation by his Headmaster and not her, but she had thought it best that he was told as soon as possible. After all, he had to be told at some stage.

Jonny was indeed feeling vulnerable after the news, and felt very alone at school especially at night when he often found sleep difficult. The good news was that he had Gerald, who genuinely cared about him, and the feeling was mutual, until of course even that had to end. Then he had nothing apart from his interests and places in his mind he could retreat to. His art was a great solace in which he would lose himself for hours. He began to imagine, in fits of self-consciousness, the agonies suffered by the artists…..Van Gogh for one, as he struggled with the realities of life. But there was Jem…….the boy who he thought would always be there, albeit one hundred and seventy five miles away, but next to him in spirit. Jon had written and got a reply. It was a good letter too, and Jon had kept it safe…….somewhere where no other boy could find it. He had told Jem about his father and Jem had been sympathetic, after all it wasn't funny, having your father go to prison. At least it wasn't something dreadful like murder or something, but I suppose stealing money is pretty bad. Poor Jonny……it was not his fault……that's the shame of it all. Thankfully everybody that knew about it, and that was most of the town because it had made the front page of the Echo when the sentence of two and a half years became public knowledge. Everyone was sympathetic to Jon, but it didn't really make him feel any better.

Now he thought he was to lose Jem too, but he was wrong. Jem is not that sort of a boy. Jem will stick by his friend no matter what. But there is a possible problem looming. Jem had found himself excited at finding a girl he genuinely liked, and he had touched her. It was nothing desperately intimate but he had touched her in a way that was…….well, more than usual shall we say. It had happened at the disco, near the end when they play the slow music and dim the lights. It wasn't for long, but it was long enough. They had put their arms around each other and kissed lightly and she had enjoyed it. He knew she had because she pulled his head towards her and they had kissed again. Then, and he didn't quite know why, Jem's hand had gone lower and the palm of one hand had covered the very top of her thigh, and then he slowly moved it until he could feel the lower part of the girl's buttock. It excited him, and he could feel his body reacting to this entirely new experience for him. She reacted too by kissing his mouth harder.

Encouraged by her instant response, he moved both hands onto her buttocks. He made no move to explore the parts that he was so familiar with on Jon's body. He knew all about that part of his boyfriend, but with a girl he had understandable inhibitions. The lights grew brighter, his hands now around the slim creature's back, mouths separated now and they becomes just smiles as they observed each other's reactions to the last few moments. It was all positive.

They made a date to meet again… her house in the daytime when they knew that her parents would not be in the house. Up in the girl's bedroom they kissed again, lying on her bed. She was dressed in a skirt and tee shirt. Jem felt the girl's chest….she wore nothing under the tee shirt. The word NIRVANA distorted as his hand found its way under the white fabric and touched her nipples that were at the centre of the newly developing mounds. Her breathing quickened, and so did his. She had made no attempt to stop him. Jem remembered sweet Jonny's thighs. The girl's felt fuller, smooth, and warm to his touch. His hand moved closer to where her legs will join into one union of fulfilment…..not quite there…….that first touch of fabric that he remembers so well on Jonny…….the first time Jon let him touch him there…..he had asked him to touch him there. Yes, he could feel them now. She turned towards him, perhaps half in rejection, uncertain, to kiss him harder. He held her buttocks now as he pulled her hard towards him, their hips meeting, hers pressing so hard it was almost painfully now. She knows she stands at the crossroads. She wants him for a purpose she knows nothing of and it frightens her. Jem feels the change in her and that changes him too.

The girl and the boy look at each other as they sit on the bed together. They try and smile which in a way hides an exhilaration they both feel. They hold hands and promise each other that will meet again, and it will be soon. They will find it hard to wait, but they have to of course. Jem pictures Jonny in his mind…the green brown eyes he loves, the long fingers that held his so gently. He turns his head away.

Christmas was quiet at Jon's house. After all, it was just him and his mother, apart from when Jem came round a couple of days later to watch 'The Boy in the Dress' which he had recorded. He'd watched it live with his mother…….

'That was very good didn't you think Jonny?'

'Yes mum, it was.'

He didn't add any other comment to what he'd said. He'd nonetheless been impressed by the message the film contained. He felt like crying when the boy in question, right at the end, was reconciled with his father. He thought about his own father somewhere in London, alone and feeling horrible in that ghastly place. No doubt he'd deserved it, but that didn't make him feel any better about it. As usual Jon managed to hide his upset….more or less. Sometimes in the past he couldn't and his mother would come over and, without words, hold him for as long as she thought he needed her. No mother could have loved a son more than she loved Jonny.

His proper name was John, but he was usually known as Jonny or Jon, leaving the 'h' out. From an early age, he had always wanted the 'h' left out when it was typed or written out.

Jem asked his new girlfriend Elly if she would come round too but when Jon looked doubtful Jem quickly poured cold water on the idea and that was that. Jon did make one concession though. He agreed to go with Jem round to Elly's house on the Tuesday after Christmas. It was Jem's idea…….

'Did you like that film Jon? The one you watched with Jem the other day?' asked Elly.

Jon knew perfectly well which one Elly meant.

'Yes, it was good. Have you seen it?'

'Yes I have. I thought it was great.

Jon suspected something. He saw Jem looking furtive, and he knew something was up.

'What's the matter with you two? Have I done something?'

'Elly answered……


Then she walked across the room to the built-in closet and opened one of the double doors. Inside was a tightly packed row of her clothes on hangers on a shiny chromed rail. There were dresses, skirts, tops, items of school uniform and a jacket or two. Jon looked at Jem…….

'Why are you looking like that Jem?'

Jem looked at Elly who looked back at Jon with a smile on her face. Jon knew something was up.

'Jonny…… know that film on TV you saw?'

'Yes, the Boy in the Dress……what about it?'

'Well Jem and I thought……..well mainly I thought……..'

'So, what did you think?'

Jon already had an idea of what Elly was thinking, and no doubt Jem had had something to do with it. Jon would indeed make a lovely model. He has just the right physique…….nice long slim legs, perky bottom but not overtly so, slender neck and arms, lovely flat tummy but not too thin, and not a huge amount to poke out the front, and an attractive face without being pretty……nice looking but not exactly pretty. You're thinking a bit on the effeminate side? No, not really. What about his voice? Well, definitely still a treble, albeit a tad breathy. Yes, he was definitely an ideal subject to hang girls' clothes on. Oddly enough, or possibly not so oddly, Jon reluctantly agreed to give them a show. Jon needed a pee before they started and while he was out of Elly's room Jem expressed the opinion that in actual fact he thought Jon would rather enjoy it all, even though he had expressed some doubts, albeit half-heartedly it has to be said.

Jon stood over the lavatory bowl and continued his train of thought. He smiled as he managed to hook out his penis from the depths of his underwear with just a little more difficulty than usual. He had no foreskin to retract, if that's what boys need to do who have one, and he looked at the slender object and waited for the familiar jet of liquid to arrive. Eventually it did as he gently squeezed the opening in the dark pink head to a circular shape to facilitate maximum flow. He executed the operation as quietly as he could aiming at the white porcelain side as opposed to the water in the middle which always made a noticeably louder noise. Done now, he pops the little fleshy thing back where it came from, and another thought strikes him. Do I wear everything Elly gives me……I mean…….even the things underneath? In an instant he knew what he would like to do. The answer to that question came quite quickly.

'You can't wear those Jon……you'll look ridiculous.'

'They wore their shorts underneath in the film didn't they?'

'Yes, but this isn't the film is it Jon. Here…..look in this drawer……choose some from the pile.'

Jon had handed his clothes to Jem who was acting as his general assistant. He stood in front of Jem and the girl in just his underpants that I suppose weren't that far removed in style and brevity from what most schoolgirls like Elly would be wearing.

'Do I have to?'

Elly provided the answer.

'Yes of course you do. Take those off and choose some of mine……go on……you can turn round the other way if you want. Anyway, I've seen Jem's.'

Actually she hadn't. She'd felt it hard against her both at the disco when they first met, and when they 'played' on her bed, at least she thought so. She had wondered what it would feel like in her hand if Jem ever invited her to touch it. She'd seen plenty of course because some of her friends at school had shown her examples on their phones. She was realistic and knew that Jem's wouldn't be anything like those. This particular friend had touched her boyfriend's penis once and it was nowhere near the size of the one's she'd seen on the internet……nowhere near it. She knew what 'cum' was too. She'd seen it pop out of the young guy when the girl 'saw' to him with her hand. The girls had wondered what it would actually feel like if they ever touched the stuff.

They had known how boys and girls 'do it' for a long time. Sex education starts early these days. They show erections and all that stuff to primary children because they know they're going to see it all anyway on the net, so they might as well get in there first with the truth of the matter. The vast majority of parents can't control what their children see even if they wanted to. Most would like them not to see stuff, but some unbelievably are not that bothered about it. That's very sad of course, and might be very damaging to their children. But kids have always experimented with sex…..boys together to start with, and girls, and then boys and girls start getting ideas, and it goes on from there all the way to full blooded sexual intercourse as young as twelve, or even younger in some communities where girls tend to be subservient to the boys and basically 'do what they want'. It's likely that half the girls in Elly's class, year eight, have been asked by boys to make them come, and had allowed the youngsters to feel their knickers, and even inside them onto bare flesh. Of course the boys would ask the girls to reciprocate, which most of them would willingly do. The boys would be in an excitable state and quickly reach orgasm to the great interest of the girls. By the time those girls have reached year ten, they have probably been penetrated and risked pregnancy a number of times to please their boyfriends. The boy can then proudly announce his conquest to his friends, duly elaborated, and the girl has consequently acquired a 'reputation'.

Elly had felt Jem's against her at the disco that night. She had lain in bed that night excited and very curious about the exact characteristics of Jem's prize possession. It had seemed so big to her when it had pressed hard into her middle and tantalizingly just above where she touched herself from time to time when she felt in the mood.

She was very much in the mood now as it happens, and it didn't seem to matter that it wasn't Jem who was displaying himself. Jonny isn't sure about showing his penis to Elly….

'Can I turn round and do it?'

'Fine….but just get on with it please.'

Elly and Jem sat on the edge of the bed and watched as Jonny turned his back on them to look through the pile of garments he found in the drawer. They weren't all the same by any means. Some were very skimpy and would barely cover him. Others were similar to what he wore……pink or white and quite plain. He chose a white pair with very pale horizontal blue stripes. He liked those because they were not too brief and would comfortably accommodate him, or so he imagined. Still with his back to Elly and Jem, he slips his own pants off, bending low to get them off his feet, and drops them on the floor to his side. Elly looked at the bare bottom, just a shade paler than the rest of him. She noticed the little slender gap between Jonny's buttocks, quite low down, and the slightly wider shadow there. She knew what that was…….and she's seen his tight little ball sac just visible under where his legs met at the top.

Jonny had made a good choice and he was excited by what he was doing.

'Turn round then!'

Jonny didn't want to, but in another way he did. Elly was the first to comment.

'You look great Jonny…….really nice. Come on, I'll help you with the dress.'

Elly's knickers were not so brief that Jon's penis could not be accommodated vertically in them without the tip poking out…just.

Between them all, they chose one of Elly's school summer dresses. Vertical green and white stripes. It came to about three inches above the boy's knee, and to all intents and purposes, a perfect fit. A discrete quantity of makeup around the eyes followed, a hint of lipstick, a little blusher plus some work on the hair just recently trimmed in boyish style. He looked the part. The three of them looked into the mirror.

'Do you feel different Jon?'

'Umm, a bit.'

'Like, as in feeling bad, or good?'

'Good……….I think. Is that bad?'

Elly said…….

'Of course it's not bad. Are you still… know… you were?'

'Umm……I think so.'

'Can we feel you……would you mind?'

Elly sat on the bed next to Jem. When Jonny took a step towards them, they made a bit more space between them so Jonny could stand between their legs, and with his back to them.

He felt their hands go up inside the dress. He loved the feelings that it gave him…….palms over his bottom and around his thighs, fingers under the quite loose elastic that journeyed across hips and tummy, then back and down between the cheeks of Jonny's bottom. He pulled the dress up above his tummy so he could look down and see exactly what they were doing to him. It was the best feeling ever.

Elly selected some music from her playlists. She had asked Jem and Jonny to dance together. The two boys held each other close, their bodies hardly moving to the slow music. Elly watched from the bedside. When the boys kissed, she felt mildly shocked but excited too. She couldn't catch what Jem whispered into Jon's ear.

The belt that secured Jem's jeans undid easily, as did the gold metallic button that held them together at the top. His tee shirt was lifted up and over Jem's head to reveal the boy's skinny almost fourteen year old frame. Jonny ran the palms of his hands over his friend's chest paying particular attention to his nipples that hardened almost as soon as he touched them. Jem in his turn gently gripped both of Jonny's buttocks thus drawing him closer. The kiss was long lasting, starting with lips touching gently and ending with Jem treating Jon's mouth quite roughly, opening it wide to accommodate him, hands on face now. Released now, both breathing harder, Jon found himself on Elly bed and between the girl and the boy. Jon was more than willing to be at their mercy. Jem whispered to Elly…..

'She's sweet isn't she……our little girl……..our girly boy.'


'Have you ever kissed a girl Elly?'

Elly didn't answer. Then she had a question….

'What are you going to do Jem?'

Jem loved the feel of Jon the way he was now. He took Elly's hand and ran it all over Jon. It was quite new for her of course. She had never felt a boy that way before. She thought it would have been Jem that she would experience first but it wasn't that way at all… was Jon. She enjoyed touching him, and through the familiar material that was hers, but now worn by a boy.

'Go on Elly, he wants you to.'

It was new for Jon too…..being touched by a girl. On his back he raised his head to watch as Elly began. Jem was watching too. Jem helped by slipping the thin material over and down to fully reveal Jon. Jem showed Elly exactly how, and then Elly began. She had no idea how long it would take. That of course would depend on her own efficiency, but for Jon, Elly's lack of skill only enhanced the uncertainty, but despite that, it was really only a question of time. Jon's resistance couldn't last, and amid little spasms and sharp breaths, he gave in to what he knew to be the best feeling any boy could have.

Elly looked at her hand, and the tiny little puddle on Jon's tummy. She was elated.

'I did it.'

'Yes, you did it.'

'What do I do now?'

Jem whispered to Elly……

'Watch this.'

Jem is a physically more mature boy than Jon……further down that road called puberty. His voice is just a little deeper than Jon's. It has that slightly husky tone that suggests that hormonal changes are well under way. Both boys had revelled in their own separate development but it was all happening much faster for Jem. He had something to prove now.

The three of them lay side by side on the bed. Then Jem got up on his knees……

'Can you move over please Jon……go the other side of Elly.'

Now he had both of his knees between Elly's legs.

'Shall I show you Elly?'

Elly nodded and pulled her tee shirt up to her neck revealing her embryonic breasts……little pink mounds, slightly swollen with the dark pink part standing upright in the centre. She put the tips of her fingers of both hands lightly on both of them with a gentle caress.

Jem leaned forwards and felt them. They felt hard. Elly's right hand was covering the front of her knickers. She began to move it in a slow circular motion. Jem straightened his body and watched. Elly was watching her own movements. Jon spoke…….

'Can I try please Jem?'

Jem nodded.

Jon got to his knees and worked his way behind his friend. Once there he slid Jem's pants down his thighs. He gripped Jem in the way Jem liked him to, and began to stimulate his friend, left handed. He used his right hand to stroke Jem's tummy. He ran his nose up and down Jem's neck, up into his hair and then down his spine, and then again, and again. He loves the smell of him.

Elly watched intently, focussing her eyes on Jem's penis that was pointing straight at her. She couldn't wait. Jon relaxed his grip……just fingers and thumb now. He knew Jem would come soon. The boy's breathing had quickened noticeably which was a sure sign. Jem's own little noises would come next, and then it would happen. Jon knew what Jem liked just a little before it happened, in fact that's exactly what makes his friend go over the edge. It always works.

Jem could feel Jon's fingers between his buttocks……he wet them with some of his saliva which made him much easier to find. Just as he found the very centre of that place, Jem knew he'd lost control, and that his body had taken over. He had passed that point when he could stop things. He knew he couldn't stop now. He made the familiar noises that told Jon to slow down almost to a stop. Jon didn't need to see because the sudden grip on the finger now gently pushed inside his friend told him…….another…….and then another………a fourth and then a fifth.

Jon could feel the warmth on his hand. He kissed the back of Jem's neck…..the soft downy hair that covered it…..the soft skin of his lover that he was losing.

It was all over Elly's tummy……in her navel……all over her. Jon squeezed Jem several times as he always did just after he'd come. If he didn't he would drip inconveniently, and anyway he liked doing it.

Jem collapsed on his side next to Elly in a tangle of legs and arms. Jon arranged himself the other side of Elly. He looked at his own penis held tight by a pair of girl's pants. It was hard again, and had been for some while. He put his hand inside and held it between his fingers and thumb. He thought how pretty he looked like that. It all felt so comfortable and right somehow.

Jem was playing with Elly's breasts. He's made them slippery. Elly was engrossed in her own thoughts. She had used her left hand to lower the front of her knickers to make it easier to work with her right. Jon could see the two little mounds of flesh and three of Elly's fingers in between them and near the top where the two folds of flesh met. Jem was stroking the inside of her thigh now, almost touching her hand as she continued the gentle circular pressure.

Jon felt Elly's hand touch his. He took it away so that her left hand could replace his. She gently squeezed the warm and hard organ than protruded more than four inches from his abdomen. He'd had several boys do exactly the same thing, but never a girl. She felt different….gentler and in a weird way, more sympathetic. He wanted to touch her too. He put his hand on her tummy. He likes tummies because they feel soft. His hand touched the white stuff that came from Jem. Jem calls it his 'cum', but Jon doesn't like the word. He prefers the word 'sperm'. Jon wondered what Jem would look like in girls' knickers and decided he didn't want Jem to try it, although he knew Jem wouldn't do it anyway. No way was he ever going to put girls' knickers on. No way would he ever do that.

Jon went a bit higher on Elly's chest. He was scared to do it because she might get cross with him and that would put her right off what she was doing. He'd seen a girl come on the internet, and he liked watching it happen.

It was obvious that Elly would come, and by the way she was wriggling about and moving her legs up and down, it wasn't going to be long before she did. Jon had felt her hard nipples and she had started this sort of moaning noise when he did. He had used some of Jem's sperm to make them slippery, although it seemed to be drying up fast on her warm skin. Just then she started what Jem called her 'sexy noises'. Everybody knows what they sound like don't they……really sexy. It seemed to last for ages with her…..way longer than it did for Jem or Jon…….and then it was all over, and nothing to wipe up at all. He knew that it all happened inside her, unlike us where it all happens outside us. We have hard penises that stick out and we can't hide them, and when we come, we can't hide that either. It's thoroughly unfair in some ways.

Jon had never seen Jem make so much sperm as he did just then. Jon adores his friend's sperm. Jem didn't see him do it….what he did when he wasn't looking. Jem had once said while they were watching something on a site that he would never do that , but Jon had other ideas. It was a bit of a shock the first time…..the actual taste of it, but after that he liked it more and more. Jem never knew what he'd done. He wondered if Gerald's would have tasted the same. Although he was way older than Jem, Gerald made less sperm than Jem. With Gerald, it would be one big glob of it that would go a couple of inches over his hand, and then it would ooze out and over Jon's hand and down onto Gerald's balls usually. Once it went even lower. Jon had felt it there.

Jem loves his ipad. There was a computer that everyone used…his older sister and his mother usually. His father had his own. Now that he was independent of everyone in terms of his internet use, he could look at more or less anything he liked. Even in 2015, many parents are not that savvy when it comes to ICT, especially mothers. Jem had been asking for his own tablet for ages now, and this last Christmas his parents had come up trumps. With a healthy fourteen [almost] year old libido, he was excited by what he could find. He knew the dangers of course……he's a long way from being stupid……….he's not going to start chatting online to people he doesn't know, or to people who say their thirteen and in fact they're forty. There are such people and as we all know they pose a serious threat to our children. No, Jem knows all about that stuff, and he's not going there any more than Jon would, or Elly for that matter. That being said, all three of them are curious to know things, and the internet will provide most of the answers, at least the visual answers, if not the emotional ones.

He started with the sites for youngsters who have questions about sex and the development of their own bodies……and the bodies of the opposite sex. Youngsters ask questions in an online forum…..things like 'when did you start masturbating…….does it hurt…….will you go blind……when do you start to make sperm……what is the average size of a penis, and so on…..all the things that boys worry about essentially, and have always worried about. He and Jon had seen how men and women masturbate for example, and how men and women have intercourse. They were both very curious about the gay section needless to say. They'd had a pretty good idea of what happened between men, and they had an even better idea by the time they had an hour of exploring the possibilities. They had seen no evidence or indeed any suggestion that it was possible to view under age boys and girls indulging in the same kind of activity. Jem was the first to react to what they had seen.

'What did you think of that Jon?'

'Err…..I didn't like it…..not really. What about you?'

'No, nor did I.'

That was about the end of it. That night, Jem couldn't stop thinking about Gerald, his older friend at school. He thought about the things they had done together. He'd enjoyed everything they had done, but of course they had never gone anything like as far as the people he had seen on Jem's ipad. He began to imagine doing some of those things with Gerald…….imagining what it would be like.

When all three of them had got dressed, Elly made drinks and brought them into the 'sitting room' as she called it. There were some photographs in various sorts of frames of people. There was a wedding one and a couple that looked like they had been taken ages ago. Jon pointed at one of a boy about his age….……

'Elly…..who's that person?'

'That's my brother when he was twelve….or thirteen. I can't remember. It was when we were on holiday in Cornwall. Jon had never been to Cornwall, but he had been to Devon… was Dawlish.

Elly noticed how Jon was studying the photograph.

'Do you like him Jonny? He's nice looking don't you think?'

It was Elly's question that he wasn't expecting. He felt his face get hot.

'That was about eight years ago I think……..he's gone twenty one now.'

Elly had asked Jon if he had wanted to keep the pair of pants of hers that he'd worn. He'd said no, but that was a lie. Anyway, his mother was bound to find them and want to know where he's got them from. Elly had quite liked his, which were now safely back on Jonny. It was as if nothing had happened, but that's the way it is isn't it…at that age?

It was Jem's idea, and Elly had thought it quite hilarious. Jonny had been thrilled by the whole event, but never said so.

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