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What We Are II

Summer Heat

by Richie Ryan

Chapter 17: The Last Night

Watching Kyle, first stumbling around in the dark to find the light switch, then juggling the two gas cans as he negotiated a path around the trailers to the rear of the garage, Richie thought back on their relationship. What started out as a feeling of lustful admiration for him six months ago, had since grown into one of love and respect. He found it hard to separate these two feelings now, each seeming to reinforce the other - and whenever he thought about the difficult task of coming out to his family, he felt a surge of confidence knowing he could rely on Kyle to help him through it.

Sitting on the edge of the jet-ski trailer waiting for him to make sure all the toys they'd used during the week were properly stored in their respective places, Richie wondered briefly how things might have been for him if they hadn't met - how his life would have gone if Kevin hadn't hit him in the nuts with a hockey puck. Was it fate that it happened, a weird set of circumstances leading up to an improbable encounter, or did he have a guardian angel watching over him - a guardian angel who orchestrated the event in order to bring them together - or was Kyle his guardian angel? When Kyle tripped over something at the back of the garage, cursing loudly after banging his knee against the snowmobile trailer, Richie smiled at how normal he was. Yet he knew that deep down Kyle was special. He had the wisdom and insight seldom found in adults, all packed into a normal seventeen year old body, always there for Richie whenever he needed it.

"Damn, that hurt," said Kyle, rubbing his knee when he'd finally made his way to where Richie waited. Looking up, he saw the thoughtful expression on his face.

"You got that look again, Rich."

"What look?"

"That look you always get when you're thinking some off-the-wall shit. Like you're about to make some earthshaking observation or something."

"Nah, I was just wondering if you were gonna get out of the garage in one piece," lied Richie.

"Well, you can relax then, cause we're all done in here."

That said, Kyle pulled the garage door closed, twisted the locking handle home, then flipped off the light on their way through the walk-out. With the garage locked down for the night, they walked casually around the cabin to the woodpile. There, Richie stood patiently with his arms outstretched while Kyle loaded him up. He was pleased to note that the wood had dried out nicely since the storm on Tuesday, so it would be easy to light later if they needed it. Waiting for Kyle to gather an arm-load for himself, his attention was diverted by two rapid, yet subdued flashes of lightning originating from somewhere far to the north. Hearing no thunder after the flashes, he rightly assumed that the storm was still a long distance away. When the wind suddenly gusted around him, stronger and noisier now than when they were down at the lake, he squinted his eyes against the dust that was kicked up from the ground at his feet.

"What d'ya think, bro?" he asked as they carried their load into the cabin. "Still a long way off?"

"Oh yeah. I'd say we got at least an hour before it gets here."

"You think Kevin and Lindy will be OK?"

"Oh, for sure. Hell, they gotta be half way home by now. Besides, the storm probably won't even get that far south."

While Kyle stacked his load into the fireplace, Richie dumped his into the large wicker basket next to the hearth, then brushed the dirt and chips of bark from his sweat soaked T-shirt.

"Man, am I ever ready for a shower," he said, wrinkling his nose after sniffing at his armpit.

"I got a better idea. When was the last time you had a bath?"

"A bath?" he asked, seeing a twinkle in Kyle's eyes. "Oh, I don't know, probably when I was like about seven or eight years old. Why?"

"Then it's about time you revisited your childhood, dude. Grab some towels while I get the soap and shampoo. We'll take us an old-fashioned bath in the lake while we watch the storm come in."

"Cool," said Richie on his way the bedroom.

Pulling some fresh towels from the shelf in the closet, his dick began to respond when he thought about taking a bath with Kyle. They'd showered together many times, and he always enjoyed the bodily contact when they washed each other, but the thought of bathing in the lake with him had a new and sort of adventurous quality to it. After stripping off his dirty T-shirt, another thought occurred to him as he adjusted his semi-hard member for comfort. With an impromptu plan quickly forming in his head, he snatched something from Kyle's bag, then quickly slipped it between the folds of the towels before rejoining him in the main room.

"All set?" asked Kyle.

"You bet, bro."

With the package safely concealed within the towels he carried, it was all Richie could do to keep from smiling when Kyle asked this. He didn't know if his plan would succeed or not, but he did know it would have a better chance if he was careful not to make Kyle suspicious.

After Kyle put two more beers in the cooler, along with some additional ice, they headed for the beach. When they got there they walked directly onto the dock to check on the storm's progress. It was steadily moving in their direction, that was evident by the increased frequency of visible lightning strikes, but it was still too far away to hear the thunder. Setting the cooler and towels on the dock behind them, they cracked open two fresh beers before sitting at the end to dangle their feet in the cool water.

Seldom had Richie ever asked for weed. He didn't smoke it very often, and when he did he was always with Kyle who seemed to offer it up at just the right time. Tonight, however, even though they were both pretty mellow from what beer and weed they'd already consumed, he wanted to set the stage for his plan - he wanted to be sure they were both high and horny. So, at the risk of Kyle thinking it strange that he would ask, he'd decided to take the chance anyway.

"You wouldn't happen to have any more of that wacky weed to go with these beers, would ya, bro?"

"Ya know, I just might have one more around here somewhere," he answered, knowing full well that he did when he reached into his back pocket. "Well, what d'ya know," he finished with a grin as he produced the joint.

A few minutes later, while they were passing the lighted marijuana between them, Kyle asked, "Why didn't you guys tell me about that Larson dude?"

"I didn't even find out about him myself until yesterday. I don't know why they didn't say anything before. I mean, that was like way back on the fourth when they saw him," answered Richie.

"Probably didn't think seeing a drunk at a Fourth of July celebration was anything worth mentioning."

"Well, there's a little more to the story than that..." Richie's voice trailed off and he looked at Kyle out of the corner of his eye.

"Like what?" Seeing the look on Richie's face, Kyle pressed him for more. "C'mon, Guppy, what's goin on here? Unless you wanna get up close and personal with the fish at the end of this dock here, you'd better start talking."

Laughing at this, but knowing Kyle would surely make good on his threat if he didn't fill him in, Richie told him everything. He even told him that the drunk was Brian's grandfather.

"Whoa," said Kyle when he was finished. "Now I see why they didn't want to tell us on Wednesday."

"Really? Why?"

"Cause Hatch knows me. And because he knows me, he probably thought he was saving that fucker's life."

"What d'ya mean by that?" asked Richie, truly not understanding.

"C'mon, Rich, we were drunk that night, remember? Hatch probably thought I'd go lookin for that asshole for sayin what he did."

"Would ya?"

"Ya know what? There was a time, not too long ago, when I would've in a heartbeat. But now, I don't think so... but if I was there when he said it, things could've gotten real ugly real fast, and that's for real."

There was a moment of silence while Richie thought about this. "Funny, but since I've known you, the only time I've ever seen you go off on someone was when you decked that kid in the hockey game last year."

"Yeah? Well it's probably your fault that I haven't done it since. It's obvious that hanging around you has definitely hurt my reputation."

"Or improved it," said Richie with a grin.

"So, how did it go up at the pond today?" asked Kyle as he snubbed out the roach.

"Great, if ya happen to like playing Wild Kingdom with a big fucking bear."

"Oh yeah, the bear," said Kyle with a laugh. "I forgot about that. What did she do, interrupt ya when you were swapping blow-jobs?'

"God, Kyle! Between you and Lindy, I swear I must have two of the crudest friends there are. What makes you think he's gay?"

Kyle casually shrugged his shoulders, then took a drink from his beer before answering. "I don't know. Gaydar maybe, or the way you hugged each other on the dock. Or maybe it was the way you two looked at each other when we saw him in his sailboat. Are you telling me that he isn't gay?"

"No, he's gay alright. He's not out to anyone else, though. I mean, he said he didn't mind if I told you guys, but that's as far as he wants it to go."

"OK, that's cool. So was I right? Did the bear interrupt your blow job?"

"No, but If she'd have waited another minute or so, she would've... fucking bear."

This sent Kyle into a fit of giggles, causing him to laugh so hard he had to wipe the tears from his eyes before he could continue.

"Oh, God, Rich. That is like so funny. So c'mon, man, give me the whole skinny. What happened at the pond?"

"Well, it all started at the party when I hit on him... and he shot me down."

"Whoa! You hit on him, and he shot you down?"

"Yeah, and I'll tell you the whole story, but there's something you gotta know first... and you gotta promise me not to get pissed when I tell you."

"Oh, oh. Now ya got my full attention, Guppy. So tell me."

"TJ kinda saw us last night," said Richie, his voice low and tentative.

"What do you mean TJ kinda saw us last night?" asked Kyle, his voice anything but tentative.

"He saw me giving you a blow-job." Not quite sure how Kyle was going to react to this, he rushed on with an explanation. "He didn't do it on purpose, though. He wasn't like spying on us or anything. He just happen to come out of the cabin when I was doin it."

"Shit!" said Kyle, visibly irritated as he looked out to the raft.

"C'mon, man, shit like that happens, right? You, more than anyone, should know that."

Richie's last statement was in reference to the night of Kyle's Christmas party when he'd inadvertently seen a very high Richie cop a quick feel off a passed out Lindy.

"Hey, Kyle, don't worry about it, man. He ain't gonna say anything. He wouldn't even have told me if I didn't twist his arm. So if you're pissed, then be pissed at me cause I'm the one who wanted to do it."

A moment later, with Richie's reminder still echoing in his mind, Kyle relaxed. "Nah, if anybody's to blame, it's me for not stopping you. It's just that... what if it hadn't been him? What if it was Brian, or Steve, or Daryl who came out right then."

"Well, I doubt that Daryl could have, but even if it was someone else, then I guess we'd just have to deal with it. Thing is, it wasn't, so we don't, so there's no problem." When Kyle didn't answer right away, Richie added a final thought. "C'mon, Kyle, what happened to 'go with the flow'? Where's the dude that told me not to dwell on things that we can't control? We'll just be more careful next time."

"Yeah, you're right. Besides, he trusts me, right? I mean he told you to tell me about him, so I guess I have to trust him, too, right?"

"Is that what this is all about, Kyle?" said Richie with a huge grin on his face. "That it's like killing you to admit that you trust him? No, it's more than that, ain't it... you like him, don't ya? That's what it is, bro... you like him and you trust him, and it's killing you to admit it." When Kyle looked away to hide his face, Richie put his hands on his shoulders and began to gently shake him. "C'mon, hockey player, say it. You like TJ, don't ya?"

"OK!" exclaimed Kyle, feeling flushed but smiling as he shook loose of Richie's grip. "I like him... I don't have a problem admitting when I'm wrong about someone, either," he added with emphasis, embarrassed that the opposite was so obvious. When he looked at Richie again, he saw the smug expression on his face, so he quickly changed the subject. "Now tell me the rest of the story, Guppy, beginning with you hitting on him."

Richie filled Kyle in on everything that happened between him and TJ. After swearing him to secrecy, he even told him what happened between TJ and Brian in the hayloft. He finished by mentioning TJ's trust issues.

"I don't know what happened there, yet, but he promised to tell me about it when I see him next week."

"Well it doesn't sound to me as though he's too fucked up in the head, so that's gotta be a good thing. Brian's grandpa needs to have a serious ass-kickin, though, and that's for real," said Kyle before draining the rest of his beer.

Just then, a series of lightning flashes from somewhere to the north caught their attention. This time they were accompanied by the muffled sound of thunder, almost too quiet to be heard, about seven or eight seconds later. When Kyle leaned forward for a better view, Richie looked down to see the waistband of his shorts pull away from his back to reveal the crack of his ass just below his T-shirt. Seeing this was too much of a temptation for him to resist. Fully understanding the inevitable consequence of his actions, he smiled as he quietly poised his nearly-full can of beer over his target, then tipped it up to pour its contents into the nicely formed funnel between Kyle's cutoffs and his ass-cheeks.

Kyle's reaction was predictable, but a delayed one. To Richie's surprise, he nearly emptied the can before Kyle abruptly sat up with a shriek.

"Yeow!!" he screamed, his muscles tensing as he threw back his head and arched his back. "You asshole!" he shouted, pushing Richie hard enough to send him tumbling over the edge and into the lake.

Richie expected nothing less, and considered himself lucky that a dunking was all he got. When he stood up, laughing and wiping the water from his eyes, he saw Kyle pacing back and forth on the dock, his back still arched and stiff as he waited for his body heat to warm the cold beer in his shorts.

"You are so gonna pay for that, Guppy. And when you do, it's gonna give a whole new meaning to the phrase 'paybacks are a bitch'. God, that was cold."

This served only to fuel Richie's laughter even more as he retrieved his dropped beer can from the shallow water. "Sorry, dude. The devil must've made me do it."

Pouring the remains of his water diluted beer into the lake, Richie looked first at the distant storm, then to the sky above them. "Look, bro, the stars are out, and the moon's comin up, too."

"Yeah," said Kyle with a final shiver as he walked down the dock to where Richie stood. "Weird, huh. Clear sky above us, with a moon on the rise, and all hell breaking loose to the north and west."

"I think it's cool. Why don't ya flip off the yard light, man."

With a shrug of his shoulders, Kyle retraced his steps to turn off the light. On his return, his eyes not yet accustomed to the absence of the yard-light, he could barely make out Richie's form, still standing in the shallow water. Straining his eyes to find the cooler, he was suddenly hit in the middle of his chest with Richie's wet cutoffs.

"Damn, Guppy, you don't know when to quit, do ya?"

"Aw, quit your whining. Now shuck those clothes and let's take that bath you were talkin about."

Smiling at Richie's bravado, Kyle dropped the wet shorts to the dock, followed quickly by his own T-shirt. Popping open the button on his shorts, his eyes now fully adjusted to the diminished light, he looked once again in Richie's direction. What he saw caused his fingers to freeze at his zipper, and his breath to catch in his throat. As if in a trance, he was mesmerized and totally captivated. Standing in knee-deep water, his back to the shore, Richie's nude body was a silhouette, beautifully back-lit by the blue-white luminescence of the moon that now hung just above the trees on the far side of the lake. As if that alone wasn't enough to take Kyle's breath away, the chaotic pattern of ripples and waves created by the gusting wind reflected and intensified the soft glow into hundreds of tiny spotlights that danced and flashed around him.

Unable to move or speak, staring at the powerfully erotic image of Richie as he massaged shampoo into his hair, his mind became filled with thoughts of their relationship. In those brief moments, he thought about what his life had been like before they'd met. He thought about how, even though he kept himself involved in a myriad of activities such as sports and an enviable social life, inside he was floundering. Since the death of his mother, like a ship without a rudder, his life had no direction, no goals - he just didn't care. Now, since he'd met Richie, his outlook had changed considerably. For the first time ever, he not only thought about going to college, he was looking forward to it, and it was all because of Richie.

Smiling when he saw Richie wince, then frantically wipe at the sting of the suds that seeped into his eyes, he felt a warm glow move through his body. All because of Richie Andrews, barely more than a child, yet full of enthusiasm for life, driven by a wisdom he didn't know he had, Kyle felt as though he'd been reborn and he was excited about his future.

What Kyle didn't consciously think about was how their relationship was a two-way street. It was an exchange, each giving the other what they needed the most. For Kyle it was Richie's 'feet-on-the-ground' logical approach to what lay ahead, and for Richie it was Kyle's strength and support along with his carefree attitude. Although these things weren't part of his thoughts as he watched Richie sink beneath the surface of the moon-lit lake to rinse his hair, like a big brother, he knew he loved him and would always watch over him, doing his best to help him and protect him whenever he could.

Despite his reflections, the sight of Richie's softly lit body had his member rigid and straining against the inside of his cutoffs. Richie was swimming now, just off the end of the dock. Playing like a dolphin, he would dive below the surface, then launch himself into the moonlight before disappearing to begin the cycle all over again.

His heart filled with love, his mind and body overwhelmed with drug enhanced lust, Kyle continued to watch him as he lowered his zipper and dropped his shorts. With his stiffened member leading the way, he waded into the shallow water until the waves began to lap at his navel.

Seeing him approach, Richie interrupted his play to swim over to him. Rather than stand, he looked up at him from a crouched position with only his head above the water.

"What took ya so long, big guy? I already got my hair washed."

"I know. I was watching you."

"Yeah? So did ya like what ya saw?"

"What do you think?" said Kyle as he pulled Richie's hand to his dick, hot and throbbing just below the surface of the water.

"Whoa, the hockey player's horny tonight," said Richie with a grin as he gave it a gentle squeeze. When he gave it a second squeeze, as if on cue, a flash of lightning lit up the northern horizon, followed soon by a muffled clap of thunder.

"Want me to wash your back?" asked Kyle in a soft, seductive voice.

Releasing his grip on Kyle, Richie stood to face him. Gently placing his hands on his chest, he began to stimulate his nipples with his thumbs while he looked him in the eyes.

"Yeah... my back, my front, all over me... but later."

With his own penis now fully aroused, Richie wrapped his arms around Kyle's waist and pulled him close. Grinding their cocks together, he tilted his head up and kissed him full on the lips, his tongue probing deep into his mouth. When he pulled back, he reached up to cradle Kyle's face in his hands while he spoke in a soft but demanding voice.

"Right now I want you to make love to me. I want to feel you inside of me. I want you to fuck the hell out of me."

"Now? Right here?" asked Kyle, surprised but none the less excited by the request.

"Yes," said a determined Richie. "Right here. Right now."

"But we don't..." started Kyle, wanting very badly to comply.

"Oh, but we do," interrupted Richie, a devilish twinkle in his seductive eyes.

Once again taking hold of Kyle's shaft, Richie led him along the dock into shallower water. When they arrived to a point where the surface of the water came just below his balls, and the dock was even with his waist, Richie reached his free hand into the towels to retrieve the Vaseline. Seeing a look of mild concern in Kyle's eyes, he placed the small jar into his open palm, then folded his fingers around it.

"Please, Kyle, do it now."

Without another word, Richie turned around, spread his feet wide, then leaned over the edge of the dock. It was the perfect height for what they were about to do, and the towels that lay flat beneath his chest provided him with all the comfort he would need. Despite all that Kyle had told him, and all that he'd read on the Internet, what Richie was about to experience was still new for him. So, expecting the best, but preparing for the worst, he reached his arms across the surface of the dock to curl his fingers over the edge before relaxing both his mind and his muscles.

Watching Richie offer himself up to him, Kyle hesitated. As badly as he wanted to do this, his concern for Richie made him wonder if they shouldn't go up to the cabin first. When another bolt of lightning flashed, by far the brightest yet, he saw Richie's face caught in the strobe, looking at him over his shoulder. In that briefest of moments he saw his yearning, his desire, his need. By the time the sound of the accompanying thunder had rolled away into the forest, all of his doubts had vanished.

Stepping up behind him to where he firmly planted his feet between Richie's, he noticed how perfectly aligned they were. Popping the top off the Vaseline, he looked down at his patiently waiting lover.

"How long have you been planning this, Guppy?'

"How long has it been since you suggested we take a bath?" replied Richie without turning his head. "Now stop talking and start doing."

Without another word, Kyle scooped a healthy amount of Vaseline onto the middle two fingers of his right hand before returning the jar to the dock. Remembering how it felt when Richie entered him last winter, he mentally prepared himself to be gentle, to control his feelings of lust and move slowly to minimize the discomfort.

Richie moaned softly with anticipation when Kyle spread his cheeks apart, then tensed a little when he felt the cool lubricant touch his puckered hole. Quickly relaxing again, he closed his eyes and smiled when he thought about what he'd wanted for so long was finally going to happen. Sighing with pleasure when Kyle began to coat the outside of his anus, he tried to relax even more by spreading his feet wider, then pushing his butt against Kyle's slippery fingers.

Taking Richie's shift in position as a signal to proceed, Kyle placed his fingertip at the center of the well lubricated ring and pressed firmly but gently against it. Richie flinched ever so slightly when he slipped through to the first knuckle, then relaxed just as quickly. While constantly monitoring his reaction for any signs of excessive discomfort, Kyle slowly but deliberately worked his finger in further. He did this in stages, first penetrating a little deeper, then twisting his finger when he pulled it back to lube the entire inside of his rectum. Soon his finger was buried as deep as it would go, the tip massaging and stimulating Richie's prostate.

At this point Richie no longer felt discomfort, only pleasure. Wanting more, he began to wriggle his butt in an effort to press his passion gland harder against Kyle's finger. The pleasure he felt when he did this was as good as he'd ever felt before, and he was sure that if it wasn't for the effects of the marijuana, he would soon be reaching climax. Even so, not sure how long he could hold off, he encouraged Kyle to proceed to their ultimate goal.

"Oh, God, Kyle, I am so ready for this. Please... do it now."

When Kyle removed his finger, Richie felt a momentary sense of loss. This feeling was quickly replaced with renewed excitement when he took it as only a temporary interruption - a prelude to what was about to follow. While Kyle coated his rigid member with what remained of the Vaseline on his fingers, Richie willed himself to remain relaxed even as his mind steeled itself for what he would feel next - what he had never felt before. Kyle had told him that it would hurt on penetration, but the perception of pain, especially in terms of intensity, was subjective. So despite Kyle's warning, Richie could only wonder at what he would really feel. Still, he was ready. No matter what he would feel initially, what Kyle told him of the pleasure to follow was more than enough to eclipse any amount of pain he could imagine.

Rubbing the Vaseline over the tip and down the sides of his shaft, Kyle again thought back to last winter when their positions were reversed. He remembered that the greatest pain came when Richie had first penetrated him, caused by the initial stretching of the sphincter muscles. Then a smile came to his lips when he also recalled that once those muscles became loosened, there was no more pain, only pleasure. Readying himself to enter as slowly as he possibly could, he laid the palm of his left hand between Richie's shoulder blades, then placed the tip of his penis against his well lubricated hole. After a momentary pause, he began to slowly press his body forward.

When Richie felt Kyle's hand on his back, he knew they were only moments away. As often as he'd thought about this, becoming excited and aroused at the prospect each time, he still had to use all of his willpower to keep from tensing up now that it was going to happen. When Kyle began to press against him, he could feel the tip of his dick perfectly centered on its target. As the pressure against him began to increase, his lust driven impatience caused him to push back. When he did this, the muscles of his anal ring gave way to Kyle's invading member.

When Kyle felt himself slip through, he immediately stopped his forward movement. Remembering this to be the most painful moment, he wanted to make sure that Richie became comfortable again before he proceeded any further.

No matter what Kyle had told him, or how much he'd read on the Internet about the pain of penetration, what Richie felt as Kyle entered him was beyond imagination. When his anal muscles suddenly stretched, the pain he felt was sharp and stabbing, as if every muscle down there was being ripped from its tendons - and despite his earlier resolve not to do so, his entire body tightened in an uncontrollable reflexive flinch, his fingers clamping tightly around the edge of the dock as he drew in a sharp breath through tightly clenched teeth. More than grateful that Kyle stopped when he did, the first beads of sweat broke out on his forehead as the pain that nearly brought tears to his eyes began to fade. And when, much sooner than he expected, it was gone altogether - with Kyle holding himself steady, only the tip of his dick still in him - what he felt was not only relief, but a renewed desire for him to proceed.

Although Kyle was prepared to wait as long as necessary for Richie, he was delighted that he recovered so quickly. The heat and stimulation he felt on the head of his dick, clamped so tightly within the entrance of Richie's ass, was fueling his excitement and desire for more. Still in control, he applied just enough additional pressure to cause the head of his cock to slip past Richie's opening before pausing for a second time.

When the larger bulk of Kyle's shaft stretched his muscles even further, Richie flinched again. This time the pain was no where near as intense, nor did it last as long. When it was gone, the feeling of being 'filled-up' that replaced it had Richie wondering if he'd have room to take all of Kyle's six inches. Before he had time to dwell on this, however, Kyle began to push forward again.

When Kyle's memory told him that the worst of it was over for Richie, and that it would only get better from now on, he smiled as he slowly inched more of himself in. When fully half his member was encased within Richie's rectum, the warmth that bathed it brought his excitement to a new level, and it was all he could do the refrain from pushing it the rest of the way in. Willing himself not to give in to his animal-like instincts, to exercise control for the sake of Riche's comfort, he reversed direction, backing away until once again only the tip remained within the grasp of the constrictive opening.

Since Richie couldn't see what was happening, he had no clue as to how much of Kyle had been inside him. When he pulled back, however, he had the same feeling of emptiness he felt when he removed his finger. All thoughts of pain now forgotten, he desperately wanted to feel Kyle inside him again, filling him as he did before. That filled-up feeling, foreign to him a short time ago, was now a feeling he craved. When Kyle began to move forward again, Richie all but lunged back against him.

This movement caused Kyle to bury himself so completely that the tip of his dick brushed across Richie's prostate. What Richie felt at that moment was so intense that he almost cried out when every muscle in his body seemed to tighten at once. It was a reflex action, to be sure, but it wasn't caused by pain this time. This time it was from pure erotic pleasure, the likes of which he'd never dreamed possible.

Buried deep within his lover, Kyle paused once again as he drew in a sharp breath of his own. It wasn't concern for Richie that made him stop, however, as they were well past any need for that. What made him stop this time with his head thrown back, his muscles taut and straining, was the intensity of feeling he was experiencing. When the tip of his dick passed over Richie's prostate, his entire rectum, so incredibly hot, suddenly seemed to suck him in deeper. So soft and pliable that it wrapped itself around his throbbing cock so perfectly that no nerve ending was left untouched.

With Kyle holding himself in place, the spasm of pleasure Richie felt began to ebb. Beginning to breathe again, he smiled to himself when he noticed the feel of Kyle's pubic hair pressed against his ass-cheeks. His smile was one of relief - relief in the knowledge that his earlier concerns for Kyle's length were irrelevant - he had taken him all the way in, and he'd done it with relative ease and unimaginable pleasure. Moments later, with Kyle no longer rubbing against his passion gland, like the pain before, the pleasure was quickly fading. So powerful was Richie's desire to get that feeling back again that he was about to move against Kyle's shaft when Kyle began movement of his own.

After slipping himself half-way out of Richie, Kyle didn't hesitate before reversing directions. This time when he pressed in, he grabbed Richie at the hips to pull him back, slowly but deliberately burying himself as deeply as physically possible. Again he gasped at Richie's reaction when he brushed his prostate. What he felt after only two thrusts was far more pleasurable than any fantasy his mind could have conjured. The warmth and tightness that enveloped his shaft made every masturbation technique and blow-job he'd ever had pale in comparison. Knowing from his past experience that whatever he did from now on would be all pleasure for Richie, he began by fucking him slowly and methodically. Feeling him clench, and hearing him moan each time he passed over his magic button, he fell into a steady, easy rhythm - a rhythm so filled with pleasure that he would have been quite content to maintain it all night.

Richie was completely loose and relaxed now, and every time Kyle brushed across his prostate, unbelievable waves of pleasure radiated out in all directions as if every nerve in his body were connected to that single spot. After many long minutes of Kyle's slow and rhythmic fucking, each change in direction sending new waves of pleasure through his body, Richie reached a plateau of sorts. Even though he was on the road to orgasm and experiencing more erotic stimulation than he'd ever dreamed possible, like the craving of a drug addict, he wanted more. When he went over the edge, he wanted to do so with the greatest amount of stimulation possible. This overwhelming desire prompted him to speak for the first time since Kyle had entered him.

"Harder, Kyle. Do it harder." His words were raspy and filled with urgency.

Kyle was in a near sexual frenzy when Richie said this, his hockey player's muscles straining, his body covered with sweat from his exertion. He wasn't far from reaching climax himself, so when Richie made his request, he was more than willing to comply. Wrapping his strong arms around Richie's waist for added leverage, and to keep him from hitting the dock, he backed himself nearly all the way out.

Richie smiled with lust-filled excitement when Kyle wrapped him in his strong athletic arms. He always liked it when Kyle manhandled him during sex, and when he felt the muscles of his arms, flexed and hard against his stomach, he knew he wouldn't be disappointed. Taking a deep breath when Kyle pulled back, he held it in his lungs as he mentally braced himself for what was to follow.

Pausing only briefly to make sure he had a firm grip around Richie's waist, Kyle thrust himself forward with all his strength, pulling back on Richie at the same time, ramming his cock deep within his lover.

When Kyle thrust into him this time, the tip of his cock jabbed at Richie's prostate before passing over it. The level of pleasure he felt at that moment was almost too much for him to bear. A groan so loud it was just short of a scream escaped his throat as he reflexively clenched the edge of the dock with his white-knuckled fingers while clamping himself even tighter around Kyle's driving hard-on.

Even before the spasms of pleasure had time to dissipate, Kyle pulled back, then lunged into him again with renewed aggression. He quickly fell into a rhythm again, but this one was different. The rhythm he was in now wasn't a slow and relaxed one, but one that was driven by unbridled lust, one that had him pounding into Richie relentlessly, over and over, as deeply and forcefully as he could. And every time he drove inward, he pulled Richie back, stabbing at his prostate with each powerful stroke, taking them higher and closer to orgasm with every animalistic assault.

Amidst the flashes of lightning and claps of thunder that filled the sky above the forest around them, the bodies of both boys were sweat-soaked and rigid, writhing in the throes of ecstasy as Kyle repeatedly drove himself into Richie with near abandon. Neither time nor their physical surroundings mattered to them now, they were both lost in the excitement and pleasure of their lovemaking.

As much as they would have liked to go on this way forever, neither boy could hold off his climax any more than he could have stopped a freight train, or held off the approaching storm. Unable to fight it off any longer, they finally gave in to the inevitable. With one final deliberate thrust, they reached the summit, then fell over the edge together. With his back arched and every muscle in his body drawn tight, Kyle literally screamed out his pleasure as he emptied himself deep within his lover. At the same moment, with his fingers curled and clenched like a vice around the edge of the dock, a long raspy groan escaped through Richie's clenched teeth as his pulsing shaft began to spew his juices into the lake below.

It was, without a doubt, the longest and most satisfying orgasm either boy had ever experienced - and when it was over, both were completely spent. When Kyle's muscles began to relax, his tired legs were no longer strong enough to support his weight. With his body covered in sweat, his dick still hard and deep inside his lover, he uttered a final moan of satisfaction as he eased himself down on top of Richie's back. With their hearts racing, and their breath coming in short gasps, they remained this way for several moments. It was only after the sound of thunder - loud enough to actually shake the dock - from a cloud to cloud lightning strike directly above them that Kyle whispered softly into Richie's ear.

"We gotta get out of the water, Rich. That lightning's getting too close for comfort."

"OK, I suppose if we gotta, we gotta," mumbled a contented Richie without moving, his disappointment obvious in his voice.

Fighting off the urge to remain as they were, the danger of standing in a lake during an electrical storm prompted Kyle to slowly withdraw his still rigid cock from Richie. With the storm posing a real threat now, he leaned over him again. Giving his shoulder a gentle squeeze, he spoke with just a touch of urgency.

"Let me help you up, Rich. We really gotta get out of the water."

"That's OK," said Richie with a smile, his eyes open for the first time. "I can make it."

With that, he pushed himself up off the dock and stood to face his friend and lover. With eyes glazed, a smile of total contentment on their faces, without a word they fell into a momentary embrace. When they stood apart again, both still weakened from their lovemaking, side by side, each with an arm around the other, they began to make their way to the beach. Just as they always did emotionally, now they supported each other physically as they strode through the shallow water. Neither boy spoke while they walked, but their minds were churning with post orgasmic fury. Both boys had just been to a place they never knew existed, and both couldn't wait to go there again.

Slumping to the bottom step to regain the rest of their strength, they leaned back on their elbows and looked from the lake to the sky above them trying to assess the storm's progress. The moon was gone now, hidden behind the clouds. In its absence, except for the occasional flash of cloud to cloud lightning that lit up the sky from all points of the compass, the beach was immersed in total darkness.

The wind had picked up considerably, but had also shifted to the northeast. It hadn't started to rain yet, but all these changes in the weather gave the boys pause to wonder just how long they'd been involved in their lovemaking. With the temperature and humidity unchanged, and the wind steady, though not yet very strong as it came off the lake, the sweat that covered their bodies began to evaporate, slowly cooling and refreshing them where they sat. After many moments, and at least as many thoughts going through their minds, Richie was the one to speak first.

"We never did get that bath, ya know."

"I know, but that's what happens when more important things come up," said Kyle, giving Richie's shoulder a gentle squeeze. "How do you feel? Did it hurt?"

"Fuckin right, it hurt," answered Richie, though the look on his face made it clear he didn't care. "Now I know where the expression 'ripping a new one' comes from. It kinda scared me at first, too, but just like you said, it went away like really fast, and when it did... it was the most incredible thing I have ever felt."

"So how do you feel now? Does it still hurt?"

"No, not at all."

"That's good. I was afraid I might've been a little too rough," said Kyle, his face showing concern as he brushed the sweat matted hair from Richie's forehead.

"No way, man. You did it just the way I wanted it. It was perfect. Tell the truth, the worst part was when you pulled out when it was over. I love the feeling of you being inside me, and if it wasn't for that damn lightning, I was gonna suggest round two."

"You and me both, bro. I couldn't believe how hot and tight you are. I think I coulda stayed hard in you all night. I've always thought you had a good looking ass before, but from now on it's gonna look a whole lot better."

"Whoa, and I thought I was the horny one," said Richie, leaning back on the steps to stretch his arms and legs. Then, running his hand over his sweaty stomach, he smiled up at Kyle. "Maybe later we can take up where we left off, but right now I need a shower."

"We could still take that bath if ya want. So far all the lightning's been high cloud to cloud strikes."

"Yeah, so how's that make it safe, Mr. Wizard?"

"That means it's so high and far away that it can't reach the ground so it jumps between the clouds, instead. Just to be on the safe side, though, I suggest we run in, get wet, then soap-up on shore. Another quick run to rinse off and we're done."

"Alright! Last one in's a rotten egg!" exclaimed Richie, acting like a little kid as he jumped to his feet.

Minutes later they were standing on the beach, tossing the bar of soap between them as they lathered their bodies. While Richie cleaned the Vaseline from the crack of his ass, he watched Kyle stroke himself to clean it off his dick. As he did this, he recalled how incredibly turned on he was when Kyle was driving into him earlier. These thoughts, combined with the stimulation of his lather-slicked hand between his cheeks of his ass caused him to become excited again, and his dick began to rise. The revival of this lust moved him to slip a soapy finger to his anus, then plunge it inside to the second knuckle. The pain he felt when he did this was totally unexpected, causing him to jump with a gasp. Though not near as bad as it was when Kyle first entered him, it was enough to quickly deflate his rising dick.

Immediately after he removed his finger the pain disappeared again, but left Richie with mixed feelings. Grateful that Kyle was too busy washing his hair to notice him flinch, or hear him gasp, he began to wonder if he could handle another round of lovemaking without giving himself more time to recover. He wanted to, there was no doubt about that. Despite the pain he felt, both then and now, he thoroughly enjoyed the experience but was afraid he may be too sensitive to do it again so soon.

He could explain this to Kyle, of course, but that thought gave him even greater worries. The key element to the magnitude of his orgasm was Kyle's aggressiveness. It was his power and strength that made it so good, and he didn't want him to back off, or worse, refuse to do it at all just because it caused him a little pain. Before he could figure out what to do, his thoughts were interrupted when he heard Kyle dive into the lake to rinse himself off. Putting his concerns on the back burner, he ran in to join him. A short time later, all rinsed and squeaky clean, they were standing on the dock toweling themselves off.

"What d'ya say, Rich? You thirsty? Want a beer of somthin?"

"Yeah, but I think I'd like a beamer, instead."

"Whoa, I guess it's true what they say... great minds do think alike. Sit tight, bro, and I'll get us a couple."

When Kyle ran up to the cabin, Richie took advantage of his absence to check himself out more closely. He didn't think there was anything seriously wrong with him, that there wasn't any real damage done, but he wanted to be sure. As soon as he heard the screen door to the cabin slam shut, he ran to the yard light and flipped it on. Cautiously prodding at his anus again, he found it still slick enough to ease his finger inside. When he did, he felt a small amount of pain this time, but that, too, went away once he got past the his anal ring. With his pain sensors on full alert, he gently swabbed the inside of his rectum, then removed his finger. Encouraged by the fact that this had caused no pain at all, he examined his finger for any signs of blood. Much to his relief, and renewed excitement, all he saw was the colorless lubricant mixed with traces of Kyle's semen. Encouraged by this, a lustful grin returned to his face while his penis began to grow again.

'I'll be just fine,' he thought as he flipped off the light before returning to the dock. He quickly washed his hands and was rinsing them in the lake when he heard the cabin door again.

"What were you lookin for?" asked Kyle as set the ice filled glasses along with the Jim Beam and coke on the dock next to the cooler.

"Looking for?"

"Yeah, when I was rounding up the beamer fixins, I saw the yard-light come on."

"Oh, that. I, um, couldn't find the Vaseline. I thought maybe you'd dropped it in the water or somethin."

"Well, I sure hope you found it," said Kyle with a grin as he stood in front of Richie, their semi-erect members brushing against each other. Then, after a quick kiss on the lips, he pulled Richie into an embrace while he whispered into his ear. "Cause I know exactly what I want to do with it."

Before Richie had time to react, Kyle slipped his finger between his ass-cheeks and went right to his anus. When he gently but deliberately pressed against it, Richie flinched.

What followed happened in little more than a heartbeat. Stepping back until his hands settled onto Richie's waist, Kyle's expression went from surprise, to worry, then to anger.

"You are sore, aren't you. Why didn't you tell me? I hurt you and you didn't tell me. God, I knew it. I was way too rough. Why didn't you tell me, Rich?"

Kyle was in a near panic, his words running together as tears began to fall across his cheeks. Richie had never seen him so upset and he was shocked and even a little scared.

"Kyle, no! It's not like that!"

"What the fuck does that mean, Rich?" his anger more evident as he stepped away from Richie. Wiping at his tears, he continued his tirade. "I lost control and hurt you. What else can it be? And you didn't tell me. You promised me, Rich. You promised to tell me if I got too rough. Why didn't you?"

"Because you didn't, that's why," said Richie, his voice becoming more determined as he tried to calm his friend, "and if you'll just chill for a minute, I'll explain."

Kyle turned away from Richie, and for the next few moments there was an uneasy silence on the dock. Speaking with a quieter but no less determined voice, Richie put his hand on Kyle's shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze.

"C'mon, man, sit down and chill for a minute while I make us some drinks, would ya? Then I'll tell you what happened."

Still upset, Kyle shook off Richie's hand without speaking. After another brief moment, he walked to the end of the dock and sat down. Taking this as a positive sign, Richie quickly threw together a couple of drinks before joining him.

"Here, bro, try this," said Richie, handing him one. Without looking at him, Kyle took a sip, then looked out across the lake.

"First of all, you weren't out of control. Everything I told you was true, I swear. It was fantastic. And second, when you asked me if I was sore, I wasn't, and I'm still not. It's just a little sensitive to touch right now, is all. But I didn't even know that until just before you went up to the cabin. The only thing I lied to you about was why I had the light on. When I found out I was a little sore there, I wanted to make sure it wasn't... you know, more serious. So I turned the light on to check, and I'm very pleased to report there is no damage. I'm sure what I'm feeling is normal. I mean, didn't you feel a little sore last winter?"

When Kyle didn't respond, Richie went on. "I lied about the light because I didn't want you to get upset over nothing, which is exactly what you did. What's important here is that you believe me now. No way were you out of control, and other than the pain I felt when you first went in, it was the most incredible thing I ever felt, and that's the God's honest truth."

"For real?" asked Kyle, looking over to Richie for the first time.

"For real, bro, and I wouldn't want it any other way."

There was another moment of silence before Kyle spoke again. "I'm sorry for going off like that. It's just that I just care about you so much that I couldn't..."

"Hey, forget it, OK? No harm, no foul." interrupted Richie as he draped his arm over Kyle's shoulder to pull him close. "Besides, it's probably the weed that got you freakin out so much. I know it can do that to me. You know, whatever you're feelin, the dope makes you feel it even more? Makes you sorta overreact sometimes? C'mon, this is our last night here, so let's make the best of it, OK?"

"Yeah, sure," said Kyle, a smile beginning to form at the corners of his mouth.

All at once, like a signal of events to follow, there were two successive flashes of lightning followed by claps of thunder loud enough to make both boys jump. Seconds later the first drops of rain, carried on a strong gust of cool wind from off the lake, splashed against their bodies.

"C'mon," said Richie as he gave Kyle's shoulder a final squeeze. "Let's grab our stuff and get inside. I think the rain is finally here."

Scooping up their belongings as they went, they ran down the dock toward shore with Richie leading the charge. By the time he'd reached the steps, the temperature had dropped by several degrees, and the wind that roared steadily now, pelted them with large, nearly freezing raindrops. Pausing briefly at the end of the dock, Kyle took a final look around to make sure they hadn't forgotten anything, then continued up the hill to catch up with Richie.

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