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What We Are

Richie's Story

by Richie Ryan

Chapter 7: Saturday Night

After they said their good-byes, Richie thanked Stephanie for the ride, then ran up to the back door and into the house. He kicked off his Nikes, then went into the empty kitchen and looked up at the clock. Noticing that it was 4:35, and an hour and a half before supper time, his stomach growled, reminding him that he hadn't eaten anything since breakfast. Deciding he would die if he tried to wait for supper, he hastily threw together a ham sandwich, poured himself a glass of milk, then headed for his room. As he passed the family room, he saw his parents sitting on the couch, his dad reading the paper while his mom thumbed through the TV Guide.

"Hey, guys," he said as he passed the doorway.

"Richie?" called his mother.

"Yeah, Mom," he answered, retracing his steps to lean on the doorjamb.

"How are you feeling, honey?"

"It's aching a little right now, so I thought I'd go up and take one of those pills."

"Good. Then why don't you lie down for a while. I'll call you when supper's ready."

"OK, Mom, I will. Thanks."

When he reached his bedroom, he put his milk and sandwich on the night stand, then sat on the edge of his bed before picking up the bottle of pills. Snatching his sandwich up with his free hand, he took a big bite as he started to read the label again. He was about to open the bottle when he remembered the pill he had stuffed in his pocket earlier. Taking another bite from his sandwich, he dug out the pill, popped it into his mouth, then followed it with a big gulp of milk. Being as hungry as he was, it didn't take him long to finish his snack. As he drained the last of his milk, he let his mind recap all that had happened to him in the last twenty four hours.

He had made three new friends, all two years older than him. First Kevin, though not under the best of circumstances, then Kyle, and finally Stephanie. He was a bit surprised that Stephanie had opened up to him the way she did, but he liked her, and hoped she could resolve her problems with Kevin. He felt that Kyle had wanted to talk to him on a personal level as well, that there was something bothering him, but Richie had no clue as to what it might be. He was really beginning to like Kyle, and wanted to get to know him better. Then there was Kevin, with his willingness to help him so much when he needed it. Kevin, with those killer brown eyes.

Stretching out on his bed, he closed his eyes and recalled the picture of Kevin again, standing stark naked in front of him in his bedroom. That beautiful sculpted body with that gorgeous dick and low hanging balls, just inches from his face. Then an image of Kyle filled his head, nearly naked, standing next to him in the dressing room. He thought of his teen model looks, his perfect white teeth, and his beautifully proportioned genitals. Soon, Richie's dick was rock hard within the confines his blue jeans.

His thoughts shifted again to his conversation with Stephanie. She told him that he was what every girl wanted. 'Yeah, right,' he thought, 'Not if they knew the real Richard Andrews. Not if they knew he was attracted to boys.' Then he remembered how Kyle had called him a stud. What did he mean by that? Did he mean that he, Kyle, thought him a stud - or did he mean some girl would think him a stud? 'Why couldn't he be like everybody else,' he wondered, 'Why didn't he have feelings for girls instead of boys.' Grappling with this ongoing dilemma concerning his sexuality, Richie thought once again about that fateful Friday night a week ago, when Lindy had jacked him off, and he had returned the favor.


All was quiet in his room as he lay there on his back, slowly coming down from the most incredible orgasm he ever had. As he returned to the real world, he was aware that Lindy was still laying next to him, patiently waiting for him to recover. As he lay there, he realized that his best friend didn't just jack him off per their agreement, but went beyond the call of duty so to speak. He had taken his time, caressing and teasing him before sending him into orbit. Having no idea how long it had been since he blew his load, he felt that the ball was now in his court, that he had to say something.

"Thanks, Lindy, that was fantastic."

"Glad ya liked it, bro."

"Liked it? Oh yeah, I liked it alright."

Actually, he liked it a lot. He had wanted it to go on forever. It wasn't just because of the intense orgasm, either. It was because it was Lindy who had given it to him. It was because of the way that Lindy had given it to him that made it so intense.


"Yeah, Rich?"

"What you did was incredible. I mean, you didn't just jack me off... you touched me in ways I've only dreamed about." Turning his head to Lindy, he opened his eyes for the first time and asked, "Where did you learn to do that, man? Did Ronnie do that for you?"

"Hell no. He just grabbed my dick and jacked away."

"Then why did you... "

Cutting him off, Lindy said, "Look, Rich, you're my best bud, right? I just wanted to give you the best I could. I just did what I thought would make you feel good is all."

Rolling on to his side to face his friend, Richie propped himself up on his elbow and smiled.

"Well, it was better than good, it was unbelievable. Now lay you ass down and let me see if I can match it."

As Lindy stretched out flat on his back, his flaccid penis laying across his thigh, Richie knew he was about to do what he had dreamed of doing for so long. He didn't know if he could top what Lindy did, but he was sure as hell going to try.

He positioned himself as Lindy had, sitting cross-legged, Indian style, with his knees almost touching Lindy's side. He placed both of his hands gently on Lindy's chest, one on each side, just below his pecs. For just a moment he let his hands rest where they were, feeling Lindy's chest rise and fall with each breath. He felt the steady beating of Lindy's heart as he sat motionless, taking in the beauty of his best friends body that lay before him. Then, almost imperceptibly, he began to move his hands in small circles. As he widened his circular movements, his hands moved over Lindy's ribs, down his sides, then over his hips. He never lost contact with Lindy's skin as he moved them up to his stomach, then back to his chest, higher now, toward his nipples. Riche kept this up for a few minutes, his hands alternating between Lindy's stomach and sides, his chest and nipples, softly caressing his warm exposed flesh. Each time he crossed Lindy's chest, he would linger there long enough to feel his slowly increasing heartbeats.

As he methodically moved his hands over Lindy's body, he watched as his perfect cut dick began to inflate. 'What a beautiful dick', thought Richie while he watched it reach its full hardness, as yet untouched.

After he glided his hands over Lindy's stomach for a few more seconds, he changed his approach. He slid his right hand up Lindy's chest to his right nipple, while he let his left hand wander down to his abdomen, just above his pubic hair. As he circled around Lindy's abdomen with his left hand, he gently rubbed his nipple with the palm of his right, making it erect and firm. When he moved his right hand to the left nipple, he stroked up and down Lindy's upper thighs with his left. First the right one, then the left.

When both of his nipples were fully aroused, he brought his right hand back to Lindy's stomach while he slipped his left hand between his legs, just below his scrotum. Now softly groaning from Richie's sensuous touch, Lindy spread his legs to allow him full access to the silky soft flesh of his inner thighs. Richie couldn't believe how soft and smooth the hairless skin felt as he stroked up and down between Lindy's legs. Wanting to take his time at what he was doing, he purposely avoided touching Lindy's balls as he moved from one leg to the other. Feeling the intense heat that radiated from the flesh beneath his hand caused Richie's dick to become rock-hard again.

After a few more minutes of caressing Lindy's legs and stomach, Richie moved his right hand to his pubic bush, entwining the hairs in his fingers. At the same time, he slid his left hand up and cupped his friend's hairless balls, gently kneading them with his fingers. The silky-soft skin of his ball sack felt hot to Richie's touch, as if it had a furnace hidden within it. Feeling this heat on his fingers as he fondled Lindy's balls, caused Richie's own excitement to grow. It also caused Lindy to groan louder, arching his neck against the pillow. After a few minutes of this, Richie slid the palm of his right hand across the underside of Lindy's dick, and down to his balls. He then encircled his scrotum at the base of his cock with his thumb and forefinger. Applying a small amount of pressure, he squeezed his friends balls in the palm of his hand as he tugged them downward. At the same time, he slipped the middle finger of his other hand down to the area between his scrotum and his anus. He began to stimulate this sensitive area by rubbing his finger back and forth, traveling all the way from his scrotum to the edge of his hole, then back again.

Lindy was groaning louder now, his breath coming in shorter gasps. Seeing a small drop of pre-cum seep from Lindy's piss slit as his dick pulsed with his heartbeat, Richie had an almost overwhelming desire to lick it, to taste it on his tongue, to feel its warmth in his mouth. He wanted to suck Lindy's entire rock hard cock into his mouth, and feel it pulse against the back of his throat. Fighting off these urges as his own dick seeped pre-cum, Richie continued to pleasure his friend.

Wrapping the fingers of his right hand in a fist around Lindy's cock, Richie squeezed and rolled his balls around in his left. When he did this, Lindy began to squirm around on the bed as if his body was going into convulsions. His dick was leaking profusely now as Richie started to slowly stroke the length of it, picking up pre-cum from the tip for lubrication.

When finally he sensed that Lindy was getting close, Richie changed hands, then stepped up his stroking action, the pre-cum allowing his hand to slide easily over Lindy's engorged member. He increased his pace when he saw Lindy's balls begin to tighten, pulling themselves closer to his body as he approached his orgasm.

Looking down at his best friend, thrashing about in the throws of ecstasy, Richie began to shake with desire. Unable to control himself, he leaned over his friend's outstretched body and placed his lips over one of his rigid nipples, sucking it into his mouth. While Richie furiously pounded Lindy's cock and sucked his nipple, Lindy's organ erupted in torrents of boy cum. Glob after glob of creamy love juice splashed onto the two boys, most of it landing on Richie's cheek and arm, the rest pooling onto Lindy's stomach.

Then, without warning, Richie's penis erupted as his own orgasm overtook him, expelling sperm onto his hunched over stomach where it dripped down to the bed sheets below.

Richie was in shear panic as he lifted his head from Lindy's saliva coated nipple. He knew he had crossed the line. Not only did he suck on Lindy's nipple, but he had been so turned-on that he had an orgasm of his own, without even touching himself. Keeping a cool head, Richie continued to milk the last of Lindy's cum from his dick as he fished around for some of the sheets that were bunched between his own legs. Grabbing a fistful of the linen, he wiped the cum from his stomach, hoping - no, praying - that Lindy wouldn't come down too soon and catch him. Explaining why he had sucked on his nipple will be hard enough to do, but explaining why he had come all over himself as well, would be impossible.

Sopping up the last of his juices, Richie released his friends now limp penis and looked at the cum that was smeared all over his hand. His immediate reaction was to wipe it off on the sheets, but at the last minute he stopped himself. Bringing his hand to his nose, he sniffed it, then, without hesitation, he licked some of it into his mouth. He had tasted his own cum once, but this was different, this was Lindy's cum. It had the same sweet and salty taste that his own had, but it was still different somehow. It felt a little thicker in his mouth, and tasted a little stronger. He knew what he was doing was wrong, perverted even, but he enjoyed it just the same as he swirled Lindy's cum around in his mouth before swallowing. Just then, Lindy began to stir, as he moaned softly in his throat. Looking down at his own crotch to make sure his dick was now limp and cum free, Richie wiped off his hand and waited.

After several moments of total silence, Lindy began to stir again. A wide grin grew across his face as he opened his eyes to look up at Richie.

"Wow, Rich, that was unbelievable. I never dreamed it could feel that good."

Wanting to get past this moment as fast as possible, Richie said, "I just did what you did, bro. I just wanted to do the best I could for my best friend is all."

"Oh, you did that, alright."

There was another short silence in the room as Lindy closed his eyes and stretched his body out on the bed like a contented cat. Then, while he gently caressed his left nipple, he softly sucked in his breath.

"When you sucked on my nipple, I thought I would explode. I mean, that was unreal. I've never even dreamed about what it might feel like to have my nipple sucked."

"Glad you liked it, bro, cause it's the last time you'll get it. From me, anyway."

Closing his eyes and smiling again, Lindy gave out a wistful sigh.

"Oh, Rich, why couldn't you have big tits and a cunt. You are so good."

"Bite me, bitch," laughed Richie as he elbowed his friend in the shoulder. "By the way, thanks for doing this with me."

"So, you're like OK with it then? With what I did to you, and what you did to me? Even though it was pretty gay?"

"I don't think it was pretty gay, Lindy. I think it was like way gay. But yeah, I'm fine with it. Even though my first time having sex with another person was with a guy, it was with my best friend, and that made it special, a shared experience. I think sharing sex is way better than doing it solo, and even though this was a one time deal, I'll never forget it, of that I'm sure."

"Whoa, Rich. I didn't know your mind was capable of such deep thoughts."

"Ya think? Well let's see if my mind is capable causing my body to kick your scrawny ass, punk."

With that, Richie fell on top of his friend where a no holds barred, cum smeared, naked boy wrestling match ensued.


"Richie? Richie, honey, wake up."

Richie's eyes fluttered open as his mother's voice penetrated his groggy mind. She was sitting on the edge of his bed, gently brushing the hair from his forehead as she spoke.

"Oh, hi, Mom. What time is it? Is supper ready?"

"It's almost eight o'clock."

"Oh no. I missed supper then, huh? I'm sorry, I didn't hear you call me. That pill I took must have really put me out."

Smiling down at him his mother said, "No dear. You didn't exactly miss supper. You didn't hear me call you because I didn't. I knew you would probably be sleeping, and I thought you needed rest right now more than food, so I let you sleep. I kept a plate for you in the fridge that I'll warm up as soon as you're ready for it. What I came up to tell you is, you have a phone call."

"Oh. OK, I'll be right down." Then, as his mother headed for the door he added, "Mom?"

Turning back to him she answered, "Yes, Richie?"

"Thanks for letting me sleep... and, well, for everything."

His mother just smiled back, hooked her thumb over her shoulder in the direction of the hallway, mouthed the word 'Phone', then was gone.

Swinging his legs over the edge of the bed, Richie sat up as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes. Glancing at the clock, which verified what his mother said, he knew it would be Lindy on the phone. 'Probably wants to know how the hockey game went,' he thought. Rarely did a day end without one of them calling the other just to shoot the shit, or update each other on the day's activities. He stood up, adjusted his mussed clothes, then headed out of his room and down the stairs. As he entered the kitchen, he snatched up the cordless phone off the counter, slouched down on his chair, then smiled at his mother as he saw her preparing to warm up his supper.

Putting the phone to his ear, he said, "Hey, bro, what up?"

"Hey, Rich, how ya feeling, man?" It wasn't Lindy on the other end of the line.


"Well, yeah. At least it was when I got up this morning."

"Sorry, man," said Richie, his surprise registering in his voice, "I was expecting it to be Lindy. He's usually the only one who calls me, so I just assumed it was him. Um, I'm doing pretty good actually. I took a pill when I got back from the game and it kinda put me out for a while, but it sure takes the pain away. By the way, congrats on the goal this afternoon. It was intense, man."

"Thanks, man. It was pretty sweet, alright. My first shorthanded goal."

"Yeah, so I heard. Hell of a rush, huh?"

"The best, man. The best," he answered.

"So, did you guys win? I was sort of worried about Kyle, so I left early to see how he was doing."

"Oh yeah, we won alright, despite Kyle's performance."

"He feels really bad about that, ya know."

"I know. The guys were really pissed at him, but since we won, they'll get over it soon enough. I hear Stephanie gave you a ride home. I hope she didn't talk your ear off or anything."

"No, not at all. She did want to make mad passionate love to me, but I had to decline because of my condition, ya know."

"In your dreams, chump," said Kevin with a laugh. Richie's mother did not laugh, however, as she overheard him from across the room and gave him that 'watch your mouth' look.

Blushing as he got the motherly message, Richie asked, "So, are you with her now? She said you guys would be celebrating your goal tonight."

"Nah, I was over at her house for a little while, but that's all. Just got home a few minutes ago, so I thought I'd give you a call to see how you were doin."

Richie detected a definite dejected tone in Kevin's voice, but decided to let it go.

"Well, like I said, I'm doin OK. The pain seems to be goin away, and the bruise doesn't look nearly as bad as it did last night. Looks like the doctor knows what he's talking about. I still don't feel up to anything strenuous tonight, so I'll probably just chill here at home and watch the tube or somethin. How bout you? What you got planned for tonight?"

"Nothin, I guess. Maybe I'll hit the ice for a while and turn in early. I can always use a workout. Besides, skating helps me to clear my head sometimes, ya know?"

Before Richie could answer, he heard the familiar call waiting click in his ear.

"Look, Kevin, I got another call coming in. Hang on a sec and let me see who it is, OK?"

"Sure, Rich, go for it."

With that, Richie punched the flash button to answer the waiting call.


"Hey, bro, what up?" It was Lindy

"Hey, Lindy. Can I call ya right back, man, I'm on the other line with Kevin?"

"No prob, bro, I'll be waiting with baited breath."

Smiling at the comment, Richie once again punched the flash to bring Kevin back on.

"Hey, Kevin, it was just Lindy."

"Oh, well look, I don't want to keep ya. I just wanted to make sure you were healing is all. I still feel a little guilty about the whole thing, ya know?"

"Hey, forget it, man. It's no big deal." After a short pause, Richie had an unexpected afterthought. "Look, Kevin, since you're not doin anything tonight, and I'm not doin anything tonight. Ya wanna come over for a while and do it together."

Suddenly feeling embarrassed, and a bit too forward about asking his 'all too new' friend over, he began to back off a little.

"I mean, if you want to that is. We could pop in some CD's and just hang for a while."

Expecting to hear a quick and decisive no, or at least a pause before Kevin's answer, Richie was surprised when he heard, "Sounds like a plan to me, Rich. See ya in a half, OK?"

"Yeah, see ya."

With that, Kevin hung up, leaving a very surprised Richie holding the now silent phone in his hand.

Almost immediately, his thoughts were interrupted by the delicious aroma of piping hot scalloped potatoes and ham that arose from the plate his mother placed in front of him.

"What did Kevin have to say?" she asked as she poured him a large glass of milk

"Um, oh, he just wanted to see how I was doing."

"That was considerate of him. He seems like a real nice boy."

"Yeah, he's OK ,I guess. Oh, by the way, he's coming over tonight to hang out for a while. That OK?"

"Sure, if you feel up to it, Richie."

A little tired of all this concern about his condition, Richie rolled his eyes up at his mom and groaned.

"Jeez, Mom, I'm fine. Could ya lighten up a little?"

"Sorry, Richie, I'm just being a mother."

With that, she ruffled his hair before leaving the kitchen for the family room.

When he was alone again, Richie wondered what had possessed him to ask Kevin over. After all, he hardly knew him. How would he entertain him? Kevin was a Junior and he was only a Freshman. He probably didn't even like the same music. As he scooped up the first forkful of food from his plate, he remembered Lindy's call. Setting the fork back down, he picked up the phone again and punched in Lindy's number.

"Hello?" It was Lindy.

"Hey, Lindy, what up?"

"Not much, bro. How was the hockey game?"

As he resumed eating, Richie began to give Lindy a rundown of the afternoon's activities between mouthfuls. He had forgotten how hungry he was, and the food disappeared quickly from his plate. After recounting Kevin's goal, Kyle's fight, and his ride home with Stephanie, he remembered his phone conversation with Kevin.

"Oh, and Kevin's coming over to hang for a while tonight. You wanna come?"

"Kevin's coming over to your house?"

"Yeah, so?"

"Nothing, I guess. It's just that you only met him last night, and now your hanging out with him at your house. Just seems, you know, strange... what with him being an in-crowd Junior and all."

"So what? He's a nice guy. Besides, we spent enough time together to get to know each other some, ya know."

"True that."

"Well, are ya coming over or not?"

"Love to Rich, but the rents went out to a movie and I get to stay with the Brad."

"You have got to do something about that, Lindstrom. He's twelve years old for cripes sake."

"I know, I know. I'll talk to them again tomorrow about it." Then quickly adding, "Speaking about tomorrow, your place or mine?"

Tomorrow was Sunday, and what Lindy was referring to was the football game on TV. Both boys have been NFL fans since they were small, and what made it interesting was that Richie was an avid Vikings fan, while Lindy was as big a fan of the Green Bay Packers. This was one of the few things they disagreed on throughout their young lives, and it made for some very interesting, and often overzealous confrontations. Although they never came to blows over this long standing rivalry, a number of discussions had left the two not speaking for a couple of days. Whenever these two teams were playing each other, which was twice during each regular season, the boys would make it a point to watch it together, and tomorrow would be no exception. To top it off, with only two regular season games left after tomorrow, these two teams were playing a game that could well decide the NFC Central Div. Championship.

"I'll get back to you on that in the morning, OK?"

"Sure, dude, no prob. Call me. Bye."

"Bye, Lindy."

After returning the phone to its cradle on the wall behind his chair, Richie began to clear up his dishes. As he rinsed them and placed them in the dishwasher, he thought again about Kevin coming over, and what Lindy had said about it. 'What did Lindy think about it? What's the big deal anyway?' wondered Richie. 'Hell, what do I think about it? Why did I do it, anyway?' Even as he asked himself these questions, Richie knew all too well why he did it. He really liked Kevin, and he wanted to get know him better, a lot better. He wanted to see him naked again. He wanted to hold his naked body in his arms.

Just as his dick began to swell in his jeans, the back doorbell rang. So accustomed to Lindy ringing the bell before he burst through the door, he looked up expecting to see the door fly open and the frame to fill with the presence of his best friend. It didn't happen. Of course it didn't happen. It wasn't Lindy at all. It was Kevin, waiting outside to be invited in, seemingly already accustomed to using the back door after only one visit to his house.

Pausing a little to long, as if frozen in time, Richie just stared at the door, his mind a blank. The bell rang out again.

"You going to get that, Richie?" called his mom from the other room, jolting him back to reality.

"Yeah, Mom, I got it," he shouted back as he leapt at the door, throwing it open so quickly that it banged against the wall.

"Kevin!" he said, his voice cracking slightly.

"Well, duh. What took ya so long, man? I was beginning to think I had the wrong house or somethin."

Fumbling to put some coherent words together, Richie replied, "Oh, no. I mean, no, you don't have the wrong house. I mean, I like, had a handful of dishes when you rang the bell and... I guess I was thinking it was Lindy. I mean, I knew it wasn't Lindy... "

"Whoa, Rich, can I come in? It's like freezing out here," asked Kevin, interrupting him.

"Oh, shit. I mean, sure. Come on in."

Slipping past Richie into the hallway, Kevin immediately toed off his Nikes, pushed them off to the side, then began to pull off his jacket. Two more signs of familiarity to an only once visited house that caused Richie to pause again as he stood in the wide open doorway.

After another moment of silence, Kevin looked up at him.

"Don't you think you better close the door, dude?"

"Oh, yeah, sorry," he said as he pushed the door shut tight.

"You alright, Rich? You're acting kinda weird here."

"Um, yeah, I'm OK. I think it's the pain pill, fucking up my mind or something."

Lame, thought Richie, but the best he could come up with. It seemed to work, though, because Kevin gave him an understanding nod of his head.

"Come on, let's go up to my room."

Waving a greeting to his parents as they passed the family room, Kevin followed Richie as he led the way up to his bedroom.

Once inside, Richie closed the door and almost immediately said, "Aw shit. I just remembered... most of my CD's are over at Lindy's. They seem to find their way over there cause his stereo is way better than mine."

Then, picking up a small stack from his bookshelf, he held them out for Kevin to see.

"I only have these three here right now. Their my favorites, so I don't let them get too far away."

"Whoa, Jonny Lang. Cool. You into Blues, Rich?"

"Yeah, kinda, I guess. You like Jonny Lang?"

"You bet. I saw him play at a teen club in Fargo two years ago when I was in a tournament there."

"Really? That's his home town."

"I know. He's only a year older than me, and he cut his first CD when he was your age."

"Oh, I know," said Richie, "and since then he's toured with BB King, and even opened for the Stones during part of their last tour. I think he's fucking awesome."

Taking 'Wander This World' back from Kevin, Richie slipped it into the player. As 'It's Still Rainin' began to play, he sat down on his desk chair, his legs straddling the back, his arms crossed over the top so that he was facing his guest.

Kevin had already made himself comfortable on Richie's bed, sitting on the edge and leaning back on his elbows. Neither boy spoke as they listened to the first few songs, Kevin enjoying the music, Richie enjoying Kevin.

'God, he's beautiful,' thought Richie as he stared over at him. 'He's so laid back and relaxed. It's hard to believe he's a hockey player from the way he looks now.'

Just before the title song began, Kevin looked up at Richie and caught him staring.

"What?" he asked.

"Nothin," said Richie as he continued to stare.

"Something's on your mind, Rich. I can tell from the look on your face."

"Yeah?" After a short pause, Richie continued, "OK, truth?"

"Only way, man."

"OK then, what's on your mind?"

Turning his head away from Richie, Kevin stared at nothing in particular for a while, obviously gathering his thoughts.

"Is it that obvious? That something's buggin me, I mean?"

"The signs are there," said Richie.

Kevin smiled as he briefly closed his eyes. Then, sitting up and resting his elbows on his knees, he looked down at the floor between his feet.

"Did you and Stephanie talk about me today?"

'Oh boy,' thought Richie. Even though his conversation with Stephanie this afternoon was the first one they ever had, he felt a sense of confidentiality here. He thought it would be like betraying a trust if he said too much, so he chose his words carefully.

"Yeah, some I guess."

At that, Kevin quickly looked over at Richie with a surprised expression on his face. Before he could speak, Richie quickly continued.

"Well? It's like what else would we have to talk about?"

Looking back at the floor, Kevin asked, "So, what did she say?"

"Well, I think she's very much in love with you if that's what you're wondering."

Still looking at the floor Kevin said, "Yeah, I know she is. That's what I'm worried about."

By now Richie was getting really confused. Where was this conversation going? Better yet, why were they having the conversation at all, a conversation very much like the one he didn't want to have with Stephanie this afternoon. Before he could say anything, however, Kevin continued.

"I think we're going to break up, Rich."

'Whoa, the bomb just dropped. Or the proverbial 'other shoe', as they,' thought Richie. 'But this still doesn't make any sense.'

Trying unravel his confusion, Richie asked, "Didn't you just hear what I said, Kevin? She's in love with you... there isn't any other guy."

Now looking up, Kevin said, "I know, Rich. It's not her that wants to break up with me, it's me that wants to break up with her."

Even more confused now, Richie thought he saw a tear in Kevin's eye, and he definitely heard a slight cracking in his voice.

"So you've found another girl? Is that it?"

After a hesitation that seemed to last a little too long, Kevin looked away again.

Finally, he shook his head and said, "No, man, there's nobody else, no one at all."

Another short silence before Kevin looked at Richie again. Seeing total confusion written on Richie's face, he stood up and started to pace around the room.

"Let me try to explain it to you."

"That would be nice," said Richie. "I could use some of that right now."

A statement meant to lighten things up a bit.

"Stephanie and I have known each other, like, forever. We've always been best friends, ya know? Sometimes I wish we could go back to being just 'best friends'... things were so much simpler then."

"Well, yeah, I can understand that," interrupted Richie. "Playing in the sandbox and making mud pies doesn't take as much work as dating does, that's for sure."

"Right, exactly, then you do understand."

"No, I don't, man. What is it? Is it sex? Do you want to go to bed with her, and she says she isn't ready yet, or what?"

Kevin continued his pacing.

"No Rich, it isn't like that. She wants to have sex... it's me that doesn't. I'm afraid to have sex with her, Rich. I'm afraid it might fuck up our relationship even more than it is. Worse, I'm afraid it would fuck up our friendship. You see, Rich, I love her very much... but not in a sexual way. I feel like it would be like fucking my sister if I had one."

Richie was finally beginning to understand where Kevin was coming from. Already knowing the answer to his next question, he asked it anyway.

"Have you talked to her about this Kevin? Have you told her just what you told me?"

"No, I haven't. See, there are other fucked-up things about our relationship, too. She's just so damn possessive sometimes, it drives me nuts. She gets pissed every time I want to go out with the guys, ya know? It's like, since we're a couple, we can only go out with each other. It's like I'm a real dick if I leave her home to go anywhere with the guys. Hell, she practically hates Kyle, and he's my best friend."

After a long silence, Kevin finally stopped his pacing.

"Ya see, Rich? It's not Stephanie at all. She probably has every right to expect these things from me. I just don't think I'm ready to commit like that. That's why I think I have to break up with her. Problem with that is, I'm afraid that would ruin our friendship, too."

There was another long silence now as both boys just looked at each other. It was Kevin who finally broke the quiet.

"Yo, Rich. Say somethin, would ya? Help me out here, man."

Richie just sat and stared at Kevin, lost in his killer eyes.

When Kevin's words finally penetrated his brain, Richie tore his gaze away. Looking at the floor, he gathered his thoughts.

After a minute, he looked back up and said, "You said it yourself, Kevin... just a few minutes ago. Truth, the only way. In other words, you have to have this conversation with Stephanie, not me. I don't see it any other way."

Kevin started to pace again while Richie continued.

"I'm sorry, man. If that's not an option, I don't know how I can help. It's not like I'm an expert here or anything. What with my vast experience with girls and... "

"No, Rich, you're exactly right. I guess I've known it all along, too. Maybe I was hoping you would give me some other way to go or something. Hell, I don't know..." his voice trailed off.

"Well, if you do decide to do this, the only thing left is 'when' do you do it."

"What d'ya mean by that?" asked Kevin.

"Well, Snow Days is this week... then there's the dance on Friday which I assume you're expected to go as a couple to... then Christmas vacation starts. Then of course there's Christmas the following Monday with New Years on... "

Kevin cut him off again.

"OK, OK, I get the picture, dude, and it ain't helping much, either."

"Alright, so let's think about this. You can't wait too long, cause that just makes it harder. You sure as hell don't want to bring it up on Christmas or Christmas Eve, and you know how girls get all excited about special dances and shit. So the way I see it, you take her to the dance as planned, then you wait the weekend to let her come down from that. Then, sometime the following week, you bring it up... like maybe Tuesday or Wednesday. That way, if it ends badly, which I hope it doesn't, there's still a few days before Christmas for both of you to recover.

Just talk it out with her. Tell her the same shit you told me. Just go slow and easy, and give her a chance to tell her side of it, too. Then, when it's all said and done, however it ends, hopefully you'll still be friends. Only God knows the answer to that."

Kevin just stared blankly at Richie with his mouth hanging open.

"What?" asked Richie.

After another brief silence, Kevin said, "You're a wise man, Charlie Brown."

"Yeah, so I've been told once before today," blushed Richie as he remembered his conversation with Stephanie.

"No, I mean it, Rich. It won't make it any easier to do, but at least I know when it has to be done. Thanks, man," smiled Kevin, "You've been a big help."

"If I've been such a big help to you, then maybe you can help me with something."

"Sure, if I can. Shoot, Luke."

"OK. Why the hell did you come to me with this? I mean, Kyle's your best friend, right? So why didn't you talk to him about it, instead?"

"Kyle? Oh, man, Rich. I couldn't have talked to him about this. I mean, you're right about him being my best friend, and I guess I know him better than anybody. But he's just not as sensitive about this kind of shit as you are, ya know? He probably would've just blown it all off and said 'just dump the bitch' or something. Now don't get me wrong here, Kyle's a great guy, and I love him like a brother. Hell, we would do anything for each other, even die for each other if it came to that... in other words, the best friend anyone could ever ask for. He's just not the kind of guy to help me with this kind of stuff like you are. Know what I mean?"

"If I understand this right, you felt you couldn't go to your best bud, who you've known for years, but you knew you could come to me, who you've known for all of one day. Right?"

"Yeah, I guess so."

Richie took a deep breath, stood up from his chair and shook his head slowly, unable to understand Kevin's reasoning.

"OK, whatever," he said.

As if sensing Richie's dilemma, Kevin stepped up to him, his face serious now, and placed his hands on his shoulders as if to get his full attention.

"I know what you're thinking, Rich. I don't understand it, either. But for some reason I just knew I could trust you with this."

Then, giving his shoulders a quick squeeze, he returned his hands to his sides but didn't look away.

Richie's mind was reeling, a prisoner of Kevin's eyes as he searched for something to say. When he finally tore his eyes free, he shrugged his shoulders and sighed.

"That's the second time I've heard that today, too."

"Well, if two people told you the same thing in one day, you've gotta believe it, bro," said Kevin, a broad smile coming to his face.

Then, glancing at the clock he said, "Whoa, it's gettin late, dude. I better get outa here and let you put your battered balls to bed."

"Yeah, you're right, I am kinda beat. C'mon, I'll walk ya down. And thanks for coming over."

"Thanks for askin me. And thanks for... well... for everything."

After watching Kevin's headlights as he backed out of the driveway, Richie closed the door, threw the dead-bolt, then began to make his way back to his room. Turning off what few lights were still on as he went, he began to recap a very strange past twenty four hours.

First Kyle, then Kevin, had opened up to him, even though he'd just met them. Strange. Even Stephanie was awfully friendly to him. Strange. And here he was, a 14 year old kid, with zip experience, advising people two years his senior on their personal lives. Very strange. Yet, as strange as it felt, it also made him feel good. Not only did it make him feel important, it made him feel pretty grown up.

It also made him feel good that two of the most popular upper class-men at his school actually liked him, and considered him a friend. It didn't hurt any that they were so fucking hot, either. Kevin and Kyle. God, they turned him on. They had very similar bodies, but very distinct and different personalities.

First there was Kyle, a teenage Adonis who drove a cool car, didn't have a girlfriend, and who hadn't even had sex with a girl yet. He also seemed to have a hair trigger temper, a rage within him that was just below the surface, waiting to be released at the drop of a hat.

Then there was Kevin, with those killer eyes and perfect body, who was just about to break up with his girlfriend. He was sensitive and caring, yet there seemed to be something else about Kevin, too - something he couldn't quite put his finger on, something within him that Richie couldn't quite grasp.

Shaking these thoughts from his head when he got to his room, he stripped down to his briefs, then headed for the bathroom to brush his teeth and take a piss before going to bed.

As he did these things, he thought about his realization, and the decision he made since having sex with Lindy last Friday. He now knew, and accepted without any doubt, that he was either gay or bisexual. He had enjoyed the sex with Lindy too much to reach any other conclusion.

Now that he accepted this, he felt better about himself, and felt he could move on with his life. He would now travel a different path than before, but he would travel it with less confusion, and he would base his life's decisions on who and what he knew he was. He had no clue as to what life would be like for him as his future unfolded - but so what. After all, how many heterosexual 14 year old boys know more about their future than he knew about his. All he knew for sure was that his would be different.

In order to prepare himself as best he could, he decided he would immediately begin researching the gay/bisexual lifestyle, and the impact society had on it. He had a lot of work to do, and for now at least, he would have to do it in secret. For now, at least until he was fully prepared, himself, as far as the rest of the world was concerned, Richie Andrews was straight.

A single tear formed at the corner of his eye as he thought about Lindy and his family. His best friend, to whom he'd never lied, and his family, who he loved dearly, would have to continue to believe the lie as well.

Minutes later, warm and comfortable under the covers of his bed, images of Kevin and Kyle played across his mind as he drifted off to a peaceful sleep.

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