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What We Are

Richie's Story

by Richie Ryan

Chapter 16: As The Wind Blows

For the next two hours the storm outside continued to rage, pounding the cabin with winds gusting so strong it seemed they were intent on ripping the roof from its moorings. Safe and warm inside, Richie and Kyle tried to relax as they sipped on their second Jim Beam and coke. Then, around nine o'clock, it happened. Without warning, or even so much as a flicker to alert them, the power went off.

For what seemed like an eternity, but in reality was only a brief moment, the two boys sat in silence, the only sound coming from the unforgiving wind that assaulted the cabin from outside. It was Richie who spoke first.

"Uh, Kyle?"

"Yeah, Rich?"

"Are we in trouble here?"

"Shouldn't be. The generator should kick on any second now."

Neither boy spoke or moved as they waited in the flickering glow from the fire in the fireplace. As each second passed, the panic that seeped into Richie's consciousness became stronger. Finally, Kyle spoke, causing Richie to jump as if he'd been hit with an electric shock.

"Aw shit! I know what's wrong."

This, of course, did not make Richie feel any better.

"What up, Kyle? What's going on here, man?"

"I kinda fucked up, Rich. Twice, now that I think of it."

"OK, but we can fix it, right? What ever you did, we can fix it and we'll be OK again, right?" asked Richie, his mounting panic evident in his voice.

"Oh yeah," came his answer, "I just forgot to hook up the automatic starter for the generator. The battery's disconnected, that's all."

"But you said you fucked up twice. What's the other thing?"

"Oh, I kinda forgot to bring the cell phone in from the truck. With the power down, it's a good bet that the phone lines are, too."

"OK," said Richie, "then we just go out and get the cell phone, hook up the battery, and we're back in business, right?"

"Yeah, right. It's just not gonna be as easy as it sounds, is all."

"If you're trying to scare me again, you're doin a good fuckin job of it, man. C'mon, what gives?"

"Sorry, Rich, I'm not tryin to scare ya. I was just thinking about how's the best way to do this. C'mon, let's start by getting the flashlights from the storage room."

Aided by the glow from the fire, the boys had no problem finding their way to the storage room in the kitchen near the back door. After just a few minutes of rummaging around in the darkened room, Kyle stepped back into the kitchen carrying two long, 'D' size flashlights, with two sets of fresh batteries to power them.

Handing one to Richie, he then ripped open a package of batteries and loaded them into the other. After snapping it on to verify that the batteries had not gone weak during their storage, he turned to Richie who was busy loading his own flashlight.

"OK, let's take a look out back and see what we're up against."

Once Richie verified that his flashlight was operational, they pulled on their jackets and boots before stepping onto the back porch. What they saw as they pointed their flashlights to where they knew the truck was parked, caused Richie to gasp in astonishment. It looked as if they were standing against a pure white wall of snow, their flashlight beams unable to penetrate more than a few feet into it. Unable to be heard over the constant roar of the wind, Kyle gently grabbed Richie by the arm while he motioned for him to follow him back inside. As soon as he had the door closed against the cold, Kyle turned to face his friend.

"That's what I was afraid of. Now you see what I meant earlier about 'whiteout' conditions. We can't see shit out there, and these flashlights make it even worse."

"How the hell are we ever gonna find the truck then... or the fucking generator shed for that matter?" asked Richie, as he fought off the feeling of panic.

"We'll just have to use the Braille method I guess," said Kyle, "stumble around until we bump into them. But it won't be us doin it, just me. No point in both of us getting lost out there."

"Whoa, wait a minute, Kyle. If you can't see the truck, or even the garage, how the hell do you expect to find your way back here again?"

"I don't know. Maybe I could see your flashlight, and follow it back."

"No fucking way, man," said Richie, "it's too fuckin dangerous."

Both boys thought for a minute before Richie had an idea.

"You got any rope in here?"

"Yeah, there should a couple of fifty footers in the storage room. Why?"

"How bout we tie them together, like real tight, so for sure they don't come apart. Then we tie one end around your waist, and the other end around the post out back. That way, if you do get lost, I can pull you back in again."

"You, my friend, are a genius," said Kyle with a smile.

While Kyle went back to the storage room to retrieve the rope, Richie dug his sweatshirt, stocking cap, and gloves out of his bag. When he returned to the kitchen, Kyle was just emerging from the storage room with two coils or rope in his hands, and a grin across his face.

"We're in business, bro," he said, as he began to tie the ropes together.

"Good," said Richie, as he pulled off his jacket to put on his sweatshirt. "What about your hat and gloves? Let me guess, they're in the truck, too, right?"

"Yeah, they are," said Kyle, a little ashamed at his lack of foresight.

"OK, then wear mine until you get yours. The cabin will shelter me from the wind, and the hood on my sweatshirt will keep my head warm enough until you get back."

The lack of heat from furnace caused the cabin to cool down quickly as the two made their final preparations. Once they were both bundled up and ready, they gave each other a thumbs up, then stepped back into the night.

Wasting no time, Richie securely fastened his end of the rope to the post at the corner of the porch. Then he carefully placed the two coils on the floor so it would play out smoothly without getting tangled. As soon as both boys were satisfied, they nodded to each other before Kyle stepped off the porch, quickly disappearing into the storm.

Leaving his flashlight switched off, Richie strained his eyes as he watched the dimming light from Kyle's as the rope slowly played out through his fingers. All too soon the light disappeared completely, leaving the rope that slipped through Richie's hands the only connection he now had with his friend. As he watched the rope slowly uncoil, and disappear into the darkness, Richie suddenly felt very alone and helpless. More than once he had the urge to pull on the rope, to pull his friend back out of the storm, to pull him back to where they could be together again, and out of danger. Mustering all of his resolve, he fought off the panic that was threatening him, and waited as he watched the rope continue to move.

Moments later, Richie sensed that something was terribly wrong. The first of the two coils of rope was played out, and the second coil was nearly half gone as well. A quick mental calculation told Richie that Kyle had already gone twenty five feet farther than where the truck was parked. Looking at the rope that continued to slip through his fingers, Richie realized that Kyle had not only missed the truck altogether, but was going in the wrong direction. His current path had taken him out too far, and somewhere between the garage and the generator shed.

Resisting the almost overpowering urge to jerk his friend back as hard and as quickly as he could, Richie gave one gentle tug on the rope, then held on tightly to prevent any more forward progress. When Richie no longer felt any pull on the rope, he assumed that Kyle had gotten the message. In an effort to coax him back to the safety of the porch, Richie gave the rope two more gentle tugs, then began to apply a steady pull in his direction. Much to Richie's relief, Kyle got the message again - he was moving toward Richie now, the rope going slack as it began to pile up on the ground in front of him.

As he carefully recoiled the slackening rope on the floor, Richie noticed that his hands had become numb from the bitter cold. He also knew that if he didn't get them warmed up soon, he would be in great danger of getting frostbite. Putting these thoughts out of his mind, he switched on his flashlight, then placed it on the floor as sort of a beacon for Kyle to see as he approached.

After what seemed to Richie to be hours, he saw the faint glimmer of Kyle's flashlight as he moved toward him through the blowing snow. With more relief than he'd ever known before, he literally dragged his friend the last few feet onto the porch and into the cabin.

While Kyle added some more logs to the fire, Richie stood over him in front of the fireplace to warm his freezing hands.

"Well, Rich, I think your plan is sound... we just need to make a few revisions, like a set of signals or something."

"That's kinda what I figured," said Richie through chattering teeth.

"How bout you just hold the rope tight to stop me, then tug once for left and twice for right. Then, if you want me to come back, you give it three hard tugs, and start pulling"

"That sounds as good as anything I could think of."

Noticing a lack of confidence in Richie's voice, Kyle stood up and turned his friend to face him.

"Look, Rich, we're going to get through this, OK? It's a good plan, and I know it'll work. We're a team, bro... you and me... and when we're workin together, there's nothin we can't do."

"OK," said Richie feeling a little better, "I'm ready, lets go."

"Why don't you wear these," said Kyle as he held the gloves out for Richie. "I can get by without them."

"No fucking way, man. You need them a lot more than I do. Keep 'em."

This time their plan worked perfectly. Even though Kyle got off to the right too far again, their set of prearranged signals quickly brought him back on track. Ten minutes later, they were back in the cabin, warming themselves in front of the fire.

As Kyle returned Richie's hat and gloves to him, replacing them with his own, he had another thought for the generator phase of their task.

"I got one more signal to add to the plan, Rich. When I get to the generator shack, I'll give the rope three hard tugs. That's your signal to get back inside the cabin. I may be out there for a while, and there's no reason for you to stand outside waiting for me. As long as the rope is still tied to the porch, I can follow it back when I'm done."

"OK," said Richie, "just don't stay out there too long, man."

"Don't worry, bro, I won't. I know just what I gotta do, so I'll be back in a flash."

It took a little longer to get Kyle to the generator shack than it did to get him to the truck, but the plan still worked to perfection. Richie almost cried when the lights came back on, and he heard the furnace start up again. By ten-thirty, they were settled back in front of he TV with freshly mixed drinks, and the cabin temperature well on its way to its comfortably warm setting.

Noticing that Richie seemed unusually quiet since power the had been restored, Kyle decided to try cheering him up a bit.

"You really rocked out there tonight, Rich. Ya know that? We make a pretty good team, don't ya think?"

"Bullshit," said Richie, "I mean, sure, we got the job done and all, but I was scared Kyle. It was all I could do to keep from totally losing it out there. But not you, you were solid as a rock the whole time. It's like nothin scares you."

"Are you kidding? I've never been so scared in my whole life. You should have seen me when I was stumbling around out there looking for the truck. I was like holding on to that rope for dear life, man. It's was like that rope and you were the only two things keeping me alive, and even though it was tied to my waist, I still hung onto it just as tight as I could."

"Really? You were scared, too?"

"Fuck yeah, I was."

"I didn't think anything could scare you."

"Shit, Rich, everybody's scared of something at sometime in their life... and for sure, being scared ain't nothin to be ashamed of."

"Yeah? Well I'm just glad it's over. How long will that generator run, anyway? I mean, I'm guessing that they won't have the power lines back up for quite a while... like days maybe."

"We got a hundred gallons of fuel out there, so either we'll be headed home, or the road'll be clear and we can get some more in long before we'll ever need it."

A moment later, Kyle finished his drink, then rattled the ice in the bottom of the glass at Richie. "Dude, why don't you make us another one of these while I check on the Hot Tub. I am so looking forward to slipping into that puppy tonight."

Feeling much better about himself now, and more at ease than he had since they arrived, Richie took both glasses to the kitchen while Kyle went to check on the Hot Tub. When he finished mixing the drinks, Richie returned to the main room where he stood in front of the picture window. A moment later, Kyle joined him, and together they stared out at the darkness.

"Listen, Rich... ya hear that?"

"What?" asked Richie, "I don't hear anything."

"That's what I mean, man. I don't either... cause there's nothin to hear. The storms breaking up, and the wind's died down. And look, over there between those two trees," said Kyle as he pointed toward the lake. "You can see the moon showing through the clouds."

He was right, the snow had stopped falling, and the wind had become little more than a breeze, barely strong enough to move the lightest of the snowflakes from the roof. The two boys stood in front of the window, sipping on their drinks, while they watched as the clouds broke up to reveal a full moon, long hidden behind them.

"Ya know what," said Kyle, "We could take the sleds out now, if ya want."

"Yeah?" said Richie. "I don't know. As much as I want to get out and try it, I think I've really had enough cold and snow for tonight. Why don't we just wait until tomorrow?"

"Oh, man, I am so glad to hear you say that," said Kyle, relieved that Richie said what he himself was feeling. "I'm in no hurry to go back out there, either, right now. Matter of fact, since we're not gonna go out tonight, I think I'll throw on a couple a more logs, then change into some dryer clothes. These got a little wet from our last adventure in the snow."

"Cool, while you're doing that, Ill fix us a nightcap," said Richie as he took Kyle's glass from him.

On his way into the kitchen, Richie flipped off the TV set since it had been a long time since either one of them had paid any attention to what was on. When he had two fresh drinks made, he turned out the lights in the kitchen before returning to the couch. While he waited for Kyle, he gazed out at the full moon and the eerie glow that it cast over the snow covered lake. As he sat there, the alcohol giving him a relaxed buzz, his mind turned to thoughts of Sean Mullins again. Although he was now convinced that Larry Parker's 'almost' rumor hadn't been the reason for Sean's suicide, he couldn't help wondering what could have caused a fifteen year old boy to take his own life.

Just then, Kyle returned from the bedroom to hang his damp clothes over the back of a chair near the fire to dry. He was barefoot and shirtless, dressed only in a pair of dark gray sweatpants that hung low on his hips to reveal the beginning of the crack between his ass-cheeks. The sight of his upper body, silhouetted by the light from the flickering fire, caused Richie's dick to stir in his blue jeans. He looked beautiful, perfect in every way. Worried that his dick would soon become a visible bulge in his jeans, Richie forced himself to turn toward the window again.

When he was finished with his clothes, Kyle picked up the poker next to the fireplace. Noticing that Richie was in deep in thought as he stared out over the lake, he asked him what was on his mind.

"What ya thinking about, Rich?"

Without turning around Richie said, "Oh, the same old shit that's been buggin me all weekend. Like what could make a kid like that Sean Mullins kill himself."

"Well it wasn't because he was outed by any rumor or anything, that's for sure."

"I know," said Richie. "You guys convinced me of that."

"He was sick, Rich. He had some sort of rare type of blood disease or something."

This statement caused Richie to snap his head around to where Kyle was casually poking at the freshly laid logs on the fire.

"What did you say?"

"I said he was sick, and dying from some blood disease," answered Kyle without looking up from the fire.

"I thought you said you didn't know him."

"I didn't," said Kyle, as he replaced the poker in its stand.

Then turning to face Richie he said, "I know the kid he was with at the Rialto."

Richie was speechless, seemingly frozen in time as he stared wide-eyed over at Kyle. Seeing the expression on his face, Kyle turned back to the fire.

"Ya see, Rich, Sean was gay, alright... but the fact that he was being outed didn't bother him at all because he was in the process of outing himself, anyway. In fact, he was already out to his parents and some of his friends, so nothing this Parker could say would've made any difference. This other kid, the kid that Sean was with at the movies, was Sean's lover, and he told me about the blood disease."

Turning his head to look at Richie again, he saw the same blank expression on his face. Looking back to the fire, he continued.

"I'm real sorry I didn't tell you before, man, cause I know it would have saved you a lot of pain if I had, but I just didn't know if I could trust you then."

Except for an occasional pop and crackle from the burning logs, the room was silent for several minutes before Richie finally found his voice.

"Who is this other kid? And how do you... "

He was cut off in mid-sentence when Kyle spoke again, "His name isn't important, but I will tell you that you don't know him... he doesn't even go to Radison."

"Then how do you know him?"

"That's something else I haven't told you... something I've wanted to tell you, but like I said before, I didn't know if I could trust you. But after what we've been through today... well, now I know I can. Now I know I trust you more than anybody... I trust you as much as Kevin, even. Ya see, Rich... I'm gay. Always have been, and always will be."

Richie's head was swimming, his mind on overload. He knew that Kyle was waiting for him to say something, but he couldn't put any words together. After another moment, Kyle spoke again.

"That's how I know this other kid. I met him at one of my parties a while back. I was kinda drunk that night, and a bunch of us were smoking some weed on top of it, so I was like totally wasted, ya know? Anyway, later on, this kid came on to me. Now I had never done anything with anybody before, but the combination of the booze and the weed made me so fucking horny that I asked him to stay over after the party. I won't bother you with the details, but we had a pretty good time after everybody else left.

Now I don't know where he met Sean, but he sure had the hots for him. When they finally became lovers, we never did anything again other than talk on the phone once in a while. Then, Friday afternoon, the day after the suicide, he came by my house. He was totally devastated, Rich, and just needed someone to talk to, ya know? That's when he told me about the blood thing. That's it. End of story."

The silence returned as Richie tried to sort this all out. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. Kyle, whom he'd admired and lusted after since he had met him, was gay. His feelings of relief and joy were soon replaced by guilt. He felt guilty that he'd thought the rumor that Parker had started was the cause of Sean's suicide. Putting these thoughts on the back burner, he wondered about Kyle and Kevin. As best buds, it seemed there was a lot they didn't know about each other.

"Does anybody else know you're gay, besides this other kid I mean? Does Kevin know?"

"No, I've never told anybody before, not even Kevin. I think he suspects it, though. I mean, you can't be as close as we are and not at least suspect something like that, ya know? I thought about telling him a couple of times, but I always chickened out at the last minute... and knowing Kevin as well as I do, I doubt that he would ever ask me about it, either."

"Why not? If he suspected something like that, why do you think he wouldn't he ask you about it?"

"Out of respect. Respect for our friendship, and for my privacy. He would do what I would do, and wait until I told him."

Richie's mind quickly shifted to thoughts of Lindy. Did he suspect? 'Of course,' thought Richie, 'That's why he asked all those questions about Kevin. That's why he asked if I would come to him if I ever had any personal issues that I wanted to talk about. Lindy knows about me. That fucker knows about me, but won't ask me about it.'

If what he thought was true, if Lindy did know, or at least suspect that he was gay, Richie certainly wasn't mad at him for not asking about it. After what Kyle had just said about Kevin, he could only feel prouder of their friendship, and closer to Lindy than ever before. Right at that moment, Richie made a decision. He would come out to Lindy as soon as he possibly could. He knew, in his heart, that he could trust Lindy with his secret. He also knew that the longer he put off coming out to him, the longer he would have to do without his help and guidance - and his advice would invaluable as Richie dealt with gay related issues, such as how and when to come out to his family.

"Yo, Rich, you OK, man?" asked Kyle as he looked over at him, interrupting his thoughts, "You haven't said a word for like forever, man. Are you pissed at me now or somethin?"

"Um, no. No, not at all. Some of the things you just told me got me thinking about some other shit, is all."

"Well, don't burn your brain out over it. It's no big deal or anything. It isn't, is it? I mean It's not a big deal for you, is it?"

"What? That you're gay? No, that's no big deal... but why did you tell me? Why did you decide to come out to me when you haven't even been able to come out to Kevin?"

"I already told you," answered Kyle as he looked back at the fire again, "I can trust you, and I wanted to tell you about Sean, and how I knew about him. Besides, I wanted to make sure our friendship was a totally honest one, that you knew all about me."

Everything was happening too fast for Richie. He knew that he could come out to Kyle now, and he was relieved that the last big secret between them would be gone. As much as he wanted to have sex with him, however, he also knew that coming out to him didn't mean that it would happen. After all, Kyle certainly wasn't coming on to him now, all he really did was come out to him in order to keep their friendship honest - and he couldn't think of any signs in the past that he was sexually attracted to him, either.

Because of this, coupled with Richie's fear of rejection if he told Kyle how he truly felt about him, he decided to come out to Kyle the same way that Kyle came out to him. After all, he had nothing to lose by playing it safe. If it turned out that Kyle wasn't attracted to him, at least he wouldn't have to deal with the rejection. His dick began to rise again as he stared at Kyle's body, beautifully back-lit by the soft glow of the fire. This time he made no attempt to turn away, or to conceal his growing erection.


"Yeah, Rich?" asked Kyle as he continued to face the fire with his arms folded across his chest.

"Since you've been honest with me, it's my turn to fess up to something. I'm gay, too. At least I'm pretty sure I am, cause I'm sure as hell attracted to guys."

Richie was surprised, and more than a little disappointed that Kyle neither moved nor spoke after he said this.

"Didn't you hear me, man? I said I was gay."

"Yeah, I heard you," said Kyle as he turned to face Richie. "I kinda thought you might be."

Richie's disappointment was replaced with mild irritation at Kyle's complete lack of interest. His dick quickly lost its stiffness.

"You thought I might be? Why? We sure as hell haven't known each other long enough for you to suspect it. Do I have a sign hanging around my neck, or somethin?"

"No," said Kyle as he smiled, "Maybe it's gaydar or something, I don't know."

"Gaydar! What the fuck is that?"

"Something I read about on the Internet. It's like one gay person can sense another just by looking at them. Sometimes from a long way aways."

"And you believe in that shit?" asked Richie, unable to keep his irritation from his voice.

"I don't know. I thought I felt it before with other guys, but never had the guts, or the desire, to act on it. All I know is that a lot of Gays do believe in it."

'Well that's it,' thought Richie, 'He obviously isn't attracted to me. Thank God I didn't tell him how I really feel about him.'

"So, how many other people know that you're gay?" asked Kyle as he looked at the floor, casually poking at a piece of bark with his foot.

"Just one," said Richie, a little confused at the way Kyle had phrased the question. "It's not the kind of thing I'm ready to make public right now, ya know."

"I take it that you and him are pretty tight then."

For Richie, this was getting more confusing by the minute. It was almost as if they weren't talking about the same thing.

"Well, yeah. Even though we haven't known each other very long, I guess I'd have to say we're pretty close," said Richie as he thought about Kevin.

This statement caused Kyle to snap his head up with total shock written across his face.

"What do you mean you haven't known him very long? I thought you and Lindy... " Kyle started to ask, but cut himself off in mid-sentence.

"Lindy?!" said Richie, looking almost as surprised as Kyle, "What the hell makes you think I was talking about Lindy?"

"I guess I just assumed that after what I saw Saturday night that... "

"What you saw Saturday night? What d'ya mean Kyle? What did you see Saturday night?" asked Richie, a little pissed, but now beginning to understand the confusion.

Kyle didn't answer him. Instead, he looked sheepishly back at the floor. Even in the dim light, Richie could almost see his face getting red from embarrassment.

"C'mon Kyle," said Richie, no longer pissed as the edge left his voice, "Talk to me, man. That story about gaydar was bullshit, wasn't it? You saw me in Lindy's room, didn't ya? You saw what I was doing, so you assumed I was gay, and that Lindy was gay, and that we had a thing goin, didn't you?"

"Yeah, I did, Rich," said Kyle. "I mean, what I said about gaydar is true... it's just not why I thought you were gay." Then, still feeling embarrassed, he managed to look up into Richie's face.

"It was an accident, though, I swear. As soon as I stepped into the hall, there you were, feeling Lindy's dick and balls. Well, at first I thought about leaving... you know, running back upstairs before you could catch me... but there wasn't enough time, man... like how would it have looked if you came out and saw me running for the stairs. So, I just stood there and hoped you'd buy my story. I mean, like what could I do? I didn't want to embarrass either one of us, so I had to think of something... and yeah, I thought you and him had a thing going, what else could I think. I'm sorry it happened, but I swear it was a total accident."

"Oh, I believe you alright. But what you saw isn't what you thought you saw, which is real embarrassing for me. Ya see, Lindy and I don't have a thing goin on at all. Lindy's as straight as they come... at least I'm pretty sure he is. Anyway, what you saw was all one sided. Lindy was like totally passed out and had no clue what I was doing. I don't really know why I did it, either, other than I was drunk and horny and wanted to cop a quick feel. Maybe I'm a low life pervert for doing it, but that's all it was. No, me and Lindy don't have anything like that goin on. He doesn't even know I'm gay... at least as far as I know, he doesn't."

"Then what about the guy that does know about you... assuming its's a guy, of course, are you two a couple?"

"Do you mean are we lovers? No, we're not. We're pretty good friends, I guess, but as far as anything else goes, we just messed around once, is all."

"Well, I'm sure glad you straightened me out on that," said Kyle. Then, after a short pause, with devilish grin he said, "What d'ya say we get a couple fresh drinks and check out the Hot Tub. It should be plenty warmed up by now."

"Cool," said Richie smiling back at him, "Last one in is a rotten egg."

When Kyle made his way into the kitchen to refresh their drinks, Richie headed for the Hot Tub, pulling off his sweatshirt and T-shirt as he went. The heat and humidity in the Hot Tub room caused him to notice the small buzz he had going from the few drinks he'd had. It made him feel good, and relaxed. After he hung his shirts over the hooks on the wall next to the sauna, he quickly removed the rest of his clothes, then dipped his toe into the water to test the temperature. Deciding that it wasn't too hot, he eased himself in until he was seated on the bench that circled the tub about a foot and a half beneath the surface of the water. The tub itself was just big enough for two adults to fit in comfortably, either across from each other, or side by side. Enjoying the penetrating warmth, he extended his legs out until his toes touched the other side and waited for Kyle.

While he waited, Richie wondered what exactly Kyle meant when he said he was glad Richie had straightened him out about his relationship with Lindy. Could it be that he was sexually attracted to him? If he was, then it's possible that he never showed any signs of it because he thought Richie and Lindy were a couple - which would also explain why he was so glad to learn the truth. If these things were true, then another possibility entered Richie's mind - a very exciting one - one that made his dick twitch as he relaxed in the warm water. It had to do with the grin he saw on Kyle's face when he suddenly suggested they check out the Hot Tub. Was that suggestion, and devilish grin, a come-on?

Although the alcohol, and the current circumstances, made Richie hopeful, he didn't let himself get too optimistic. Kyle was still a bit of a mystery to Richie - perhaps that was part of the attraction he felt - so there were many things he didn't know about him. One thing he did know, though, was what Kevin told him - that Kyle was a very private person who didn't open up easily to reveal his true feelings. Because of this, Richie thought it very possible that Kyle's suggestion was just that, an innocent suggestion, without sexual innuendo. Well, he'd find out soon enough what his intentions were. Smiling with anticipation, he decided that no matter what happened in the next few minutes, he was still hesitant to tell Kyle how he truly felt about him. Even if they did have sex, it didn't mean that Kyle would return Richie's feelings, and the fear of rejection still loomed over him.

Just as Richie began to think Kyle was taking a long time to fix their drinks, in he came with two drinks in his hands, and a smile on his face. As always, he looked beautiful as he walked through the door with his sweats hanging low on his hips, and a smile lighting up his face.

"Here ya go, bro," he said as he handed Richie one of the glasses.

"And I've got a little extra treat for us, too," he added, as he pulled a rolled up joint, along with a lighter, from the waistband of his sweats.

"So, you tryin to seduce me now?" asked Richie with a grin.

"Would I need to?" asked Kyle as he pushed his sweatpants to the floor and stepped out of them.

"Oh, I get it," said Richie, staring up at Kyle's flaccid penis and low hanging balls as he stood directly over his head. "You think I'm easy, don't ya. That I'm some kind of slut or somethin. Is that it?"

"I hope not. I've never cared much for the slutty types."

After lighting the joint, Kyle took it, along with his drink, and slipped into the tub next to Richie. The unmistakable sweet aroma of the marijuana filled the air as Kyle took a toke from the joint, inhaling deeply.

As he passed it over to Richie, he asked, "You ever do any of this before?"

"Fuck no," said Richie with a grin. "I'm just a clean cut kid, ya know."

Chuckling at this, Kyle said, "OK, kid, just take a small amount of it, then inhale it deep in your lungs and hold it there, just like holding your breath."

Richie did as he was told, the results predictable for most first timers as he immediately started to cough. Kyle quickly took the joint from him, preventing it from dropping into the water while he coughed. A few minutes later, after Richie had finally stopped coughing, Kyle took another drag, then passed it back. A little unsure of himself now, Richie accepted the joint, but took in a smaller amount. He managed to breathe it in without coughing and, for the first time, he savored the sweetness of the weed in his mouth as he held in his breath. After repeating this exchange one more time, Kyle carefully placed the remaining half inch roach on the deck, then eased down into the water next to Richie and closed his eyes.

The quality of the marijuana, along with the alcohol, had an almost immediate effect on Richie, and he thoroughly enjoyed the feeling it gave him. It also made him feel exceedingly horny. Lying so close to Kyle that their thighs pressed tightly against each other, his dick began to rise. Since it would be impossible to conceal his erection, he just smiled to himself as he half-floated in the water, enjoying the euphoria of the high he was on. A few minutes later, he felt Kyle move beside him as he spoke, his voice sounding soft and muffled, as if coming from some distance away.

"For a clean cut kid, you sure are horny one."

Enjoying the effect of the drug too much to disturb it, Richie simply moaned his response. Even when Kyle slipped his hand between Richie's legs to stroke the soft skin of his inner thighs, he remained motionless with his eyes closed. If this was a dream, he didn't want to wake up - if it wasn't a dream, he was content to enjoy it unseen.

Without speaking again, Kyle leaned over to suck on Richie's left nipple, bathing it with his tongue, coating it with his saliva. At the same time, he slid his hand up Richie's inner thigh until it reached his scrotum. There, he cupped his balls in his hand, squeezing them gently as he rolled them around in their silky soft purse.

Richie was in ecstasy now, and he moaned softly as Kyle performed his ministrations. He knew that in his present condition it wouldn't take much more stimulation to send him over the edge.

Shifting slightly, Kyle slipped down into a squatting position, placing his right knee under the backs of Richie's thighs, close to his butt. Next, he lifted his knee to raise him up until his chest, stomach, and pubic area broke the surface of the water. Then, as he probed Richie's navel with is tongue, he applied a gentle pressure to his inner thigh, coaxing him to spread his legs. Returning his hand to Richie's balls, he kissed his way from his navel to the head of his penis. When he began to gently suck on Richie's glans, his lips and tongue became coated with the pre-cum that oozed from his piss slit. While he savored its sweet-salty taste, he slipped his middle finger between Richie's legs to massage the area between his scrotum and his anus.

In his drug fogged mind, Richie wondered for a moment why he hadn't come yet, since he'd been so close to the edge for so long. Deciding it was an unexpected effect of the marijuana, he was more than content to stay on the edge for as long as he could. What happened next almost blew Richie out of the water with never before experienced pleasure.

With his lips sealed around the head of Richie's dick, Kyle applied an even pressure to it, sucking his entire member into his mouth until his nose nestled against his pubic hair. At the same time, he slid his middle finger down until he reached Richie's anus where he pressed against it, massaging it in a tiny circular motion.

At first this new sensation made Richie's muscles tighten involuntarily. Determined to let Kyle do whatever he wanted, however, he quickly relaxed again, his pleasure reaching new heights.

Kyle continued to probe at Richie's rose bud while he sucked on his rigid member. Once Richie had relaxed enough, the lubricating effect of the water soon allowed Kyle to insert his finger to the first knuckle. As he continued to suck on Richie's dick, stimulating the underside of his glans with his tongue, he moved his finger around within his anus. This action caused him to relax, and loosen up even more. After a few more minutes of probing and stimulating, he was able to slide his entire finger into Richie's rectum. While he bobbed his head up and down on Richie's dick, he began to search his rectum for his prostate. When he found it, every muscle in Richie's body went rigid, his anal ring clamping tightly around Kyle's finger.

Although Richie thoroughly enjoyed the new pleasure he felt as Kyle inserted his finger, nothing could have prepared him for what he felt when at last he started to massage his prostate. That feeling, combined with the felling he was getting as Kyle sucked on his penis, proved to be too much for even the marijuana to hold off his orgasm. He truly thought his body was being ripped apart as he began to spew his juices into Kyle's eager mouth. Explosion after explosion wracked him from head to toe as he experienced the longest and most intense orgasm of his life.

Richie had no idea how long his orgasm had lasted, only that he'd never had a longer one. When he finally began to come down again, he was totally exhausted. If Kyle hadn't been there to support his body, he was sure he would have slipped into the water and drowned. Then, when enough of his strength had returned to enable him to speak, Richie slowly opened his eyes and looked up at his friend.

"Jesus, Kyle, that was the most incredible thing I've ever felt. I thought I was having a heart attack or something. I mean, I've never had anything inside me before, and when you touched a certain spot with your finger, I thought I was going to explode."

"That was your prostate, Rich. It's what makes anal sex so good. It's the magic button."

"Yeah? Well, you can push my magic button any time you want to, man. That was unbelievable."

With a smile on his face, Kyle sat down on the bench next to Richie again, and closed his eyes. Since Richie no longer had Kyle's support under him, he, too, returned to a sitting position. When at last all of his strength had returned, he looked over at Kyle, then at his rigid member now submerged about six inches beneath the surface of the water.

With a grin on his face, and a twinkle in his eye he asked, "You wanna see how long this guppy can hold his breath?"

Momentarily confused, Kyle opened his eyes and looked into Richie's face. When he saw the grin, and felt him wrap his hand around his dick, he immediately understood. Closing is eyes again, he spread his legs apart as far as they would go.

"Oh yeah, go for it, Guppy."

Knowing that he probably couldn't hold his breath long enough to bring Kyle to a climax, Richie thought it would at least be interesting to give it a try. Taking several deep breaths in order to supply his blood with as much oxygen as possible, he held in the last one as he lowered his head below the surface. Wasting no time, he quickly engulfed Kyle's throbbing member into his mouth. Like Kevin's dick, Kyle's was too long for him to get all of it in, but he did the best he could, taking it down to within an inch of his pubic bush. Applying as much suction as he could, he began to bob up and down on it, sliding his tongue over the piss slit with each upward stroke.

As good as his lungs were though, and as long as he managed to stay under, there was no way that Richie could hold his breath long enough to complete his task. When finally the pain in his chest told him he needed air, he surfaced with a huge gasp.

"Pretty good, Guppy, but not near long enough to finish what you started," said Kyle with a grin.

"Well then, I'll just have to take the surface approach like you did."

With that, he slipped his right hand under Kyle's butt cheeks to coax his body to the surface. Knowing that Richie would soon tire from supporting his weight like this, Kyle spread his legs apart farther, placing his feet on the bench on either side of the tub. Then, flexing his powerful leg muscles, he raised his body even higher, relieving burden from Richie's hand.

No longer needing his hand to support Kyle, Richie reached up between his legs from underneath where he began to roll his balls around within the hot confines of his hairless scrotum. At the same time, he began to suck on the side of his pulsing dick, starting at its base, then slowly working his way up to the head. From time to time, he would rub it against his cheek to feel the steel like hardness within its soft, incredibly hot skin. When he saw a drop of pre-cum appear from Kyle's piss slit, he locked his lips around his glans to suck it into his mouth, savoring its sweetness before he swallowed.

Never having done it before, but wanting to give Kyle as much pleasure as he had given him, Richie released Kyle's balls to seek out his anus with his middle finger. As he sucked Kyle's dick into this mouth, he pushed his finger against his rose bud, somewhat surprised at how quickly, and easily, it slipped through. Moments later, with little effort, he had it buried completely within his friend's rectum.

While he bathed the underside of Kyle's glans with his tongue, he searched for his magic button with his finger. Even though he didn't know what it would feel like when he found it, he soon found out as Kyle began to slowly roll about in the tub - low, animal-like groans escaping from his throat. After only a few minutes of massaging and sucking, Kyle's entire body went as rigid as Richie's had. The muscles of his anus clamped tightly around Richie's finger as he screamed and began to empty his balls into Richie's eagerly waiting mouth. Blast after blast of teenage love juice erupted onto Richie's tongue, quickly filling his mouth, forcing him to swallow several times in order to contain it all.

Richie continued to suck and massage Kyle, even after he began to come down, just to be sure he'd gotten every drop of what his friend had to offer. When he finally allowed Kyle's nearly flaccid dick to drop from his mouth, Richie made no attempt to remove his finger. The incredible warmth of Kyle's rectum as it encased his finger, was a real turn-on for Richie, and he found that he didn't want to remove it until he absolutely had to.

When at last Kyle relaxed and settled back down in the tub, Richie reluctantly slipped his finger from his hole. Seeing the contented look on his face, Richie stepped between his legs, then moved in to where their now flaccid dicks lay side by side. Placing the palms of his hands on Kyle's chest, he felt the steady rhythm of his relaxed breathing. As Richie looked down at him, he suddenly decided that now was the time to tell him his true feelings.


"Yeah, Rich," answered Kyle, his eyes still closed.

At the last minute however, Richie chickened out. "Um, Nothin, man,"

Then, as Richie turned to move to the other side of the tub, Kyle grabbed him by the arm, pulling him down on top of his body. Lying there with their dicks pressed together, their faces just inches apart, Kyle ran his fingers through the hair on the back of Richie's head while he smiled up at him.

"Thanks, Rich. That was the longest and best orgasm I've ever felt... and it's all because it was you that gave it to me."

Then he pulled Richie's head in closer, kissing him full on the lips. It wasn't a sexual kiss, or even a passionate kiss, but a kiss of love. When they finally separated, Richie lay his head on Kyle's chest just above his breast and sighed with pure contentment.

"I want to stay like this forever," said Richie as he lay there.

"Me too," said Kyle, "but we're gonna to look like prunes if we don't get out soon. C'mon, let's go to bed, it's pretty late, and we got a big day ahead of us tomorrow."

Reluctantly, the two boys got out of the Hot Tub, then headed, hand in hand, and dripping wet, into Kyle's room. After they toweled each other off, they slipped between the covers and cuddled up close to each other. The long, strenuous day, along with the marijuana and alcohol, had them both more exhausted than they realized.

Just before they went to sleep, Richie asked, "Do we have to go home tomorrow, Kyle?"

"Not unless you have someplace you have to be, we don't."

"Good," mumbled Richie. "Cause I don't want to."

With that, Kyle leaned over and gently kissed Richie on the cheek. "Good night, sweet Rich."

Richie never heard him, he was already sound asleep.

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