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Birthday Dare

by Rick Masters

Chapter 36

Dad didn't waste any time. While I was driving he got out his mobile and called Dan to arrange to see him. Shortly he told me to drive to the Ansfields' house so that he could chat with Mike's parents. That gave Mike and me the chance to chat too. I told Mike what Dad was talking to his folks about, which really brightened Mike up, because he did feel like he was getting a bit of cabin fever. Then he started to panic a bit, convinced that his mother would object that he was not well enough to risk being out with just me to protect him. Mike was right in one aspect. His mother did put up such an argument, but his father shot it down in flames, highlighting how well I had nursed Mike since he came home from hospital and how I definitely would not hesitate to call an ambulance and them if the need should arise. He also pointed out that Mike was doing so well there would not be any chance of such a need.

Men are so much more practical and down to earth. Perhaps this is why I choose them over girls. Dan won the day and Mike was booked to come and spend the weekend with me. Dad promised to get him home after tea on Sunday evening. We took our leave and I could see a bit of envy in Mike's expression as he saw me get behind the wheel and drive away. His appendix had delayed his applying for his provisional, and he was still waiting.

On hearing of Dad's plans Dan had kindly offered to bring Mike over to our house in time to leave him and drive my folks to the airport for their flight. He had got Dad to promise to phone him as soon as he had made the booking and knew the times. This was really generous of Dan. It was a good hour's drive to the airport, and then he would have another hour of driving to get home again. When Dad protested that it would put Dan out too much to do such a favour, Dan said it was the least he could do to show his gratitude for the way I had helped to look after Mike, and also that my parents had allowed me to spend so much extra time with Mike when I should probably have been home doing chores. I could see a glow of pride come over Dad and knew he couldn't refuse the offer when it was put like that. On the short drive between our homes Dad charged me with keeping Mum occupied while he went and looked on-line to see what he could book. Fortunately Mum was doing tea from scratch, including fresh vegetables bought from the market that day, so it was easy for me to offer to help her. That way I could keep an eye on her, and if I couldn't keep her away from Dad on the laptop, I could at least get an early warning to Dad.

I wasn't privy to the conversation Dad had with Dan the next day as they had it while they were both at work, but the upshot of it all was that Dan was also going to collect them from the airport using Dad's car with me driving. Fortunately, unlike most of the other airports we use this one did not need any travelling on a motorway to get to it, so I could drive the whole way on my provisional licence. My parents would be leaving on the Friday evening, so Mike would spend two nights with me rather than just the one we had expected.

Dad surprised Mum by arriving home at lunch time on the Friday and it was only then that she found out what was happening. The surprise got Mum such that she didn't know whether to laugh or cry or if she should be angry with Dad for keeping it from her as now she didn't have time to go out and buy anything she might need.

"You already have everything you need. We will only be gone for two nights, basically one and a half days. We will be doing a show Saturday evening, so take that really smart gown, and the rest of the time you can be the casual holiday maker Paris has come to expect," Dad countered. There was a bit more discussion and I could see Mum's flustered self calming down and then starting to get excited. Even though I wasn't going, I was getting as much enjoyment out of Mum's surprise as she was. Of course my excitement was also building as I waited for the time when Mike would be delivered to me and my parents taken away, leaving us the privacy of a weekend to enjoy each other.

Michelle had also joined in for the ride and to keep Dan company on the home trip. I'm sure they all had a good bit of gossip over Mike and me while the four of them spent that hour or so together in the car. But Hey! Mike and I were together and would be for the weekend, so if they wanted to talk about us – let them.

As soon as the door was closed I turned to Mike. "We have the whole weekend, so let's take things slow and easy. That way you will be able to cope better with them. But first let's get comfortable, then you can tell me what you thought we could do. I'll share my ideas if they're any different from yours."

"Yeah, okay. That's a nice thing your dad is doing for your mum. But it hasn't half got my dad into a bit of fun trouble. Mum keeps asking why he's not as romantic as my boyfriend's dad. They are just playing, but there is a little truth in the jibes."

I took Mike's bag and we went upstairs to put it and the clothes we were wearing in my room. Then we trundled back downstairs more comfortably attired in skin and adorned with erections. Erections we largely ignored as we sat side by side on the sofa and I clicked the telly on. We hadn't even got to where we could pull up the viewing guide when my mobile rang.

It was Carrie. "Hi, Steve. How are things?"

"Hi, Carrie. Good. One moment while I put you on the speaker so that Mike can join in." I pushed the button for the speaker and added, "OK. You're on."

"Hi, Mike. How are you doing now? All better, I hope?"

"Much better. I'll soon be back to normal, thanks," Mike answered.

"Do you still need some help with things? Any way I could be of assistance?" Carrie asked.

"I think Steve has that all in hand." Mike answered. He realised the double meaning of what he had said when Carrie burst out laughing.

"I am sure you have at that, Steve." And she giggled some more.

"You know me; I'll put my hand to anything that's needed," I replied, to more laughter from us all. "And how are things with you? Stuck at home on a Friday night again?"

"Well, yes! I could be out with some of the others, but I'm not sure I would return home intact, and you know that I intend to keep that for when I get married." Such was the strength of her desire to still be a virgin when she married that she would rather be bored at home than risk having it stolen from her by some overpowering and insistent guy.

"I still think you are special for wanting that, and I know your parents are both happy and proud of you for it too," I told her, which doubtless made her blush even though there was no one there to see it.

Mike had been writing a note on a piece of paper and passed it across to me while I was talking to Carrie. "If you'd like to invite her over tomorrow afternoon for a bit I'm okay with that," the note read. I looked at Mike and mouthed, "Are you sure?" He nodded his head to confirm that he was sure.

"Carrie, Mike is spending the weekend with me, and we were wondering if you would like to come over and visit tomorrow afternoon for a bit. We can't have you stay the night; my folks are away and wouldn't give us permission for it, but you can visit for the afternoon."

"Yeah, I would love to. Can I bring a couple of friends?" Carrie responded immediately.

"Yeah, bring a couple but remember there isn't going to be a party or anything like that. I promised Dad that he would not return to a wrecked house," I told her with Mike nodding his head in approval.

"Right. I will talk to my folks and see you tomorrow," Carrie said and hung up without really saying good bye. I looked at Mike and we both shrugged our shoulders and then laughed, shaking our heads in mock disbelief.

We watched the tele for a bit and when the program ended, we decided to go and see what we wanted to do for tea. I walked over to the fridge-freezer and burst out laughing. Mike came over to see what I was laughing at. Mum had put a note under one of the multitude of fridge magnets saying, 'There are some pork chops already defrosted which I was going to use tonight. Feel free to cook and eat all of them as there is no point in keeping one back. I suggest you put aprons on to cook them so that your sensitive areas don't get splattered with hot fat.' There was drawing of a smiley face at the end of the sentence. Mum had correctly guessed we would be naked some of the time in the kitchen.

"I was thinking along those lines anyway. I certainly don't want to get any burn blisters on Minimike." Mike said as he chuckled and blushed. Isn't it silly how we can still blush even when the person who caused the embarrassment isn't present and won't see our reaction?

"I'm up for using those chops. What do you think?" I asked Mike.

"Yeah, they are defrosted already and easy to do. Do you want to start now or should we wait a bit?" Mike agreed.

"If we get on with it now, it'll leave us more time after eating for other things."

"Right. I'll find a pan. You get the chops out. We can do some potato wedges or such like with them," Mike concurred.

I heard my phone ringing and went back to the lounge to answer it. As I picked it up I saw that it was Carrie. "Hi, Carrie. Did you phone back to say good bye?" I asked.

"No, Steve. I phoned to say hi. Got to say hi before you can say good bye," Kevin said.

"Oh! Hi, Kevin. Sorry, I thought it was Carrie," I apologised.

"Yeah, I'm using her phone to save me money," Kevin said and laughed. I heard a snort in the background that I guessed to be Carrie. "No, I just asked Carrie to call you and let me speak first, and then I'll give her the phone so that she can mind her manners and say a proper good bye. But before that happens, Carrie tells me that you and Mike are orphans this weekend and she is coming to visit you tomorrow afternoon. So Carole and I have talked and we would be very happy if you and Mike would come and have tea with us tomorrow evening. I'll pick the three of you up after Carrie's visit and then deliver you two home whenever you're ready after we've eaten. What do you say to that?"

Mike had come through when he heard Kevin's voice on the phone, which I had left on the speaker. He nodded his head in approval, so I accepted the offer,

"Thank you, Kevin. That would be very nice and much appreciated. Please tell Carole we say thank you too."

"Good. I look forward to having some good conversation with you two men. Bye until tomorrow then. Here's Carrie now."

"Bye and thank you," I said hurriedly.

"Hey, Steve. I'm sorry I didn't say good bye properly earlier. Actually my phone slipped and I pressed the off button on the side as I made a grab for it. I'll try to do better in future," Carrie said.

"Apology and promise accepted," I responded. "What time do you think you'll come over tomorrow?"

"Mum said she'll drop me off on her way into town to get what she needs for the tea, so I guess it'll be about three. Judith and Anne will be arriving about three too. I asked Meg, but she's already booked to do something else," Carrie told us.

"Okay, that's great. We were about to start getting our tea ready now too, so we'll say good bye until tomorrow. Bye," I told her.

"Good bye, Steve. Good bye, Mike, if you can hear me," Carrie said.

"I hear you. Good bye, Carrie. See you tomorrow," Mike called out. I cut the call and put the phone down to get back into the kitchen and cooking.

On my way to the kitchen I passed by the stereo and put on one of the classical CDs that Kevin had leant me. Although I had spoken to Mike about the classical music, I hadn't subjected him to any of it. I thought that now would be a good time to listen as we prepared our meal. It's not that great to try and watch a film on the tele when you have to keep interrupting your viewing to go and check on the food. I turned the volume up a little to help us hear it better in the kitchen but not so much that it was blasting our ear drums off.

The Blue Danube was soon filling the air with its melody. I could not help but sway in time to it, and when I moved from point to point in the kitchen I waltzed instead of just taking a couple of steps. Mike made no comment, but I could see that he was listening intently to the music. He too was moving in time to it as he did his bit towards our meal. When we sat down to eat I put on Beethoven's ninth symphony and as the melody to 'Ode to Joy' started to come through the speakers Mike said, "I am really enjoying this music. Is it some of the stuff that Kevin leant you?"

"Some of it is, but this one is my own. I found it in a charity shop the other day for a pound," I told him.

"A pound well spent," Mike replied before putting another forkful of food into his mouth.

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