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Birthday Dare

by Rick Masters

Chapter 39

"Why don't you have underwear on?" Jay began.

"I didn't realise what time it was when you guys rang the doorbell. I was still naked, so I just pulled on shorts and a t shirt to answer the door," I explained.

"Was Mike naked too, since he has no underwear on?" Jay clearly was rather observant.

"Yes, he was. We were looking up some information on the internet and didn't realise how long we had spent doing it," I explained rather lamely.

"But it was already afternoon. Had you guys been naked since morning?" This boy didn't miss a trick, did he?

"Well, yeah, I guess we had been," I answered, beginning to feel a bit uncomfortable.

"Are you and Mike the gay boys my sister keeps talking about then?" Jay asked.

"Yes, we are. Please don't tell anyone else. Not many people know. It is still a bit of a secret," I told him.

"You should have kept it a secret from Judith and Mary. Those two can't talk without everybody nearby hearing them," Jay advised.

I chuckled. "So you've noticed that too?"

"Yes. Actually it's quite helpful, because I know in advance what she is going to be doing and if I am going to get jerked off, and then I don't need to do it myself," Jay admitted. "Do you and Mike jerk each other off?"

"I don't know if I should answer that question. It's a bit personal, and you're rather young to be asking such questions," I told him.

"Look, I've got to keep your secret, so you have to keep mine. I think you know about it anyway. Sometimes when Judy has friends around they strip me and play with my cock and then let me play with their cunts, so I'm young, but I know a bit more than my friends about these things. What I really want to know is if it's better to be jerked by a boy or a girl," Jay said.

"That's really a matter of individual opinion. And also what excites you more. I prefer a boy, but a straight boy might prefer a girl, even though a boy is likely to do it better," I explained.

"So you're saying that because you're gay you prefer Mike to do you, and that he's better at it because he is a guy and knows what works best?" Jay asked. I thought he was displaying maturity and intelligence beyond his years.

"Uh, I guess so. But come now, the kettle's boiling, so let's get the tea done and go back to the others," I said, clutching at this as an escape route.

"Okay. Thanks for talking with me. If I have more questions can I ask you? I think you'll tell me the truth," Jay asked.

"Yeah, sure," I answered without really thinking. I cringed inwardly when I realized what I had agreed to. I resolved that I would discuss the situation with Judith when I got the chance so that I might have a better understanding of how I should answer his questions.

Back in the lounge I served the drinks and then sat down rather more carefully than I had the last time. Leaning over I whispered a warning about what Jay had said in Mike's ear. Mike quickly looked down and made a small adjustment to his shorts, and I saw Jay look away. As he turned his head his eyes met mine. He knew that I had seen him noticing Mike adjusting his shorts, and he grinned. He might be seven years my junior, but I was starting to like this lad more and more. He was very bright and world wise for his age.

Our conversation mostly concerned what was happening with our other friends and peers, which left Jay mostly just sitting there looking bored. When the CD came to an end, Mike stood up and gestured for Jay to join him. The two of them walked over to the stereo, and Mike let Jay choose the next CD. Of course his choice was restricted to those I had put out, so he had only classical to choose from. The poor boy probably didn't have a clue what he was choosing, but he did know the name Beethoven, so he chose that CD. One of the first tracks was Ode to Joy, which has a great melody that does lift the spirits. Even though we weren't really listening to the music, it still affected us, and I noticed the conversation becoming lighter and more jovial as the music progressed.

Jay was clearly still a bit bored. I thought he might like to play some sort of game on my laptop and asked him if he would like that. Jay looked quite pleased and was eager to play. I ran upstairs and got my laptop and the mains connection, as games seem to drain the battery faster than other uses, then logged in and showed Jay where he could find games that were free to play. About half an hour later I noticed that Jay was looking intently at the laptop but wasn't moving his hands as he would if he were playing a game. I decided that I needed to check on what was happening; in logging in I had given him access to most of my files and the internet. I got up and left the room as if I were going to the loo. Jay took a quick glimpse to see that I was going away from him rather than approaching him. I took a circular route through the kitchen into the dining room so that I could come up behind Jay. Being barefoot on the carpet, I could move quietly. I saw that Jay had opened my internet connection and used my search history to find one of the erotic story sites I frequented. He was reading a story, hence the concentration on the screen without the movements needed to play a game. I saw that he had got into the gay division of the story site and was reading in a section that involved adults doing things with younger boys. I could also see that one hand was in his lap playing with a definite bulge in his jeans. I quietly backed away and retraced my route, coming into the lounge from the passage door. I walked straight over to Jay, asking him what game he was playing. Jay wasn't fast enough to get the screen cleared before I got to him, and he began to look scared.

By that time I was next to him and could see he was still on the story site. "Oh, solitaire. I would have thought one of the games with more action in it. Aren't you bored with card games?" I said to let him know that I wasn't going to let his secret out. "I tell you what, why don't you come and help me get some more drinks ready, then I'll show you a free on-line game that you might like. Close down for now and I'll log you in again when we get back." Turning to the others, I asked what they would like to drink. This time we got more teas and coffees than juice. I had Jay gather up the empty cups and glasses and carried the tray through to the kitchen.

I pushed the kitchen door closed, so we would be less likely to be overheard, and suggested that Jay start washing the glasses and cups while I got the kettle on, then we could make fresh drinks. Then I said, "I'm not going to tell anyone about what you were looking at on the computer or what you tell me now or any other time without your permission. What we talk about will be private between you and me. I won't even tell Mike unless I ask you first. I want you to promise me that whatever we talk about in private will not be shared with any of your friends either. Okay?"

"Yeah, I promise for sure. I don't want anyone else to know what I was looking at either," Jay said.

"Good boy. I'm sure you don't want that. Did you like what you were reading?" I asked.

"Yeah, that sounds more exciting than having your sister do those things to you. Have you sucked Mike's cock?" Jay asked.

"That's between Mike and me. What I will tell you is that I have sucked a cock and I have had my cock sucked by both a girl and a boy. Not at the same time of course, and for me it was best with the guy," I told him, remembering our earlier conversation.

"Do you think my cock is big enough for someone to suck?" Jay asked.

"I haven't seen your cock, but I'm sure it's big enough. You can suck on the tip of a finger, and your cock has to be bigger than that," I told him.

"So my friend and I could suck each other's cocks even though they're not adult sized?"

"Certainly, but whether your friend would do it or not might be another story," I told him.

"Would you suck my cock?" Jay asked.

"I don't know. I would have to think about it, because you are so young. I'm old enough that I could end up in jail if I got caught doing that with a boy your age," I told him.

"We'd have to make sure that we couldn't get caught then," Jay said, as if I had already agreed to suck him.

"Hey, I haven't said I would do it! I certainly wouldn't do it if I had to keep it a secret from Mike," I told him, thinking that might make him back off a bit.

"You can tell Mike anyway. I think if I can trust you to keep my secrets, I can trust Mike too. Maybe he'd like to suck me too," Jay said.

"There's more to it than that. I have to consider a lot of different things, like the age difference and would your family say that I had turned you gay. It's not just the doing, but also the things that happen afterwards and the effect it has on both of us."

"What if I get my sister or one of her friends to suck me first. Would that make a difference?" Jay asked.

"I don't know. And I am certainly not going to encourage you to try and get that to happen," I told him.

"If I were older would you do stuff with me?"

"Again that would depend on a lot of things. Like how much older and whether Mike was okay with it and whether I felt like I wanted to do stuff with you," I answered.

"Do you think I look good?" he asked again.

"Certainly. When you start to grow more and develop there will be a string of girls following you everywhere," I assured him, and I meant it.

"Do you want to see what I look like without clothes on?" Jay asked.

"I can't deny I have a level of curiosity, but we don't have time now. We need to take the tea out or they'll be asking what we were doing in here," I said, clutching at that excuse to get out of both the temptation he was putting in front of me and my fear that I would really like what I saw and want more of it. I picked up the tray and began walking to the lounge.

"I will let you see me naked if you want to," Jay said.

When we got to the lounge the conversation stopped as soon as they were aware we were there, but not before both Jay and I had heard enough to know what they were talking about. My heart sank, but then I had a bright idea to avoid what I thought was the inevitable outcome of what we had overheard.

"Right. Jay, let me take you into the dining room and set up the laptop there so you can play while we talk all that boring stuff," I offered, hoping Jay would accept the offer and not what we had overheard.

"Uh, it's ok. I think my sister wants to play a different game," Jay said. My heart sank once more.

I decided that I needed to cause a diversion and delay it as much as possible in the hopes that we would run out of time before it actually happened, but what could I do? I was wracking my brain as I began to pour the tea, trying my best to come up with a conversation topic that might lead them away from the topic they had been on. I needed something that was a bit controversial or that would at least cause a split in agreement. As I passed the second cup of tea I got an idea, and while passing out the coffees I asked, "How have you liked the music today?"

"You know bloody well we had this conversation a few weeks ago at my party. You have me worried now. I've been okay with it today – you're corrupting all of us!" Carrie replied.

"I like it too," Anne said. "I mean, I still like our kind of music more, but I like what I've heard today.

"Yeah, it gets you in the mood for sex," Judith said, bringing the conversation right back to where I had tried to steer it from. "What about you, Jay? Does this music make you get all excited too?"

Jay stood up to show that he had a definite tent in his jeans and swiveled around "What do you think?" he asked. He thrust his hips forward to accentuate the tent. I groaned inwardly; I was sure I knew what was going to happen, and I was scared as to how I might react.

Carrie came over to me by the coffee table, where I had just finished passing out the drinks to everyone. "What about you big boys? Does this music make you get randy too?" she asked. She put her hand over my package and rubbed a bit to get me started chubbing up. At the same time Anne had reached over to feel Mike's cock. I could see that Jay was dying to see our hard cocks displayed for him. I guessed that he had not seen an older guy with an erection before and was wondering just how different to him it would look.

"Come here, Jay. Let's see how the music affects you," Judith called out.

"No, not yet. You know the rules," Jay said. I looked at Judith with a curious expression on my face.

"We aren't at our home, so they don't apply," Judith said.

"The rules apply no matter where we are. That's what we agreed. There was nothing about it being only when we're at home. We are in a home, anyway, so it still goes." Jay was quite emphatic.

"What are we talking about?" I asked.

"My sister and I have some rules for what she wants to do now, and I'm insisting on them being kept," Jay said. He folded his arms in front of him as he stood across the coffee table from his sister.

Both Anne and Carrie had smiles on their faces. They obviously knew the rules; only Mike and I were ignorant of them. We weren't ignorant of what Anne's and Carrie's hands had done to our cocks. All through that conversation they had not stopped rubbing us, and we were fully hard.

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