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Birthday Dare

by Rick Masters

Chapter 48

On the way home we talked about what Simon had suffered and promised each other that we wouldn't sit back if we knew someone was suffering like that or being mistreated. We also agreed that we would make sure we read and understood the information on the leaflets that Simon had given us.

"There is one thing Simon said that's been bothering me," I started.

"That there isn't enough help for kids who have been made homeless, because the social services are too stretched," Mike finished for me.

"Yes, exactly that," I agreed. In other circumstances we would have been grinning at each other because of being able to say what the other is thinking, but this was too serious for that.

"And you're going to talk to your parents about it and see if they are willing to help."

"Right again. But this is so scary. We're only seventeen and can't even drive a car without someone licenced beside us, and we're thinking about saving the world instead of when we can have a fuck or get a blowjob," I said.

"That's because of this responsible attitude we have that makes our parents so proud of us," Mike explained. "And we've probably helped at least one person already."

"Yeah, but got a few more into trouble," I added.

"That is a bit of a bummer, I grant you, but they brought it on themselves, just like Simon's bullies. They had a choice to not do it too," Mike argued.

That evening when we got home we each sat with our own parents and told them of our visit with Simon. While we told them that he had described some of what he went through, we had not asked for or been given permission to share it, so all we said was that it was truly horrible. Then we got onto the problem of places for kids to go who are homeless because of their parents' inability to accept that they are gay. "And I was wondering if you guys would think about it, and maybe we could come up with some way to help," I concluded. "Oh, and Mike is talking to his parents about the same thing as soon as he gets a chance," I added with a smile.

"Okay, we weren't quite ready to share this with you yet, but as you have brought it up, your mother and I have been discussing the same thing. We haven't yet made a firm decision, and we wouldn't make such a decision without discussing it with you and getting your acceptance, but we're thinking about offering to provide a halfway home for kids who need it. We have two spare rooms and could fit two in each room if needed, but we would prefer to have just two at a time. If you think you could handle that, then we'll look at it more closely and look into the legal side of it," Dad explained. "Oh, and there's another thing I know you both would like to hear. I spoke to my director, you know the one who I said was gay, about the company doing something to support the help centre. He told me that the company was looking for a way to do some charitable work. I explained their need for tape recording equipment and how Dan was trying to sort something out and suggested that maybe the company could offer to cover some of the cost. The director told me he would do some investigations and then see if the board would be interested. Two days ago he came to me and asked me for Dan's contact information. Dan told him that his company is going to supply enough equipment for each of the counselling rooms and will also give the centre a free service program so that if anything goes wrong with the equipment they will get it fixed for free. When he learned that, our director talked to Simon. The board had a meeting this afternoon, and they've agreed to pay the salary of a part time stenographer to transcribe the recordings for the next five years. They'll review it after that, and they have also agreed to cover the centre's stationery costs for the same period. But there is a catch. Both Dan's company and my directors want to make the donations in yours and Mike's names, so you will need to be present when that happens. There is going to be some media coverage, and that means you two are likely to be outed to everybody. What do you say about that?

"If we refuse, does that mean the donations will not go ahead?" I asked.

"I'm not sure. I have a feeling that it will not stop the donations, because both companies have been looking for something to support. But by doing it in your names they want to show that young people can also do something great for our town and country," Dad said.

"Will this not also tell Judith's family who has squealed on them?" I asked.

"It would be a very tenuous link for them to make and one that would not hold up in court, so even if they think that I doubt their lawyer would let them act upon it," Dad said.

"I have to talk with Mike about this first," I said.

"Of course. Would it help if we had Mike and his parents around for a meal tomorrow? Then if you two have any other questions when you discuss it, we would be right there to answer," Mum offered.

"We could also ask my gay director to come to speak on behalf of the company," Dad suggested.

"Yeah, that might be a help, but Mike and I need to talk privately first," I said.

"We understand," Dad said. "Now, what about the halfway home idea? What do you think about that?"

"I think it's great, and I would even be happy to share my room with one if there was a need," I said.

"Good. Let's see what we can arrange for tomorrow. Dear, do you want to phone the Ansfield's? I'll phone Guy and see if he can come round tomorrow."

Both parents went off to make their calls, and I headed up to my room to phone Mike."Hi, luv. I was just about to phone you. I have some news that we need to talk about," Mike said when he answered my call.

"I'm guessing it's the same news I phoned you about, but I don't want to do it over the phone. Do you want to come here or shall I come to you?" I responded,

"Hang on a sec. Mum is shouting up the stairs at me. Sorry," Mike said. The phone went quiet, then I could hear Mike's and his mum's voices but could not make out what they were saying. "Right. It seems we are all going to be at your house tomorrow for a big pow-wow. Why don't you come and spend the night with me tonight, and maybe I can spend the night with you tomorrow," Mike proposed.

"Now it's my turn. Mum is shouting up the stairs at me. Hang on, please," I asked and went to the landing to see what Mum wanted. Mum told me basically what Mike had said, that the meeting was all set up and that Dad's director had also agreed to come along. I asked Mum about Mike staying the night after the meeting and me going to his house for the night now. She agreed and offered to run me over if Mike's mum agreed. Back in my bedroom I spoke to Mike and asked, "Don't know if you were able to hear any of that. It was mostly just the same as what you told me. I can come for the night if your folks agree and you can stay the night tomorrow if they agree to that too."

"Good. Hang on a bit while I check," Mike said and I heard the clunk as he put the phone down on his table before going out the room and calling out to his mother again. Permission for both sleepovers was readily given. "Yeah, it's all go. Do you want Dad to come and fetch you? He offered," Mike asked.

"No, it's ok. Mum will bring me over." We said goodbye so I could pack a bag and get over to him.

When I arrived at Mike's home I was met at the door by Dan, with Mike standing just behind him. "You two have a lot to think about. I'm guessing you'll do it better after you've taken care of certain physical needs, so I suggest you just head up to your room, and we won't expect to see you until morning. I'll see your mum on her way back home."

"Thanks, Dad Two. Say hallo to Mum Two for me if I don't see her now, and good night," I said as I stepped past him and into Mike's arms.

"Okay. Will do, son," Dan said as he stepped down to the path and started to walk towards Mum's car.

"Hi, Mum Two," I greeted Michelle when she came into view as we cleared the passage and made for the stairs.

"Hi, Steve. Have a good night. Good night, son," Michelle said, making us aware we were being sent to Mike's room with both their blessings.

"Good night, Mum," we said in unison. We took the stairs two at a time as usual.

Mike closed the door and made sure it had latched before turning back to me and pulling me into a hug. We kissed and massaged each other's backs as we edged our way closer to his new bed, a double bed that we fit on together more comfortably than the old single bed we had had to struggle with before his appendix operation.

"Your dad is right," I panted, catching my breath from our kiss. "We will be able to talk better after we have taken care of our physical need, so let's do that first."

"Oh yes! It's been a couple of days since we were together like this, and now it's with my parents' agreement, even at their suggestion." Mike smiled as he said that and then began to pull my tee shirt up over my body. We kissed body parts as we uncovered them and ensured we both had hard erect nipples and wet navels before our jeans were even loosened, let alone lifted over our fully grown bulges. Once we were naked and had wrapped our fists around each other's tumescence Mike asked, "Do you want to sixty-nine or take turns with some butt love?"

"Butt love? Where did you come up with that phrase?" I asked in return.

"Well, amongst heteros 'making love' always seems to refer to fucking, but I look on all we do as making love. We need something to differentiate between them, and I don't like the idea of saying I am fucking you or you me. That just sounds too common, too gross. It takes away the passion and emotional elements from our love making. I just came up with that now as I was trying to think of a way to word it," Mike explained.

"I like the thought of our love making encompassing everything we do with each other. That is so true. I think I would like us to think of different terminology for the different acts. I mean even bj, sixty-nine, wank and jerk all have the same problem; they're what others use for physical pleasure and release without necessarily incorporating love." I responded.

"We can put our thinking caps on later, but will you answer my question for now, please?" Mike demanded.

"I think I'm too randy to wait for my turn, so let's sixty-nine tonight and maybe do something else tomorrow," I answered.

"Oh, thank you. I was hoping you would want that," Mike said as he let go of my cock. He had been gently massaging it through that part of our conversation. Now he started to move into position.

"Why didn't you just say so instead of all this argy bargee about butt love?" I asked.

"I was being the good host and letting my guest have what he wanted," Mike replied.

"Oh, shut up. Let's just get on with it, or I might cum in your hand instead." Mike's response to that was to suck my cock into his mouth. He put his hand around my balls and squeezed them just a fraction too tightly as an admonishment for the teasing. Of course he didn't hold the squeeze for more than a second, but it was long enough for me to know he had retaliated. I chose to leave it at that and sucked his cock into my mouth with my tongue licking his precum off the flap of his foreskin before I began to worm my tongue inside the skin and tease his hotspot – a move I knew really turned him on and would eventually give him a more powerful orgasm.

Having had a bit of practice we each knew how to read the other's signals, when to back off a bit so that we could keep our lovemaking going longer than a quick "wham, bam, thank you man" event. As a result I had Mike's cock in my mouth and sometimes a little way down my throat for nearly three quarters of an hour. At that point I realized that I needed to make him cum or I might never be able to close my mouth again as it might well freeze open with a form of lock jaw. When I started working his cock to make him cum, Mike began to work me in the same way. He used his hand to pull my foreskin back so that his tongue could swirl around the head, and at the same time he pushed a second finger into my bum to join the one that had been lightly teasing my prostate. Now he could get a bit deeper penetration and really massage that cum switch and bring me off quicker.

I knew Mike was getting close when he started to hump his hips. He would push his cock deeper into my mouth, then pull it out till I almost lost it before ramming it back in as he began to lose control and fuck my mouth. I wrapped my hand around his balls. Without squeezing them I pulled on his scrotum to force his cock against the roof of my mouth and also pull his foreskin back off the head so that his sensitive fraenulum was rubbing directly on the ridges in my mouth and giving him some supersensitive, nerve tingling feelings. We couldn't have timed it better as we each felt the cock in our mouth expand and then gave a grunt at the same time as we began to spurt our cum out as our love offering to our mate. We continued jerking our hips until our spasms died. We left our cocks in our lover's mouth as we sucked and cleaned up, making sure that nothing was going to waste. We had got enough practice that we were able to take the increased sensitivity for a few seconds longer than we had at first, and this little ritual was our token of our love for each other.

Even that has its limits, and when we had to pull out Mike turned around to lie on the bed in the same direction I was. We drew close together and kissed. We swapped tastes and noted that we could tell the difference between our two cums. While we liked both flavours, somehow we each preferred the other's to our own, claiming it was sweeter. We lay on our sides facing each other with arms draped over each other's side for some time after our kiss ended, lost in our own thoughts.

Eventually Mike broke the silence. "What do you think about this donation thing with the centre?"

"I have mixed feelings about it all. I'm honoured that the companies want to make their donations in our honour, but I don't know that we deserve that. Then it will almost certainly out us to our school and our community. A part of me wants to be outed so that we can be a couple at school as well as at home, but I'm still a bit worried about the consequences of being outed. And Judith and her family might well put two and two together and work out that we're the ones that basically grassed on their daughter," I told him.

"That's roughly how I've been thinking too. Let's break it down and consider each bit as a separate item and see if that helps us to get it all in perspective so we can come to some conclusions," Mike suggested.

"Let's start with the easier one first and then move onto the harder ones," I said.

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