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A Touching Look

by Rick Masters

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Hi mum," Don greeted his mother, "this is Matt. Remember the guy I was telling you about?" Don Atkinson pointed to his eyes as he introduced Matthew Carlisle to her.

"Hi Matt, it's lovely to se … meet you." Mrs. Atkinson said as she took a step forward and took the hand that Matt had held out to her.

As her hand closed around Matt's he brought his other hand up and clasped her hand in both of his. "Hello, Don's mum."

"Oh; call me Hannah, please. I hope those other boys didn't make it too bad for you." Hannah said.

"They might have if Don hadn't come to help me." Matt replied.

"You want to come and se … go to my room." Don interrupted.

"I would like to see you room." Matt answered.

Don looked at his mother with a terrified expression and tried to talk but only sounds came out.

"I'm sorry. I've embarrassed you. Let's go up and I'll explain how I see things." Matt said.

Don took hold of Matt's arm near his wrist and gave a gentle tug which got Matt following him. Hannah looked on with a perplexed expression on her face. She knew she would have to wait until Matt had gone home to get her questions answered.

The two boys walked into Don's room and he closed the door. "I'm sorry; I didn't know what to say." Don said.

"It's okay. You didn't hurt me. I'm not upset. You get used to people acting like that and it really doesn't bother me. Now show me your room." Matt said.

"I … I don't know how to." Don stammered.

"You don't have to have eyes to see things. Take me to different things in your room and let me get close to them." Matt told him.

Holding Matt's arm by the wrist again, Don led him over to the corner by the door they had come in through. He began to lift Matt's hand to point in the direction of his book case but Matt interrupted him. "Eeweew, your dirty laundry stinks. How many socks and boxers are here?"

"They don't stink!" Don replied indignantly, "and there's only two days' worth there anyway. And that's not what I brought you over here for." He pulled Matt a bit closer to the bookshelf and said, "These are all my books and DVD's."

Matt stepped forward half a step and carefully lifted his hand, reaching forward. He slowly ran his hand along a row of books. "You've got a lot of books here. I like reading books too, but mine are a lot bigger and heavier." He said as he lifted one of Don's off the shelf and flipped the pages.

"Books? Read? How do …?" Don began asking and then stopped, embarrassed again.

"You were going to ask how I can read when I can't see. I read with these." Matt held up his fingers and wiggled them. "I see a lot with my fingers. You should try it some time. I can probably see more with my fingers than you could with yours but that's because I've been learning to see with them all my life."

"I don't understand." Don said.

"It's simple. I was born blind so I've had to look by using my other senses. They say that when you lose one, the others take on more so that when I feel something I get more information from it than you might because you don't have to see by touching."

While Matt had been explaining this to Don he had been walking slowly letting his fingers slide along the edge of the book case. When he got to the end his fingers dropped off and he lifted both hands and began to feel the air as he looked for the next thing to touch that he could use to guide him. He found the wall and carried on his slow walk. Don stood watching him as he approached the corner and then turned as his fingers told him he had got to the corner. Before he reached it Matt said, "You've got a window here, haven't you?"

"Yeah, but you haven't got there yet. How did you know?"

"I can feel the change in temperature. It's a bit warmer so the sun must be shining against the glass of the window. You're whole room is quite warm though. Is your heating still on?" Matt asked.

"No. Just the sun shining on the window makes it hot."

"Can I take off my shirt then? I'm really quite hot." Matt asked.

"Sure, I'm going to take mine off too." Don answered and pulled his shirt over his head.

Matt smiled a little as he pulled his shirt off. He had heard Don pulling his shirt off and would have known that's what he had done even without being told. His walk around the room had come to a bit of a halt as he had bumped into Don's desk which was under the window. Matt folded his shirt and laid it down on the desk. "Do you mind if I put my shirt here?" he asked.

"No probs. You could just drop it on the floor if you like." Don told him.

"No can't do that. I have to be a bit more careful. So I fold my shirt in a special way and put it down the right way up so that when I want to put it on again I know which is the front and which is the back." Matt explained. He continued to feel his way around the perimeter of Don's room. Successfully negotiating past the desk he got to another corner and as he turned again he said, "Hey you've got another window. Your room must be on the corner of the house."

"Yeah. I can look out the first window onto the neighbour's house and then out the other window to the fields at the back. There's no more house behind ours." Don said.

"And you've got your bike in your room!" Matt said.

"It doesn't normally stay in the room but Dad's doing some sorting and painting in the shed and wanted it out for a couple of weeks. We don't have a garage so it had to come up here." Don explained.

Matt picked up a football that was on a shelf in the corner between the two windows. "Oh sorry, is this football special or something?" he had heard Don take a short suck of air in as he turned with the ball in his hands.

"Yeah, please let me take it from you. That's been signed by David Beckham when he played for Man U. My dad was at the match and caught that ball when it was kicked out of play by Beckham, seconds before the final whistle, preventing the other team from scoring a goal and drawing the game."

"Sorry, here," Matt held the ball out towards Don. "I hope I haven't smudged the signature or anything."

"Dad says he used a permanent marker so it shouldn't have smudged. Thanks." Don took the ball back and put it back on the little round stand it rested on.

Matt bumped into Don's bed and fell over onto it. He gave a giggle and said, "such a bloody big thing, don't know why I didn't see it."

"You can't se … oh," Don realised the joke in Matt's statement and began to giggle. He had sat down on the bed too and Matt turned so that he could sit up. The two boys were side by side and Matt could tell from Don's giggles they were close together. He lifted his hands and put them onto the sides of Don's head. His fingers felt the hair and the ears and then he moved around to Don's face and traced his eyebrows and nose. The fingers worked their way across his cheeks and along his jaw line to his chin. Then back up to the lips.

"Nggnnghng" Don pulled back and shook his head, "That tickles on my lips." He explained.

"Sorry. I think you are handsome and might need to start shaving soon."

"No, not yet. There's only a little hair on my top lip." Don said.

"Yeah, it's still soft but quite long already. I think that's what tickled you."

"Maybe." Don agreed.

"Do you want to try seeing my way?" Matt asked.

"What do you mean?"

"Seeing by feeling. You will need to put a blindfold on because they tell me that you can't resist the temptation to look if you are just holding your eyes closed. You put the blindfold on and then try feeling my face and tell me if you can picture what you are feeling and if it is like what you have actually seen."

"I don't know. What can I use as a blindfold?" Don asked.

"Anything to make a pad to go over your eyes and then a tie or belt to hold it in place. Do you have any hankies? It needs to be something fairly soft."

Matt got up and felt his way to where he had found a chest of drawers in his walk around the room. He pulled open one drawer and felt inside there. He found something that felt fairly soft so he pulled it out and began to fold it up.

"No ways, Matt. I'm not going to be blindfolded with a pair of boxers." Don protested when he saw what Matt was folding up.

"Why not? They're clean aren't they? You'd be okay with a T shirt and yet the bottom of the shirt gets that far down." Matt reasoned.

"Shit! Okay then, I'll get my tie. Can you tie it on me because I won't be able to see to do it?" Don asked, then began giggling, "You can't see to do it either."

"But my fingers can see." Matt responded.

They got the blindfold on and Matt asked Don if he could see or not. "Do you promise to keep the blindfold on until we agree you can take it off?" he asked.

"I promise and I can't see a thing. It's all just black." Don replied.

"Okay, let's sit down again and you can feel my face and tell me what you see." Matt said as he moved back to the bed from the desk where he had been standing.

The two boys sat down in roughly the same position they had been in before. Matt found Don's hands and lifted them to his face. "Tell me what you feel; the shape and texture and what you think you are feeling."

"These are your eyebrows. The hair is quite rough. There is a gap in the middle … I'm going over your eyes now. Does that hurt?"

"No. I can feel you touching me there and if you push hard it will hurt just like if I pushed hard on your eyes. Keep going." Matt said.

"Okay; so now I'm onto your cheeks and I can feel the soft hairs. Oh, these are your ears … those hairs must be where you'll grow your beard. This is your jaw bone now … and your chin. It sticks out more than mine does." Don had taken one hand away to feel his own chin and then brought it back as his fingers slid up to Matt's mouth. "Your mouth is open! Are these your teeth?"

Matt gurgled a reply which Don took to mean he was right. He ran his hand up over Matt's top lip and could feel the growth of his moustache which, like his, was showing some colour, but was not yet in need of a shave. As Don moved his fingers over Matt's cheeks, Matt suggested. "Try feeling some more, go down my neck and I'll look at some more of you at the same time." He put his hands back on Don's jaws and then slid down onto his neck. Don followed the pattern Matt was using as they felt each other's neck. A soft rub of the thumb over the Adam's apple; a finger tracing the line of the tendons and then along the collar bone.

For Don this was a totally new experience and perhaps he should have found it strange to be feeling another boy in this way. But something inside him made it seem exciting and natural. As Matts fingers traced the line of his shoulders and then slid down to find the soft start of hair in his pits, Don couldn't stop himself from squirming with the tickling. He giggled a little and said, "That tickles too." This did not stop him from copying the move and feeling Matt's pits. "I think you've got more hair here than I do."

"Of course! They're my armpits and you don't have any hair in them." Matt teased.

"No, silly. I mean you've got more hair in yours than I've got in mine." Don said, and then realised that Matt was teasing and said, "but you got me."

Matt chuckled and moved his hands over Don's chest, letting his fingers excite Don's nipples into erection. When Don followed that he found Matt's nipples were already standing proud. "Your nipples are sticking out and you've got some pretty good chest muscles already." He told Matt.

"Well your nipples are sticking out also and I think your muscles are a bit bigger than mine. I can feel the start of a six pack too." Matt said as he moved his hands over Don's abdomen and to the sides; where he let his fingers bounce over Don's ribs as he headed towards Don's hips. When he got the waist band of Don's tracksuit bottoms he stopped and waited for Don to catch up.

Don's fingers also bumped over Matt's ribs and then he slid his hands over the soft flesh until he came to Matt's hip bones. He let his fingers slide a bit further and then, "Where's your clothes? Are you naked?"

"How can you see me if there is stuff in the way hiding me?" Matt answered with a question.

"You don't mind me touching here?" Don asked as he slid his hands over the top of Matt's legs making sure that there definitely was no clothing blocking his viewing.

"I don't mind. Do you?" Matt asked.

"No; it's kind of weird, strange, but okay." Don said.

"Yeah, that day you came to help me in the park and helped me get my shirt back on I was pretty sure you wouldn't mind doing this." Matt answered.

"Those guys were arseholes. They knew you couldn't see them and they outnumbered you. I think they were going to try and strip you completely and leave you to feel around to try and find your clothes. I'm glad I got there and started shouting so they got scared and ran away."

"Yeah, but they took my special cane with them too." Matt said.

"Shits. That's what they are, proper shits. I hope someone finds them with the cane and gives them hell for stealing it from you."

"I'm sure they don't realise how much us blind guys need things like that cane and our dogs."

"Do you have a guide dog?"

"No, not yet. I'll be getting one soon though. There aren't enough to go around and because I was managing with my cane they have given them to others who needed them more. But now my folks have been told they will have a dog for me in the next few months. And my new cane should be here any day. Matt explained and gave a little tug on Don's waistband.

"Do you want me to see all of you?" Don asked.

"Yes, well as much as you want to see. But I think that will be all of me. Can I see all of you, please?" Matt answered.

"I've never been looked at like this before but I think it'll be okay." Don answered as he lifted his hips and let Matt pull his tracksuit and boxers down at the same time. Once Matt got them to his knees, Don took over and removed them the rest of the way leaving both of them as naked as each other.

Matt ran his hands back up Don's legs and slid them into his crotch. "You're hard already. I was hoping to see you soft and then get you hard."

"Maybe you'll have to do it the other way round then." Don said and Matt picked up a note of excitement as well as a mischievous ring in Don's voice. This made him sure he had guessed right back in the park when Don had helped him. "Just like I'll have to do." Don continued as he too had got his fingers onto Matt's stiffy."

"I was right. I knew it. You've been cut, haven't you?" Matt said.

"Yep, and you haven't. What's it like having that skin over the end of it?"

"Well it's nice when you doing this," Matt said as he pumped Don's cock a few times, "because the skin does some rubbing too. But you have to wash it carefully and pull it back to make sure it's fully clean or you get this smelly stuff inside it and you can even get little sores. I also pull it back when I pee but I've heard not everyone does. I think you must get some pee trapped inside if you don't pull it back. Now tell me what you feel."

"This is so strange. I mean I've felt my own lots of times and both of them feel about the same, Hard yet spongy. A bit like a squash ball. But it's so different too. Feeling yours makes mine feel different and you feeling mine isn't the same as when I feel it. Do you get that clear stuff that's very slippery yet?" Don asked.

"I don't know if it is clear but I get some stuff that is very slippery and when I spread it over my cock it makes it feel so much nicer as I rub it. Then I get more when I cum. How about you?"

"The same. But the first stuff is clear and when you shoot the other stuff that is milky." Don said.

"Will you make me cum and tell me if mine is milky too?" Matt asked.

"I won't be able to see if it is unless I take my blindfold off." Don said.

"Do you want to take it off now?" Matt asked.

"I want to and I don't want to." Don said. "If I had been looking with my eyes I don't think I would have let you touch me so much. And I don't know if it would have felt the same when I was touching you. But then when I discovered you were naked and I already was hard because I liked having you touch me I wanted to touch you more and have you touch me more. But I also want to see all of you with my eyes."

"Then take it off when you are ready. I also want you to see all of me with your eyes, just as I want to see all of you with my fingers. But I want us to cum first and then do some more looking." Matt said.

The two boys continued to stroke each other in their own forms of darkness. They felt the pre-cum spread as their fingers caught it and slicked up the head of their friend's cock first and then more of the shaft as more lube came available. For the first time in his life Don felt a cock swell in his hand as Matt's orgasm got close. Despite the fact that he had been wanking himself for over a year, this was the first time he discovered that cocks swell a bit as they begin to shoot. Moments later his own cock was felt to swell and he shot his load out over Matt's hand and his own pubes. Don took his blindfold off and a few moments later when his eyes had adjusted to the brightness of daylight he was able to look and see that Matt's cum was milky and he told him so.

For at least another half hour the two boys explored each other's body with their fingertips. When asked they would move position so that the other could get his hands on another part of his anatomy. Sometimes this meant that one was getting explored more than the other. But then they would change and the roles would be reversed.

"I've wanted to do this since I started getting hard ons and wanking. But I never found another guy that I thought it would be safe to try with, until I found you. Or rather you found me." Matt confessed.

"I've thought about doing something like this too, but not that much and have never been brave enough to suggest it to anyone. I'm glad you were brave enough." Don responded.

"I guess that means you like it?" Matt asked.

"Yeah, I'm still liking it. Have you ever done this with a girl?"

"No. I don't think I want to. I'm not really comfortable with girls. They giggle and squeal too much. My bloody little sister especially." Matt told him.

"Yeah, but I must admit I'm curious to see a live girl naked. I've seen pictures but I don't think it's the same as actually seeing, and being able to see your way maybe." Don said.

"Well maybe one day it'll happen. How are you feeling now?" Matt asked.

"I'm happy and want more." Don replied.

Matt moved his hands back into Don's groin. "Mmm, I see what you mean. Want me to stroke you again?"

"Yeah, do you want me to stroke you too? I can see you are hard also."

"This time you lie back and relax and let me just stroke you, then once you've cum, you can do me."

Don lay back across his bed and Matt began to wank him using one hand with fingers wrapped around Don's cock and the other hand had exploring fingers feeling him between his legs some of the time. Then he would fondle Don's balls or play with his nipple or navel. The added stimulation increased the intensity of feelings in Don's cock and soon he was wriggling on the bed as the myriad pleasure sensations worked through his whole body. He didn't have his blindfold on but his eyes were not seeing anything as they were tightly closed. All his experience was coming through the sense of touch and he was enjoying it immensely. Once he had produced enough pre-cum Matt would rub his thumb over the top of Don's cock going from front to back to front with each up and down stroke of the fist around the cock. Within minutes Don's body was tensing. His toes were pointing and his hands were clenching, gripping the duvet cover. His bum was tightening and his hips were lifting off the bed. This was accompanied with low level and low volume groans and moans until his hips started jerking and he thrust hard upwards and spat out a few drops of cum. He was panting but had to bring his hand around and put it on Matt's to stop him continuing the wank.

"Thanks, but I can't take it anymore. Wait until I do you and you'll see what I mean." Don said.

Matt lay down beside Don. Don was still holding the hand he had stopped from wanking him and he didn't seem inclined to let it go. Matt was not worried about this because he actually quite liked it.

A few minutes later and Matt felt Don move as he sat up. Moments later and two hands were beginning to 'see' him again. Don had learnt from what Matt had done how much it improved things to have more than just the cock excited. Don's handiwork included some forays into Matt's pits again and this got a bit of a pleasure sound from Matt. As did some light exploration of Matt's face and earlobes. Matt did learn that when Don played with his nipples it caused the greatest increase in sensation in his cock head. As with Don it did not take long before Matt was writhing in an overload of pleasure that led to the inevitable conclusion with a spurt of cum that shot out a little way and dropped back down onto Don's thumb. Without thinking about it, Don lifted his thumb to his mouth and licked the drop of cum off. Only once he his tongue had slipped back into his mouth did he realised what he had done.

Matt picked up on a change in Don and asked what it was.

"Some of your cum landed on my thumb and I just licked it off without thinking. It was only once I got it in my mouth that I realised what I've done."

"And what did you think of it?" Matt asked.

"Well, I've not got sick or dropped down dead. The taste is not bad either so I guess its okay." Don said.

"Is there any more anywhere?" Matt asked.

Don wiped some off the end of Matt's cock and then put his fingers to Matt's mouth. "Here, lick this. It's off the end of your cock."

Matt took a swipe with his tongue and then opened his mouth and closed his lips around Don's finger. He sucked as he drew back making sure he got all the cum that was on Don's finger off. "Yeah, it doesn't taste too bad. Maybe I might be brave enough to try sucking a cock some time."

"Yeah, I'll have to think about that a bit too, though." Don said.

"What's the time?" Matt asked.

"It's nearly four." Don told him after looking at the screen on his mobile phone.

"Shit. I'd better get home. Mum will worry because she knows I don't have my cane."

"I'll walk home with you. Let's get dressed and then I'll tell mum I'm going with you. At least I can see to walk home by myself."

"Thanks. You're a good friend, Don." Matt said.

"And you're a good friend too. I've had a good time today."

The two boys got dressed and only as they started to get dressed did Don realise that Matt had also folded his tracksuit bottoms and boxers up like he had done with his shirt. Don watched as he got dressed himself to see how Matt picked up each piece of clothing and put it on without making a single mistake.

They said goodbye to Don's mum and the two set off down the road. It was only a five minute walk to get to Matt's house and as they walked up to the front door Matt said, "Mum's home. I can smell the hot car and it's not dad's car. Come and meet her. I know mum wants to meet you."

Matt got out his key and with just a few swipes of his hand he managed to find the key hole and get the key into the slot to turn it and release the latch. They went in and Matt called out, "Mum, I'm home and Don's with me."

"I'm in the kitchen, dear," his mum replied.

Matt led the way through the house to the kitchen without needing to touch anything and without bumping into anything. "Mum, this is Don who helped me at the park the other day."

"Oh Don, I'm so glad to meet you. Thank you very much for helping Matthew."

"Hi, erm … it was nothing really." Don replied.

"It was not nothing! Those guys would have been very mean to me, if you hadn't scared them off." Matt said.

"Any help given to someone in need in never nothing. And we are very thankful for your going to the aid of someone you didn't even know." Matt's mother said.

"Well there were four of them and they were all bigger than Matt and I'm sure they knew he couldn't see. It was only when I started shouting that they got scared that someone might see them picking on a smaller person and ran away." Don said.

"Yes, but you didn't leave it there. You still helped Matt to get his shirt back on and then helped him to get home. They took his white cane with them too, you know." Mrs. Carlisle said.

"Yeah, but I got a new friend out of it too." Don said.

"And so did I." Matt said.

"Yes, Matt has found it is not easy to make friends when there is something different about you. I think some people are scared by it." His mum said.

"The only thing I'm scared of is if I mess up and something bad happens to Matt because of me." Don said.

"I doubt that will happen. Let Matt teach you what he needs help with and what he wants to do on his own and you boys will be alright together."

"Thank you Mrs. Carlisle. But I think I had better be getting back home because I told mum I was only walking home with Don and not staying." Matt said.

"Well come by anytime you'll always be welcome." Matt's mum told him.

"Thank you. Good bye." Don said and turned.

"I'll see you to the door." Matt said.

At the door the two boys hugged each other. "I'd like to see you again." Matt said.

"And I'd like to look at you again too." Don said and felt his cock rising in his boxers.

Matt put his hand on Don's bulge and said, "So would I. See you soon."


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