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The Music Box

by Rick Masters

"Brian, why do you have this in your room?" Terry asked.

"That was my mother's and is the only thing I have of hers now apart from photographs," Brian answered quickly. "The one next to it was my nan's," he added before his young cousin asked any more questions.

Brian had to admit that having two music boxes in his room was a bit odd for a fifteen year old boy. Of his friends only two had been allowed into his room and they had looked at Brian with another unspoken question which he was not prepared to answer, when they saw the music boxes. Especially when one of them opened the one that had belonged to his nan and a ballerina stood up and began dancing, showing that the box was fully wound up. Fortunately for Brian he quickly closed the music box again and shut off the music, or they might have asked some other questions.

Brian was in the truest sense an orphan.His biological father had deserted his mother as soon as he discovered that she was pregnant. The man he now looked on as his father had joined him and his mother when he was still an infant but had never actually married his mother, and they had not had any children between them. When Brian's mother had been diagnosed with cancer they had put things in place, and Andrew had obtained legal custody of Brian at the time his mother finally succumbed to the cancer when Brian was eleven.That his legal guardian loved him and looked on him as his own son Brian had no doubts, and he loved the only man he had known as a father. Brian was fully aware that Andrew was not his biological father, but that did not bother him and he had no desire to find his biological father. Brian and Andrew did a lot together, from parading around the house in just their boxers when there were only the two of them at home to camping in both regular campsites and in other places where they could get permission but which would not have any facilities. This meant no running water for showers and toilets or cooking and no electricity or gas - really roughing it and making do with minimal luxuries. They also shared a love for woodworking and often would be in their home workshop together in the early evening and some weekends.

Brian loved the rough style camping trips because this meant that they were isolated and could do whatever they wanted. Often their baths would be in the form of a swim in the river they were camped alongside of and he would see Andrew naked and be naked in front of Andrew. By the second day of camp they would both be waking with hard-ons and just carried on as if they had not noticed. Andrew had given Brian the 'talk' shortly after he had walked past Brian's room one afternoon and seen him naked and wanking, Brian having forgotten to close the door. After the talk Brian had found he had more questions, and once he had discovered that Andrew would answer his questions without making an issue of it, he would go to Andrew with any question he had. Thus it was that Andrew knew Brian was gay even before Brian admitted it to himself, although he had waited for Brian to come out to him. Brian had done this a few months before his fourteenth birthday and had found nothing but love and support from this man he called 'dad'.

Brian's room was his haven, his escape cave. It was the place where he felt safe and protected, where he could just be himself. Andrew recognised this and never entered Brian's room without first seeking permission. He had made it clear that he expected Brian to keep his room clean and mostly tidy, but that he could decorate it any way he wanted. Brian did not invite many people into his private retreat. When his friends came over they were not taken up to his room. He would entertain them in the sitting room or outside on the back decking if the weather was good. None of Brian's friends knew he was gay, and he hoped to keep it that way, at least until he was sure that his friends would neither reject him nor out him at school. Brian had several good friends and two best friends, and only those two best friends had ever been granted access to his room. Even they had only been in the room for a limited time on a very few occasions.

It was also up to Brian to get his dirty clothes from his room into the laundry basket and to take his clean clothes back into his room and hopefully put them away. While Brian's mother was still well enough she used to do all the laundry, but as she got weaker Andrew did more. Once Brian as old enough Andrew taught him to use the washing machine and they shared the washing. Ironing was kept to a minimum, mostly the shirts Andrew needed to wear for work. Andrew did all of the ironing, but he had taught Brian how to iron, and sometimes when Brian was feeling particularly generous or thankful Andrew would get home from work to find the ironing had been done for him. Brian had also been trained in using the other household appliances and now at fifteen was taking on an equal share of the housework, including the cooking.

Brian's young cousin Terry was one of the few who Brian allowed into his room. When Brian's mother had died her sister had come to stay for a while, bringing her son Terry with her. With only three bedrooms Terry had to share with Brian or sleep on the couch in the lounge. This had actually been a good thing, because Terry had been a great comfort to Brian. Despite the three year age difference they had got on well together. When Terry had shared his room that first time the music boxes were still on his mother's dressing table, so Terry had not seen them. Brian had loved them from when he was still nursing at his mother's breast and she would open one or the other and let it play till it ran down as he suckled. But now when the music in them played he found he would get a hard on and sometimes he would have them playing while he jerked off. This was one thing that he had not yet discussed with Andrew, but was thinking very strongly about doing as he was beginning to think that he might be perverted in some way that this music turned him on. Even now as Terry wound up the box that had belonged to Brian's grandmother and the tinny sounds of Beethoven's 'Ode to Joy' sounded out, Brian's cock bulged and hardened. Brian moved so that he could adjust it to a more comfortable position without Terry noticing but was unsuccessful. Terry's eyes widened a bit as he saw the bulge in Brian's jeans but he tactfully did not say anything.

Terry was in some ways similar to Brian. His hair was dark brown as opposed to Brian's jet black, but they both had the same shade of brown eyes and their builds were the same, except that Brian was bigger and was now showing more muscle definition than his twelve year old cousin. Terry's parents had split and eventually divorced. At first Terry spent every other weekend with his father, but a few years back his father had emigrated to Australia. Since then Terry had only seen him once when he had come back on a visit. Terry always got a card from his father for his birthday and for Christmas, and this was usually accompanied by a transfer of some money into his bank account. That one time when his father had returned to the UK he had brought Terry a tourist version boomerang, but other than that he had not been sent anything from Australia. Terry and his mum lived two and half hours' drive away from Brian and Andrew, but Mary was looking for a new job and had come through to Witham for an interview. She had decided to make a bit of a holiday of it, so they were staying with Brian and Andrew for a few days after the interview and would then spend some time in the southern counties before going back to their home in Bedford. Once again, Terry would have to share Brian's room. Brian was still okay with this as he knew that Terry would not be a problem.

Brian now had a double bed in his room, which he had got when Andrew decided it was time to renew his own bed. Brian got the old base from his parents' room with a new mattress. There was not enough room for an extra bed anymore, so Terry would not only be sharing his room but also his bed. Brian was not sure how this would work out, especially now that he knew he had an interest in boys, which had not been an issue when Brian was eleven and Terry was eight. Although they had shared a room at odd times in the four years since his mother had died, they had not had to share a bed before. Neither had they been together for more than one night at a time since the death, and now they were to share the same bed for three consecutive nights. Neither had they seen each other naked since Brian's mother had passed.

Fortunately for Brian, Terry left the music boxes alone and continued to look around the room. He admired the posters of Nile Wilson and Max Whitlock produced from pictures taken when they first hit the gymnastics scene as juniors. There was an almost life-size poster of Tom Daley in his speedo standing on the edge of the diving board when he was about sixteen. Brian did play some sports and was good enough at athletics to represent his club at national level in the triathlon, for which he did some training every day of the week. Mostly the training was running to build his endurance but he also did a fair amount of swimming and some cycling. There were a couple of framed photographs of him in his kit with a medal around his neck for having got a second and third place in two different events. The medals themselves were hanging between the two pictures. Just above them was a signed photograph of Brian with the Brownlee brothers, who had participated in the senior section of the junior event where Brian had come second. The posters and photographs were new additions since Terry's last visit, and he found them to be both intriguing and exciting.

The time spent with Terry asking occasional questions about the posters, pictures or whatever caught his eyes was enough for Brian's hard-on to relax, and he did not have to make any adjustment when they were called downstairs for their meal. The weather being nice and warm the four of them sat outside on the decking to eat their tea in the half light as the sun sank behind the trees and eventually below the horizon. While they were eating the conversation included all four of them, but once the meal was done and they started to clear up the two boys got the dishes stacked in the washer and then headed for the front room. Seating themselves side by side on the couch they began to flick through the channels, trying to find something to watch until it was time for bed. At about half past eight Aunt Mary interrupted their viewing to tell Terry to go and have his bath and get ready for bed. After some grumbling Terry got up and headed upstairs. Once he had gone Andrew entered the lounge and suggested to Brian that he follow Terry in the bath room and then the two of them should retire to Brian's bedroom. As long as they did not make a lot of noise Andrew would leave it for Brian to decide the time the lights were turned off. "But I think you might find that Terry drops off well before you are ready to turn the light out. He has had the trip down and the excitement of going on holiday, which has probably tired him more than he realises."

"It's okay, dad. If he drops off he can sleep while I read or play something on the lap top,"

"Thank you, son. I knew you would do the right thing by him. If he does start to get on your nerves, let me know and I will take him off your hands for a couple hours," Andrew promised.

"Thanks, but I don't think that will happen. He's alright, you know?"

Andrew put his hand on Brian's shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze. "You're a good guy, Brian, and I love you very much."

"I love you too, dad," Brian said and then blushed when he saw Mary standing in the doorway.

Mary had already confessed to Andrew that she had been upset at first when Andrew got custody of Brian, because she felt she had a duty to both her sister and Brian to look after him. She had also admitted that her sister had been right in putting the two of them together. Seeing the last little bit of the exchange between Andrew and Brian she knew without a doubt that they were good for each other.

Terry had spent about twenty minutes in total having his shower before he came bouncing down the stairs dressed in just a pair of sleeping shorts, which were nothing more than boxers without a fly. As he cleared the last three stairs in a leap Brian noticed his little bulge bounce around inside the loose fitting shorts, which told Brian that Terry had nothing on under them. He thought that it might prove interesting sharing a bed with this young cousin.

"Before you go for your bath, Brian, Mary and I were wondering if you two would like to join us tomorrow morning. We are going to Lakeside. Mary hasn't seen it and wants to get some things for their trip. We could split up and meet in the food court at an agreed time?" Andrew asked.

"I don't mind. I don't have anything specific planned. Just as long as I can get my run in before we have to leave, please?" Brian answered.

"Oh! We're not going to go that early! We don't need to be there for when the shops open, so you'll have finished your run in good time. What about you, Terry?" Andrew asked. "Do you want to go?"

"I don't know what it is."

"It's a great big shopping precinct with loads of different shops and things," Brian told him.

"Okay. I don't have any money, but I guess I can look."

"Good. We can let Brian get in his run and a shower and we can have our breakfast before we go. We can have our lunch there before we come back home," Andrew suggested."Brian, go and have your shower, then the two of you can come and say goodnight."

Brian went off for his shower, leaving Terry in the lounge watching the television. Brian did not linger in his shower and was back downstairs by half past nine. The two boys wished their respective parents a good night and then headed back up to Brian's room. Once in the room with the door closed, Brian sat down, patted the bed next to himself and asked, "You don't mind sharing the bed with me, do you?"

"No. It could be fun, but then we will be sleeping and there is no fun in that," Terry answered.

"Good. Are you tired or do you want to read or something?" Brian asked, not too sure what he could offer Terry to read.

"I'm not tired, but I don't want to read anything."

"Okay. I was going to watch some stuff on YouTube. Want to watch with me?" Brian asked.

"Okay. What you gonna watch?"

"I hadn't yet decided. I don't really want to watch any music ones. Got any suggestions?"

"You like gymnastics. Are there any of those on there?" Terry suggested.

"Let's try and see. You hop into bed and I will get the laptop sorted and bring it over. How did you know I like gymnastics?" Brian asked.

"You got those pictures on the wall."

Terry lifted the duvet and slid underneath it, positioning himself down the middle of the bed. "Hey, move over, we've both got to fit in there," Brian ordered, but he was smiling as he said it. Terry grinned an embarrassed grin and shifted over, dragging the duvet over with him. Brian put the laptop down on the pillow, then grabbed the edge of the duvet and gave it a tug to pull it back over to cover the bed evenly. "You better not spend the night stealing the duvet off of me," he teased.

"I can't help anything I do when I'm asleep."

"Well we'll just have to see how things go." Brian climbed into the bed and positioned the laptop so that both of them could see the screen.

He opened his browser and clicked on the YouTube icon in his favourites list. He typed in gymnastics in the search tab and they waited for it load up. They clicked on the first title in the list and watched it for a bit, then Terry asked, "Can we watch a guys' one? These girls' ones are boring."

Brian scrolled down the list to find one with male gymnasts and opened one with Nile Wilson on the parallel bars. They watched that for a bit but Terry thought that was boring too. "What about that thing you do? What's it called? Tri-a-thong or something?"

"It's triathlon and I think you'd find that boring too because it is a swim first then a cycle ride and then a run, and they take a long time to complete," Brian explained.

"How long?" Terry asked.

"Depends on the race but usually a couple of hours or more. Sometimes the seniors' ones can take over five hours. Especially something like the Iron Man."

"How long are yours?"

"They change sometimes but most of them are a three hundred metre swim, then an eight mile bike ride and a three mile run and take about two hours. Next year I will have to move up to the adult ones which are longer." Brian had been searching for a triathlon clip while he explained this to Terry and clicked on one that had come up. "This is a senior one so would take a longer time but they have not put the whole thing in this clip."

The two boys watched as the competitors, dressed in vests and speedos or jammers with swim caps on, all dived off a jetty into a lake and began to swim out towards a buoy with a bright marker on it. When the front person got to the buoy the clip cut to the same person coming up a slope out of the water and into the transition where he took off his bathing cap and put on sunglasses and shoes and ran with his bike to the exit of the transition and then started to ride. The film then went back to others leaving the water and going through the transition before it moved back to the cycling section of the race. Several cuts later the two boys were watching the second transition where they left their bikes and took to the road running. By that time Brian thought that Terry would have been as bored as he had got watching just a few minutes of gymnastics, and he looked across at his young cousin to catch him adjusting himself under the covers. Brian asked him what he liked best about the triathlon.

"You guys look good running and cycling in speedos."

"What do you mean? Didn't the guys doing gymnastics look good too?"

"Yeah, they're pretty good but you can't see their muscles as much."

Brian decided not to follow that any further and instead asked, "What sport do you play?"

"Nothing special. I do athletics at school." Terry replied rather non-committedly.

"What's your favourite thing in athletics?"

"I like the sprints."

"Are you very fast in them?" Brian felt like he was trying to squeeze blood out of a stone.

"I do okay. Depends who is there, but sometimes I win."

"Do you do a lot of long distance running to train for that?" Brian asked, thinking he might invite Terry to join him for his run in the morning.

"Not really. Not like that triathlon stuff. That's for sure," Terry told him.

"Okay then I guess I will have to go for my run by myself tomorrow and you can just stay here and do whatever," Brian told him. "I will be running for nearly an hour without stopping," he explained when Terry looked at him with definite disappointment in his expression.

"An hour! Non-stop?" Terry sounded incredulous.

"Yeah, I have to do that to train for the triathlon."

"Okay, I'll stay here." Terry grinned at his cousin. "Are there some other guy sports on there?"

Brian typed in 'boy's athletics' and waited to see what would come up. He saw one clip on sprints and clicked on it. It started with a line of mid-teens all taking tracksuits off and dumping them in the collecting tubs behind the start line. Once more Brian noticed Terry's hand fumbling underneath the covers as each boy stood in front of the camera with his tight running shorts and vest on. Again Brian did not say anything about what he had noticed, but he did begin to chub up a bit himself. The clip ended and he moved on to the next one, which was almost identical to the last one except the faces and clothing colours changed. A third clip revealed similar material and as Brian looked at Terry to ask him if he wanted to watch any more he was surprised to see that Terry was asleep. He looked at his bedside clock and saw that it was already half past ten. Knowing he would be up early in the morning, he carefully eased himself out of bed, closed the laptop down, and put it back on his desk, plugging in the mains lead to charge it. Once he was back in bed he turned off the light and settled down to sleep. While he felt a little strange having someone else in bed with him, his need for sleep prevailed, and the thoughts he had buzzing in his head gave way to unconsciousness.

Brian did not need an alarm clock to wake him as his body clock woke him every morning at five. He stretched as he normally would and found his movement impeded by Terry, which reminded him that he was sharing his bed with a guest. Terry did not budge, and wanting not to wake him Brian carefully got out of bed and looked on his bedside table in the glow from the digital readout of his clock for a little torch he had kept there ever since his mum had died. He could not explain why he wanted it there, but for the first time he was glad of it. He had not thought to put out his running kit and didn't want to turn on the light for fear of waking Terry. Using the torch he found his vest and shorts, and shucking his sleeping shorts he pulled the shorts on. Since he had started puberty this was one thing that Brian had allowed himself for his early morning runs - to do them commando. He enjoyed the feeling of his junk flopping around inside his shorts as he ran. At first it would cause him to get really hard and often left a damp patch where his pre-cum had leaked out, but now he was sufficiently used to it that unless his mind wandered onto erotic thoughts as he ran he didn't even get a hard-on let alone leak anything. Brian picked up some ankle socks and his trainers and quietly headed to the bathroom. Once he had eased the pressure in his bladder he sat on the edge of the bath to put his socks and trainers on. Just as quietly he let himself out the front door and headed off into the darkness. At this time of the year the sun would only be beginning to break the darkness as he finished his run. There were streetlights in the road outside his home, but his route took him through an unlit park and then through some wilderness. Only the last half mile of his return run would be along lit roads. If Andrew had known that most of Brian's run was done in darkness, or at best in moonlight, he would have put a stop to it, but Brian had never mentioned his route and Andrew had not thought to ask.

When he got back from his run he found Terry and his mum were still asleep, but Andrew was sitting in the front room with a cup of coffee watching the early news on television. "Good run, Brian?" he asked as the sweat-soaked boy walked past the door.

"Oh, hi dad. Yes, thank you. I pushed it about a quarter of a mile further today in almost my normal time," Brian told him.

"Well done. That first place is looming. I'll make you a hot drink when you've finished in the shower."

"Thanks. Won't be long," Brian told him and took the stairs two at a time. Once on the landing he walked slowly and quietly, trying not to wake their house guests. He used his torch again to find some clothes and carried them through to the bathroom, where he stripped off and stood looking at himself in front of the mirror. It wasn't a full length mirror, but by angling it he could see most of his body in sections. First he checked his face and decided that he needed to shave, then he angled the mirror down enjoying the sight of the shape of his chest and abdomen with the muscle definition there and what could almost pass for a six pack sitting above his trimmed pubes and reasonably sized cock. He brushed his teeth and then ran the hot tap to rinse out the basin. Putting the plug in he let it fill with about an inch and half of hot water and splashed some onto his face. He squirted shaving foam onto his left hand and then used the fingers of his right hand to smear the foam over his face. He took his new razor off the shelf and began to scrape away at his face, enjoying the smooth look as the razor removed both the foam and the his light stubble.

Stepping over the side of the bath tub he pulled the screen for the shower over and made sure that it was correctly positioned to channel the spray and splashes into the tub. He had learnt the hard way that if it was not in the right place it would leave a large mess on the floor of the bathroom. As he washed himself his hand did linger on his cock causing him to begin to stiffen up, but he knew that his wanks after strong exercise were not as enjoyable as ones done when he had not already used a lot of energy, so after peeling his foreskin back to make sure he was properly clean underneath it, he resisted the urge to jerk off. He did however linger longer in the shower than he had the previous evening; he liked the needles of hot water beating down on his shoulders and back. But he could not stay there all day, so he turned the water off and stepped out to dry off. He pulled his boxers and jeans on, then his t shirt went over his head. Picking up his running shorts, vest and socks he dropped them in the laundry hamper and barefoot went back downstairs to join his father and get a cup of hot coffee.

Andrew was discussing with Brian an opportunity for him to follow Brian with his car while Brian cycled and give him some information on his speeds and times when they heard movement upstairs. A few minutes later Mary greeted them from the doorway. She refused their offer to get her a coffee, saying she was quite capable of doing it herself. Mary had finished her coffee before they heard the scamper of feet making a mad dash to the bathroom. Mary just smiled and a short time later Terry appeared in the lounge still dressed in his sleeping shorts and nothing else. "Right, Master Terry, you go and get yourself washed and changed, and we'll get breakfast ready now that we are all awake," Andrew said as he stood up.

The four of them sat in the kitchen at the breakfast bar to eat their bacon and eggs with hash browns, with more coffee for Mary and Andrew and chilled orange juice for the two boys. As they were cleaning up after the meal Mary said that she needed to stop at a hole in the wall (ATM) either on the way or at the centre if they had them there. Andrew assured her that they had machines at the centre and they would pass by them as they walked from the multi-story car park into the precinct itself. They all piled into one car and headed out. The journey took nearly an hour with some hold up on the M25 motorway, but they were in no hurry. Once they had found a parking the four of them walked together to the entrance with the cash machines. The two boys waited rather impatiently while the two adults used the machines. Brian, at least, did feel a little a guilty over his impatience when Andrew turned from the machine and handed him thirty pounds to use to spend. "And that is not for food. We will get that together later on. Keep your mobile on and I will give you a call when we want you two to meet us at the food hall."

Terry's eyes grew big and his smile even bigger as Mary handed him twenty pounds to spend, giving him the same instruction that it was not for food or sweets. "You don't have to spend it all. You can think about saving some for some other time," she advised him. They then let the two boys go off on their own while the two adults walked around together. They enjoyed looking at the goods on offer, and Mary set about buying some suitable clothes and other things to make her little holiday with Terry nicer.

The first place Brian and Terry stopped was the Disney shop. Neither of them found anything to buy there, though they spent over half an hour looking about the shop. They moved on and did some quick flips through some of the designer clothing shops, but neither of them wanted to blow all their money on just one or two items of clothing, so they moved on. As they were walking to the next shop to see what it was, Terry grabbed Brian's hand and said, "There's a Hawkin's Bazaar. Let's go there." He was pointing across the open area to the row of shops on the other side. That shop is a Mecca for kids and adults alike. It has games and gimmicks, puzzles and novelties that appeal to all people. With no hesitation the two boys headed straight for the shop. They had not been there long when Terry started giggling and held up a packet of penis shaped noodles, then he pulled a box of chocolates shaped like boobs off the shelf and put the two together with some rather suggestive moves and cackled. Fortunately the shop was quite packed and there was a fair bit of noise from others talking and laughing over things they had found, so Terry's laughter went largely unnoticed. Brian laughed with him and made him put them back, telling him he could not buy them as his mother would be shocked.

After a bit more browsing, Terry found a shelf that had the working parts for music boxes. They had samples set out for people to try so that they could get one that played the tune they wanted. Terry started playing one and after a few seconds looked at Brian's crotch but could see no reaction. He stopped that one and played another, again with no effect. The third one he tried played the same tune as the music box Brian had got from his mother, and as soon as the strains of Brahms' Lullaby started he saw movement inside Brian's jeans. He left it to play for a bit to make sure he was right, causing Brian to need to make some adjustment, which he tried to do without being noticed. Terry started a fourth one when that one finished and noticed that Brian seemed to have calmed down a bit, but the fifth one was the same tune as his grandmother's box, and that had the same rising effect on Brian. Brian asked him to leave them alone and moved off to get away from the sounds of the music. Terry quickly picked up one of each of the effective ones and went to the desk to pay for them. Refusing a packet he put them straight in his pockets and then re-joined Brian at another section of the shop, where they laughed over a head massager that made you feel really funny.

They were still browsing in the shop and both had picked out a couple of things to buy when Brian's phone went off, and they had to make their way to the pay point and then up to the food court. Once they were sitting down with their food, Mary asked Terry what he had bought. He first brought out a puzzle which he said he was sure he could crack, but Mary would not let him open it there in case he lost some of the pieces before getting it home. Then he brought out one of the music box units and began to play it. Brian's heart just dropped because he knew then that Terry knew the effect that that particular tune had on him and he realised Terry might just take great advantage of it over the next few days. Brian was also very glad that they were sitting at a table and his crotch was hidden underneath the table. He was also relieved when Mary told Terry to turn it off and put it away. They asked Brian what he had bought and he showed them a book of brain teasers he had wanted for a while.

On the way home, the two boys were sitting in the back seat with Brian behind Mary and Terry behind Andrew when Terry put his hand into his pocket and turned the music box unit on again. Mary gave him a bit of leeway but when it started to play for the second time, she turned slightly and told him to turn it off and that she didn't want to hear it again in the car. That was a relief to Brian but he already had a bulge in his jeans; if the material had been less tight and stiff he would have had a full on tent.His problem did not go away for quite a long while. He wished now that he had jerked off in the shower that morning, as he was feeling quite horny. Terry obeyed his mother; he knew that if he didn't she would confiscate it, and he had other plans for it.

Later that evening Brian noticed Terry's two music boxes sitting on top of the clothes in his open suitcase. With Terry out of the room Brian seized his opportunity and buried the units at the bottom of the suitcase, hoping that Terry would not dig in the suitcase and had forgotten where he had put these weapons of torture. But Terry was not to be thwarted. When it came time for them to go to bed again they were given the chance to spend some quiet time before turning off the lights. This time Terry did not drop off to sleep as quickly. They had been watching YouTube clips for a while when Terry scrambled out of bed, claiming a rather urgent need to have a piss. On his return instead of getting straight back into bed he detoured past the shelf and opened the lid of the first of the music boxes. Leaving it playing he quickly moved over to the bed and lifted the duvet to get in. But in doing so he gave a strong tug and lifted it much higher than necessary which allowed him a good view of the bulging tent in Brian's sleeping shorts. This also knocked the laptop out of Brian's hands and he made a grab for that to prevent it from crashing to the floor. This left him open to a longer look, because as Terry let go of the duvet it fell down over Brian's legs and did not cover his middle section.

"You feel something special with that tune, don't you?" Terry stated.

"I don't know why; it just does that to me,"

"Do you get hard at other times too?"

"All boys going through puberty do," Brian answered.

"Does that mean you jerk off too?" Terry asked, looking at what was now a full on tent.

"When you start developing you will understand." Brian tried to avoid answering the last question.

"I have started developing and I get hard at times too."

"Well then you probably know about jerking off too." Brian hoped that would end the subject of the conversation.

"Of course I know about jerking off. I just wanted to know if others are the same as me," Terry said.

"Look, each person is a little different in different ways. That tune makes me get hard, but it doesn't make you get hard. Something else will make you get hard and not me. So just be yourself and don't worry about what others are doing or not doing."

Terry leaned over from the bed and managed to reach the music box, which had run down during their conversation. He pulled it off the shelf, wound it up again, and put it back on the shelf, leaving it closed. He then climbed back into bed and asked, "Have you seen my music box thingies?"

"Not since you had one out in the car on the way home," Brian lied.

"Are you sure you haven't hidden them? They're not where I thought I put them."

"If you're mean to me with them I might just hide them, so be careful." Brian again avoided giving a direct answer.

"I won't be mean, I promise. But it is fun to see you get hard when I play it."

"Fun for you, but not really for me."

"But boners are fun."

"Fun for who?" Brian asked.

"Well, for me. I like to play with my boner," Terry admitted.

"I guess like that it is fun, but it is not so fun when somebody is making fun of you for having a boner," Brian clarified.

"But it's usually just a bit of laughing and then it's over," Terry said.

"Not always. Least not when you get to my age," Brian said.

"But I'm not making fun of you now."

"Yeah, okay, but you're having fun making me get a boner all the time and in odd places."

"I guess. But I've never seen it before."

"You saw me naked earlier when I was getting ready for bed."

"No, I mean I've never seen a guy get a boner just from hearing some silly tune."

"Yeah, well you are the only one to know that, and it better stay that way," Brian warned.

"Okay, but you know I'm going to do it again." Terry chuckled as he said it.

"Come on. Get under the covers and let's go to sleep," Brian said with a smile. He could see the fun in Terry's eyes as he teased about giving him a hard-on.

Terry slid under the covers as Brian got out of bed and put the laptop back on charge, then returned and lay down next Terry before turning the light out. They had lain quietly for about five minutes when Terry started to shuffle around a little bit.

"What're you doing?" Brian asked. In answer he heard the music box going again. "Just close the fucking lid and go to sleep!" Brian ordered.

Terry closed the lid and slid into bed. He slid his hand down between them and then quickly moved it across onto Brian's cock. "See you got hard again," he said.

"You don't need the lights on to hear music." Brian was a bit exasperated, but he did not try to move Terry's hand off his package, and Terry did not seem inclined to do so either.

Terry moved his hand up the length of Brian's five and half inches. "You're staying hard."

"Well so would you if you had someone stroking yours," Brian replied.

"I don't know. I've never had someone stroking mine, just me."

Brian reached across and discovered that Terry was also hard. He felt it for a bit and then used his fingers to hoist up the leg of his sleeping shorts and came into direct contact with Terry's loose bag. Shortly his tickling fingers hooked around the cock and pulled it out so that he could begin to stroke it properly. Terry gave a little moan, and Brian smiled as Terry began trying to get his hand inside Brian's shorts. Brian stopped him. "Wait. You are going to have to be quiet," Brian told him, reaching over to turn on the bedside light again. He got out of bed, grabbed up their dirty clothes from the floor, and put them along the bottom of the door to stop any light showing through the gap. Next he put his desk chair against the door so that if anyone opened the door it would knock the chair and at least slow their entry into the room. Coming back to the bed he pulled the duvet down, uncovering Terry with his hard cock sticking out the leg of his shorts. Brian knelt on the bed beside Terry. Gripping the waist band of Terry's shorts he began to tug them down. As Terry lifted his bum to make it easier Brian asked him, "Do you mind us doing this?"

"No. I like it," Terry answered.

"Okay, one rule so far. If there is something you don't like you say so and we stop that. Same goes for me too," Brian said and slipped Terry's shorts down his legs and right off, leaving his little cousin naked in front of him. Brian straddled Terry's legs and began to stroke his cock slowly and gently while Terry just lay there. "You've got a nice cock and balls."

"Not as big as yours though," Terry replied.

"I can't remember exactly, but I think you've got more hair than I had when I was your age and your cock and balls might also be a bit bigger than mine were too." Brian comforted him as he pulled back on Terry's foreskin to see the head pop out with a nice shine to it. Brian ran his fingers over the naked head and felt the slickness the shiny pre-cum had given the head. Holding Terry's cock upright, Brian ran his thumb over the piss slit and collected the next bead of precum being oozed out. He smeared it over the ridge of the glans, causing Terry to writhe a little and groan softly. Brian continued to stroke Terry, allowing his skin to move back and forth over the head and also using his finger to rub directly on the head when the skin was retracted. Brian didn't need Terry to tell him that he was enjoying this attention; his body language was telling Brian all he needed to know. Brian brought his other hand into play and gently rolled Terry's balls around in their sack as he pushed a finger down between Terry's legs. "Tell you what. I'm going to stop for a little bit and move so that you can spread your legs apart and then I will get back between your legs and play with you some more." Brian moved enough to allow Terry to open his legs and then he was back in place and playing with Terry once again. Now he could get better access to Terry's perineum and he gave that some stroking and tickling too. As he moved his fingers up the seam line to play with Terry's balls again, he felt the balls pull up and knew that Terry was about to cum. Brian sped up with his pumping action and kept going at it as he watched Terry's body tense up and his hips lift off the bed. With a fairly loud groan Terry dropped his hips to the bed and the first spasm of his orgasm started somewhere in his butt and worked along his tubes to force that initial blast of cum out his hole. It was still pretty watery but had the cloudy appearance of mature semen. Brian kept on playing with his hard cock until the feelings became too intense and Terry asked him to stop.

Brian moved to lie down next to Terry and used his fingers to spread Terry's cum over his abdomen and also got a little taste of it by licking his fingers. Terry lay there for a little while, his cock still half hard and bobbing to his heartbeat. After a while his cock got limp and he turned his head to look at Brian. "That was so much better than doing it myself. Will you do me again?"

"Not right now. After all you have cum and I haven't, and you are the one who has teased my cock all day with that damned music."

Terry moved his arm and his hand found Brian's hard cock with a sizeable wet spot in his shorts. He started to stroke Brian's cock through the material, but Brian couldn't stand it any longer and worked his own shorts down so that Terry could play directly with his cock. "Lie on your back and let me do you," Terry said.

Brian got his shorts the rest of the way off and lay on his back with his legs spread. Terry knelt between them and started to jerk Brian off. Terry did not have the same finesse as Brian, and with smaller hands he couldn't do it quite the same way as Brian, but he did try to copy what Brian had done to him, bringing some very pleasurable and exciting feelings to Brian's cock and balls. Despite having been teased during the day with the music and not having jerked off in the morning, it still took longer for Brian to orgasm than it had for Terry, even though this was the first time either boy had been jerked off by someone other than himself. Although Brian had enjoyed some intense orgasms in his short wanking history, when he came this time, it was the most intense one he could remember, and his first shot took off at least three feet into the air and came tumbling down over him and the bed. That Terry was a good student was evidenced in that he also did not stop stroking Brian's cock once the cum had stopped erupting; it took Brian grabbing his wrist and holding it still to stop Terry's pumping action. Then Terry lay down beside Brian and began to smear the larger amount of thicker cum over Brian's belly.Brian stopped him. Picking up the sleeping shorts he had discarded a bit earlier he wiped his cum off of him and then lay back down next Terry.

Because he was in the state he normally slept in, as the drowsiness that follows a good orgasm began to overtake them, Brian did not think about it and just pulled the duvet up and covered both of their naked bodies. Then he turned the light out, and turning on his side to face Terry he put his arm over Terry's chest. The two boys lay there still and quiet for a very short time before sleep took them.

This second morning when Brian woke he did not need reminding that he was sharing his bed with Terry; he was comfortably spooned up against the smaller boy with his hard cock nestling agreeably in the crack of Terry's bum. For a short while Brian lay there debating whether or not to forego his run and just stay in bed and play with Terry. Eventually he persuaded himself that he needed to show some dedication to his pursuits and forced himself away from the warmth of Terry's body and out of the bed. Again he had to use his torch to find some clothing as he had forgotten to put any out the night before. He pulled his vest on and then dragged his shorts up his legs and over his boner which had not yet begun to soften. After bending over nearly double to take care of the bladder pressure Brian let himself out the door with his shorts still well tented and took off making short work of the lighted street before heading off into the darkness of the park. Brian found that his hard cock rubbing against his shorts was making the head feel a bit tender and he decided to risk it and hooked his cock out the leg of the shorts using the firmness of his cock to hold that bit of material up. His cock bounced with each footfall and his balls swung from side to side as they too were even freer outside the shorts. When Brian was running over the soft grass of the mown lawns in the park this deadened his footfalls and he could hear his balls as they slapped against his leg with each swing. Brian couldn't quite decide whether it was a blessing or a curse when his cock finally deflated and the leg of his shorts slid down to cover his package, but he was thankful for it when he hit the streets again. This morning he had a car drive towards him, and the occupants would easily have seen his cock had it still been out and hard in the glare of the headlights.

When he got home from his run, Brian tiptoed into his room to get some clothes to put on after his shower. In the half-light he was tempted to pull back the covers and have a look at Terry, remembering that he was sleeping naked, but seeing that Terry was completely hidden under the covers, including his head, Brian resisted the temptation. He got his clothes together and took off to the bathroom. Closing and latching the door, he stripped off his vest and shorts and dropped them into the laundry basket along with his socks. Turning back to the wash basin he had begun to brush his teeth when he heard a little rustling sound. This was followed by the sound of the music box his mother had left. Turning round he saw a grinning Terry peering from behind the shower screen. Brian quickly checked that it was not his mother's music box but Terry's duplicate sound unit playing Brahms's Lullaby. As his cock rose again, he hissed, "How the fuck did you get in here?"

Terry giggled. "I was awake and heard you come in the front door and wanted to surprise you," he whispered, moving out from behind the screen and showing that he was still naked and every bit as hard as his older cousin.

"But you were in the bed when I got my things from the room."

"Those are your pillows under the covers." Terry chortled, triumphantly.

"Shit, you're a sly one, aren't you?"

"It is fun."

"Okay, I'll give you that. Now I need to finish brushing my teeth and shower, so perhaps you had best go and replace those pillows."

"Or we could shower together."

"And that's what this was all about wasn't it?" Brian decided that his twelve year old cousin had an impish, scheming mind. Terry just nodded his head in reply with a huge grin on his face. Brian realised that this little guy had somehow worked his way under Brian's skin in less than two days. When he left to carry on his holiday with his mother, Brian was going to miss him in a way that he had never missed anyone before. "Come on then," Brian said as he turned back to the basin and finished brushing his teeth.

The two boys got into the bath tub together and Brian made sure the shower screen was correctly positioned, explaining to Terry that he had noticed he had left a small puddle on the floor the night before. "But I was going to clean it up. Honest! Ask Uncle Andy. I asked him what I needed to use. I promise."

"Okay, okay, I believe you. Dad probably said he would sort it out, didn't he?" Brian said.

"Yeah. He said he would use my head as a mop, except my hair was already wet and wouldn't soak up any more water," Terry explained.

Brian chuckled quietly and then put his arms around Terry and pulled him against his body. He held him for a little while and then turned him around so that Terry's back was against him and began to smear shower gel over Terry's chest, circling his nipples and making them stand erect. Terry made no objection and just leaned back against Brian. As Terry leaned back his bum crack separated either side of the lower portion of Brian's cock, leaving the head touching the faint bumps of the lower vertebrae in his spine. Brian's hands gradually moved lower down Terry's body, and as he started to add shower gel as a lube for Terry's cock Terry began to writhe in pleasure. These movements played with Brian's cock and fairly soon he was pushing his cock against Terry's back, lubricating it with his own pre-cum. In near total silence the two boys enjoyed the teasing of the nerves in their cocks. When Brian brought one hand back up to play with one of Terry's nipples while his other hand still wanked Terry's cock, Terry could not stop a little whimper. Moments later Terry's body went rigid and Brian increased his wanking rate as well as the speed at which he was rubbing his own cock against Terry's back. Terry began to jack his cock into Brian's hand but this pulled his body away from Brian's cock and so Brian let go of his tit and put his hand down between Terry's legs pulling his bum back against Brian's cock again. Holding Terry like that with his fingers pressing into his perineum Brian felt the pulses as Terry's orgasm tried to shoot his cum out his cock. But Brian did not see it as he had his eyes closed and was now concentrating on rubbing his cock faster and faster against Terry's spine as he had reached that point of no return where nothing was going to stop the cum from flying. Truth be told, it couldn't fly far, and the blobs of cum began to run down his stomach and Terry's back, only to be intercepted by Brian's next upwards shove and smeared back up both of their bodies. Their sexual needs temporarily satiated the two boys concentrated on getting themselves and each other clean. Stepping out of the shower each of them dried himself, then Brian started to pull on the clothes he had brought to the bathroom with him. Terry just stood there holding his towel.

"Aren't you going to get dressed?" Brian asked.

"I can't. I didn't bring any clothes with me," an embarrassed Terry answered.

"Maybe I should make enough noise to wake the others up and have them queueing outside the door to have a pee," Brian suggested, raising his voice slightly above the whisper he had been using.

"No! No, please don't," Terry cried out in alarm, a little louder than he should have.

"Sshh. I was just teasing. I won't wake everybody up, but you might if you talk that loudly. Right. Let me look out the door and see if the coast is clear." Brian calmed Terry.Brian opened the door and stepped out. He quickly looked around the landing and then signalled to Terry that it was okay. Terry quickly ran from the bathroom back to Brian's bedroom and hiding behind the door, he began to close it. "Hey! Don't I get to come in my room?" Brian asked.

"Err, sorry," Terry apologised and pulled the door open, still keeping himself behind the door.

Brian walked into the room and as Terry closed the door told him, "It's okay. I'll let you off this time." He moved across the room and sat down on his bed. "Don't forget your mum wants to get all your dirty clothes washed today, so once you're dressed we can take them downstairs and then make a coffee or something." Ten minutes later Brian was carrying the laundry basket from the bathroom down the stairs with Terry following behind with his arms full of his own dirty clothing. Brian was rather amazed at how much washing Terry had managed to produce in only two days.

After Brian had got the kettle on, he upended the laundry basket, tipping all the contents onto the floor. As he sorted it into light and dark colours and whites, he also looked for anything he did not recognise as his or Andrew's. He only found one pair of boxers which were clearly Terry's in the laundry basket and these he threw onto Terry's pile. "Okay, let's get yours sorted now so that when your mum brings hers down there will not be much sorting to do." Brian said and went on to teach Terry about separating colours and whites. "How come you have got five pairs of dirty boxers?" Brian asked.

"I dunno," Terry responded.

"Are you having secret cums?" Brian teased. "Should I check them to see if they're wet?"

"They aren't wet," Terry said, sounding a little hurt. Brian picked up on it and realised he needed to back up.

"You want tea, coffee of juice?" he asked.

"Some juice please. I don't really like tea or coffee."

"Right. One juice, one coffee and two bowls of cornflakes," Brian said as he began to get his mug ready for the coffee.

Before they finished their breakfast Mary joined them in the kitchen and thanked Brian for getting started on sorting the laundry. She also told Brian he had done enough work looking after Terry and that she would finish up the washing after her breakfast. Brian wondered if she would feel the same way if she knew just how he had been looking after her son. They were still talking when Andrew came in and asked the boys if they had any plans for the day, to which they replied that they had not thought of anything in particular.

"Right then, I have a suggestion. You'll have to amuse yourselves for the morning, perhaps go to the park or something, but after lunch there is a mini festival event running at the old showground. I thought we might like to go there together and see what they have to offer," Andrew said.

"What's a mini festival?" Terry asked.

"It's a bit like a carnival or fete. There will be stalls where you can try and win a prize and other places where you can just buy things. There might be a band or some people marching or doing other demonstrations as well." Andrew explained.

"Oh, okay, that sounds like it might be fun. That is, if you want to go, Brian," Terry said.

"Well, it's only for a few hours, isn't it? At least if it is not so good we don't have to be there that long," Brian agreed.

"I'd like to make sure the laundry is done first. I don't want to be doing it tonight, and we need our clothes clean for going on tomorrow," Mary said.

"That's why I said the boys would have to amuse themselves for the morning. We need to get the housework done before we go."

"Don't you want my help today then?" Brian asked.

"I think you can help more by being a good host to Terry and keeping him company while we get on with things," Andrew replied.

"I think they mean they want you to keep me from getting in their way. Mum always wants me out of the way when she is doing the housework," Terry said.

"No! That is not what I am meaning," Andrew quickly got in. "And I'm sure your mother would like you to help her with the chores at your home, but here you are our guests and we can't expect our guests to work at cleaning our home."

"Nonsense. We're not guests. We're family, and family help each other. I'm sure that Brian could show Terry a thing or two about doing the housework," Mary protested.

"Well, strictly speaking, you three are family and I'm …" Andrew started to say.

"Don't you dare say what I think you were about to say. Andrew, you are more a part of our family than if you had been born into it," Mary interjected.

"Dad, you can't think like that. What would I do without you? What would I have been without you? You're my father and that makes us family," Brian said, moving over and putting his arm around Andrew's shoulders.

"Hold it! Back up a bit. I was just going to say that I'm only surrogate family." Andrew tried to calm them down. "I have never felt more a part of a family than I do of us lot here. Sure, I have my blood relatives, but I don't love my nephews like I do Brian. Brian is the only one I love as a son."

"And you are my father, the only father I have or want," Brian said as a tear escaped his eye and rolled down his cheek.

"Okay then, Brian and Terry. Sorry, no park, or at least not as much park. You two are in charge of the hoovering, upstairs and downstairs. Mary and I will get the laundry done, and I will clean the bathroom. Brian, your room is your responsibility. Leave my room for me."

"And leave my room for me to do too," Mary got in quickly.

"If we get it all done earlier, we might have an early lunch and hit the festival sooner. If we don't like it we can always leave it. We don't have to stay to the end," Andrew said.

"Dad, it's only yours and Aunt Mary's dirty clothes that have to come down. We'll get going on the vacuuming," Brian said and led Terry off to get the vacuum cleaner out of the cupboard.

Andrew and Mary got the few items of dirty clothing they had in their rooms down and added them to the piles Brian had sorted earlier and then working out they only had four loads to do they got the first load on and Andrew took off to clean the bathroom. Mary set to work on cleaning the kitchen. She smiled to herself as she heard Brian talking loudly over the noise of the vacuum cleaner, telling Terry how to vacuum. When she realised they were doing the passage she looked out from the kitchen and saw Terry manipulating the hose and head and doing a good job of it. She realised that Terry was capable of doing some of the housework now and planned that she would introduce it to him when they got back from their holiday. Since you cannot hurry washing machines along, Terry and Brian still got to go to the park for a bit before a slightly early lunch, then they were off to the festival.

As they were wandering around the various pitches they came across a trailer where the side opened and a mechanical orchestra played a variety of tunes depending on what punch card role was fed into it. Terry stopped and stared, awestruck. He had never seen one before, but the tune came to an end just a few seconds after they had stopped to watch. The owner of the carousel moved into the back and could be seen fitting a new card into the machine. A few moments later and Brian groaned as the first strains of Brahms' Lullaby began to play. Terry looked at Brian and then made sure they stayed to watch a bit longer than he probably would have if it had not been playing the same tune as Brian's mother's music box. It was not as tinny as her music box, but it had the same effect and Terry knew to look for it. When he saw it taking shape, he looked up at Brian's face and smiled at him. Then he said he had seen enough and they moved on. For the next quarter of an hour or so, Brian remained rather uncomfortable as his boner did not seem inclined to go down.

Terry had a great time at the festival. He got Brian to get a boner at the mechanical orchestra trailer; he won a prize at the pop gun range. He hooked a top prize fish with the magnet on the end of a string at the fishing stall and got to throw a wet sponge at Andrew's face as it poked through the sheet of wood with a cartoon body painted on it. He was in high spirits when they left to go home later in the afternoon. Brian wondered what that might mean when it came to bed time. He was worried that Terry might have got too tired; he wanted to do some more private experimentation that needed Terry's co-operation and involvement.

When they got home Mary went straight to sort out the last of the laundry that had been tumbling in the dryer when they had left to go to the fair. She then made Terry take his up to the room and put it in his suitcase, asking Brian to have a good look around the room before they went to bed to make sure Terry only had the clothes he needed in the morning out of the suitcase. Brian promised to check that for them and offered to get some tea or coffee going. The offer was readily accepted. Brian enlisted Terry's help as soon as he came back downstairs from putting his clean clothes away.All four of them sat down in the lounge with their chosen drink and there was silence until Mary broke it."Brian, I want to thank you for sharing your room with Terry and putting up with him, especially with that wretched music box thing. I can't for the life of me think why he bought it."

"Oh, no problem. It wasn't that hard."

"But maybe just a bit hard," Terry said and grinned, looking at Brian which meant that his mother could not see his grin but Andrew could. Andrew turned his head to look at Brian and saw the rise of a flush come to his face which got some wheels turning, but he knew that if Brian wanted him to know Brian would talk to him about it later.

Andrew also thought to alleviate Brian's suffering by changing the subject."I don't know about any of you, but I am not that hungry. I think I ate enough at the fair to keep me going till the morning. Does anyone feel they want a full meal now or should we maybe just do some toasted cheese sandwiches for tea?"

"Toasted cheese sounds good to me," Mary said.

"I'd be okay with that too," Brian answered.

"Yeah, I like toasted cheese," Terry agreed.

"The boys did the drinks; shall we go and do some toasting, Mary?" Andrew asked.

"Okay," Mary said as she stood up.

"Would anyone like a refill of their drink or something else to drink with the sandwiches?" Brian asked. He got Terry to help him again as everyone wanted at least a glass of water or some juice to drink with their toasties.

When they sat down to eat, Brian announced that there was a good film about to start and asked if they could watch it. Both Mary and Andrew agreed, and Brian grabbed the remote and turned the TV on. Once it had come to life he turned to the right channel and was pleased to see that they were just finishing the adverts for upcoming programs. They all settled down to watch the film as they ate but of course finished eating long before the end of the full length feature film. Andrew admitted when it came to the end that he had quite enjoyed it, and Mary said she had too. Brian was pleased because it was the kind of film he preferred to watch, and he felt that now he could ask Andrew to watch more of them with him some evenings. They discussed the merits of the film, and when that dwindled Terry announced that he was a bit tired and asked if the adults would mind if he and Brian went off to bed.For a few seconds Brian was a bit annoyed at being included in the request to be allowed to retire early, then he remembered how clever Terry was at this sort of thing, so he said he was willing in the hopes that he was right about Terry wanting to have some fun before they went to bed.

"Why don't the two of you go off and have your showers and brush your teeth and then come back down to say good night," Andrew suggested, giving Brian the out he needed to have a shower with Terry. Terry immediately got quite excited about the idea. When Brian agreed without any argument Andrew thought he knew why, but he would wait for Brian to tell him rather than questioning him.

Once in the bathroom, the two boys quickly stripped and brushed their teeth before getting in the shower. As they had done in the morning they washed each other, and Brian paid particular attention to getting Terry's pubic area cleaned. He toyed with the idea of asking Terry to let him shave his pubes off but decided against it in case while they were travelling Aunt Mary got to see or worked it out by Terry's being prickled as the hairs grew back. That they both finished their showers with boners was almost a guarantee, but they lost them as they dried themselves and put on their sleeping shorts. Brian put his dirty clothes in the wash basket and helped Terry to carry his to his room and put them in a bin bag before putting them in his suitcase. Brian explained that would keep them separate from his clean clothes. Brian pulled on a t shirt before the pair of them went down to say good night and quickly returned to the room. Closing the door Brian again put some clothing along the bottom to block the leak of light under the door and the chair next to the door to slow anyone's entrance. Terry had got out both his music box units and had one playing before Brian had finished sorting the door out, so when he turned and began to pull his shirt off his shorts were already tented. Terry couldn't tent his shorts; they were lying on the floor next to his suitcase, and his hard cock was sticking straight out of his pubes.

"Please lie on the bed like you did last night," Brian asked. Terry did exactly as requested, lying on his back with his legs spread and his cock pointing up to his chin. "I've never done this before so I don't know how good I will be, but stop me if you don't like it." Brian got on the bed and knelt between Terry's legs. Leaning forward he lifted Terry's cock up to stand vertical and pulled the foreskin back. Then he bent his back and lowered his head to where he could use his tongue to lick the tip of Terry's cock.

"You put your tongue on my cock!" Terry said in an amazed whisper. "That's where my pee comes from."

"That's why I washed it well," Brian said and rolled his tongue around the head before licking down the shaft and onto the ball bag. He used his tongue to gently flick the balls before sucking one in and tenderly rolling it around in his mouth as his tongue felt it move inside the sack. Letting it slip from his mouth he again tongued up the length of the shaft. Pulling the skin back again, he sucked the head into his mouth. He began to slide his lips up and down the cock using his tongue to add some more coverage as he sucked harder. Even through his concentration on giving a good blow job and making sure his teeth did not scrape against the cock in his mouth Brian heard Terry whimpering, and his hands could feel Terry's body beginning to tense up. Realising that Terry wouldn't last much longer like this he let the cock slide out of his mouth and moved up to stab his tongue into Terry's navel. From there he moved up to play with those sensitive nipples which he had found earlier that day in the shower. Terry didn't know where he was. He was in agony and ecstasy at the same time. Never before had he experienced sensations like he was experiencing now. He didn't want them to stop, but he needed to cum so badly too. He began to reach between their bodies to try and get at his cock to jerk it himself, but Brian stopped him. Pulling his arms away from his sides he held Terry's arms onto the bed while he continued to lick and tickle with his tongue the erogenous zones on Terry's torso that he could reach. He gave Terry about ten minutes of neck, nipple and navel titillation before moving back to find a few drops of pre-cum waiting for him on Terry's tummy and a short string of it connecting them to his cock head. Brian licked that up before swallowing Terry's cock to the hilt and almost gagging on it. Such was Terry's excitement that it only took about half a dozen bobs of Brian's head to get Terry to the point of no return. This time Brian did not stop and with a few more bobs and swirling tongue action Terry began to arch his body up and shoot his load straight into Brian's mouth. The load like the night before was not that much, nor was it that thick, but there was still sufficient for Brian to recognise the taste and savour it as it slid down his throat in one swallow. Brian lifted his body up and over to the side and lay down next to Terry.

"Wow! That was good!" Terry said in awe. "You sucked on my cock. Is that what they call a blow job?"

"That is what they call it.But I think a proper blow job lasts longer and is much better. I need practice to get it better," Brian answered.

"If we weren't going on this stupid holiday you could practice on me more," Terry said.

"Well you are, and you live too far away for me to visit regularly so that isn't going to happen," Brian said.

"Or you could come with us to keep me company." The sly mind of Terry was working hard.

"I don't think dad would let me go, and I'm not sure I could, because your bookings will be for two people not three." Brian was not sure he wanted to go; he thought that Terry and his mum might be sharing a room at some places.

"We can ask tomorrow," Terry said hopefully.

"You can if you're still alive, but if you don't give my cock some attention you might just not be around to ask," Brian told him.

Terry sat up and put his hand on Brian's cock. "I don't think I can give you a blow job. Can I just use my hand?"

"Yeah. You can try with your mouth if you want, but your hands will do okay too," Brian assured him.

Terry began to stroke Brian's cock. There was already some pre-cum leaking, and he spread that around with his finger.

"Try licking that finger that has my juice on it." Brian suggested. Terry gingerly brought the finger to his mouth and quickly stuck it in and pulled it out again. "Did it taste bad?" Brian asked.

"No. It's different, but okay."

"Try getting some more to taste it better," Brian urged. This time Terry ran his fingers up Brian's cock squeezing it all the way like a tube of toothpaste to force out a bigger drop of pre-cum. Scooping this up with the tip of his index finger he brought that to his mouth. This time he used his tongue and some suction to get it all off his finger. This gave him a larger sample to taste and again he found that it was different but still okay. "Now you know that you can take the stuff and it isn't bad and hasn't poisoned you, do you think you can lick it straight off my cock?"

Terry looked at Brian straight in the eyes without blinking for a few moments as the thoughts swirled around in his head and then in answer he bowed his head, stuck out his tongue, and took a first gingerly lick of the very tip of Brian's cock head. Looking up at Brian he was met with an encouraging smile and went down for a second lick, this time swirling his tongue around the cock head with the foreskin pulled back. Lifting his head, Terry did not look at Brian's face but after a short time to take a good breath he lowered his head with mouth open and took the whole head of Brian's cock into his mouth. As eager as Brian was to get his first ever blow job, he also seemed to instinctively know that he had to let Terry work at this in his own time and hopefully he would then get going a bit faster once he got more used to the feel and taste of a cock in his mouth. As Terry got more into it, one time he went down too far and began to gag. Brian told him that he could wait before trying to deep throat him.

"What's deep throat?" Terry asked as he had lifted right off of Brian's cock while trying to recover from the gagging.

"Well, I've never done it, but it is where you swallow the head of the cock down into your throat and then suck like that. All I know is that it takes some practice and I don't want you to try it yet. I'm loving what you are doing now," Brian told him. Brian was actually desperate to get off, but also learning that a blow job was better than a hand job and was willing to suffer the equivalent of some more edging, albeit unintentional, to let Terry have a try at giving a blow job. He knew that it was a bigger issue for the younger boy than it was for him because he was able to reason with himself with a bit more maturity and world knowledge.

Terry went back to sucking on the top half of Brian's cock, using his hand to pull the foreskin back so that he could tongue the naked head. But he was finding it a strain on his jaw muscles, and after a valiant effort he had to pull off and finish Brian off by hand. "I'm sorry, Brian, but my mouth hurts too much," Terry explained as he pumped his fist up and down on Brian's cock.

"Hey, don't worry. It takes practice, and being younger your mouth is a bit smaller. That makes it harder for you than for me. But man what you did was fantastic!"

"Is this alright like this?" Terry asked.

"Anything like this is alright. Just please don't stop," Brian assured him, his body beginning to tense as he moved along the road to his orgasm. A few moments later he added, "If you want it to shoot in your mouth you need to get it back there now or I'm going to be shooting all over the bed." Without missing a stroke with his hand, Terry lowered his head and sucked just the head of Brian's cock into his mouth and began to rub the underside of the head with his tongue. "Oh yes! That is so good. Watch out, here it comes!" he warned as his hips lifted with his body arching and the first pulse of cum sped along his tubes and burst out, hitting the back of Terry's mouth. Quickly Terry swallowed, but he was not quite fast enough to get his lips sealed again around Brian's cock, so a good portion of his second shot managed to leak out and run down his cock over Terry's fingers and into his pubes. There followed a few more jerks of the hips and Terry got two more swallows in before losing some more cum and Brian's orgasm began to wane.

Terry let Brian's cock slip out of his mouth as he lifted his head while maintaining the suction so that when it did fall, to land against Brian's belly, there were no dribbles of cum to spatter. Terry looked at Brian with a beaming smile. "I kinda did it, didn't I?" he said.

"More than kinda. You did do it. Yeah you took a mouth break in the middle, but it was your mouth that finished it and made my first blow job very nice. Too bad we won't have each other around to practice on," Brian told him. "But now I think we best get to sleep."

Terry did not even try to look for his sleeping shorts and just moved up the bed to lie naked next to his naked cousin. Brian pulled the covers up, forgetting that he still had a bit of wet cum matting his pubes together. As the covers came up over the two boys Terry shuffled closer until the side of his body was touching the side of Brian's body as much as he could get it. Brian told him to lift his head and he put his arm behind Terry's neck and bent it to rest his hand over Terry's chest.

"Brian, does this make us gay?" Terry asked.

"I don't know. I think I'm gay, but that doesn't mean that you're gay. I've heard or read somewhere that most boys do a bit of this sort of thing when they are going through puberty. I think you just got to wait a bit and see how you feel as you grow up some more," Brian said sagely.

They lay in silence for quite a while with just the sound of Brian's hand rubbing against the covers, as he gently stroked Terry's chest, to be heard alongside of their soft breathing noises. Then Terry whispered, "I'm glad we did it. I'd like to do it some more."

"So would I. I'm glad you came to stay with us and shared my room."

The silence returned and Brian lay beside his little cousin, idly keeping his cousin's nipples erect with his caresses but doing nothing more. As he lay there listening to the silence he noticed a change in Terry's breathing and realised that Terry had fallen asleep. Brian's thoughts kept him awake a bit longer but he also dropped off to sleep, still with his arm around Terry.

In the morning Brian woke at five as usual and found himself spooned once more around Terry's body. His morning hard-on was pressing into the crack of Terry's bum. Like the previous day he forced himself away from the comfort of that body. Using his torch for the third day in a row he found some clothes for his run and quietly went to the bathroom to dress. It took a contortionist's trick to aim his hard-on into the toilet and still be able to piss. Once he reached the unlit section of his route he again pulled his cock out of the leg of his shorts so that the sensitive head would not rub against the material of his shorts. As he ran his thoughts were centred around what he and Terry had done the night before. This kept him hard, which created a problem in that these shorts were a bit smaller than the ones he had run in the day before; the skin of his ball bag kept getting caught and twisted in the material. It wasn't just uncomfortable; it actually hurt at times. Brian tried putting his cock back inside and tucking it under the waistband of the shorts, but that too was uncomfortable, so he decided to be very daring and slipped his shorts off, leaving him free to run in just his vest, socks and trainers. Even though he knew there was very little risk of being seen this early in the morning and in this dark area, the excitement of it kept him hard and leaking as he ran. When he got to the point where he would soon be joining the streets with their lights Brian was still rock hard and enjoying it, so he decided to turn around and run back along the route he had just followed. This would add quite a bit more to the distance he had run, but he decided it was worth it.When he left the wild area and entered the park the sun's rays were just beginning to warm the sky with their yellow/orange glow. Brian headed for a bench. Not caring that it was damp with dew he sat down on it, still without his shorts on, and took matters into his hand to rub one out and get his cock satisfied and hopefully soft.It wasn't a fantastic wank. In fact it was more like a 'wham, bam, thank you man' get it over with wank, which had the desired result of bringing on an orgasm and shooting some cum out. He used his fingers to squeeze along his cock and force the last vestiges of cum out, scraping it off the tip of his cock with his fingers and sucking it from his fingers. He sat there for a few minutes as his cock softened then pulled his shorts on and began to jog the last half mile to his home. As he let himself into the house, he smelt the coffee first and knew that Andrew would be having his breakfast before heading off to work.

"Morning, Brian. You're a bit later than usual. Did you start out late?" Andrew asked.

"No, dad, I just ran for a fair bit longer today to try and get some things sorted in my head," Brian answered.

"Oh, okay. Just remember, if you need or want to talk, I will at the very least listen."

"I know, dad, and I might take you up on that, but first I need to shower," Brian told him. Brian moved quietly into the room and checked to see that Terry was definitely in the bed and definitely still sound asleep. He got the clothes he needed and moved to the bathroom, where he got in his shower and brushing of teeth without disturbance.When he got back down stairs, Mary had joined Andrew at the breakfast bar in the kitchen and was nursing a cup of coffee. "Morning, Aunty Mary," he greeted her.

"Good morning, Brian. I hope Terry hasn't upset your training routine too much with sharing your room."

"Not at all. I just left him in the bed and went off. He's still sleeping, I think."

"I really do appreciate how you have treated him and taken him into your room. He really admires you, and when I told him we would be staying here for a few days he got so excited. More so than the idea of a holiday had got him," Mary confided.

"Actually, I've quite enjoyed having him around for the few days. Perhaps I had better warn you that he is intent on asking you to let me come with you on the rest of the holiday, even though I told him that the bookings would have been made for two people, not three."

"If I had thought of it, we maybe could have done that, but I'm afraid some of the bookings are for a single room."

Andrew added, "No, I'm afraid it's too late to try and organise anything like that now, especially as I will have to head off to work soon. Brian, can you make sure Mary and Terry get a good breakfast and then get away okay, please?" Andrew asked.

"Of course. Do you need to take something for your lunch too?" Brian asked Mary.

"He may be only twelve, but he will not settle for a packed lunch while on holiday. He has to have those for school. Thank you for the offer, but I'm afraid it will be a KFC or McDonalds somewhere along the route that will provide the lunch," Mary said smiling.

"Well, I better be off. Do you mind if I wake Terry up? I wouldn't want to leave without saying goodbye," Andrew asked.

"No, go ahead. It's about time for him to get up anyway. I'm sure that by the time he has finished getting dressed there will be more clothes outside his suitcase than in it, so that will need to be repacked." Mary said.

"It shouldn't be. We took out his clothes for today last night and then packed his case," Brian said.

"Yes, but he will probably change his mind and go digging," Mary explained with a smile.

Andrew was already half way up the stairs before it came to Brian that Andrew might pull back the covers and see that Terry was naked. He also realised that if he went dashing past it would raise some suspicions too, so he stayed where he was, nervously waiting to hear if there were any squeals of embarrassment. Relief came as he heard Andrew coming back down the stairs, but that changed when after saying his good bye to Mary he asked Brian to follow him out to the car. Once the pair of them were out of earshot Andrew asked, "Did you encourage him to sleep naked or did he choose to do that?"

"The first night we both wore sleeping shorts but then he watched me getting changed and just stripped off himself," Brian answered somewhat evasively.

"I see. It was a bit of a shock when I shook him awake and told him I had to go to work so wanted to say good bye.He just jumped up and put his arms around my neck in a hug and as I put my arms around him all I could feel was naked skin." Andrew grinned. "Anyway, I'll see you later tonight. Have a good day."

"You too, dad. See you later."

As Brian entered the house again he heard the plaintive sound of Terry asking, "But why can't he?" and Mary's explanation that it was too late to change bookings and organise something different but maybe another time they might work something out. Terry then told Brian that Mary wasn't going to let him join them for the holiday

"That's too bad.I will see you another time," Brian assured him

Mary sent Terry upstairs to brush his teeth and get changed and then pack his suitcase with the admonishment that his suitcase had to be fully packed and downstairs before he could think about getting any breakfast. Brian asked Mary what she wanted for breakfast, and Mary said she would sort the breakfast out and would appreciate it if Brian would make sure that Terry got his case fully packed and was not leaving anything behind. Brian agreed and followed Terry upstairs. He found Terry in the bathroom still in just a pair of shorts brushing his teeth.Brian waited to make sure that Terry packed his toothbrush and paste back into his toilet bag before leaving the bathroom and then they went back to the room. Terry dropped his shorts and stood naked as he dug in the suitcase looking for the clothes he now wanted to wear. Mary had not been far wrong with her prediction that there would be more out of the case than in it once Terry had got changed. Terry turned away from the case once he had found the clothes he wanted and as Brian began to repack the case Terry lifted the lid on one of the music boxes. Brian groaned. Then noticing that Terry was still naked he jumped at him and began to tickle him. Terry first squealed like a six year old and then jumped onto the bed and laid down spreading his legs and letting Brian see his cock as it rapidly began to expand and rise.Brian tapped the lid of the music box to silence it and the effect it had on him, then turned to Terry and gave his cock a couple of rubs.

"Sorry, there's no time for that now. You'll just have to get dressed and wait till you get to your hotel later," Brian told him and returned to repacking Terry's suitcase for him.

Terry lay there in a tempting pose and pleaded for a bit, but he moved when Brian suggested that his mother would be coming to find out why he was taking so long. The thought of his mother finding him naked was enough to get him moving and dressed. Packing the suitcase was enough distraction for Brian to allow his cock to soften again, and he helped Terry carry the case downstairs to be packed into their car.Back in the kitchen Mary was in the midst of preparing them some bacon and eggs with toast, which got both boys' mouths watering.

After breakfast Mary was insistent about helping to clean up, but Brian was equally insistent. "If dad knew that I had let you wash up when you wanted to be on your way I would be in big trouble. Don't worry, I will wash it all up. I have plenty of time."

Mary accepted Brian's argument, and the three of them set about getting the cases and things packed into Mary's car. Once they were ready to leave Mary thanked Brian for all he had done for them, which brought about an inward smile for Brian and a noticeable smile on Terry. She then hugged him and gave him a light peck on his cheek. Terry pulled Brian into a hug as he also thanked him, emphasising the 'all', and then whispered, "Think of me when you open your music boxes." With a final quick squeeze he let go of Brian and got into the car with his mum.

Brian stood in the open doorway of the house and watched as Mary reversed the car down the short drive and into the street. He only turned back into the house and closed the door once she had pulled away and moved out of sight. Suddenly Brian felt quite lonely as he realised that he was completely alone in the house. He envied Terry having his mother, but he also knew that while there might not be any blood connection, Andrew was every bit his father. But he had chores to do and headed to the kitchen to begin the breakfast clean-up. As he lifted the frying pan that Mary had used for the eggs he managed to spill some of the cooking oil down his front. Fortunately they had some special detergent to use for grease stains, because they sometimes got them in the workshop too. Brian moved through to the scullery and pulled his shirt off. He sprayed some of the treatment onto the greasy area on the shirt and then laid it down on top of the washing machine. He then noticed he had also got some run off onto his shorts and so he slipped those off as well and sprayed them. Laying them down to give time for the treatment to work he looked at his boxers and saw that the oil had soaked through to them as well so he stripped them off and gave them the works. Standing in the scullery naked, his mind wandered back to his semi naked run that morning and the first open air wank he had had in his life. This led on to thoughts about him and Terry and soon he was sporting a good hard-on. Brian resisted the urge to have a bit of a play and returned to the kitchen. He first cleaned up the oil that had made it to the floor instead of his clothes and then began to wash the dishes. He chose to wash them by hand because there were not really enough to use the dishwasher. Because he did not need to think much about the task his thoughts remained with Terry and doing things in the nude. These thoughts kept him hard, and he was reminded that he was hard each time his cock bumped against the cupboards under the sink as he reached for a dish to wash. Once he had got the kitchen cleaned up the only thing left for him to do was to strip Mary's bed and put the linen on to wash. That took all of ten minutes; when he got to Mary's room it was to find that she had stripped the bed herself and the dirty linen was in a pile near the door. After that he was free for the rest of the day.

Going back to his room, Brian decided that he was not going to put any clothes on until it was nearly time for Andrew to get home, unless he changed his mind and went outside to do something. He began to pull up his duvet to straighten the bed out when he noticed something under the duvet. Pulling it back there was a piece of paper which had clearly come from the pad on his desk lying over something else. Brian saw that there was also some writing on the paper so he picked it up and read, "I know your mum's music box is very special for you. So I thought you could wear this one out instead."Brian looked down on the bed and there was one of the little music machines that Terry had bought at Hawkin's Bazaar. "Shit! You little imp, I'm going to miss you so much," Brian thought as a tear escaped from his eye. He picked up the little toy and sat down on the bed. A few turns had it fully wound and he set it off. The very tinny but unmistakable Brahms Lullaby played out and Brian lay back onto the bed and began to stroke his cock. His thoughts went round in circles, to the feeling of his hard cock bouncing freely as he ran without shorts on, to giving and receiving his first blow job, to what was he going to do about finding someone else to share bodies with like he had done with Terry. Mixed into that were some fantasies involving gymnasts like Max and Nial as well as other sportsmen he knew of who were about the same age as him enjoying his time with them in naked play. The music toy wound down and Brian kept his stroking up as thoughts brought his orgasm ever closer. As the climax drew near Brian was grunting out loud as his body tensed and then with blurred movements his hand pumped his cock all the way. With the first blast of cum Brian exhaled the air he had been holding in his lungs and gasped some fresh oxygen laden air back in as he pumped and squirted several more shots in one of the best wanking orgasms he had had. He lay there for a while using his fingers to scrape up some of the cum that had landed on his body and lick it off before he felt he was cleaned up enough to get up and go to the bathroom to clean up properly.

Back in the room he straightened his bed up and then fired up his lap-top. He connected to the web and began to look for information about coming out. He knew that he needed to find a like-minded teen that he could enjoy some intimate times with. He also knew there was something else he needed to do but for that he would have to wait a while.

Brian had their meal ready when Andrew got home from work and the two of them sat down to eat shortly after. When they had finished eating, Brian said he would do the dishes to give Andrew some time to relax. When he finished he went up to his room and got the gift and note that Terry had left him. Back down in the living room he asked, "Andrew, dad, can we talk?"


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