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So Called Chaos

by Jason Rimbaud

Instalment One: Otherwise Occupied

Copyright©2006 Chaotic Life

The sound of the whistle echoed throughout the pool signaling the last heat of an already long practice. Steven Carter dived in, sinking almost to the bottom before kicking out with his legs. Cutting through the water, he focused on the opposite end of the pool. Emptying his mind, he willed all his energy into keeping his tired muscles from cramping up. Coach Damien was pushing them all hard for the upcoming State Finals. But Steven he pushed the hardest. What Coach didn't understand, you're all alone when you're swimming. No amount of yelling or encouragement would help. It was just you and the water. Everything else seemed like a dream, muted and slowed.

Tapping the wall with his hands, Steven curled under, kicking out at the wall with all his strength, the shock vibrating through his legs, causing him to wince. He had still not fully recovered from his broken ankle only a few months earlier. Digging down for his final reserve of strength, he hoped he was out front. Already holding several state records, his dream was to achieve a coveted spot on the Harvard swim team. And Harvard didn't hand out many invitations. With only two spots left for the upcoming year, he had his work cut out for him.

Just when he thought he could kick no more, he was there, clutching the side of the pool, his chest heaving. For the first time since the race began, he looked around and couldn't help but grin. He had a full two seconds before anyone else touched the wall.

Coach Damien yelled out, smacking the blonde boy on the head, "That's what I'm talking about Steven. You keep that up and we'll add another banner on that wall yet." Pointing at the dozen banners lining the walls of the pool.

Steven grinned and hauled himself from the pool. The moment his left foot hit the tiled floor, he winced.

"What's wrong?" Coach Damien asked; gripping the boy to keep him balanced.

"Cramp." Steven said with a wince, hopping on one foot.

Coach Damien helped the boy to the bench before kneeling down. Grabbing the leg in his powerful hands, he began massaging the tired muscles.

"That last time kicking off the wall. I felt it." Steven replied in a quiet voice, his face contorted in pain. Taking off his goggles he threw them on the bench as he grumbled, "Damnit."

"Hold on son." Coach Damien ordered, his hands already working out the knot. Grabbing the boy's foot, he slowly rotated it back and forth asking, "How's that feel?"

"Better." Steven lied, biting back the scream that threatened to escape his throat. His ankle was on fire.

The other boys gathered around them, concern showing on all their faces. Feeling them closing in, Coach Damien stood up saying, "Alright boys. Great job today. You've all gave it your best and sometimes that's all it takes to win. Now hit the showers."

In between giving Steven encouragement and the usual pushing and shoving, it took a few moments for the fifteen boys to make it into the locker room. Once they left, Coach Damien sat beside Steven and rubbed his eyes with a tired sigh.

"I'm serious Coach. It's nothing." Steven stated, wiping the water from his body. "I'm just tired."

"I know how much you want this. But you might have come back too soon. That was one hellva fall you took."

"Tell me about it." Steven said with a laugh. "I'm just glad we've got it on tape."

"This is serious." Coach Damien said, trying hard not to laugh. "I let you back only because I know how much this means for you. What it means for your future. But if it comes down to you hurting yourself, maybe for life..."

Standing up, Steven placed both feet on the floor, making sure to keep his face neutral. "Don't worry about it. It's just a cramp." Hoping the lie didn't reach his eyes, he waited.

Gripping his shoulders, Coach Damien said softly, "I know you have your eye on getting that slot on the swim team but please don't be stupid."

"Hey Coach, no worries." Steven stated, grabbing his goggles and his towel from the bench. Heading towards the locker, he began drying off. Once he reached the doorway, he paused and then asked, "So how'd I do?"

"You shaved off another eighth of a second."

"Told ya." Steven called out over his shoulder. The moment he turned the corner, he leaned against the wall and took his weight off his left leg. Breathing deeply, he hobbled into the locker room. Stopping in front of his locker, he sat down. Pulling out his duffel bag, he reached inside for his pain medication. After washing the pill down with a sip of water, he leaned back against the cold metal. The doctor had prescribed him Vicodin when he broke his ankle. Telling him if the ten pills weren't enough to come back and see him. He still had eight left.

"You alright Steven? Tyler Cummings asked while drying off. His concern plainly written on his young face.

"I'm fine." Steven replied, trying hard not to notice the naked boy standing just a few feet from him. Tyler was his toughest competition. Though he held many records, Tyler was always just a few eighths of a second behind. Harvard was interested in him as well. The last thing Steven wanted was to show weakness in front of the brunet. No matter how good he looked with or without his Speedo's. "Good heat today."

Tyler stopped drying his hair and grinned, "One day Carter."

"Not on your best day." Steven taunted as he stood up. Stripping off his Speedo's, he started drying himself. After a few moments, he noticed Tyler staring at him. "May I help you?" He asked, slinging his towel over his shoulder, crossing his arms. Though uncomfortable under Tyler's scrutiny, he forced himself to stand exposed.

"Why do you do that?" Tyler asked while grabbing his boxers from his locker.

"Why do I do what?"

"You dry yourself before getting into the shower."

Shrugging, Steven grabbed his shower kit, saying, "I don't like getting into the shower wet."

"You're strange." Tyler stated rubbing his lower stomach, noticing the hair was starting to grow back from when he shaved his body.

"Takes one to know one." Steven fired back.

"I need to shave again." Tyler stated suddenly as he pulled on his plaid boxers.

Noticing that most of the boys had left the shower room, Steven called out over his shoulder, "Don't bother. It won't help you go any faster."

"Bite me Carter."

Laughing, Steven entered the shower room. The last two boys were walking out just as he turned the corner. Nodding at them, he waited until they disappeared before walking to the very last showerhead. After adjusting the water to the right temperature, he sighed and let the hot water flow over his tired muscles. For well over ten minutes he stood there under the water, his hands pressed against the wall for support.

"There's a sight you don't see everyday."

A smile broke out on his face at the sound of the voice. Not moving, he replied, "Yes you do."

"But not like that."

"What, naked and wet?" He replied.

"No. Naked and wet I've seen. Naked and wet and leaning against the wall looking so damn inviting--not so much."

"Are you perving on me?" He asked, finally turning around. His blue eyes widened when he saw the sight before him. "I guess you are." He stated in a low voice. His boyfriend, Aaron Tate stood there leaning against the wall, his arms crossed. His brown hair hung in his eyes, damp with sweat.

Since he was still wearing his soccer uniform, Steven guessed he had just finished with practice. Glancing down, he teased, "I guess you won't be needing any Viagra anytime soon."

Stretching as provocative as he could manage, he turned slightly, thrusting out his hips in the process, "Probably not."

Recognizing the lust in his boyfriend's eyes, Steven's body began to respond. "Is anyone here?"

"Nope. Already checked." Aaron replied taking a step closer. "And the door somehow managed to lock itself."

"So we're locked in." Steven breathed. "That's too bad."

"A tragedy. Looks like we might have to come up with something to relieve some of the boredom." Aaron stated as he began pulling off his sweat soaked shirt.

"I trust between the two of us we can think of something constructive to do." Steven stated blandly. His breath quickened when he caught a glimpse of Aaron's tanned stomach.

"I'm betting on it."

"Hello? Is anyone in here?" Both boys recognized Coach Damien's voice.

As quick as Aaron was pulling down his shirt to hide his excitement, Steven was quicker. Turning off the hot water, he faced the wall and let the cold water run over his body.

Aaron shouted out, disappointment clearly on his face, "In here Coach."

"The door was locked." Coach Damien called out, his footsteps coming closer.

"Sorry about that Coach." Aaron responded as he adjusted himself. "I must've bumped it on accident."

Rounding the corner, Coach Damien showed surprised on his face when he saw the two boys, "Oh, hello Aaron."

"What's up dog?" Aaron greeted him with a grin. Somehow managing to look innocent. Which was more than Steven could manage. His face felt like it was on fire.

For a moment, the three just looked at each other. Steven shut the water off and grabbed his towel, suddenly feeling quite exposed. Wrapping it around his waist, he gathered his shower kit and asked, "Something wrong Coach?"

Shaking his head, the slender man replied, "No. When I found the door locked I thought a few of the freshmen were in here goofing around."

"Nope. No freshmen here. Just us seniors." Aaron said with grin.

Looking lost, Coach Damien shook his head and said, "Well, hurry up Steven. I've got to lock up for the day and I think it's best if you hurry home and rest that ankle."

"Coach's honor." Steven said with a grin, holding up two fingers on his right hand.

"Okay...have a good weekend."

Following the man out into the locker room area, the two boys stopped in front of Steven's locker. Neither said a word until the man disappeared out the double doors.

"Jesus." Steven muttered. "That was close." Dropping his shower kit on the bench beside him as he sat down.

"Exciting though." Aaron declared, running his fingers through Steven's blonde hair. "Kind of gets the blood pumping."

"Pumping blood was the last thing I needed in there." Steven said with a laugh as he pulled his towel from underneath him and started drying his hair.

Changing the subject, Aaron asked, "What did he mean by take care of that ankle? What happened?"

Standing up, Steven began explaining while he dressed, "I hurt my ankle during practice today."

Aaron's smile faded and was replaced by concern, he asked, "Is it bad?"

Calling the powerful narcotic by its popular high school name came without thinking, Steven muttered, "Bad enough for me to take a V."

"Sorry." Aaron uttered leaning over and kissing Steven's forehead tenderly.

Smiling, Steven ran his fingers through his short blonde hair. "Damn you stink."

Smelling under one arm, Aaron made a face, "I concur. Why don't we go back to my place so we can finish our shower?"

Standing up, Steven grabbed the brunet's head and kissed him, then offering, "My place. We have it all to ourselves till five o-clock."

Glancing at his watch, Aaron said, "Well you do have the bigger shower. Let's go." Making a small growling noise in the back of his throat, he grabbed Steven's wet Speedo and shoved it inside the duffel bag. After shoving the rest of his things inside the bag, Steven slung it over his shoulder and headed towards the door. Stopping to pick up his own discarded bag by the door, Aaron paused as he reached for the doorknob. Leaning over to kiss the blonde, Steven pushed him away, saying, "Not until you shower stinky boy."

Throwing open the door, Aaron declared, "I'm driving."

"Nope. Wrong again cowboy." Steven stated as he limped down the corridor. "I'm driving."

"Fine. I'm sure I can think of something to keep me otherwise occupied." Aaron said with a grin, bobbing his eyebrows up and down.

Thinking back to the first time Aaron had `thought of something' on a particularly long drive brought a grin to his face. "Can't wait."

As they cleared the doors and stepped into the sunlight, Aaron noticed how bad the blonde was limping. He asked, "Are you sure you're alright?"

"Well, instead of a throbbing pain it's now more of a dull ache." Steven admitted. Looking around the parking lot, he asked, "Where the hell did you park?"

"Come on gimp." Aaron stated grabbing the blonde's arm. "This way."

Seeing Aaron's bright red Mustang tucked in Principle Williams private parking space made him laugh. "One of these days old Williams is going to have your car towed."

"He wouldn't dare. He loves this baby as much as I do." Aaron stated as he pretended to hug his classic automobile.

"You're not right." And when Aaron stared at him with one eyebrow raised, he added, "Well, you're not." And walked to the driver's side.

Reaching in his bag, Aaron threw the blonde his keys saying, "Just because my outside is a bit off center does not give you the right to accuse me of not being...right."

Rolling his eyes, Steven unlocked the door and climbed inside. Grunting, he reached over and opened the passenger door. After Aaron climbed inside, he stated, "That made no sense whatsoever."

Starting the car, Steven's hand went for the control's that put the top down. Aaron smacked his hand, saying, "No. Not a good idea hotshot. I go down, the top stays up."

"Kinky." Steven stated, backing out. Putting the car into first gear, he only made it a few feet before slamming on the breaks. "What..." The brunet started to say before he saw their friend Mike Reynolds standing in front of the car.

"Can you give me a ride home? I missed the bus." Mike asked, an expectant look on his face.

Looking over at his boyfriend with disappointment in his eyes, Aaron opened the door and said, "Sure. Hop in the back."

"You're a lifesaver." Mike declared as he climbed in the back, pushing the passenger seat forward, squishing Aaron in the process.

"Watch out fat ass." Aaron grumbled.

Sitting in the middle of the back seat, Mike put his hands on the back of either seat in front of him, saying, "Aren't you going to put the top down?"

"We weren't." Steven began saying but Aaron interrupted him, "But now there's no reason why we shouldn't. Steven?"

Hitting the switch, Steven mumbled, "I can think of at least one."

"What's that?" Mike asked, putting on a pair of sunglasses.

"Nothing." Steven said with a grin.

"So are you guys going to Mindy's party tonight?" Mike asked as he was flung back into the seat when Steven floored the powerful engine.

"What?" Aaron screamed out.

"Are you guys going to the party tonight?" Mike repeated the question, fumbling for his seatbelt as Steven shot out of the parking lot, the tires squealing as he made a particularly tight turn.

"What party?" Steven yelled as he slammed on the brakes at the stop sign. The car coming to a halt more than a bit crooked.

"At Mindy's house."

Flooring the car again, Steven took off down the road saying, "Probably. We always do."

"I asked Sara if she was going to go and she said yes. So I said see you there and she said yeah." Mike rambled on; oblivious to the looks Steven flashed him in the rearview mirror. "Do you think that means anything?"

Exchanging looks with his boyfriend, Aaron replied, "Yeah. I think it does."

"Really. What?" Mike asked.

"I think it means she'll see you at the party." Aaron said with a laugh, fumbling for his CD case under the seat. Opening the book, he nudged Steven's leg and pointed at one of the CD's. Nodding, Steven laughed.

"No, I mean does she like me?" Mike asked hopefully.

"I don't know." Aaron stated as he put the CD in the player. Seconds later, the sounds of Stabbing Westward blared from the speakers.

"God I hate this shit." Mike complained. "Can't you listen to something else."

"My car, my music." Steven said before singing along with the music at the top of his lungs.

"But it's not your car."

"I'm driving." Steven replied, turning up the volume.

Holding on to the side of the car, Mike asked, "Do you have to drive so fast?"

"I'm in a hurry." Steven said aloud then mumbling, "To get rid of you."


"He said he has to poo." Aaron said laughing.

Five minutes later, Steven once again slammed on the breaks. But this time it was in front of Mike's house. Turning down the stereo, he waited for the boy to exit the car.

Mike climbed out and asked Aaron, "Do you think you could pick me up tonight?"

"Sorry I can't." Aaron said with a shrug. "I've got to do..."

"Vacuum the couch." Steven finished for him.


"See ya tonight." Aaron called out as Steven took off again.

"Bye." Mike called out, waving as the car disappearing around the corner.

"Rude." Aaron stated, turning off the stereo.

Steven made a face before saying, "That's the third time this week he missed the bus."

"So." Aaron said with a shrug.

"He just wants to ride in your car." Steven complained. "I don't know why you put up with it."

"I thought you liked Mike."

Sighing, Steven answered, "I do. I'm just a bit stressed."

"More like depressed." Aaron stated, placing his hand on the blonde's thigh. "Actually irritable is more like it."

"Blow me."

"That was the plan." Aaron said with a laugh.

"Until you invited what's-his-name along for the ride." Steven complained.

"Don't be mad." Aaron said in his best little boy voice. "We still have plenty of time."

"That's true."

Four streets later, Steven pulled up in front of the house. Grabbing his bag from the back seat, he walked up the driveway with Aaron close behind. Walking along the side of the house, he fished for his keys. Once in the back, he unlocked the door and entered the kitchen.

Aaron shut the door and went to the refrigerator, asking, "Thirsty?"

"Yeah. Get me a Dr. Pepper." Steven said over his shoulder walking into the living room. From the kitchen, he heard Aaron call out, "Oh hi Mamma Carter."

Hanging his head in defeat, Steven dropped his bag and walked back into the kitchen.

"Hi Aaron. How are you?" His mother, Lynn Carter, asked as she struggled with several bags of groceries.

Grabbing the bags from her arms, Aaron replied, "Great."

"What are you doing home?" Steven asked, trying hard not to let his disappoint show.

Placing one hand on her hip, his mother shook her head saying, "I swear. How can someone so smart be so forgetful."

Smacking his head, Steven uttered, "That's right. Dad's boss is coming tonight for dinner. Sorry Aaron, I forgot."

Shrugging, Aaron grinned and asked, "More bags in the car?"

"Would you mind?"

"Not at all." Aaron said opening the door that led to the garage. Over his shoulder, he called out, "Come on grumpy."

It took a few minutes to unload the car and when they were done, his mother asked, "Why are you limping?"

"It's nothing." Steven assured her. "My ankle's just a bit sore today."

Emptying one of the bags, she asked, "Aaron, are you staying for dinner?"

Looking over at the blonde, he shook his head, "I better not. My mom already complains that she doesn't remember what I look like."

Laughing, Lynn stated, "I've thought the very same thing about Steven at times."

"I'm going upstairs." Steven declared motioning Aaron to follow. "What time is dinner mom?"

"Six o-clock sharp. Dress nice."


"Bye Mamma Carter." Aaron said before kissing her on the cheek.

Smiling, she asked her son, "Why can't you be more like him?"

"Okay." Steven walked back over and leaned in and kissed Aaron on the cheek. "What ever you say mom."

"I meant me." She said through a laugh. "Kiss me not him."

"Sorry." Steven laughed. "You have to be more specific."

"Get out of here you goof ball." She said with a laugh. Then added before he could say it, "I know it takes one to know one."

Retrieving his bag from the living room, Steven walked up the stairs and down the hall. Stopping at the laundry room, he opened his bag.

"I can't believe you did that." Aaron stated in disbelief.

"Did what?"

"Kiss me in front of her."

Taking out his wet towels, he dropped them in the basket. "So, it was only on the cheek."

"You have to be more careful." Aaron declared, crossing his arms.

"Are you for real?" Steven asked, grabbing his Speedo.

Leaning against the doorframe, Aaron sighed, "Yes. I don't want anyone knowing."

Turning around, he leaned against the washer. "How long have we been friends?"

"I don't know. Three years."

"How long have we been..." Lowering his voice, he said, "You know."

"One year two months fifteen days and six hours." Aaron replied after looking at his watch.

"You don't have it down to the exact second?" Steven asked with a grin. "I'm a bit hurt." And really sweet thing, Aaron was probably pretty close.

"My watch is a bit slow."

Smiling, Steven said, "Right."

"Right what?"

"What was I saying?" Steven asked, still holding his damp Speedo's.

"You were asking, you know."

Snapping his fingers, he said, "Right. We've been friends longer. She only thinks we're goofing."

"I don't know. You didn't see her face when you kissed me." Aaron shrugged.

"You're imagining things."

Glancing at his watch, Aaron said, "Since you're mom's home. I should get going. I'd like to finish my homework before the party."

"Yeah me too. That way we can have the entire weekend for you know." Steven stated in a conspirator tone.

"All right. I'll call you before I head over." Aaron said as he walked out of the room.

"Hey." Steven called out.

Turning around, he looked at his boyfriend. "How `bout a kiss goodbye?"

"Not until I shower, remember." Aaron said with a laugh. "Gotta go. And no cheating."


Holding his hand in front of his crotch, he pumped it back and forth, saying, "Not until tonight." Winking, he disappeared.

Grinning, Steven turned back and emptied the rest of his dirty clothes into the basket. Suddenly, Aaron's arms surrounded him. Squeezing tight, Aaron kissed his cheek tenderly. Turning around inside his embrace, Steven took a deep breath, saying, "I thought you wanted to be careful."

Kissing him hard, Aaron smiled, "Tonight. I promise." And then he disappeared again.

Smiling, Steven looked down at the Speedo's in his hands. Bringing them closer, he realized they weren't his size. Dropping them on the floor he made a face. Touching someone else's swimsuit just seemed dirty. Thinking someone must have grabbed his by mistake; he picked them up using one of the wet towels and dropped them in the basket. The least he could do was wash them.

Heading into his room, he quickly undressed. Placing his dirty clothes into the hamper in his private bathroom. He relieved himself before walking back into his room. Sitting down at the desk, he pulled out his schoolbooks. Holding up his math book in one hand and his English book in the other, he debated on which he would do first. The Math book won out and for the next hour he pondered Trigonometry. Finishing up the required homework, he shut the book and stretched. Looking at the clock, his stomach rumbled. Wondering what his mom was cooking for dinner, he stood up and walked over to his closet. Switching on the light, he grabbed a pair of shorts from the shelf and slipped them on. Forgoing a shirt, he made his way downstairs and into the kitchen.

Seeing his mom stirring something that smelled delicious, he asked, "What's for dinner?"


Pretending to do just that, he looked over his shoulder and asked, "Why?"

"No. I'm cooking duck for dinner." His mother stated dryly.

"My favorite." He stated with a grin rubbing his stomach. "What else?"

"Asparagus and some rice and spinach salad."

Opening one of the cabinets, he opened a box of cookies while his mother warned, "Don't spoil your dinner."

Taking a bite, he said with a grin, "Don't worry. I won't."

"Is your sister home yet?" Lynn asked, turning her attention to the fresh spinach soaking in the sink.

"I haven't seen her." Steven replied, shoving the rest of the cookie in his mouth.

"So what's this party you're going too tonight?" She asked, crushing walnuts for the salad.

"Mindy's throwing a pool party." Steven answered walking over to the refrigerator. Getting a Dr. Pepper, he took a long drink. Burping loudly, he grinned when his mother said, "Hog."

"So who's all going to be there?" She asked, dumping the walnuts into a bowl.


"Are her parents going to be there?" She stopped, staring at him.

"Nope." Steven replied, sitting down on one of the stools. "It's just gonna be us kids."

"Will there be alcohol?"

Shrugging, he answered, "Probably. You remember how kids like to drink when the parents are away."

"Steven Carter." His mother exploded, waving a spoon at him. "You better not be drinking."

"If I do, I promise I won't drive." Steven said, holding up his hand.

"You don't have a car." Came the reply, though she did return to making the salad.

"Aaron can drive."

"He better not be drinking and driving either." She declared.

"Then we'll stay over. Don't worry about it."

Turning around, her face red, she shut her mouth when she saw the grin on her son's face. "I can't believe you treat me this way."

"What way?" David Carter walked in carrying his briefcase. His tie was undone and he looked exhausted.

"You're son is trying to give me a heart attack." She complained before greeting him with a kiss.

Returning the kiss, his father said, "Steven, stop giving your mother heart attacks."

"I'd never." Steven said with mock sincerity.

"Not you. What's for dinner?" David called out as he walked into the living room.

"Duck." Steven called out.

When his father crouched down, he started laughing while his mother looked up and asked, "Why did you do this to me?"

"Don't waste your breath. I don't think he's listening." Steven said, kissing her cheek before following his father into the living room.

"Hey dad. Can I have fifty bucks?" He asked, flopping down on the couch next to his father who was trying to take off his shoes.

"Why?" His father grunted, sending one of the shoes flying across the room.

"Because I want to buy stuff." Steven stated as he stood up and waited for the other shoe to go flying.

"What kind of stuff?" His father asked, kicking the other one in the opposite direction.

"Aaron has a lead on some good weed." Steven joked as he retrieved the two shoes. Putting them by the stairs, he returned to the couch.

His father was poking his stomach when he sat down. Steven asked, "What are you doing?"

"Do you think I'm getting fat?" His father asked, meeting his eyes.

"It's hard to tell with your belly in the way." Steven managed to say with a straight face.

"Katie said my ass was getting flabby today." His father continued. "I haven't worked out this week."

"And you're definitely not getting younger." Steven offered. "They say the older you get."

"Lynn." His father called out as he stood up.

"Yes dear."

"How much time before dinner?" He asked, stripping off his suit jacket.

"An hour and forty minutes."

"Okay. I'm going for a run."

Walking into the living room, she asked, "Why? You're boss will be here in a half-hour."

Smacking his head, David uttered, "So that's what he meant by I'll see you later."

"Dad's losing it." Steven leaned over and whispered to his mom.

"He never had it." She retorted with a laugh.

"Well I better go and open some wine then." David muttered as he headed up the stairs.

"Ah dad."

Turning around, he said, "What?"

"Fifty bucks."

"Oh that's right." Reaching into his back pocket, he pulled out his wallet saying, "For the weed right."

"David." His mother exclaimed.

"What?" Came the reply. "At least he's honest about it. Peering into his wallet, he stated, "I don't have fifty, take this instead."

Steven took the bills and passed his father on the stairs. "Thanks dad. I guess I should get ready for dinner."

"I don't know why you encourage him." He heard from his mother as he headed to his room. Looking at the bills in his hand, he grinned. His father had given him four crisp twenties. "You know the boy doesn't do drugs. I don't know why you let him get to you."

Shutting his door, he walked over to his closet and took off his shorts. Folding them, he replaced them on the shelf and started looking through his clothes. Rubbing his stomach, he wondered what he should wear to the party tonight. Looking down, he blushed. Between the shower room, the implied activities of the ride home and the expectation of coming home to an empty house had him quite worked up. His hand dropped before he remembered his promised to wait. Growling, he turned and went into the bathroom. Stripping off his boxers, he put them in the hamper before stepping into the shower. Not bothering to turn the hot water on, he let the cold water wash over him for the second time that day. After washing his hair, he hurried to finish soaping the rest of his body. While cold water did wonders for the male libido, it wasn't the most pleasant way to cleanse ones self.

Once finished, he dried off and stared into the mirror. Rubbing his face, he turned first one way then the other looking for any signs of blemishes. Satisfied his face was smooth; he grabbed his hair product and meticulously spiked his blonde hair. Posing for the mirror, he assumed the traditional bodybuilder pose. Liking what he saw in the reflection, he hung his towel over the bar and walked back into the bedroom. Standing in the closet, he once again pondered what to wear. Grabbing a pair of black socks, he pulled them on. Rifling through clothes on the rack, he decided on a pair of jeans, black to match his black and white striped shirt he grabbed. Walking over to the bed, he laid them down and then headed back into the closet. Opening his underwear drawer, he debated over boxer briefs or his white thong. Grabbing the thong, he smiled at the thought of Aaron's face later on that night. Slipping it on, he walked over to the bed and pulled his pants up. He had not quite finished with his belt when his cell phone rang.

Grabbing it, he looked at the caller ID and smiled. "Hello."

"What are you wearing?" Aaron's asked, his voice low and husky.

"A pair of jeans at the moment." Steven said with a laugh.

"Oh." Aaron sounded disappointed.

"Too bad you didn't call like two minutes earlier." Steven teased. "I just took a shower."

"Did you wait?"

"As hard as it was. Yes."

"Good boy." Aaron murmured.

"Was there something you wanted or did you just call to see if I was naked?" Steven asked, slipping into a pair of black shoes.

"Actually, I was wondering what you were wearing."

"Oh how sweet."

"Not really." Aaron said with a giggle. "I want to make sure we don't dress alike again."

"That was kind of funny."

"Whatever. So what are you wearing?" Aaron asked again.

"A pair of jeans. Some socks. Some shoes." Steven ticked off the items on his hand.


"What and?"

"Your shirt."

"Not wearing one."

"Okay. Which shirt are you going to wear?" Aaron asked, his patience wearing thin.

"Don't know. What are you going to wear?"

"I give up." Aaron declared. Then adding, "I'm wearing black jeans and a white T-shirt."

Walking over to the closet, Steven hung the shirt up and grabbed a white T-shirt. "I can promise you we won't match."

"I gotta go. Dinner's ready." Aaron said. "I'll call you before I leave."

Smiling, Steven said, "Right. See ya soon."

Throwing his phone on the bed, he slipped the shirt over his head. Looking in the mirror mounted on his closet door, he checked himself before switching off the light. Once in the hall, he could hear voices downstairs. Figuring his dad's boss had arrived; he went downstairs to get dinner over with. The sooner he ate the sooner Aaron would call and the sooner they'd be able to spend some time alone.

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