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Boys Do It Better

by Rob Warr

Chapter 1

The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or deceased is purely coincidental. This story may depict sexual situations between minor males and females. If reading such is illegal where you reside, or you are not at least 18 years of age, please read at your own risk. This work is the property of the author Rob Warr and should not be re-posted or reproduced without his permission. Copyright ©2020 by Rob Warr. Contact that author by clicking or rght clicking his name at the head of every chapter

Josh and Tommy

When you're 14, your life pretty much revolves around your family and your friends. Some kids like me are lucky that they have a nice family they can do stuff with, but not feel all smothered and stuff, but then there are kids like my friend Tommy.

Tommy's dad is one of those kind of dads that cares more about his job than his family, and isn't really around that much. Tommy's mom tries to fill in the gaps, but she has a busy life too, and that leaves Tommy sorta on his own a lot.

Fortunately for him, my family has sort of adopted him, and he spends almost as much time at my house as he does his own. Which is really no hardship for either of us cause, me and Tommy are tight. Tighter than best buds, tighter than bros, more like Siamese twins that have been separated or something.

My folks sort of think of Tommy as a second son, and he feels the same way, and sometimes he slips and calls em mom and It's a good thing that neither of our folks had any more kids, cause I'm not sure we could've made room for one more kid in our big extended family.

So Tommy lives like two blocks from me, which is nice considering he spends so much time at my house, and the middle school we go to is like right in the same neighborhood so we can walk together every day. When we were kids, back in grade school, we used to ride our bikes to school, but let's face it, no 9th grader in his right mind is gonna be caught dead riding a bicycle to our school. It's just not done, even though we both have perfectly good bikes, and don't have any problem riding them at other times, we walk to school every day.

Tommy and I have known each other since, well...forever it seems like. Mom says we met in first grade, but I really don't remember. It just seems like Tommy was always there. Even before we were old enough to go out on our own, his folks would bring Tommy to my house for my mom to babysit, although as far as I know, my mom never charged them a dime for her services.

See, my mom is the kind of mom that loves kids, all kids. I could easily see her having five kids and loving each of them just the same, but I'm glad she doesn't, cause I like being the only child and getting all the attention. Well, all the attention except for Tommy. But that's cool, Tommy's my bro, and I love him. Yeah, I said it, I love the knucklehead, and I always thought he loved me. That's why it's so hard to figure out what happened between him and me.

Girlfriend on Girlfriend off

When you're 14, there are certain things that are expected of a boy, number one: you're expected to start showing some balls and pull away from your rents a little, and number two: and this one is even expected by your rents, you're supposed to start dating girls. Now, mind you I've always been sort of popular with the kids in my class, and I guess I'm sorta cute, but other than some group dates, I'd never really been on a real date, let alone had a girlfriend.

But it was expected, and I eventually decided to give it a try. Her name was Beth, and as far as girls go, she was one of the nicer and better looking girls in our school. Her dad was a Dentist, which is probably why her teeth were perfect, and her mom was a teacher at the High School.

They lived in a nice house in a neighborhood not far from mine, but I'd only known her since 7th grade. She went to a private school before that, but her folks decided she needed to be mainstreamed or something and she wound up with us regular humans, lol.

Beth Williams was popular, but not in the icky, cliquey way, that some girls are. She wasn't a cheerleader, but she wasn't in band either. She did like art, and I discovered later that she was pretty good at drawing and painting and stuff. She had a few close girlfriends, but she didn't run with a crowd, like some of the girls at our school, and she was basically a nice person, as far as I could tell.

So, you're probably wondering, am I ever gonna get around to how we became boyfriend and girlfriend? Well, believe it or not, Tommy had a lot to do with that, which makes it doubly hard to understand what happened later.

So, Tommy has this friend Julie, and it's not like a boyfriend-girlfriend thing, it's complicated. See Julie is like the daughter of a friend of Tommy's mom, and somehow they became friends when her mom would visit Tommy's mom and she sometimes tagged along.

I kidded him about it a lot, and he always got red-faced and stuff, which was hilarious, but I was pretty sure there was nothing going on between them. I just liked to give him shit about having a girl over at his house. So, see Julie is one of Beth's friends, I guess almost as close as me and Tommy, and one day they got to talking about boys at school and stuff, and Julie just blurted out that Beth Williams thought I was cute, and would Tommy maybe, pretty please, see if he could get me to talk to her.

The next day at lunch, Tommy laid the news on me and I bout shoved him outa his chair. I mean I thought he was goofing with me or something, then I looked over to the table where Beth, and Julie and a few of their friends sat and, OMG, she was staring at me and smiling really big. She blushed then, and I blushed, and Tommy jabbed me in the ribs, and laughed and started chanting, Joshie's got a girlfriend, over and over. Not loud mind you, or I'd have had to kill him, but it was embarrassing.

So, he says, go on, talk to her. See if you can get a date. She's hot buddy, go for it.

Of course I just hopped up and went right over there,, that didn't happen. No way, I'm not that brave or that stupid. What if she shot me down? What if she laughed at me? Nothing will wreck your rep worse in middle school than being slighted by a girl, nothing.

So, it didn't happen that day, or even that week, but fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, she wasn't gonna let a little thing like me being shy mess things up. I didn't know till later, but Beth and her friends were hatching up a sure fire plan to hook me and reel me in, and I was helpless to resist.

There was this dance coming up the middle of October, and Tommy and me were planning on going, together of course, like a lot of guys do, and maybe finding some poor lonely girls to dance with, or not. It was no big deal, either way we'd get some eats and drink some punch or whatever, and have fun making fun of the poor dorks who were worse off than us.

But no one bothered to tell me that sometimes girls were allowed to ask boys on a date. Yeah, who thought that up anyway? Well...apparently it's like equality for all, or women's lib or something, and girls are a lot more aggressive than they used to be. So, guess who asked me to the dance? No, not Tommy, Beth Williams.

What was I supposed to say, No thanks, I already have a date, I'm going with my friend Tommy. Now that would be like social suicide, so, guess what? I said yes. Now, keep in mind, this was my first real date with a girl, and I had no idea what I was supposed to do.

Ordinarily if I had a problem I'd just go to my bud Tommy for advice, but Tommy was about as much help as swim fins on a dolphin when it came to girls and dating. So, I was forced to bring out the big guns, and ask my dad. Yeah, I know...that was a pretty desperate move, but I mean, he was smart enough to bag my mom, and that's gotta mean he knows how to smooze over girls, right. Cause my mom is not only pretty, but nice, and well...the kind of girl most any boy would want. OMG, I'm blushing, did I just say I have a thing for my mom? Scratch that, that's not what I meant, what I meant to say was, that any boy would be lucky to find a girl as pretty and nice as my mom. I'm looking back at that now, and I'm still not sure that's not weird, but I'm gonna leave it. But for the record, I'm not in love with my mom, okay?

Anyway, guess what? My dad was no help at all. His advice was, go ask your mom. Go ask my mom? Okay, maybe that's not as stupid an idea as I first thought. Who would know better what a girl expects from a boy than another girl, or woman in this case?

Only I wasn't prepared for all the excitement and giggling that went on when I told my mom I had a date.

Oh honey, I'm so happy for you. Your first date. Oh, I remember my first date with a boy...blah blah blah.

I had to listen to that for like 15 minutes before she finally got down to the good stuff, and it turns out it wasn't all that complicated. Maybe I was worrying for nothing. I mean, it wasn't like we were going steady, or getting engaged or something. It was one fricking date, to a dance, and chances are, she'd hang around with her girlfriends part of the time, and I'd hang around with Tommy and my friends, right? Wrong, but that's later.

So, mom says I should buy her a corsage, but I need to know what color dress she's wearing so it will match, and I'm like, do I know what color dress she's gonna wear. Heck, she might not even know at this point, but mom says she'll call Beth's mom and find out, and she'll buy the corsage for me, so at least that part is taken care of.

Then she tells me I need to act like a gentleman, open doors for her, take her arm and lead her around like she was blind or something. Okay, she didn't say the blind thing, but I'm thinking it. Good old Josh, guide dog. Anyway, it's all pretty simple stuff, don't pick my nose, don't burp or fart (damn girls are no fun at all), you know? Just be...civil and show some manners. Okay, I got this, but what, kissing and stuff? I can't ask my mom about stuff like that, and my dad's already bailed on me, so who am I gonna ask about that part? Then it hits me, maybe Tommy might be some help after all. Maybe he's learned some stuff from his gal friend Julie. Yeah, good idea Josh, ask Tommy.

So I wait till the next day at lunch, and I'm like, Tommy what do you know about kissing? And milk shoots out of Tommy's nose and I start cracking up, then he's cracking up, and everyone is like looking our way and smiling or laughing, and then we finally get it under control and he looks me right in the eye and he says, Pucker up and I'll show ya. And guess what? We were cracking up all over again, so I didn't really get to find out what I wanted to know right then, but there was always later, when we walked home from school.

Something weird happened in gym class today though. This kid named Ronnie Pitts got a boner and some guys were laughing at him, and he got all upset and started crying. Now Ronnie's not a bad kid, kind of a loner, and not all that athletic, but he's okay, and it kinda bothered me to see him getting picked on.

So being the nice kid that I am, I decided to see if I can deflect some of the attention from him. So, I'm like down to my underwear right, and I'm like, hey Nelson, that's the kid that started it, how come I don't get a boner looking at you?

And once he looks my way, I like pull my underwear out a little and look down at my junk and frown. Then I say, Nope, nothing. Must be broken. And everyone, and I mean everyone, is laughing their asses off, even Ronnie, and the moment passes, and everyone just forgets about Ronnie, and they're all like giving Nelson shit and stuff, and slapping me on the back, and I feel pretty good about what I just did. Not that I did it to boost my ego or anything, I just...I don't like seeing kids get hurt. I guess I got that from my folks, cause they're like super sensitive about that stuff, and that's why they've taken Tommy in like they have.

Speaking of Tommy, I look around and he's coming out of the bathroom and he's missed the whole Ronnie Pitts thing, some of my finest work, I might add, and I don't have time to tell him about it right then. We make it through gym class, which is our last class of the day, and we skip the shower since we're headed home anyway. A lot of the guys do that since it's last period, but there are always a few who shower. Sometimes I think it's the only shower some of those kids get, but then...I don't know that for sure.

Anyway, on the way home I hit Tommy up about the kissing thing again, only this time I'm being more careful about how I word things. I don't want Tommy shoving his tongue down my throat cause he misunderstood

So I say, Okay, Tommy, what if Beth expects me to, um...kiss her? How do I do it? I mean, I never kissed a girl before. And he's like, just sort of put your lips together and make like a fish, but don't use tongue, not yet, cause that's for later when you've moved to the next level or something.

Um, like a fish? What does that even mean? Do I blow bubbles or something? So I'm like, that's not very helpful, and he's like, Well...what do you want me to do, demonstrate? And I don't know why, but that wasn't as funny as I thought it should be. I mean, I did laugh, but I don't know, call me weird, but I kinda got goosebumps thinking about that.

You're no help, I whined, and he's like, Don't worry, I bet she knows how to do it, and she'll teach ya. So he thinks she's like, experienced? That makes me a little nervous. What if she like, expects me to be all smooth and do...I don't know, whatever it is boys and girls do together?

My dad gave me the sex talk when I was 12, but I gotta tell ya, I was so embarrassed that I don't think I listened to half of it. I think the only thing I really got out of it was, that masturbation was natural and normal, and that every boy did it. That was all the news I needed to make playing with myself my number one fun activity. Of course I had to share that piece of good news with my best pal, but Tommy said he already knew that, and that he was flogging the dolphin at least twice every day. I got a good laugh outa that one, flogging the dolphin? Everyone knows it's called choking the

Thank God for the internet though, and since that talk I'd filled in all the gaps, and I pretty much knew all the mechanics of sex, but...knowing it and practicing it were two different things. I had no practical experience, and if this girl did, I was doomed.

Of course it never occurred to me that I was way over-thinking this thing. It was one simple date to a dance. It was chaperoned, and her dad was taking us and picking us up, there wasn't going to be any time for any serious making out, or whatever else I feared.

And as it turned out, I actually had a good time. Beth seemed really nice, and I wasn't nearly as nervous as I'd thought I'd be. I was right about one thing though, we did hang around with our friends for part of the time, but danced at least three dances together, and we had punch and cookies and...and we talked. I mean, really talked.

Who knew girls could be interesting? Not me. I thought all they were interested in was makeup, and dolls, and well, boys, but Beth is really smart, and she kept me entertained. Yeah, and she even plays video games. Go figure. So by the time the dance is over, I'm like, this was fun, and I'm already thinking I might want to do this again.

In the backseat of her dad's Cadillac, we sat close together and from somewhere I got the nerve to actually hold her hand. I was terrified that at any minute her dad would yell at me to get my damn hands off his daughter, but he turned out to be pretty cool himself. When we got to my house he even suggested that Beth could walk me to my door.

It sort of seemed like it should have been the other way around, but since it was her dad driving, that's how it had to be. So, she walks me to my door, and she's like, Thanks for going to the dance with me. I had a really good time. And I'm like, Oh,'re welcome. Me too, and then OMG, she like leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. Right there with her dad watching us from the car, and I'm thinking, now he's gonna get out of that Cadillac and kick my scrawny ass, but that didn't happen.

She runs to the car and jumps in the front seat and they drive off, leaving me standing there, dazed and sort of confused. But I liked it. I'm like rubbing my cheek, and I'm tingly all over and then I realize I've got a boner. OMG, I have a boner. Did I have that before, or did the kiss cause it? Yeah, it had to be the kiss. Otherwise I would have felt it before, and her dad would probably have snatched his daughter up and drove off with her before the pervert got a hold of her.

So the next day Tommy is like, Well, tell me what happened when you left the dance. Did you get any? Get any what? Oh that. So I told him the truth. I'm not gonna lie to my best friend, but he seemed satisfied with what we did, and...happy for me. But there was something about the look on his face that didn't seem right. Maybe he was worried I'd start hanging around with Beth all the time and not have time for him. That was crazy, I'd always have time for my best bud, no matter what.

But you know, things happen, and about a week later I got invited to this party at Fred Thurman's house. Fred was a Freshman and his parties were sort of legendary, so there was no way I was going to turn down that invitation. Of course Tommy got an invite too, and that was cool cause I just knew we were going to have an epic time.

I saw Fred the next day in the hallway and he said hey, and I said hey back, and then he asks me if I'm bringing a date. And I swear to God, I almost said yeah, Tommy, then I almost fainted to think I almost said that out loud. But I finally stammered out, I might ask Beth Williams, and he's like, Way cool! and he actually high-fived me and said, Sweet. So now I was sort of committed to ask her, but I was pretty sure she'd say no.

Guess what? She said yes. Okay, so that's a good thing, right? I mean we had fun at the dance, and the party should be even more fun. I was a little surprised that her dad was going to let her go to an unchaperoned party with a boy she'd only dated once, but she said not to worry and that she had that covered. Covered? What did that mean? Oh well, who cares.

As for me and Tommy, we didn't bother asking permission to go to the party, we just used the old, sleepover dodge. Now the sleepover dodge is probably as old as the earth itself. Little Ugg the cave boy probably used it way back in the stone age to attend, well...whatever it was stone age kids attended, and him and his friend Alley Oop covered for each other. So as far as our rents were concerned, I was spending the night at Tommy's, and as far as his folks knew he was spending the night at my house. We didn't worry that the rents would check up on that, because, well...they trusted us.

I know, I know, we're evil for lying to our parents, but a teenage boy has to do what he has to, to make things work. In all other things we were good kids, we just really, really needed to go to this party. And now it seems I had a date, so I had a double reason for needing to go.

I asked Beth if her dad was driving us again, thinking I'd have to meet them somewhere besides my house, and she just laughed. Oh, he doesn't know I'm going to a party. He thinks I'm sleeping over at Gail's house. Then she says we'll meet somewhere and take an Uber to the party. An Uber? So it turns out her dad got her an Uber account so she would always have a way to get home if she got stranded somewhere. Why don't I have one of those? Oh well, it's not like I go that many places.

So, we agreed to meet at the shopping center that's about half way between our neighborhoods. It's not that far a walk for me and Tommy, and Beth used her Uber account to get there. She seems a little surprised to see Tommy, but he quickly tells her that once we get to the party he'll leave us alone, and she seems cool with that. I explain that we were already coming together before I asked her, and she seemed to understand, so I figured it was no big deal.

So, we use the same Uber that brought Beth, and we get to the party around 8:30. There are already a bunch of people there, and there are cars everywhere, so I figure it's mostly older kids there, but once we're inside I see lots of kids I know and I relax some.

Tommy sees one of our buddies and goes over to talk to him, and now Beth and I are alone. I get kind of nervous then, but like I said, she is super nice, and pretty soon we're having a good time, just talking and stuff. It's kind of noisy, so she suggests we go outside where we can talk, and I let her lead me to the backyard. The only people out there are a couple kids smoking (weed I think), and its pretty dark, so it's sort of private. We wind up leaning against this little shed out by the fence, and eventually we work our way around it till we're on the back side.

There's a privacy fence all around the yard, so now we're like completely hidden from view. I swallow hard as I realize that Beth has purposely got me alone, and I have no clue why. I'm thinking I should probably kiss her or something, but I don't want to make the first move. So, I'm sort of just looking into her eyes, and suddenly she just smiles real shy like, and then she takes my hand in hers and like puts it on her waist. Then she takes the other one and puts it on the other side, and I'm thinking, this feels nice. I'm holding her sort of like I did when we danced at the party at school, but there's no music this time.

So she's like, Do you like me Josh? And I'm like, Yeah, a lot. And she's like, Can I kiss you? And my mouth is suddenly so dry I can't talk, so I just nod, and then she does it. I mean, she really, really kisses me. Right on the mouth, and OMG, with tongue. Where did she learn that? I mean, who knew kissing could be sexy. Of course that brought up another issue, the one I'd had last kiss, I got a boner like right away.

And to make things even worse, she was pressing against me as she continued to kiss me, and there was no way she couldn't feel it pressing against her. But she didn't say anything, and she didn't seem to be grossed out, or weirded out or anything, so I just let her keep kissing me, and pretty soon I sorta forgot about it.

We kissed for like 15 minutes straight, and when she finally came up for air she asked again if I liked her. Of course I said yes, and she said she really liked me, and then she asked me if I wanted to be her boyfriend. What? Boyfriend? This was all backwards. The girl isn't supposed to ask, is she? Well, this was the new millennium, maybe this was that new norm people kept talking about. So, who was I to buck the system? So I said...Yeah, and that's how we became a couple.

The rest of the party was fun. We held hands, mingled, danced, stood and talked, drank spiked punch and ate junk food, talked, held hands, and even kissed some more. I managed to talk to Tommy for a few minutes when Beth went to the bathroom, but he seemed down or something. I guess he wasn't having as good a time as he'd hoped he would. Maybe cause he didn't have me to hang out with, but I'd make it up to him next time.

Since we all had excuses not to be home, we didn't know exactly where we were going to go when the party was over, but Fred said anyone who needed to crash was welcome to stay over, so we found a spot in the family room behind the sofa and piled down on the floor.

It felt weird to have Beth there, but I soon got used to it. Tommy had drank too much punch, and he was out like as soon as his head hit the throw pillow he'd taken from the couch, so that left me and Beth to talk and um, you know, kiss and stuff.

Man, who knew girls could be, aggressive? Yeah, that girl was all over me like ants on a sugar cube, and she touched me in places that even I hadn't thought of. So, I felt like I needed to touch her too, and I touched my first real live boob that night. We kissed a lot and hugged, and I touched her tit, and she touched me and then, the most amazing thing happened.

Of course I was hard the whole time, and I guess Beth finally noticed, or at least finally got around to that part of my body. At first she just rubbed her hand over my lower stomach, just above my boner, and I was bout ready to pass out from the feeling of her soft hands on my body.

Then she lets her hand go just a little lower, and lower, and lower... till bingo, she's touching my boner through my slacks and I'm like gasping and ready to pass out. Plus I'm afraid I'm gonna blow at any minute, cause let's face it, this is the first time anyone has touched me down there since...well, I'll get to that later.

So, I think this is about the best feeling ever, but guess what? She's not done yet. Suddenly her fingers are fumbling at my top button, and then my zipper, and OMG she reaches into my pants and touches me through my underwear.

I sort of gasp and she giggles a little and says, Is this okay? So, what am I gonna say? No thank you, I'm not that kind of boy? Huh, all boys are that kind of boy, so I just nod and she smiles real big and...OMG she tugs at my pants and of course I help her and they come down to my knees, leaving me sitting there just in my boxer briefs.

I am so glad at this point that I wore my new undies that I got for Christmas and not some of the old worn out ones that I like so well. These are bright blue with white trim, and my boner is pushing the fly out sort of framing my erection in the trim.

So she says, Can I see it? And I just nod, but I let her do all the work this time, well except I sort of raise my hips up some to help her get them down. Suddenly I remember Tommy is laying beside me and I panic, but when I look over there he's sawing logs and turned away from us so I relax some.

As she pulls my underwear past my boner it sort of flops up and slaps my tummy causing a wet noise, and I realize I've been leaking pre like crazy. It didn't seem to bother her though, because she grabbed it and held it like she liked it, and not like it was a snake ready to bite her.

It's nice, she said then, and I had to smile. OMG, a girl said my dick was nice. So I'm like, Uh thanks. And then she starts sort of jacking it. Now I think that's kind of weird but nice. How does a girl know how a dick works? I mean unless she's held one before. So I'm figuring she must be way more experienced than me.

Then before I can even think about anything else she leans down and kisses the end of my dick. Yeah, she kisses it. Just like she was kissing my lips earlier, and I realize there is no way she didn't just taste my pre and get it on her lips. She looks up at me then and licks her lips and I almost come right then. But she wasn't through yet, and before I could even think about what had just happened, she was back at it again.

She kissed it again, then began licking the head all around, and I moaned so loud that I looked over to Tommy to make sure I didn't wake him up. He was still snoozing peacefully, so I looked back down just in time to see Beth swallow my entire dick in one gulp.

OMG, she swallowed my fricking 5 incher all the way down and I nearly passed out. She gagged a little at first, and I was sorta proud that I had enough dick to gag her, lol, but then she came up and just moved her mouth and tongue up and down the shaft. It was the most amazing feeling ever, and there was no way I wasn't gonna blow at any minute. I thought I should probably warn her, so I like squeaked out, Be careful, I'm gonna shoot. Well, I guess she didn't want to get a mouthful of my baby batter, cause she pulled off then and just pumped my dick a couple times and I exploded.

I have never come that hard or that much, and my shirt caught some of it, but most of it hit my legs and got mixed up in my pubes. Her hand was covered in it too, but I guess girls are prepared for messes or something, and from somewhere she pulled out some tissues and cleaned her hand up. I'm pretty much like just laying there totally exhausted and spent, but a little embarrassed and feeling a little guilty. After all, I'd just had sex with a girl, well...sorta.

That was nice, she said, then she leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. I was left to clean up as best I could, and I wound up going to the bathroom and using toilet paper to clean up with. I was afraid to use one of the washcloths or towels there cause I didn't want Fred's mom to find my jizz on them.

By the time I got back to our little nest behind the couch, Beth was asleep, so I fell down beside her, but it was a long time till I fell asleep. I kept thinking about what she'd done and how good it felt, but there was something about it that bothered me. Was it because she seemed so good at it, and so...experienced, or was it just because it was my first time, and first times were supposed to be special. Problem was, it didn't seem special. Somehow I had pictured my first time as being...magical or something, and not in the floor behind someone's couch. I guess I think too much. I should be happy, I just had my first beejay from a girl and I came super hard, so yeah...I should be happy and content, and feel like a real stud. I almost wished Tommy had woke up to see me getting my first beejay, but then I had this awful thought. What would this mean for us? Would I be spending all my time with Beth now, trying to get another beejay or maybe the real thing? Nah, I'd find time for Tommy, I had to. We were best buds, closer than brothers...friends for life...and then I fell asleep.

The next morning we woke up to find most of the others were already gone, so after using the bathroom, we thanked Fred for inviting us and we walked to a nearby C-store and bought some breakfast and something to drink.

After that Beth called an Uber, and after dropping us off at the same shopping center where we'd met, she kissed me on the cheek again and she climbed back in and they drove off.

"So, I know you did more than kiss last night," Tommy said, punching me in the arm.

"Did not," I said grinning.

"Come on, did you get a stinky finger. Come on let me smell your fingers?" he giggled as he grabbed at my hand.

So I said, Shut up, you're crazy. I didn't finger her dude..ha ha ha, and he was like what did you do? So I told him everything, even about getting the beejay, and when I was done he was like patting me on the back and saying stuff like, Way to go dude, and You're the man. But when I told him that she'd asked me to be her boyfriend, he sorta got quiet.

So, I'm like, What? and he's like, What do you mean what? And I'm like, dude you got quiet when I said the boyfriend stuff. Is that not cool?

So he's like, Course it's cool. That's what you were wanting, right? I mean, now you gotta a regular girl and people will quit bugging you, and you can, kiss her and stuff. And you got a beejay, man, this is awesome. You can probably like get them all the time, and maybe even...go all the way.

So I was like, Yeah, but I guess it still hadn't sunk in that now that I had a girlfriend, there were certain responsibilities and duties I would be expected to perform. For instance, I would be expected to go to lunch with her everyday. Not just once or twice a week, but everyday. And that meant having to sit with her bunch of friends, and that meant I couldn't sit with Tommy like I'd done for the last hundred years or whatever. But there was that beejay to think about, and that was pretty awesome, but there was still something about it that bothered me.

And then there were the phone calls. I was expected to call her, and to answer when she called me, and that was sort of a drag. And worst of all, I had to walk her to and from class and do everything but hold her hand while she went to the bathroom, which I'm sure she would have made me do if she could figure out a way to get me in the girl's bathroom.

So, that was what my life was like from that day on. At first it took some getting used to, but eventually I became a good little puppy and became Beth's ideal boyfriend. It was kind of nice holding hands and snuggling, and occasionally steeling a kiss when no one was looking. And then there were the dates to the movies and the mall, and her dad or my mom always seemed willing to provide transportation for these outings. Did we have sex again? No, not really. The closest we got was her rubbing my boner through my pants and me feeling her up down there, though I didn't really know what I was doing. We were at the movies and it was kind of dark, but not really private, and I was terrified we'd get caught. Except for that night at the party, we never had that much private time alone. I was happy with what we had I guess, but I wouldn't have minded another beejay for all the trouble I was going through.

The next few weeks or so I hardly saw Tommy at all, and it was really wearing on our friendship. He was moody when we finally did find a minute to spend together, but it wasn't my fault. Blame it on Beth, she was attached to me at the waist, but the problem was, I kinda liked it.

So, I tried harder to make time for Tommy and that seemed to work for a while, but eventually I realized that having a girlfriend and a best friend was really hard work. He'd even quit asking me about getting a beejay or having sex, and I tried not to talk about her if I could avoid it when I was around him.

One day as we sat at the lunch table, Tommy came along looking kind of pitiful and like a lost puppy, and I wanted so badly to invite him to our table. I guess Beth must've seen the look in my eyes, and it wasn't like we hadn't talked about me trying to make more time for Tommy, so she said, Why don't you ask Tommy to sit with us?

Well, she didn't have to ask me twice, and oh man you should have seen the smile on Tommy's face when I jumped up to get him. He sat down on the other side of the table, and even though Beth kept basically molesting me the whole time we sat there, I was able to talk to Tommy occasionally, and I realized I had missed him a lot more than I thought.

So, after that day Tommy started sitting with us everyday. Some of the girls at the table tried hitting on Tommy, but I could see he wasn't really interested in them, but I did notice that he and Beth seemed to get along just fine.

Apparently they had more in common than I thought, which could be why I got along so well with Beth myself, and after a few days they were carrying on conversations like they were old friends. Well, I couldn't have been happier to see my best friend and my girlfriend getting along, so I just went with it. Boy was I an innocent fool.

I guess I should have been suspicious when Beth began to back off a little and wasn't bugging me about going places or phoning me so much. But we still hung out at school and had lunch every day with Tommy and her gal pals and everything seemed fine. I guess I'm just really, really naive or something, because even when they were rubbing it in my face, I couldn't see what was really going on.

By Thanksgiving Beth and I were hardly going out anywhere at all, but I really wasn't too upset cause that gave me more time for Tommy, right? Wrong! Suddenly Tommy seemed to be busy a lot, and we were back to having to scramble around to find time to spend together.

I might not have figured things out at all if I hadn't gone to the mall that day. It was the Saturday after Thanksgiving and my mom wanted to go shopping, but she didn't want to go alone. So, she bribed me into going with the promise of a new video game. I called Tommy and tried to see if he wanted to hang out, but he said his dad was making him do some stuff around the house, which sounded totally out of character for his dad, but I didn't question my best friend's word. After all, he'd never lied to me before, right? Wrong!

So my mom and I go to Target first, and I'm like totally bored out of my skull, but I do get a cool tee shirt there, which I planned on wearing to school Monday. So, finally we make it to the Mall and mom hands me a credit card and tells me to go find my game, but not to spend more than 70 bucks, which is fine, cause most of the games are like 50 bucks or less.

So I head toward the video store, but I decide to check out the arcade first, cause they had some awesome games there and I have a few bucks of my own money to waste. But I never made it to the arcade. The arcade is on the lower level of the Mall, and just across from the food court, and as I was heading toward the arcade I glanced over at the food court, and who do you think I see? Yeah, my girlfriend. She had said she was having a slumber party at Gale's house, so I figure the rest of the girls must be there too, so I'm like planning to go over and just say hi, cause after all, I'm her boyfriend and all. But just as I start that way, Tommy suddenly comes to the table carrying a tray of food and drinks.

I stop in my tracks and my mouth drops open and it's like the world just grinds to a halt suddenly. I'm struck deaf, and it's as silent as a tomb in there, and everyone around seems to just freeze in place and sort of shimmer like a glitch in a video screen.

So I'm standing there watching, trying to give the two most important people in my life the benefit of the doubt, and try to figure out what they are doing here in the Mall food court together. So I'm thinking, maybe they're planning my birthday surprise, cause after all my birthday is December 2nd. Yeah, that might be it, I thought relaxing a little, and I actually sort of laughed, and thought, aww...they are so cool for thinking about me.

And I'm totally convinced that they're there because of me, and I'm going to go over and say hi and say something like, Ha, caught ya, or something, but then, suddenly Tommy reaches across the table and takes Beth's hand in his...and, I'm not making this up, he leans across the table and kisses her right on the lips.

Oh how sweet, stupid me thinks, they are such good friends now, and I'm lucky they are getting along so well. Then they keep kissing, and kissing, and suddenly the truth drops down on me like a 50 ton Acme anvil.

The girlfriend stealing son of a bitch, I scream in my head. I will rip his F-ing head off. I will, I will...but all I could do was cry. I know, I know, I'm 14 years old for gosh sakes, almost 15, and my best friend just stole my girlfriend, and I should be like, totally mad, mad enough to call them both out, but all I can do is cry.

I hurry to the bathroom in the arcade before anyone can see me, and I lock myself in the back stall and I grab a wad of toilet paper and blow my nose, but the tears just keep coming. I start to think back about all the little signs I should have picked up on, the phone calls drying up, us not going on as many dates, her not mauling me like she used to in the halls or at the lunch table. Then I think about Tommy's behavior. The way he hangs on her every word at the lunch table, how he's gone a lot, and hardly ever comes over any more.

OMG, the two have been seeing each other behind my back for weeks. Suddenly the anger I couldn't feel at first hit me hard. I looked down to see my fists were balled up and I really wanted to hit something. The good thing was, the tears had dried up, and I didn't feel like a wuss anymore. No, now I was mad, and someone was gonna pay for this.

I flew out of that bathroom like a bat out of hell, and marched straight to the food court to confront my cheating ex-girlfriend and my ex-best friend who had just stabbed me in the back and twisted the fucking knife. Unfortunately they were gone. I guess they'd either finished their snack, or they'd decided making out was more enjoyable and they'd gone off to be alone somewhere.

Where, I don't know, cause I walked that mall three times and I never found them. I was so upset I didn't even get my game, and when I finally rejoined my mom, I just handed her the card and didn't say a word. She gave me a weird look, but didn't question me about it right then. Maybe she was just glad she'd saved 50 bucks or whatever.

So, I didn't speak the whole way home, but my mom is cool like that, and she didn't pressure me. Oh, she'd try to find out later if I didn't come clean, but for now she left me alone.

I went straight to my room when I got home, and I pulled out my phone and was just about to call my back stabbing, son of a bitch, ex-friend, but then suddenly I decided I wanted this to be face to face. I wanted to see his ugly cheating face, and maybe even put my fist through his perfect white teeth. Then let's see if Miss Dentist's Daughter will have anything to do with him.

I fumed and seethed till mom finally called me to dinner, but I just picked at whatever tasteless mush mom served that night. Okay, so that's pretty harsh. Mom's a good cook, but at that moment, even gourmet cooking was tasteless to me.

Dad gave me a concerned look, and a couple of times I thought he was gonna ask me what was up, but mom kept giving him these 'not now' looks and he took the hint. They worked good together as a team, and I appreciated that they weren't pressuring me at the moment. They'd find out soon enough. I mean there was no way they wouldn't notice that I'd lost my best friend and my girlfriend at the same time. Maybe they'd even figure out why, after all, for adults they were pretty smart.

So I did my homework, showered, and was in bed by 9 o'clock, which must've surprised the heck out of my rents, but they still weren't giving me the cross exam. I tried to sleep, but I kept thinking about Tommy, not my bitch of a cheating girlfriend, just Tommy. After all, Tommy and I had a lifetime of experiences and memories that we shared. I thought about the sleepovers, the heart to heart talks laying in bed, the tears we shared when we couldn't let anyone else see them. I loved that boy, and I thought he loved me. We were closer than brothers, and, a stupid girl had come between us. I kind of blamed myself a little too. After all, I was the one who brought this best-friend-stealing harpy into our lives. But, in my defense, everyone was pushing me, and I just...I thought it was what I was supposed to do. Now, now I'm not sure I ever want to even talk to one of those scheming little females again.

There was something else that I thought about that night, and it was something I'd been thinking about a lot lately. When Tommy and I were younger, like maybe 10 or 11, we discovered sex. Yeah, I said it. I mean it's not like we were gay or anything. Heck, we didn't even know what gay meant really. I mean sure we knew that word was about the worst put down you could use for a boy, but we weren't gay, we were just...just figuring things out, and growing up, and curious. I mean it wasn't like we were going all the way or anything, we were just like showing each other our junk, and doing a little touching and we sort of discovered jerking off that way.

Then when my dad gave me the talk when I was 12, and he basically gave me the green light for jerking off, I couldn't wait to relay that news to my best pal. So we started jerking together, and well...maybe once or twice we like...did each other, but we didn't do anything else. I mean it wasn't like we blew each other or anything. Okay, there was a little bit more.

Well, you can't sleep in the same bed with someone you really like and not, well...touch them sometimes when they're sleeping. Okay, that looks creepy when I see it in writing. I mean, there's probably even a name for that stuff, but it's not like I was molesting him or anything. It's just that sometimes, when Tommy was asleep I'd like...snuggle up to him. It was comforting, like hugging your favorite teddy bear or something, and there were a few times when I woke up at night and Tommy was snuggled up to me, so I guess he felt that need to be close same as I did.

That was nice, and you know what? That stuff meant something, and still does. When we started into puberty we were horny all the time, and we didn't think anything about beating off together, our feet touching, or laying so close together that our hips were touching, and you know what? That shit was the best. It was exciting. It felt like I had this connection to Tommy that I didn't have any other time, and I think he felt it too. We never talked about it really, cause that would've been weird, right? But as long as we both knew we weren't gay, and that this was just to relieve our horniness till we could find a girl to do that for us, we were fine.

It suddenly occurred to me that I had found a girl, but she hadn't done much to relieve my horniness the whole time we'd been together, and sometimes she just added to it and left me to deal with it on my own. I tried to remember the last time Tommy and I had jerked off together, and I seemed to recall doing it at a sleepover just before school started this year. Yeah, that was the last time. And suddenly I remembered something else that happened that night, and I actually blushed even though I was the only one in the room.

We'd been playing video games in my floor, and we were wearing just our boxers. We'd showered earlier and we both just wore boxers to sleep in, so we hardly ever bothered to put on clothes unless we were gonna go downstairs or something.

Anyway, I was minding my own business and I was about to whip Tommy's ass at this racing game when suddenly he just threw down his controller and jumped on me. I was pissed at first, cause he made us both crash and neither of us won, so I started wrestling with him and we were like really going at it.

He's a little stronger than me, but not much, and I was doing a pretty good job of holding my own, but then he decided to play dirty. He grabbed my junk, and I was so freaked out that I quit struggling for a minute and tried to defend my junk and he was able to pin me.

He sat on my chest and was leaning down with his face so close to mine I could feel his breath on me and he had my hands pinned to my side and we were both like breathing really heavy. I think I could have easily threw him off and reversed the pin, but there was something about having him on top of me and feeling the heat of his body against mine that just felt,

Then I looked down between his legs and I noticed that he was getting a boner, and then I realized I had one too. I was a little embarrassed, but we weren't shy about that kind of stuff really. I mean after all, we beat off together sometimes and we'd seen each other naked a hundred times. We were so close that that stuff didn't worry us.

So, I'm like, Dude your dick is pressing into my stomach, and he just laughs and says, So what? Your dick is pressing against my butt. I have more to worry about than you. I could lose my butt cherry, ha ha ha.

We both crack up then, but he still doesn't let me up, and I just let him keep me there, waiting to see what he's gonna do next. Then you know what he did? He leaned down and licked the end of my nose. Gross, right? Nah, actually it was kind of cool, and my boner throbbed when he did it. Then he lowered his head again and rubbed noses with me like we used to do when we were little kids. Eskimo kisses is what we called them, and they were our way of being affectionate I guess. Course that was when we were like 6 or 7, and we outgrew that stuff. Only suddenly Tommy brought back those memories, and I realized that I missed those things we'd done as kids.

I couldn't just let it go either, I wanted him to know how I felt, but I didn't want to sound like a complete idiot or something. So, I did the only thing I could think of, I gave him a big smile. Not my usual smile, but one that I thought was kinda sexy and said that I liked having him on me like that. Is that too weird? Well, I guess he didn't think so, cause he gave me another Eskimo kiss before he rolled off of me.

We laid there side by side for a long time, just thinking I guess, and then we went back to playing video games like nothing had happened. That was how it was with me and Tommy, we didn't really talk about our feelings, but we sure didn't mind expressing them.

Later in bed, Tommy was like, I am so horny. I gotta jack it, and I'm like, Me too, so that's all it took to get us going. This time I'm like trying to be all funny and stuff and I keep putting my leg on his or touching his chest and stomach and stuff, and at first he's like, Keep your hands off me, but he's laughing and I'm laughing, and so he starts doing it to me. It was so hot. OMG, did I just write that? Well, it was, and we both came sooo hard. I remember some of his spooge hitting me in the eye and he was like laughing his ass off, but I was like, Man you shot me, and pretending that I was like hating it, but when he wasn't looking...I...wiped it off with my finger....and, and...I stuck my finger in my mouth.

Does that make me sick, or gay or something? I never thought about what that might mean before now, I guess seeing it written down is like...causing me to think about things in a different way. Maybe I like what me and Tommy did a little more than he did. Maybe, maybe I'm just a little...I mean, maybe I like...oh hell, maybe I'm gay, but just a little, okay? I mean, after all, I had a girlfriend, doesn't that count for something? And I felt her up...once. And she gave me a beejay.

But what does all that matter now anyway? Tommy is gone, forever. He's with that beatch that broke my heart and I can't be friends with him now, not now that he's lied to me and stole my girlfriend, and worst of all, killed the friendship we had since we were little kids. He couldn't have hurt me more if he had jabbed a rusty corkscrew into my heart. God, I'm gonna miss him sooo much. But you know what? I won't miss that scheming little bitch at all. No way, I hope she gets cavities in all her teeth and they have to get her dentures or something. Grr...I am so mad. I can't even sleep cause I know that tomorrow is gonna be awful when I confront them, and I'm afraid of what I might do. I've never been in a fight at school before, but tomorrow may be the day. And thinking about hitting Tommy just makes me all sick inside. Maybe I should just...I don't know, bow out gracefully and just let them...have at it, and slink into the background and just lick my wounds and forget them both. Somehow I don't see that happening, but I figured I wouldn't know till I was actually face to face with them, and that would have to wait till tomorrow.

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