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Boys Do It Better

by Rob Warr

Chapter 6

Figuring things out

It was nice for things to be back to normal again. I walked to school with Tommy today and it was just like nothing had ever happened. He kept apologizing about my shiner, but I was kinda proud of it. I was already thinking up all kinds of stories to tell anyone who asked, but it never occurred to me to tell them the real story. I didn't blame Tommy for hitting me, and I didn't want anyone else to blame him either.

I saw Ronnie in the hall and he was all like, Oh dude, your eye. Does it hurt? And he apologized again for being the cause of it all, which I didn't understand. If anyone was to blame it was me for being such an idiot and dissing his girl.

So, I told Ronnie about Tommy and his mom coming over, and how me and Tommy had sort of worked things out, and he actually looked happy, at first. Then the look on his face changed, and I wondered if he was worrying that since Tommy and I were back together that I wouldn't have time for him.

Yeah, isn't it great, and I talked to Tommy about you too, I said then, and Ronnie looked surprised or something, so I went on. Yeah, I told him I wanted him to get to know you better, and that I thought it would be cool if the three of us hung out sometime.

Uh, what did he say? Ronnie said, sounding a little anxious.

So I told him, He said he thought that would be cool. Okay, maybe I was stretching it a little, but I was sure Tommy would learn to like Ronnie if he just gave him a chance, and I sure didn't want to hurt Ronnie's feelings.

Oh, okay, he says, that's cool. And I'm really glad you guys are like friends again, but what about his girlfriend?

Well, he said he was going to make sure he made time for me and for her, so that means you can sometimes join us when it's me and Tommy, but not all the time...cause we need some alone time too, I said, then blushed, cause that sounded a little gay.

Oh sure, I get that. And when he's busy with, well...I'll be around. He said meekly.

Yeah, so see...everything is gonna work out fine.

We had to go to class then, and I didn't see Ronnie again till lunch time. I wasn't really feeling very hungry, cause there was something I had to do at lunch, and I was sorta dreading it. Fortunately I'd brought my lunch, and after me and Ronnie found a table with some boys we knew, I waited till Tommy and Beth got to their table before I made my move.

I told Ronnie I'd be right back and he just nodded and started eating his sandwich. I pushed my chair back and stood up, then took a deep breath and made myself walk over to Beth and Tommy's table. When Tommy saw me coming he gave me a friendly smile and I gave it back ten times over. Beth watched me as I approached, but I couldn't tell what was on her mind. Maybe she thought I was coming to cause trouble again, but that wasn't what I wanted to do at all.

Hey, Tommy said, when I got to the table, You wanna sit with us?

Nah, I kinda promised Ronnie and some other guys that I'd sit with them. Um, what I really came over for, um, to talk to Beth, I said, finally forcing myself to look at her. I'd forgotten how pretty she was, and how blue her eyes were, and for a minute I just froze.

Josh, she said softly, and I sort of unfroze and blushed like the devil.

Oh, sorry. I um, I just wanted to say that I was sorry...about what I said, and the text...and everything. It was rotten of me to act like I did, and I'm really sorry. I already apologized to Tommy and we're cool now, but I wanted to make things right with you, cause if you're gonna be my best pal's girlfriend, then I think it's important that we be friends or something, I said, sort of trailing off at the end.

Why Josh, that's sweet. I'm sorry about how things turned out, you really are a nice boy, but you know? Sometimes two people just don't work out, and when the right one comes along, you just gotta go for it.

Yeah, sure. I said, but I really didn't need to hear all that. So, I said. Anyway, I hope you accept my apology and we can be friends, cause I really like you and all, I guess I was just mad, and um...jealous or something. Man, I felt like I'd just bared my soul, like I was standing naked in front of the whole cafeteria, and I needed to wrap this up and get out of there.

Of course Beth's friends were hanging on every word and sort of swooning, yuck. I didn't like any of them that way, in fact I didn't like any girl right at the moment, and didn't know if I would anytime soon.

Of course I accept your apology, Beth said, and then she really freaked me out, by getting up and coming over to hug me and kiss me on the cheek. Oh, your poor eye she said, touching my cheek.

Boy, oh boy. I turned as red as a tomato and to make things even worse, I was starting to chub up. Damn it, my boner has no loyalty, and no sense of betrayal at all. So, I pulled myself away and I don't even remember exactly what I said, but I managed to escape, and boy was I glad to get back to Ronnie and the gang.

Everything okay? Ronnie asked after a minute.

Yeah, just great. Everything is cool with Beth now. It's weird, but you know, I don't even care that Tommy has her now. I mean she's pretty and nice and all, but I really don't miss her that much. I mean it was tough having a girlfriend, the phone calls, the walking her to class, going to the movies and stuff, not to mention expensive.

Ronnie laughed and leaned in really close and said, Boys are a lot easier to deal with, if you know what I mean...he he.

I laughed too, and suddenly I flashed back to Saturday night, and when I looked at Ronnie all I could see was his lips, and I thought about how they'd looked wrapped around my...oh God, I was totally hard now. Stop it, stop it! I had to look away then and think about non sexy stuff and will my boner to go down.

Fortunately, one of the other boys at the table started telling a joke then, and I forgot about my boner and was laughing too hard to think about Ronnie and his fabulous lips anymore...he he. Somehow I managed to finish my lunch without my enormous boner rising up and turning the table over....he he, and I felt really good about how things had turned out.

In 5th period, me and Tommy bumped fists and I stood at his desk and we talked till it was time for class to begin. He said he thought it was really cool that I apologized to Beth, and that she just couldn't stop talking about what a sweet boy I was...he he, and she gave me hell for giving you the black eye.

Aw, it was no big deal, I said blushing, I'm just glad all of us are friends again. You know? I was miserable all that time we were fighting, I said sighing.

Tell me about it, Tommy said, I was bout ready to come over and beat some sense into you...he he.

Well, you kinda did, I laughed. By the way, it was really cool the way you told your mom about that, and got her involved.

Well, I can't really take all the credit for that. I really hadn't planned on it, but...

Then the bell rang and I had to take my seat, so he says. I'll tell you on the way home today, okay?

PE was interesting today, Coach was expecting us to still be fighting I guess, and he called us into the office as soon as we dressed out.

Am I gonna have any problems out of you guys today? Coach said.

I grinned at Tommy, and he grinned at me, and at the same time we threw an arm around each other's neck and bumped heads and started laughing.

I take that to mean you guys have made up. Good, I wasn't looking forward to refereeing any more boxing matches, he chuckled. Now get out there and do some warm up exercises. We're going to be doing some mat work today. By the way Josh, nice shiner.

Ronnie gave us a worried look when we came back, but I gave him a thumbs up and he went back to what he was doing. Of course Tommy and I worked out together, and as I was holding his legs while he did sit ups, I couldn't help but notice the little lump in his gym shorts. It was kinda neat the way it moved when he moved and I could actually make out the outline of it. I tried not to stare, but it was just fascinating.

Dude, Tommy laughed, are you looking at my junk?

No, no way. I don't have my magnifying glass, I joked.

Yeah, you were. Been missing me, haven't you? he laughed.

Pfft, no...I scoffed, I mean yeah, but not like that.

It's okay dude. Hey, think I could sleep over Friday night? he said then, totally throwing me off track.

Uh, sure...yeah...We'll both be done with grounding, right?

Actually I'm not off till Saturday, but I have this feeling that my rents will make an exception if I tell them we have some stuff to work out...he he. He was a schemer, that was for sure, but if he could pull it off, I was all for it.

We did some tumbling that day, and I couldn't help but notice how good Ronnie was at doing flips and cartwheels and stuff. That kid was a natural when it came to that stuff, but I couldn't help but think, I've seen that body naked and I knew what these other guys didn't, that Ronnie had a really fit and nice body.

As usual, Tommy and I skipped our shower, but I saw Ronnie headed that way and I wanted to holler at him before he got naked...he he.

Hey, Ronnie, I'm kinda grounded and stuff, but I can like text my friends. So I might text ya later, okay?

He was all smiles when I told him that, and I decided I'd better make good on that promise or Ronnie would be awfully disappointed.

As soon as we were away from the school, I started in on Tommy, what were you telling me before?

Oh, that. Well...he sighed, this is kinda embarrassing, he said hanging his head, My mom caught, crying, and she wouldn't give up till I told her everything. I've never seen her so determined, she just wouldn't give up till she had all the dirt.

Oh man, you were...uh, crying? I mean, I was the one who got hit in the eye, so why were you crying?

You really don't know? he said shaking his head. Man, don't you think it hurt me to see you down there on the ground and know I was the one who did that to you? I...I wanted to stay and say I was sorry, but I...I just couldn't make myself, not then. As soon as I got home the next thing I know, I'm bawling my eyes out. I was tempted to go back, but I figured you were gone by then, and then my mom came home and well...once she saw me she knew something was up.

Gosh, I don't know what to say, but I'm glad things are okay with us again. It was really hard not having my best butt head friend, I said grinning, and giving him a shove with my shoulder.

Yeah, let's promise never to do that shit again, okay.

Well, we could promise, but there are gonna be times we don't agree, and we might even get mad at each other, but the important thing is...that we don't let it get as bad as it did this time. We need to be able to talk things out, not resort

Hitting? Tommy finished for me, and we both started laughing.

Or tripping, I added.

Yeah, you're right. Maybe next time we'll give your friend Ronnie a chance to negotiate a peaceful settlement.

I laughed, A peaceful settlement? It's not a war.

It felt like one, Tommy sighed. Like I told you before, I hate it when you're mad at me.

Yeah, it sucks when you're mad at me too. And it hurts, I said rubbing my eye and grinning.

Aghhh...don't keep reminding me. I really am sorry. If I could take it back I would, you know that right?

Yeah, forget it. I kinda look tough with a shiner. I got lots of sympathy from my teachers today...he he.

And the girls, not to mention Beth's friends, they were talking about how cute and sweet you were after you came and apologized to Beth. I bet anyone of them would go out with ya.

Aw, I'm not really looking for a girlfriend, I said blushing.

Okay, just sayin'. I guess maybe you need a rest after Beth, she's kinda' high maintenance, ain't she?

I laughed, Where you getting this stuff? High maintenance...he he.

Hey, I read, and I watch a lot of TV and movies and stuff. I just mean, it's exhausting sometimes being her boyfriend, he said rolling his eyes.

Don't I know it! I don't miss that at all.

Yeah, well...I guess I'm stuck with her now.

What do you mean? I chuckled, You don't sound as cocky as you did yesterday when you were going over to get some, what was it? Good lovin'? I laughed.

Dude, did I really say that? Oh man, he said shaking his head. I was mad, no tellin' what I said, anyway...let's just forget that stuff for now, okay?

Suits me just fine. Hey, when are you gonna ask about Friday?

Tonight, if they say no, I can for sure come Saturday, that all right? No plans or anything?

Nope, I'm keeping my social calendar open for you...ha ha.

Oh, do pencil me in then, he laughed. We'll have tea and crumpets and play house.

Okay, but you get to be the girl, I say, and we both crack up. God, it felt good to have my best bud back. Sigh.

I wound up calling Ronnie that night instead of texting, and he sounded really happy to hear from me. We texted for about a half hour about everything and nothing, but it just felt good to connect with him that way. He was def starting to grow on me.

The week passed quickly and things were pretty much back to normal, except it was Tommy who was stuck at the girls' table now, and I didn't envy him at all. Thursday, Beth had a Doctor's appointment and left third period, so she wasn't there for lunch and Tommy sat with me and Ronnie.

I was glad to see Tommy, but sorta worried that he might be rude or mean to Ronnie, and that would have been hard to deal with. But you know what? Tommy was his usual friendly self, and really seemed to be trying hard to get to know Ronnie. Man, what a relief that was.

Oh by the way, Tommy suddenly says, I talked to mom last night about staying over Friday night, and she said that was fine. And you know what else? She said her and dad were going to a party Saturday night, and maybe I could stay over Saturday night too.

Dude, that's awesome! I said high-fiving him. I knew my folks wouldn't care and that it was a done deal, but just to be polite I would ask them tonight just to make it look good...he he.

Oh, so you guys have sleepovers huh? Ronnie said, as if it was something alien. Hello, you slept over last Saturday Ronnie, have you already forgotten? I thought.

Yeah, a lot, Tommy said, almost every week...well, we used to. Mostly at doofis' house, but sometimes at mine.

Oh, that's cool. Ronnie said.

Tommy looked at me and shrugged, and then his expression changed, and I wondered what he was thinking. Then suddenly he blurts out, why don't ya join us Saturday night?

What??? Where did this come from? Was it a trick? Was Tommy gonna dangle the carrot then snatch it away just to be mean, or was he really trying to be friendly and include Ronnie in our plans for my sake?

I kept quiet though. I wanted to see how this thing played out, then figure out what to do about it.

I don't know...I mean...I don't wanna cut in to you guys' time, Ronnie mumbled.

You won't, besides we'll have Friday night with just us, and we can get all our make up sex out of the way by then, Tommy says, cracking up.

I blushed bright red, but I laughed too, just to show Ronnie that it was a joke. Oh God, what if Ronnie thinks Tommy is serious? Then I realized that Tommy knew about Ronnie, and so maybe he just thought that it would make Ronnie feel more at ease if he knew we could kid about that stuff, or whatever. IDK, it was weird.

Well, I could ask. Are you sure your folks won't mind? Ronnie asked. He was being shy about it, but I could tell he really wanted to sleep over if it was at all possible. Maybe he thought he could get another go at my fabulous wanger....he he.

Oh sure, they won't care. Especially since things have been so...weird and tense lately. They'll be glad to hear the pitter patter of teenage feet and girlish giggles.

He he he , Tommy giggled like a girl, and that got me and Ronnie giggling. A few kids looked over at us to see what was so funny, and we got a lot of smiles and eye rolls. I think some of were glad to see us back together, or maybe it was my imagination.

Okay, so it's set. You ask your folks tonight and let us know tomorrow, okay? Tommy said to Ronnie, and Josh will ask his folks, but they'll say yes, trust me, and we'll be all set. Hey, Joshy, did you ever get that new game you were wanting?

So we spent the rest of our lunch period talking about the game and getting caught up on things, and I have to tell ya, it was great having my best friend back.

On Friday Tommy walked home with me and we had our snack, then tried out the new game. Tommy was really good at any game he played, and before long he was beating my score. I finally got frustrated and threw my controller down and just fell back on the floor and let him play alone.

All kinds of things were running through my head that afternoon, and I guess I wasn't expecting it when suddenly Tommy jumped on me and straddled me like he had the last time he stayed overnight.

Agghhh, get off me fatso, I moaned, but the truth was, I liked having him on me like that. I could feel his warm crotch against my belly and smell his unique scent, and I felt so good I wanted to cry. I struggled just enough to make it look good, but no way was I gonna throw him off me. I wanted him right where he was. The only thing that might've been better was if I was on top of him, but I dunno, I sort of liked him being in control, is that weird?

I remembered the last time and how Tommy had given me those Eskimo kisses and I blushed.

What? Tommy giggled, Is Joshy all shy now? He said lowering his face to mine and pretending he was gonna spit on me. This was something we used to do when we were little kids, but suddenly Tommy seemed to be reverting to his childhood and doing weird things like that.

You have a boner. I said suddenly, I can feel it on my belly.

Yeah, so? You have one too. I can feel it pressing on my butt. We get boners, so big deal.

Yeah, no biggie. I said feeling a little disappointed.

He was quiet for a minute, then he suddenly rolled off of me and just laid there on the floor. He didn't try to hide the tent in his jeans, but neither did I. In fact I wanted him to see mine, and I sure didn't mind seeing his, as gay as that sounds. I was beyond worrying about that now.

If I wasn't here, right now, what would you be doing? Tommy said.

It was a weird question, but it only took me a second to figure that Tommy was leading me in a certain direction.

Jerking it, cum wad, what do you think? I laughed.

Yeah, me too. I mean if I was home.

I rolled onto my side, and he rolled over to face me and for a minute or two we just stared at each other, saying nothing. I could still smell him and his scent was making me hornier as hell. I knew what I wanted, and there was a time when I would have just told him, but this time was different. It had to be Tommy leading the way, or it wasn't going to happen. I could offer all the encouragement I could without blurting it out, but he had to be the one to say it.

How long till you mom gets home?

This was promising. He wanted to know if we had time.

Another hour at least, maybe longer, I almost whispered.

He nodded, Then we have time, he said giving me a nervous look.

Yeah, I said, lots of time.

You wanna? He said.

Yeah, if you do. I said, trying not to sound too anxious, but I guess it showed in my eyes, cause Tommy laughed.

No tell me. Do you want to or not?

Yeah, I do. A lot.

Cool, me too. He jumped up then, and for one horrible minute I thought he was gonna go to the bathroom and do it all alone, but instead he jerked his pants down and threw them on the floor, then jumped into my bed.

I sat up, but I was unsure whether he wanted me up there with him or not, then he says, Well hurry up slowpoke. I can't do this without you.

Man, I was smiling ear to ear as I got out of my pants and jumped in beside him. He already had his hard dick out of the fly of his boxer briefs, but I pulled my briefs down to free mine, and when he saw that he did the same.

God, it seemed like forever since I'd seen that beautiful dick of Tommy's and I think it had grown a little. Then maybe mine was bigger too, it felt bigger, but it was hard to tell since I felt it everyday...he he.

Wanna swap? Tommy said after awhile, and that was his way of asking if I wanted us to jack each other off.

Yeah, I said, any hand feels bettern' my own, he he.

Thanks, I think, he chuckled, but a mouth feels so much better.

I know, I said, then blushed.

He looked at me funny as he wrapped his hand around my slimy with pre dick, and then he said, Oh yeah, Beth did that, didn't she?

And Ronnie, I wanted to say, and Ronnie was better at it...he he.

Uh, sorry. I don't mean to talk bad about her.

It's okay, but I'm kinda jealous, all I ever get is a handy.

Hmm..wonder why? I thought, Did doing it to me ruin it for her? Ronnie didn't think it was so disgusting, maybe girls just don't like it as much as gay boys.

Then I got to thinking, what if I hook Tommy up with Ronnie's awesome sucking skills, and I blush. All this time I have Tommy's warm moist dick in my hand, and it feels sooo good, and then I'm thinking, screw Ronnie, what if I gave Tommy his first beejay? Would that be too weird? Would that kill our friendship? Or would it just be one more thing we could share?

Is it okay if I just do yours? I said after another minute.

Huh, aren't I doing it right? He said sounding confused, or maybe hurt.

Oh yeah, you do it just right. But I'm really close, and I don't wanna come till you do, so maybe I could just do yours for a while...

Go for it dude, Tommy said laying back and spreading his legs to give me full access. So I moved down a little lower so I'm sort of hovering over his junk and start jacking him with one hand and fondling his nuts with the other. I like Tommy's nuts a lot, cause instead of hanging down like some of those you see in the pornos, his are really close to his body and instead of two separate parts it looks like it's all one thing. And it smooth, so smooth, and just a shade darker than the rest of Tommy's body, and the skin is soo soft. I just...I wouldn't mind like rubbing his nuts on my face, that's how smooth they are.

Oh man, Tommy says, that feels wicked. I know I shouldn't say this, do it a lot better than she does.

Score! He likes my hand jobs best, so just imagine if I hoovered his dick till he nutted in my mouth...he he.

But, basically I'm chicken, and I was afraid that if I try being intimate with Tommy just after we made up, he might go nuts and kick my ass...and that would ruin everything. I'd rather have what we have right now and not risk it, at least not yet. So even though my face is so close that if I stuck out my tongue I'd be able to taste him, I just use my hand.

I can smell his sexy aroma down there and it's driving me nuts, and my own dick is leaking like crazy and so hard it hurts, and pressing it against the bed feels so good and I feel like I could nut at any moment. I take a deep breath and fill my lungs with Tommy's smell, and you know how you can sometimes taste something that you smell? Well, that's how it was with Tommy. I swear I could taste him on my tongue, and he tasted so good.

Oh man, I wish I had a girl here right now to suck on it, Tommy moans.

NO, you don't need a girl! I almost scream, I'll do it for you, but I chicken out again. I don't know if he's hinting or just thinking about Beth doing that or something, so I just laugh and make a joke of it.

Well, I could grab one of my mom's dresses and put it on...he he.

Oh man, don't temp me. It's gotta feel bitchin', right? Oh yeah, you know how good it feels, dontcha?

Yeah, it's awesome, especially when they swallow.

Wait, what? Tommy says, and I suddenly realize what I just said, I thought you said she didn't...

Oh, she didn't, course not, that'd be gross, I scoffed, I'm just sayin'...

Yeah, wonder what that's like? I mean, having someone, you know?....oh, oh, oh...wait...I'm getting close, better grab the towel.

Dammit why was I such a chicken? I thought as I dug a clean towel out from under the bed. Why can't I just do it, just show him what it feels like? What's he gonna do, slap me and tell me to stop sucking his dick? Once I got my lips wrapped around it, there was no way he would complain. But I guess what I was really worried about was that after it was over, after he'd come so hard his balls hurt, and after he'd emptied all of his spunk into my mouth and I swallowed it, that he'd be repulsed by me, his best friend, for doing something so, so...gross, And what if he was right, what if it was gay, what if I was gay?

So I grabbed the towel and put it where we could get it quick and went back to jerking him. Tommy makes a lot of pre, and though I've never tasted it, I just know it would taste soo good, if only I could bring myself to just go down there and give his dicksicle a nice lick. Slurp..slurp. Hmmm....tempting. That wouldn't be exactly sucking, and maybe he wouldn't even notice, at first anyway. But nah, too risky, too gay, and the last thing I want to do is freak Tommy out and drive him away, not now that I've just got him back.

It's not that I don't enjoy just jerking Tommy, his dick is so awesome, and it feels soo good in my hand. I love the way my hand glides along it making those wet squishy sounds as my hand goes across the ridge of his cock head, and forcing a little bubble of pre to come out of the piss slit, and then on the way down I gather it up with my fingers and spread it around his shaft keeping him nice and lubed.

You do that bettern' me, Tommy moans, you should get a job doing that, he teases.

Is giving hand jobs a job? I wonder, Maybe I could like get guys ready to go for those porno videos.

A fluffer.


They're called fluffers, they work the guys up and get em hard.

Does it pay good? I joke.

Dunno, but if it does you could make a fortune.

Thanks, now shut up and concentrate, I want to see some jizz, I joke, but I really am kinda anxious to see how much he can shoot today. It's been a while since I last saw him do it, and I wonder if he is like making more sperm these days.

Okay, rub my balls then, he sighs.

Next you'll be asking me to kiss them, I joke.

Okay, he says sounding serious.

You want me to? Cause I will, I say, making a joke of it just in case.

Yeah, right. Like you would.

I will, I swear, I said lowering my head and sticking out my tongue to show him just how serious I was. Only I guess he thought I was just fooling around, cause he started laughing and I grabbed his nuts instead and kinda squeezed em, not too hard, but hard enough to show him I was in charge here.

Ow, not my baby makers, he squealed, I said kiss em, not squeeze em.

Aww...poor baby, I said moving my head down and puckering up like I was gonna do it.

He didn't say anything, didn't move, and suddenly I was aware that he was breathing really heavy and sort of trembling. This was it, this was my chance. He was giving me the go ahead, even if it was just to kiss his nuts, but who knew where it could go from there? But was I brave enough? Sure I wanted it, and I was pretty sure he wanted it too, but once I did it, what then? Would it be weird for us after that? Would it be worth it, or would we both regret it for the rest of our lives?

So I thought, what if I make it like a joke. We've done some pretty daring things before, and that way I can always say it was nasty or gross, if he seems disgusted or upset, or thinks it's too gay. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea, perfect really. I can just like kiss his balls real fast then laugh about it, and see what he does.

So, I'm down there, so close I can smell his dick and his balls, and I swear I can smell his butt too, but it's not gross, just sort of...musky, sexy really, and I look up to see what he's doing, and his eyes are closed, and there's this really goofy look on his face. I can't explain it, I don't think I've ever seen that look before, not on anyone, but at least it's not a disgusted look or anything. Maybe it's a, I'm open to anything look, IDK, but I'm thinking, it's now or never. So, I dip down really low, so close my lips are almost touching his nut sack, and my hair sort of touches his dick I guess, and I look up and his eyes are wide open now and he's staring down at me, looking...IDK, expectant, or curious or something. It's hard to read him, but he's still not telling me to stop or pushing me away, so finally I just go for it.

Smack! I make this exaggerated kissing noise, but really I just have my lips on his cute smooth little nut sack for like a second and I don't even put much suction on it. I'm amazed at how good he tastes though when I lick my lips, and I can remember just how smooth and silky the skin was on his sack and I'm thinking. That this is not enough, that I want more, that I need more, and please please, Tommy say you want more too.

Oh man, he says finally. I can't believe you did it, but he's not laughing, he sounds, amazed or something, but I sense that he's not upset, and that maybe he liked it, just maybe.

I told you I would, dumbass, now are you gonna let me finish you off, or do I have to blow you too? I joke, but I can barely say the words for thinking how much I want him to dare me to do that too.

Would you? he says, but I can't tell if he's like joking, or if he's testing me. What if he's leading me on to do this stuff and if I do it, then he's gonna say something like, Ah ha, I knew it. Ronnie has turned you gay dude, and you're disgusting..

So once again I chicken out.

Ha, not even on your birthday, I say, but you know what? I think I fucked up royally, cause the look on his face said he was disappointed. Well, too late now, I think, but at least I can jerk him off, and maybe when he's not looking I can lick some of his spooge off my hand and get a good taste this time.

Okay, I say, time to finish this before my mom gets home. You can have a longer handy later, I joke.

Josh...Tommie says sort of breathlessly.

Yeah, what?

Nothing, go ahead, I'm ready to get off. Then once I get started again he moans again, Oh man, you do that so good.

Well, it doesn't take long before he's panting and pushing up into my hand, and I reach down and cup his balls and just hold them in my hand and they're all warm and soft, and then I feel them sort of pull up, then his dick sort of jerks in my hand, and the first spurt of jizz comes shooting out of the piss slit. I sort of directed the first one straight up, and it falls down on Tommy's flat tummy and makes a dime sized pool. It thicker than I remembered, and I can smell that bleachy smell that I recognize from my own wank sessions, but I know he's not done yet.

The second shot isn't as powerful, but it seems thicker, more like tapioca than cream, but I bend his dick down and this one hits him on the chest and some of it coats one of his nipples and just clings there. It looks so sexy and so hot, and I have this urge to bend down and lick it off, but I'm kinda busy at the moment, cause here come shot number three, and it's almost as powerful as the first one.

I pretend that it's an accident, but I sort of direct this one so it hits me in the face and I pretend to be grossed out, but while Tommy is busy laughing I lick a little off my lips and OMG, he tastes so good. Kind of spicy, kind of salty, kind of sweet, just right. This is Tommy's unique flavor, and I file it away next to the file that holds his scent in my memory. And I'll bet you that if you put me in a room full of horny teenage guys and blindfolded me, and had them spooge, that I could pick Tommy out just from the scent, but if that wasn't enough then I could taste him and identify him.

God, that little scenario was kind of exciting, and now that Tommy's almost done oozing his baby batter out, I have got to take care of my own hard, leaking dick. Then I have this great idea, I decide to use some of Tommy's goo as lube to jerk off. I mean what better way to share some DNA with a buddy? Well, sucking him off maybe, but this was pretty cool too.

So I scoop up as much as I can get in my hand, and fall down beside Tommy and I start going after it and it feels so good. I feel Tommy moving and he's cleaning himself up with the towel that fell off of him at some point, thus why he's so messy now, and then he reaches over and pushes my hand away and take over for me.

Oh God, his hand felt so good on my slick pole, and it didn't take more than six or seven pulls till I was panting and humping his hand and then I blasted off. I swear my first volley went up four feet before falling down and splattering on my chest and splashing onto my face. I licked at my lips but there was only the taste of Tommy still there, so I took my finger and dabbed it in the puddle on my neck and sucked it dry before doing it again. Meanwhile I shot four more times, a record for me, and I had spooge all up and down my body. It was awesome. like the taste? Tommy said, as if I were eating shit or something.

Yum, I said, Tell me you never tasted your own spunk.

Well, maybe, but I don't eat the whole load.

I don't either, just had a taste for it tonight, that's all.

Well, you shoulda said something, I already wiped all mine up with the cum towel. Next time you can lick me clean.

OMG, the thought of that made me start getting hard again, and we really didn't have time for anymore sex fun.

I'm gonna go hop in the shower, I said ignoring his last statement.

Hold on, I'll take a shower with ya. That way your mom won't smell the jizz on us," he chuckled.

Okay, but no funny business. My butt is off limits, I teased.

Oh nasty, who wants to put their dick where your poop comes out? he said making a face.

I let that one go too. I really wanted to get our shower done before my mom got home, and I figured we only had about ten minutes to do it in.

We barely made it, but by the time mom got upstairs we were dressed in shorts and a tee and sitting in the floor playing my new game. She peeked in the open door and smiled at us, and Tommy actually got up to give her a hug.

Hi mom, I missed you, he said, and you know what? I knew he really meant it. Him and my mom were close, almost as close as me and her.

I missed you two Tom Tom, are you boys playing nice? she teased.

Well, earlier we were having a wrestling match, and I put a sleeper hold on doofis there, but I don't think there was any permanent damage to his brain.

I pretended to be zoned out and I slurred my words then, Hi....mommy...I laughed stupidly and waved my arms acting all stupid.

Oh dear, least he doesn't have another black eye, she said giving Tommy a look only a mom can give you.

Aww, you know I didn't mean it, Tommy said giving her his sad puppy dog face.

I know, but if it happens again young man, I'm going to paddle your behind.

Ouch, he said grabbing his rear and causing me to crack up, no mommy, please mommy, he said in a little kid's voice.

So, what are you boys doing tonight, my mom asked once the joking around was done.

I dunno, just chill I guess. I'm sorta tired of pizza, can we get Chinese tonight mom?

That sounds fine, I have a special offer from Door Dash, I'll have it delivered. Is that okay Tommy?

Yep, just get lots of egg rolls, he said raising his eyebrows comically.

Well, I'm going to go change and go downstairs and relax some. Just let me know when you're hungry and I'll order the food.

When mom was gone, we went back to our game and we didn't say a lot for a long time. Just mostly stuff about the game, and then Tommy suddenly got up and closed the door, and when he sat back down he looked at me sort of funny.

What? I said frowning.

Just wanted to ask ya something. It's no big deal or anything, but I was wonderin', when Ronnie was over, what did you guys talk about?

What do you mean? I sort of stuttered, this was definitely not what I thought he was gonna ask.

You know, did you tell him about us?

Well, sure, I mean I told him that we'd been friends a long time and stuff, but if you're asking me did I tell him all our secrets, no...I didn't.

Just wondering. So, what did you guys do, I mean for fun?

Why was he asking me this stuff? Was he jealous, or was he after some dirt? Maybe cause Ronnie was gay, he thought we'd done all kinds of sex stuff or something. Well, we did do a little bit of sex stuff, but not much.

I pretended not to be as bothered by his question as I was, and said, Well...we played video games, and we watched a movie downstairs and ate pizza with my folks. Later we watched a movie up here, and then we took showers, separately, just in case you're wondering, I laughed, and we watched another movie while we were laying on my bed.

So, Ronnie slept, um...with you?

No, slept with my folks! Course he slept with me, just like every friend who's ever stayed over, just like you do every time you sleep over, and just like you're gonna do tonight. Why are you being weird about this?

I'm not, he sulked, I just asked you a simple question.

No, you were interrogating me. All that was left was the rubber hose and nipple clamps attached to a battery, I teased.

Even he had to laugh at that. Nah, just bamboo shoots under the fingernails, and water boarding.

Gack, please not the water boarding, you know me and water. I get panicky in the shower sometimes.

So, you really like this kid? Tommy said for like the tenth time since we'd gotten back together.

No, I can't stand him (me being sarcastic) I just have him around to bug the shit out of you.

Very funny, well it doesn't, bug the shit out of me, I mean. I think he's pretty cool for...for a...

A what?

For a, you know? A gay boy.

What's that supposed to mean anyway? What difference does it make that he's gay? That is, if he's gay. I mean do you know that for a fact? Okay, I did know it for a fact, but Tommy didn't.

You'd probably know better than me, he said looking offended.

Why, cause I slept with him? I laughed, Is that the test?

No, but I figured you being around him so much, you might have figured it out, or maybe he even told ya.

What if he did, it wouldn't be my secret to tell, right? If he was, and I'm not saying he is, he'd have to be the one to tell you, not me.

He is gay, isn't he? he said looking smug. I bet he confessed to you, and begged you not to tell. Yeah, that's it.

I sighed, Tommy, what's this really about?

I dunno, I just wondered, that's all.

Are you interested in dating him?

What!!!??? NO!!! he said looking stricken.

Then it's really none of your business. The way I see it, the only ones who need to know are, the people he trust and chooses to tell, and the ones who might be interested in giving him a tumble...he he.

Tommy laughed and gave me the biggest smile. You goof. You're right, but I swear it don't matter to me one way or the other. I kind of like the kid, and after having lunch with him, I can totally see why you like him. He's funny and cool. And if he is gay, then I got his back too.

Now that was worth wading through all this shit for. If Ronnie had Tommy's protection on top of mine, he was going to find his life in middle school a whole lot easier. Not to mention if Tommy was cool with gay boys, then maybe he'd be cool with me being gay, if I was...and I'm not sure yet at this point.

I'm tired of this game and I'm hungry, let's go tell mom to order the food, I said once I was sure Tommy was done with his

My dad was home now and he gave Tommy a fist bump, even though it's kinda weird to see a 40 year old guy fist bumping a 14 year old, its still kinda cool. I mean my dad is a cool guy, and we're close, not like Tommy and his dad, so I guess Tommy just naturally drifted toward my dad.

Mom pulled up the Menu of the Chinese place on line, and we ordered five different entrées, fried rice, lo mein noodles, and 8 egg rolls. The app said the order would be here in 45 minutes, so me and Tommy went back to my room and messed around on my laptop while we waited.

Hey, I know a cool place to watch porn, Tommy said, looking toward the closed door, and it's safe. No virus and shit.

Oh yeah, and how did you find it? I chuckled, I thought your folks had a porn blocker on your internet.

They do, but I found a program for my phone that unblocks it. It's the only place I can access it, but it's pretty cool. Wanna see?

Did I want to see naked girls and big tits? Not really, but it was porn, and there would be naked people, men too I guessed, so why not?

Not now, I said, maybe later. After the rents go to bed.

Yeah, totally. Not now, no way. We'd starve to death...he he, cause we wouldn't want to go down to dinner when the food got here.

I rolled my eyes, You miss food?...Not even for sex, I laughed.

Well, I could eat while I had sex I guess, he said, and we laughed even harder.

I checked my emails and found one from Ronnie but I didn't want to read it with Tommy sitting there, cause I was afraid he might've said something personal or about him being gay. I'd read it later like when Tommy wasn't staring over my shoulder. Hopefully it wasn't him canceling tomorrow night.

I let Tommy play a game on my laptop while I went to the bathroom and I was gone like twenty minutes, cause I had to, and when I came back he was laying on my bed looking at something on his phone.

Oh man, are you watching porn? I teased.

Nah, playing Candy Crush Soda. I got bored with that game on your laptop.

I decided this was a good time to read Ronnie's email, and when I went to sign in to my account I noticed that I hadn't signed out earlier. If Tommy had noticed that, he could have read my emails, but I know Tommy would never snoop like that.

I was glad I'd waited to open the email, cause sure enough Ronnie not only mentioned his being gay, but also hinted at what we'd done last Saturday night. I was definitely going to have to tell that kid to be careful what he wrote in his emails since Tommy was going to be around a lot more.

But at least he was still on for tomorrow, and he said his mom was dropping him off around 1 o'clock. I moved the email to a special file in my account and then logged out just as we heard the front door open.

Food's here! I said jumping up, and me and Tommy raced down to see who could get there first.

We ate at the dining room table, and talked instead of watching TV in the family room, and it was kind of nice. We used to do this a lot when Tommy and I were younger, but it had been awhile, especially with Beth and everything sort of getting in the way lately, and I think it was good for us to reconnect that way.

Since we spent almost an hour eating with my rents, we skipped watching a movie with them and went back up to my room. At first Tommy wanted to show me the porn on his phone, but I convinced him to wait till later when we were in bed, and he thought that was a good plan. He said we could jerk off to it, but I didn't know if I wanted to do that or not, we'd see.

Instead we messed around on my laptop some more and looked at some YouTube videos from this guy called The Odd 1 Out, and they were hilarious. They're like cartoons that he draws, and he just talks about, you know? Regular stuff, but it's so funny the way he does it. He used to work at Subway, and he does like 5 different ones about that, only he calls it Soubway so he don't get

We also checked out some music videos, and by then it was getting pretty late, and we decided to get ready for bed and watch a movie. There was this movie on Netflix that Tommy wanted to watch, so I clicked on it and we piled down in bed side by side and started watching it.

It was actually pretty good, and I was really into it after a few minutes, but Tommy acted like he had something on his mind and didn't really seem to be watching it that closely. I got tired of him squirming around after a while, so I finally paused the movie and asked him what was going on.

What? he said, denying the whole thing.

What's up? Something is bothering you, you been acting weird ever since dinner. Did you eat too much?

Probably, he said, managing to produce a window rattling belch, causing us both to laugh, But that's not it.

Okay, so what is it?

You're gonna be mad.

I sighed, Again, now what? What did you do now.

Well, remember when you went to the bathroom before dinner?

Yeah, I said, not liking where this was going, but almost sure I knew what he was going to say, So what? What did you do?

Well, I sorta noticed your email account was still open and I was gonna log out of it for ya, and then I saw an email, Ronnie, and I thought it might be about tomorrow, and it sorta was, but...

I was pissed, and Tommy had to know I'd be, so why did he tell me he'd been snooping in my email? Why didn't he just file that info away in his little pointed head and pretend he never saw that email? There was only one reason I could think of. He was wondering how long I'd known Ronnie was gay, and what exactly we'd done in bed that night. He must've wondered about the thing that Ronnie only hinted at, but it didn't take too much imagination to figure out it wasn't working crossword puzzles.

Okay, so you know Ronnie is gay, but you said that didn't bother you, I said, trying to get his mind off the rest of the email.

Yeah, and I meant it too. But, I was wonderin'. What did he mean when he said he hoped you weren't upset about that thing Saturday night in bed?

How should I answer that one? No matter what I said, Tommy was going to know something went on, the question was, did I lie and make it seem less serious, or go for the truth, and hope he understood and maybe wanted to try it too?

Is it important? I said trying the coward's way out first.

Well, that depends. I mean, I guess it's none of my business, but it's kinda got me wondering, you know?

What does it matter? I said blushing. What if I told you we did some of the stuff you and me do, like what we did today?

Well, I...guess I'd be okay with it, I don't know. I don't know exactly how to feel. Is that what happened?

Yeah, are you happy? I said sullenly.

It's not about being happy, I just wondered, that's all.

Is it going to make a difference with us? I mean are you gonna wonder if what we're doing is wrong or weird cause I did it with a gay boy?

I never even thought of that, he said looking confused. No, no...I guess that's not the problem. Nah, not that. I mean I like girls and I have a girlfriend, so I know I'm not gay, right and you had a girlfriend too...

Yeah, and amazingly, the same one as you, I sorta laughed, but it wasn't funny, just ironic or something.

So,'s cool. Just wondered, that's all.

Yeah, you said that, I said frowning, Um, is this gonna mess things up tomorrow night, with Ronnie I mean?

Nah, I don't think so. I mean, he won't know that I know, unless you tell him, right?

I'm not worried about Ronnie, I'm worried about you. You been acting weird ever since I told you Ronnie was my friend, and now you know all this stuff too.

Tommy was chewing on a fingernail now and he always does that when he's nervous and trying to figure stuff out. Should we tell him that I know? I mean, would that make us even or something?

I shook my head, I don't follow, what do you mean?

Well, if he knows that I know, then he won't have to like, you know?...act different or anything. He can just be himself.

Oh, you mean, like wearing a pink Princess outfit and swishing around and singing show tunes?

Boy, you should've seen Tommy's face...har har har. He was two seconds away from spazzing out.

No, and he doesn't do that. Does he?

I sighed, What do you think? You've seen him at school, you've played ball with him in PE, you've talked to him at lunch, does he act any different than me or you, or a hundred other kids we know?

No, not really, he said hanging his head down as if he was ashamed. Look, I'm sorry that I read your email and I will never do that again, but I can't just forget what I read in there. It's not possible. I keep picturing...

Picturing what? I said, forcing him to look at me, What do you see when you think of me and Ronnie in this bed together.

He dropped his eyes and looked at his size ten feet, then looked toward the door as if he was hoping someone might come in and rescue him at the last minute. But no one came, the governor didn't grant the

Well, I'm not sure, to tell you the truth. I mean I figure you, naked, right.

I nodded, no need to go into detail at this point.

And you, boners.

I almost laughed, he ain't no Sherlock Holmes for sure. That's most of the time for all of us boys, you know that.

And you probably, um...jacked off together? he made it a question, but when I didn't answer right away, he looked upset or something. More? You did more?

A little, I said. He did anyway.

Oh MY God, he...he, gave you a...a, a hummer? That's why you said it was better when someone swallowed. OH man, he sucked you off and swallowed your load, didn't he?

Bingo, the boy is smarter than I thought. So now, how to let him know he's right without sounding gay, or that I'm a slut who'll let anyone blow me.

He was staring at me, his mouth half open, and I swear to God his boner was sticking straight up in his shorts and he wasn't even trying to hide it. The boy was def turned on, and that made it easier to tell him the truth.

Okay, so what if he did? Would you pass up a chance like that if it was offered to you?

Why, you think he'd do that for me?

Wait, what? He's not mad, he's trying to score a beejay for himself now. OMG, that's why he's so turned on and why he's pursuing this. He's not mad, he just wants in on the action. Well buddy, you're gonna get all the action you want, starting tonight.

If you're nice to him, I said, and Tommy had this big grin on his face.

Really, cause I'd totally let him, I mean...just because I really want to see what that's like and all, not cause I like boys that way.

I shook my head. But you do like boys that way, don't you see? I mean you may not be gay, and you can still like girls too, but if you like doing stuff with me, then you like doing stuff with boys, and if you let Ronnie do that to you then you're just as gay as he is.

No, no...that's not right. He said shaking his head, it's just fun, practice for when...

When you get a girlfriend? I finished for him. Dude, you have one, so when does it stop?

I...I don't know. I guess you're right. My bad, I guess I am a little...a little gay then. No wait, if I like girls too then I'm like BI, right?

That's what it's called I guess, but I don't think that's what I am, Tommy. I think Beth was a mistake for me. I mean it seemed okay at first, and everyone had me convinced that it was the right thing to do, and they were always congratulating me and pushing me, but you know what? You did me a big favor when you took her off my hands. I don't miss that stuff we did at all, but you know what I did miss? I missed you, and all the stuff we did together. I was out of control now, and all my feelings were coming out, and there was no stopping them.

You're probably just...confused, or maybe I caused you to feel this way cause I took Beth from you.

Nah, I never really felt it, I just didn't. I was just doing what was expected of me, then I was just doing what Beth wanted, and it got old after a while. I was actually glad when she quit demanding so much of me and I didn't have to call her all the time and walk her around like a guide dog. I guess I didn't realize why that was happening, and maybe that's why I got so mad when I saw you two together, but truth is, I wasn't mad cause you stole Beth from me, I was mad cause Beth stole you from me. Does that make sense?

Man, I never knew...I just thought you were mad cause I stole your girl, but I really didn't, did I? I mean you two were never really a thing, were you?

Nah, not really. Oh, she tried to pretend that we were, and I did all the things she asked, but it was like some play we were in, and she had the book with all the lines in it. I just had to follow her lead and try to keep up.

She's not a bad person...

I know that. Don't you see? It wasn't her who was messed up, it was me. I'm the one that didn't fit into that perfect little boy/girl world that's been shoved down our throats all our lives. I'm tired of it Tommy, and when I met Ronnie and found out that God had given him a different way to look at things, I began to see that we were more alike than different. Ronnie sort of opened my eyes, but I didn't really know what I wanted till you came back into my life.

So, you and Ronnie are like...boyfriends now? Tommy said sadly.

No, haven't you been listening you big doofis? It's not Ronnie that I missed, and loved, and couldn't wait to be with, it was you. You're the one I love, I always have, and I think I always will. Tears were stinging my eyes then, and I couldn't go on any further without completely breaking down. I'd said too much, felt too much, and probably ruined the one constant in my life, our friendship.

Wow, I never knew. I mean, yeah...I knew you loved me, I love you too, but wow!

You're not mad? I managed to choke out.

Nah, why would I be mad? How would that make sense? If someone loves you, that's like the greatest thing ever, right? I mean, I'm not mad...I swear. I'm a little surprised, maybe shocked, but not mad.

Is it going to be weird now for you to be around me? I sniffed.

Depends, he said grinning, Are you gonna try to molest me every time we get naked?

Nah, just when we're in bed, I teased.

Well, how's that different than now?

Huh, oh...he he. I guess not a lot, right?

Hey, I'm pretty beat, why don't we skip the rest of the movie and just go to bed?

I cocked one eye at him and frowned, To sleep, or to continue what we started earlier?

Well, I did promise to show you that porn on my phone, he said grinning.

We peed and brushed our teeth in record time, and were in bed ten minutes later. Tommy showed me the porn site on his phone, and I thought it was interesting that there was a gay porn section too. Definitely something worth exploring later.

Meanwhile, I had to settle for semi-hot guys banging girls with big breast and vaginas that looked like giant open sores. Ewww. But it was okay, cause I had Tommy to look at, and he's ten times hotter than any of those guys in the porno.

After a while I noticed Tommy was looking less and less at the videos on his phone and more and more at me. I kind of blushed at first and gave him a shove, and he gave me this goofy grin.

What? I laughed, What are you looking at?

I just never noticed your eyes before, he said staring boldly at me now.

Oh, you mean that one you blacked? I teased.

His smile faded and he looked ready to cry, I'm really sorry about that. I...just felt so bad when I saw you laying there, and I should've helped you up or something, but I...I was just so confused.

Hey, settle down. I was only kidding, it hardly hurts at all. Besides, I had it coming. I shouldnta been talkin' about Beth like that. I totally sucked for that.

His grin was back, and he gave me a little shove back, Oh, so you suck now?

What? Oh, that....he he. I said blushing. So far I haven't, but you know, for the right guy I might give it a try.

And who would be that right guy? Tommy said looking nervous.

Oh, I don't know, someone I really, really cared about a lot. Someone who's body I already knew pretty good, and who's junk I'd handled a few times. You know? Just so I'd know it wasn't gigantic and gonna gag me, or that his jizz tasted like motor oil...he he.


Was he really that dense? I was practically doing everything but yelling his name out, couldn't he meet me half way here?

So, besides me and um...Ronnie, how, guys have stuff with?

None, just you two, and Ronnie only once. HINT HINT.

Oh, he said, a smile spreading across his face,, you were talking about me?

God, sometimes he could be so infuriating, but in a way it was cute for him to be so shy and clueless.

Duh! I laughed. Then I got serious on him. Tommy, didn't you hear me when I told ya how I felt about you? Do I have to keep using the L word all night? And I know your body almost as well as I know my own. I mean, I've touched you in places that you probably can't even reach...he he. And I know how you taste, yeah...I said it, I've tasted your jizz off my fingers, and you know what? I love the taste of you.

Tommy was squirming now, and I could see a huge tent in his boxers. I had hoped he'd make the first move, but this was no time for backing down. I had to seize the opportunity or I might never have the courage to do this again.

So, I reached down and grabbed Tommy's boner through his boxers and I nuzzled his ear. Hey big boy, I wanna taste ya, is that cool?

Uh huh, he said breathlessly. Whatever you wanna do is...uh, fine, he managed to gasp.

Okay, lose the phone. We don't need porn, we're gonna make some of our own...he he. So I stripped off his boxers, and God that boy has a nice dong. It's perfectly straight and has the cutest pink mushroom head. It's perfect in every way, and it fits just right in my hand. And now I was gonna find out where else it might fit. No, not there, not yet anyway, maybe some day, but for now I wanted it in my mouth.

That was a strange thing to think considering I'd never had this urge before Ronnie had come along. Ronnie, who had shown me that both giving and receiving were pleasurable, and now I was going to find out myself about the giving part.

How did I know I'd enjoy sucking Tommy? I'll tell you how I knew. Because I loved making Tommy happy, and I loved Tommy's body, and yeah...I loved his hard juicy prick...he he, and I was absolutely sure that this was going to be the best thing ever.

Oh man, Tommy said when I climbed between his legs and started licking and kissing down there. I didn't head for his dick right away, instead I sort of did what Ronnie did to me, placing kisses on the inside of his thighs, licking and kissing his nut sack, and that little spot where you leg meets your body, and he was moaning and wiggling around and I could tell that he loved it.

And Tommy's scent, that was something else that I really, really loved and being down there at the center of him, and the scent was so strong it was making me dizzy. I breathed him in and he became part of me, and I just knew that when I drank in his boy juice we were gonna be even closer. This was something that would bind us together tighter and forever.

I finally couldn't wait any longer, I was a starving man having a steak waved in front of him, and I finally had to feed. I began by licking up and down Tommy's hard leaking rod, savoring the flavor and scent of him, and doing some moaning of my own.

My own prick was so stiff it hurt, and it was pressing against Tommy's leg, and that felt sooo good. But this was about Tommy's pleasure, not mine, and I was determined to give Tommy everything I had. I finally took just the head of Tommy's dick into my mouth and my senses were on overload as his taste and scent enveloped me, and suddenly I understood that what I was doing wasn't about sex at all, it was about love. Me loving Tommy and loving his body, and wanting to make him feel so good, but in the process I was making myself feel good too. I could totally understand how Ronnie had felt, and that gave me a new appreciation of what we'd shared in this bed, one week ago.

I worked my tongue into Tommy's piss slit and was rewarded by a drop of pre-cum that flowed onto my taste buds causing me to moan out loud. I worked my tongue around the sensitive ridge of Tommy's cock head then, and I felt him tremble, causing me to smile. God, how I loved making him feel this good, and I couldn't wait to do more.

As I slid my hot hungry mouth further down his hard pole, I continued to use my tongue to lap at his juices and slather his cock head, mocking the actions that Ronnie had used on my own cock and adding some new moves of my own. I guess I was doing a good job, cause Tommy was moaning and thrusting, his hands playing through my hair as he alternated between staring down lovingly at me and closing his eyes in bliss.

I stared up at him, coquettishly (cool word), and he blushed as I tightened my suction on his rod and made rude slurping noises. I had never felt this way in my entire life. I had never felt so alive, so naughty, so happy, and all because I had finally accepted who I was, and what I wanted most, and what I wanted most was Tommy, all of him, body and soul. Well, maybe so far I only had the body part, but I was working on the soul part.

I've heard that some boys are just natural born cock suckers, and I used to think that was a put down, but I guess after my experience with Tommy that day, I've decided that I not only fit into that category, but I am proud of it. And I guess I've also accepted something else, something way more important, I've accepted that I'm gay, and once I was able to do that, everything seemed to just fall into place.

But back to Tommy's beejay. You know Tommy and I have actually measured our boners before, in fact a bunch of times, and I always knew he was just a little bigger than me, but he seemed way bigger that night. I've heard the word deep-throat before, and I've heard about gag reflex and all that, but until you have 6 inches of hard throbbing boy meat shoved down your throat, you really don't know what those words mean.

But you know, I didn't do too bad. In fact after the third or fourth try I actually got all of Tommy's dick in my mouth, and even though I could feel it at the back of my throat, I was able to keep from puking it out for like a couple minutes. Then I had to pull up just so I could breathe, but I didn't give up. I worked that hard cock in and out of my mouth, bobbing up and down on it, swirling my tongue around it, and letting him bump my tonsils till I finally got what I wanted and needed from my boy.

Tommy was moaning and swearing and thrusting the whole time, and suddenly I felt him tense up, and like every muscle in his body clamps down, his toes curl, his spine arches, and he shoves deep into my mouth cutting off my air as he starts unloading. The first one went right down my throat and into my tummy, but I felt cheated and I wasn't gonna let that happen again. So using my hands to push my self up, I managed to get his dick out of my throat and onto my tongue just in time for the second explosion.

I think the second one was just as powerful as the first and I savored the taste as it rolled across my tongue and tingled my taste buds. When the third shot came it wasn't nearly as powerful, but there was still a lot of spunk there, and I knew I would have to be careful or some of it was gonna escape. Fortunately, Tommy was almost dry by then, and the next one just dribbled out, and then he began to ooze just a little. I came up off Tommy's cock long enough to swirl his cum around in my mouth, the closed my eyes and savored the taste of my Tommy like it was an expensive wine. Then reluctantly I swallowed it, patting my tummy and moaning making Tommy giggle as he lay glassy eyed watching me.

But I wasn't done yet, oh no, there was still a little cum oozing out of Tommy's piss slit and I wasn't about to waste a drop, so I attacked his dick again and sucked it clean, causing Tommy to moan and thrash around like he was being electrocuted.

Now Tommy wasn't the kind of guy who got all super sensitive after coming like some boys do, and I'd seen him jerk it twice in a row with no problem before, but I sensed that this time he was maybe suffering from a little sensory overload down there. So, once I had his dick all nice and spit-shined, I just held it in my warm wet mouth, sheltering it from all harm while he calmed down...he he.

Dude, he finally said, sounding tired and far away, that was amazing. Where did you learn how to do that stuff? I mean you said you'd never done that before.

Oh, I don't know. I guess since I've gotten two beejays myself, I just sort of studied the, uh...giver's technique and added some stuff of my own. I mean I know what feels good to me, so it was easy to just do that stuff with you. And yeah, yours is the first dick I ever brushed my tonsils with, so feel privileged...he he. Plus, you big dummy. I told you...I love you, and that means I love your body too...even your big stinky feet, but especially your yummy goodies...he he.

Tommy was blushing, but I could tell he was happy and maybe a little touched, but I sorta wished he would tell me that he loved me know? And he didn't even have to give me a beejay to prove

Dude, we need to talk.

Uh oh, I think, here comes the; I like you as a friend speech, but I love my girlfriend and I'm not gay, and I don't think we should do this stuff anymore, blah blah blah, and I was ready to cry even before he opened his mouth.

Oh, didn't I do it good enough? I can do better, I was sort of joking around and grinning, but inside, my heart was dying and I was ready to puke up Tommy's delicious boy batter.

Dude, no...that was epic. In fact, it was more than that, he said looking confused. The doofis never was too good at expressing himself.

What was it then, I joked, Weird?

No, not weird, anything but weird, great, wonderful, perfect, anything but weird. Look, dude, I'm not good at this stuff, you know that. Heck, you saw that when I decked you and left you laying in the park, so you're gonna have to work with me here.

Okay, well...I said, moving up to lay by him, Let's start with how you're feeling right now, about what just happened. You say it's not weird, that it was wonderful and all, but what are you really feeling? How do you feel about your best friend being gay, and sucking dick?

He actually giggled, Can't see a down side to that one, especially since he does it so good.

I smiled and gave him a shove with my shoulder. So, you're okay with me sucking the fluid out of you on a daily basis?

You'd do that? He said perking up, his blush causing his cheeks to redden and making him look sooo cute and kissable. Wait, kissable? That was what was missing, a deep passionate kiss, but did I dare?

Only if I get something in return.

Well, I don't know if I could...he sputtered.

No, not that, I said laying a hand on his chest. God his skin was so warm and soft, yet I could feel the muscles beneath the skin, and he just oozed masculinity. Sigh. What I want is something else.

A hand job? he offered.

Well, maybe that too, I said grinning, But what I really want is a kis. And not just a peck on the cheek, a real kiss, with tongue and lips, the kind of kiss that curls your toes and causes you to go hard instantly, that kind.

Well...that's not so bad, he said blushing again, I can do that.

Okay, and that starts now. You owe me for the beejay I just gave you, so pay up.

He was giggling as I attacked him with my lips, but he soon got into the kiss, and before it was over we were rolling around and pressing together, hard and leaking like mad and ready to explode. I pulled back breathless, and held his face in my hands as I looked into his beautiful eyes.

I love you so, so much, I said as tears stung my eyes, and I am gonna spend every day of the rest of our time together making you feel good, and not just with beejays either, in every way I can find.

His eyes were leaking tears too and he pulled me down and hugged me close. I buried my face in his neck, sniffing his fragrance as I closed my eyes. This was Heaven on earth, and only one thing would make it better, if he loved me the same way I loved him.

As if he had heard my silent prayer, Tommy suddenly pulled me back up and held me so he could look into my eyes. I love you too, and I want to make you happy, but you're gonna have to help me figure this thing out. I don't know if I'm gay or not, but I do know one thing. It's not fair to you, or to Beth, for me to try to have both of you, so I'm gonna have to make a decision.

I nodded, how could I compete with a girl if Tommy was straight? Even earth shattering beejays wouldn't be enough if he loved her as much as I loved him. It was sad, but he was right, it wasn't fair for him to have us both. I guess I had thought I could fill in the gaps, but he'd made me see things plainly, and now I was more depressed than ever.

So, when will you know? I asked rolling onto my side and staring over at him. Tears stung my eyes, but I wasn't boo-hooing yet.

I dunno, that's where you come in, he said calmly, and there was something about his look and the sound of his voice that didn't quite fit the gravity of the situation, like it was no big deal, and maybe even a...a joke.

Me? I laughed bitterly, You know what my vote would be, I said rubbing his flat tummy and causing him to shiver. God, I loved having that effect on him. I'd vote for Tommy to make Josh his new boyfriend...he he.

He actually laughed, just a little guffaw, and then he sobered again, Oh yeah, well the Josh I know would think about all the possibilities and think everything over, and look at how it affected everyone involved, and then he would make the right decision.

Yeah, I know, I sighed, But look at it like this. No matter what you decide, two people are going to be happy, and one is gonna be left out. But...I sighed, I guess as long as we can still be friends, I'll have a small part of you, just not all of you.

Who says you're the one who's gonna be left out, he said grinning.

Then it hit me, the asswaffle was just setting me up. He'd already made up his mind, and he'd played the biggest, cruelest joke on me that he's ever played. And I should be mad, I should be ready to give him a black eye, or bite his dick off, but instead I am so relieved that I'm ready to shout for joy. That is, if I'm right...Oh God, I've got to know.

Well, I just assumed, you being straight and all, I said pretending to be sooo sad that I'm ready to just hurl myself into the path of an Amtrak train.

BI, remember. We decided I was BI, so that means I can love a boy, or a girl, right?

Yeah, but you wanted Beth so bad that you actually stole her from me, so you had to really, really like her, right? God, now I was depressing myself and wondering if I'd been wrong about this being a joke.

Or, maybe I was jealous of my best friend spending so much time with a girl and leaving me with so much free time.

I frowned, I never shut you out of my life. I always made time for you, which is more than I can say for you when you took her over.

Yeah, well...that was cause you were too busy being angry and hating me, he said getting a little upset.

Uh oh, I'm messing things up. You're right, I said placing a soothing hand on his wonderfully flat, silky smooth tummy and rubbing him there. Below my hand, little Tommy was semi-erect and starting to raise his pretty head a little with each lazy circle of my hand. So I say, I was a jerk about that whole thing. I know you still cared about me, and I pushed you away, I'm sorry. There, that ought to diffuse things.

Yeah,'s okay. I shouldn't have got with her anyway, and I've sort of regretted it ever since it happened. I think that's one reason I never really got into the whole thing like I thought I would. In fact, Beth has been complaining a lot lately about how distant I am, he sighed, if she only knew why.

Why, why are you so distant? I said, hoping I was the reason.

Can't you guess? he chuckled, It's because of you Joshy, I can't be happy with Beth, cause I've been miserable without you. What good is having a girlfriend if I lose the one person that's always been there for me? The one person that shows me love no matter how much I screw up, and who takes me back time after time when I just keep screwing up. He wiped tears from his eyes and suddenly I realized I had a few myself.

So, well...I said sniffing a little, You got me now, so I guess you can have both, right?

He shook his head almost violently and turned to look directly into my eyes. Don't you see, I thought I needed a girlfriend to make my life complete, but my life was already complete, cause I had you. He was really boo-hooing now, and that got me going, and pretty soon we were wrapped up in each other and a real mess.

When we finally calmed down enough to blow our noses and wipe away the tears, I pressed him a bit further. So, are you saying what I think you're saying? That you're gonna choose me and let her go? Are we gonna, a couple instead of just best friends?

I'm scared Joshy, but I'm willing to try if you are. You're gonna have to be patient and help me along, but God, I love you so much, and that's gotta mean something, right?

He looked so small and fragile laying there and I wrapped him up in my arms and kissed his face, It's okay to be scared, heck I been terrified ever since I figured out what was going on in my head, but it's worth it, don't ya think? No more running around trying to figure out where we fit in, or what we need to make us whole. We got everything we need, we got each other.

He nodded and I kissed him on the lips, And...I said grinning, I give better beejays than any girl can..he he.

That got a smile out of Tommy, and then he blushed, Yeah, but I think I'm gonna need one more of those to make sure. And no way was I gonna disappoint my baby.

We had a great time after that. Now that the pressure was gone we just had fun, and you know what? Tommy even tried sucking me. Okay, he wasn't as good as me or Ronnie, but he gave it a shot, and with practice he'll get the hang of it. I think he just still has too many of those straight boy hangups, but I'll get him through that. And tomorrow night I'll have Ronnie's help...he he. I wonder how that's gonna work. Sounds like fun, but till then me and Tommy were due another orgasm or two...or three...he he.

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