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Pudding Cups

by Rob Warr

Chapter 2

The awful truth

"Bro, it's me Jake, "can I come in?"

At first there was only silence, then as Jacob's heart beat nearly out of his chest he heard shuffling from inside and suddenly the door was cracked open just a little. Through the crack he could see his brother's face and he looked as if he had been crying, causing Jacob to feel even worse.

"What's up?" he sniffed.

"I need to talk to you," Jacob said softly.

"This is a bad time."

"It's about the note," Jacob said jumping right into it before he lost his nerve.

"What...uh, note?" Jason said, pretending ignorance.

"Bro, please...can I come in. I don't want mom and dad to hear this."

There was a second of uncertainty during which Jacob almost took off running, but then the door opened wide and he found himself almost stumbling into his brother's room.

"Hey, thanks," Jacob said taking a deep breath.

"What did you mean when you said it was about the note?"

Jacob sighed, "Better sit down bro." Jacob suggested, hoping to prolong his beating as long as possible once he'd spilled his guts.

Without comment Jason sat down on his bed and stared at Jacob nervously, " did you find out?"

"Bro," Jacob sighed, "I wrote the note," then before Jason could react he quickly continued, "I was mad at you and I wanted to hurt you, and well...I just wasn't thinking right, and I wrote the note, but I swear I was gonna tear it up, then, Oh man, I lost it and that jock found it and started spreading the news all over school. Bro, I am so sorry and I'll do whatever I have to to fix this. I'll tell every kid in school if that's what it takes, but just don't hate me anymore than you already do," Jacob said finally collapsing into himself as tears filled his eyes.

"You wrote it. You wrote it," Jason repeated numbly, and Moses just found it and read it and spread it all over the school?"

"Yeah, I'm really sorry bro. I was just so mad at you, but now I feel awful. I don't blame you if you want to pummel me or something, but just don't hurt me too bad, cause I gotta be conscious to fix this thing."

"I'm not gonna hurt you," Jason said lowering his eyes to his feet, "'s partly true," he said in a monotone voice that sent chills through Jacob, "I am gay."

"What?" Jacob said, eyes wide with surprise, "What are you saying? You, you're gay?"

Jason simply nodded then seemed to shrink within himself.

"I've never told anyone that before, and it kind of feels good to get it out at last. I know we haven't always got along, but I feel like I can trust you."

"Even after what I did?" Jacob said in shock.

"Yeah, that was pretty fucked up bro, but in a way I'm glad. I've been able to see how people would react to me being gay, and it's not all that bad. Oh sure, some of the jocks gave me a hard time, but most of the kids were cool with it. Even a few girls came up to me and told me they totally supported me, and one of them suggested I join the GSA at school."

"Bro, I still can't believe you're gay," Jacob said frowning, "Are you sure?"

For the first time Jason smiled and grunted a laugh out, "Bro, trust me...I'm gay. Why do you think I've been such a butthole? I've been hurting bro. I had this awful secret that I couldn't share with anyone and I had no one to talk to and I just felt helpless."

"Bro, you could have told me. I'd have been cool with it, I am cool with it. Just don't put the moves on me," he laughed nervously.

"Bro, that's sick," but Jason chuckled too.

"Sorry, so...what do you want to do then? I can still tell everyone the note was a joke or something and save you all that hassle with coming out and stuff."

"Naw, I kind of like the idea that kids think I have this secret boyfriend that's so hot and wants me so bad," he laughed.

"Bro, are you sure?"

"Yeah, in a few weeks things will cool down and kids will forget about the note, but they'll remember that I'm gay and who knows, maybe I'll find a boyfriend for real."

"I can't believe you're being so cool about what I did," Jacob said frowning, "you're not gonna kill me in my sleep are you?" he teased.

"Naw, I'm still a little sore at ya', but like I said, you kinda' did me a favor."

"My big bro is gay," Jacob said softly with wonder in his voice, "Uh, not to be too nosy, but how long have you known?"

"Well...I think I always knew I was different, but when I hit puberty I knew for sure. I started noticing all the cute boys at school. Don't laugh," he warned, "and the girls didn't do anything for me."

"Wow, have, done anything with a boy?"

"Dude, that's so, not really," Jason admitted.

"So, how can you be sure then?" Jacob asked. He was interested for more reasons than he could admit, for he had some unresolved feelings of his own for a particular boy.

"I don't know, I just am. I mean when know..." he blushed and made the universal jacking motion with his hand, "I think of boys at school and...I've seen some gay porn on the internet and it's so hot."

Jacob blushed then, "Really, how did you get around the parental block?"

"Dude, that's no problem, I'll show you how if you want."

"Uh, okay, but back to what we were talking about, so you don't like girls that way at all?"

"Nope, I mean...yeah I like how some of them look. I mean I know when one is cute and nice and all, but they don't excite me, if you know what I mean."

Jacob sighed, "Do you think maybe you'll change when you get older and maybe like girls then?"

"I don't know dude, but I don't think so. Most boys start liking girls pretty early and I never have," he sighed.

"Okay, I guess that makes sense."

"'re really okay with it...with me being a fag?" Jason said looking small and fragile suddenly.

"Bro, it's no big deal. Either way I don't care. You can beat off to girls or boys, it's all the same to me," he chuckled.

"Really? Thanks. Uh, I hate to mention this since we're getting along so well, but well...for awhile I thought maybe you and Teddy know? Cause you spent so much time together and all."

"Naw, we're just tight, that's all. Like bros I guess," Jacob said quickly, then regretting his words he added, "you know, like best friends."

"Yeah, like the brother you never had," Jason laughed sadly, "Well, you're lucky, cause I don't really have any friends that close. I guess I was always afraid they'd figure me out and either hate me or drop me like a hot potato."

"That must really suck," Jacob said frowning, "what about Roger? You guys seem tight and you've known each other forever."

"Yeah, we're close, but we never really talked about that stuff much. He's always talking about girls though and I sort of play along, but I don't really know how he'll react to all this."

"I saw him, at school today and he said he was worried about you and he said he had your back. I think you should talk to him though, tell him the truth yourself instead of relying on the note and the rumors."

"I don't know, what if he doesn't want a gay friend?"

"Roger is a cool guy, he won't dump you no matter what. You said a lot of kids were supportive, so why not Roger?"

"Yeah, mostly other gay kids and girls, but most kids just don't care one way or the other as long as it doesn't effect them. This would affect Roger in a big way. Having a fag for a friend could ruin his rep."

"I don't think Roger is the kind of boy who would think like that."

"Yeah, I hope. I guess I'll have a talk with him later. Well, all that's left now is coming out to mom and dad, and dude, I gotta tell you, I am so nervous. What if they kick me out or something?"

"Then I'll go too," Jacob said stubbornly, "but bro, think about it, mom and dad are cool and love us both equally. They've put up with our bullshit all these years and now...we might actually start getting along, and your being gay will be nothing compared to all that other stuff."

"Yeah, maybe. Uh, will you be there with me...when I tell them?"

"Sure, why not do it now? I bet you'll sleep better if you get it over with."

"Now? I don't know. I'm pretty nervous."

"Come on," Jacob said grabbing his brother's hand in his and pulling him up, "I got your back bro. It will be fine."

"Mom, dad can we talk to you?" Jacob said leading his brother into the room.

"What now?" their mom said looking tired.

"Nothing bad," Jacob assured her, "we just need to tell you something. I'll go first."

Jacob started out slowly, recounting all the frustration he'd been dealing with all those years and ending with his final act of desperation that had caused Jason to be labeled queer.

"And I offered to tell everyone at school what I did and clear things up, but Jason says he doesn't want me to."

"Why on earth would you do such a thing?" Their father asked angrily, "You can expect some punishment as soon as your mother and I can discuss this further.

"I know, and I'll accept whatever you think is fair," then looking at Jason with pleading eyes he added, "but Jason has something he wants to tell you too."

"Oh, what is it son?" their mother said giving him a soft look, "And by the way, thank you for not killing your brother for doing such a mean thing. It must've been awful having all the other kids pointing and laughing behind your back."

"It wasn't so bad," Jason mumbled, "cause's sort of true."

This gained him the full attention of his parents who looked him up and down as he continued quickly before he lost his nerve.

"I...I uh, I guess I've known for a while now that I was, ummm...different and when all this happened I realized this might be the perfect time to do something about it. Uh, mom...uh dad...I'm gay."

He fully expected one or the other to utter the words, are you sure? but when the words didn't come he shifted nervously and went on. "I know it's probably a big shock and all, and in case you're wondering, yeah, I'm pretty sure. I've known all my life really, and lately it's been really hard to deal with."

"Son," his father said gently, "We love you, no matter what, and I'm sorry you felt like you couldn't tell us this before, but trust me, it makes no difference in how I or your mother feel about you. You're our son and we love you unconditionally. If you thought we'd throw you out or disown you, rest assured that's the furtherest from the truth."

"Come here dear," his mother said holding out her arms and quickly Jason swarmed into them and then the tears began to roll down his cheeks.

"I'm so sorry, mom and dad. You must be so disappointed in me," he sobbed.

Jacob wiped a few tears from his own eyes, but he was happy to see that he had been right and that his parents loved them no matter what.

"We're not disappointed, not by this anyway," his father chuckled, "we haven't been too keen on the way you and your brother behaved toward one another, but the way you both have pulled together on this issue is encouraging."

"You're a fine young man, and being gay may not be easy, but it doesn't diminish the fact that you're our son, and that we not only love you, but are very proud of you," his mother said as she brushed tears from his face and then kissed his forehead.

"Thanks," Jason hiccuped, then laughed, "I love you too, all of you," he said including his brother with his gaze.

"So, I guess all that's left is to figure out what kind of punishment your brother deserves, any ideas?"

"Uh, make him my slave," Jason teased.

"Okay, done. For the next two weeks Jacob you will do your brother's bidding. Do all his chores and both of your boys laundry instead of just your own."

Jacob moaned, but he was happy with the sentence and he figured Jason would go easy on him since they were getting along now. The chores were no issue since he wound up doing most of them by himself anyway.

"Okay, but if he works me to death, it's all your fault," Jacob teased.

"I won't, but I do have some homework I need to do. Can I be excused?"

"Yes dear, are you sure you're okay with all this?" his mother said giving him a warm hug.

"I'm fine now. I feel I can finally breathe easily again. Thanks mom, dad...and uh, thanks Jake. Love you guys," he said as he made his escape before he dissolved into tears again.

"Jacob, we need to talk," his father said as Jacob attempted to slip away in all the confusion.

"Yes sir..."

"What? No dude...your bro really is gay?" Teddy said in disbelief as they walked to school that day.

"Yep, and he's not mad at me at all. Says I did him a favor by outing him...well, sorta outing him. And mom and dad were great, they were totally supportive and told him they loved him and all that stuff."

"And you didn't even get pounded for doing that mean stuff to him?"

"Naw, but I have to be his slave for the next two weeks," Jacob chuckled, "and I got a major talking to from the rents about being responsible and not acting on my emotions, blah, blah, blah."

"You got off lucky. Wow, so Jason is gay," Teddy said, a twinkle in his eye. He's a good looking guy, I bet now that the word is out he'll find a bf pretty quick."

"You're scaring me," Jacob laughed, "you sound like you're interested in applying."

"What, oh...naw," Teddy said, but he was blushing, "Just sayin' dude. Besides if I ever wanted a bf I'd like someone more my age and someone I really liked already," he hinted.

"Wait, stop," Jacob said taking Teddy's arm and pulling him aside. They had left early and had plenty of time. and Jacob wasn't about to budge till he got an answer to his question.

"What?" Teddy asked innocently.

"Jason said something, and then Riley and well...some other kids sort of hinted about it too. Do you like me as more than a friend?"

"Whaaaat do you mean?" Teddy stuttered looking ready to flee.

"Dude, I've known you forever, and we're closer than brothers, I just wanna know. Do you ever think of me when know?" he said as he made a jacking motion with his hand.

Teddy considered lying and making a joke of the question, but instead he just sighed and pulled into himself, "I'm sorry dude. I didn't mean for it to happen, but I guess somewhere along the way my feelings for you changed. I know this is gonna sound stupid, but I really don't even think of myself as gay. I mean I don't think of other boys that way, well not much anyway, but when I'm with you..." he was near tears now, and Jacob couldn't help but lay an arm on him in a comforting gesture.

"It's cool dude, It's just such a surprise."

"You...don't hate me for perving on you?" Teddy managed a sad laugh.

"Naw, with a bod like this, I'm sure lots of guys and girls are perving on me," he chuckled, "but we probably need to talk about this some more. Can you come over after school?"

"Huh, yeah...sure, no probs. You're not gonna beat me up are you?" Teddy joked as he wiped at his eyes.

"Naw, you could whip my ass easy, I'm a lover not a fighter," Jacob laughed, "Come on, we'll be late for school."

At lunch there was no mention of the morning's conversation or of Jason's coming out, but there was a certain amount of tension that usually wasn't present.

Jacob was confused by his feelings and those of Teddy, but he was by no means offended or turned off. He thought about the kind of relationship he and Teddy had had over the years and he smiled.

Like most boys they had done their share of experimenting. but once they'd started into puberty that experimenting had slowed down some. They had been proud to share the news of their sprouting hair in new places, their first wet orgasm and other firsts, but talking about it had been the extent of it lately.

"Hey, dufus, I'm talking to you," Teddy said, jarring Jacob from his thoughts.

"What? Oh, yeah...uh, sorry I was spacing. What's up?"

"I said here comes Riley and he looks mad."

"Oh, him."

"What's up with that idiot?" Kris said from beside Kenny who was busy inhaling his lunch.

"He tried some crap the other day," Teddy said frowning, "but he lost interest when Jakes' chair contacted his balls," he added chuckling.

"He tries anything today and he's got four of us to deal with," Kris said tapping his bf to get his attention.

Riley, who was smarter than he looked, took one look at the four and decided this wasn't the time or the place for a confrontation. He decided he'd bide his time and when the opportunity arose he'd smash those faggots good.

"Looks like he learned his lesson," Jacob said watching him settle at a table on the far side of the cafeteria.

"Or he's afraid of the odds," Teddy said, "I have a feeling he's not done yet."

"Well, if he gives you guys any trouble mention my name," Kenny said speaking at last. No one messes with me and survives."

They all laughed then, and Jacob poked Kris in the ribs, "Better not piss him off Kris."

"OH, well...not Kris, he's my honey bun," Kenny said grinning, and they all laughed.

On the way to Jacob's house after school Teddy tried to chat Jacob up, but he wasn't having any of it.

"Let's wait till we get to my house and have a snack, then we can talk. I still got some thinking to do."

"Okay, is it bad?" Teddy said frowning.

"No, course not," Jacob assured him, "Just got a lot to think about."

Fortunately the trip didn't take long, and as they entered Jacob's house they were pleased to find that no one was home yet. Jacob fixed them a quick snack and they headed to his room to eat and talk.

Though Teddy was eager to get things started, Jacob seemed in no hurry as he nibbled at his snack and sipped his juice.

Only when they were done did Jacob speak, "Okay...all done, now...let's talk."


"First I been thinking about the stuff we used to do, you know? When we were younger, and how much fun it was. And I always wondered why we quit doin' that stuff. I mean we talk about stuff and we even did some showing, but why did we, the touching and stuff?"

Teddy sighed, "Well, I guess cause now that we're older it seems more serious and, well...some kids might think it was gay or something."

"So it's okay if you're a kid, but if you're a teenager it's gay?"

"I don't know, I don't make the rules. I was just afraid you'd think I was weird or something..."

"Wait, so you wanted to do stuff all along?"

"Well...yeah, cause like I said I guess I sort of like you that way...even though I know you don't feel the same way," he added quickly.

"Who says I don't feel the same way? Heck, I don't know what I feel to tell you the truth. This thing with Jason has me wondering about things I never thought about before."

"Like what?"

"Like my feelings," Jacob muttered.

"Your feelings?"

"Yeah, I feelings for you. I mean yeah, we been as close as could be since we were little kids, and I guess I just never thought about how much I liked you and depended on you to be there for me."

"Always dude, I'll always be there for you," Teddy said gently.

"Yeah, me too. So, even if one of us turned know, gay or something, we'd still be best friends, right?"

"Yeah, definitely. Only like I said, I'm not sure if I'm gay, I'm kind of confused right now."

"So what do we do about it?" Jacob said sounding small and insecure.

"This," Teddy said leaning in and giving Jacob a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Dude," Jacob said blushing, "You kissed me," he added grinning.

"Yeah, is that okay?"

"Well, it wasn't much of a kiss. Maybe we should try using our lips next time."

"Like this?" Teddy said leaning in and brushing his lips against Jacob's.

The kiss was awkward and dry, but it still sent sparkles of light through the two young teens.

"I don't think that's it yet," Jacob said pulling back just a little, "I think we have to lick our lips or something and make them wet," he said demonstrating.

"Yeah, this?" Teddy said mocking his friend's actions.

"Yeah, it needs to be wet and maybe some tongue," Jacob said taking charge.

"Frenching?" Teddy giggled, "I've seen guys and girls do that."

"Yeah, let's try it again," Jacob said smiling warmly as he leaned in and puckered up.

This time the sparks literally flew between the two boys as the kiss quickly became heated and erotic. The plumping between their legs spoke volumes of that as they squirmed and pressed together instinctively.

"Oh man," Jacob said when they finally pulled apart.

Both boys were breathing heavily and blushing, and their small hearts were racing so fast they felt light headed. Of course the lightheadedness could have been caused by the sudden blood flow to that part of them that made them all boy, throbbing with anticipation.

"Wow," Teddy said at last, "who knew kissing your best friend could be so much fun?"

"Dude, are hard as I am?" Jacob said gazing at the lump in Teddy's pants and finding the answer himself.

"Yeah, I've never been this hard before. Are you? Oh man, you are," Teddy said looking down at Jake's lap.

"I gotta beat off dude, and fast," Jacob said blushing.

"Me too, uh...maybe we could do it together."

"I...well, I guess that would be okay," Jacob said then, laughing at the sheer absurdity of the situation. Of course it was okay, they'd kissed and made each other hard, and helping each other get off was the next logical step.

"Should we...uh, get naked or what?"

"Ummm...well, how about we just pull our pants down? Just in case mom or Jason come home."

"Oh, yeah....okay, that's best I guess," Teddy said laughing nervously.

"Okay, here goes," Jacob said popping the top button on his jeans and lowering the zipper as Teddy stared at his crotch.

"Dude, are you gonna join me or just watch?" Jacob giggled.

"Oh, sorry...I um, yeah. Here goes," Teddy said following Jacob's lead, but never taking his eyes off the action a few inches away.

When Jacob's pants were down and his baby blue boxers came into view, Teddy sucked in a breath and stared in awe. The lump there was even bigger than Teddy had imagined in his dreams, and there was a wet spot there dispelling any doubts that Teddy might have had about how virile Jacob was.

", you're wet," Teddy whispered, "Nice."

"You too," Jacob said noticing Teddy's lump and his wet spot as well.

"Yeah, I been leaking like crazy since we started kissing."

"Well, are we gonna do it in our undies or what?" Jacob said sounding impatient.

"Noooo, uh, how about we lower them on the count of three?"

"Oh, okay...I'll count. One," the boys hooked their fingers in the waistband of their undies, "Two," they began tugging outward on them, "Three,"and in one quick action they pulled out and down on the waistband of their respective undies freeing their rampant teenage cocks.

"Wow, oh wow!" Teddy said as his eyes took in his best friend's boy bits, "You're bigger than me."

"Not by much," Jacob said, appreciating the compliment nonetheless.

"Oh man, can I...I mean? Is it okay if I touch it?"

"Uh, yeah...if I can touch yours," Jacob said nervously.

"Oh man, what's mine is yours," Teddy chuckled.

Jacob growled in his throat as their hands found their targets, as much from the touching of his best friend's junk as being touched by his best friend.

"Oh man, I'm close, be careful," Teddy whined.

"Me too, let's ummm...can we kiss some more?"

"Yeah, kissing is good," Teddy said moving closer as they continued touching one another and kissing deeply. The kiss this time was less awkward, wetter, erotic, and very satisfying, and that only added to the aching need between their legs.

"Oh man, I'm gonna blow," Jacob said pulling away suddenly.

"Me too, Oh GAWD...OH Shit...oh man," Teddy cried out as his teenage cannon began to spew his thin watery load onto his and Jacob's body.

Not to be outdone, Jacob joined in after the first squirt and began to paint his friend's body with his own somewhat thicker cum. They went back to kissing as they continued to grind their still hard boy cocks together and soon they were working up to another orgasm.

This time it was produced hands free as they rubbed their slick plump boy sticks together. The resulting orgasm was actually more intense than the first, but produced far less spunk.

"Oh man, that was awesome," Jacob panted.

"My knees feel like they're gonna buckle. I need to sit down," Teddy gasped.

"Not on my bed," Jacob warned, "you've got jizz all over you."

"Oh, too," Teddy giggled.

"Come on, let's go take a shower before Jason gets home."

They were just drying off when they heard the front door slam and both boys froze.

"Hey, anyone home?" it was Jason, and Jacob knew he'd soon come looking for him.

"In the bathroom," Jacob said, hoping Jason would go on to his room and not pursue the matter.

"When you're done crapping, come to my room," Jason said sounding amused.

"Whew, that was close," Jacob said as they continued to dry off.

"Damn, we forgot to grab our clothes," Teddy said stating the obvious.

"Well, we'll just have to wrap our towels around us and run for it," Jacob said taking charge, "Jason is in his room, probably playing a video game or something by now, or looking at porn," he laughed.

But unfortunately Jason had had a sudden urge to pee, and hoping Jacob was finished in the bathroom, he was just coming down the hall when the two burst out of the bathroom.

They froze like deers in headlights as Jason surveyed the situation, a slow grin spreading across his face.

"I knew it, you guys are lovers, aren't you?" Jason said smiling. His tone was more of a discovery and less of an accusation, as if he were not only happy for them but for himself for being so keen.

"Nooo...we just...we spilled some pop on us and we...uh..." Jacob sputtered.

"We uh, had to shower...and we wanted to hurry..." Teddy added.

"Bullshit," Jason laughed, "Show me your clothes then."

"Uh, well...we uh..." Jacob said tearing up.

"It's okay Jake," Teddy said taking charge for once, "You caught us," he said boldly, "but this was the first time, honest. We only just figured things out today...and mostly it was because of you."

"Me? What did I do?"

"You came out, and you were so brave," Teddy said sincerely, "I'm proud to know you bro. I've always liked you Jas, but now I really respect you."

Jason stood soaking up Teddy's compliments, smiling the whole time, then moving forward he laid a hand on each of the younger boy's shoulders and squeezed them gently.

"Guys, I'm happy for you. You're lucky. You got each other and I don't have anyone. I think it's awesome, really."

"Thanks?" Jacob said, unsure he was hearing his brother correctly. Was he really happy for them, or was he going to make their lives miserable from now on?

"Thank Jas," Teddy said giving the older teen a quick hug, "You'll find someone, you're an awesome dude, and hot as fuck," he added the last part with a wink.

"You think he's hot?" Jacob chuckled, then to his brother, "Don't go trying to steal Teddy away from me, okay Jas?"

"You're cute, but I prefer someone my own age or even older," Jason laughed, "but I think you two are perfect together. I always have. I've always envied you...the way you always hang together and have each others backs and well...I just assumed all these years that you know? Fooling around too."

"Well, when we were younger we did some stuff," Jacob admitted red-faced, "but I guess when we got older we were afraid to admit we still wanted to do that stuff. Then you came out to me and well, I got to thinking about things, about how I really felt about this jerk," he said gently shoving his best friend and now boyfriend. "I guess he felt the same way too, only we were too stupid to figure things out. It's all cause of you that we did and I want to thank you for being so cool about things," Jacob said wiping tears from his eyes.

"Bro, I'm still mad about the note, but I would never rat you guys out or give you a hard time about this. If you don't want anyone to know but me, that's cool. I mean really, you're kind of young to come out anyway."

"I...I don't think we're ready to come out yet, but it's nice to know that we can be ourselves around you," Teddy chipped in.

"Yeah, well...I don't need to see it, or hear it," Jason laughed, "so keep the door locked and the moaning to a minimum."

"Yeah, we will," Jacob chuckled.

They were interrupted by the sound of the garage door opening, and Jacob and Teddy scrambled to Jacob's room to get dressed while Jason finally got his turn at the bathroom.

A few minutes later the three boys met Mrs. Downing in the kitchen.

"Oh hi boys," she said looking up from the refrigerator where she was digging out tonight's dinner fixings, "Oh hi Teddy. Are you staying for dinner?"

"I can call my house and see..."

"Do it," Jacob encouraged him, "we can work on that school thing afterwards," Jacob said winking.

"Oh yeah, okay...good idea," Teddy said grinning and Jason almost laughed out loud. He knew the only work the two would be doing involved human anatomy and he envied them.

"Well, we're having meatloaf and there will be plenty."

Teddy and Jacob went outside for some privacy, and Teddy called his house on his cell phone and got permission to stay till 9 o'clock, while Jason helped his mom with dinner.

"Well, you're in a good mood today," Mrs. Downing noted as Jason peeled potatoes at the sink.

"I had a good day," Jason said beaming.

"Well, that's wonderful, and I don't think I haven't noticed that you and your brother are getting along much better now."

"I'm still a little sore at him for the note and stuff, but in a way he did me a favor I guess. I can't believe everyone has been so cool about me being gay."

"Well, your sexuality doesn't define who you are as a person. You're still just my sweet adorable son," Mrs. Downing said pausing to give her oldest son a hug, "I will miss not having grandkids, but there's always Jacob..."

If only she knew, Jason thought to himself, but he didn't sell his brother out.

"Well, they're letting gay couples adopt these days, so don't rule grandkids out yet mom."

"That would be sweet," She said smiling, "I'd love them just the same, and there are a lot of children in the world who need loving families like ours."

"Mom, do you think I'll ever find anyone...uh, anyone to love like you and dad love each other?"

His mother stopped what she was doing and wiped her hands on a dish towel, "Of course you will. Oh, maybe it won't be as easy as finding a girl would be, but there must be other boys in your school who would be interested in an awesome young man like you."

"I don't know. I mean I know a few who are supposedly gay, but most of the ones who are out already have boyfriends or they're just know girly looking for me," he chuckled, "I want a boy who's...who's a boy, like me. Who likes the same stuff I do, baseball, and football, and video games, stuff like that."

"I'm sure you're not the only boy like that. Be patient dear, you've only just come out and I'm sure someone is probably thinking about you this very instant."

"You think so?" Jason said grinning, "Boy, that would be great. Thanks mom. I love you."

"I love you too son. Don't worry so much, things will be fine, you'll see." she said giving him one last hug, "Now I have to get this meatloaf in the oven."

A few yards away in the backyard Jacob and Teddy were sitting on the lawn swing near the back fence covertly holding hands.

"I'm sort of glad Jason knows," Jacob said as they swung gently in the cool afternoon air.

"Yeah, he's totally cool about it. That's so awesome. Now we won't have to sneak around."

"Yeah, but let's not be too obvious," Jacob laughed, "It would be weird to have my bro know we know...messing around."

"Oh, I don't know, I think it would be fun," Teddy laughed.

"Yeah, but he's not your bro," Jacob said rolling his eyes.

"Feels like it, sort of, but I get what you mean."

Unknown to the two, Mrs. Downing happened to peer out the kitchen window about then, and at first she wasn't sure of what she was seeing. Then as she realized that her youngest son and his best friend were holding hands and talking quietly she had an epiphany.

She'd known since the two were not much more than toddlers that they were closer, closer even than brothers, but she's just assumed it was a fraternal kind of love they shared. Was it possible that Jacob and Teddy were more than best friends? Was it possible the love they shared was something more, something deeper. Was it possible the boys were lovers?

"Mom, what are you staring at?' Jason asked with amusement as he moved up beside her and glanced out the window at the two boys in the swing.

"Oh nothing," she said casually, but Jason could tell from the look in her eyes that she knew the truth.

"Mom, they're just kids..."

"What? Oh that, they've always been close," she said not pretending she hadn't seen the two holding hands.

"Yeah, sometimes I think they're more like brothers than me and Jacob," Jason laughed, relieved that his mother wasn't making an issue of Jake and Teddy holding hands.

"I'm gonna go out and see if they want to play some video games," Jason said when he finished dicing the potatoes he'd peeled.

"All right dear, thanks for your help."

"Uh, you two might want to cool the hand holding, mom saw you two," Jason said sitting down between the two and forcing them to break the hand hold.

"What? Are you sure?" Jacob said with distress in his voice.

"Yeah, but she didn't trip, so you got off easy this time. Just watch it, okay?"

"I'm sorry, it was my fault," Teddy said sadly, "I just want to be touching him all the time, that's all..."

Jason laughed, "Come on, we'll go to my room and you guys can hold hands, but no making out," he added slipping an arm around the two and helping them up.

In the kitchen Mrs. Downing watched the three and shook her head and smiled. She was sure Jason had gone out to warn the two that she'd seen them holding hands, and she was proud of him. She knew brothers had a special code, and that Jason would protect and defend Jacob despite their past problems made her feel very good about things. She relaxed some then. If both her boys were gay she and her husband would love them just the way they were. And Teddy, well they'd always had a special place in their heart for him, and it would be like having him as part of the family, if...well, that was a long way off, she chuckled. Even if they were gay there was no guarantee they would be together forever. She knew young love was powerful, but sometimes it ebbed and waned, and new loves took it's place.

She was still smiling as the boys rushed past her, Jason informing them they were going to his room to play video games, but she wondered if video games were really what was on the two younger boys minds.

In Jason's room Jason fired up his laptop and left the two young lovers to sit on his bed holding hands as they talked. No mention was made of video games, that was just a ruse, but there was still plenty to talk about.

"So, are you guys officially boyfriends or what?"

"What does that mean?" Jacob asked squinting his eyes and looking very cute.

"Well, I mean I know you're not going around announcing it, but have you said it to each other?"

"Uh...well, not really..." Teddy said blushing, and then looking at Jacob shyly he added, "I mean I really want us to be, but I don't know how you feel about it."

"I want to," Jacob said simply, "but I'm not ready to tell anyone else yet. Is that okay?"

"That's fine, me either, but I'm glad Jason knows," he said glancing over at the older teen.

"Why, so I can jigger for you?" Jason laughed, "but seriously dudes, I will if I need to. And if and when you ever come out, I'll have your back and no one will mess with you."

"Thanks bro," Jacob said smiling, "and you know we got your back too. I don't think you need us though. After the idiots get over it, I think everyone will be cool with it."

"Yeah, I just hope I can find someone as cool as Teddy pretty soon. It sucks being out and alone, and not in a good way," he laughed at the double meaning of suck.

"Well, I bet it won't be long. Now that other guys know you're out they'll probably start dreaming about you," Teddy chuckled.

"That's sort of what mom said," Jason said, "So I'm glad I came out then. Maybe we can double date when I find someone," he joked.

"Yeah, works for us," Jacob said looking at Teddy and licking his lips.

"Are you guys gonna kiss? Cause you look like you want to. I guess that's okay, but keep it PG or at least R, and keep your clothes on, okay?" Jason laughed.

The boys didn't have to be asked twice, and soon they were kissing as if they'd been doing it all their lives. As requested they kept their clothes on, but before long there was a stirring between their legs that led to a little squirming.

"I have to go take a dump," Jason lied, in an attempt to give the two some privacy, "I may be gone a long...long time," he chuckled, "have fun you two, but don't get anything on my bed."

Jacob didn't break the kiss to speak, but he motioned his approval and thanks with his hand as he continued to probe Teddy's mouth with his tongue.

As soon as Jason was out the door Jacob dropped his hand to Teddy's crotch and began pawing at his hardness. Teddy moaned into his mouth and returned the favor, but neither wanted to make a mess in their undies so they soon backed off.

Breaking the kiss, they sat panting, hugged up together and anticipating their next move.

"I wish there was a way not to make a mess and still get off," Jacob said hoping Teddy would pick up on what he was implying.

"I know one," Teddy said quickly, "Get it out, I'll show you."

"Ooo..kay," Jacob gasped, anticipating his first real beejay.

"Mmmmm," Teddy said quickly gobbling down Jacob's hard boy stick and savoring the taste and feel of it.

"Oh man, I'm gonna blow..." Jacob said after only a few minutes. His balls were loaded, and Teddy's tongue had hit the trigger.

"MMMMMMMMM," Teddy moaned as he finally tasted the nectar of his best friend, the nectar he'd been dreaming of for so long.

",, man...getting kind of sensitive now. That's good," Jacob said pulling away a little to get his message across.

" taste good," Teddy said grinning.

"Let me taste," Jacob said leaning in to kiss his new bf, and in the process tasting his own jizz on Teddy's lips and tongue.

"Yeah, I do taste good, but I bet you do too and now it's my time to find out."

"Oh, okay," Teddy said trembling with anticipation.

Though they had done some fooling around when they were younger they really hadn't delved into oral sex that much. Oh sure, they had held each others cocks in their mouths and made a few up and down movements, but they'd never brought each other to orgasm that way, until now.

It was hard to tell who enjoyed the act more, the sucker or the suckee, but both boys proved to be avid cock suckers after that first time. In fact Teddy actually thought Jacob might have been more adept at it than he was, and that was saying a lot, considering how much Teddy enjoyed it.

By the time Jason knocked on the door, the boys had their pants back up and were sitting holding hands and looking innocent, but Jason wasn't fooled for a moment.

Sniffing the air Jason smiled, "Smells like teen spirit," he chuckled, "You guys look happy, so I assume you got off, at least once."

Jacob grinned, but said nothing, but Teddy shrugged and spoke for them both, "Thanks for the time alone."

"You both owe me. Sometime, someday, I'll need a little time alone too and you guys can jigger for me."

"I think it will be soon," Jacob said smiling, "The gay boys at school must be lined up trying to figure out who goes first by now," he chuckled.

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