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The Secret Life of Nerds

by Rob Warr

Chapter 3

The Sleepover

The sleepover was arranged by the two moms, and Philip would be walking the short distance to the Morgans sometime after noon.

The day of the sleepover, Kevin got up early and had breakfast, then straightened up his room one last time and made his bed. His mother had changed his sheets the day before and Kevin had been careful not to soil them during his usual nightly activity.

At 11:30 he had a sandwich and a soda and decided to walk over to Phil's to accompany him to his house. As he turned the corner and headed down Phil's street, he saw Phil headed his way carrying a gym bag and he ran to meet him.

"Hi, thought I'd come show you the way," Kevin said happily, "I know you had the address and all, but I didn't want anyone to kidnap you or anything on the way," he teased.

"I doubt anyone would want me," Phil chuckled.

"Sure they would, cute kid like you. So what's in the bag?"

"My clothes and a couple video games you might enjoy. Oh, and my toothbrush and a few other things."

"Cool, so you ready to have some fun?"

"Yes, I'm very excited, but I must admit I'm a bit nervous as well."

"I promise I won't try to kiss you again," Kevin teased.

"That's not why I'm nervous," Phil said grinning, "I've never slept with anyone before."

"It's no big deal really, I have a queen size bed and there's plenty of room. It's not like we'll be on top of each other," Kevin giggled.

Phil blushed at the thought of that, but didn't comment. The very thought of being so close to Kevin caused goosebumps up and down his body and that hot thumpy feeling in his tummy. He was still a little confused about his feelings concerning the kiss, but the way Kevin had joked about it gave him hope that maybe it might happen again.

They arrived at Kevin's house after a few minutes and Kevin lead the way inside.

"Mom, dad...we're here," he yelled.

"In the family room," his mother called out.

"Come on Phil, time to meet my parents," he laughed manically.

Phil smiled nervously and allowed Kevin to lead him into family room where Mr. and Mrs. Morgan sat on a couch watching TV. Mr. Morgan muted the TV as they entered and greeted them with a smile.

"Hi guys."

"Mom, dad...ta ta ta ta, this is Phil, my new friend," Kevin said in a silly voice, "Phil meet the rents."

"Hello ma'am, sir," Philip said blushing, "it's a pleasure to finally meet you."

"Hello Phil," Mrs. Morgan said smiling warmly, "Kevin has told us a lot about you, but he didn't tell us how handsome you are."

"Uh, mom...don't lay it on too thick, you'll give Phil a complex," Kevin laughed.

"Nice to meet you son, your father is a fine man and from what I've heard, a brilliant Surgeon."

"Thank you sir, I'm very proud of him."

"I bet he's proud of you too, from what Kevin tells us, you're a fine young man."

Phil blushed again, but Kevin swooped in to save him further embarrassment, "Okay, that's enough mushy stuff. Come on Phil, I'll show you my room."

Phil nodded, then thanked the Morgan's one last time before following Kevin up the stairs. Phil hadn't really had much time to check things out before being dragged off to meet Kevin's parents, but on the way to Kevin's room he surveyed his surroundings with interest.

The house was smaller than his own of course, but it seemed warmer and cozier, and more lived-in, and he liked that feeling a lot. Everything looked neat and clean, the furniture well kept and stylish, and the floors spotless. Phil knew Kevin's parents didn't have a housekeeper, and that gave him a whole new respect for Mrs. Morgan. To keep a house this size in such pristine condition was truly a work of love.

"Your parents seem very nice Kevin, and your house is lovely."

"Not as big as yours, but I like it here. Just wish we had a pool."

When Kevin showed Phil his room he smiled excitedly. "I've pictured what your room would look like in my mind, but nothing I've come up with was even close. It's amazing, it's"

"Is that a compliment Phil?" Kevin laughed.

"Yes, I can see your hand in everything here, the posters, the books, the models...even in the curtains and bedding. It's perfect, it's wonderful. I love it."

"Whoa, calm down Phil," Kevin laughed, "you're acting like a groupie or something. I'm not gonna have to worry about you stealing a lock of my hair or a pair of my dirty underwear am I?"

"No," Phil said blushing, "I'm sorry if I sound silly, I'm just very excited to be here."

"Let me see," Kevin giggled, dropping his eyes to Phil's crotch, "hmmm...doesn't look like you're too excited..."

"What? that kind of excited," Philip giggled.

"Oh, okay...well maybe later," Kevin teased. He was surprised at his own excitement and how happy he was that Phil was there. His worries about the kiss seemed small and petty now, and he felt like he could joke about things just like before.

"I don't do that on the first date," Phil teased back.

"Why Phil, is that a joke?"

"Maybe," Phil said grinning.

"So, what games did you bring?" Kevin asked then, changing the subject before things got too far out of control.

"Hold on, I'll get them..."

They played the games Phil had brought for a few hours before Kevin suggested they go downstairs for a snack. Phil followed Kevin like an excited puppy, a huge grin on his face, and when they passed through the family room he noticed Kevin's parents were snuggled up on the couch watching a movie. He thought that was sweet, but he couldn't imagine his own parents ever doing anything that romantic. The only displays of affection he could ever remember seeing between his own parents were a kiss on the cheek or a quick hug. That wasn't to say that they weren't more demonstrative of their affection for one another behind closed doors, but if they were, Phil had never witnessed it.

"How does a PBJ sound?"

"Fine, but I'm not sure I can eat a whole one, maybe we could share one."

"Don't worry, if you don't eat it I will," Kevin said, grabbing the bread and digging the peanut butter and Jelly out of the cupboard.

Phil watched with loving eyes as Kevin made the sandwiches. He liked everything about his new friend, and marveled at how meticulously he went about the simplest task. He found it interesting that Kevin applied peanut butter to both pieces of bread, but when he thought about it, it made perfect sense. The peanut butter kept the jelly from seeping through the bread, as well as adding more flavor to the sandwich.

When Kevin finished the sandwiches, he placed each one on a paper napkin and cut them in half diagonally. Then sliding one to Phil he dug two bottles of juice out of the fridge and handed one to Phil.

"It's really good," Phil said smiling, "you're a good cook."

Kevin laughed, "Dude, I didn't cook it, I just slapped it on some bread."

"Okay, then you're a"

"Well, just returning the favor. After all I've been to your place more than you've been to mine."

"I hope this won't be my last visit..."

"Not if I have anything to say about it."

"My parents think a great deal of you," Phil said giving Kevin a shy smile, "but not as much as I do."

"Why Phil, are you getting sweet on me?" Kevin teased.

Phil blushed bright red and lowered his head. Perhaps he'd said too much.

"Aww...don't get all shy and embarrassed. I was only teasing you. I like you a lot too. You know, I think maybe I like you more than any friend I've ever had."

"Really? You're not just saying that?"

"No way, I wouldn't lie about something that important."

Phil looked at Kevin and blushed, "I really don't have much to compare our friendship with, but I can definitely say...I am happier than I have been in a long time because of it."

"Me too, Phil. So what say we go outside when we finish our snack, and I'll show you around the estate," he teased.

Despite the fact that Kevin's back yard was nothing compared to his own, he was genuinely interested in seeing everything, if for no other reason than because it was where Kevin spend part of his time. He was interested in everything about Kevin, what he ate, where he slept, and anywhere he spent time.

"My friend Jerry and I tried to build a treehouse in that tree in the corner of the yard and Jerry fell out and broke his arm, so that was the end of that."

"That's awful, uh...where is your friend now? Does he go to our school?" Phil asked, wondering if he had some more competition he didn't know about yet.

"Naw, he moved to California last year. I really miss him too. He emailed me for a while, then he made new friends, and know how that is?" Kevin said shrugging.

"Didn't you have other friends?"

"Yeah, of course. Back in grade school, but all of them go to the other Junior High. The dividing line is at 25th street and everyone on the other side of it goes to Reed."

"But don't they still call you, or text you, or come see you?"

Kevin shrugged, "Not really." Of course Kevin hadn't really done much to keep their friendship going either. It wasn't that he didn't like his old friends' company, but he had just never felt that close to them, and since school started he hadn't given them much thought till now, "It's just not the same as it was when we were in the same class and saw each other every day."

"Is that why you joined those boys at the table...and made friends with me?"

"Well, let's just say a guy needs friends, and I didn't really know anyone."

"Well, I'm glad you chose me, and I promise I won't let you down."

"Look Phil, I don't expect a lot of you, so just relax...okay?"

"Just the same I will be the best friend you've ever had," Phil said stubbornly.

"Okay, I believe you," Kevin chuckled, "so far you've done a great job. Hey, wanna play catch for a while? I have an extra mitt."

Despite not being all that athletic, except for swimming, Phil could catch and throw reasonably well. And though this was not exactly his thing, he enjoyed it simply because he knew Kevin liked it, and he was all about pleasing Kevin. After a while he had to admit it was kind of fun, and good exercise, and he could see that Kevin was really enjoying himself and that made it all the more appealing.

When the sun finally began to set, they went inside and played some more video games until it was time to order the pizza. When Kevin asked Phil what kind of pizza he liked, he seemed unsure what to say and Kevin wondered if he'd ever eaten pizza before. They settled for pepperoni, and when it came they took their plates and drinks up to Kevin's bedroom and sat on the floor in front of the TV and ate.

"This is really good," Phil said after awhile, "We never have pizza at home, at least not this kind. Sometimes Mildred makes her Mexican pizza, but it's nothing like this."

"Well, I bet it's good though. Everything Mildred has cooked so far has been great."

"Yes, it's quite good. Perhaps next time you're over I'll have her prepare it."

"Cool," Kevin said going back to his pizza.

For a while, nothing more was said as they enjoyed their meal, and when they were finished Kevin suggested they go downstairs and see what they could find for dessert. Phil followed close behind Kevin and couldn't help but stare at his shapely backside and muscular frame. He found himself blushing at the thoughts that came into his head, but that didn't keep him from looking.

"Cookies," Kevin said imitating the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street.

Phil laughed, he had never known anyone as fun and funny as Kevin, and his feelings for him were growing more intense by the moment. The butterflies had subsided somewhat, and he was starting to feel more comfortable around Kevin with each new encounter.

They took their cookies to Kevin's room and ate them as they finished drinking their soda, and when the last crumb was devoured Kevin suggested they wash up before going back to the video games. As they stood side by side at the double vanity in the hall bathroom, Phil stole a look at Kevin in the mirror and their eyes met. Phil looked away and blushed, but Kevin kept right on staring, and when Phil dared to look back he was met by a big smile.

"You are so cute when you act all shy," Kevin chuckled.

"I'm not cute," Phil said looking away again, "you, you're handsome. Cute is for girls, boys are handsome."

"Then you're handsome," Kevin said stubbornly, "here, let me do something," Kevin said grabbing Phil's shoulders and spinning him around to face him.

Reaching up slowly he removed Phil's glasses and carefully folded them and placed them on the vanity.

"There, now you're gorgeous. You should really consider getting contacts, but I like the glasses too," Kevin added.

If Phil had ever needed any motivation to get contacts, nothing compared to this. If Kevin wanted him to get contacts, then he'd talk to his parents about it as soon as he got home.

"I don't think of myself that way," Phil admitted as he stared into the mirror, trying to see what Kevin saw.

"Phil, look at that handsome puss in the mirror," Kevin laughed, "You're a fox, and you got a hot bod too."

Phil blushed, but not as much as usual, and he smiled at the boy in the mirror. Maybe he was cute....or handsome, he decided, but not nearly as cute or handsome as Kevin.

"You make me feel good," Phil said softly, "I never felt this way with anyone else."

"Me either," Kevin said, moving his face closer to Phil's.

Phil turned his head and they locked eyes and just stood there for a moment, the only sound their slow breathing and the beating of their hearts. Suddenly, before both were even aware of what was happening, they had leaned in and their lips met in a soft slow kiss.

Phil pulled away first, looking panicky, and blushing bright red. Assuming he had initiated the kiss, and afraid of what Kevin might think of him, he started to apologize.


"Shhh..." Kevin said placing a finger against Phil's soft lips, "Don't even think about apologizing," he said as if he were reading the boy's mind, "I wanted it too, and I want more." It was Kevin's turn to blush now and his smile said he was sincere, and Phil relaxed a little.

"This is all so new to me..."

"For me too," Kevin assured him, "it's not like I go around kissing boys all the time," he laughed, "you're the first, and it just seems so right. Please tell me you feel that way too."

"I...I do. I was afraid at first, but I feel like it's the most natural thing in the world."

"Me too," Kevin said softly, "let's go to my room, there are some things I need to tell you."

"Oh," Phil said expecting the worse. And as he followed Kevin back to his room he was filled with dread.

"Sit down," Kevin suggested as he closed the door behind them, "this is gonna be sort of hard for me, but I hope you will hear me out and not run off before I'm done."

"I would never...."

"I know, cause you're a cool guy," Kevin said smiling, " goes. First of all, I sort of had an ulterior motive in joining the guys at the lunch table. This is my first year in middle school, and like I said, I didn't know anyone. I knew from experience in grade school that you need friends or you wind up getting picked on and singled out by the bullies and the idiots. I wasn't sure what to do at first, then I noticed the guys at the table and I asked a boy in home room about them. He said they were all three friends and had been for years and that sometimes they would let another kid into their group if they all agreed he was cool enough.

At first I thought I didn't stand a chance, then after I had a run in with one of the jocks, I decided to give it a try. Turned out the guys were pretty cool, well except Roger who is kind of a jerk. But Terry keeps him in line most of the time. Well, you met em' so you know, and Terry is gay, and like out and that's cool..."

"I like Terry," Phil said softly.

"Terry is a cool dude. So...anyway...they let me in the group and then I met you and now everything is great."

"So...then what's the problem," Phil asked picking up on Kevin's mood.

"This might not be a big deal, but one reason I wanted to find some friends was...well, I'm not really sure...but, I think I may be gay," Kevin said lowering his head, "I hope that doesn't mess things up for us, cause I really do like you, but I'm not sure how you feel even with all that's happened. I just thought you should case things got...well, serious."

"Is that your big secret?" Phil said smiling warmly, "I sort of hoped you were...ummm gay, I mean, cause I'm pretty sure I am too. I mean I just thought that was obvious with all that had been happening between us. The kiss and well...being naked together at my house."

"Yeah, I guess that must sound silly," Kevin admitted. What he really wanted to tell Phil was about the bet, but he was afraid to. Afraid that Phil wouldn't understand and would reject him for being such a jerk and taking the bet. If he was lucky Phil would never know. The thirty days would pass quickly, and then he'd be part of the group, but that really didn't matter that much anymore. What really mattered now was that he and Phil were friends, and hopefully more than that before it was all over.

"Is that all?"

"Yeah, well...except that I really like you a lot and I think I'd like to get to know you better, way better," he laughed as he blushed bright red, "if you know what I mean."

"I feel the same way, but this is all so new to me."

"Me too, but we can figure it out together. We can take it slow and just do what comes natural. Heck, it's not like I'm experienced either."

"So, now what shall we do?"

"Well, a shower sounds good about right now, wanna shower with me?"

"What about your parents?"

"There's not enough room for all four of us," Kevin joked, and both boys broke out laughing.

There was a door leading from Kevin's bedroom into the bathroom he used, as well as a door off the hall. Once they were inside, Kevin latched both doors and started the shower before beginning to undress. At first Phil just watched Kevin as he slipped off his shirt, revealing his chiseled chest and flat tummy, then he began to follow his lead, never taking his eyes off Kevin.

"Looking good," Kevin said, giving Phil a thumbs up when he got his shirt off.

"Thanks, but not as good as you."

"I like your bod Phil. You're so smooth and sleek, like an otter or something," he said grinning, "all that swimming has given you one heck of a hot bod."

"And playing sports has given you one as well," Phil said smiling.

"Okay, enough mutual admiration, off with the panties and let's get cleaned up."

Phil found he was shaking a little as he finished undressing, but once he saw the look of lust in Kevin's eyes he forgot his own insecurities.

"OH are so...f-ing hot," Kevin stuttered, "I don't know if I can keep my hands off you."

"Who says you have to," Phil said grinning.

The shower felt good, and their excitement waned a little as the warm water cascaded over their bodies and they concentrated on getting clean.

"Here let me wash your back," Kevin offered, grabbing the poof and squirting some body wash on it.

Then moving up behind Phil he began to lather him from his shoulders to his cute rear. The effect was immediate, and Phil's excitement was soon obvious.

"Ooops someone is saluting me," Kevin teased, "guess it's my turn to salute back, here wash my back," he said offering the poof to Phil.

Phil turned slowly, blushing slightly, but when he saw Kevin was suffering the same malady he relaxed a little.

"Are you glad to see me Philster?" Kevin teased.

"Yes, and apparently you are glad to see me too," Phil threw back.

"Oh, yeah...I am so glad to see you, all of you," Kevin said lustily.

Phil began washing Kevin's back then, marveling at the hard muscles beneath his soft smooth skin and shivering with desires that left him breathless. Despite all his misgivings about his sexuality and of being with Kevin, nothing had ever felt so right.

"Kevin," Phil said gently brushing Kevin's ear with his soft lips, "Is it too soon to say say...I...Iove you?"

Kevin turned his head and their lips met. When the kiss was over Kevin locked eyes with Phil and smiled, "No, I don't think so...cause I feel the same way too. I just don't know what it all means yet."

"I think I'm the happiest boy in the whole world right now," Phil said as tears stung his eyes.

"Say boy, let's not talk too much, grab on my waist and put that body on me," Kevin sang.

Despite being a nerd, Phil recognized the lyrics from Ed Sheeran's Shape of You and he laughed. After all, even nerds liked music.

"Umm..." Phil said softly, then he too sang, "I'm in love with your body," as he hugged Kevin from behind.

"Hey, watch that thing," Kevin joked, "I'm not quite ready to loose my butt cherry."

"Sorry," Phil laughed, "I just washed it and I can't do a thing with it."

"Why Phil," Kevin said laughing, "You made another joke."

"Yeah, you're definitely a good influence on me."

Kevin began to sing again, "Last night you were in my room, now my bedsheets smell like you," and they both cracked up laughing.

They finished washing and rinsed off without much else happening, but both boys were filled with anticipation as they dried off.

"Here, let me dry your back," Kevin offered, taking his own towel and dabbing at the water on Phil's back, "You have a nice butt you know," he giggled as he let the towel and his hands wander down to those twin mounds.

"Thanks, I never really gave it much thought before, but you have a nice butt as well."

"Well, don't go gettin' no ideas about plugging mine. I'm not quite ready for that stuff."

"Oh, me either, but it's nice to look at, and to touch. May I dry your back now?"

"Yeah, that would be nice."

By the time they were dry their excitement had waned a little, and they were able to stuff their mostly soft penises back in their underwear long enough to make it back to Kevin's room. Phil neatly folded the clothes he'd been wearing and laid them on the dresser, then stuffed his dirty underwear in a zippered compartment of his gym bag.

"Which side of the bed do you want? Since you're my guest you get to choose."

"It doesn't matter, which side do you usually sleep on?"

"I usually sleep in the middle. I sort of roam when I sleep. So don't be surprised if I wind up touching you before the night is over."

"I wouldn't mind that at all," Phil said blushing. Even with all the teasing and joking around they'd done he still wasn't sure where things were going.

"Oh, that case, count on it," Kevin said grinning.

" it too early to go to bed?"

"Nah, but let's watch a movie. Then if we get sleepy or something we can always just turn off the TV, and you know, go to sleep or whatever," Kevin said blushing.

"Oh, yes...I see...yes, that sounds fine."

Kevin grabbed the remote, inserted a DVD in the player, then turned off the room light and the bedside light, and the two boys laid down side by side. They propped their heads up so they could see the TV and for a while they were quiet as they watched the movie.

The boys were so close together that they could feel the heat coming off each others body and smell each others unique scent. Kevin felt his excitement building again and adjusted himself to relieve some of the pressure. Phil's eyes followed Kevin's movement and he licked his lips nervously as his own excitement stirred between his legs.

"This movie is lame," Kevin said about a half hour into it, "how bout' we listen to some music instead and just talk?"

"That sounds fine," Phil said trying not to sound as anxious as he was.

"Want something to drink?"

"Uh, sure if you do."

"Come on, let's go grab a snack and a soda," Kevin said piling out of bed.

"But, we're just in our underwear..."

"My rents are in bed, but even if they weren't, they wouldn't think anything about it. I run around in my undies all the time."

"Oh, okay," Phil said, feeling a bit naughty, and that felt good. He knew he would never run around in just his underwear at his house, but when he thought about it, his Speedos were actually more revealing than his boxer briefs and he never felt shy about his parents seeing him in those.

There was no one stirring except the two hungry boys, and after raiding the pantry they returned to Kevin's room with a bag of chocolate chip cookies and a bottle of Mt. Dew each.

"I hope you like Dew, it's the only soda I like. My folks don't buy it for me all the time, but I talked them into it just cause you were coming over."

"It tastes wonderful," Phil said sincerely as he took a big drink, "thank you again for inviting me over."

"Aww, you're welcome. We're having fun, right?"

"So far it's been the most fun I've ever had, just because I'm with you," Phil said blushing.

"Me too, well...swimming at your place was fun, and showering," Kevin said grinning, "Cookie?" he said offering a cookie to his friend.

"Thank you," Phil said taking the offered treat, "perhaps tomorrow we can go to my house and swim."

"Yeah, that sounds good. And I can wear one of those bikini things again," Kevin giggled.

"Speedos, they're called Speedos. In Europe it's what almost all men wear, and swimmers wear them because they offer less resistance in the water."

"I know that, plus they make you look sexy. I think swimmers are sexy, I think you are sexy," Kevin said blushing at his boldness.

"Not as sexy as you," Phil said reaching over and touching Kevin's chest, "you're so muscular."

"Ummm...your hand feels good there," Kevin said putting his hand atop Phil's and holding it there, "I'm full...wanna go brush our teeth and go back to bed?"

"Yes," Phil said staring into Kevin's eyes, "I think that would be a good idea."

They peed and brushed their teeth, and once back in bed Kevin turned the bedside lamp off, and for a moment they lay there letting their eyes adjust to the darkness. Then turning onto his side, Kevin stared over at the boy next to him and sighed.

"Are you as nervous as I am?"

"More, I'm a nervous wreck," Phil chuckled.

"We shouldn't be nervous, should we? I mean we know what we want...right?"

"I see what you mean, but who goes first?" Phil asked, rolling his head to look into Kevin's eyes.

"Well, we could sort of meet in the middle I guess," he said scooting a bit closer.

"Yes, that sounds good," Phil said, advancing a bit as well.

When their lips met this time there were none of the fears or inhibitions that had been present before. The kiss was tender and sweet, and only toward the end did a little tongue play come into it. Kevin giggled when he felt Phil's soft warm tongue push against his, and Phil giggled back. When they broke the kiss at last they pulled back and smiled at each other.

"I like kissing you," Kevin said softly, "I never knew kissing could be such fun before. I mean all my life I've seen boys and girls kissing, but never two boys kissing. Why don't they tell us about that stuff? Why aren't there movies or books about that stuff?"

"There are stories," Phil said blushing, "I can show you the sites to find them, and I think there are a few movies, but they're not shown on TV or anything. Mostly they're foreign films. People in other countries aren't as hung up about sexuality as our country."

"So, you knew kissing boys was fun?"

"No...I mean, I'd never done it, but looked fun, and I suppose I always thought about what it would be like to kiss another boy, but till you came along I didn't have much hope of that happening. Now, I can't get enough of your lips."

"Well, here...have another helping," Kevin said, moving even closer this time and wrapping his arms around Phil as their lips came together once more.

"Mmmm," Phil moaned, voicing his approval.

The kiss progressed, as kisses often do, and soon their bodies were entwined as they pressed their excited boy parts together. The kiss was deeper now and wet and exciting. It was a lover's kiss now, and it spoke of what was to come next, but neither boy was in any hurry to get there.

They pulled apart eventually to catch a breath of fresh air and to let their hearts slow down a bit, and Kevin grabbed his soda and took a drink, then offered the bottle to Phil who accepted it with a smile. There was something very sensual about sharing a drink with someone you cared for, and both boys felt a tingling from the small act of intimacy.

"I'm so hard," Kevin said softly, then blushed.

"Me too," Phil admitted.

"Want loose our underwear now?"

"Yes, if you do."

"I do, my boys need some room," Kevin giggled.

Their underwear came off quickly, and even in the dim light of the room they could see each other standing stiff and proud. As they lay back down, both boys were staring at the others rampant member and anticipating what was to come next.

"Uh, I don't know what we're supposed to do, but I think maybe we should just start by touching each other. Is that okay?"

"Yes," Phil squeaked, causing him to blush, and Kevin to chuckle.

"Okay, here goes...together..okay?"

They reached for each other at the same time, and both moaned softly when they felt a strange hand on their most private part for the first time. But it was more than that. The excitement was as much about touching as being touched, and to do both at once was a sensation that was overwhelming.

"You're so much bigger," Kevin said again, "it's hard, but it's soft too. It's like a sponge on a piece of steel or something."

Phil giggled, "A good description, and that includes yours. It feels just right in my hand. You have nothing to be ashamed of Kevin, yours is perfect."

Kevin didn't reply. If Phil liked his junk, then that was fine. He was pretty fond of it himself, and it had been his best friend since he discovered it was good for more than just peeing. His thoughts turned to the things he did when he pleasured himself, and he wondered if Phil would like those things too.

"Can...can I touch your balls?"

"Yes," Phil gasped.

"You can touch mine if you want," Kevin said as he let his free hand wander down to Phil's hairless nut sack.

"Ohhhh...that feels nice," Phil said as he returned the favor.

"Yeah, one of my favorite things to do...while know? Jerk it."

"Do you want me to...."

"If you want, and I could do yours."

"All right, I think that would be fine for our first time," Phil said, relieved that they had decided on something so easy and familiar. Though he'd seen enough porn, and read enough stories to be familiar with the mechanics of boy on boy sex, he was nonetheless nervous about looking foolish in front of Kevin.

They were quiet as they fell into a rhythm, stroking each others cocks and feeling up each other's balls as the feelings ran rampant through their adolescent bodies. The intensity of their feelings was almost too much, to handle and not surprisingly neither boy lasted long.

Phil came first, splashing a generous amount of watery cum onto his flat tummy before oozing a bit more out onto Kevin's hand. Though Kevin stopped his movement he continued to hold onto Phil's throbbing member even as his own orgasm boiled up from deep inside him and erupted almost violently.

Kevin had been a powerful squirter even from the first wet come at age 11, and he outdid himself that day. As the first gusher shot upward it climbed high, then splashed onto Kevin's chiseled chest, and seconds later a second less powerful burst shot up and came down on his flat tummy.

"Wow, you come a lot," Phil said as the third less powerful squirt joined the second.

"Yeah, but I never came that much before," Kevin panted, "you made me feel so good."

"You made me feel good too. It was wonderful, and the best part is...I don't feel guilty or embarrassed."

"You shouldn't feel guilty or embarrassed. We both wanted it. It's our business and private. No one else ever needs to know what we do. We like each other and it's just a way of expressing that....right?"

"I think it's more than liking you Kevin, especially now. I'm pretty sure I love you."

"I guess I feel the same way, but like I said I don't know what all that means. This is my first time."

"Me too, but it's wonderful."

"Yeah, it is pretty nice. Uh, I suppose we should go get cleaned up now," Kevin said grinning.

"Yes, I suppose,"Phil said, looking at his cum covered hand.

"Sorry about that."

"Don't be, it was wonderful and this is part of you, and I love it too."

"Okaaay," Kevin chuckled, "if you say so."

They washed up in the bathroom, then returned to bed still naked and automatically snuggled up to each other. They kissed again, but this kiss was sweeter and with less passion. They were sated for the moment and the sexual frenzy was replaced by fatigue now.

"Goodnight," Kevin said yawning, "that was fun."

"Goodnight Kevin. It was wonderful, but very tiring," Phil said mimicking the yawn.

" tired...."

Kevin awoke sometime later and found Phil spooned against his backside, his hardness pressed into the crack of his butt and he smiled. He knew he wasn't ready for anything as serious as that, but he had to admit Phil felt good back there. He wasn't surprised to find he was hard as well, but sleep overtook him again before he could decide if he needed to do anything about it.

"Good morning," Phil said as Kevin's eyes drifted open.

"Hi," Kevin said smiling, "what time is it?"

"8:06," Phil said glancing at his phone.

"Uh...too early," Kevin said covering his head with his pillow.

"I had to go use the bathroom and when I came back I couldn't go back to sleep. I've been laying here watching you sleep ever since."

Kevin threw the pillow aside, "Really? Do I snore?" Kevin joked.

"No, you look very peaceful when you sleep, like an Angel."

"More like a devil."

"Not to me. In my eyes you are perfect."

"You must love me," Kevin chuckled.

"I do."

"I love you too, how bout' a kiss?"

"Okay," Phil said happily.

The kiss led to other things and a repeat of the night's activities, and by the time they were cleaned up, had peed, and brushed their teeth, it was time for breakfast.

Kevin's mom had made blueberry waffles, bacon, and oatmeal, and the boys discovered they had quite an appetite after their morning romp.

"So mom, Phil wants to know if I can come over and swim today. Is it okay?"

"I suppose, but I want you home by five for dinner."

"Okay mom, no problem."

"Thank you for letting me come over," Phil said to Kevin's mom, "and for this delicious breakfast."

"You're very welcome Phil. I'm glad Kevin has made such a good friend."

"I'm lucky to have Kevin as a friend as well."

"Well, you're welcome any time. You boys have fun, but be careful."

They walked to Phil's and spent the afternoon swimming and cavorting in the pool, but since Phil's parents were close by, there were no opportunities for intimacy. However, later when it was time to shower off the chlorine, they wound up in the shower off the laundry room, naked and horny, and things progressed rather quickly.

After a bit of kissing and fondling they got down to business and quickly helped each other achieve an intense orgasm. As their seminal fluids swirled down the drain, they laughed and kissed one last time, happier than they had ever been in their young lives.

"Well, thanks for coming over and for letting me come over and swim. I had fun," Kevin said, giving Phil a little wink as they stood at the front door saying goodbye.

"It was a wonderful weekend. I will see you tomorrow at school."

"Yeah, tomorrow. Well...goodbye," Kevin said, wishing he could kiss Phil one last time.

Phil, who felt the same way, reached out and squeezed Kevin's shoulder, "Good bye Kevin. Have a good evening."

"Yeah, well...see ya," Kevin said and this time he forced himself to go.

Phil watched him until he was out of sight, then sighed and went back inside, almost running into his father who was just coming out of his home office.

"Oh, hello father."

"Hello Phillip. Did you have a good time this weekend at your friend's house?"

"Oh yes father, it was wonderful," Phil said, then realizing how that might sound to his father, he added "his parents are very nice and we had a lot of fun. And Kevin is a very nice boy."

"I wonder if I might speak to you in my office," Phil's father said looking serious.

"Of course father," Phil said starting to worry.

"Sit down son," And when Phil was settled on the leather couch there, his father sat down across from him in his expensive leather desk chair.

"Have I done something wrong father?" Phil asked in a trembling voice.

"No, of course not. Relax son. I just wanted to have a little father and son talk with you."

"Oh, all right," Phil said relaxing a bit.

"You're growing up so fast now. Soon you'll be a teenager," his father said wistfully, "Where does the time go?" he added looking past his son, "As I said, you are growing up fast, and having reached puberty, you know about some of the changes that go along with that."


"Oh, if you're wondering how I know you've reached puberty," he laughed, "your mother brought it to my attention the first time she noticed the stains on your sheets."

"I...I'm sorry..."

"Phillip," his father said getting up and coming over to sit beside his only son, "it's nothing to be embarrassed about. You are not the first boy to ever stain his sheets and I didn't mean to imply that you had done anything wrong. I'm a Doctor, a man of science, and I know all about the human body. It's a wondrous thing, and nature will have it's way no matter what."

"What you are experiencing is normal and natural, and I was not trying to imply otherwise. Now, to the meat of this discussion. Along with the changes to your body, you will have certain urges, and at times you will feel as if a stranger has taken over your body," he chuckled.

"I assure you, all those feelings are normal as well. At your age most boys are beginning to come into their own as sexual beings and to notice girls."

Phil squirmed a bit in his seat waiting for what might come next. His father surely had to know he had never shown any interest in girls, and now he had taken up with Kevin, and it must be obvious that he was gay.

"However, some boys begin to notice other boys instead," he said, pausing to let that sink in, "And that's okay too. I pride myself on being open and progressive and though your mother is perhaps a bit more reserved, she and I have discussed this subject and we are in full agreement. If you are one of those boys who are more interested in other boys than girls, then that is fine with us."

Wow, this was a surprise. They were giving him their blessings to be gay.

"That being said, I want you to know that if you ever have any questions that you need help with, or feelings that you can't handle, I want you to feel comfortable coming to us for help."

"Thank you father. I think I am fine at the moment," Phil said, hoping to end the conversation before he broke down and told his father everything.

"All right, I won't press the issue, but I felt it was important to clear the air, and hopefully assuage any fears you may have had about how we felt about this particular subject."

"Thank you father. Is that all. May I go now?"

"Are you sure you don't have any questions for me?"

"Yes sir, I'm sure, but I want to thank you for the offer."

"Well, all right then. I suppose you can go now. Dinner will be served shortly. Why don't you go wash up, and I'll see you in the dining room in a little while?"

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