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Stories by Jack Rowan

This story is very special. Many people will say to me, "This has no place on this site." To those of you who say that, I ask you to read it carefully, from start to finish. I have no way of changing any dogmatic opinions you have, I simply ask you to read properly.

To me, to those with whom I talked before hosting this story, which I have wanted to host for some long time, the tale is not as it seems. It looks very much like a tale of a man seducing a boy. Read literally it could be seen to be that. And yet, beneath the surface, it shows the very great love and trust that a boy has for a man who has very clear morals. It is not a "boylove" story. Rather it is the way a boy allows himself to cleanse his soul of things past and to forge a great future.

There are disturbing elements in the story. Deeply disturbing elements. It is a story about power, used and abused. But, in the end, whose is the power?

Hosting this story is not the start of a trend. It is "against my rules", this story. And I have considered long and hard before hosting it here. It is most unlikely that any other stories on this theme will live on this site.

Jack Rowan has very kindly given me permission to host it here. The copyright is Jack's. His also are the warnings above the first section. Please read them and take note of them.

The Story of Tim

I fear we have been unable to reach the author by email for some years.